Cost of Living in Toronto

Summary of cost of living in Toronto, Canada:

Edit Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 22.15 C$ 15.00-40.00
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 110.00 C$ 70.00-180.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 14.00 C$ 12.00-15.00
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 8.04 C$ 5.00-11.50
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 9.00 C$ 7.00-15.00
Cappuccino (regular) 5.08 C$ 3.00-8.00
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 2.81 C$ 2.00-4.00
Water (12 oz small bottle) 2.20 C$ 1.75-3.00
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 14.28 C$ 5.79-22.67
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 3.21 C$ 1.81-5.44
Rice (white), (1 lb) 2.04 C$ 1.02-4.04
Eggs (regular) (12) 4.52 C$ 3.00-6.99
Local Cheese (1 lb) 7.33 C$ 3.18-15.42
Chicken Fillets (1 lb) 7.75 C$ 3.63-11.34
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 9.05 C$ 4.99-14.00
Apples (1 lb) 2.53 C$ 1.36-3.63
Banana (1 lb) 0.75 C$ 0.50-1.36
Oranges (1 lb) 2.53 C$ 0.91-4.54
Tomato (1 lb) 2.34 C$ 0.91-4.00
Potato (1 lb) 1.71 C$ 0.45-3.00
Onion (1 lb) 1.76 C$ 0.57-3.00
Lettuce (1 head) 3.40 C$ 2.00-5.00
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 2.27 C$ 1.28-4.78
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 18.00 C$ 12.00-25.00
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 3.21 C$ 2.00-5.00
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 3.56 C$ 2.35-6.00
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 18.00 C$ 15.00-21.95
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 3.35 C$ 3.25-4.00
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 156.00 C$ 130.00-165.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 4.62 C$ 3.66-8.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 2.82 C$ 2.82-5.63
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 33.00 C$ 30.00-60.00
Gasoline (1 gallon) 6.04 C$ 5.30-7.12
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 31,000.00 C$ 26,000.00-35,000.00
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 28,882.22 C$ 25,000.00-32,860.00
Utilities (Monthly)
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 205.58 C$ 102.89-340.00
Mobile Phone Monthly Plan with Calls and 10GB+ Data 62.08 C$ 45.00-100.00
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 76.40 C$ 56.50-110.00
Sports And Leisure
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 71.81 C$ 40.00-125.00
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 27.58 C$ 15.00-40.00
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 16.00 C$ 14.00-22.00
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child 1,464.05 C$ 900.00-2,200.00
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 28,037.86 C$ 21,530.00-37,000.00
Clothing And Shoes
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 78.26 C$ 40.00-100.00
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 50.47 C$ 30.00-75.00
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 120.52 C$ 80.00-170.00
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 163.47 C$ 80.00-250.00
Rent Per Month
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 2,563.92 C$ 2,300.00-3,000.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 2,265.52 C$ 1,900.00-2,700.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 4,202.99 C$ 3,500.00-5,400.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 3,429.51 C$ 2,900.00-4,700.00
Buy Apartment Price
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 1,227.20 C$ 999.99-1,765.14
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 985.25 C$ 674.99-1,393.53
Salaries And Financing
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 4,579.81 C$
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 6.29 5.00-7.85

Prices in Toronto

This city had 4517 entries in the past 12 months by 886 different contributors.
Last update: September 2023
Distribution of Expenses Using Our Statistical Model:
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100 Comments so far
Anonymous on Sep 14, 2023:
The White woman is naked with the children.
The cops warned a complaint is harassment.
The White woman is naked on the street
No one can stop her, not the Toronto Police.
And it just goes to show.

You had a bad day
Got laid off
Saw a naked White woman naked with the children.
The cops said go on, you're offending women.
If you are against that, it's a crime of harassment.

You had a bad day.
Anonymous on Sep 11, 2023:
Mr. Ajay the mistake you did was to follow the rules for PR as an immigrant, rather than a bogus international student.

The Canadian federal government gave almost ONE MILLION student visas THIS YEAR ALONE to BOGUS INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS who are working FULL TIME HOURS.

Just check the Seneca College packed to the brim with bogus international students.
Anonymous on Sep 10, 2023:
Ajay, $12,000 is not a lot of money in Toronto.

Check Toronto courtesan Madison Winter, and she charges that for an overnight date.

I agree with anon below. You're stuck in Toronto, and the social problems which accompany it, affecting mainly young and middle aged men.
Anonymous on Sep 08, 2023:
@ Ajay: Have you considered seeking a therapist? Rates start from $250/hr & requires several sessions. The therapist is most likely a female social worker who thrives on making your life more miserable because she wants more sessions, and she has an inferiority complex.

Why did you move to Toronto? Your life is over dude.
Ajay on Sep 07, 2023:
I regret moving to Toronto.

I had a government agency job, a house , a car and $9,000 USD in emergency savings.

I sold everything to move to Canada. No stable job. All savings exhausted.

My rent is over C$2,200 a month. I was laid off in the factory job. No job right now.

I wonder if jumping over the Don Valley overpass connecting Danforth and Broadview is the way out of this living hell.
Anonymous on Sep 06, 2023:
University and College are both cash cows now...degrees mean nothing nowadays

Lots of people with degrees making under 25 dollars an hour here in Canada.
Anonymous on Sep 06, 2023:
Canada is a scam.

Crappy women.

