Crime in Brampton, Canada

Crime rates in Brampton, Canada

Level of crime
63.19 High
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
74.37 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
56.20 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed
54.91 Moderate
Worries car stolen
47.20 Moderate
Worries things from car stolen
53.51 Moderate
Worries attacked
53.05 Moderate
Worries being insulted
47.31 Moderate
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
36.77 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
67.45 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
58.44 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
56.33 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery
46.49 Moderate

Safety in Brampton, Canada

Safety walking alone during daylight
62.53 High
Safety walking alone during night
35.05 Low

Contributors: 456

Last update: February 2021

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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36 Comments so far
Anonymous on Jan 27, 2021:
Brampton,Milton and missisauga are all becoming the same brown filled citys that are over run by drugs i want to move out
Anonymous on Nov 15, 2020:
So glad I moved out of Brampton. It’s a cesspit. Many people ignoring COVID 19 rules, large gatherings, etc. stabbings, shootings, expensive car insurance, you name it. My advise - get out of that dump while you can. Move to a small city and you won’t regret it!
anonymous on Sep 09, 2020:
What has happened to Brampton.. wonder which country it is belongs to ....
Noisy exhaust sounds, high speed bikes and no one can drive on the road peacefully without to face irresponsible drivers on the road.
why all the cars are tinted you cannot at least any human driving...
Authorities, Mayor police step up to stop this nonesense.
Sandy on Sep 09, 2020:
I am a Jamaican and I live in Brampton
I agree that crime has increased and people are rude
What I really find disturbing is how people cast off an entire group or nation and blame them for the crime
The elected officials must do something about crime in Brampton.. but please stop calling countries and nations trash... it’s racist and does not help your argument
Anonymous on Sep 07, 2020:
Anonymous from Aug 15th seems to be quite the racist themselves. Most of these crimes committed by white people? That's a racist comment by the sounds of it. A funny spin on reality that's not supported by any stats or evidence, ... but even if it's a joke though it's still racist. I mean this morning I read that 4 black guys carjacked a Mercedes yesterday at gunpoint, a few weeks ago a white girl was shot and killed by her black ex who routinely violated restraining orders. I can't fault people for being a bit racist when there's story after story supporting a racial skew towards violent crime, all it means is that people observe the world around them and make associations based on what they see. But when you see comments like these it just shows you that everyone is inherently racist, and will be that way no matter what the facts are. But it will be a long long time before we see marches against anti-white racism, which obviously exists and is supported from the top by the grand master of anti-white agendas, Trudeau, who doesn't make any effort to hide the fact that his focus is black/brown/indigenous/female/LGBTQ etc. which means if you're a white male, from his perspective you can go f yourself because you've got everything already. But thats a stereotype that's true for him and his family and the generations of Trudeau pricks to come who will inevitably run the country because of the popularity trumps logic concept of our election system. The question is when (i'm talking decades from now) we see some anti-white racism protests, how many black/brown supporters will show up? My guess is few, and good for them, because they support their own. White people are the only race stupid enough to act the way they're acting as if they're responsible for slavery, or the actions of a small number of police. Don't worry Anonymous of Aug 15th, the world is going in your direction buddy.
Anonymous on Aug 15, 2020:
There's too much nonsense in these comments. Blaming the government for apparently letting in Punjabi people to study, and saying how they should all be exported. You're all pathetic, and if you want to be a die hard racist, PLEASE go immigrate to the southern states or something. The ignorance is disgusting and quite shameful of any Canadian. Keep pointing others for blame in your life and about how your jobs are being taken away because some person actually decided to work HARD in their life and stay focused in school rather than have their peak in high school like you. Also, MOST of these crimes are by white people. If your solution is removal, then by all means, get yourself out. "Vote conservative", you're all SUCH LOSERS. If you knew ANYTHING about politics, you'd see how messed up almost all the parties are. Instead you'll scapegoat your failings in life and associate with the conservative party and blame people who frankly are a LOT smarter and harder working than you.
Anonymous on May 25, 2020:
Now South Asians are moving to Fergus and will spoil it just like they did Brampton. Instead of the Highland Games, the city is going to have to change it to Punjabi Games!!!
Anonymous on May 01, 2020:
The majority of problems in Brampton are mostly white related. They are urged to move elsewhere because they can’t get along with anyone.
