America: Prices by City of Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre (Buy Apartment Price)

Chart: Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre, Buy Apartment Price
Price per Square Meter
to Buy Apartment
Outside of Centre
Porto Alegre, Brazil1283.85
Phoenix, AZ, United States3119.47
Florianopolis, Brazil1718.76
Portland, OR, United States3841.22
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil1332.37
Raleigh, NC, United States4239.48
Reno, NV, United States3336.87
Guadalajara, Mexico1690.01
Saint Louis, MO, United States2009.26
San Antonio, TX, United States3026.89
Quebec City, Canada3336.28
Mexico City, Mexico2348.82
San Diego, CA, United States8109.56
San Francisco, CA, United States12017.91
San Jose, CA, United States10947.57
Monterrey, Mexico1800.97
Lima, Peru1264.18
Seattle, WA, United States7718.97
Spokane, WA, United States2287.35
Calgary, Canada3125.75
Tucson, AZ, United States2468.47
Brasilia, Brazil1313.32
Edmonton, Canada2010.18
Washington, DC, United States6736.85
Wichita, KS, United States1474.75
Kelowna, Canada3998.19
Ottawa, Canada5591.24
Montevideo, Uruguay2104.24
Albuquerque, NM, United States2780.62
Atlanta, GA, United States3888.46
Austin, TX, United States2803.41
Toronto, Canada7989.82
Vancouver, Canada7827.16
Victoria, Canada7957.52
Winnipeg, Canada2908.14
Boise, ID, United States4285.93
Boston, MA, United States6297.47
Dallas, TX, United States3494.74
Denver, CO, United States3926.03
Caracas, Venezuela1228.57
Detroit, MI, United States977.74
Buenos Aires, Argentina1772.67
Curitiba, Brazil1447.41
Nashville, TN, United States3229.24
Santiago, Chile2567.66
Montreal, Canada4255.18
Sao Paulo, Brazil1804.15
Honolulu, HI, United States8880.23
Houston, TX, United States4655.93
Indianapolis, IN, United States1709.82
Bogota, Colombia1387.98
Kansas City, MO, United States2454.25
Las Vegas, NV, United States2685.49
Los Angeles, CA, United States7180.37
Panama City, Panama1457.14
Louisville, KY, United States3085.68
Medellin, Colombia1582.86
Miami, FL, United States3810.42
New Orleans, LA, United States2129.67
New York, NY, United States12838.74
Quito, Ecuador1285.71

Last Update: April 21, 2024 04:35 AM, CDT
Data Source: Numbeo contributors and official sources
Based on data collected within the last 12 months.