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New York TimesNew York Times
“Start at the site Numbeo (, which ranks countries by cost of living, restaurant costs, and cities by travel cost (and, friendlier to this columnist, “backpacker travel cost”).”
“According to Numbeo, a user-generated cost-of-living statistics website, overall consumer prices (including rent) in Seoul can be approximately 35% cheaper than Tokyo.”
Business InsiderBusiness Insider
“In the U.S., you'd spend around $21,000 on a new Volkswagen Golf. An equivalent car in Brazil would cost $27,000. Source: Numbeo”
“Consider these figures from Numbeo, the online database of user-contributed information about the cost of living in cities around the world: Rent in San Jose, Costa Rica, for instance, is 57% lower than in Philadelphia.”
The EconomistThe Economist
“Exact cost-of-living comparisons are tricky, but according to Numbeo, a comparison website, local purchasing power in Berlin is more than 40% higher.”
The Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Journal
“Home prices have risen more than 50% since 2017, according to statistics site Numbeo.”
USA TodayUSA Today
“According to Numbeo, utilities for a small apartment (water, trash service, and electric) in Des Moines should only cost around $110.”
“Data here refers to the price of a packet of the most sold brand of cigarettes in the world provided by website”
Financial TimesFinancial Times
“Oslo scores nearly twice as highly as London on the "quality of life index" produced by statistical website, which takes into account factors including pollution levels, crime and healthcare.”
Washington PostWashington Post
“, an online database of user-contributed data of cost of living around the globe, shows that while average prices of tomatoes, apples and oranges in Washington are about 65 percent of the price of chicken breast, in major cities in Europe as well as in Toronto, those produce prices are much cheaper: about 35 percent of the price of chicken.”
San Francisco ChronicleSan Francisco Chronicle
“They examined data from The World Bank, The World Economic Forum, Numbeo, KPMG, and Akamai’s State of the Internet Report.”
“ has relative country-by-country breakouts for rent, groceries and restaurants.”
Washington TimesWashington Times
“The website gathered its information from the U.S. Census Bureau, Tripadvisor, the Council for Community and Economic Research, Yelp, Numbeo, Eventbrite and”
“A recent annual study of quality of life in eastern Europe by consumer database Numbeo placed Minsk fifth from the bottom, above Moscow and Kiev.”
“The Numbeo Cost of Living Index estimates that consumer prices in Toronto are about 26.6% lower than in New York City, and Toronto's rent price is approximately half the price of renting an apartment in New York.”
Fox NewsFox News
“Then, using sites such as Numbeo and The Guardian’s visualization, we calculated what some of your regular expenses–think morning coffee runs and gym memberships -- would be in each city.”
“Rankings are based on market prices for the last 12-18 months from, an online database of user-contributed city and country statistics.”
Seeking AlphaSeeking Alpha
“House Price to Income Ratio.... Data Source: Numbeo”
The WeekThe Week
“Not according to Numbeo, a user-generated cost-of-living database, which pegs the median cost of transportation, rent, and utilities for the affected regions at about 4,950 rand a month. ”
The TelegraphThe Telegraph
“The maps below shows the world according to Numbeo's regularly updated cost of living survey, which takes into account the price of more than 50 items, including a wide variety of accommodation, food and drink from both supermarkets and restaurants, taxi fares and leisure activities.”
The GuardianThe Guardian
“Price of a pint of milk AED2.57 (1 litre costs AED4.52 according to Numbeo).”
The IndependentThe Independent
“For each city, we also compiled cost-of-living estimates from Numbeo's database.”
The Globe and MailThe Globe and Mail
“To find the best places to live on the East Coast on a budget, we used Numbeo's Cost of Living Index, Rent Index, Groceries Index, and Local Purchasing Power Index for each city on our list below.”
“You can get a three-bedroom apartment outside the city center for around $260 per month, a three-course meal for a little over $10 and a gym membership for less than $30 per month, according to Numbeo.”
“Despite more than 20 cooling policies introduced by President Moon Jae-in’s government, home prices in Seoul have risen more than 50% since 2017, the fastest pace in the world, according to statistics site Numbeo.”
“We calculated the cost of meals for one person in Washington D.C. with numbers taken from ”
“The first was, which provides cost comparisons between two destinations of your choosing.”
“The cost of living in New York is higher than London. It would cost approximately $9,500 to maintain the same lifestyle as about $7,200 would get you in London, according to data collection project Numbeo.”
“ The cost of living is generally more affordable than most countries in Europe, and, according to Numbeo, the world’s largest crowd-sourced quality of life database, it’s 35.5% lower than in the United States.”
