Crime in Brampton, Canada

Crime rates in Brampton, Canada

Level of crime
62.72 High
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
73.58 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
57.14 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed
55.14 Moderate
Worries car stolen
46.09 Moderate
Worries things from car stolen
52.76 Moderate
Worries attacked
53.86 Moderate
Worries being insulted
47.38 Moderate
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion
37.35 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
67.00 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
58.72 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
55.82 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery
45.20 Moderate

Safety in Brampton, Canada

Safety walking alone during daylight
64.00 High
Safety walking alone during night
35.37 Low

Contributors: 358

Last update: June 2019

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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100 Comments so far

#Noname on Jun 06, 2019 :
After 18 years of living here, I am finally moving out to a smaller community north of Guelph. Too much traffic, congestion and tired of being stared at by South Asians. I go get my mail, get stared at. Get into my car, get stared at. Feel like I don’t belong here anymore. Fed up of dandelions and weeds on my yard due to neighbours neglect of their yards. Fed up of staring at my neighbours garbage cans right beside my front step. Fed up of paying a kings ransom for car insurance. Since living here, I’ve had 4 car accidents. None of which were my fault. Good riddance!!
#Lucas Goodwin on Apr 30, 2019 :
To the person from March 22nd, the Punjabis that come from India don’t get involved in gang wars, they just ruin the city in every other way possible to Criminal lawyer Brampton. The brown kids that are born here are the ones that involve themselves in crime.
#Jack Mehoff on Apr 20, 2019 :
blacks and indians are the most disgusting form of living matter in the universe.
#Anonymous on Apr 03, 2019 :
Good job Quebec for Bill 21 - banning religous symbols by some public officials. Then theres idiot jagmeet (whats the point of a last name anyways) singh ... "It divides & isolates people – and this is wrong." ... nothing, NOTHING divides and isolates people more than religion. Get a clue you friggin idiot. Lets watch the lunchroom for those government officials who come to work free from their useless "i wear this because i've been brainwashed since birth" members-only identifiers and lets see ... may once people drop these dividers they start interacting ... umm, more? courage jagmeet! - have the courage to step away a bit from your war inducing religion based on nothing more than a bunch of people saying "I have no idea what happens after death so let's guess and assume the people who couldn't figure out electricity got it right x thousand years ago" ... honestly religion shouldn't be a right anymore than 2 year olds should have a right to forks and wall sockets.
#Anonymous on Mar 30, 2019 :
Oh yes that pedophile who they keep so respectfully referring to as "her". when I look at that picture along with the list of convictions I see an "it". if that had gone any differently, ie if it was still living in downtown we need some form of alert that summons like minded people to just form a mob and do what needs to be done. eventually there needs to be an uprising. enough is enough with these grandstandingredients politicians with no accountability while they flush our country down the toilet
##ProudBramptonian on Mar 28, 2019 :
Brampton 10 years ago is very different from the Brampton today. We can thank our politicians for allowing the people who depend on welfare from Scarborough and Jane and Finch to integrate into our city. On top of that now they're allowing convicted sex offenders to come and live here too (Madilyn Harks, formerly Matthew Harks).
Before this Brampton was peaceful with low crime and yes a large multicultural group of people coexisting together happily.
We need to bring that Brampton back. I miss being able to walk around without being afraid for my life or getting mugged or shot.
#Ramindeep on Mar 02, 2019 :
Know whats great about Brampton? all the cash4gold stores. Nothing says classy like queen and kennedy with the cash4gold, cashmoney stores lined up back to back. That's great. Don't have money? Here - spend $120 to buy $100 ... or steal something and pawn it, you don't need to go far! And I also really like how every car has that dangling indian symbol from the rear view mirror. It's good though, it tells you which cars to keep a distance from. Indian drivers ... holy shit. They're bad enough most of the time but then sometimes they blare the Punjab music. Sounds basically like jim carrey in dumb and dumber making the most annoying sound in the world. It's amazing that we have to live in a city that's so damn ethnic, and as a result has degraded that to be called a shithole would be a step up, but we have to listen to dicks like trudeau tell us how great it is. honestly to anyone reading who thinks that (real) Canadians are this all-accepting loving group, don't fall for it. That's just politicians telling you stuff to move you here for an extra vote and tax dollar. they're not the people you walk past on the street. Politicians live far far away. The people on the street want hard working people with shared values living next to them. When you put that symbol in your car, your advertising "i'm in my OWN club, fuck you Canadians". like someone else said, INTEGRATE.
#No nigs or curry on Feb 28, 2019 :
Export the dand nigs and nigs then the problem is solved. Burn them out if thdir foach infested houses. There is a rising coming soon of the caucasians. Don’t say upu haven’t been warned.
#Anonymous on Feb 09, 2019 :
Indians culture is absolutely horrible. Im sorry but the west has the best culture and way of life in the world and my family is from iran so dont try to say im a racist white kid cause im not, both of my parents came to Canada as a refugee. There is nothing wrong with any race in Canada just their culture. When you come to this country you musy integrate and learn the culture, its expected if you were to go to India.
#Jim Jones on Feb 07, 2019 :
Brampton started as an internal hemorrhoid. Now it is a huge external smelly hemorrhoid that won't stop growing and cannot be cured.
#sukdeep on Feb 01, 2019 :
Why all black people criminal and white people abuse drugs in Brampton.Soon all Punjabi no more problems. My Justin Trudeau let me bring all my family and get free money from government. We will clean brampton. We buy all your house with free money and live 30 people pay off fast and make more houses. Soon Brampton will be called New Punjab. Please you leave from our brampton we dont like you here you make like detroit. Your meat bbq make bad smell.
#local on Jan 02, 2019 :
as someone who has lived in (ghetto areas Malvern,regent and Malton) I could say the whole Brampton is super nice persona is false.North Brampton (the nice suburban side) is usually the Brampton people bring up the most in arguments and use it to identify all of Brampton well South Brampton on the other hand is left completely forgotten in these arguments as debaters seem to be completely oblivious to areas in walking distance to bcc,madoc,kennedy-vodden,fletchers and basically everywhere around downtown excluding past james potter as someone who has family and lived near these, I can confirm that these areas can be identified as ghetto as drug dealing,gangs and weapons are problems completely ignored due to the focus on north brampton
#Mariam on Dec 19, 2018 :
Wow so sad how much hatred over different races.We should love our neighbours like we are one. Hatred will will kill you in the end .
#David on Dec 07, 2018 :
Great Great people in Brampton. Hands down and that is fact. It does have crime that is higher then Vaughan or Oakville, but comparable to Etobicoke, Mississauga and Toronto.

(Scarborough, North York and Downtown TO have worse crime).

