Crime in Toronto, Canada

Crime rates in Toronto, Canada

Level of crime
46.67 Moderate
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
67.05 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
36.25 Low
Worries being mugged or robbed
37.40 Low
Worries car stolen
33.11 Low
Worries things from car stolen
42.06 Moderate
Worries attacked
38.45 Low
Worries being insulted
42.06 Moderate
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
28.07 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
54.78 Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
48.31 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
44.72 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery
36.77 Low

Safety in Toronto, Canada

Safety walking alone during daylight
74.91 High
Safety walking alone during night
52.85 Moderate

Contributors: 1108

Last update: March 2023

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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75 Comments so far
Bob on Mar 06, 2023:
Toronto isn't safe, metrics like this have been abused in the past, large numbers, to convince people that the large amount of crime won't happen to them. It will.
Anonymous on Mar 03, 2023:
Canadian PR tells immigrants that Canada is a safe country.

But Toronto has a lot of criminal activity going on such as organized crime, human trafficking, drug dealing and gangs fighting turf wars.

Sure, the Canadians tell us that the crime situation in Toronto is not as bad as southside Chicago or in the hoods of Compton, but do we really need to compare Toronto to low-income areas?

So why pay a million dollars for a home in Toronto to live like a lite version of Compton unless you're buying Kendrick Lamar's house?
Anonymous on Oct 13, 2022:
Hate crimes against Jewish people are going up in the GTA.

There are a lot of antisemites in Toronto.
Markson on Sep 30, 2022:
I think Covid-19 affected the safety nature of Toronto. The homelessness situation downtown is leading a lot of persons to crime, I read on about the crime witnessed days back and its scary.
Alex416 on Aug 31, 2022:
Safety got worse after covid. The homelessness situation downtown is getting out of hand.
E on Jun 21, 2022:
Toronto is garbage. I have lived here all my life. We are so far behind for a city with millions of people living in it. Homelessness everywhere, Construction everywhere, not clean, and recently have a terrible bout of cars being broken into & stolen all over the city. I live in a “safe” prestigious neighbourhood, but crime has been rising regardless. Shootings, stealing…… You are not safe anywhere in Toronto.
Mark on Jun 07, 2022:
Toronto is a very safe city considering its size and population.

95% of the people here are good honest people who are trying to make a living.

Like the comment below me says, the youth of this city are trying to been seen as hard wannabe gangsters. (Not all those, most are good kids)

Getting those who want to commit acts of evil, need to get taken off the streets and get locked away forever will help make this city even safer.
Anonymous on May 25, 2022:
Toronto is overall pretty safe but the increase in youth related crime is worrying.

All these kids wanting to get internet famous has led to some awful things.

Far to many guns here. Need more police raids in high crime areas and making sure those who get arrested and put in jail, stay in jail and don’t just get put back into the streets a few months later.
Lolita Townes on May 22, 2022:
I visited Montreal and Toronto Canada and fell in love. I wish I could get a job and move and die there.
Anonymous on Jan 17, 2022:
The crime rate is a little high but Toronto is one of the most safest cities and relaxing cities in Canada and the world
Anonymous on Dec 24, 2021:
Toronto has been very safe through my experience, however I will say that crime is increasing which is a worrying trend.
Anonymous on Jul 18, 2021:
So many boomers here thinking the world is ending.
Jane on May 28, 2021:
Every major intersection on Yonge street in downtown Toronto has a bunch of homeless people. Once my friend was walking on Yonge and a homeless guy threw a glass bottle at her ankles when she passed by him. I was verbally attacked a few times too. Cannabis stores bloomed in recent years on Yonge street and I've seen potheads begging outside a store for free weed. I would avoid walking on Yonge even during the day cause it gives me very negative feelings.
Daniel on May 02, 2021:
Toronto is nowhere near what it used to be like, shootings and stabbings everyday, high robbery rate, lots of drug usage, ive seen people shooting up in the middle of the sidewalk and all the parks downtown are littered with needles and paraphernalia.

If you dont go looking for trouble youll likely be fine as long as you stay vigilant and away from bad areas. Its safer then some of the bigger us cities but nowhere near as safe the major cities in western europe.
Mike on Apr 27, 2021:
I have been to Toronto (pre covid) and it was extremely safe I didn't feel unsafe at all. on Apr 25, 2021:
I work as a courier in Toronto (Uber/Doordash/Skip), and yesterday April 23 between 9:30 pm and 10 pm, my Inmotion L9 was stolen at 60 John Street - Toronto.

I reported online to the police, but I am reaching out to every page on the internet to report the robbery.

The Inmotion L9 is a kind of brand new scooter, and the thief is going to need to buy a charger that is different from the others charges or try to sell the scooter online.

I can recognize my scooter, and I will keep this ad on till I find it.

So please, do not buy properties without a receipt. Not something like a scooter which was introduced to the market 4 months ago.

Every scooter has its own internal code.
If you download the Inmotion App the code of my scooter is L9-B108001F.

If you see something, please, reach out.

I am going to pay a reward of C$300 for having it back.

I saw many, but many times "homeless people" trying to steal expensive bicycles around downtown Toronto. There are an organized crime behind these crimes. Who is buying? Who is doing the logistics?
Torontoguy on Mar 10, 2021:
Toronto was great even 7 years ago.

Don’t know what happened in the last 3-5 years. Especially worsening in the last 2.

In Downtown:

Pot shops have replaced small business that went bankrupt during Covid.

Homeless population has increased and it’s very public.

People deficate in alleys and around construction sites.

Divisive, crime increased like crazy in the last 2-4 years.

crime has exploded in the outer areas of Toronto like North York.
leftthe6 on Mar 10, 2021:
Toronto is a horrible city. Shootings in broad daylight. Needles everywhere downtown. Horribly expensive. People resort to awful things.
Gabe on Feb 26, 2021:
The city is super safe, and feels safer/friendlier than most places in southern Ontario.

However, gun crime has been increasing drastically over the past few years, and with increasing immigration rates both foreign and domestic to the city, coupled with a bout of even less opportunities due to Covid and future lingering effects, it will likely only see a rise from here out. My only personal worry though is car thefts and burglaries, seeing as they're common across board in terms of demographics and typically fall in line with the Canadian route of non-violence (speculation lolz).
Anonymous on Jan 02, 2021:
Toronto is a cake walk period. As one of the criminals who contributed to these statistics I can tell you I've never felt unsafe here. If you're a spineless coward Toronto is a perfect place to visit. It's an average big city so if you don't go looking for trouble you'll be absolutely fine. I've traveled in Europe, Africa and the US there are only 2 cities I've ever been where I felt genuinely unsafe - Gary, Indiana - pure F*&%KING gangland, the police escorted me out pretty sure just to make sure I didn't get car jacked. The second is Capetown had some problems during the day right downtown (nothing crazier than Toronto) but at night the city is side street after side street with no street lights and crowds of people doing whatever the F*&K they want in the dark. Having my girlfriend with me felt extremely unsafe. Never felt anything close to those feelings in european cities or Toronto even in *crack tower*, teasdale, tindle, river, cresent town, flemo, jane and finch etc the "bad" parts of Toronto are incomparable to an actual bad city. Anyone crying about how bad this place is should thank their lucky stars they've lived a sheltered enough life to be able to view this place as dangerous hahaa
E on Nov 21, 2020:
Dude, you'll find this sort of stuff in any urban area. Toronto is relatively safe compared to bigger US cities. However, Toronto obviously has much more crime than the rest of Canada. Also, property crime and break ins are increasing. My friend in Mississauga (suburb of Toronto) had his house broken into, and his passport stolen.
SusanAB on Nov 10, 2020:
Mehdi Amin, 58, was found dead inside his home Wednesday afternoon
CBC News · Posted: Oct 23, 2020 9:17 AM ET | Last Updated: October 23

You're right!! Toronto is very safe!
SusanAB on Nov 10, 2020:
min, 58, was found dead inside his home Wednesday afternoon
CBC News · Posted: Oct 23, 2020 9:17 AM ET | Last Updated: October 23

You're right! It's very safe!!
cowboy on Oct 28, 2020:
great city and has been very safe in my experience, just avoid Brampton though.
Anonymous on Oct 06, 2020:
#Jay I cannot argue with that. 2018 was an extraordinarily violent year for this city's standards. 2019 was a much better year for crime.
Jay on Oct 03, 2020:
Fair enough, I do apologise, but in 2019 though the homicide rate went straight back down though.
Anonymous on Oct 02, 2020:

Don't be ignorant.
Jay on Sep 25, 2020:
Since when did Toronto surpass NYC’s murder rate in 2018 lol. That is a straight up lie. The only city I heard that overtook NYC’s homicide rate in 2018 was London. Toronto is very safe except for the small pockets of hood areas but overall is incredibly safe.
Anonymous on Sep 21, 2020:
#tiffany Well, you are wrong. Toronto surpassed NYC's murder rate in 2018, and certain areas past Yonge and Bloor 9:30 PM can be dangerous alone. I personally have found needles and used condoms at Christie Pitts. To sum it up, Toronto in reality is one of the less safe cities in Canada. Oh, and Malmo is not a fair comparison, it is the most dangerous city in Sweden.
Simon on Sep 18, 2020:
I love Toronto. Only bad parts are some parts of Scarborough and Brampton. Other than that it’s a very vibrant city and very very safe.
Tiffany on Aug 31, 2020:
No your the clown. Stop being salty you little Londoner weirdo. Everyone knows it’s false because they have a brain. U can’t say London is safe just because you live in a nice area there and then say Toronto is way worse. And with research you would know that the homicide rate for London isn’t accurate as the police their admitted it. Toronto is safe. I’m sure London is too but safer than Toronto it is not. Then you say I know nothing about London because I have never been their but then you say Toronto is worse even though you don’t live here. Gianni and Jamal you are the same person you little dweeb. Every time someone bashes Toronto the comments are posted on the same day so please stop lying.
Tiffany on Aug 28, 2020:
Honestly stop lying, David and Jamall, you are the same person and your having to make more than one comment pretending your different people. If your gonna do that then we shouldn’t believe you, also those stats are false. Anyone with half a brain knows that
Paul on Aug 28, 2020:
I read through the comments and u must be the Canada hater. Just go away please and stop telling lies about our Great city. I have checked London crime on numbeo and Amsterdam so the people here know what they are talking about otherwise the wouldn’t volunteer to add data, if u don’t like it just don’t use numbeo.
Paul on Aug 27, 2020:
Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area is actually very safe and a lot safer compared to a lot of cities in the states and Europe. I would say avoid Brampton though. I hear there’s a lot of trouble in that area.
Tiffany on Aug 26, 2020:
Additionally, actual statistics show that Toronto is safer than Malmo and London but these statistics also keep getting hijacked by anti-Canadians like you “David”
Tiffany on Aug 26, 2020:
Those 4 comments are all liars and u can tell they are all the same person, if someone is pretending to be 4 different people, then why should we trust him? Just ask people in Toronto how they feel then ask people from London or Malmo. Toronto would be positive and Malmo and London would be negative. You clearly just hate Canada for some reason.
Tiffany on Aug 21, 2020:
Sam, I think u will find that you are the one who is lying, Toronto is one of the safest cities in North America and actually a lot safer than ones in Northern Europe like Paris, London and Malmo.
Sam on Jul 23, 2020:
Sarah, your literally straight lying. Toronto homicide rate 3.5. London's worst homicide rate in the last decade is 1.5
Glory on Jul 20, 2020:
Fairly safe city, lots to do. Just make sure you know where the bad spots are. But one of the safest major cities in North America and i would say its alot safer than most cities in Europe too. The seasons are nice too. Winters are freezing but the summers can get very hot.
Sarah on Jul 16, 2020:
Moved to here from London in England and I’m way happier here. It’s a lot safer too. Safer than New York, Chicago, London, Paris and obviously Detroit.
London homicide rate=2.3
David on Jul 13, 2020:
Pretty much like any North American city, good and bad areas.

Toronto is doing much worse than anywhere in western Europe though, and that's straight statistics.

