Cost of Living in Toronto

Summary about cost of living in Toronto:

Restaurants [ Edit ] Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 15.00 C$ 12.00-20.00
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 70.00 C$ 50.00-100.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 10.00 C$ 8.00-10.50
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 7.00 C$ 5.00-8.00
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 7.00 C$ 5.92-9.00
Cappuccino (regular) 3.96 C$ 3.00-5.00
Coke/Pepsi (11.2 oz small bottle) 1.84 C$ 1.13-2.50
Water (11.2 oz small bottle) 1.59 C$ 1.00-2.20
Markets [ Edit ]
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 7.96 C$ 4.50-15.14
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 2.43 C$ 1.81-3.62
Rice (white), (1 lb) 1.50 C$ 0.91-2.27
Eggs (regular) (12) 2.73 C$ 2.00-4.00
Local Cheese (1 lb) 6.35 C$ 3.18-9.07
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1 lb) 6.01 C$ 4.00-10.00
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 6.85 C$ 4.54-9.07
Apples (1 lb) 1.68 C$ 1.00-2.49
Banana (1 lb) 0.75 C$ 0.57-1.00
Oranges (1 lb) 1.42 C$ 0.91-2.27
Tomato (1 lb) 1.42 C$ 0.91-2.27
Potato (1 lb) 0.95 C$ 0.45-1.36
Onion (1 lb) 0.85 C$ 0.45-1.36
Lettuce (1 head) 2.03 C$ 1.75-3.00
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 2.23 C$ 1.50-3.00
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 15.00 C$ 12.00-20.00
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 2.42 C$ 2.00-3.00
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 2.74 C$ 2.00-3.50
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) 12.00 C$ 10.00-15.00
Transportation [ Edit ]
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 3.25 C$ 3.00-3.25
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 146.00 C$ 140.00-146.25
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 3.75 C$ 3.25-4.50
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 2.82 C$ 2.41-3.22
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 31.00 C$ 30.00-40.00
Gasoline (1 gallon) 4.23 C$ 3.94-4.58
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 24,000.00 C$ 20,000.00-27,000.00
Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 21,773.80 C$ 18,000.00-26,000.00
Utilities (Monthly) [ Edit ]
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 124.42 C$ 65.00-200.00
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.35 C$ 0.20-0.50
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 62.05 C$ 45.00-80.00
Sports And Leisure [ Edit ]
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 53.38 C$ 35.00-80.00
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 23.76 C$ 0.00-45.00
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 14.00 C$ 12.00-15.00
Childcare [ Edit ]
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Private, Monthly for 1 Child 1,387.05 C$ 900.00-2,000.00
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 17,034.67 C$ 12,000.00-30,000.00
Clothing And Shoes [ Edit ]
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 65.72 C$ 40.00-90.00
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 43.27 C$ 30.00-70.00
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 97.48 C$ 76.00-125.00
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 128.68 C$ 90.00-200.00
Rent Per Month [ Edit ]
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 1,707.94 C$ 1,300.00-2,000.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 1,324.49 C$ 1,000.00-1,600.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 3,009.65 C$ 2,300.00-3,800.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 2,161.15 C$ 1,600.00-2,700.00
Buy Apartment Price [ Edit ]
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 739.51 C$ 600.00-910.44
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 540.51 C$ 450.00-699.99
Salaries And Financing [ Edit ]
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 3,402.46 C$
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, Fixed-Rate 2.82 2.45-3.50

Prices in Toronto

These data are based on 5556 entries in the past 12 months from 694 different contributors.
Last update: November 2017
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100 Comments so far

#James on Nov 19, 2017 :
What a bunch of complete losers commenting on this page! Wow! This is about cost of living but the so-called men on here are all complaining about women not liking them and they cannot get a date and woman are all feminists...Get a fn grip you losers!! Woman are beautiful in Toronto and trust me, I have no problem getting women in Toronto and they treat me with all these loser men commenting on is quite obvious why you cannot find a woman...your personality and I can only imagine what you look like...and I am quite sure the men on here couldn't find a woman in any city...nothing to do with Toronto.
#Chris on Nov 15, 2017 :
Toronto and simply Canada is now just meant for struggling people of the third world and refugees. That's what the gov't likes. It's an industry in Canada. And these are not the third-world progressive people from before the 1980s migrating to Canada. If you're not from this group, don't bother with Toronto or Canada. It's continuing its way downhill.
#Lakeshore on Nov 09, 2017 :
Those rabid animals you call feminists in Toronto are Untermenschen.They have been the driving force behind numerous wars, communism, genocide, abortion, 4th wave feminism, and more. Most recently, they have obtained worldwide ownership control of the mass media and use it to push an incessant agenda of miscegenation and cultural degradation. In addition, they wield considerable influence within the governments of Western nations, and use this power to support LGBT and pedosexuality.

Above all, I charge the leadership of the nation and their followers with the strict observance of the feminist laws and with merciless resistance against the universal poisoners of all peoples, international feminism." Since the events of World War II, the feminists have intensified their assault on men worldwide. In many Western nations, it is illegal to criticize feminists (R v.Elliot); in addition, many historians currently sit in jail for critiquing Stephanie Guthrie and Mandi Gray.
#Parkdale resident on Oct 29, 2017 :
One of the men said he couldn’t understand why Anonymous would do something like that, such as taking his own life because of feminism in Toronto.

I said it is very easy. I was very close to taking my own life many times during my divorce. Toronto Police are ultimate Blue Pill white knights who conducted everything legal and illegal in their actions to treat me worse than the worst criminal in the world, to the extent that Toronto Police raided my financial institution bank branches to intimidate staff to close my account and hand over my funds to a temporary court under asset forfeiture laws. My ex-wife used corruption from Toronto Police to enforce what was supposed to be a civil order.

During that divorce, Toronto Police made my life unbearable.I even had my loaded pistol pointed at my head just wanting the courage to pull the trigger. I changed my mind after I attended a Roosh rally last year in Mississauga. It was a relief to see men from all walks of life who were affected by radical feminism in Canada.

Anonymous wouldn't have taken his life if he attended an MRA or Roosh V meetup.

May God bless Anonymous soul and he’s no longer needing to fight but is in paradise with our savior. Anonymous wanted to meet his God of worship, and hopefully he is with God.
#TW on Oct 27, 2017 :
Canadians, by and large, have a "don't rock the boat" mentality. Couple this with a school and media system that pounds culturally Marxist ideas into their heads, and you have a nation of unthinking fools who only respond to feel-good credos and who admire and defend their captors (leaders). People here will decry you as a complainer, misogynist, and malcontent (at best) if you dare say anything that goes outside the bounds of our politically correct dogma,

In the United States, while dwindling in numbers, there are still a few people who have the old revolutionary spirit of standing up for inherent, God-given rights and who have a good degree more common sense than your average Canadian.

Toronto, Canada is a social experiment playground for the New World Order. We have to be the most pliable and unwittingly suicidal people on the face of the earth. They flood us with immigrants from third world countries and we think it makes us "vibrant". They turn gender on its head and we think it's "progressive". They trumpet loudly the perceived rights of men who bugger other men (among other vile and stomach-churning practices, such as "rimming") and we cheer and celebrate.

To my fellow Canadians, I have to ask, "What the hell is wrong with you people?"

Toronto is a shithole of a city.
#Constanza on Oct 25, 2017 :
Fembots from Toronto Ontario Canada are trolling on a website which isn't even that popular. It shows how much Toronto womyn are losing power to enforce feminist tyranny in Canada. They have to monitor every comment in order to prevent the truth from coming about Toronto feminist tyranny.

I repeat, do not engage in fembot Athleline. Toronto womyn are vermin, scum and filth that will try to bring you down to their level, worse yet, bait you into a police investigation. At least many men would not support a Toronto womyn using her pet/ 5 year old child or student as an abuse toy.
Toronto womyn are your enemy, fellow Toronto man!
#Constanza on Oct 25, 2017 :
To everyone:
Don't respond to the femtroll Atheline....Let these Toronto women suffer alone under their bestiality, pedophila and exhibitionism....Toronto womyn are not worth talking to...They are worse than Adolf Hitler...At least Hitler smiled once in a while...Toornto womyn are garbage, filth, trash and they are militant feminazis who should be avoided...Don't engage in a Toronto womyn.

There is a gender war in Toronto. Rather than falling for their propaganda, vote with your feet and wallets and absolutely boycott any organization or womyn which supports Toronto womyn.
#Atheline on Oct 23, 2017 :'re a moron, and maybe women aren't interested in you because of your poor attitude, which is apparent in your post.