Unfortubatky Peel Region is struggling with the massive influx of growth. Crime fighting resources and policies are far behind. Liberal Mississauga to the south has very strong voice and influence in the Region and I think often those Liberal powers hurt Brampton. I feel Brampton is more conservative then Mississauga and feel more residents in Brampton wish to see harsher punishments for crime, tougher sentencing, more police involvement, more police in general and a purge of degenerate business (bars, etc). But Policy and the powers that be are not giving Brampton what it needs to fight crime.
Maybe that will change.
#AnOnYmOuS on Nov 21, 2018 :
Fuck man, I vividly remember brampton before the indian wave. Now when i go there I only see indian people. Theres also teens white. asian, and indian that are trying to be gangsters and with the rise of hiphop/toronto rap promoting gun violence, hard drugs etc. People from brampton like to claim themselves from “toronto” never trust a brampton man, the city is a huge L
#Anonymous on Nov 19, 2018 :
Ur name shows up as anonymous Justin Trudeau brought people from an arabic country,get ur facts right an stop hating enjoy ur life and just blend in to the environment you are surrounded with all ur comments were just racist grow up and stop making judgement s cause of 1 human does or did and then relate to there whole community..
#Anonymous on Nov 19, 2018 :
Brampton is a city thats still growing property in Brampton is not easy to afford or to get approval plus Brampton is like cok head central prostitution cons people are so retarded and careless cause there just trying to fulfill there addiction..its sad that how our government is chief of police is letting that happen the way things are accelerating i think in 20 years we are going to become similar as Detroit
#Anonymous on Oct 16, 2018 :
Let's be real, brampton is not that bad. If you think it is... You probably think living in a high crime area is cool because it gives you notoriety. Stop being soft, you men and women need to really acknowledge your privilege. Not saying there should be any shootings. NO, noone should ever be killed, but to say 10 homicides this year out of a population of almost 700 000 is troublesome when it is - fucking nothing. Acknowledge your privilege you Coward's. And go out and heal from your own life's trauma that your blaming on growing crime.

Worry about your own healing except for telling all visitors from brampton "be careful" .... SMH, yeah be careful of people exaggeration... Take some accountability.
#Anonymous on Oct 04, 2018 :
The racial tension here is really scary. Especially if you're a girl. If you're a white girl you worry that the Indian men will attack you, and if you're an Indian girl you worry that white men and Indian men who aren't from you're specific culture will attack you.I've nearly been attacked just for my race alone, and I've seen others put in the same situation. It's bad when you don't what they are saying, but it's worse not to be able to call for help. It's dangerous for women here we are being used in some sort of cultural war. Let's say there are mothers with children playing in the park if you are a different race than them they will snatch the children away from you even if you're a woman who has made no move towards them. I have seen white mothers do this to my friends and Indian mothers do this to me.
#Anonymous on Sep 25, 2018 :
Brampton needs be burned to the ground and fumigated. Then deport every single paki, punjab and raghead. Only then can a new, clean, respectable town rise from its stinkladen ashes. One can dream right?
#Anonymous on Aug 30, 2018 :
Bro when has Brampton not had crime?? It would make sense to argue growing crime rate in Brampton if the houses that exist in Brampton were always there. But you are seeing all these new houses popping off, the city is are it's issues. Stop acting like Brampton still has 200,000 people living in it and comparing it to today's standards.
#Anonymous on Aug 29, 2018 :
Love it when someone tries to argue as if he knows anything about this city as he blames someone for having white privilege, you're just like every other person in this fucked up city, must fit in well. Stop looking for an easy bandwagon argument to hop onto and take a look around and bask in the glory of our beautiful city we live in. crime rates are growing exponentially over the years. a couple of years ago I didn't have to worry about weekly bank robberies, or daily shootings and stabbings. people are losing their lives for some stupid shit like road rage. like come the fuck on. The guy below me has one good thing in his rant and that is we are all broken communities and its continuing to get worse. I'm glad to say that I was raised in Brampton when it wasn't a shit hole full of criminal scumbags, but i am also glad to say that i will be moving out of here soon and leaving this terrible, fucked up, unsafe, shit hole of a city in the past where i intend to keep it. good luck future generations, you'll need it, because if you dont have luck on your side you'll sink with it.
#Anonymous on Aug 10, 2018 :
And how about the white flight in Brampton , usually when that happens with any city, the care,.support and proper allocation of resources flight as well... So yeah alot of you should read, or watch informative media. Or just shut up and listen to people issues and needs. Do you really think minorities just genetically love doing crime? If you do it's very convenient, because it doesn't take account of these conditions weren't created all of a sudden like the Canadian media says about crime etc. There's been alot done and still being done for this to happen. And when YOU all stop showing love,. compassion, and humanity to a currently broken community, don't expect them to show you commission and humanity back
#Anonymous on Aug 10, 2018 :
This guy is an idiot below me. You have so much white privilege, that it's easy to talk. I'm not saying individuals don't have to take accountability as well, but where is the systems accountability? And instead of blaming black people for getting shot, how about becoming a Ally and using your power since you havethe answers anyway. Instead of you focusing on how to help and heal the victims and "criminals" your blaming them for crime that ultimately affects their community the most. So please either be a part of the solution... Or simply be quite.
#Anonymous on Jul 19, 2018 :
It's amazing how Brampton north MPP K Yarde and a bunch of NDP and liberal dolts are calling that PC guys comments so many things ... reprehensible, racist, shocking ... COME ON. The guy said he wore a bullet proof vest to go to Jane and Finch. Know what - they ain't known for their f-ing pottery!! liberals/NDP have really really got to find more useful ways to use their vocal chords. If they're shocked by these comments they really need to climb off their crystal palace and join us in the real world where actual shocking things happen .... like human feces shooting up playgrounds. that's shocking ... but in their case these same douchbags say people should apologize for calling them sewer rats. Another brampton MPP holds a sign saying F the police and thats not shocking ... no thats fine. Trudeau grabs a womans ass and thats fine. a guy says he wore a bullet proof vest going to the most dangerous place in the GTA and thats shocking?!?! do the real definitions of words mean anything anymore?? People are so stupid it amazes me and their still allowed to talk. Like people in Chicago who see footage of a black guy carrying a gun and reaching for it, and they still protest after police shoot him. So basically they want the police to just take the bullet themselves. Fucking people ... seriously
#Anonymous on Jul 19, 2018 :
who is willing to start a coalition of different communities to bring change?

reply saying "I am" and ill give you my contact. This has to be an inclusion of all identities.
#Amritpal on Jul 18, 2018 :
Wow, seems lots of negativity among the people who call themselves as Real Canadians. Well let's put this into perspective that they are the best race in this part of the world. But what exactly are they talking about. when i visit the countries their ancestors ran off from, it really relaxes me that these are the scum bags who came here ran away from there homes like cowards. The world is not their personal property. Even this land belongs to someone else and those people were just cheated.
There are good people and bad people amount all the communities or races. that just doesn't mean that all can be labelled like wise. Yes, as an Indian i'm proud of myself from where i belong, but at the same time i feel sad as the countries that i have visited there were good and bad people. If you so called Real Canadians were that much good than i guess there would be better services around here. At least the new Bolton Can-Indian tire wise is in the working condition and lot of you trailer thrash still collecting the government money. Look at yourself and look at those who work hard. the body size will tell you who is doing what. Stuff like crime, corruption rape, murder, mugging etc. just didn't came here over night. it all existed here before the arrival of the other races which actually ran away from there home countries in Europe like cowards.
So, please any and all of you before you blame others, look into your past and your present and then comment on any media. I have my name there, but lot of you, infect almost 99% have them self posted as anonymous.
#Anonymous on Jul 11, 2018 :
Brampton would be the best city in the GTA if people actually maintain their properties. I am tired of seeing garbage in front of the houses, uncut grass and weeds that grows taller than the fence.

People will call me all sorts of name but i must say almost 100% of these homes has Indians or Africans living in them. My neighbor (Nigerian) thought the garbage would look perfect lining our driveway but I made it clear that will not happen so they now placed the bins on top of the lawn. My neighborhood looks like a slum and the city is not interested in helping to clean it up. I made 6 phone calls to the city before forcing my Indian & Nigerian neighbors to clean their properties. Its truly ashamed to see the city having to place signs all over begging people to maintain their properties. Disgusting! I cannot wait for the day i move from the slums.
#Bolton on Jun 17, 2018 :
Wonder how Bolton feels about the new massive, Canadian Tire warehouse bringing in the scumbags from Brampton by the BUS LOAD ! Yup, go there and check it out for yourself around 3pm any day of the week. Watch as Manpower pulls up with the overflowing paki wagon. Get that in to ya Bolton. How you like Can-Indian-Tire now !!

Not only did they get a ministers permit to by-pass OMB hearings for the warehouse construction, once it was built, they imported every low life from Brampton to staff it.

A true success story for Bolton.....NOT !
#Anonymous on Jun 17, 2018 :
Georgetown just west of Brampton is hanging on by the skin of it's teeth. Indian fellow recently told me "Soon George Town will be George BROWN look like"
#Anonymous on Jun 03, 2018 :
bramptons new logo should be Brampton: F the police! I mean hey, all you need to do to run for public office is be born in India, move here and hold up a sign saying that and boom, you work for the NDP! and there's a bonus, your whole family can run too! hell they'll make your brother the leader! colorful turbans and F the police. such options to choose from. there's a guy who really represents my interests.
#Anonymous on May 18, 2018 :
This website is nuts. The 'statistics' are people's feelings. Lots of rage in the comments. Brampton isn't the best city in Canada but it's far from the worst. Biggest problem Brampton has is too many international students and angry druggies.
#Indian on May 12, 2018 :
I read few of the posts below and I have also got to know how Indians are behaving in Brampton. I am currently living in Charlottetown and planning to move there. I hope Brampton is the best city to grow my child by telling how not to behave with others. I am an Indian and after reading the below posts and hearing what my friends say(who live in Brmapton), I really feel bad for Canada.
#Anonymous on Apr 24, 2018 :
Moved her a few years ago and it is brutal. Lived all over gta and this is the worst. A bunch of racist brown people who think they own the place.
#Anonymous on Apr 21, 2018 :
Just can't stop laughing at people complaining about Brownton.
#Anonymous on Apr 14, 2018 :
That's so funny. Some guy calling white people lazy. That's like saying black people suck at basketball. Good one chief! People are going to take you really seriously in life i'm sure. Just keep going around saying shit that's the complete opposite of true. Yea ... the headlines in Brampton are all about excessive child molestation by white people ... not at all about stick beatings/shootings/stabbings ...
Lets look at the countries that are run by white people ...
Now look at the countries that are run by black people ...
Now look at the countries that are run by brown people ...
hmmm ... those lazy white countries are way behind in industry/technology/class of living when compared to (all of) Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Haiti, Jamaica ... yup ... sure looks like white populations are lazy all right. That's why the massive influx of non-whites into every white country. Seems black/brown people just desperately want to move out of their awesome perfect countries and live with lazy, white child molesters. Makes a whole lot of sense to me. Another case of a moron now realizing he's part of the problem.
#lazycrackers on Apr 14, 2018 :
This blog is full of racist white peado's. Which is worse ruining kids whole lives by touching them or living with a black or brown neighbors? I see a guy in here talking about changing the name to get a job. You are a lazy druggie that's why you can't find a job. So glad you fill that way, at least you have a taste of what black and brown people have to deal from you kid molesters.
#Anonymous on Apr 05, 2018 :
So funny how people are complaining about this sweet flower city. It is just a city.
#Anonymous on Mar 26, 2018 :
To the person from March 22nd, the pubjabis that come from India don’t get involved in gang wars, they just ruin the city in every other way possible. The brown kids that are born here are the ones that involve themselves in crime.
#Anonymous on Mar 26, 2018 :
These fucking niggers are the cancer to this city. You see these fat fucking porch monkeys with 6 children, walking around Bramalea in their welfare hand-me down strollers stinking up the place. Brampton use to be a nice town, pretty docile. Now these niggers teens and twenty somethings, parade around just like every other infested shit stain GTA area, with their gorilla tunes and their brampton speak fam.

