Cost of Living in Winnipeg

Summary about cost of living in Winnipeg, Canada:

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Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 20.00 C$ 15.00-35.00
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 75.00 C$ 50.00-100.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 11.09 C$ 10.00-15.00
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 6.00 C$ 4.50-8.00
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 7.00 C$ 6.00-10.00
Cappuccino (regular) 4.60 C$ 3.50-6.00
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 2.39 C$ 1.70-3.87
Water (12 oz small bottle) 2.03 C$ 1.50-3.00
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 6.73 C$ 4.57-9.46
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 2.31 C$ 1.52-3.63
Rice (white), (1 lb) 1.84 C$ 0.88-4.31
Eggs (regular) (12) 3.72 C$ 2.80-5.00
Local Cheese (1 lb) 6.01 C$ 2.72-15.42
Chicken Fillets (1 lb) 6.84 C$ 4.08-9.97
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 7.94 C$ 6.80-10.21
Apples (1 lb) 2.11 C$ 1.36-3.18
Banana (1 lb) 0.82 C$ 0.66-2.27
Oranges (1 lb) 1.97 C$ 0.91-3.49
Tomato (1 lb) 2.21 C$ 1.36-3.00
Potato (1 lb) 1.55 C$ 0.45-2.72
Onion (1 lb) 1.23 C$ 0.59-2.19
Lettuce (1 head) 2.86 C$ 1.47-4.00
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 2.04 C$ 0.88-5.00
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 15.00 C$ 12.00-20.00
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 3.89 C$ 2.14-6.43
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 4.25 C$ 2.49-6.00
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 18.00 C$ 15.00-24.00
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 3.08 C$ 3.00-3.15
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 103.00 C$ 75.00-105.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 3.80 C$ 3.75-6.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 2.57 C$ 2.57-4.46
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 31.30 C$ 31.20-32.00
Gasoline (1 gallon) 7.21 C$ 6.40-7.84
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 27,000.00 C$ 26,047.00-30,000.00
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 25,628.04 C$ 23,730.15-29,000.00
Utilities (Monthly)
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 181.11 C$ 93.05-350.00
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.40 C$ 0.20-0.50
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 77.82 C$ 55.00-120.00
Sports And Leisure
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 40.84 C$ 10.00-60.00
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 22.88 C$ 15.00-39.00
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 14.00 C$ 11.00-20.00
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child 644.88 C$ 450.00-1,000.00
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 16,729.33 C$ 4,776.00-30,000.00
Clothing And Shoes
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 57.82 C$ 30.00-89.00
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 35.67 C$ 19.00-55.00
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 96.06 C$ 69.99-130.00
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 126.50 C$ 75.00-250.00
Rent Per Month
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 1,049.92 C$ 900.00-1,400.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 1,092.42 C$ 900.00-1,300.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 1,786.58 C$ 1,400.00-2,300.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 1,687.50 C$ 1,500.00-2,000.00
Buy Apartment Price
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 356.13 C$ 297.29-399.48
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 318.96 C$ 306.58-325.16
Salaries And Financing
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 2,994.03 C$
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 4.24 2.00-8.75