They don't want you to work middle class jobs. They want you to be poor in Canada, while some dunce blonde bimbo gets promoted as Manager or CEO.

Sh*t f*minist country. Curse Canada!
Anonymous on Sep 05, 2023:
Toronto is an anti-male city INFESTED WITH F3MINISTS!
Anonymous on Sep 03, 2023:
Canada is in for a recession:

The Canadian GDP stalled in the second quarter of 2023, missing market expectations of a 0.3% expansion and failing to build on the 0.6% growth rate in the previous three-month period.

On an annualized basis, the Canadian GDP contracted by 0.2%, well below market expectations of a 1.2% expansion. source: Statistics Canada
Rick on Sep 03, 2023:
No point blaming immigrants for the numerous problems in Canada. If you allow your house to be invaded, you can't blame the invaders for the damage. Why is Canada giving away visas like popcorns? The flawed system they've created makes it impossible for Anglo-Canadians to run this country without foreigners. Now Canadians have to compete with millions of Indians. No worries though, Canadians are preoccupied with beer, hockey and weed.
Anonymous on Aug 31, 2023:
Jobs are hard to find in Toronto that (alleged) accused rapists are taking advantage of the desperation:
Anonymous on Aug 29, 2023:
Unlike America, Canada isn't looking for the next new CEO, scientist, inventor or world success story.

Canada, in particular, Toronto is looking for COGS IN A MACHINE, WAGE SERFS and CONSUMERS.

Canada wants an educated underclass to work in factories and warehouses to enrich the landed gentry.
Anonymous on Aug 29, 2023:
Jobs are hard to find in Canada. Look at this long line:

The government is deliberately increasing immigration to cause a job market crisis and a housing crisis, because they own rental properties to profit.
Anonymous on Aug 22, 2023:
Anon, anywhere within 100 miles of Toronto is the same cost of living problem.

The condo owners in Vaughan still expect you to pay $2,500 a month Toronto rent prices while demanding that you have 1,000 years of work experience for minimum wage at $15/hr.
Rick on Aug 19, 2023:
Trudeau was elected thanks to airheads, potheads and sheeple.
If that is the Canadian electorate, we do, indeed, deserve everything we get.
Anonymous on Aug 19, 2023:
You will grind away your teeth under stress living in Toronto.

Cost for a root canal and crown replacement for a tooth is $10,000 without insurance. A tooth implant is $7,000. And they want to charge HST on top of that!

If you didn't move to Toronto, you wouldn't face any stress and despair. Who are you? Galen Weston and John Tory rich enough to enjoy Toronto?
Rick on Aug 19, 2023:
Canadians are BREAKING DOWN under Trudeau's cost of living crisis
Anonymous on Aug 18, 2023:
Radical feminism caused a decline in birth rates.
Which caused a reaction by government and corporations to increase mass immigration.
Which caused rent prices to increase.
Which caused the job market to lowball on wages.

Radical feminism funded by the ivory towers in Bay Street is partially responsible for this mess.

What we have in Toronto is an unemployed underclass of average men, radical feminists, sky high rents, low wages, and elites who get rich from the social misery and pain.
Anonymous on Aug 13, 2023:
People living in crowded third world slums in Manila and Delhi squat on the land. They rarely pay rent.

But the people coming from the slums are living like the slums and paying a large portion of their income on rent to a slumlord.

Rent control laws don't exist if slumlords are exploiting fake international students to extract rent from them.

A firefighter told me that in a studio apartment, they found that people were living in the space between the floors. Around 7 of them. They were splitting the rent together.

This is where Toronto is headed as a city. The rich will always get their land on the hillsides proverbially speaking, but the Canadian middle class is at risk of getting caught up with the living standards of third world slums.
Anonymous on Aug 12, 2023:
These are the top headlines in 24 hours:

1. Canada’s rental market facing ‘perfect storm’ as prices hit new high in July: report - National

2. Canada ‘absolutely’ can’t build more houses without more immigrants, minister says

3. Record levels of international students straining Canada's housing supply further


The elites want to bring in more consumers to increase stagnant GDP at any cost while productivity is either slowing or declining. This is a socio-economic disaster in the making.
Anonymous on Aug 09, 2023:
No one can deny it, Canada is not what it used to be.

Thank you brave netizens for having the backbone to tell more people before they make the mistake of leaving everything behind for a broken promise.

I don't want to sell my property and leave my government job to pay rent for a room in Toronto and work in a factory as a wage serf.
Anonymous on Aug 06, 2023:
Rick, Canada brings in the riff raff from Indian slums, while America promotes the best from India. Many Fortune 500 CEOs, surgeons and CPAs in America are of Indian descent.

There is something about Canada which rewards mediocrity and these FAKE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS who are flooding up the housing and job market.

America wouldn't let them in if these Pajeet fake international students tried to enter America.
Rick on Aug 06, 2023:
Wherever Indians enter the job market, the standard of living declines for everybody. The reason is Indians are more likely to work for less pay. A report published by the International Labour Organization (ILO) reveals that Indians are amongst the most overworked and underpaid workers in the world. Struggling in Canada or Australia is much better than struggling in India. In the United States, educated professionals are jobless because Indian professionals take all jobs for less pay.
Anonymous on Aug 05, 2023:
Rick, I agree that the quality of immigrants are declining.