Get a life, and maybe don't complain about your love life on a page about cost of living.
#Constanza on Oct 22, 2017 :
I am an older man born and raised in Toronto. Meeting girls here has always been like pulling teeth. I've noticed that the only girls who will date me (or other men) are not from here. Until I traveled in Europe and elsewhere I thought all women were like the ones here, cold and non-receptive. To my surprise other women were more open and willing to talk to me. I'm not saying I scored a great deal, for I did not, but I will say that these other women were far better people than Toronto women. The ones here won't even talk to you. I hate to say it, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices this. Toronto women are garbage.
#To Clark Kent on Oct 21, 2017 :
So to rent a condo LOCKER located at the Waterfront costs on average C$300-500....What are these people smoking?

If men are paying more than C$1,050 for a Bachelor pad anywhere within the boundaries of Toronto, they need to get out....C$999/month for a bachelor unit located at the crime infested Black Creek area?

The problem with Toronto is that they encourage mass immigration, but they don't construct enough housing to meet the population growth.
At least 35 million people live in the affluent state of California, but you wouldn't see anyone pay more than US$550,0O0 for a bungalow size detached house in party towns like Malibu.

You have insane housing costs relative to other American cities, intolerant women and a culture which hates men to suicidal despair....Where can I sign up to live in Toronto if I hate life? LOL.
#Wonda on Oct 21, 2017 :
Clark last point I promise before this threads end up censored by the feminazis who hate men:

In response to your quote below, it is obscene that Torontonians and wealthy immigrants appear to have no problem forking over C$900,000 (about US$725,000) for a Bungalow made of plywood and glue located at least 15-30 miles away from the downtown Bloor St corridor.

A condo located at 16th Avenue NORTH of Toronto sells for on average at least C$500,000 (US$400,000) for a 1-bedroom condo unit. This is a rip-off because in Miami, FL where it is notoriously known for real dirty money, sells condo units right in the freakin downtown core for on average US$300,000-US$400,000.

Land in Florida sells cheap that you can purchase a nice decent size plot of land at least 15 miles away from any major city (Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach) for at least US$25,000, even lower than that! However, these same Canuck morons caused a bubble in certain cities in Arizona & Florida a few years ago, but most now are under water because of credit tightening here in the USA.

It's only in Toronto that a storage closet can sell for 400k over asking in some run-down area of Toronto like Leslieville or even Jane & Finch area.
#Wonda on Oct 21, 2017 :
My advice to the young men (16-21) reading this important thread about Toronto:
DO NOT expect a happy life in your mid-adulthood (25-45) in Toronto. Feminism is rife.

DO NOT enrol in college or university because if you work and want to save to leave Toronto, you will be forced by OSAP to spend at least $3,000 every school year to enrol in a man-hater feminazi incubator.

Focus on working ANY legit part-time/full-time job which only requires a high school diploma, a few months of training or any quick certificate. Save your income for at least 5 YEARS in a high interest GIC account to offset inflation/Poloz peso C$ devaluation.

By then, if you can save at least $15,000 a year, multiply that by 5 years, you already have $60,000 which can make you eligible for Permanent Residency in Panama or you can pay your way off to citizenship in Mexico, no specifics.

FOCUS on SAVINGS to leave Toronto...You can always enroll in education later on in life where no Chanty Binx will falsely accuse men of hysterical crimes on campus...Toronto campus life, I've heard, is a living hell for all men, including those International male students who were scammed into paying over $30,000 a year for university tuition.

Avoid the trap called Toronto.
#Wonda on Oct 21, 2017 :
"How can a Canadian born person live on $715 a month on cpp disability Toronto treats people inhumanly but if I was a dog my living conditions improve tremendously that is the corruption in this country it is sad and I intend to bring it to the forefront of a broken system of waste."

I noticed that a growing # of Toronto women are living alone with their pet dogs, presumably to engage in bestiality, no other explanation.

Toronto feminazis are chasing away men or forcing them into suicide that they are filling the void with bestiality and enticing young infants by dressing like prostitutes at their swimming instructor job (as one poster complained on here), or teacher-student sex that we hear on the news regularly.
#Wonda on Oct 21, 2017 :
Clark Kent: This isn't the 1st time that I've seen Toronto men lash out in suicidal despair online. Craigslist Rants section contained at least 1 suicidal rant a week, even more than that before the moderators started enforcing IP address blacklists so that the suicidal Toronto man will eventually die alone...Even a few feminazis and manginas were cheering on the suicidal man to end his life.

It looks like the tyranny, along with the feminist hatred of men who enforce tyranny through armed thugs are the problem....In Communist Eastern Europe, the oppressed class suffered under a common cause, and they weren't isolated from society, compared to present-day Toronto when a Toronto woman can ruin a man's life and censor him using armed police.

Only yesterday that Lesbian Feminist Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne, a woman who forced her husband to live in a closet inside the basement while she slept with her lesbian lover, sued her political opponent Patrick Brown for "defamation"---LIBEL CHILL.
#Wass on Oct 20, 2017 :
How can a Canadian born person live on $715 a month on cpp disability Toronto treats people inhumanly but if I was a dog my living conditions improve tremendously that is the corruption in this country it is sad and I intend to bring it to the forefront of a broken system of waste.
#Clark Kent on Oct 20, 2017 :
"To come and think of it, if that Anonymous man passed away in a Toronto hospital, and if I believe in ghosts, it could be a likelihood that Anonymous is still trapped in Toronto, knocking on the locked door of the Morgue begging to leave Toronto."

lol plz god anything but that
#Wonda on Oct 20, 2017 :
"By the time many men in Toronto come to this realization however, even if only on a basic instinctual level, it is too late and they've passed by the more vigorous and resilient stages of their life (i.e., their late teens and twenties)."

I agree completely...The longer a local or immigrant in Toronto delays his action plan to leave that feminazi hellhole, the higher the chance that he will be stuck in Toronto.

To come and think of it, if that Anonymous man passed away in a Toronto hospital, and if I believe in ghosts, it could be a likelihood that Anonymous is still trapped in Toronto, knocking on the locked door of the Morgue begging to leave Toronto.

I don't know what to say...If you're a single male reading this thread, DO NOT come to Toronto.
#Wonda on Oct 20, 2017 :
"Toronto men's misery = breakdown of traditional male/female relationships + divorce laws that punish hard-working men + high taxes + high cost of living + scarce good-paying jobs + impossible housing market + hyper-feminist culture where typical male behaviours are shamed while women are exempted from responsibility for their own behaviours + lack of culture to participate in due to liberal multi-racial environment + socially unacceptable to question these problems in any meaningful way"

I remember back in 2012 when Dr. Warren Farrel, an MRA activist, was to explain, in general, these same topics, but feminazis in Toronto tried to shut down his speech and attempted to libel every attendee as rapists or rape advocates.

Then back in 2014 or 2015, another MRA named Roosh Vorek held a speech in Toronto, and a few (((feminazis))) used the Canadian mainstream media to libel that MRA as someone who was guilty of heinous crimes, when that was untrue and libelous...Absolutely no journalistic integrity in Toronto media...However, when random 4chan bloggers discussed that Mary Gowans case, high paid lawyers were threatening to sue and press criminal defamation charges on the foreign anonymous commenters.

I absolutely agree with you that there is something autocratic in Toronto with regards to questioning the (((feminazi))) status quo....They can censor my comment, but we must ensure that single men are aware of the truth about Toronto before another single man is deceived by an immigration lawyer/consultant into living in Canada.
#Clark Kent on Oct 19, 2017 :
"Why do Toronto culture cause men to harm themselves like that?"

It's because there is little possibility to achieve much in life for a man here.

Toronto men's misery = breakdown of traditional male/female relationships + divorce laws that punish hard-working men + high taxes + high cost of living + scarce good-paying jobs + impossible housing market + hyper-feminist culture where typical male behaviours are shamed while women are exempted from responsibility for their own behaviours + lack of culture to participate in due to liberal multi-racial environment + socially unacceptable to question these problems in any meaningful way

For biological reasons, men are expendable and women are always valuable at least in terms of their breeding capacity. Thus, the men that struggle here are expected to either pull themselves out of their hole by themselves or simply die off.

If a man wants to achieve the traditional stages of life (i.e., get a job, live independently, get a girlfriend, buy a house, try to contribute to the nation through one's career, become a grandparent, etc.), he will likely not be able to in Toronto for the reasons I listed above.

