About Numbeo.com

Mladen Adamovic, Founder/CEO

Mladen Adamovic Mladen worked as a software engineer at Google (2007-2009). He was a senior teaching assistant at the University of Banja Luka (2004-2007). He obtained M.Sc. Electrical Engineering from the University of Banja Luka in 2006 and B.Sc. Math from the University of Belgrade in 2003. Linkedin Linkedin.

Numbeo.com was launched in April 2009. The research and available data at Numbeo.com are not influenced by any governmental organization.

Numbeo.com website is maintained by Numbeo doo, headquartered in Serbia, with business registration number 20853514.


This website was mentioned or used as a source by many international newspapers and magazines including BBC, Time, The Week, Forbes, The Economist, Business Insider, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, The Telegraph, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, China Daily, The Washington Post, USA Today and many more. For more details please visit our press page for a comprehensive list of publications.


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