What the fuck are brown people going to do. Most Brown people are fucking pussies.
#Anonymous on Mar 23, 2018 :
I have lived in Brampton for a very long time and have never seen this beautiful city in this degrading, disgusting manner. This all started when TRUDEAU . the idiot decided to bring in all these Punjabi losers to so call study here. They needed to be deported and be sent back to India to carry on with their LAWLESS behaviour. Also Jagmeet Singh need to get off his rear end and do something about his people. Gather them in a barn and speak to them discipline them. I am appalled at Justin Trudeau lack of concern for anyone or anything but himself. As a matter of fact since he went to India and degraded Canada with his idiocy these low life Punjabi got a chip on their shoulder.
#Anonymous on Mar 20, 2018 :
Ethnicity matters because different cultures clearly have different standards in raising their children. I mean, look at #anonymous from Mar 18th ... you'd think after this douche was dropped once as a child his mother would have learned her lesson, but obviously not. #sigh - if every Jamaican was like you i'm sure things would be a lot better, but that's clearly not the case. I've lived here like 30 years and I thought we'd stick it out but I think next year we might be on our way. This town will become India. Give it another couple of decades and it'll just be indistinguishable ... and then all the politicians who got rich from the property taxes generated by pure population volume can pat themselves on the back, and all the people who brought their old country with them can try to figure out which land they're going to spread their rich culture to next. Equal opportunity does not mean equal outcome. Laziness is just so much more ingrained in some cultures, but they still want equal outcome. And f-ing politicians promise it to them. Then they vote. Politicians get elected. Pay themselves. Talk. Give themselves a raise. Talk some more. I really do wish we lived in a time where angry citizens would rise up and do something to the mayors and premiers that they deserve, like actually make them LIVE in a typical Brampton community next to all this multicultural crap that they've shit out all over society. Make them live there and hear the vulgar music blaring, the looks of complete apathy on the faces of the youth, the feeling of walking around your hometown and not hearing any english anywhere around you, the smell of that person next to you who thinks deodorant is a sin, the family with the "lets have 5 children as if we can afford it" mentality, the 3 minivans parked on a 1 car driveway, I could go on and on.
#Anonymous on Mar 20, 2018 :
Lately the violence has been getting crazy.... last night another brown guy was killed in the Sandalwood Torbram area. Times have honestly changed. And this is not exclusive to the brown community by any means, you see black people involved with shootings aswell. Yesterday a white guy and girl robbed a convince store at gunpoint... At the end of the day its about where your values lie and not your ethnicity.
Im honestly unsure as to how to stop the crime as it hurts when you know this stuff is happening right next door.
#sigh on Mar 18, 2018 :
Its sad how everything is race when every race bleeds red. If the problem is drugs its drugs ..people get caught up in drugs regardless of how do we fix this mess? I am a BLACK JAMAICAN WOMAN and I believe that canada has way too much opportunities for people to be doing crime.. There is too much opportunities being given out for people to not be ambitious and make use of it. It doesn't matter where your from . its what you want and your goals..Some people are narrow minded and even if you grow up in the hood it doesn't mean you live by the hood or stay there.. It means you work hard to strive and reach your full potential..I honestly dont know what some of these people think they doing and why they feel the need to damage a community, damage canada. HONESTLY, when it comes to cultures as a Jamaican I know how Jamaicans are including myself but to be all fair .. I do think WHEREVER you come from you should adjust and know your limits..Turn down your humble..your not in Jamaica nor do you need to deaf yourself...adjust and fit in..thats where civilization comes in ..if you are not a problem to others and you are respectful of others..people can live in peace.
#Anonymous on Mar 18, 2018 :
I give a fuck what a cracker thinks go take some fentanyl from the local nigga drug pusher and kill yourself while making him rich stupid White fags... or better yet go fly up north and do your drugs up in thunder Bay and Sudbury timmins etc. where all the crackers are
#Lia Bingham on Mar 07, 2018 :
To all the individuals who are making comments about races that need to die off and kill themselves to be rather frank I declare that you individual's are part of a systematic system to make yourselves claim that you are superior. Please look in the mirror, all people in all neighborhoods commit crime and do drugs. The difference lies in the the way in which it is highlighted through different outlets such as social media outlets. It is highly ignorant to ignore facts such as how non whites are treated proportionally different from darker toned humans. Clearly ideas and view points of how individuals see other humans beings is greatly effected as people who have commented here using words like "Nigger" or references of them, Browns etc are rooted in racism, lack of experience and just another show case of supremacy. Let me remind some you about the rapes that occurred to a set of people that were never atoned for, the beatings and the hangs for crimes they never committed. When telling "Jamaican's" they should take drugs and die you are DISRESPECTFUL and you have no regard to life. If you are God ,then so be it! Until then you need to look at your self and consider what privileges you were born in too and what other's are not. Thank God for Viola Desmond, Rosa parks and the movements of the Black Panthers and Mahatma Gandi in the face of oppression. Every race has a set of people who contributes to good and to bad. Please do not exalt your white race, you history is not without blemish. Before turning the death card on non white groups start with yourselves. The problem with people is that colour seems to be the divided. Why is this so important? Cancer, death, hope, love, family and life is not limited to the colour of ones skins. The real issue is the deep seeded root of sin that brings about hate and division. Their is one kind. the Human race mixed with diversity of colour like any other creation on God's earth. Commission yourselves to make Brampton better and stop creating walls of stereotypes because you have experienced one small aspect of a group of people. The same way you find evil to speak about an ethnic group you can good too! Please just stop being apart of the propaganda.All of you making slighted comments grow up, see clearly and speak with wisdom and any but this is lacking pure truth.
#Anonymous on Mar 03, 2018 :
Holy, what is up with all these crimes going on in this city. All of these stabings and robberies and gun crimes should not be taken lightly!
#Anonymous on Feb 20, 2018 :
Completely agree with Fed Up. the standing in the middle of the aisle with the whole family is a good glimpse at the total lack of common sense. As for driving I find its impossible to drive for more than 2 minutes here without witnessing at lease one of the following:
1 - driving 10 under the limit
2 - not going at a green light till someone honks
3 - not honking for like 30 seconds when the car in front of you doesn't go at a green light, leaving the people further back confused thinking why isn't the first car going, and why isn't the second car honking.
4 - turning LEFT while at the far RIGHT side of a lane as if trying to ensure no one can get around you
5 - mystery braking. no cars in front, straight road, but the car just feels like braking (usually every 20 seconds or so)
6 - turn signal on for no reason
7 - making a right turn and cutting off the car going straight
8 - cutting in and out of traffic to save a car length in the long run. To those drivers, relax ... you're not going anywhere important, believe me. just keep blaring your indian music cause it doesn't make anyone hate you at all. people who were born here love to hear that shit. and you have no responsibility to adapt to the country you moved to at all. nope. they're wrong. you're right. the country you left has better music. why the hell did you move here again? oh yea ... because of how great India is.

Also, thought this was funny. Rogers basic cable doesn't include sportsnet ... a couple days ago the leafs were playing on saturday but the usual channels didn't show it because of the Olympics. But OMNI had on the punjabi edition?! So ... people with basic cable couldn't watch the leafs in english ... only in punjabi ... we're in CANADA for crying out loud!
#Fed up on Feb 17, 2018 :
Flood gates are open from India. Bring in the students and all the villagers. Come suck the government dry. All indian women working cash in my workplace while their husbands drive truck. These students too are working cash. No manners very rude and dirty people. They stand in the middle of the aisles in stores like they are the only ones around. No consideration for other people. Bring their whole family in grocery stores like they are going to wonderland. Sneezing all over fruits and vegetables, not even covering their nose. Cut me off at the intersection to be in front of me at the red light. Once its green drive 20km/hr. Wearing indian dresses with a pair of Ewing hightop shoes. Wtf. Wearing the same clothes they cook their food in out in public. And the last mayor of Brampton, good job closing the strip clubs to bring in all the bumbaclots from Toronto.
#Anonymous on Feb 13, 2018 :
Yes a smile will fix everything. Read the Brampton headlines today. Hard to smile when you've got so much of our vibrant diversity involved in human trafficking ...

Sexual assault...

homicide ...

good ol' fashioned robberies

didn't bother posting the link for some dude named Parminder stealing eggs from a farmers fridge.

Seriously ... come on ...
#Anonymous on Jan 01, 2018 :
looks like most of you don't have much to say good about Brampton.
Please read the real facts about Brampton. yes our population. Has been growing. Yes their is a increase in crime rate ( give me a name of the city you don' find crime). Look around the participation of immigrants in helping the city's growth.
Wake up smell the coffee. This is reality. Start living with it. Think positive and how can you help the city and community to decrease the crime rate.start participating instead of complaining.

When you see someone "SMILE..".This will show who you Are ( person might smile back to make your day).
#Who cares on Dec 14, 2017 :
Why do homeowners in Brampton used the garbage bins to decorate their homes? Please explain why these people store garbage by their doorsteps or used their garbage to divide the driveway between them and other neighbors. Why????
#Jim on Nov 20, 2017 :
Lived in Brampton in the 60s and the 70s, returned in the 2000s. Brampton was a beautiful (flowertown), large town on the outskirts of Toronto. It had good travel links to Toronto as well as to the other locations in Southern Ontario. Very low crime rates, reasonable property prices, reasonable taxes and decent schools and hospitals. My return in 2010 has revealed a completely different type of town, more a slum really. Overcrowded housing, schools have slipped down the education rankings, the Jamaicans have brought violence with them from Kingson Jamaica, the Indians seem to have cornered the job market etc. Frankly it is a pretty scummy place to live now and even the professional Asians are looking to move out. Of course, Canada was always overrated, but it was still a giant step up from Jamaica, India, Somalia etc. However, it is now a giant step down for most white migrants and Canadians. Pity really, it was a terrific town to live in, but now it has been swamped with third world scum.
#Jason on Nov 13, 2017 :
In years past, I've often heard many less than kind remarks about Brampton from friends. Despite that, I chose to move there several years ago. That's when I began to understand why.

The lack of common courtesy in this city is really sad and there is a general attitude that has become quite ingrained. You hold the door for someone and half the time they look at you as if you're an alien from another planet and walk in without a word. This just isn't the kind of place I want to live. So I decided to move a few months ago. When I told several customers of mine that I was moving to another city, two of them (which happened to be of South Asian decent) asked me if I had realized that I'm not brown? I was speechless. This racist/prejudice attitude is also easily seen if you browse Kijiji apartment ads. I was looking for apartments for a white friend of mine and what I kept seeing were ads that said something to the effect of "Indian only" in their listings. Disgusting!

