Crime in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Crime rates in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Level of crime
81.61 Very High
Crime increasing in the past 5 years
75.97 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
57.89 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed
76.10 High
Worries car stolen
57.37 Moderate
Worries things from car stolen
70.81 High
Worries attacked
60.25 High
Worries being insulted
44.26 Moderate
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
23.91 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
66.48 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
74.68 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
80.87 Very High
Problem corruption and bribery
90.08 Very High

Safety in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Safety walking alone during daylight
43.91 Moderate
Safety walking alone during night
18.78 Very Low

Contributors: 195

Last update: April 2024

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 5 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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3 Comments so far
Jose Sanchez on Mar 06, 2024:
I am Dominican and live in Santo Domingo Este. I would say that over time it has gotten more dangerous than it is in the past. I remember my parents telling me how much safer it was for them in the 80s and 90s. Not so much now.

As a tourist, you can stick to the Zona Colonial, the nearby beaches(Juan Dolio or Guayacanes but not Boca Chica), and Los Tres Ojos are beautiful to see. Just be careful not to get ripped off by people preying on anyone. If you are not very assertive in not wanting to buy souvenirs or having to purchase a beach table package just because you want to go to the beach, they will take advantage. It happens to us natives too jaja. But those are annoyances rather than actual dangers to your safety. The actual danger comes from not following sense or doing stupid things at night. But even then, I'd also be careful walking during the day. Use Uber as a tourist for anything past your hotel or airbnb. Unless you drove in India, you shouldnt drive here. Punta Cana or Las Terrenas is much better and safer if you are just looking for a getaway. Wish i could afford that but maybe you can.. jeje
Steve Seaman on Jul 02, 2023:
I have lived in DR for seven years, in Santo Domingo, but travelling extensively around the island. In my experience the perception of crime is significantly higher than the reality, certainly in Santo Domingo. As in any major city, there are areas to avoid, but if you take sensible precautions in terms of remaining aware of your surroundings, not flashing jewellery, cash or mobiles, you are unlikely to be a victim of crime. Easily the most dangerous thing about the DR is the driving, bad enough as a driver, but positively lethal as a pedestrian.
Molly L. Kasun on Jul 25, 2020:
I spent well over three years living in Santo Domingo in the mid 90's. I was a single female aged 41 -44. I had a contract to teach English at a private school. I had a high-rise Apt. in the city and I walked to work, to shopping, for recreation, etc. I know for a fact that many of the resorts and hotels warn their clients "not to go outside the property" because of "dangers". This is hooey. They want you to stay in THEIR establishment and spend your money there rather than elsewhere. It's a commonly used scare tactic and it works on many tourists. I used public transportation, the Banda buses or Carro taxies, and went shopping into the inner city (downtown) all the time. I NEVER had a problem, not in over three years. The people are warm and interested but not aggressive or hostile in the least. At least at the time I lived there. Violent gun crime was unheard of. The men can be overly amorous, especially if you're a blonde Caucasian or obviously a foreigner, but they will only be vocally flirtatious and obnoxious, certainly not dangerous. They only want to know you as you are unique in their eyes. I walked alone at night with no problem. travelled by city bus all over the city with no problem, I would bus to the Airport and Boca Chica Beach with no problem, and I was never afraid to live alone in the city. I wasn't ever afraid to walk a long distance to a favorite Casino at night. I'm considering moving back to the Island, for good. I may choose Samana because it was one of my favorite weekend "get away" spots with a gorgeous beach and a ridiculously low cost of living. I'm weary of American city life and want to simplify and slow down in my retirement. I'm sure much has changed in the past years, but I'm also sure it is no where as near as dangerous as living in one of the American cities. Drugs were nonexistent, I was never once approached to purchase or use weed or other illegal substances. Other Caribbean Island are literally crawling with drug users and sellers. Not there. I know my information is dated, but I still want to get my two cents in. M. Kasun, Holiday, Florida