I think what drives native Toronto men to suicidal despair is not these problems in and of themselves however, but rather that the Toronto lifestyle is marketed to them their entire lives as the ordinary and standard way of life while it is in fact anything but. This way of life is rather in fact an historical anomaly. I think if these men put it in perspective that the Toronto lifestyle is not conducive to the accomplishments of a typical human male, they would take the steps at an appropriate stage in their life to work towards moving and living elsewhere. By the time many men in Toronto come to this realization however, even if only on a basic instinctual level, it is too late and they've passed by the more vigorous and resilient stages of their life (i.e., their late teens and twenties).

Toronto is great if you are naturally a modern liberal and have no ambition to have children or accomplish anything in the service of your ethnic group or the country at large. It's a good place if you just want to smoke weed and have casual sex with mediocre people. Most men and women however, are by definition hard-wired to want to achieve the traditional milestones of life that lead to a sense of accomplishment and a sense that one has contributed to something greater than themselves. Native Torontonians will in many cases not accomplish these things, and will be unable to identify the true source of their sense of hopelessness due to the stifling social and legal rules.

Toronto is pretty good though for Jews and wealthy Asians (although some do get caught in the trap), as these groups maintain their traditional cultures despite the non-stop anti-traditional rhetoric coming from the corporate and public sectors. In fact they benefit from it as it weakens the native Toronto population.

It's an interesting phenomenon. I don't know if there is anywhere else in the world that is currently quite like this, at least to this extent where creating and maintaining a living nation is nonviable.
#Wonda on Oct 16, 2017 :
I believe that Anonymous committed suicide....He threatened to swallow pills or something like that because he couldn't find a way to leave Toronto....tragic...RIP Anonymous who wanted to leave Toronto. I hope that where ever you are now, it's not in Toronto.

Why do Toronto culture cause men to harm themselves like that?
#Burlington Blues on Oct 11, 2017 :
@Karen Hargrow on Oct 11, 2017

Unless you aim to live paycheck to paycheck in Toronto in a run down part of Toronto for at least $1,200 a month for a 1-bedroom apartment, I'm not sure why you would choose to live in Toronto out of all places in North America when everyone in Canada wants to live in the USA...Are you a feminist or LGBT member fleeing from Donald Trump?
#Karen Hargrow on Oct 11, 2017 :
I will be 55yrs old. Do you have apartments in a nice quite neighborhood that go by your monthly income. I live in the United states, looking to relocate.
#PhockTorontowomyen Yo on Oct 09, 2017 :
Middle and upper income career women in Toronto are worse than shit! Don't even look or glance at those hypocritical man-haters...I swear a communist revolution is in the making against the lower-income racialized people versus the upper income career Toronto women...They have to wait until an economic collapse to figure out the heated tensions between different groups in Toronto...Feminazis are only making themselves hated because they are enforcing racism while playing a victim class.
#Wonda on Oct 06, 2017 :
Is Anonymous still alive? The one who posted those distress comments about wanting to leave Toronto, but he claims that he is being monitored and stopped from leaving Toronto?

Leave Toronto if you can...It's no surprise that more and more men are 'leaving the plantation' and not defending and courting Toronto women anymore. Just look at all the men who are going MGTOW in Anglo countries like Canada. You also have Toronto men who are on a 'marriage strike' and these men refuse to marry or defend Torontonian women.

There will come a day in the future where Torontonian women will have NO men defending them from the upcoming World War 3 with Russia, China and North Korea. I can't wait to see what happens then! Many Toronto men are already sipping champagne in those countries!
#NCF Member on Oct 05, 2017 :
"Why does the world shed crocodile’s tears over the richly merited fate of a small Jewish-feminist minority? … I ask Trump, I ask the American people: Are you prepared to receive in your midst these well-poisoners of the American people and the universal spirit of Christianity? We would willingly give everyone of them a free steamer-ticket and a thousand-dollar note for travelling expenses, if we could get rid of them."
-National Canadian Front Senior Member
#Wkonbl on Oct 05, 2017 :
@Anonymous, please don't off yourself because of those terrible women that you have in Toronto.We can pass by the lying Marxist-feminist pieces of shits in silence; to them lying is just as vitally necessary as catching mice for a cat; their function is only to break the people's national and patriotic backbone and make them ripe for the slave's yoke of international capital and its masters, the feminist Jews.
#Clark Kent on Oct 04, 2017 :
Ya gotta get yourself out fam.
Try to spend some time in the country if you can. You'll remember what it's like to live like a human being.
#Fred Flintsone on Sep 23, 2017 :
Toronto sucks and I will never live there again It's hard to get a date even you're a decent guy. It's probably one of the worst cities (for its size) for a hetero, young men to have a decent chance with women. It doesn't mean you can't get a date but it means that it requires you to try more and harder. Cockblockers are just about everywhere in Toronto. It's a very anti-male place. Get out when you still have a chance. I did and I don't regret a single moment. Toronto specimen lizards can pass away alone with their cats for all I care. Let them burn in hell!
#anonymous on Sep 19, 2017 :
According this website...


Toronto is still ranked #1 worst city in the world for men in 2017 almost five years after roosh's post.
#Altin Elezi on Sep 08, 2017 :
You should learn how to calculate what you right. If salaries ar 3.500 a month and rent is 2.1oo a month how is 36.5% off the salary? Please help explain thanks
#Iejoibi on Sep 02, 2017 :
The racist feminist comments below article are disgusting.

I’m not even sure why white supremacists read articles about black people if they rather degrade and bash them even further. Toronto is being gentrified and I’ve seen it. I’m seeing it every day. They build up a Starbucks or a high priced cafe and suddenly people come around like ogling spectators and once again (Like with Native Indians) we’re all supposed to move out and leave because privileged white men and women found something else they could steal.

Toronto was always a safe zone for POC. I just don’t understand why with everything else they’re given, why white men and women feel the need to claim ownership to something as precious as culture.

Not sure how this issue is going to be solved but I hope it does. It’s not like we’re about to run them out of their homes or anything. Wear white hoods, sit on top of horses and leave burning crosses in their yards. That would be animistic. That would be barbaric…savage. Don’t you think?

If Linda think it's oppressive to criticize a white female pedophile who aims to show her private genital areas in front of children, then I'm moving out of Toronto....I don't feel safe with these racist white people and their alliance with the feminist movement.
#Anonymous on Aug 22, 2017 :
@Anonymous Coward:
You're just mad because you don't have money and can't get women. Go fuck your family goat.Go back to where you came from. We don't need you here. Seriously, fuck off and leave our women alone!

I hate you fucking muzzies and paki rapefugees and catcalling niggers. I wish Donald Trump could deal with you fucks in Toronto.
#Anonymous on Aug 13, 2017 :
But I've lived in Toronto and yeah, everything this thread has said is true. Toronto women are very horrible.

Women stare into their smartphones and treat all men as if they were rapists or trash, for no good reason, other than their hatred for masculinity in this city. Women in Toronto are just mean and spiteful towards men, I think most women in Toronto just HATE men period. And a good percentage of them are Lesbians and they DO hate men. That's why they want to march at their rallies fully nude for luring minor children.
#Linda on Aug 05, 2017 :
Every day in Toronto, women face many different forms of gender oppression and discrimination, such as the comment below by Anonymous on Aug 04, 2017.

The question should be: Why are you, a grown man, sexually objectifying females at your daughter's school? Do you also look at your daughter's friends bodies you pedophile?
#Anonymous on Aug 04, 2017 :
Why is my daughter's swimming instructor wearing only a thong for swimming lessons? Her swimming instructor looks almost naked.
#Anonymous on Aug 04, 2017 :
Yeah ok Linda,
Us Toronto guys spend all day raping and harassing women.
I never said you owe anybody anything, or that we want to force you to do anything.

All I'm saying is this city would be more lively and enjoyable if women like you would just lighten up and stop pretending that the world is victimizing you.
#Linda on Aug 02, 2017 :

Women in Toronto don't owe you anything. You cannot force us to smile at rapey men. It's my body, my choice.

When you are sexually harassing women on the streets of our splendid city, they have every right not to smile at you.
#Anonymous on Jul 25, 2017 :
Toronto women could make a huge difference in making this city more livable if they would just smile during the day once in a while.
#Younger on Jul 16, 2017 :
I avoid them like the plague!

Because that’s what they are, a cancer on this beautiful planet.
The common discussion theme centres around how women in Toronto are given all the management opportunities and the non-Canadian males get no chance for advancement at all.

Basically our male salaries are being siphoned away in order to pay uneducated and just plain stupid and non-productive Canadian women wages much higher than they deserve.