Anonymous on May 01, 2020:
Brampton ranks amongst the safest cities in Canada. What a load of bull being written here.
Anonymous on Feb 23, 2020:
To the post from jan 29 , just listen... Truth has nothing to do with racism, this city is being ruined by those who do not respect civilized world. Crimes , guns ,thieves . This country was build for many centuries , since Christopher Columbus discovered that land. It was hard work, peace and respect to others . Nobody stole this land , get the history facts.
Anonymous on Jan 29, 2020:
I’ve read so many comments here and I can’t believe how many of them are written by racist people who think this country belongs to them when it actually belongs to the First Nations People. Your ancestors stole this land from someone else and you have the audacity to comment on new immigrants in fear of losing “your country”. Get an education.
Anonymous on Dec 27, 2019:
I agree with Anonymous post of December 27. I too am moving and honestly can not wait to get out of hellhole Brampton. Shots fired a block from my house last week and dead body near Lowe’s again.
Anonymous on Dec 27, 2019:
Too much crimes in Brampton, horrible drivers, drugs issues, and list will go and go . I am moving soon . Too many people can't stand what is going on and moving out from Brampton , because of safety.
There will be typical 3 rd world town here soon , unless something will be done to stop it.
Ryan on Dec 05, 2019:
These scumbags are starting to move to Georgetown. Spit on the ground they walk upon. They have overrun all of the local parks and hiking spots. Obnoxious insects. We need to stop globalization and send them back to their shithole country to starve. Nature doesn’t have room for free hugs. It’s either us or them. Our white ancestors build western civilization over thousands of years. Why are we giving it to these savages so freely? Make them feel unwelcome. They are not people. They are scum.
Steve on Nov 18, 2019:
How is the area near Vodden St E and Williams PKwy?
Iransofaraway on Nov 12, 2019:
The Jamaicans and Africans in this city are disgusting, vile, trash that needs to be eradicated.
Imran the 1 st on Oct 30, 2019:
I Disagree with people complaining about Brampton. It’s willok Beautiful city and my children all smoke weed and sell drugs. It helps bring the income in and my Punjabi neighbours send there curry dishes in a hurry ! I’m disappointed That they haven’t named Brampton after my my third grandfather Abu Imran the third.
Anonymous on Oct 15, 2019:
Vote Conservative! Or whatever other party that will stop this gargantuan immigration issue. Canada is being overrun by these people with cultural norms that evidently clash with ours. Now, this would not be an issue usually, but due to the lack of assimilation, the extensive pride of their precious countries/cultures and predisposition to be inhuman it has led to there being a significant problem in places around the GTA (especially Brampton). We need to make a collective effort to stop while we still have a say in the matter. They will take over. If you don´t believe me/disagree, just look around you. It won´t take long.
Sonia DaSilva on Sep 25, 2019:
Recently moved from Brampton after living there for 42 years and have no idea why I stayed so long. There is zero good about there
Anonymous on Sep 16, 2019:
I am moving out of this terror soon, my husband is very tolerate man and today he said , that he can't take it anymore. people who moved into the city they can't assimilate and do not want to. they think they still live in their countries just with Canadian surroundings.
the crime rise so much that it is ridiculous. when I see my division that was so nice and taking care of , now people are selling their houses and running from here, and those who buy they rent and they do not care . my neighbour they were forced to sell house as it was 14 people living next door and they were lound, furnitures and mattresses they throw on the backyard.
City was called , than they were evicted. Just horror !!
this City in 10 years will look like big pale of garbage. And I agree they are rude, rude and rude.
Noname on Aug 26, 2019:
After living in Brampton for 18 years, I am finally moving out of the city to a smaller town north of Guelph. Too much crime, too many bad drivers and all around rudeness. I don’t feel safe here anymore and feel out of place due to my ethnic background. Finally moving to a quieter area with cheaper car insurance.
local on Jan 02, 2019:
as someone who has lived in (ghetto areas Malvern,regent and Malton) I could say the whole Brampton is super nice persona is false.North Brampton (the nice suburban side) is usually the Brampton people bring up the most in arguments and use it to identify all of Brampton well South Brampton on the other hand is left completely forgotten in these arguments as debaters seem to be completely oblivious to areas in walking distance to bcc,madoc,kennedy-vodden,fletchers and basically everywhere around downtown excluding past james potter as someone who has family and lived near these, I can confirm that these areas can be identified as ghetto as drug dealing,gangs and weapons are problems completely ignored due to the focus on north brampton
David on Dec 07, 2018:
Great Great people in Brampton. Hands down and that is fact. It does have crime that is higher then Vaughan or Oakville, but comparable to Etobicoke, Mississauga and Toronto.