I have many Indian friends and I feel for them on how much their community has been brought down by all the bad apples in this city. One of which is a nurse at BCH. And she tells me all the time how disappointed she is in her community and how they bring the problems upon themselves. Another friend of mine who is Indian has decided to move his family out of Brampton as well. He told me he had enough after a situation that occurred in Chinguacousy park with his family. An older Indian man who was sitting on the grass with his friends, got up and urinated in the park. My friend told me he confronted the man and told him what he was doing was wrong. The man then retorted that his generation has no respect. My friend was furious and told the man he's the one without respect. No respect for the laws here nor for doing what he did while his daughter was playing in the park.

So I'm really not surprised that this city is getting worse. Especially with these spoiled kids joining gangs, acting like they're living in the ghetto when they're living in their parents million dollar homes. Here's an idea, why not make your parents proud? Whether or not Brampton is the ghetto, it's certainly headed in that direction.
#Anon on Nov 13, 2017 :
Stop complaining about the browns and blacks, we barely do anything. Because of you racists a lot of INNOCENT people are shocked of how fast your mouths run. Keep it shut if you got nothing nice to say, all I was using this was for a school project and I get this bs.
#Anonymous on Nov 10, 2017 :
I don’t know what to say about this city... It’s just a disaster that this point. It’s like you can’t even own a vehicle without knowing that it will be broken into. I’m not sure what drives these people to steal from the good man who works hard. Let me clarify I’m not a rasicst, but I’m shocked at how these Blacks and Indians carry themselves. Cameras caught an brown guy breaking into a car the other day, this is like the 4th car jacking that I’ve heard about this week from my neighbor hood alone!

Don’t get it twisted, there are a lot of hard workers out there, but somethings just bother me, like the drug use.

The amount of times I’ve seen marijuana abuse in public places is just horrendous. There’s no way that I’m able to walk through a park without fear of being robbed by the gangs that are smoking and doing drugs on the benches.

Also, I’m not sure if Brampton can be considered that safe anymore, the amount of stabbings and killings you hear of have are rather scary.

You’d think these people would fear the consequences to their actions right?
#anonymous on Nov 03, 2017 :
Brampton is a slum. Indians and Africans are extremely nasty people who would rather die before taking pride in their properties. Home ownership means absolutely nothing to these people who park on their lawns, never cuts lawns, has weeds growing all over their property with the garbage bins being the decor for their homes. The double parking on the streets because there are 10 people who drives living in a 3 bedroom house, which comes with 2 car lots. Then you have the Jamaicans who play music until 2am or they drive around with music blasting from their cars. OMG! I took public transit and almost collapse due to the smell of spices and smelly odor I had to endure. This is my 1st time living in a predominantly Indian/black neighbourhood and I will make this my last.

I recently went to purchase a house in a new development up by Mayfield but the moment I saw my potential neighbors I lost all interest. There are some nice neighborhoods in Brampton but make certain you do your research about where to live. One place to avoid is a community with a lot of renters. I live in a townhouse complex where majority of the homes were purchased by Indian/Chinese investors who turn the properties into rooming house and its the worst. This community is worst than the Village at York. Jane/Finch is not even comparable to what the few of us home owners must tolerate.
#Dear anonymous on Oct 06, 2017 :
Ofxourse you don't the issues of minorities... Your white
#To the white boy on Oct 06, 2017 :
How old are you? I mean are
You a old white dinosaur or a oblivious going white person?
#Anonymous on Oct 05, 2017 :
I've sent out a bunch of resumes recently trying to find something new to get out of my current job - not a single response. Strange that my privilege is not driving anyone to break down my door to give me offers - but it makes me wonder if I had a more 'diverse' name maybe I might have gotten a call back. So yea, I do feel like I need to change my name. Being white does not help you get a job in the GTA, not when everyone is an equal opportunity employer. about 10 years ago everyone at my work had to fill out a survey. it had 3 questions. Are you a minority? Are you handicapped? Are you a woman? I felt the need to write "sorry" at the bottom after answering no to all 3. How can you claim whites have privilege when companies don't even hide the fact that they'd prefer anyone BUT you. And I've been pulled over for no reason before ... surprise surprise. cop thought I had weed ... I didn't. yup - this happened. and i'm white! No one gets pulled over for listening to music. People SHOULD get pulled over for listening to loud, angry music. Know what? you can hear your music fine at a volume that doesn't leave your car. Blaring it out the window with F bombs and nigger this and that is fucking antagonistic, people have their kids in the car and these dicks think the street is their own personal club. This is not a right - and again, another thing that keeps racism alive and well. I get just as pissed off when white people do that too believe me, but black/browns have a WAY higher rate of blaring offensive music out of their cars. I guess they NEED to do this because they don't have white privilege, or due to another one of these complex minority issues I can't possibly understand.
#DearWhitepeople on Oct 05, 2017 :
Do you get pulled over because your listening to your music? NO because you got privilege.
#Dear White People on Oct 05, 2017 :
... Do you have to change your name on a resume just so you will get hired....NO. Because you have white privilege.
#Dear White People on Oct 05, 2017 :
If you cant see how brown and black people are oppressed by a white system, its because you have privilege and are blind to the experiences. You have become the sheep.

Anonymous is saying that this shit happened sixty years ago, but then the comment below is using the N word... this shit is alive today, and just because its not as overt, doesn't mean its not real.

This is why us minorities cant be hating on each other, because that's the systems plan to make us fight amongst each other and not unite. And not just minorities, White people too. We need a coalition to unite for minority issues. I don't believe all white people are racist, a lot have un learnt that behavior. But the once that don't realize their privilege can fuckk off.

#Anonymous on Oct 04, 2017 :
Seems to me that non-whites don't seem to understand the issues that white people face that basically obsolete any notion of systemic privilege. Just saying over and over again that it exists doesn't make it exist. Just saying over and over again that there are mystical, highly complex reasons for increased levels of school dropout/violence/gang involvement in minorities that can't possibly be understood by whites also, doesn't make it true. Whatever bullshit reasons you're claiming are excuses - any systematic repression is long gone. I'm almost forty and it was long gone when I was just growing up in Brampton. So its been gone a while. All because repression happened at some point, doesn't mean you get to claim it for all the generations of your family until the end of time because you aren't strong enough to compete legally for all things people strive for in our society. You want to own something? Work and buy it. Finish school ... yeay we know its tough. Its tough for everyone -- everyone hates high school - either the social aspect or the academic always will make everyone hate it. Everyone gets pressure - to steal, do drugs, drink, ... it applies to everyone. I think some people simply can't conceive that white people just have a higher likelihood of steering through these obstacles, and focusing themselves to school, or work, or something productive. Not because of privilege ... it's just will power/effort. Its so easy to stand on the sidelines, watch white people succeed and say 'oh ... it's cause they're white' ... know how insulting that is to someone like me who's worked every day since he was 15 ... part time always through all high school and most of university ... then immediately to full time afterwards and ever since. I hate my job right now but i'm still doing it because I have responsibilities. Black people claiming white people still have some kind of privilege is what helps keep racism alive. Admit its a level playing field right now and focus your energy on competing, rather than just ranting about things that applied like 60 years ago.
#Dear white people on Sep 30, 2017 :
You have to much systemic privilege to notice your bigotry and don't understand minority issues that lead to crime. Go do some reading and stop acting like your perfect. Truth hurts I know. If your not gonna be a ally .... Fuck off
#To anonymous from May 16 on Sep 30, 2017 :
Ummm no ... Brampton wasn't a
Christian place hillbilly. This is all indigenous land. So for you to be like go to country that aligns with your beliefs is hippicrotical. Anyone who lives here should put indigenous native beliefs over anything because we are all guests. I don't care about a dumb paper passport stating otherwise. And Noone care if your 8 generation Canadian. That means ur 8 generation as a guest. Remember that you European entitled idiot.
#To bajoob on Sep 30, 2017 :
The anti blackness in our community is huge. Because when we ( south Asians) were colonized black people 5000 years ago by white people. 5000 years of rape, brainwashing and mixing made us forget we were originally black and taught us to hate darker shades. Basically stop the anti blackness and take some damn accountability. Last time I checked it was a lot of punjabis bringing in drugs and weapons through trucking business. Both the black and brown community are involved in the crime
and white ppl too. Your just to anti black to notice. We better off building brown and black coalitions to make a change. Not divide and conquer because you feel powerful hating...
#Anonymous on Aug 23, 2017 :
when compared to other extremely dangerous places like South side Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, etc Brampton is safe. but in a general sense, Brampton is not a very nice place to live.
#Anonymous on Aug 22, 2017 :

How does poverty and lack of education explain shooting blindly at windows? Oh, i'm so poor, so i'll get a gun and shoot at that house. Oh, I didn't have access to the free education in this country, so i'll get a gun and shoot at that house. such crap - different backgrounds/cultures have different values. Driving a few days ago next to a cadillac escalate around castlemore and humberwest pkwy ... rolled down the window to listen to the lyrics they were blaring out the window, all I heard was blah blah blah "n-word" blah, blah blah, "pistol on my lap" .... here's an idea, want people to stop using the n-word? STOP SAYING IT. want people to disassociate black people from violence? stop singing about shooting people! start at home - mothers, tell your children that singing a word over and over again may not result in it leaving the dictionary. Sick and tired of hearing about how these kids are little angels when they get shot or arrested - no one I know is perfect or even close but this asshole in the escalade is WAY the fuck off - and somehow he has money for an escalade. i'm sure he got it through hard work. hahahahahahaha.
#brampton for love on Aug 19, 2017 :
Brampton is safe. period. Stop downplaying and over criticizing it with no facts. Every city has some pockets that are prone to higher crime due to unfortunate things like poverty, lack of education, etc. - most of the time these are system failures rather that an ethnic community issue. Every person should have the opportunity to go to school & eat a healthy meal. There will always be certain individuals who opt the wrong path and get into drugs and crime instead of focusing on schooling and success. These 'bad apples' don't make the entire city or a community a "dump" as some people have called it here. We have a justice system in place that needs to act appropriately to take care of these bad apples and put them on the right path.

Take it on yourselves to be a good example for your neighbors & kids. Do good & be good. Stop pointing fingers and ask yourselves if the way you talk, behave, interact, act in society is something that you would like your kids to emulate. If you see that there are many things you would not want them to do, then start making those changes yourselves. Brampton has boomed over the past 15 years like very few other cities in north America - take credit for the good work that you have all done & continue to do. Spreading negativity instead of taking positive actions will not yield any progress, so take the responsibility as a citizen to do everything to contribute positively to the society & the progress of the city & our country.

PS - Haters can go suck it. 99.9% of you have never contributed anything to the society. You did not volunteer or donate anything for the progress of the community/city/country, but you feel entitled to have and spread negativity. Sad! Start contributing first.
#Anonymous on Aug 14, 2017 :
The people complaining are kind of funny. It's more anger at not being able to afford to live in Oakville and the like. Brampton is full of factories, not sure what kind of environment you guys are expecting given the workforce?
#sparky mcflux on Aug 10, 2017 :
You racist Bastards, if you don't like living with south asians/east Indians, then move. You are free to do so, just like they are. It's your choice to live where you want. Why would you want to stay? If you hate your neighbors so much, move. I personally do not like them very much, I hate the ignorance, rudeness, selfishness and hygiene habits that come with being raised in that culture, in comparison with the ethnicities we have traditionally had immigrating to Canada. I also know that the next generation is closer to our traditional values, and within 3-4 generations maximum, they will be wearing deodorants, showering daily, holding doors for people and even thanking the people who hold the doors for them. But in the mean time, they have to live somewhere. To stay in their chosen settlement area and complain about it, is just
stupid imo. You are free to move, go. What does complaining like a racist bigot achieve exactly?
#Bill on Jul 27, 2017 :
I feel Mississauga has become worse. Especially around Square 1. / Cooksville.
#Anonymous on Jul 03, 2017 :
I've been living here for over 40 years.Brampton isn't the same nice place anymore we are being taken over and everyone knows what l mean.It's not fair to the rest of the citizens who are all different backgrounds of people. There's one group that are dominating every one else.Brampton is screwed. Wait until we get a east Indian mayor????lm lost for's a nightmare.
#Anonymous on May 19, 2017 :
Yup - Trudeau knows how to get his votes, he always has the right looking people standing very close in any photo op. That's all you need - a famous daddy and be surrounded by one of each visible majority (not a typo) to get their votes. Plus anyone under 25 will vote for him regardless cause they can't fathom aligning with conservatives. That only happens later in life.
#Anonymous on May 16, 2017 :
The thing is your right, Canada was based on Christianity and it is just crazy to come here and want to change that. Why come here and change everything?? Go to another country to is aligned with your beliefs. BUT guess what they are changing everything. The fist thing the new mayor that I am ashamed to admit voted in, was remove the Lord prayer cause it's offensive. To who but yet every day, month and hour we are forced to acknowledge yes another South Asian traditional celebration. OK elephants in the streets of brampton.....has anyone watched videos in Indian if those elephants going while and trampling the crowd. As the previous person mentioned.

My parents came here worked hard and did the Canadian thing. Not trying to change everything about Canada. Again, if Canada is not for you there are other places to go but to try and change it is crazy.

Guess what as long as Trudeau needs votes, we have no say...minority will win.

Our tax money is being spent in all difference types of ways we are opposed to but again if he can bring in more refugees and they vote. It's a sure win!!!
#Anonymous on Apr 15, 2017 :
Not too concerned about the accuracy of the stats. I go more based on my own observations of the gradual decline in the past 30 or so years, and from what the older generation who've been here since the 70's tell me. It's going in a bad direction and it's wrong to ignore it.

And to the other guy ... I didn't say anything about sticking to your own race and religion; i'm going to stop posting after because i'd rather not deal with having words put in my mouth. I'm saying multi-CULTURALISM is a load of crap. People can be different races and religions and still share a culture. Not every religion can, because some are more comparable than others. My family immigrated here, worked hard, became citizens. What we didn't do is try to change the place to make it more like the place we left. When I heard about people bitching in a grocery store saying the Christmas carols offend then, that's when I first realized something was wrong. Then when the grocery store STOPS playing the carols, that's when I realized we're screwed. And anyone who says this doesn't happen is wrong, I have good friends who've been in grocery management for years and it does.