A man with a wife and kids would never settle with living inside a basement with 10 other Pajeets and their unscrupulous slumlord molesting his daughter while she is sleeping inside her crib.

Too many Pajeets who are totally different from the earlier generations of immigrants from India.

Ironically, the fake international student Pajeets and Pajeetas are getting cash jobs through lowballing the wages while the real immigrants suffer with unemployment and declining union jobs and union wages.
Rick on Aug 05, 2023:
Canadians vote for Liberal societal values and Conservative economic policies when the reverse should be the case.
Rick on Aug 05, 2023:
As no one else wishes to live in squalor, the vast majority of new arrivals hail from India. The Pajeets are accustomed to living in despair and poverty. Living in a basement with many other dudes sharing a bathroom, that's easy. Out of 10 Pajeets only 1 will be complaining about the state of Canada while the rest are dancing to bhangra music. I know this as I've lived around them. They are loud, rude and obnoxious.
Rick on Aug 05, 2023:

Frankly, I couldn't care less about the future of this country, as the vast majority of Canadians are complacent. Mass immigration is often criticized, but few people acknowledge that the Canadian voter is fully responsible for supporting liberal policies that caused the family unit to disintegrate. Instead of a dynamic mix of various industries, the Canadian economy is dominated by monopolies. Only a handful of corporations dominate the Canadian economy. There isn't enough competition, which makes it harder to find a job and makes life more expensive.
Anonymous on Aug 03, 2023:
Rick, Canada was already at its funeral once they allowed White women to parade naked in public.

White women caused the birth rates to collapse and politicians/corporations to brainwash everyone that to cater to the fall in birth rates, Canada must increase immigration.

The WHITE WOMAN caused birth rates to decline for the corporate masters. Corporations and white women benefit from one million Pajeets waiting in line for a job, or asking a narcissitic white woman for Bobs and Vagene to boost her ego.

This is why the WHITE MAN is LEAVING CANADA and let the white woman get gang raped by the Pajeets and Bobs Vagene lowlifes.
Rick on Aug 02, 2023:
Canada is importing boatloads of Pajeets and Langarjeets from India and every place these people go they destroy it. They do crimes, drugs, scams and all kinds of illegal activities you can think of. Why is Canada committing suicide by importing the worst of the worst?
Anonymous on Jul 28, 2023:
RE: Flood of immigrants and bogus "international students" from India

It seems to be out of a desire to keep housing prices high, to keep wages low, and to keep GDP growing.

Housing prices are maintained during this period of high-interest rates by ramping up demand through immigration.

This is great for our MPs, ruling class, and older generations, who are largely property owners that have become used to insane returns on their property values.

For a lot of regular people who own houses, they depend on the value of their property remaining high to retire.

Additionally, newcomers to Canada seem a lot more accepting of fitting many people into cramped living spaces (eg. 8 people sharing a 2 bedroom, like one of my former coworkers).

Wages are kept low by increasing the labour pool, especially for low-skill jobs.
Anonymous on Jul 23, 2023:
Rent for a shared bed is about C$700 or more a month. Yes, a shared bed with a stranger inside a room with several other roommates. Toronto is that bad for a quality of life.
Anonymous on Jul 20, 2023:
Oh look below.

Another Indian named Utshab Biswas who wants to drive down wages in Toronto and join his other Pajeets packed a dozen inside a basement while contributing to a lowered quality of life for Canadians.
Utshab Biswas on Jul 20, 2023:
I am interest and help for this process
How can i apply this process?
Rick on Jul 17, 2023:
Canada is so desperate for immigrants and appeasement politics that the country is now filled with Sikh terrorists, making life a living hell for all others.
Anonymous on Jul 12, 2023:
Trench foot is becoming a concern in Toronto:

Toronto is declining. Trench foot was a thing in the early 1900s during WWI. What a shame that Toronto is a late stage capitalist hell if you're not already rich.
G.F. on Jul 11, 2023:
I'm a Brazilian lawyer, have a pretty good life and all that, and I used to get "come live in canada" propaganda ALL THE TIME.

I mean, leave the tropical paradise where I live to go wash dishes in cold, dark Ottawa or Toronto just to pay rent? No thanks. I'll come as a tourist if you guys ever build something interesting, which is probably never.
Anonymous on Jul 11, 2023:
Toronto is stagnancy, economic decline and eventually despair and ruin.

Many people don't become homeless overnight. It's after they live in Toronto and being subjected to one rent increase that they get kicked to the curb.

Toronto is a meat grinder and it's not for you if you're established in your homeland.
Anonymous on Jul 09, 2023:
Canadian rent is like a feudal system.

Small businesses are shutting down because the greedy investors who own rental properties want to charge more and more rent for doing nothing.

It's also unspoken that several rent earners are packed into a studio apartment in Toronto and they pool up the rent which cost way more than if the apartment was rented to a couple or traditional nuclear family.

Sheer wage serfs in Canada. Nothing justifies paying C$2,500 a month for a one-bedroom apartment in Scarborough, but I guess if 5 people pool $500 a month, then that downgrades the Canadian way of life.

But do people living in third world slums pay $500 a month to share a shed with several people? I thought that they lived on the land for free, so why are immigrants paying $500 a month to share a bachelor pad with several people?
Anonymous on Jul 05, 2023:
@ below:

The Minister of Housing is buying rental properties in anticipation for the 500,000 immigrants a year. The government is bringing in millions of Indians and Pakistanis while Pakistan is currently suffering famine due to being overpopulated.

