Numbeo API

API access to prices and other data from (in third-party applications)

API documentation is available here. We do provide an API to get our data in a machine-friendly JSON format. We do charge this service, as it provides additional revenue for our operations and enables us to use our resources wisely.

Our API is very convenient, as, for example, it enables querying for cities by using any of its names (Numbeo use geo-normative service from third parties) or by latitude/longitude.

For academic purposes (i.e. university research), we might grant free API licence as determined at our discretion. Please look at the application for free academic licence. We are sorry, but at this moment, we do not grant free API licences to companies and individuals.


  • Using API from up to 3 computers
  • Max 50,000 queries per day
  • Email support
  • 220 USD / month


  • Using API from up to 10 computers
  • Max 200,000 queries per day
  • Email Support
  • 470 USD / month


  • Using API from up to 100 computers
  • Max 1,000,000 queries per day
  • Priority Email Support
  • 2000 USD / month

Startups and small companies are eligible for a 50% discount (ask by email).

Payment via bank wire is possible only for Professional and Enterprise plans, for minimum 1 year.

If you want to pay by bank wire or if you have any question, please contact us.

Some of the organizations that rely on our data: