Cost of Living in Santo Domingo

Summary about cost of living in Santo Domingo:

Restaurants [ Edit ] Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 350.00 RD$ 250.00-500.00
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 2,000.00 RD$ 1,500.00-2,500.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 350.00 RD$ 250.00-400.00
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 100.00 RD$ 80.00-150.00
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 150.00 RD$ 120.00-250.00
Cappuccino (regular) 78.06 RD$ 50.00-100.25
Coke/Pepsi (11.2 oz small bottle) 41.91 RD$ 30.00-60.00
Water (11.2 oz small bottle) 20.59 RD$ 15.00-30.00
Markets [ Edit ]
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 231.74 RD$ 208.20-264.98
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 56.60 RD$ 41.73-81.65
Rice (white), (1 lb) 21.72 RD$ 13.61-26.00
Eggs (regular) (12) 92.56 RD$ 60.00-126.00
Local Cheese (1 lb) 124.83 RD$ 95.00-180.00
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1 lb) 119.67 RD$ 90.72-175.00
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 153.19 RD$ 110.00-215.46
Apples (1 lb) 41.27 RD$ 22.68-69.00
Banana (1 lb) 17.15 RD$ 9.07-26.55
Oranges (1 lb) 29.37 RD$ 22.68-40.00
Tomato (1 lb) 19.15 RD$ 9.53-40.00
Potato (1 lb) 27.94 RD$ 18.60-39.00
Onion (1 lb) 28.92 RD$ 18.14-45.36
Lettuce (1 head) 55.06 RD$ 35.00-70.00
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 53.63 RD$ 18.00-110.00
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 500.00 RD$ 350.00-800.00
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 97.69 RD$ 75.00-130.00
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 148.37 RD$ 100.00-200.00
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 200.00 RD$ 110.00-220.00
Transportation [ Edit ]
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 25.00 RD$ 25.00-30.00
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 1,500.00 RD$ 900.00-2,173.91
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 190.00 RD$ 150.00-200.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 241.40 RD$ 12.07-289.68
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 250.00 RD$ 200.00-350.00
Gasoline (1 gallon) 227.30 RD$ 208.20-250.00
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 1,200,000.00 RD$ 800,000.00-1,850,000.00
Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 1,250,924.69 RD$ 810,000.00-1,700,000.00
Utilities (Monthly) [ Edit ]
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 2,902.35 RD$ 1,521.05-5,000.00
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 9.40 RD$ 4.00-15.00
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 2,765.91 RD$ 1,800.00-3,600.00
Sports And Leisure [ Edit ]
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 1,629.63 RD$ 1,000.00-3,600.00
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 666.67 RD$ 250.00-1,500.00
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 300.00 RD$ 250.00-351.24
Childcare [ Edit ]
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child 9,704.65 RD$ 5,000.00-20,000.00
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 402,365.15 RD$ 150,000.00-1,000,000.00
Clothing And Shoes [ Edit ]
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 2,756.63 RD$ 1,500.00-5,500.00
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 2,497.69 RD$ 1,500.00-4,000.00
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 4,452.63 RD$ 3,000.00-8,000.00
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 4,700.00 RD$ 3,500.00-7,000.00
Rent Per Month [ Edit ]
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 17,900.00 RD$ 10,000.00-30,000.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 9,952.76 RD$ 7,000.00-15,000.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 43,610.15 RD$ 25,000.00-65,000.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 19,315.79 RD$ 12,000.00-30,000.00
Buy Apartment Price [ Edit ]
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 6,061.87 RD$ 4,366.41-9,290.23
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 3,344.45 RD$ 2,619.84-4,645.11
Salaries And Financing [ Edit ]
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 19,823.53 RD$
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 13.21 12.00-18.00

Prices in Santo Domingo

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Last update: September 2018
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13 Comments so far