“Looking at data from Numbeo, London is one of the 25 most expensive cities in the world based on the combined total cost of living and rent.”
“And according to Numbeo, consumer prices in London are 112.47 percent higher than in Warsaw, rent prices are 306.06 percent greater, and grocery prices in London are 121.48 percent higher than in Warsaw.”
“For estimates on what it'll cost to visit, we pulled worldwide price data from Numbeo. An example &basket of goods& in Paris, with typical items and services purchased on a week's vacation, came out to about 410 euros.”
“Unlike most other tools on the list, the Numbeo Cost of Living Calculator isn’t limited to the US only. It has data for around 450 cities across the globe.”
“Data sources include in new tab), Numbeo's cost of living database(opens in new tab), and Budget Your Trip(opens in new tab).”
Business StandardBusiness Standard
“ Consumer prices, including rent, in Lagos are 180 per cent higher than in Delhi, according to, an online database that compares cost of living in cities around the world with the help of user-contributed information.”
Mancunian MattersMancunian Matters
“Cost of living calculator Numbeo estimates the average after-tax salary in Manchester to be £1448.84 per month.”
The Fiscal TimesThe Fiscal Times
“Consider these figures from Numbeo, the online database of user-contributed information about the cost of living in cities around the world: Rent in San Jose, Costa Rica, for instance, is 57 percent lower than in Philadelphia.”
“Numbeo - the best cities to live in”
The LawyerThe Lawyer
“Conversion rates aside, a highly scientific investigation using shows the cost of a bottle of water is 71 per cent lower in the UAE than in the UK, while a litre of petrol is 75 per cent cheaper.”
Digital JournalDigital Journal
“The company has also collated cost of living data from Numbeo for these cities to provide the complete picture for decision-making. ”
The StreetThe Street
“The 2022 data for this cost of living index comes from Numbeo and Visual Capitalist, and uses New York City as a benchmark.”
Go backpackingGo backpacking
“Have you ever wanted to know what a beer costs in your city compared to what it will cost on your next vacation destination? Want a simple program that will do it all for you and show you these numbers? Well then check out!”
“One would need €6,000 after income tax in London to maintain the same standard of living, provided that you are planning to rent in both cities, according to Numbeo.”
“Winners of the Ars Electronica prize.... Numbeo – cost of living / Mladen Adamovic (RS)”
The Atlantic CitiesThe Atlantic Cities
“The report uses several external data sources as well, including data from CrunchBase, AngelList, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Numbeo, TechAccelerators, and Seed-DB.”
“According to Numbeo — a database of user-contributed data about cities and countries worldwide — the median costs of transportation, basic utilities and rent outside city centers in South Africa add up to 4,950 rand a month.”
Computer WorldComputer World
“The location adjustments are based on Numbeo.”
International Business TimesInternational Business Times
“A pack of Marlboro (NYSE:PM) cigarettes costs less than $2 in Russia, on average, according to Numbeo, a crowdsourced database of the prices of goods and services around the world.”
The Motley FoolThe Motley Fool
“At the same time, prices vary widely for cigarettes across the world, ranging from the equivalent of $16 per pack in Australia to less than $1 per pack in Pakistan, according to a crowdsourced study commissioned by Numbeo.”
“To find thecheapest places to retire, GOBankingRates studied three cost-of-living indexes from Numbeo, an independent, data-driven website that tracks cost of living.”
“Numbeo, created by ex-Google engineer Mladen Adamovic, is an ultra cool data site which lets you compare the cost of living in your city with other cities around the country and the world.”
“If you're currently planning your summer vacation or thinking about traveling this fall, check out Numbeo. ”
The Daily MealThe Daily Meal
“To answer this question, we at The Daily Meal decided to select a few staple food items, including milk, potatoes, cheese, and bread, and then compared their average prices in countries around the world using the online database Numbeo.”
“Data from Numbeo, updated as of June 2022, is used here for cost of living comparisons.”
Directions MagazineDirections Magazine
“Numbeo: Aggregating User Generated Data”
Asian CorrespondentAsian Correspondent
“According to the website Numbeo, rent for an average one-bedroom apartment in the city center is about US$ 1,500 per month.”
Epoch Times (International, in Chinese)Epoch Times (International, in Chinese)
“A recent cost of living rankings of Numbeo, well-known website, showed Perth in Western Australia has become Australia's most expensive city, and the 11th most expensive city in the world.”
IT WireIT Wire
“The comparison guide uses data collected primarily from Numbeo, which describes itself as the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, and provides "current and timely information" on world living conditions including cost of living, housing indicators, health care, traffic, crime and pollution.”