The Canadian government wants to bring the Pakistan and Indian slums to Canada, while demanding Manhattan cost of living prices.
Anonymous on Jul 04, 2023:
Corporate REITs are now packing several families into 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments and charging obscene rents because they can charge per person rather than for one person or family.

Residential landlords are packing dozens of international students in the basement and charging about $1,000 per head. Canada has changed for the worse.

Canada reached 40 million people a few weeks ago. The population currently sits at 40,120,000 people in a matter of weeks. This is a disaster. We don't have enough jobs and housing for the influx.
Anonymous on Jul 02, 2023:
Todd, the newcomers were told a lie to immigrate. Can't really blame them for it.

It's a huge racket to lie to global citizens that Canada has jobs and affordable housing when in reality, Canada has no good jobs and expensive housing.
Todd on Jun 30, 2023:
There is a lot of gimmigrants in this comment section complaining that you have to pay high rents in Tronno. Well, you have the option to not come if you cannot afford the rent. No-one owes you a special apartment in downtown Tronno just because you feel entitled to one. Why would you even choose an expensive city like Tronno if you are unskilled? Some people need a reality check and to stop being so arrogant and hyper-entitled. Sit down with a glass of milk and realize your financial constraints.
Anonymous on Jun 28, 2023:
Anonymous on Jun 20, 2023: " I just lay down and sometimes I pray that I die in my sleep."

So much for Toronto being advertised as a "world class city". This thinking explains why there is an opioid crisis across Canada.

People are in dire straits that they inject dangerous doses of opiates just to psychologically distance themselves from the pain and suffering of the post-modern Canadian society where everything has a price tag, and Toronto is all about money and ever increasing costs.

The average person cannot keep up and many get left behind and die in deaths of despair.
Anonymous on Jun 27, 2023:
Average salary is a poor metric.

Data can be skewed by outliers such as overpaid professors, teachers, lawyers and cops.

A more accurate wage would be median, or for newcomers, minimum wage at $16/hr in a general labour job.

Toronto is for those who are already rich and privileged. If you're coming as a newcomers, you start with the lower wage.
Ben on Jun 25, 2023:
Being in Toronto is simply being at Canada's funeral.
Fox Goose on Jun 23, 2023:
For today's newcomers, Canada is a complete scam.

It is disgusting there are countless industries in Canada specifically setup for scamming new comers. (Shady colleges, immigration consultants, slum landlords and the list goes on).

Canadians aren't saving money because of high rents and mortgages, so the elites rely on newcomers to bring in their life savings to Canada.
Anonymous on Jun 20, 2023:
I'm not happy in Toronto. Canada just want more people to pay rent and work as labourers.

No matter how hard I try to apply for jobs:

At first it was because I lack Canadian experience

so I pursued a degree. So I'm now overqualified. You just can't win in Toronto. You just can't win.

So while I'm sending resumes like crazy everyday, I just lay down and sometimes I pray that I die in my sleep.

That's Canada for you. It's a trap!
Anonymous on Jun 19, 2023:
Its impossible finding part time job.

1 Amazon delivery position had 1000 applications. Canada is not easy as these people make it out to be. Canada just wants more people to come pay high course fees, pay a lot for food, and pay expensive rent to other Indians with property or rich Canadians. Do your research carefully people.

Its not all gold like these people tell you. Many people are going back to India for better quality of life.
Anonymous on Jun 17, 2023:
Lol after living in Toronto as a man my late teens and 20's, my only advice is: get out of there as soon as you can and never look back.

Living there is a 100% guarantee that you will be alone for the rest of your life working, paying rent and groceries, and saving nothing, or worse, end up in credit card debt.
Anonymous on Jun 16, 2023:
As long as newcomers are prevented from continuing their careers in Canada, due to lack of "Canadian Experience" and being "overqualified" for the job, this scam that brings in educated professionals to work as general labour in Canada will not stop.

It's pointless and detrimental to expect a middle class job in Canada because Canadian employers don't want foreign credentials and experience. America is better in that regard.
Anonymous on Jun 15, 2023:
Toronto is way too expensive but doesn't have enough high-paying jobs.

By the way, Canada is becoming a controlled, coercive authoritarian country. Right now they are just boosting their economy by bringing new immigrants and charging international students 3-5x the local tuition rate.

Canada needs more people to bring in money to boost their GDP while at the same time, using that money to promote authoritarian measures.
Anonymous on Jun 11, 2023:
I believe that newcomers are being lied to by the government.

The government and immigration consultants are portraying a land of milk and honey but when people arrive it's a struggle to survive.

Rent is about $2,500 a month but the only jobs available to newcomers are mainly deadend minimum wage jobs at $16/hr.
Sommar on Jun 11, 2023:
The recent job report showed that Canada lost 17,000 jobs in May 2023, which is an indicator that there will be hard times coming.

I wonder how will the elites get their $2300 a month 1-bedroom apartments rented if there aren't any jobs?

An economic system which relies on deceiving and misleading newcomers to bring their life savings to pay at least one-year rent upfront isn't sustainable.
Anonymous on Jun 09, 2023:
It's plain and simple. Canada just wants more people with savings to spend their money in Canada while becoming modern day wage serfs to work in the factories. There is little chance of going up the socio-economic ladder and becoming middle class or higher in Toronto.