Still, Toronto is decent compared to cities like Baltimore, but much more dangerous than Paris or London.
Richard on Jul 13, 2020:
London Homicide rate 1.5
Toronto Homicide rate 3.5

London is much safer, Jayden
Jayden on Jul 11, 2020:
Toronto is genuinely ok, safer and better than London UK for sure but Toronto crime is on the rise but in general it’s not too bad. It’s quite safe but If the crime rate continues to increase then it could reach London level or worse. But for now its quiet safe and friendly in most areas. Better than London, Winnipeg, New York and LA.
Rafael on Jun 27, 2020:
I live in Downtown Toronto. Since covid started, drug use has skyrocket. There are homes less encampments outside my home. Everything here is boarded up. People breaking into cars. It’s criminal but also extreme depravation as people are turning to drugs in increasing numbers. At the current pace I assume the downtown will collapse socially. These trends started in SAN Francisco about 10 years ago and we are rapidly catching up. Sad!
Anonymous on May 19, 2020:
Used to live in London, England, when I moved here, I was shocked at all the prostitution I would see at night, and much more shootings then back home. I thought London was bad until I came here, most the crime is done by young youth, 13-17. And since I've been in Toronto, it seems like the crime is going up, there are shootings everyday now, and a few not to far away. Walking at night is generally fine, if you know what streets to avoid. Don't go walking into certain apartments late at night, this where a lot of the dealers set shop, and a lot of gang activity is inside the apartments.
Rick on Feb 10, 2020:
Grew up in Toronto and moved away in the 80.s for work to Northern Ontario.

Come back and visit at least twice a year.

Stay at Sheraton downtown. Catch a set at the Rex, then walk to Cameron house catch a set then walk to Grossmans catch a set (drink with every set of course) finish off in Kensington then walk back to Sheraton
along the side streets going east of Spadina and grab a sausage before bed.

Never had a problem (prob would not walk around queen and sherbourne at 3 AM though).

Great city and love the diversity.

401 and 407 is crazy driving the fast lane is essentially like the autobahn!

Last time there a few weeks ago I saw at least 4 incidences of people doing a u turn mid queen street (actaully a 3 point turn cause not enough room) horns horns and middle fingers all around.

Probably happens cause no one ever gets shot in a road rage incident (dont do that in New Orleans).

Just finshed a visit to NAWLINS.

300,000 people and WAY WAY more dangerous then Toronto.

A woman at red light on her bicycle was robbed of it at 9 AM at gunpoint in area generally consdiered "safe"

Just check out the news from NAWLINS this past weekend.

Great food and music though

Ravi on Jan 23, 2020:
Toronto is one of the safest big cities in the world and best place to live. Only problem is the housing/rental market that is ridiculously expensive due to globalization. It seems like that most people who are complaining about Toronto are blowing things out of proportion with some agenda. perhaps they don't want more people moving in there to make the city every more expensive. I have traveled extensively and all over the world and no city will come close to Toronto's diversity. Of course there are some problems but if you also learn to look at the positives of the city, the positives will outweigh the negatives in a ratio of 99% to 1%. If these people commenting Toronto as dangerous travel to cities like Paris, Chicago, NYC, LA etc will probably have panic attack and if they travel to cities in countries like Brazil they will probably have a heart attack and die with in the 1st 2 days before an actual crime comes near them.
Anonymous on Jan 16, 2020:
@Polish Nationalist Is Scum
The thing with Alexandre Bissonette is that he's living in the most white major Canadian city which is Quebec city, in which you couldn't even compare with a multicultural city like Toronto. I live in Montreal and there's very few immigrants that would settle outside of that city metropolitan area, so you can imagine the fear white Quebecers had on immigrants which is most likely prone to do things like Alexandre Bissonette did.
Polish Nationalist is Scum on Jan 04, 2020:
"We no longer seek out Europeans to move here we encourage poor, poorly educated and offten violent people from caribian nations and Africa to move here. They create ghettos, go in welfare, join gangs and shoot people."

But then why are white men like you flocking to the Caribbean to rob the Trinidadian people of their oil?


Was Alexander Bissonette a Caribbean or African?

What are white people doing in the islands of the Caribbean like Barbados, Virgin Islands, Cayman, Bermuda and Puerto Rico if Caribbeans are violent?
Anonymous on Jan 04, 2020:
Gangs, gun violence and hate crimes are increasing in Toronto. This is only a few of the knife crimes that happen in Toronto:

Certain parts of Toronto are gangster paradises, but the Alt-Right Polish nationalist lives in their own enclaves and treat outsiders with contempt, so the gangs don't go there. The gangs terrorize those in the low-income communities and they don't live in the suburbs, where it's safer.
Anonymous on Nov 18, 2019:
Sure, Toronto has horrible areas but you cant overgeneralize the city in general. There are areas that are extremely safe.
Anonymous on Nov 16, 2019:
SO many boomers thinking that the world is ending lol.
Anonymous, that's all you need to know. on Nov 15, 2019:
I have a good friend who used to live near regent park, some guy with an AK-47 type weapon (he has cameras in his house), stole his Wii, TV, PS2, his Xbox One, his computer, his cash, a baby crib, and everything worth over 15 bucks basically. When my friend came back, his house looked like the grinch just scoured everything in sight!