(Scarborough, North York and Downtown TO have worse crime).

Unfortubatky Peel Region is struggling with the massive influx of growth. Crime fighting resources and policies are far behind. Liberal Mississauga to the south has very strong voice and influence in the Region and I think often those Liberal powers hurt Brampton. I feel Brampton is more conservative then Mississauga and feel more residents in Brampton wish to see harsher punishments for crime, tougher sentencing, more police involvement, more police in general and a purge of degenerate business (bars, etc). But Policy and the powers that be are not giving Brampton what it needs to fight crime.
Maybe that will change.
Anonymous on Oct 04, 2018:
The racial tension here is really scary. Especially if you're a girl. If you're a white girl you worry that the Indian men will attack you, and if you're an Indian girl you worry that white men and Indian men who aren't from you're specific culture will attack you.I've nearly been attacked just for my race alone, and I've seen others put in the same situation. It's bad when you don't what they are saying, but it's worse not to be able to call for help. It's dangerous for women here we are being used in some sort of cultural war. Let's say there are mothers with children playing in the park if you are a different race than them they will snatch the children away from you even if you're a woman who has made no move towards them. I have seen white mothers do this to my friends and Indian mothers do this to me.
Anonymous on Aug 30, 2018:
Bro when has Brampton not had crime?? It would make sense to argue growing crime rate in Brampton if the houses that exist in Brampton were always there. But you are seeing all these new houses popping off, the city is are it's issues. Stop acting like Brampton still has 200,000 people living in it and comparing it to today's standards.
Indian on May 12, 2018:
I read few of the posts below and I have also got to know how Indians are behaving in Brampton. I am currently living in Charlottetown and planning to move there. I hope Brampton is the best city to grow my child by telling how not to behave with others. I am an Indian and after reading the below posts and hearing what my friends say(who live in Brmapton), I really feel bad for Canada.
Anonymous on Mar 23, 2018:
I have lived in Brampton for a very long time and have never seen this beautiful city in this degrading, disgusting manner. This all started when TRUDEAU . the idiot decided to bring in all these Punjabi losers to so call study here. They needed to be deported and be sent back to India to carry on with their LAWLESS behaviour. Also Jagmeet Singh need to get off his rear end and do something about his people. Gather them in a barn and speak to them discipline them. I am appalled at Justin Trudeau lack of concern for anyone or anything but himself. As a matter of fact since he went to India and degraded Canada with his idiocy these low life Punjabi got a chip on their shoulder.
Jason on Nov 13, 2017:
In years past, I've often heard many less than kind remarks about Brampton from friends. Despite that, I chose to move there several years ago. That's when I began to understand why.

The lack of common courtesy in this city is really sad and there is a general attitude that has become quite ingrained. You hold the door for someone and half the time they look at you as if you're an alien from another planet and walk in without a word. This just isn't the kind of place I want to live. So I decided to move a few months ago. When I told several customers of mine that I was moving to another city, two of them (which happened to be of South Asian decent) asked me if I had realized that I'm not brown? I was speechless. This racist/prejudice attitude is also easily seen if you browse Kijiji apartment ads. I was looking for apartments for a white friend of mine and what I kept seeing were ads that said something to the effect of "Indian only" in their listings. Disgusting!

I have many Indian friends and I feel for them on how much their community has been brought down by all the bad apples in this city. One of which is a nurse at BCH. And she tells me all the time how disappointed she is in her community and how they bring the problems upon themselves. Another friend of mine who is Indian has decided to move his family out of Brampton as well. He told me he had enough after a situation that occurred in Chinguacousy park with his family. An older Indian man who was sitting on the grass with his friends, got up and urinated in the park. My friend told me he confronted the man and told him what he was doing was wrong. The man then retorted that his generation has no respect. My friend was furious and told the man he's the one without respect. No respect for the laws here nor for doing what he did while his daughter was playing in the park.