It's designed that way to milk the life savings of newcomers and fatten the portfolios of the Canadian elites.

There is a reason why Canadian Embassies require immigrants to come with their life savings. It's to pay rent to a Canadian to boost the Canadian economy.

Rent is very expensive in Toronto. This applies in any city in Canada.

Many people are not getting jobs according to their educational background.

There are labour jobs being posted everywhere online but professional jobs are rare to find. These days, even labour jobs is having high numbers of applicants.

Colleges in Canada are distributing degrees and diplomas like diploma mills.

No placement policies from colleges. So you get a degree with no work experience. Canada is a scam.
Anonymous on Jun 07, 2023:
Rent prices for a one-bedroom in Toronto's boroughs on average:

North York: $2,000-$2750 a month
Etobicoke:$1,925-$2450 a month
Old Toronto/East York: $2,250 to $4,500 a month, especially in downtown Toronto.
Scarborough: $2199 to $2650 a month.

Check the rental listings online. Rent prices are creeping up in Toronto.
Casey on Jun 07, 2023:
"Also if you are POC don't think about receiving call back for an interview. Look up job name discrimination ."

You don't need to be a poc to be a victim of name discrimination. They won't see your skin colour with just a resume + email cover letter and not all white people have a name like "Jim Davis". Believe me, it happens.
Anonymous on Jun 06, 2023:
Toronto is infested with feminism, LGBTQ and anti-male attitudes.

You're gonna be paying world class high rent prices to deal with low class and crude feminists who hate men.

Toronto is the epicenter of feminism and man-hating.
Drew on Jun 05, 2023:
Why is the article comparing apples & oranges? comparing Toronto to another city is one thing but comparing it to the most expensive city in another country is ridiculous.
Drew on Jun 05, 2023:
Why is the article comapring apples & oranges? comparing Toronto to another city is one thing but comparing it to the most expensive city in another country is ridiculous.
Anonymous on Jun 02, 2023:
Prem, your name sounds Indian, so I'll give you some input.

The huge misconception amongst Indian newcomers is that they convert Canadian salaries to Rupees and compare it to India's cost of living, rather than factoring into the Toronto rent prices and car insurance.

In Toronto, you got to pay rent. You can't live off the land. Police will literally stomp your face if you do.

The system is designed to extract as much rent from the working class.

And day dreaming seems to be a huge trend among newcomers. Be a realist.

How can you even think of getting a downpayment for a home if all that's available to you are dead-end jobs and you're paying rent to live in a basement and saving nothing?
Prem on Jun 01, 2023:
Average after-tax is highly inaccurate. You can't find a one-bedroom at $1,800 for rent even in Scarborough and North York. Rents are approaching $2,000 a month plus electricity and even water usage.

In Toronto, there quite a few CEOs making millions of dollars a year, an overfunded police department where detectives earn $200,000 a year with overtime, but the majority are making less than $20,000 a year.

Median income is more accurate and is about $3,000 a year net income in Toronto. There was a time when people were begging to work for free to get job experience, but the NDP put a stop to unpaid internships.
Anonymous on May 30, 2023:
If you want to bring hardship, misery and bad luck into your life, then come to Canada without a job offer.

Dreams and being told lies doesn't get you a job in Toronto.

Toronto is a scam. They want your GIC money to invest, and your savings to pay the retirements for the Canadian landlords.

It's a trap that you will regret if you are living well in your home country.
Ashley on May 28, 2023:
As a Canadian born, 15 years ago Canada was different compared to today.

Canada in the 70s, 80s, 90s is different after Trudeau came into power.

What kind of jobs, minimum wage vs high skilled jobs? Nowadays it hard to get a part time jobs regardless of any fields.

Employers have huge expectation. Highly skilled jobs - if you are doctor in India and coming to be doctor in Canada then you have repeat the education to be full licensed. There is young born Canadian who are educated having a hard time finding a job, owning an house, living in their parents basements.

Also if you are POC don't think about receiving call back for an interview. Look up job name discrimination . There is so many stories of immigrants with Phd working at Subway. Most Indian immigrants or Indian international students depending on their skills are perceived to lack English skills as well which makes it hard to pass interviews as well.

Cost of living - Yes, there is inflation everywhere. However, Toronto is currently experiencing high rate of homelessness.

A one bedroom is $2500. One problem with Canada is wages regardless if you are highly skilled or not , the wages is not going to pay your bills.

There is so many protest that occurred in Toronto about wages (ex pcac strike and cra strike etc).

There is 5 to 6 Indian students cramped in a one bedroom and paying rent each. You want to live in this kind of Armageddon.

Look up CBC marketplace rental. Look up video on International Indian students saying they were lured into coming to Canada. I believed it's the students fault to trust these recruiters and come to a country not researching about. At the same time Canada fault for having diploma mills.

Health Care - It's collapsing. Family doctors are retiring, and none of the family doctors are taking new patients. Those living in Canada for 60 years have hard time finding family doctors because their family doctors have been retired. Again look at the news. The waiting list to see a doctor or specialist is long. Insurance doesn't cover up most. Look up travel insurance. Emergency room waiting is long usually the doctor would be prescribe any medication or don't allow to see a specialist.