#Yoshira on Jul 04, 2017 :
These comments are no where near the thruth, there are not that many jobs in DR, the people are under paid and 0ver worked. It's an expensive place to live if you do not have help from family out side the country or have a really good job or business. Most people make the minimum wage rounds off at around 150.00 dollars a month. While real estate can be cheap, it's cheap for foreigners that can exchange dollars or Euros. Many people retire there with their pensions and can live rather well, but if you have a family and are making 8000 pesos a month you are going without. You must buy drinking water. Most don't have running water or 24 hour electricity so please let's tell the thruth about what goes on in the DR. Crime is at about 75%
Can be
#Olga on May 09, 2017 :
How hard is it for a Cuban American to get a job in Santo Domingo?
#Carlo greco on Apr 10, 2017 :
Never been Santo
I am 75 years old
I would like to rent
Must have city transportation
Looking for low rentsmall home I would like a little garden looking to rent or buy
Because I will still keep my home in Florida
I would live year round
Please give .E any information
Thank you I m ready to move in 2 or 3 months if you find a place I will send you a deposit
#Victor on Feb 19, 2017 :
How much does a High School teacher of mathematics/science earn ?
How much does an average dentist charge for a crown job ?
#Michel on Apr 11, 2016 :
I live there from 1996 to 2003.
Today more delinquents with guns
Be careful
#me on Aug 06, 2015 :
Very nice page.. I'm Dominican and have tons of family in DR. I just got back, my mother is very sick and dying. I learn one listen ,It doesn't matter how much money one has. They will drain you dry. The hospital system is terrible and you have to pay for everything out of pocket other wise you won't even be seen. It was the worse experience of my life. of how unprofessional to staff was. Very unsanitary no running water to wash your hands in the part of the hospital i was, or toilet paper. One would assume you want to keep the hospital clean. If you get sick don't let them take care you better leave the country.
#Diogenes on May 31, 2015 :
Yes they're.monthy. pass in the subway....tks...i am going to RD on june for two months....
#carolina morales on Apr 17, 2015 :
I need the web page for the information about how I could process the Permanent Visa, benn in Santo Domingo for few months and all the information here is complete true...I really love this city and all the country I am from Venezuela and would love to move for live there permant.
#damir brescakovic on Mar 19, 2015 :
How hard is to get a permission to live and work in Dominican republic? how hard is to get a job if you are an excellent expert in your field? are the costs of living cheaper outside of a city and how well city is connected with smaller places around? what is the medical care like in sd? is Spanish only official language in schools?
#maja007 on Mar 19, 2015 :
what is the medical care like in sd in compare with europian for example, is it hard to get a job there if you are an expert in your field and hard working person? is it hard to get a living and working permission for family? is spanish official language in all schools?
#"Anonymous_again" on Nov 24, 2014 :
To Undisclosed:
It's me again, "Anonymous".... Actually with 380 EUR you CAN live in DR, however it wont be the best life.It is *almost* doable if you rent some cheap house and STAY IN ONE PLACE.
Actually I will be coming again very soon to DR and I plan to live here with 30,000 pesos/ month. Which is actually around 550 EUR....

The funny thing that you said about this 380 EUR/ 20,000 pesos is that...Really few people in DR earn such money....Most of the people dont get more than 10,000 pesos for work where they SWEAT 12h/ day....

I'm not sure what you wanted to say about "politicans" hiding the truth about salaries in DR. Unfortunately, if you only leave your all inclusive resort (which unfortunately not so many people do) or travel independently you can see poverty in many places...which is sad.
But there are few factors for it and very often Dominicans themselves are guilty of it due to their mentality and way of live
Saludos !
#Undisclosed on Nov 10, 2014 :

Finally someone who is writing the truth, and I'm glad that you at least wrote about it:

"as for the prices: it is really hard to live with those 10,000 DOP which is what most of Dominicans earn by HARD WORK (like working in comedor, colmado etc...)... while you see that prices of food are almost the same like in Europe...
plus - typical dominican food is not that good, "bread" is what I wouldnt call bread at all..."

This is one hard to swallow truth that politicians try to hide from outsiders, if you go there with your pension from another country (US/Europe) you live like a king there, but try to make a living with 380€ per month with European priced market there...
#Frank on Oct 28, 2014 :
Staying in Santo Domingo since 6 months, it has been an exciting place to get a new perspective, as this is a crazy sweet city. If you have accommodation in downtown and have a car to travel, you are pretty comfy and safe.
Dont be a regular at tourist places like Colonial Zona if you look like a tourist, but sit around at the colmado (small neighbourhood shops) nearest to you. Its fun mixing and getting to know your neighbours. You will also learn some Spanish in the process.
Dont give free money to beggars or anyone, you will attract all robbers and crazy people. But do share love and friendship by buying beers and smokes and food for poor people around. Dont ever give money for nothing.
The girls/women are a pain, they want marriage and an exit to America or Europe, even though they have local husbands n kids. They look very lovable but know difference between love n honey trap.