Even if you hear an area is a little bit sketchy, AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS!
Don't live here if you are concerned for safety, you are bound to have at least 1 violent crime happen to you here in your life, even in the "safe" areas.
Miss the seventies on Nov 13, 2019:
I too am looking elsewhere to escape Toronto. The city I used to love is a garbage dump, especially Scarborough. Drugs, imbeciles with guns, horrific drivers, signs in every language but English....the list goes on. Justa Truedolt has sold us out and we are now a cesspool, not a melting pot. The recent firing of Don Cherry, Canada's number one defender is the litmus test to see how horribly we natural Canadians are being treated, white brown or black...we all suffer. Immigrants come here, get a huge cheque, well above pensioner's income, free housing, food, etc. They have no regard for Canadian ways and show this with their driving and rudeness in stores. Liberals are a cancer and must be stopped. They have sold us out with mass immigration. Now I am to join my fellow Torontonians and get far away from this garbage dump. Don Cherry was right! on Nov 02, 2019:
I am very disappointed with Toronto. Crime is high. Every year the crime increases at drastic rates.
John on Oct 31, 2019:
I'm a born and raised Torontoinian. I used to defend my city, but now I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable in my own city. The homeless are violent and allowed to take over whole sidewalks in the heart of the downtown. Our police have had tools they used to combat violent criminals through carding removed. And the cops are generally afraid of being labeled a racist so they avoid taking proactive measures in the black communities of the city. Which is where most of our gun crime is. Since it's become politically unfavorable to lock up and treat people who are clearly mentally ill. Because doing so is now seen as discrimination.
Safe injection sites have created enclaves of druggies using in the open. And police are powerless to stop them. Again it's seen as discrimination to police people on a morality level. Where it used to be frowned upon and discouraged to engage in anti social behaviour it's now accepted and encouraged. Someone else brought up the change in our immigration policies in the 70's and yes this was a huge contributer to there issues. We no longer seek out Europeans to move here we encourage poor, poorly educated and offten violent people from caribian nations and Africa to move here. They create ghettos, go in welfare, join gangs and shoot people.
Regent Scott on Sep 20, 2019:

Housing inequality is bringing out the worst in rich, poor, and the losing middle. Muggings are common, I just saw one today. Filthy rich landlords do illegal stuff regularly, one colleague from work just walked in the middle of the night in his basement's tenants place to start putting up a wall so he can stuff more people (already 6 living there). They did not complain because they are there illegally.
Drug addicts inject themselves right by queen subway station, eaton center, 4pm today.
People with known mental illness are thrown in the streets, to either freeze, or commit crimes which they cannot be jailed for, since they have mental illness.

Awful city, had I known, I Would have never stayed so long.
Gianni on Sep 18, 2019:
It’s become a Horrible, divisive, intolerant city. Your not safe anywhere.
noname on Sep 18, 2019:
cool, thanks, really helped me do my project, keep it up :)
Anon on Sep 15, 2019:
I live in Scarborough (have my whole life.
I’m almost 30 and I’ve been to more funerals than weddings.
I’m annoyed living here more than I am scared but I am scared for my children. I would never recommend raising a family here.
Biggest problems
1) Panhandling. - Within the past 3 years the amount of people approaching you asking for money has become ridiculous. These people aren’t even homeless. They moved all the people from Regent Park to Morningside and Lawrence. These people literally try and open your car door and spit on your windshield.

2) Druggies and Mental Illness- People shoot up in the plaza and the stairwells. Usually the two go hand in hand and are allowed to just run around the city barraging people.

3) Poverty - Everyone is poor/ struggling and so they’re all in a bad mood.