Mental health crisis is huge and most counselling involves money. Prescriptions, dental care, eye care are not covered by OHIP

Crime rate/ sexual Assault -There is TTC crime attacks, stabbing stranger, woman was lit on fire. There is also international Indian students who was shot near the affluent Rosedale neighbourhood while going to work. There is stories about sexual and physical assault at TTC and sidewalk.

There is also 2nd generation ( Indian, Sri Lankan , Bangaladesh and Pakistani ) who were born and raised in Canada.

Most of them have ethnic name who have MBA from UOFT can't land a job.

Canada is not what it used to used to be and there is so many people who are unemployed especially immigrants and young born Canadian POC. In the 70s, you can work a minimum wage jobs and pay for your house but not anymore. The problem with most Indian immigrants is they are not doing their research and come here and are trapped. A steady number is now resorting to suicide due to shame and being in dire straights.

Mc Donalds and Tim Hortons managers are only employing temporary foreign workers which is making Canadian people really mad.

Canada is broken due to false promises of leader, corruption and etc.

Canada is one of the most depressing country in the world. During the pandemic, so many nurses and doctors left the country due to wages. So yeah,

I'm not being negative. It's the truth. I'm also not discouraging people to come here. Just do your research.
Anonymous on May 23, 2023:
They just want you to come and spend your money on rent and groceries to make the elites richer.

There is so much red tape to open a business and you're just going to deplete your assets and life savings with no chance of upward social mobility.

Toronto is just a ponzi scheme at this point.
Anonymous on May 19, 2023:
Bad place. No good jobs. High rents.
Can’t find a job which pays above minimum wage in this’s a trap!
Anonymous on May 14, 2023:
I moved to Canada in 2011.

It was a different country. Toronto was a cheaper city.

I can't really see a future for this country anymore under Justin Trudeau or Chrystia Freeland. Politicians are so bad, and messing things up so much that I don't even recognize Canada anymore.

The truth is that, Canada is quickly slipping into a developing country.

Move to Canada and: freeze being homeless, rent an overpriced basement suite (if you're lucky), get a menial job, pay exorbitant taxes, don't get sick (waitlist for family doctors), get homesick, go back to home country broken financially and mentally.

Within context, I over heard and Indian couple in No Frills last night complaining about the high cost of living in Canada and how it was a mistake moving to Canada..
G on May 11, 2023:
Why come to Toronto where you just going to struggle?

Sure the jobs might be well paying compared to developing economies but it’s all relative. The cost of living here is exorbitant.

Only rich immigrants need apply.

For everyone else, think about it, if all the money goes to shelter and food and there’s no money left over to send back home to family, no money left to save up for a house.

So what is the point of moving here? It defeats the purpose. You're just existing to pay rent and food to the oligarchs.

Unless you come from Syria or Ukraine there is absolutely no reason to come to Canada right now.

Only those well vested in real estate are protected in this country and have no idea how the million immigrants coming here soon will be able to afford to live let alone buying any RE.

Banks are trying to lower again the rates so the RE circus can continue like the last 20 years so we’re back to business….what a joke Toronto, and ultimately Canada has become. Relying on Ponzi schemes.
Better Dwelling Stan on May 10, 2023:
Canada’s Recent Immigrants Earn Much Less Than Non-Immigrants

Immigrants that arrived in Canada from 2016 to 2019 earn significantly less than non-immigrants. Those immigrants had a median income of $35.6k/year, about 20% (-$7.2k) less than their non-immigrant peers. If you assume a dual median income household, finding shelter within their budget isn’t an easy task.

Canada’s Recent Immigrants Can’t Afford To Rent In Most Cities

Rental housing within their budget isn’t an easy task at those income levels. Maxing out their budget to the shelter poverty limit of 30%, they can afford a maximum of $1,780/month. That’s about 17% lower than the $2,140/month a dual income, non-immigrant household could spend before hitting the shelter poverty definition.

The average listing for a one bedroom apartment across Canada was just a hair over $2,000/month in April. Keep in mind that’s across the country, not in more expensive cities like Toronto (avg. $2,370/month) or Vancouver ($2,600/month).
Anonymous on May 05, 2023:
Sounds like a great place to wake up, work, sleep.
Repeat everyday.

The world is changing rapidly, and not for the best.
Yoseph on May 04, 2023:
Toronto just wants you to spend your money while working for factory wages.

There is a bad omen with Toronto, especially if you're a male you will understand why.

The longer you stay in Toronto, the harder it's for you to leave.

Canada is declining and nobody knows whether the economy will become fruitful again.
Anonymous on May 02, 2023:
Fort York food bank this morning while the housing bulls tell y’all have fun staying poor.

Empathy is the highest form of knowledge. Time to wake up.

Look at that long food bank line while Sean Fraser insists that there's a labour shortage in Canada.
Rick on Apr 29, 2023:
Most new immigrants can't leave, their life savings were spent to get here. It's a bait and switch
Boer Plaas on Apr 28, 2023:
Canada’s immigration policy is a disaster.

Canada snares in immigrants, takes all their money, then kicks them into the general population to inflate the housing bubble and strain the low wage job market. Think twice before moving here.

Canada is a real mess. Rents are approaching CDN$3000 a month in Toronto, but you're getting lowballed for wages.
Anonymous on Apr 27, 2023:
Guy says hi, it's harassment. Guy looks at you, harassment, Guy ignores you, he's an incel... Canadian women.
Anonymous on Apr 20, 2023:
Canada uses Newcomers to pay pensions of old Canadian through tax.