Global Property GuideGlobal Property Guide
“According to Numbeo, of the 20 cities considered, property is cheapest in Athens (€1,380/m²), Porto (€1,930 /m²) and Budapest (€2,150 /m²).”
International LivingInternational Living
“Numbeo, the online database that tracks cost of living in cities around the world, says consumer prices in Chiang Mai are 59% lower than in Boston.”
Global PostGlobal Post
“Using data from the UN Office of Drugs and Crime and the crowd-sourced cost collector Numbeo, we created this series of charts showing you the cost of various vices around the world.”
“The U.S. Embassy has also warned American citizens to watch out for purse snatching, and the online data collection site Numbeo has recorded an increase in its crime perceptions index.”
ABC News (Australia)ABC News (Australia)
“The Numbeo website collates cost of living data worldwide and uses it to rank prices from a range of sectors, including utilities, transport and groceries.”
The Age (Australia)The Age (Australia)
“While The Economist magazine recently ranked Perth as the world's 13th most expensive city, behind Sydney and Melbourne, the independent website Numbeo, which tracks the cost of living in cities around the world, places the city well ahead of its east coast rivals in terms of consumer prices.”
The Australian (Australia)The Australian (Australia)
“The Numbeo index, which is updated weekly, is based on a worldwide comparison of prices compared to those in New York City - with Perth rating 121.99, meaning on their analysis the city is 21.99 per cent more expensive than Mew York.”
The Telegraph (Australia)The Telegraph (Australia)
“The Numbeo online survey claims to be the largest of its type in the world, with figures collated from almost 100,000 users who submit data about the cost of living in their local communities.”
Herald Sun (Australia)Herald Sun (Australia)
“Perth is Australia's most expensive city, according to Numbeo”
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
“Although The Economist recently ranked Perth as the world's 13th-most-expensive city, behind Sydney and Melbourne, the independent website, which tracks the cost of living in cities around the world, places Perth well ahead of Sydney and Melbourne in terms of consumer prices - on that measure, it rates Perth as the world's most expensive city outside of Scandinavia.”
Courier Mail (Australia)Courier Mail (Australia)
“Our prices rank seventh among 113 countries tracked by numbeo, the world's largest database of user-contributed data about cost of living in cities and countries, up from 14th in 2009 when it began tracking expenses.”
Perth Now (Australia)Perth Now (Australia)
“Perth is Australia's most expensive city, according to Numbeo”
Budget Direct (Australia)Budget Direct (Australia)
“These days, there are handy online comparison tools (like this interactive using data supplied by Numbeo) that let you easily check prices in one city against those in another.”
Der Standard (Austria, in German)Der Standard (Austria, in German)
“Monthly ticket for public transport costs about 8.8EUR according to data portal Numbeo”
Glas Srpske (Bosnia in Herzegovina, in Serbian)Glas Srpske (Bosnia in Herzegovina, in Serbian)
“World database about quality of life Numbeo has data about almost 3268 cities in the world and it shows how expensive inhabitans of Zagreb do live.”
Nezavisne (Bosnia in Herzegovina, in Serbian)Nezavisne (Bosnia in Herzegovina, in Serbian)
“Zagreb is the city with the most expensive utilities in EU, data from the world's largest database about quality of life "Numbeo" are showing.”
Trud (Bulgaria, in Bulgarian)Trud (Bulgaria, in Bulgarian)
“Sofiya is the third lowest level of monthly utility bills among all the capitals of EU member states. Residents of Madrid and Warsaw, however, pay less than living in Sofia, it is clear from the site Numbeo, comparing standard of living in hundreds of cities worldwide.”
Fakti (Bulgaria, in Bulgarian)Fakti (Bulgaria, in Bulgarian)
“Numbeo is the largest database in the world which is filled in by users, but should be checked by official and unofficial sources, updated continuously.”
Vesti (Bulgaria, in Bulgarian)Vesti (Bulgaria, in Bulgarian)
“Several newspapers published the ranking of the web portal for international comparisons Numbeo, according to which Bulgaria is still one of the cheapest countries in the world.”
Novinite (Bulgaria)Novinite (Bulgaria)
“A survey carried out by showed that Sofia was nearly 40% less expensive on restaurant bills than Seville in Spain and nearly 10% less on grocery prices, so in an increasingly price sensitive market, ...”
Exame (Brazil, in Portuguese)Exame (Brazil, in Portuguese)
“...sources CrunchBase, Angellist, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), Numbeo, TechAccelerators and Seed-DB...”