4) Stabbings and shootings - In my experience MOST of these happen after hours at bars and such. There is no regulation and just about anyone can become in possession.
Tornotonian on Sep 05, 2019:
There are people doing drugs on Queen station (injecting themselves), Eaton center exit, in plain daylight, at 5pm in the afternoon, then getting violent. Police walks by and look the other way. What has happened to this city?
Then there are people who overdose, I just saw one by college street and Yonge. The situation is so bad, the government is now asking citizens to help them address the mess they created by providing CPR to someone who looks like they overdosed. Wow.
If you live here, speak up.
Charlie on Sep 03, 2019:

Toronto is a great place, if you ignore the fact that this is where people can stop taking meds and doing what the voices tell them.
Tim on Aug 14, 2019:
Toronto is not what it used to be. The smaller cities an hour from the centre are still good. Move out, save on housing and enjoy a higher standard of living with less crime.
Anonymous on Aug 08, 2019:
Raptors game = shooting during celebration Parade= shooting Yonge Dundas= spitting people with knives

during the day safe= at night, AVOID!
Jamrs on Aug 06, 2019:
When Trudeau senior encouraged Jamaicans to come to Toronto, the city changed and today, these low IQ migrants who fail miserably in school, whose role models are pimps, drug pushers and violent people, have ruined Toronto, as they have every other city in the world they have moved to. Even Tokyo has an issue with these low life people.
Chris on Jul 29, 2019:
Downtown Toronto has become very scary at night. Drugs everywhere now. I have lived in the downtown core since 1985. Today it is the worst it’s ever been. You cannot walk around anytime between 4pm and 5am.
Anonymous on Jun 30, 2019:
@Amin Probably because Torontorians also compare to other major cities close to them like Montreal and that they found it's safer there? Also there's articles that compare the murder rate among major Canadian cities, and I can assure you that Toronto isn't the safest, unless you only care about Toronto.
Amin Karimi on Jun 29, 2019:
I really do not know why is the reviews of Toronto and the people who have lived there has been so intense. This year Toronto has only had 29 homicides which is very low compared to only last year because of gun violence attacks which can happen anywhere. Economist Magazine Ranks Toronto as the 7th most livable city in the world. Youth and overall everyone always have fun downtown please change the Moderate rate to low when it comes to safety at night. In a sense crime and brutal things are everywhere.
Amin on Jun 29, 2019:
Toronto has been ranked in 2017 as the most livable and safest city by economist magazine crime rate is still 3.1 my l have lived here along with family and friends for over 20 years. Your surveys showed everything ranked low, why did you put safety of walking alone at night as moderate.
Randy on Jun 23, 2019:
Toronto is becoming more violent by the day. So so sad my beloved home. I feel it’s ruined.
Mojo Rising on Jun 19, 2019:
Level of crime: rising
Crime increasing in the past 3 years: nathan philips shooting
Worries home broken and things stolen: happened to me
Worries being mugged or robbed: happened to me
Worries attacked: I was attacked in bathurst
Worries being insulted: everyday
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion
Problem people using or dealing drugs: people shooting up in TTC plain daylight
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft: common
Problem corruption and bribery:
Anonymoose on Jun 18, 2019:

Plain daylight, during a celebration parade. That says it all, and these statistics should be revised.
Sheri on May 27, 2019:
I try to visit Toronto as often as I can. I live in an isolated northern city and feel safer walking around downtown Toronto than the half hour walk to my work. Per capita, we have had the highest murder rate for more years in a row I hate to admit to. Violence is all around us. I have encountered only friendly, helpful people when in Toronto, gladly giving directions when approached. Servers in restaurants and salespeople in stores have been impressively friendly, unlike here, where you are made to feel as though you’re imposing when you have a question or given the impression they hate their job. If given the opportunity to move there tomorrow I would!
Anonymous on May 24, 2019:
Gangs have been increasing through the years. I have lived in Toronto for all my life. Things have not changed since I lived here. Always gang bangers and violence
Beth on Mar 21, 2019:
I was born and raised in Toronto for almost 40 years and can say I'm glad I moved out of that place. I lived in the suburbs and worked downtown and what I disliked the most is how rude people can be and as a female had to be often on guard. To me it's become a hostile place to live and have seen people get held up by knife point in broad daylight in the Yonge/Bloor area. Even seen fights in broad daylight eating at a restaurant. It's become a cold place to live where people are angry and have no time and you got to love the road rage on the 401 (highway).