After reading this thread now I tend to view all Toronto women as lying wh*res. I’ve always felt that way to some extent, but now more so than ever.

They want to claim their independence, yet they rely on affluent men for advancement in their careers. They won’t admit it of course, but that’s how it is.
#Irish Sober on Jul 14, 2017 :
You can tell something is up. They brag about greatness of Toronto all the time, and you're not allowed to point out obvious deficiencies.
There is no vibrant vibe to the city, no smiles, laughter, no random meetings going on. The men just walk by the woman and the woman pretend to ignore the guys, lol.
One of the weirdest things I’ve seen in a while. Feel sorry for the guys in Toronto that grew up here. Toronto men, leave this city as soon as possible. Attractive self-motivated men should stay the hell away from here. Toronto females hate men. They hate men and they are no good…You will not find a happy life in Toronto.
#TorontoWomenSuck! on Jun 28, 2017 :
Torontonians defend their “center of the universe” thinking.

Local Torontonians will always tell you how it’s a “world class city,” and commonly compare it to other cities such as NYC, Chicago, London.

Toronto does not have the landmarks or interesting points of interest that you will find in older cities. Also, there is no real romanticizing culture. All the good marriages in Toronto refer to is actually couples who are not from Canada.

Toronto women are feminist demons who do not like men. They will destroy your family when that social worker spreads anti-male propaganda to your wives and daughters. And yes, the majority of Toronto women who hate on men are child molesters and pedophiles.

Watch out for your family because Toronto women will destroy your family with their hate!
#Vincit Veritas on Jun 14, 2017 :
Why hasn't that annoying activist Chanty Morris (otherwise aka Big Red) still alive, but this poor woman in Brazil got beheaded because she was a suspected informant for local drug dealers in a fevala? Aren't all women in Toronto who adopt Big Red snitch n tell rat culture, informants? Caucasian women like Chanty Morris in Toronto are likely to rat to police.

It is not certain where exactly in Brazil the brutality occurred, but it would appear that it happened in one of the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil is as p***y whipped as they get, but outside of the state enforced gynocentrism, especially in the favelas, they don’t hand out p***y passes to no c*nt bearers. Men still get the worst of it in Brazil, but every now and again, equality happens and we get the brutal video like the one below:
www (dot) bestgore(dot) com/beheading/young-woman-painful-moan-beheading-small-knife-brazil/
#Comment on Jun 03, 2017 :
Toronto is a trap especially if you are a married man who immigrated to Canada.

When you land in Canada with your $10,000 life savings, that savings will become zero within 3-4 months, even before that time.

First of all, finding rent in a suitable area with a family-friendly apartment are scarce and expensive. Developers in Toronto are not building that many apartments so those condo towers you see in the skies are for money laundering and Yuppie uptight snobs from Toronto.

Landlords will tell you upfront that either you pay upfront at least 6 months of rent (no less than $7,000 for a decent two-bedroom apartment at $1,200 per month), or they will reject your rental application). Landlords in Toronto require onerous requirements such as a credit score, guarantors for leases and even a criminal background check, but if you're a white woman there is more leeway to prevent a hassle on rent.

Finding a job in Toronto is a very tedious experience. Job agencies and employers in Toronto are forced under the feminist government of Canada to prioritize the applications of white Canadian women under 'equal opportunity' legislation, because Canadian women are more likely to sue and be supported in court for discrimination claims compared to an immigrant who is less likely to navigate the Canadian justice system which is entirely for the benefit of white Canadian women.

Regarding the numerous posts on this thread bashing the women in Toronto; this is the reality for men in Toronto. The women in Toronto absolutely hate men and they engage in political action which aim to attack men. Women in Toronto are like foot soldiers to attack men.

On the bright side, Toronto is great if you're unambitious, a sheep who doesn't question the Canadian system, or a white female.
#pat on May 25, 2017 :
Sookie: Choose none of those two cities. NONE. Canada doesn't have much going on and not much opportunity, but the nature is fantastic. If you are ambitious, have an extensive work and educational background or wish to improve on that, and you seek to contribute towards innovation and using your skills, then you must look to the United States. There are so many places there to choose from as well. Good luck!
#Theo on May 23, 2017 :
$1,150,000 for the average family home in a stale suburb of Toronto? No thanks. And yes, the women in Toronto are internationally known as the uptight, stuckup b!tches who hate men. You men will be surprised that your wife and daughters will become just like the pale Canadian feminotzi women after a few years in Canada...and in reply to Anonymous on April 17, the women in Toronto who are employed as teachers are more likely to defend that convicted sex offender's curriculum than the new teachers who have common sense.
#Sookie on May 20, 2017 :
oh!! You're scaring us guys.
I'm an architect, and a moroccan woman who is willing to move to canada this year. I speak english and french, I still didn't choose yet between Toronto and Montreal. but, I'm afraid to go to montreal with all my respect to french speakers, maybe i will not get used to it. Toronto, is a big city, where there is a lot of international companies.

What do you advise me?
#anonymous on Apr 25, 2017 :
Thanks for all the posts guys... I was considering coming to Toronto perhaps, after more research and all, I am definitely not coming.

I like friendly, nice, approachable girls and life in a clean city. It looks, by all, the wages are too low and crime is high.

To guys who have trouble with girls, why not move out or bring a decent Asian or other girl? Is it so dire you can't afford even that?
#Anonymous on Apr 17, 2017 :
if you make $20/hr x 40 hrs/week your monthly salary will be little over $2000 after taxes, renting a 1 bedroom anywhere around the greater Toronto area is around $1200 month
#Anonymous on Apr 17, 2017 :
Roy , the lady is right, Teachers did NOT write the sex ed curriculum and thousands continue to protest it. 35000 parents have refused to send to their kids to school, and muslims have had an exemption to the programme. Ben Levin spearheaded the programme, that is the fact. it is a pernicious faulty ideology foisted upon extremely young children. For that reason alone, i would not recommend Ontario. your children's lives are at risk, and its real. I m a teacher in the system, I know what I'm talking about here. There is tons of silent tension in Toronto, across Canada, Free thought is a thing of the past. Social groups and name calling has become the weapons of a nasty faction running the country, constantly taking recourse to silly words but weapons, 'homophobe, islamphobe, when they usually don't apply, without any clear idea what these terms mean, but they obfuscate and cause Canadians massive tension unlike I've ever experienced. .. was born and raised here. Sometimes I wanna leave. We've got it all materially, but love and family life , never discussed, are lost now in this once wonderful Christian country.
#Anonymous on Apr 17, 2017 :
how do you figure these comments are MISOGYNISTIC? you sound like an obsessed feminist. We don't need it. Toronto is a wonderful city. It is clean, cultured, and peaceful. We have great museums, a fantastic police force, 10 islands to visit, we are on a massive lake, there are many green areas and beautiful parks, endless multicultural activities, and the cost of living is not bad at all. We need workers here! Most people who come here love it! Give it a try!
#mabel odogbo on Feb 24, 2017 :
please i want to know prices of self contain per month in toronto. kindly get back to me through my email
#Anonymous on Feb 20, 2017 :
Wow...the comments in this thread are awful. Lots of misogynistic and uneducated comments, no wonder these people are not succeeding in Toronto. Toronto is a big city, there is a lot of competition for everything - university spots, jobs, relationships etc. If you don't succeed, you work harder. When I graduated University, I took any job they gave me, I started off at the very bottom, worked my way up and while working I did my masters degree.

In terms of the misogynistic comments, these sound like things that some entitled unsuccessful men say to women. Why are people jealous of people who worked their butt off to get a decent career? of course they would also want someone that has the same ambition and can pull their weight to pay off those insane mortgages.

There are more women hired in certain careers because a lot of men don't want those jobs. It's because they're out to get you because you're a man. This is so pathetic, honestly.
#Neutral Party on Jan 31, 2017 :
I was just reading the comments about Toronto and I don't think they are totally confined to Toronto but may have spread to other parts of Ontario itself. Let me summarize my story...

At a young age, I moved from Ontario to B.C. then Alberta and finally to China for about 10 years.

During these 10 years, I learned a lot as China held values that were pretty much the complete opposite of what I have been taught in Canada. Over that period of time, I learned to reach middle-ground and try to understand people rather than criticize or judge. It wasn't easy in the least! There were some points I thought I was losing my mind. Anyway, I came back to Canada to Ontario... and I found something I hadn't recognized so much in the past.