If many races/religious live together and share things like major holidays, values, work ethic, language (maybe not at first, but willingness to learn must be there), a love of hockey or baseball, an understanding of Canadian history, all these things combine to form a culture. When a group moves in and starts changing things to accommodate them, refusing to learn the language, creating little pockets of their old home that gets bigger and bigger, that's when things fall apart.
#Anonymous on Apr 15, 2017 :
hey guys. the data for this site is off and based on fearful ppl continually adding their perceived fears. this site says brampton has higher crime then other cities known for crime. i've been tracking with peel police data and it's off.
#Anonymous on Apr 15, 2017 :
So you are all for everyone just stick to their own race and religion!!! Interesting....well, there are a lot of mixed couples out there. Not sure what they would do!! They would have to separate. Lol.

To be honest, I wish there was one way for the government control it so that one culture could not live in one area. That would help with better tolerance.
#Anonymous on Apr 14, 2017 :
.. And i'm also going to add some thoughts on a broader but related topic. Argument c) multiculturalism does not appear to be a concept that works well; rather it seems to gradually break a society down. I believe this to be analogous to a tug of war, when one side is pulling in one direction, while the other side has some people pulling away, some left, some right, some up, some down. Different cultures have different values. Different values translate into different priorities, standards, ethics. Merging different cultures in a society just puts up more walls between its members. People already isolate themselves into groups by gender, family, social status - these are unavoidable lines that divide people and create "us versus them" friction in certain situations. If the goal is to have a safe/stable society, we should be working on minimizing the number of things that create these dividing lines. Why do some schools have uniforms? Part of the reason is to eliminate ridicule that would go to kids who can't afford the best clothes. Most kids hate the uniform while they're in school, it reduced their ability to individualize, but creates stability. I believe in general a more uniform society would be more stable ... multiculturalism really only benefits those that are benefited by population growth, i.e. politicians. More people = more votes, more taxes = more income. I'd be interested to hear an argument that's pro-multiculturalism. I'm kind of sick of having my taxes pay for commercials that tell me I need to value diversity, without any insight as to why.
#Anonymous on Apr 14, 2017 :
You know how you can tell a good debater? Watch for the one who starts calling the opposing side stupid. Resorting to name-calling is just childish, it doesn't exactly emulate brilliance sorry to tell you. I've written some quickly worded messages on here because I have some spare time and I like to share my opinion, not trying to fix anything. I don't pretend to have insight on people's education based on what they jot down on here. I know i'm logical and I know i'm rationale. You're not going to convince me otherwise by calling me names. If you'd like to try your hand at a logical argument as to how i'm wrong on the actual points i'm contending please go ahead. I'm not on here arguing that: a) you are left-wing or b) carding is/isn't happening in Brampton. My argument is a) that there is a trend that indicates violent crimes are more likely to be committed by certain racial groups and b) that tactics to control this, if they are to be effective, may require some processes (such as carding) that are not popular with some because they brand it as an infringement of their rights, which I don't believe it to be. Or more specifically, that it is a fair infringement on privacy so as to improve public safety. By all means if you feel like debating those points go ahead and tell me how i'm wrong. If you don't feel like engaging, simply don't post anything (if you feel embarrassed as you said, this will be the best way to avoid embarrassment). Try not to find the typo, grammatical error, or sentence where I could have worded something better and hone in on that, because what's the point? This should be a forum for discussion. I'm not asking you to proof-read an essay here.
#Anonymous on Apr 14, 2017 :
And at the end of the day Peel has carding so your original post was just some personal issues for you, huh?
#Anonymous on Apr 14, 2017 :
Er...I'm a conservative on the moderate right politically???? I grew up with cops and we debate this all the time. Me not engaging with you is because I can tell you're not educated enough and are deluded into thinking you are logical and rational and I must be from the left. In fact typing this out is embarassing. I'm sure you'll fix things bud. Have a great Easter.
#Anonymous on Apr 13, 2017 :
Damn - guess my whole point isn't valid anymore. Bravo. So if I say (and these numbers are just for example purposes) that 80% of violent crimes are committed by black people and 20% are committed by white people, which is disproportional to their percentage makeup of the population, that would be a stronger point than saying that for every violent crime committed by a white person, 4 black people commit one? Man, too many rightophobes in here. Any opinion that deviates from the far left needs to be labelled as pure racist ... except when it's carefully worded, then you need to find something like misuse of proportions versus ratios ... how about you admit the trend exists, and talk about some real ways to correct it?
#Anonymous on Apr 12, 2017 :
Learn the difference between proportions and ratios and you wouldn't have to type all that on an anonymous site
#Anonymous on Apr 11, 2017 :
I figured my "talk good" and "read book" would be recognized for jokes that they were. Guess my humour was too subtle.

I'd like to see some proof/stats that show white people commit more crimes by ratios. But OK - just to put the focus where it belongs, i'm really only concerned about violent crime. I'm less concerned about fraud, possession of marijuana, and all those other less severe crimes that are more evenly distributed. But violent crime is definitely skewed to be higher in certain ethnic backgrounds. But there are instances where white people make up the higher proportion - serial killers for example, seem to typically be white people.

And yes, show your ID. People will complain that 'they're not doing anything wrong' ... but if you're too concerned about things like too many cops in the area, showing your ID, being watched too closely, the reason you're concerned about that is because you want the freedom to do something wrong (because you're thinking about it). Same reason people get nervous when there's a cop on the road and you've had a drink. But if you're driving, doing the speed limit, have your licence, all registrations up to date, and you see a cop on the road you're thinking very differently. You're not worried at all.

And i'm not saying card just black people ... i'm saying take the areas with higher crime and measure the ratios of the criminals arrested from that area. Then card people who match the ratios. That's a simple scientific approach. What's the alternative? Let things be? Sure ... then trends will continue. If you don't recognize the trends that your retarded.
#Anonymous on Apr 10, 2017 :
And that anon's English was okay. Same level as April 5ths anon actually. You use too many broken sentences though.

And it's 'speak well'. Not 'talk good'. Good lord, what area of Brampton are you guys from.
#Anonymous on Apr 10, 2017 :
So bc you share the same skin colour you should be carded? Lmao, I think ppl have no idea between race and culture AT ALL. And white ppl in Brampton are underachievers, no idea what you're crying about. Most did not go to uni, when I graduated hs 6 years ago. Most do construction, I truly envy them /s.

''Too bad, show your ID' lol. White ppl commit the most crime based on 'ratios'. Too bad, show your ID.