Techtudo (Brazil, in Portuguese)Techtudo (Brazil, in Portuguese)
“According to the website Numbeo the average cost of a meal in Miami is about $ 15 (about R$34 already counting the 6.38% IOF tax levied by the expenditure in foreign currency). ”
Terra (Brazil, in Portuguese)Terra (Brazil, in Portuguese)
“We consulted the Hotel Price Index 2012, the Big Mac Index The Economist 2013 and price comparison site Numbeo.”
R7 (Brazil, in Portuguese)R7 (Brazil, in Portuguese)
“According to Numbeo website which compares the cost of living in various parts of the world, the rental cost is 37% lower in Croatia, which has purchasing power almost 20% higher. ”
National Post (Canada)National Post (Canada)
“According to, a web service for calculating the costs of living worldwide, the average per-square-foot price for buying an apartment in Hong Kong in August 2012 was U.S. $13,390.48 per square-foot for an apartment in city center, and U.S. $6,444 outside the center.”
Metro (Canada)Metro (Canada)
“Using the research site, Hull found overall consumer prices were about 21 per cent lower in Detroit than in London.”
Vancouver Sun (Canada)Vancouver Sun (Canada)
“A website called Numbeo, created by software engineer Mladen Adamovic, compiles average food prices from countries across the globe by searching supermarket websites, combing through government reports and asking users to send in the price tags they see on the shelves of their local grocery stores.”
Huffington Post Alberta (Canada)Huffington Post Alberta (Canada)
“Edmonton Tops Numbeo Quality Of Life Index, But Is It The Best Canadian City To Live In?”
China Daily (China, in Chinese)China Daily (China, in Chinese)
“... website numbeo show the average monthly expenses ...”
China News (China, in Chinese)China News (China, in Chinese)
“According to Numbeo index, top 10 most expensive cities are respectively in Switzerland and Norway, ...”
Hinews (China, in Chinese)Hinews (China, in Chinese)
“According to wellknown website Numbeo's Cost of Living Index latest research data, daily necessities in Perth...”
People (China, in Chinese)People (China, in Chinese)
“... for Zurich numbeo shows ...”
People's Daily Online (China, in English)People's Daily Online (China, in English)
“, which provides cost-of-living indices for various cities around the world, was one such website I browsed.”
News 365 (China, in Chinese)News 365 (China, in Chinese)
“According to the world's largest user-provided data, the online database Numbeo information on the cost of living of the major cities, the price earnings ratio of the large and medium-sized cities in China is up to 29.78, while the U.S. price earnings ratio is 2.87, the lowest in the world.”
Xinhua News Agency (China, in Chinese)Xinhua News Agency (China, in Chinese)
“According to well-known websites Numbeo Cost of Living Index latest research data, daily necessities in Perth, restaurants, transportation and other aspects of consumer costs, ...”
Focus (China, in Chinese)Focus (China, in Chinese)
“Foreign independent research organization Numbeo released data which shows that for middle-income residents to buy a moderate housing, ...”
Vecernji List (Croatia, in Croatian)Vecernji List (Croatia, in Croatian)
“In fact, according to a survey website Numbeo whch regularly collects and updates the cost of living in cities around the world, Zagreb...”
Dnevnik (Croatia, in Croatian)Dnevnik (Croatia, in Croatian)
“That data comes from Numbeo which monitors prices in 118 countries and 355 cities. ”
Jutarnji List (Croatia, in Croatian)Jutarnji List (Croatia, in Croatian)
“The data from the world's largest database about quality of living Numbeo, which collects data about living of inhabitants in 3268 cities in the world.”
TPortal (Croatia, in Croatian)TPortal (Croatia, in Croatian)
“According to the research website Numbeo, where it is accurately collected cost of living in cities around the world...”
24Sata (Croatia, in Croatian)24Sata (Croatia, in Croatian)
“According to Internet website, Zagreb has a record high prices of utilities and public transport.”
Neviditelny Pes (Czech Republic, in Czech)Neviditelny Pes (Czech Republic, in Czech)
“Price per square meter of an apartment outside the center of Beijing is about 122 percent higher than in Prague, says website.”
Novinky (Czech Republic, in Czech)Novinky (Czech Republic, in Czech)
“We present a comparison using the data server Numbeo, based on data from Internet users.”
Patria Online (Czech Republic, in Czech)Patria Online (Czech Republic, in Czech)
“A similar quality of life index compiled by According to it, Japan on the 13th location from 51 countries, helping him particularly low crime, good health care and overall safety.”
The Prague Post (Czech Republic, in English)The Prague Post (Czech Republic, in English)
“The website Numbeo estimates consumer prices, including rent, average 150 percent higher than in the Czech Republic.”
Extra Bladet (Denmark, in Danish)Extra Bladet (Denmark, in Danish)
“At the site you can find out the cost of living in major cities around the world, and therefore, the price of a beer.”