Women were obviously in control and MANY seemed to relish abusing this new found power over men. I can't say I blame them, being on the losing end for so many years but it was VERY obvious that the government supported the women over the men with new laws and regulations that supported females more than males. I can't support this movement as I always try to move towards equality in a relationship. That doesn't seem to be the popular vote. When I visited Toronto, it was obvious that women held a higher status and demanded much from men.

I had cable guys weeping while setting up my internet because their woman and step-son didn't appreciate them. How can this be? He was a working man and stepped in to help this woman and be a father to a fatherless boy. Yet, he was treated like a disposable Q-tip.

There were many more examples. I decided to leave Ontario. I suggest you do so as well.

For those that are frustrated, I advise you to leave Toronto and Ontario in general before you harm yourself or act out. Alberta and B.C. have nicer people with better living conditions. I would recommend Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver or Victoria.
#Quality on Dec 29, 2016 :
Most ppl in Toronto & similar places in Canada, are programmed to live in fear. And because of this high fear everyone gives out false reviews in Toronto while venting false online bullying slurs like "you're a misogynist, sexist, racist".

It is not sexism when one is concerned that their seven-year-old son or daughter will be learning about "anal fluid" from their teacher under the Ontario Sexual Education Programme which was proven to have been influenced by convicted pedophile Ben Levin. Refer to Rebel Media or Toronto Sun to access the e-mails for proof. If a seventeen year old cannot be allowed to purchase a lottery ticket in Canada, then how the hell did those sex-obsessed teachers come up with the idea about talking pornographic sexual matters to seven-year-old students in elementary school?

But dont worry. Federal Canada is gonna become bankrupt very soon, even when Ontario is under billion dollar taxpayer fraud under that Bi-sexual pro-Levin leader Kathleen Wynne. And with the new gov out of control spendings under Justin Trudeau, This effect will even happen sooner. For once they would not be able to give false reviews about it because it will no longer be a small Toronto, Ontario has no room for free thinkers.

They've made that clear. Just travel and have your life/fun outside of Toronto/Greater Toronto Area while the value of the Canadian dollar is still stable with the USD in mid-70s range for now. The Canadian dollar will go lower than 65 cents if SHTF under Trudeau, causing extreme inflation. Toronto housing is very costly & there aren't that many jobs in Toronto which pay over min.wage. Don't come to Toronto if you aren't offered a job before landing in Canadian soil. You will regret that decision. Canada is not as entrepreneurial & ambitious like the States. Migrate to the USA for your dream job because you're not going to find that job in Toronto.

P.S. The Ontario Sex-Ed curriculum was drafted by that convicted pedophile Ben Levin. Don't lie to defend those sex-obsessed teachers in Toronto.
#Roy M. on Dec 23, 2016 :
It's fortunate for young people and not a surprise to me that you haven't managed to find a teaching position. The new sex-ed curriculum was written by teachers, not Ben Levin (who left the Ministry of Education years ago) and has been approved by focus groups consisting of parents and educators. Your misrepresentation of the facts in your homophobic, racist commentary indicate your how eminently unsuitable you are for the teaching profession.
I feel sorry for the unfortunate children who have to deal with you in your substitute teacher role.
Please find a different job to do. Teaching isn't for you and no doubt the people who interviewed you have detected that.
#Anonymous on Dec 17, 2016 :
Sexist speech is not the same as free speech rights which many right wing extremists vow to enforce. Toronto Police will lay charges when they track down the I.P. addresses of the sexist posters found on this thread. Do not write or post such vile content about our women. The police will charge you under Section 300 and 301 of the Criminal Code. You will be forced to register as a dangerous offender & serve five years imprisonment for your anti-women rants on this thread. You will no longer be eligible to apply for landed status in our great city if you are a felon or extradite serving a sentence in Toronto.
You will be extradited to Toronto to stand trial if the police find out where you live. The RCMP will arrest you in your home in that third-world dump in Asia to carry you to Toronto to be imprisoned for criminal hate speech. Do not hate on our women you basement dwelling loser. Get a f*cking life & cease the vile comments about our women.
#Proche on Dec 17, 2016 :
Christina...what is wrong with you? This isn't the Puritan white supremacist VNN Forum. It is normal for Grade 1 students to be curious about sex and why is it inappropriate for a trained professional to teach about sexual education in a safe and respecting environment.

You chose the wrong blog to post your sexist, anti-child rights, anti-Semitic and misogynist viewpoints about our great teachers who educate our future in the Toronto District School Board. The Toronto District School Board is the largest school board in Canada, and it is the best school board to educate your son or daughter. The TDSB respects and tolerates diverse sexualities and discrimination against gender will be reported to the police.

I'm calling the authorities on you to have you investigated for hate speech and criminal defamation. This hatred and misogyny of female inhabitants in Toronto must stop, now. The TDSB will have to investigate each post which contains vile misogyny and hate of women rephrased in an anti-sex, and Puritan tone concerned about delusional fears that Grade 1 students are harmed when learning about safe and natural sexual education from a teaching professional. You right wing lunatics need to be in prison.
#Christina on Dec 08, 2016 :
I am 33 years old, I graduated with my teaching degree 5 years ago and to this day I am still substitute teaching, because the Toronto District School Board only hire who they know- it is a reality and I have seen it first hand, teaching careers are network related not education related in Ontario.
If I knew how the TDSB operates maybe I would have upgraded and gone for the Law degree instead of the teaching degree.
The TDSB now wants to implement Ben Levin’s version of Sex-ed that Grade One 6-year-olds will be learning from their teacher about the topic concerning anal intercourse. In Grade Five, anal intercourse will be taught in more depth and stink. I still don’t understand with all of these teacher scandals involving underage sex with their students would talking about anal sex inhibit any more incidents of child molestation in the TDSB.

Parents can expect state interference when it comes to moral values, parenting, and education—and not just in school. The Ontario Liberals state has access into your home to supervise you as the parent, to judge your suitability. And if convicted child pornographer and suspected child molester Ben Levin doesn’t like what you are teaching your children, he will use Kathleen Wayne to attempt to remove them from your home by force from militarized police.
Kathleen Wynne wants to force your children to learn about anal sex and carpet munching from a very young age. They don’t call Toronto the Femi-N4zi and Gay Mecca for nothing...
#6th December on Dec 06, 2016 :
What Marc Lepine’s “Battle of Polytechnique" Means to Men living in Toronto

Marc Lepine should awaken in men what the ancient Greeks must have understood when they went to war with the ancient man-hater Feminazis or Amazons at the Battle of Thermodon. The modern Toronto woman is no different, in theory, from the man-hater feminazis in Ancient Sparta or Rome.

All man-hater Feminazis in ancient times, in today’s world, and in the future always spread the idea of the hatred of men, break up loving families, and ultimately cause societal break down as we see the declining birth rates in our post-Christian sectors of Western countries while immigrants and other groups are growing in numbers since their level of family break up is less than in Feminazi dominated societies. Patriarchies always produce more children than Canadian matriarchies, so in a few generations eventually the patriarchies overwhelm the Feminazi matriarchies.

The Greeks eventually overwhelmed the Feminazi Sauromatae or Amazons. Will the patriarchal Islamic cultures eventually overwhelm the Feminist-dominated Western nations? Who knows, but what is certain is that men should celebrate International Marc Lepine Day on December 6th to remind ourselves that we need to be eternally vigilant against man-hater Feminazis who will always try to dominate and economically/physically enslave men.

Marc Lepine was a hero and Prophet for his time. No one in the 1980s would have expected that man-hating feminism would propel to obscene heights in Canada, in particular in Toronto where many political actions against males originate from the desks of downtown Toronto.

Marc Lepine was a Prophet because no one would have thought that technology would turn man-hating feminism in Toronto into a global man-hating force e.x. Slutwalks, Yes Means Yes, Violence Against Women Act.

Marc Lepine should be honoured and congratulated for executing those militant feminists in Montreal on December 06, 1989.
#Toronto Bad Place on Nov 25, 2016 :
If you're an overpaid Public Sectorr worker in Toronto like a female school teacher, government employee, social worker or any bureaucratic job where "feminism" is the "Language", it's a paradise to leech off tax dollars from the rest of Canada.

But if you're an immigrant with over ten years of international professional experience who just arrived from the airport with only a few grand in your name with no job offer or "Canadian experience" to apply for a job, I hate to say it, but you made a huge mistake. The feminists who dress in revealing clothing and see-through yoga pants to work are making more money than the average worker doing the same job in the private sector.

Now, you're life savings is going to be wasted to funnel the salaries of those bureaucrats. You just got scammed by the Canadian immigration lawyers and Canadian government! They, the government job agencies, will tell you in Toronto to do free work to earn "Canadian experience" or even tell you to use your money to go back to school to increase your chances of employment in a job which pays at least over the $12/hr minimum wage.