I think we are reaching the upper-limit. The real estate bubble will pop in the next few years.

Over 50% of Canadians have less than $1000 in disposable income, while the cost of living is increasing. Canadians hold on average $21,000 in non-mortgage debt, while credit card debt is rapidly increasing, as much as +16% from mid 2021. This is a national emergency.
Mark Zilder on Mar 22, 2023:
That idiot Sean Fraser is bringing in too many immigrants, 500,000 a year while Toronto rents skyrocket.

I wouldn't be surprised if Sean Fraser is on a watchlist by far-right groups for promoting extreme mass immigration.

Even moderates are angry at Sean Fraser for his 500,000 immigrants a year and think it's too much at a time there is a housing crisis.
Jules on Mar 21, 2023:
My skill set, career aspirations, lifestyle, and self/interests/personality finally found a home in Toronto. In my Canadian hometown, I would have had to settle in every aspect (and I did for years) and never reach my potential. I do have privilege, from race to education. I also grew up on tippy toes to lower middle class and gay af in a city full of overt and covert bigots, so it wasn't all sunshine.

Yes, it's bloody expensive. Yes, the gap between the rich and poor is atrocious. And yes, opportunity in this city is limited to certain sectors, educations, work experiences, citizenships, and a strong hit of nepotism/family assistance (if you bought any property in the last five years anywhere below Eglinton you either 1) had assistance with the down payment, 2) lived with family for cheap/no rent while working at Toronto wages, 3) cashed out on some kind of industry boom).

The city has major issues and there is major cognitive dissonance with everyone who can spend $18 on a cocktail and then complain about people without housing living in tents in parks. All that said, for what it's worth, I found a home here (even though I will never be able to purchase a home here) and I know so many people who have felt the same.

Oh and yes Brad, many of us are feminists. If that is a problem, feel free to leave. We will be better for it.
Anonymous on Mar 21, 2023:
I think as a man it's a losing proposition to be working low-wage jobs and pay high rents while the feminists make your life miserable. I've seen many married men come with their wives and children, only to end up homeless after a divorce and false accusation from a coached child and encouraged by divorce lawyers and feminist social workers.

You guys don't know the feminist hell that awaits you as a man in Canada. You want to pay high rents and have little or no autonomy as a man?
Brad on Mar 15, 2023:
The average rent in Toronto is about $2500 a month, and many of the women are feminists.

The federal government is feminist.

If you're a young male, you'd be a fool to end up in Canada where feminists are like roaches and they dislike men.
Anonymous on Mar 12, 2023:
Canadians friendly? No. This has been repeated ad nauseam, but until you live here, you realize "friendliness" is just hypocritical politeness.

This country lacks work labor, and many Canadians treat their immigrant workers as animals, as another piece of equipment.

They treat migrant workers in the factories as if they have no rights. And don't get fooled with the wages. Though the wages are high in your home country, the minimum wage can barely afford monthly rents in Toronto.
H Nguyen on Mar 06, 2023:
Toronto never needs people with knowledge/experience, scholars or talents. They need cheap labor, so their tactics is abusing international students as cows to milk their budget, then after spending a huge amount of money to boost their economy & tax, you work as general labourers to survive.

If you love the cold, gloomy weather expanding for 6 months, or coming from a country that is in chaos / war, Canada might be good enough for you.

For those who are well-educated, have experience globally, Canada is the grave for your career and life.

What a weird country. Inviting scholars/professionals into their land, then treat them with disdain, while still complaining about them coming to your country. That's Canada for you.

Pay $2,000 a month plus electricity and sometimes water to rent cockroach apartment.
Anonymous on Mar 03, 2023:
Right now, it seems that the government only wants to increase immigration to artificially boost GDP and protect the financial interests of the homeowners and stock holders for consumables.

There are not enough well-paying jobs that can afford the cost of living in Toronto.

The ironic oxymoron is that to survive in Toronto, you need dual-income couples, yet Canada's fertility rates and marriage rates are falling, while divorce rates and a new phenomenon called incels are rising in Canada.

It's dire in Canada.
Anonymous on Feb 26, 2023:
Its ironic in a way when you think about it Susan,

If they kill rent control half of the city would go homeless temporarily, and probably some sort of unrest at that point

But 18 months down the road from that rents would have to drop since nobody could afford it and units would sit empty. So in a way, rent control is another factor thats creating housing inflation for newcomers to TO beyond the normal market price
Susan on Feb 26, 2023:
As of the date this was published,

$1800 to $2400 for a 1-bed apartment sounds about right.

However, the average wage is inflated due to outliers. Nobody starts off with $26/hr net pay in Toronto.

The most you can get is about $15.50/hr to $18/hr if you are a newcomer, and those jobs are dead-end jobs which require physical labour.

Even if you earn $4,000 net a month, half of that is for current market rent alone.

So choose the life you want to live if you want to suffer with the rest of wage serfs in Toronto.

I'd wager that if rent control was eliminated tomorrow and everyone had to pay market rent, over half of the renters will be homeless.
Anonymous on Feb 22, 2023:
The government supports mass immigration, they don't actually plan for housing, jobs, schools, health care, social services, transit, transportation, food, water, parks, policing, arts & culture, the challenges of maintaining municipal infrastructure, maintaining a good standard of living, meeting carbon reduction goals, or anything else that might be useful to the people here now - including millions of immigrants and their children.
Anonymous on Feb 20, 2023:
Don't waste your money on Sunshine Spa, Seduction Spa, Dream Spa and Vivid Spa.