Euranet (France, in French)Euranet (France, in French)
“The daily quotes the portal, which is the largest database of the cost of living.”
France Today (France)France Today (France)
“ the average purchase price per square meter for an apartment in central Paris is currently €9,592 (approximately $11,842, or about $1,100 per square foot), according to Numbeo...”
France TVInfo (France, in French)France TVInfo (France, in French)
“ According to Numbeo , a crowdsourcing site that lists prices in different countries around the world, food prices in Brazil are not much different from those in France. ”
Le Figaro (France, in French)Le Figaro (France, in French)
“The figures are taken from Numbeo site, based on contributed data on consumer goods prices. ”
La Tribune (France, in French)La Tribune (France, in French)
“To complete the investigation, the site has compared the minimum wage in different countries, using data from the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the average price of 50 ounces of the beer in a bar or local restaurant by the database Numbeo.”
Slate (France, in French)Slate (France, in French)
“Quartz report is based on figures provided by Numbeo, a participatory basis data on the cost of consumer goods, and minimum wages in 2011 of the International Labour Organization.”
Fredzone (France, in French)Fredzone (France, in French)
“Numbeo develops a global map prices”
BILD (Germany, in German)BILD (Germany, in German)
“Prices in Tokyo. Source:”
Lateinamerika Reisenmagazin (Germany, in German)Lateinamerika Reisenmagazin (Germany, in German)
“Back to the subject, the site of Numbeo, provides information and the worldwide cost of living in over 550 cities.”
Ghana Web (Ghana, in English)Ghana Web (Ghana, in English)
“New information sourced by Food Security Ghana (FSG) implies that Ghanaians need 12.50 Ghana cedis per person per day to enjoy a balanced and nutritious meal that contains 2,000 calories. The source of information for the above figures is Numbeo.”
I Avgi (Greece, in Greek)I Avgi (Greece, in Greek)
“Prices are rough estimates: site Numbeo monitor the prices and wages in many cities of the world...”
Star (Greece, in Greek)Star (Greece, in Greek)
“An interesting survey on the cost of living from, which lists all the differences in prices of basic consumer goods of the 'shopping basket'.” (Hungary, in Hungarian) (Hungary, in Hungarian)
“The shows that a liter of milk for example, is around 620HUF in Tokyo, HUF 550 in Luanda, while in Budapest HUF 180.”
News of Iceland (Iceland, in English)News of Iceland (Iceland, in English)
“Purchasing Power in Iceland is among the poorest in Europe, according to Numbeo's website.”
La Repubblica (Italy, in Italian)La Repubblica (Italy, in Italian)
“L'aspetto interessante è che per stilare la nuova classifica QS ha preso in considerazione anche l'indice di Transparency International sulla corruzione, il report sulla vivibilità dell'Economist, quello sulla sicurezza e l'inquinamento di Numbeo e il Social Progress Index. ”
Internazionale (Italy, in Italian)Internazionale (Italy, in Italian)
“Numbeo - The largest Free Internet Database about Cost of Living, Housing Indicators and informations about many other cities and countries!”
L'Indipendenza (Italy, in Italian)L'Indipendenza (Italy, in Italian)
“For those not familiar, Numbeo is a site where anyone can participate and enter data on the cost of various expenses incurred in their city of residence or the one where you are staying for business or pleasure.”
Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy, in Italian)Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy, in Italian)
“In the second article, I analyzed data from 128 cities of developed countries, taken from the website”
Tuttotech (Italy, in Italian)Tuttotech (Italy, in Italian)
“compare the cost of living in two cities - Numbeo”
The Times of India (India)The Times of India (India)
“Numbeo is the world's largest repository of living conditions in any city of the world. This could be useful if youre planning to shift cities.”
Daily News & Analysis (India)Daily News & Analysis (India)
“A pollution index by Numbeo, updated every week, is currently featuring four Indian cities in the 25 most polluted places in the world.”
The South Reports (India)The South Reports (India)
“I have recently discovered a web-site ( that collects information from all over the world on the housing market.”
Kompas (Indonesia, in Indonesian)Kompas (Indonesia, in Indonesian)
“Numbeo, a site that claims to have largest price database about cities and countries in the world, is putting beyond Darwin Perth, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne. ”
Tabnak (Iran, in Persian)Tabnak (Iran, in Persian)
“According to Numbeo website statistics, ...”
The Irish Times (Ireland, in English)The Irish Times (Ireland, in English)
“Sites such as and give detailed cost-of-living tables.”