I hate to say it but you should rather use that school money to gamble on Lotto 6/49 because the chances are higher to earn money!

Toronto is a scam!
#Pepe the Frog on Nov 15, 2016 :
They don't call toronto the feminist and MGTOW capital of the world for nothing. For you guys looking to get laid in T.O., good luck. The women in TO hate men. See for yourself. Protests against men at every corner in downtown T.O.

The bad part is that these Toronto women travel to other cities and countries to spread their misandry. Toronto women are the worst aspect of Toronto. They would not hire you if you are a man.
#Truth about Toronto MGTOW on Nov 12, 2016 :
Toronto is the city that I live in, I lived here for the majority of my life.

Toronto has absolute trash for it's transit system, that is about 50 years behind the transit systems of most other large "world-class" cities around the world. Delays, subway jumpers and closures are almost every day occurrence. And the fares are way too expensive. Get a car? With the feminists that Toronto currently has for "leaders", getting a car and keeping it running is way too expensive.

While the housing prices in Toronto are one of the most highest in the world because of money laundering from corrupt countries parking illegal money in the housing market in Canada. There are many crime infested slums that are way past their due for any development.

Problem is that most of the people in the city are poor as fuck. When the majority of the population cannot afford to live in better neighborhoods, the places they live in remain a slum. These slums are mostly composed of concrete jungles that were built decades ago and maintained marginally up to city's code. Rents do increase by 3% per year, but not enough to make improvements that will change the fact that the buildings still look like a concrete jungle. Most of the city are impoverished slums with the poorest people around.

And the women of Toronto are one of the most disgusting group of people to inhabit this planet. They worship money and feminism. They all chase the wealthy knight in shining armor and horse, anything less are animals to them. The women of Toronto mostly have way over valued sense of self worth. When the fat and unattractive land-whales think they are 'beautiful", what will the actual half-decent ones think about themselves?
The women chase the upper 1% of men who are money launderers, criminals and rich, the rest of 99% of men are considered as peasants. The women will use the 99% of the peasants to buy themselves expensive items like Hermes bags and Jimmy Choo shoes. When the peasant they are using run out of money, the Toronto woman will go to the next peasant with more money.

Life is not good for hardworking people in Toronto.
#Want toLeaveTO on Nov 08, 2016 :
Potential immigrants,

Toronto is a toxic place. Unless you are offered a job from a corporation which pays at least 100k a year, DO NOT COME TO TORONTO EXPECTING A GOOD JOB.

You will end up either homeless or working in a dead-end minimum wage job, while the majority of women in Toronto hate men, wives and mothers because of the feminist agenda.

Today Toronto is not like the 1980s or 1990s where you could have easily found a job which pays the rent. $12/hr WILL NOT pay for rent for a single person unless you work for over 75 hours in the month, most of which will be taxed and deducted to pay for a corrupt Liberal gov't who only finances the pockets of their cronies and old miserable women who dominate the public sector in Toronto.

Many of you immigrants come to Canada with dreams and hopes, but if you are living middle class in your home country, then DO NOT COME TO TORONTO TO END UP IN POVERTY.

Canada is no longer the country it used to be. The gov't only wants your immigrant money to keep the Ponzi scheme going.

The Western provinces are the only parts of Canada which are doing well economically. Ontario is over $300 billion in debt, and it will soon become like Greece during the austerity period of 2012-2014.

The gov't of Ontario is already doing cuts to healthcare while lining the pockets of teacher unions which are more inclined to teach Pre-school and Kindergarten students about sodomy rather than the ABC and 123.

Toronto is a toxic place unless you are rich or came to Canada with laundered money to purchase an expensive house in Toronto.
#Want toLeaveTO on Nov 08, 2016 :
another POINT:

the CITY OF Toronto is corrupt more than autocratic regimes in the 3rd world Asia. If you plan on thinking of moving to Toronto, don't be surprised if you end up in prison for "hate speech" when you criticize the women of Toronto online.

It is the corrupt people from dictatorships who oppress their citizens who also make Toronto their home. You will notice your former president or war criminal living the high life in Toronto, but you will be constantly attacked by feminists and other unhappy women just for being male.

The U.S. with all of its flaws is still a better place to live for a job and dating life. Toronto is a toxic place for any happy man. Do not come here unless a corporation in Toronto offers you a job which pays at least 100k a year.

Do not be those guys who come to Toronto with their savings from selling their homes and vehicles from their home countries, only to lose it all within four or five months in Toronto. Toronto is an expensive city, and the government will refuse to help you unless you use out all of your life savings and prove that you're broke and penniless, only to receive a cheque which barely covers the expensive rent in Toronto.

Toronto is a trap, and I urge you that if you feel in your gut that Toronto is toxic, then your gut feeling is correct, and do not end up trapped because you will end up crazy and suicidal like the thousands of other men in Toronto who silently die alone because the women in Toronto are garbage, and the job market and income equality in Toronto are obscene and terrible.
#Want toLeaveTO on Nov 08, 2016 :
@ #R.A. It's too late for a lot of us... since i stopped looking and stopped playing the dating scene in Toronto because the women in Toronto are garbage, i have been pumping more and more money I'm saving from not dating long-term into my investments and retirement plan. there's no way that i will let anyone in Toronto, female or male, anywhere near that nest egg.

My investments will eventually be transferred offshore where Trudeau will never touch my savings and investments.

The women in Toronto are definitely garbage. Do not come here unless your job offer is in Toronto. Otherwise, head out West or to the U.S. if you want to live happy life.

The T.O. women are unhappy and pathetic that they mostly #makefalserapeallegations and #spreadrapehysteria to other female immigrants to Toronto. Your wife will not be immune from the feminist-Infestation in Toronto.

The city has a gloomy and unhappy vibe to it if you're a man or woman from more friendlier countries. Do not come to Toronto unless you are going to earn enough money to leave Toronto for good.

If you are in Toronto for the first five months & see no future in getting a job, marriage, dating whatever.....find a way to leave Toronto for good before the toxic vibe of the city consumes you and turns you insane.

I know many male immigrants who admitted that coming to Toronto was a huge mistake, and it's not only about the cold women, but the exact cold women preventing men from reaching their true potential such as denying men jobs, opportunities and other roadblocks in the name of misandry and feminism.

#Suburbanite on Oct 31, 2016 :
I can attest that Toronto women are very disliking of men. They are more expensive than youre neighhorbood hooker.

The women in Toronto are no good.
#Toronto Sucks on Oct 30, 2016 :

You got that right.

It's incredibly difficult for me to leave Toronto permanently because my life savings is at its last dollar, and my career failed to launch making me lose my network connections overseas.

I've been working in a factory for several years in Toronto when I was working in prestigious jobs overseas.

I'm going to be in my 40s soon, but it's not easy for me to leave Toronto and as racist Canadians say "go back to where I came from".

I would like to hear you elaborate on the bad omen part. I think Toronto is cursed too mentally, emotionally and socially.

The city also feels like a police state oppressing people's minds. There was news recently about a unionized Professor who is in deep trouble because he doesn't intend to conform to the thought police culture in Toronto.

I believe that Toronto has no culture, and it is because of the thought police. Ethnic enclaves in Toronto are only viewed as unique and multi-cultural, but as a male, I am not welcome to those enclaves because the ethnic enclaves are just Canadians who adopted foreign culture but they retain the bad elements of Canadians and their racist, xenophobic hatred of foreigners.

If I could turn back time, I would never would have moved to Toronto. I am going to try and save more money to move out, but I'm afraid that the corrupt government in Ontario will increase hydro fees and expenses to reduce my savings, or that the already low Canadian dollar will cause inflation, eroding my savings and increasing my expenses.