My only gripe with Brampton is it's hard to live in a large brown population when you aren't brown. I won't be raising children here. Other then that...Brampton is Brampton.
#Anonymous on Apr 05, 2017 :
Did that anonymous on Mar 24th say all white kids want to be ball players and rappers? Seriously? Take it from a white guy who grew up in Brampton, friends with a wide mix of people, zero of my white male friends ever wanted to be ball players or rappers. Know what we did do? Got jobs at 15 in a grocery store. Kept going to school, worked part time. Spent the little bit of money we made on the weekends, just having fun. That's the problem with all those (haha) white people who want to be ball players and rappers ... they don't seem to realize that while that's fine to be your dream, you need to work (like, a real job, thats hard, and you might not enjoy it) just for the VERY LIKELY POSSIBILITY that your dream doesn't pan out. It's like people saying "i'm gonna be a lottery winner when I grow up".
Zero of my female friends injected their asses and lips. Although that is typically what you see when you see a white girl dating a black guy. They steal your style, music and creativity? Are you basing your entire world view on a particular high school, or just the video for 'pretty fly for a white guy'? Damn ... it make me laugh. Stop butchering the English language! Learn to talk good! Spell good. Read book.
Also apparently Anonymous is implying that injecting asses is an attempt to "look like us" ... so I guess that would be a comment saying all black people have huge asses? That's just nonsense.
No race is perfect. Problem is the ratios. Society must act based on ratios to control crime. That why carding in my opinion is just fine. If you're in a high crime area, and you're from a background that has higher ratios of crime, too bad, show your ID. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about.
#Anonymous on Mar 24, 2017 :
Thank you, but that's black women...not girl . . . lol anyway....i Also wanted to point out that assimilation is the problem with new comers to this county. I was born here but my parents came here and did the Canadian thing, yes we still respected our culture but they also respected was a privilege to come here. Now the borders are open to every nation who are not willing to adapt and making it fight when it does not have to be. No one's wants to feel out of place in their own city. Brampton is not designed for blacks it's for South Asians to have a mini India here. And culturally they are different but we are forced to adapt. Again....equality??????
#Anonymous on Mar 24, 2017 :
Educated black girl you said it well. I laugh at all these white people who want blacks to dissappear. They steal our style, music, creativity etc. And their children all aspire to be Ball players and rappers. That must make dem cracker Jack's loose sleep every night. They tan and inject their asses and lips to look like us and then hate make me laugh.
#Anonymous on Mar 24, 2017 :
Crime is equal among blacks, Indians and whites. I am an university educated employed "black" women, wife and mother. We work hard to afford our home, vehicle and take care of our children etc. My Husband's car got broken into and they are breaking into houses daily on our street. I live in fear of these things. Such ignorance to say if one race were not to exist the city would be far better off. The city is made up a mixture of people and in every culture good, bad and Ugly. So the statement all blacks are not good is old and tired. Yes some of their attitudes / behavior are horrible, there are some that do work and some desire to work and contribute to life. they are constantly challenged with these ignorant they have prove they are a worthy black person to be hired. Yeah we say equality matters to whom????
#Anonymous on Feb 26, 2017 :
Home invasion - 3 black guys.
Carjackings, some dude named Vaishnavan Suthagaran and his 17 year old buddy who can't be named of course.
#Tia on Feb 15, 2017 :
I made a comment here about a year ago after living in Brampton for about three months. Now a year has past and I thought I owe everyone an update.

Someone ask how did I resolve the loud music issue. First, let me clarify. The people that were living next door were a brunch of adults who like shacking up (aka rooming house). Well! lets just say one neighbor had enough of their BS and decide to take matters into her own hands and for 7 months my street has been so quiet, you can hear the sound of a pin drop.

Double parking on the street was also a big issue in my townhouse complex. We called the city who refused to take action as they claim its a new development. We continuously call management but nothing was done. Well! lets say the same lady mentioned above had enough and decided to take matters into her own hands....lmao...sorry I am laughing like crazy typing are 2 houses on the block which are rooming house and since everyone drives they have nowhere to park so they block the avenue. This woman at about 1am went knocking at their door to the point where the police got involved. After that altercation we have almost no issue with double parking.

I have been here now for 1 year and 2 months and I have to say I have fallen in love with Brampton. I have learned so much and Brampton have taught me not to run away when things gets "rough" because everywhere you go there are LOSERS. I have three friends who lives in Vaughan and they too have issues with neighbors who park on lawn, do not cut grass and who hoard garbage. My mother-in-law lives in an expensive community in Toronto have a white neighbor who is a loser. This man never cuts grass, breed dogs in his back yard, put up the ugliest patio with black fencing around the property. Every summer I go by my mother-in-law looks over his yard and start cursing. I have lived in predominately white neighborhoods and see nasty people. The last rental I had was 90% white people yet the building was dirty, management was horrible. I lived on that building for 1 year and I never washed my clothes in that laundry room because of how disgusting it would be. (I am not the type to mention race but since this forum is about race I have no choice) The only radio station I listen to is 640 AM and if you guys ever hear the stories of horrible neighbors you will know Brampton is no different from other cities.

Over the year I have made friends with Indian, black and white who are all successful women contributing to society. I might not stay too long in Brampton but I am definitely not moving because the city is predominately South Asian. I am moving back to Toronto because my husband and I have decided to start our family and we want our children to be close to their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. When my moving day arrive I will definitely miss here but I will still visit.

Like everywhere else in the world Brampton is a beautiful city with good and horrible people. But if we work together, support the people who truly has the guts to stand up to those about to turn our communities into ghettos, we will be amaze by what we can accomplish.

When that black lady went over to complain about the loud noise an argument developed and almost the entire community came to her rescue. By all of us joining hands the loud music stopped, double parking stopped. They even moved away after a year. The house is now empty and up for sale.

***LETS WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE CANADA THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH****Do we really want our children growing up knowing hate like our parents? I grew up in a mixed family where all I knew is love.

Before I exit I just want to say a person's skin color is not a reflection of their character because I have some horrible white family.
#Anonymous on Feb 12, 2017 :
I grew up in Brampton and lived there for 25 years, left in 2010 and boy am I happy I did. I've only been back twice since then, and both times I'm very disappointed with what the city has become. It's not the same place I grew up in.

I will never live there again unfortunately.
#Thomas on Jan 04, 2017 :
I love Brampton. It is my hometown.

Write your councillors, emails your MPPS, lets work together to make it GREAT!

There are many wonderful and amazing people from Brampton with BIG HEARTS!
#globalcitizen on Jan 03, 2017 :
Brampton is safe. period. Stop downplaying and over criticizing it with no facts. Every city has some pockets that are prone to higher crime due to unfortunate things like poverty, lack of education, etc. - most of the time these are system failures rather that an ethnic community issue. Every person should have the opportunity to go to school & eat a healthy meal. There will always be certain individuals who opt the wrong path and get into drugs and crime instead of focusing on schooling and success. These 'bad apples' don't make the entire city or a community a "dump" as some people have called it here. We have a justice system in place that needs to act appropriately to take care of these bad apples and put them on the right path.

Take it on yourselves to be a good example for your neighbors & kids. Do good & be good. Stop pointing fingers and ask yourselves if the way you talk, behave, interact, act in society is something that you would like your kids to emulate. If you see that there are many things you would not want them to do, then start making those changes yourselves. Brampton has boomed over the past 15 years like very few other cities in north America - take credit for the good work that you have all done & continue to do. Spreading negativity instead of taking positive actions will not yield any progress, so take the responsibility as a citizen to do everything to contribute positively to the society & the progress of the city & our country.

PS - Haters can go suck it. 99.9% of you have never contributed anything to the society. You did not volunteer or donate anything for the progress of the community/city/country, but you feel entitled to have and spread negativity. Sad! Start contributing first.
#Brampton on Dec 06, 2016 :
Some days are okay i guess. Other days its like grand theft auto
#Anonymous on Dec 06, 2016 :
Canada as a whole is a diverse nation. Crime happens all over the world so to the people pointing out specific races for commiting the most crimes or being the worst you people are very wrong. Brampton has changed over the years and it has always been diverse. If we keep focusing on the colour of peoples skin nothing will change. And if you grew up in Brampton you can easily avoid getting robbed or mugged. Just use your brain..
#Anonymous on Dec 05, 2016 :
If you don't like Brampton, leave, it's that simple. But most can't afford anything else, which is why I'm reading the most whiny sentences right now.