Globes (Israel)Globes (Israel)
“Other examples, according to Numbeo cost of living comparison website: a liter of milk in Israel costs 39% more than in the US and 7.3% more than in the UK;”
Nana10 (Israel)Nana10 (Israel)
“Survey used Numbeo data...”
Ameba (Japan, in Japanese)Ameba (Japan, in Japanese)
“It used data for labour wages in each country by International Labour Organizations of the United Nations and price of draft beer 500ml in each country by Numbeo.”
Chosun Online (Japan, in Japanese)Chosun Online (Japan, in Japanese)
“Japan was 11th most expensive country out of the 102 countries surveyed by Numbeo,...”
Gigazine (Japan, in Japanese)Gigazine (Japan, in Japanese)
“Website which can be a database of information about parts of the world with a variety of information about living over there and your can find out it for free is "Numbeo"”
JoongAng Ilbo (Japan, in Japanese)JoongAng Ilbo (Japan, in Japanese)
“Numbeo's consumer price index said Norway is most expensive out of 102 countries”
Kosmo! (Malaysia, in Malay)Kosmo! (Malaysia, in Malay)
“Numbeo is a website that stores data on countries around the world about the cost of living, health care, traffic conditions, crime and environmental pollution.”
Malaysia Chronicle.png (Malaysia, in English)Malaysia Chronicle.png (Malaysia, in English)
“Mr Colombo cited a statistic from cost-of-living comparison website Numbeo that showed Singapore's price-to-income ratio at 25 times - the third-highest globally.”
China Press (Malaysia, in Chinese)China Press (Malaysia, in Chinese)
“On the website for the global top 10 worst national security, Malaysia is the ninth, was the only Asia-Pacific countries into the list...”
Stuff (New Zealand, in English)Stuff (New Zealand, in English)
“Beer prices were provided by crowdsourcing price comparison website Numbeo.” (Netherlands, in Dutch) (Netherlands, in Dutch)
“For the wages decency we rely on figures Numbeo , an international database that documents the cost of living in the world.”
Dagbladet (Norway, in Norwegian)Dagbladet (Norway, in Norwegian)
“Gasoline costs kr 9.32 for a liter by comparison website Numbeo.”
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (Norway, in Norwegian)Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (Norway, in Norwegian)
“For 20 kroner in South Korea can nowadays get a menu at a restaurant similar to fast food chain Mc Donald's, three liters of gasoline or one and a half cappuccino, the cost estimates made at the site Numbeo.”
Daily Times (Pakistan, in English)Daily Times (Pakistan, in English)
“According to internationally recognised and reliably independent research website, the Numbeo, Lahore is suffering with noise pollution”
Terra (Peru, in Spanish)Terra (Peru, in Spanish)
“Lima is the only Spanish-speaking city and the only of the Americas in the top ten cities of the most polluted in the world, according to the 2013 ranking of pollution index collected by the website” (Peru, in Spanish) (Peru, in Spanish)
“Numbeo: 7 countries where the beer is expensive”
Bankier (Poland, in Polish)Bankier (Poland, in Polish)
“Leveraging the prices and data on minimum wages in the world, ...” (Poland, in Polish) (Poland, in Polish)
“How much money to bring? checked the average prices in Norway via the portal Numbeo.” (Poland, in Polish) (Poland, in Polish)
“Average fuel prices in August 2012 are derived from service.”
Tecnofagia (Portugal, in Portuguese)Tecnofagia (Portugal, in Portuguese)
“Numbeo is a fantastic resource, with it, you can compare the cost of living between two cities, through essentials such as food, transportation, housing and wages up, if you are thinking of moving”
Boan Noticias (Portugal, in Portuguese)Boan Noticias (Portugal, in Portuguese)
“The BBC Travel resorted to Numbeo's database, an online software that compares information about costs of living between cities in order to find the differences between the two destinations.”
Sun Star (Philippines, in English)Sun Star (Philippines, in English)
“And if netizens are to be believed, the city is now among the world’s safest places, going by the survey.”
Libertatea (Romania, in Romanian)Libertatea (Romania, in Romanian)
“Portal made a comparison between the two countries in terms of cost of living” (Romania, in Romanian) (Romania, in Romanian)
“According portal, one of the largest databases on the cost of living, a Romanian average net salary is 373.24 euros, 56 euros lower than that of a Bulgarian.” (Romania, in Romanian) (Romania, in Romanian)
“According to data provided by site, the largest free database on the cost of living, ...” (Romania, in Romanian) (Romania, in Romanian)
“ made a summary of average prices for a meal at a restaurant in most cities in Europe. Prices are extracted from, one of the largest free online database.” (Romania, in Romanian) (Romania, in Romanian)
“But buying at high prices compared to Bulgarian neighbors - write thoughts, citing portal, one of the largest databases on the cost of living.”