Canada is a trap for ambitious straight men. I can only pray that the Canada dollar doesn't go below 70 cents to the $US, or for the corrupt Ontario government to not increase hydro fees and the cost of living. I want to move out from this devil hell city Toronto.
#R.A. on Oct 15, 2016 :
Toronto. Once you're here and prolong it, it's very very difficult to get out. This goes either for those who moved/migrated here, or even those born here - it doesn't matter. There's something strange about the place. It's like a bad omen. The city and area is falling behind quickly and you get stuck in the system and strange culture. Beware.
#Janusz on Sep 13, 2016 :
You calculate wrong. You said that cost of living comparing Toronto and Warsaw shows that in Toronto is higher about 67%. Its not true.
You no calculate salaries. and cost of rent.
Take salaries, minus price of 1 bedroom out of center, you will have left in Toronto $1700 in Warsaw $500.
Gasoline is chipper in Toronto, cars too, dresses too. Cost of coffee, cook and other restaurant things are same.
Spending for food twice more then in Warsaw, you still have $700 left, in Warsaw, nothing left.
If Gasoline and clouding prices will let you buy enough food in Warsaw.
#RealTorontoMan on Aug 31, 2016 :
Haha.. Please keep dissing Toronto. We want to keep the idiots out all the while making money off redneck morons. Anyone who thinks a color is a nationality deserves to be poor and out of TO. Torontoman can't get a girl and it's everyone else's fault! You can blame feminism and whores, but it's you dude. You know I'm right.
#jobless yuppie on Aug 26, 2016 :
If you are considering relocating to Toronto or Canada at the moment. I would like to inform you that the economy is doing really poorly, and jobs are really hard to find.
#Attention all Canadians on Jun 23, 2016 :
LOOK At what Ive recvd in my inbox today!

Dear Editorial at National Post,

I have spotted the infamous blogger ROOSH V in Toronto. He went into my workplace today to enquire about renting a large meeting room.

My workplace is at Hilton Hotel and Resorts in downtown Toronto. Due to privacy reasons, I cannot be identified by my employer, nor are we allowed to reveal confidential information about our clients, whether a customer or not our customer. I can only be allowed to say that ROOSH V's legal name is Daryush Valizadeh and he has a U.S. phone number for contact and he provided us briefly his American passport as identification. His American passport consists of at least several arrival/departure stamps from European countries.

ROOSH V also went to our 92 Peter Street location, but he later ended up at our corporate Toronto location to look for a large meeting room. He did not disclose too much information, but when asked about the purpose of this meeting, he mentioned something about awareness of Emmett Till and American history. He did not mention anything about feminism or women in Toronto.

I am giving you the heads up that ROOSH V is in Toronto, and he is planning a very huge event. The meeting room at one of our hotels which Roosh inquired about can hold at least two hundred people.

While Roosh V did not specifically give a date for his meeting, he did say that he was planning to book a room for the 2nd week of July (sic) *of 2016. Roosh V was willing to pay an extra $3,450 for an extra three of our corporate meeting rooms which can only hold at maximum ninety people. We told Roosh V that he has to book a wedding hall if he wants to allow at least two hundred people because our meeting rooms are only able to hold as much as fifty people.

Roosh V might be staying at another hotel in downtown Toronto. He is looking for a large meeting room


#Gregory Alan Eliot was innocent on Jun 07, 2016 :
Toronto contains a bunch of pretentious people.If you want to visit a real city, check out places in Europe and in the United States. All I see in Toronto are glass condos and messed up women who make Gloria Steinem look like wife material.
#Steve B on May 25, 2016 :
I don't think the comments posted on this site are from average Canadians. In fact of all the female populations in the country its been my positive experience that Ontario women are by far the most positive and welcoming people in the country. No matter what race, skin color, or sexual orientation.

Beautiful place to live and work.

I can only imagine want negative comments this will generate, but keep your heads up high Toronton.
#Jim Crow on May 16, 2016 :
A Caucasian Canadian woman lives in Manhattan, yet she goes on to provoke a mentally disabled black man at Times Square and then plays the victim when he defends himself from her

She was lucky she didn't try that Toronto misandry in the mid-West where she would have been likely to have been transported to the emergency room with a few bullet holes in her skull. Stupid feminatzi b!tch, the US is not Toronto or Justin Trudeau "I am a feminist" Canacuck!
#Nixon on May 06, 2016 :
I know this topic has been posted here already because of the radical feminist groups in Toronto attacking men, but the comparison one of the TDSB teachers made to Adam Johnson I think is very relevant. When you have feminists in charge of the justice system who manipulate it to benefit women and punish men, this is the result.

The upside of the Adam Johnson sentence is it was so high-profile that now people have a direct comparison to make when they see all these female teachers getting away with it when they have sexual relations with students inside their classrooms, and realize that female rapists are being protected solely on the basis of their gender.

It's about time we grab our guns and start defending our children from these female paedophile teachers & their militant feminist enablers...Wait a minute...Canada doesn't have self-defense laws..Too bad..Your country is F*cked with the feminist propganada and militant feminism from Toronto.

At least, here in the United States of America, we don't have so much female lunatics running around entering the teaching profession solely to f*ck the students. If we do find out, we have our free speech and guns ready to protect ourselves from these paedophile teachers should they abuse the legal system to violate our civil rights.

If feminists in the USA tried to pull a Gregory Alan Elliott trial on us, we would hear on the news how somebody shot those feminists to death in self-defense, and we will cheer on and rejoice because we don't like feminists who stamp on our freedoms.
#A reasonable person on May 04, 2016 :
Toronto is not my favourite place and there are a lot of problems, but complaining about not getting laid? Come on. Some women are radical feminists, but others are women with LIVES, JOBS, HOMES OUTSIDE THEIR PARENTS BASEMENT! Get lives, losers.
#Marc Lepine Blogspot on May 02, 2016 :
The city of Toronto is saturated with militant feminists and their corresponding women killers like Marc Lepine. The city is not safe for you if you hold no gender activism in your life.

Marc lepine even did a duo with a band
#Uber? on Apr 16, 2016 :
Uber needs to be added under Transportation
A few more items that could be added to this table include,
post secondary costs. College/University/Trade School
insurance rates for automobile, home, health, extended health, also, life insurance..
average/median house prices
#Huh? on Apr 16, 2016 :
Where did all these hate-filled posts come from? For anyone looking into Toronto Or Canada... this is definitely not representative of our home.
I've seen more hate on this board then i've probably encountered in all my 41 year life in Toronto.
Guess we found where the trolls are... hidden in their basement spreading hate...
#Condemn Immoral Female Teachers on Apr 15, 2016 :
Toronto is the Headquarters of militant feminism.

So these feminists need "safe spaces" to protect them from opposing viewpoints yet it's perfectly fine for them to highjack a school or university in Toronto and intimidate anyone they want using mob violence. The hypocrisy of the leftist feminism is beyond parody. It's like dealing with a bunch of retarded little kids, but at least in the United States, it's perfectly legal to use your firearm as self-defense against these gender terrorists. In Canada, it's illegal to even defend yourself with your fists from a home invasion.
By the way, that anti-Trump feminist protestor who confronted and cried wolf on an old man deserved that mace in her face as it is the constitutional right in America to defend oneself against tyranny.
In Canada, the person defending himself with the mace will be in jail for a hate crime. Criminals like feminists roam freely in Canada antagonizing, victimizing and infuriating people because they know Canada has no self-defense laws which would allow someone to use bear spray, a taser or a registered firearm to defend themselves from harm.
#Okay then on Apr 13, 2016 :
So toronto has just as many ridiculous MRAs as the US does good to know lol
#tom on Apr 11, 2016 :
Sounds like some frustrated cab drivers in here. Please pick one of the places you believe to be a better place to live and relocate.
#MGTOW Toronto Guy Fan on Apr 11, 2016 :
Aww right? Don’t be fooled! The countries with the highest influence of women are also the most mentally ill by far. Canada, Sweden and Denmark are the highest importers of anti-depressants.

They also have extremely high suicide rates of men. Toronto inhabitants are extremely lonely and loneliness is growing rapidly in other feminist nations too like Sweden and Denmark(which have been slightly behind Canada). Feminist women in Toronto are destroying community living and the happiness of not just men, but also of children and themselves.

Is Canada peaceful? Yes but not as much as some patriarchal countries.
Is Canada rich? Yes but not because women have influence in society and are paid equally. It is mainly ALBERTA and SASKATCHEWAN who are making money for Canada in the oil industries.
Is Canada a paradise? HELL NO!! Maybe the opposite.
#Anonymous on Apr 06, 2016 :
Be ready for some things when you move to Toronto:

1) they will not keep you on par with their own people , you may not be eligible for your profession , you may have to pass exams & study , and people with no experience and less qualified then you ( but who have studied there and receive benefits because they are "women") will be ahead of you. No matter how good you are in your field/profession , you will find few openings and the female HR will not hire you due to lack of Canadian experience and racist ready for 3-5 years of catching up to get yourself equated to "Canadian standards ". Women in Toronto have the right to come to a professional job wearing lingerie and showing cleavage and ass cheeks, but you are not given any rights to a fair job. Take that in mind.

