Quality of Life in Toronto, Canada

Purchasing Power Index 78.76   Moderate
Safety Index 62.04   High
Health Care Index 75.47   High
Climate Index 65.35   High
Cost of Living Index 82.90   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 14.20   High
Traffic Commute Time Index 43.77   Moderate
Pollution Index 37.97   Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 144.81   High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 287

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 744

Last update: October 2019

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11 Comments so far

#Anonymoose on Jun 18, 2019 :
Depends on your income:
200,000 and higher: good life, specially if you extort rents from newcomers who will never be able to settle and are replaced as disposable paper cups.

100,000-199,000: Worried all the time, and being pushed by your directors to fire people who do not conform, or who get sick, or who get pregnant.

45,000-99,999: awful existence, you are either a mortgage slave, or you are a renter at the mercy of one of the groups above, who have no compassion and will put you, your kids, your pets on the streets whenever they feel like reno-viction time.

0-45,000: If you are not lucky with the subsidized rent lottery, where the chances are one in a million or 10 year long waitlist, you are here temporarily, get four jobs, and count your days.
#Graham Jens on Jan 04, 2019 :
If you are not rich, well connected, and entitled, your life will be spent working to survive two or more jobs. The rest of the time you might spend it in an awful 2-4 hour commute, in the worst traffic of North America, even though this city does not have the largest population, you move faster in LA.
Awful city, save yourself all the horror stories.
#Under Pressure on Jul 23, 2018 :
Toronto can only be afforded/enjoyed by those who don't have to pay rent, whatever way they achieved that (through inheritance, buying a place a decade or more ago, being a refugee from a government-photo-op-approved place, gold-digging, etc). If you don't fall into those categories, avoid like you would avoid a wasp nest that just fell from a tree, or the longer you stay, the more stung you'll get.

It's good that it's finally on the news:

It's a dire situation and the politicians, often colluding with the greedy who continue to inflate prices, are sitting on their hands watching their "value" grow.

For the rest, the only legal hope is the lottery.
#Honest Torontonian on Jul 05, 2018 :
Toronto has lack of planning for infrastructure or services for the people who come. Those who are established and do not have to pay exorbitant rents and/or extract them from others and spend them in their hobbies, are the ones who have a high quality of life.

For newcomers to Toronto, who are not coming with a couple million dollars in cash and a 6 figure job offer from a bank, be aware of the following articles from reputable sources:

- Foreign credentials are rarely recognized, or not at all.
I have met doctors who found jobs transporting patients or in call centers. They get tired, they leave, and they are replaced by other newcomers.

- Even local university graduates have issues finding jobs
More often they have to compete with people who come from outside and will take lower salaries for the same positions.

- Renting a place is severely not affordable, it will eat half of your salary or more

There is an opioid crisis (

Housing crisis (

Traffic congestion crisis (

Emergency room waits of 8 hours or more/ health care capacity crisis (

If you have kids, a child care crisis:

And recently, a gun crisis
#Katherine on May 09, 2016 :
@Marlyn Manson

Very nice copy/pasting an article.

I'm guessing you suffer from sever rejection wonder.
#LoserGuys on Mar 10, 2016 :
To the guys wasting your time dating in Toronto just stop.

There are 20K working girls in this city and you can bang a 9/10 hottie for couple hundo.

Quality of life in Toronto is VERY GOOD if you get with the program.
#Alicia on Feb 29, 2016 :

Do you call a city not good for living just because women don't pay attention to you? OMG! LOL
#Jane on Feb 29, 2016 :

It seems you are having hard time dating a woman. Ok, well, it's not everything in life. Most people have their own families, are married or have a partner, so why should they make eye contact or smile at a stranger?
I believe people at Toronto are very respectful and rspect eachother's privacy.

Good Luck!
#LEAVE CANADA NOW on Nov 10, 2015 :

Believe me, you will have a much better life in Europe or Dubai or even staying in Kuwait. Maybe you are a hard working mid-eastern man like me, but even if you have everything in the world, Toronto women will destroy it and you will end up living in a shit neighborhood like me. Taxes are high and you can find much higher salaries out west or in Dubai or Luxembourg or even France. Don't believe the index.
#LEAVE CANADA NOW on Nov 10, 2015 :
Toronto quality of life is much less than that. Well, at least if they had a women index in their formula. Don't come here. I can tell anyone reading that all the comments about Toronto women are true. Don't come here.
#Ron on Nov 03, 2015 :
In reply to Marlyn Manson: For someone that complains about 'baby-like' behaviour, you're definitely an adult-infant. Grow up, realize that the world and everyone in it owes you nothing, and work on your personality. You'll be happier that way.

Or just do everyone a favour and leave Canada.

Either way works.