They are overpriced, and many of the girls are former strippers and e-thots.

The feds wants to open the floodgates of men to make the pimps richer ainnit?
Rick on Feb 14, 2023:
Where is Canada going to house all the new immigrants? Where are they going to work when unemployment hits harder? All this Massive uncontrolled immigration in this reckless economic environment is only going to lead to poverty.
Rick on Jan 29, 2023:
Canada’s government hopes to welcome nearly 1.5 million immigrants by 2025 to fill critical jobs and cram them into cities. It's something business leaders have long been pushing for. In a sparsely populated country, foreign labour is allowed to compete with the local population, which keep wages down to maintain the status quo. This decision by the federal government tells you that rising expenses will continue to rise.

Most of these new immigrants will be competing for blue collar jobs, as the system does not recognize foreign credentials. The only ones content with life in Canada will the new comers escaping third world conditions to work in better conditions in Canada. That's what the government and corporations want. Grateful, obedient taxable servants.
Anonymous on Jan 01, 2023:
Terrible place.

Terrible people.

It’s cold for 6 months of the year and you’ll meet some of the most socially awkward people.
Anonymous on Jan 01, 2023:
I don't like Toronto.

The majority of women are terrible and materialistic. If you are not wealthy, say goodbye to your dating and social life.
Anonymous on Dec 22, 2022:
This past weekend in Toronto 8 girls aged 13 to 16 stabbed to death a 59 yr old man. A complete stranger to them. They met through social media. Their identities will be protected and the maximum sentence they can get is 3 years. After that they can attend school with your kids or provide care to your elderly parents. These are the people in your neighborhood. If you move here
Anonymous on Dec 22, 2022:
It’s not worth it.
If you’re a single male budget for female companionship which starts from $400 per hour. The male-female interaction is monetized in Toronto.
Anonymous on Dec 16, 2022:
Lived in Toronto for 30 years. Would not recommend it

Huge city with plenty of people and money, but potential is always wasted. This is a city which decided to run a parkway along the lake instead of having a nice public waterfront

Concrete hellhole. If you have any travelling experience at all, there is nothing to see in Toronto in terms of sights or architecture. Everything is ugly concrete, chrome, glass

Infrastructure is not maintained properly. Internet and power frequently go out like a third world country and the local hydro and telecoms severely understaff the repair teams so things stay down forever

People are awful. The population of Toronto consists entirely of assholes, pretentious hipsters, and finance industry suits

Traffic is terrible. The most congested highway in North America is in Toronto. Everyone drives like a lunatic

Insanely expensive. Rent is expensive, food is expensive, metro is expensive ... I heard a recent study found Toronto is now more expensive than NYC
Anonymous on Nov 29, 2022:
Any person with respectable qualifications is looking to leave Canada. Most of my colleagues are leaving Canada.
Anonymous on Nov 27, 2022:
Toronto is the Mouse Utopia experiment by John Calhoun.

We are entering a stage where the local birth rates are falling, and to prevent a collapse in the pension funds, Toronto has to import more wage serfs to pay taxes and rent for the older Canadians who are retired.

Toronto is a scam and a Ponzi scheme.
Rick on Nov 23, 2022:
Warning prospective immigrants of the challenges they are bound to face in Canada doesn't change anything. Those already living in slums and conflict ridden regions of the world don't care about skyrocketing expenses and taxes. Do you think the Punjabis are concerned about these matters? These people are used to being poor, so Canada is a dramatic improvement.

Canada does not attract the best and this has long term consequences. Skilled immigrants leave after some time because they have OPTIONS while the money launderers, drug lords and refugees stay.

The federal government's plan to increase the number of immigrants entering Canada, with a goal of bringing in 500,000 people does not help anyone if the only people coming here are taxable subservient automatons. Canada is slipping in the global index of livability due to the quality of people it attracts.
Anonymous on Nov 21, 2022:
The Canadian Embassies and immigration consultants lie to foreigners that Toronto is a utopia.

Many Canadians want to leave Toronto and those who bought real estate early are cashing out and retiring abroad.
Anonymous on Nov 18, 2022:
The starting wage for newcomers is C$2,000 a month after tax working full time. Deduct C$150 a month for a TTC metropass.

Rent for a one bedroom in Toronto these days are almost C$2,000 a month.

A two bedroom will set you back at least C$2,300 a month and if you have a spouse and a few children a three bedroom goes for C$2,500 or more a month.

You have to pay for your own electricity.
John on Nov 11, 2022:

I couldn’t help but notice that the landed gentry are now encouraging people to sell their homes to pay Toronto rent aka the landlord’s mortgage.

After the government is hindering growth in resource extraction, I guess the Canadian government is turning to rent extraction and rent seeking to fill the gap.
Akash Deo on Nov 11, 2022:
I’m not poor in India so I can bear climate change which isn’t going to happen overnight.
Again, what benefit is there for me to up and leave my middle class life in India, to live in a moldy basement and pay rent that pays for someone else’s mortgage and makes them richer?
I’d be a fool to do that. Canada sounds like they need us to fulfill their budget deficit. Scam!