2) it makes perfect sense for a person who is still struggling to get a good job to go there , but if you are a professional in another country... well take ur decision..Either you pick up trash for minimum wage and become unhappy in Toronto while the female teacher comes to class flaunting her breasts and ass cheeks to her students and receiving extravagant pay for her "job".
#Shame on Feminazi Teachers on Apr 03, 2016 :
Predatory female teachers might be a rarity in your country, but feminism has taught female teachers in the West that they can choose to engage in sexual exploitation of adolescent students

Notice how in cases in which the adult sexual predator is a female, the articles use words such as above "having sex" or below "having an affair" and not sexual assault. If this had been a 31 year old male who sexually assaulted a 13 year old female, the sentence is typically more. In addition, sentencing a male perpetrator to at least 2 years in prison would put the prisoner in federal penitentiary.
#John LobLaw on Apr 02, 2016 :
#Cristina on Mar 31, 2016 :
If you have a problem with Canada or Toronto, then......fucken MOVE!!!!!!

But why are feminazis in Toronto making false accusations against men which will hamper their chances of moving? If feminazis wanted men in Toronto to leave that crappy city so badly, then why are they deliberating using the state to make it harder for men to leave Canada under pre-crime laws?

Foreign men, take notes. These old, bitter Toronto feminazis need you to pay for their Social Security and "free" healthcare, while you work like a donkey in a city where the women will not date you because the same bitter old feminazis indoctrinated the younger females with feminism.
#Cristina on Mar 31, 2016 :
If you have a problem with Canada or Toronto, then......fucken MOVE!!!!!!
#Anonymous on Mar 28, 2016 :
I regret moving to Toronto. This city is a place where the women prefer to see you die a slow, painful death. They thrive on seeing misery in men. Just hear what is the popular music coming from Toronto: Drake and The Weeknd. Justin Bieber doesn't live in Toronto, but to say at least his music isn't depressing like the popstars from Toronto.

I'm planning to leave Toronto next month before I end up in a mental hospital. There is something terribly wrong with the majority of women in Toronto that the problems go beyond dating. It affects everything from business to the workplace. Jian Ghomeshi was fortunate to have $500,000 to pay for a lawyer to save himself from becoming another homeless statistic. The F**KING TORONTO WOMEN WANT YOU GUYS TO SUFFER AND DIE! DON'T EVEN STEP FOOT HERE! THE F**KING WOMEN ARE CRUEL DICTATORS!!!! You better open carry when you see these misandrists try to pick a fight with you! It's either a false rape accusation or you defending yourself in court for using open carry!
#Pat M. on Mar 16, 2016 :
"Someone should tell the moderators to contact police to investigate some of these sexist posts about the female inhabitants of our great city." - Mary

Mary, today that would be a typical action from those so defensive or being apologists. But that really is CENSORSHIP. Be thankful there are those who speak of the truth. They're just calling it as it really is. Sometimes you need that and people like that, in order to fix problems or to progress even more. Don't be an apologist and don't wear rose-tinted glasses. It's very costly.
#Anonymous on Mar 09, 2016 :
"this comment section is a perfect reflection of toronto... in person everybody is heads down and dont say shit and online they are racist trolls and tough guys.

bottom line is this..the city is way over have to be a idiot to spend 700k and up to live here. and all the women that look good here are from another country, not toronto, so lets be real. the world is a big place and there are a lot of nice places in the world that can match the quality of life for less money..put some stamps in your passports and find out"

This is the truth.
People are heads down however because the cost of being socially ostracized is very high here.
If you have the wrong opinions in Toronto regarding feminism, multi-culturalism, globalism, etc., you can lose your job and career prospects.
This isn't the US where debate is encouraged. In Toronto you either go along with academia's globalist agenda, or you are kicked out of the public sector where all the secure jobs are.
Entrepreneurism is also very difficult in Toronto due to the high cost of living and high taxes.
Combine this with the constant feminist propaganda and it's a pretty bad place for any masculine single man looking to get a life started. Particularly if he doesn't have an ethnic niche to fall back on in this multicultural society.
#Julius Chin on Mar 03, 2016 :
this comment section is a perfect reflection of toronto... in person everybody is heads down and dont say shit and online they are racist trolls and tough guys.

bottom line is this..the city is way over have to be a idiot to spend 700k and up to live here. and all the women that look good here are from another country, not toronto, so lets be real. the world is a big place and there are a lot of nice places in the world that can match the quality of life for less money..put some stamps in your passports and find out
#Anonymous on Feb 29, 2016 :
Would it be hard for a European (female/ single) with a college degree to quickly find a decent job that would provide for a middle-class lifestyle? How much is actually needed for someone used to a very healthy and active way of living - buying only organic food, spending a lot of time outdoors, indulging in multiple hobbies and interests? I got a bit discouraged after reading most of the comments here.
#alsky on Feb 27, 2016 :
There is good and bad in every country. Trudeau is convinced that bringing more bad is the correct thing to do. G-d help us !
#Anonymous on Feb 16, 2016 :
I was born and raised in Toronto and have experienced only good things. I moved to 2 other countries due to work transfers and I can comfortably say that Toronto is the best city in the world! I have read the comments on this page and I want everyone to realize that no matter which country you live in you can always find an isolated bad event or things you don't like. That's not necessarily because of the country- it's because that's life!
Toronto prides itself on its multiculturalism and I think that's one of the things that make Toronto so beautiful. When I grew up, I was one of the only Canadians in my group of friend's whose parents were also Canadian. We are in general very tolerant people and like to travel, eat ethnic foods, and learn about other cultures.
If you're looking to immigrate to Toronto- or Canada in general- I would say that it will be a great way to move to another country and not feel completely foreign. Without a doubt you'll find a group of people from your home Country if you want to reminisce about home. You will easily find other foreigners who know what it's like to live in another country.
I am assuming that many of the negative comments about Toronto are from people who have only lived in Toronto their whole lives. If you have traveled to another country- it's not the same as living in another country. Regarding the comment about men of Toronto vs. men of Italy, when I was in Italy I felt awkward with the men calling out to me. I have some Italian girl friends who still live there and they tell me often that their men are chivalrous at first but after marriage they feel like their husbands want their wives to just serve them.
Everything you read on this page you'll need to take with a grain of salt. The best thing to do is to go to the city, see what it's really like.
I'm planning to move back to Toronto in the next year or so and I couldn't be more excited.
#James on Jan 20, 2016 :
I lived in Toronto from the 1960s thru 1980s. Toronto went downhill with the arrival of the Jamaicans. They brought crime, guns, pimping, drugs, mugging etc. and drove the anglos away from places like Scarborough and North Toronto. The Indians and Pakistanis brought welfare dependency, slums and overcrowding. Between these immigrant communities, they have ruined Toronto. We can always point at the exceptions, but when you take into account their family members, any asset they may be to the communities is easily offset by the negative family influence. All over the world, wherever these migrants settle, it is the same. Australia, UK, France, Norway, Sweden etc. If you look to You Tube you will see that Norway and Sweden are rape capitals of the world, yet every rape was committed by an immigrant. J Trudeau, will follow in his fathers footsteps and continue the rot of Canada.
#Anonymous on Jan 17, 2016 :
Yet another article why emigrating to Canada is a bad choice for men.

##Anonymous on Jan 17, 2016 :
@ #Anonymous

Thanks for posting that article about how women prefer to be treated as women in Europe.
I was raised with Western European roots and I always enjoyed looking out for women growing up.
As much as this woman would love for Canadian men to behave with more chivalry and romance similar to European men, this can only exist if there is an incentive of some kind for the men to behave this way.
Women in Europe are very different culturally than the women of Canada, or more specifically Toronto.

If you behave as a man with chivalry in Toronto you will be made into a public joke... Or worse be accused of harassment.
In Toronto there is no culture of flirtation or innuendo as there is in Europe or in most parts of the world.
Other cultures have established rules for how men and women are to relate and understand each other. There is an acknowledgement that men and women are obviously different. In Toronto men are rapists and women are victims, but somehow everyone is equal and differences are only sociological.
#Anonymous on Jan 16, 2016 :
Read the link below. Canadian woman takes trip to Italy and realizes she was treated like a man her whole life in Canada. On her trip to Italy she realized that for the first time in her life she was treated like a lady. Post include photos of the lady on her trip, very attractive woman. Funny how her trip to Italy made her realize she would prefer to be treated like a lady instead of a man. Long comments section at bottom of page.

#Fernando Hernandez on Jan 14, 2016 :
No comments of all kinds and that is freedom. Now I ask any of you know anything about dental technicians in that country, such as social and economic life?