So I'm really not surprised that this city is getting worse. Especially with these spoiled kids joining gangs, acting like they're living in the ghetto when they're living in their parents million dollar homes. Here's an idea, why not make your parents proud? Whether or not Brampton is the ghetto, it's certainly headed in that direction.
Anonymous on Aug 23, 2017:
when compared to other extremely dangerous places like South side Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, etc Brampton is safe. but in a general sense, Brampton is not a very nice place to live.
brampton for love on Aug 19, 2017:
Brampton is safe. period. Stop downplaying and over criticizing it with no facts. Every city has some pockets that are prone to higher crime due to unfortunate things like poverty, lack of education, etc. - most of the time these are system failures rather that an ethnic community issue. Every person should have the opportunity to go to school & eat a healthy meal. There will always be certain individuals who opt the wrong path and get into drugs and crime instead of focusing on schooling and success. These 'bad apples' don't make the entire city or a community a "dump" as some people have called it here. We have a justice system in place that needs to act appropriately to take care of these bad apples and put them on the right path.

Take it on yourselves to be a good example for your neighbors & kids. Do good & be good. Stop pointing fingers and ask yourselves if the way you talk, behave, interact, act in society is something that you would like your kids to emulate. If you see that there are many things you would not want them to do, then start making those changes yourselves. Brampton has boomed over the past 15 years like very few other cities in north America - take credit for the good work that you have all done & continue to do. Spreading negativity instead of taking positive actions will not yield any progress, so take the responsibility as a citizen to do everything to contribute positively to the society & the progress of the city & our country.

PS - Haters can go suck it. 99.9% of you have never contributed anything to the society. You did not volunteer or donate anything for the progress of the community/city/country, but you feel entitled to have and spread negativity. Sad! Start contributing first.
Anonymous on Jul 03, 2017:
I've been living here for over 40 years.Brampton isn't the same nice place anymore we are being taken over and everyone knows what l mean.It's not fair to the rest of the citizens who are all different backgrounds of people. There's one group that are dominating every one else.Brampton is screwed. Wait until we get a east Indian mayor????lm lost for's a nightmare.
Anonymous on May 16, 2017:
The thing is your right, Canada was based on Christianity and it is just crazy to come here and want to change that. Why come here and change everything?? Go to another country to is aligned with your beliefs. BUT guess what they are changing everything. The fist thing the new mayor that I am ashamed to admit voted in, was remove the Lord prayer cause it's offensive. To who but yet every day, month and hour we are forced to acknowledge yes another South Asian traditional celebration. OK elephants in the streets of brampton.....has anyone watched videos in Indian if those elephants going while and trampling the crowd. As the previous person mentioned.

My parents came here worked hard and did the Canadian thing. Not trying to change everything about Canada. Again, if Canada is not for you there are other places to go but to try and change it is crazy.

Guess what as long as Trudeau needs votes, we have no say...minority will win.

Our tax money is being spent in all difference types of ways we are opposed to but again if he can bring in more refugees and they vote. It's a sure win!!!
Anonymous on Apr 15, 2017:
So you are all for everyone just stick to their own race and religion!!! Interesting....well, there are a lot of mixed couples out there. Not sure what they would do!! They would have to separate. Lol.

To be honest, I wish there was one way for the government control it so that one culture could not live in one area. That would help with better tolerance.
Anonymous on Mar 24, 2017:
Thank you, but that's black women...not girl . . . lol anyway....i Also wanted to point out that assimilation is the problem with new comers to this county. I was born here but my parents came here and did the Canadian thing, yes we still respected our culture but they also respected was a privilege to come here. Now the borders are open to every nation who are not willing to adapt and making it fight when it does not have to be. No one's wants to feel out of place in their own city. Brampton is not designed for blacks it's for South Asians to have a mini India here. And culturally they are different but we are forced to adapt. Again....equality??????
Anonymous on Mar 24, 2017:
Educated black girl you said it well. I laugh at all these white people who want blacks to dissappear. They steal our style, music, creativity etc. And their children all aspire to be Ball players and rappers. That must make dem cracker Jack's loose sleep every night. They tan and inject their asses and lips to look like us and then hate make me laugh.
Anonymous on Mar 24, 2017:
Crime is equal among blacks, Indians and whites. I am an university educated employed "black" women, wife and mother. We work hard to afford our home, vehicle and take care of our children etc. My Husband's car got broken into and they are breaking into houses daily on our street. I live in fear of these things. Such ignorance to say if one race were not to exist the city would be far better off. The city is made up a mixture of people and in every culture good, bad and Ugly. So the statement all blacks are not good is old and tired. Yes some of their attitudes / behavior are horrible, there are some that do work and some desire to work and contribute to life. they are constantly challenged with these ignorant they have prove they are a worthy black person to be hired. Yeah we say equality matters to whom????