Romania Libera (Romania, in Romanian)Romania Libera (Romania, in Romanian)
“The top was made by site the largest database of free Internet on the costs of life and property.” (Romania, in Romanian) (Romania, in Romanian)
“According portal, one of the largest databases on the cost of living”
Informazia zilei  (Romania, in Romanian)Informazia zilei (Romania, in Romanian)
“According portal, one of the largest databases on the cost of living” (Romania, in Romanian) (Romania, in Romanian)
“According portal, one of the largest databases on the cost of living”
Al Jazeera (Qatar, in English)Al Jazeera (Qatar, in English)
“According to the Numbeo Crime Index, Doha routinely ranks as the safest – or the second-safest – city in the world.”
Doha News (Qatar, in English)Doha News (Qatar, in English)
“The mid-year cost of living index by Numbeo, which runs an international database based on user-contributed information, ranked Doha in 205th spot globally for its overall living costs, with a score of 71.18 for its consumer price index (CPI).”
Kommersant (Russia, in Russian)Kommersant (Russia, in Russian)
“The prices of housing in Chinese cities are among the most inaccessible in the world (according to”
Profi Forex (Russia, in Russian)Profi Forex (Russia, in Russian)
“According to Numbeo, the cost of electricity, heating, water and garbage disposal in this country are on average 116 euros per month, while in Italy - 150 euro.”
AIF (Russia, in Russian)AIF (Russia, in Russian)
“According to the index portal Numbeo, the average cost per square meter in the center of Seoul is around 8.4 thousands $.”
IRN (Russia, in Russian)IRN (Russia, in Russian)
“Data from the National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria, Savills, HSH Nordbank, Idealista, Zillow, Reidin, the National Bureau of Statistics Finland, FNAIM, Numbeo, Cluttons.”
Slon (Russia, in Russian)Slon (Russia, in Russian)
“Data on prices for beer in the local institutions have been taken from, the minimum monthly wage from the statistics of the International Labour Organization as of 2011.”
Vedomosti (Russia, in Russian)Vedomosti (Russia, in Russian)
“Life in Lyon worth almost a quarter cheaper than in Paris, transport costs lower by 10%, entertainment cheaper by 20% (data and”
Blic (Serbia, in Serbian)Blic (Serbia, in Serbian)
“Serbia is 63th out of 83th countries by consumer prices according to research done by”
B92 (Serbia, in Serbian)B92 (Serbia, in Serbian)
“Serbia is 63th out of 83th on consumer prices list by research done by website”
Vecernje Novosti (Serbia, in Serbian)Vecernje Novosti (Serbia, in Serbian)
“The world database about quality of life Numbeo has data for almost 3.268 cities in the world and it shows how much inhabitants of Zagreb have expensive living.”
FinWeb (Slovakia, in Slovakian)FinWeb (Slovakia, in Slovakian)
“By comparison site the average price for a three star hotel rose to 140 euros per night.”
24ur (Slovenia, in Slovenian)24ur (Slovenia, in Slovenian)
“The research website which collects data on living in more than 3200 cities around the world, has shown...” (Slovenia, in Slovenian) (Slovenia, in Slovenian)
“Overall quality of life is better in Ljubljana, than in New York City, reveals Numbeo” (Spain, in Spanish) (Spain, in Spanish)
“and aroused by the curiosity of the bloggers for yesterday, Numbeo, a comparator of cost of living between two countries, is the reference for averages prices of some goods and services such as housing, public transportation or restaurants.”
El Pais (Spain, in Spanish)El Pais (Spain, in Spanish)
“In addition to seeking employment try making a monthly budget with minimal costs to live, using sites like Numbeo to know cost in the destination country.” (Spain, in Spanish) (Spain, in Spanish)
“Compared to Madrid, renting a flat in London is 127% more expensive, basic electricity bills, gas and water to 185% higher, according to statistical web ''. (in Spanish)”
El Boletin (Spain, in Spanish)El Boletin (Spain, in Spanish)
“Qatar is the country where citizens have the most purchasing power, according to website, which collects data on the costs of living.”
Ahorro Diario (Spain, in Spanish)Ahorro Diario (Spain, in Spanish)
“For this I feel great the service Numbeo offers. The idea is quite simple, a website where they collect items and can compare prices from countries and cities of these countries.”
Internetizado (Spain, in Spanish)Internetizado (Spain, in Spanish)
“Compare the difference in prices between one country and another, Numbeo”
News24 (South Africa)News24 (South Africa)
“If you start evaluating it a bit more and use sites like numbeo you will quickly see that cost of living is probably a lot more. As a comparison between Johannesburg and Brisbane you will find a couple of differences based on housing, vehicles, entertainment and more”
Financial Mail (South Africa)Financial Mail (South Africa)
“Numbeo, an international cost-of-living website, calculates that a person living in SA needs R1517,21/month (R48,94/day) for a balanced basic diet of 2000 calories.”
Edaily Korea (South Korea, in Korean)Edaily Korea (South Korea, in Korean)
“meals and liquor ratio statistics site and figures were applied”
Hankoki (South Korea, in Korean)Hankoki (South Korea, in Korean)
“Norway is the most expensive country, India the cheapest... (source”
News MT (South Korea, in Korean)News MT (South Korea, in Korean)
“Korea 35th by word prices according to Numbeo...”
Star Korea (South Korea, in Korean)Star Korea (South Korea, in Korean)
“meals and liquor costs, respectively, statistics site and figures quoted.”
UDN (Taiwan, in Standard Mandarin)UDN (Taiwan, in Standard Mandarin)
“Quartz used data from crowdsourcing database Numbeo and United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) to propose a "Beer Index".”
Gercek Gundem (Turkey, in Turkish)Gercek Gundem (Turkey, in Turkish)
“This indicator used data from International Labour Organization and Numbeo price comparison website.”
The National (United Arab Emirates)The National (United Arab Emirates)
“"I would say that, based on this, it is most likely a very nice place to live," said Mladen Adamovic, the founder of Numbeo.”
Bigmir (Ukraine, in Russian)Bigmir (Ukraine, in Russian)
“We estimate prices of some goods with price comparison tool around the world”
Dengi (Ukraine, in Russian)Dengi (Ukraine, in Russian)
“Tariff data are taken from, the figures we have compared with the average wage in each country.”
Epoch Times (Ukraine, in Ukrainian)Epoch Times (Ukraine, in Ukrainian)
“According to statistical website Numbeo, Ukrainians buys property they simply cannot afford themselves.”
finance (Ukraine, in Ukrainian)finance (Ukraine, in Ukrainian)
“This rating was made Quartz edition on the basis of crowdsourced site (for a beer) and the International Labour Organization (monthly minimum wage).”
Glavnoe (Ukraine, in Ukrainian)Glavnoe (Ukraine, in Ukrainian)
“Quartz used data from crowdsourced website (prices for beer), as well as the International Labour Organization (minimum salary).”
iPress (Ukraine, in Ukrainian)iPress (Ukraine, in Ukrainian)
“Quarz beer index used data from crowdsourced website and...”
KorrespondenT (Ukraine, in Russian)KorrespondenT (Ukraine, in Russian)
“ Index Numbeo, international statistical base for cities and countries, taking into account the ratio of house prices to average wage in the Ukrainian capital has reached 17.99, overtaking such cities as New York City (10.65), London (14, 87), Paris (16.7).”
Kyiv Post (Ukraine)Kyiv Post (Ukraine)
“The Numbeo database collects information provided by online users from around the world about prices and different consumer’s costs, such as meals at restaurants, prices for gym membership, and much more.”
Polemika (Ukraine, in Russian)Polemika (Ukraine, in Russian)
“Tariff data are taken from”
Daily Mail (United Kingdom)Daily Mail (United Kingdom)
“Cost comparison: Australia vs United Kingdom. Source:”
Mirror (United Kingdom)Mirror (United Kingdom)
“According to cost-of-living comparison site Numbeo, we pay an average £1 for a loaf of bread, compared to £1.07 in Germany, £1.87 in Sweden and £1.35 in America.”
This is Money (United Kingdom)This is Money (United Kingdom)
“We then compared this to the average disposable income figures, based on Numbeo data.”
El Pais (Uruguay, in Spanish)El Pais (Uruguay, in Spanish)
“Thus the figures uses brokerage Engel & Völkers Chile, which has over 470 locations worldwide, and the site of international price comparisons Numbeo, one of the most relevant of that kind in the world and ...”
Noticias24 (Venecuela, in Spanish)Noticias24 (Venecuela, in Spanish)
“De seguida, me envía la dirección electrónica de donde extrajo la información:”
Techz (Vietnam, in Vietnamese)Techz (Vietnam, in Vietnamese)
“Numbeo latest statistics (a specialized site about living standards in cities and countries around the world) shows that price index in Hanoi is 34.59, ranking 4 out of 400 cities surveyed sites.”
Soha (Vietnam, in Vietnamese)Soha (Vietnam, in Vietnamese)
“According Numbeo, a liter of petrol prices in Spain is nearly 2 dollars, ... ”