Prices in Winnipeg

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Last update: August 2022
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13 Comments so far
Just my $0.02 on Oct 21, 2021:
The cost of living is low and Winnipeggers are good folks, however, it is not a nice city...long harsh winters and lots of crime. Downtown looks like an episode of The Walking Dead (drunk aggressive people and people on meth stumbling around).
Marianne Cerilli on Oct 02, 2020:
I am trying to show the increase in the cost of living from 2015 to 2017 to 2020. Looking for a chart.
Maureen on Sep 08, 2020:
I moved back to Winnipeg 20 years later and am having a hard time. Live by myself and it takes almost half of my take home pay to pay my rent... that is almost 50% net and I make 60,000+/ year... we are to have 25-30% .. nothing fancy.. why should I only be able to afford a room? On over $60,000/yr... rent & taxes are draining everyone? Why are they so high when they "oh you make good money".... i would if government would leave me more to work with... can't ever have credit card due to rent is 45% of net pay...
Ronald David Mukisa on Aug 25, 2020:
I will joining the community there in the near future after the COVID storm settles
Jimmy on Jul 11, 2020:
is it worth moving to Winnipeg area from Toronto area?
Pegger on Jan 19, 2020:
High poverty, homelessness, chronic unemployment and crime fueled by slum landlords getting wealthy from their evil crazy high rents. High taxes and fees and tickets for just about everything. Real estate prices have skyrocketed just like all major cities in Canada, while wages have not kept up by far. Most slum landlords and house flippers are Real Estate agents/brokers here in Winnipeg....maybe that is true most places.
Kevin S on Aug 26, 2019:
Winnipeg and Manitoba as whole is a great place to live and has improved tremendously over the last 10 years. The new airport,stadium,Jets New highrise apartments,hotels being built downtown. We have hot summers great beaches & cottage areas that are affordable. Southwest Manitoba is beautiful in the summer Pembina Valley area has grown rapidly. Almost 20,000 in Morden /Winkler. Lots of jobs. Available there.
Kevin S on Aug 26, 2019:
Some of your prices are too high. For food. There is a variety of grocery stores here,that are very competitive. 2 litres of pop is often $1.00 or 10lbs bag of potatoes $4.99
GMC on Jul 04, 2019:
I have lived in Winnipeg for over 50 years and have travelled extensively to the USA, South America and Europe, as well as all provinces of Canada. This city has many attractions and a very vibrant music and arts communities. You can attend a professional sport game in soccer , footbal, baseball and hockey. You can dine at some amazing restaurants and i could go on and on!!!
Baby Whale on Jun 28, 2019:
I'm living in Winnipeg for a couple of years now and can confirm what Hopkin said is a very realistic portrait of life here. The city does not have a lot of attractions and could be considered boring compared to other places in Canada...on the other hand if you are into lakes, peace and quiet you can find a nice spot for yourself and your family. If you are looking for a place to live here, I would advise to avoid North end and West end due to a lot of sketchy people you can meet on the street, especially during the night.
Anonymous on May 09, 2019:
What dose it cost in total no one got time to add here
Rick Galbraith on Oct 22, 2018:
Have read the comments. Mosquito problem has recently disappeared. When road construction is done to new standards, it's excellent. When they are just doing a renewal, it lasts a fee years. The big difference is seen when they close the street or back lane and dig it out. The renewal method is to strip off asphalt, repair sections of concrete, and enjoy for 15 years.
Winnipeg is a good place to live. The negative commenters just focused on the wrong things.
Hopkin on Sep 17, 2018:
I am born and raised in Winnipeg and I have lived here all my life. I am 50 years old. Here are my comments:

Currently gas is hovering around $1.20/L and rents in the downtown area tend to be grouped into two main categories: for around 900-1000 you can get an older character buiding. Sometimes these include parking and heat and or water. You won't get much storage or have air conditioning (unless you get a window unit). for ~ $1200+/mo you can get a nice place with modern appliances, flooring, lighting etc. You can rent many beautiful apartments if you are willing to pay. House prices are also grouped into two main categories: for around 220k you get an older character house centrally located. Many of these are really nicely renovated and you can get a great house if you like older houses (built ~1910 - 1940). Then there are the new-builds which are between 350 and 400k. These are more often in the outer areas of the city and are in the typical planned communities which are not similar to what cities like Calgary have in their planeed communities. In Winnipeg these are nothing more than collections of houses around a school and a few parks. Some have man-lade lakes.

Winnipeg is an immigration destination and as such the city is growing. I have seen in the last 25 years, incredible changes in the population. Not all good, not all bad. Time will tell if all these groups form a larger-knit community like what I remember from my younger days. Right now, not unexpectedly, the various ethic groups largely stick to themselves. If you've heard of the concept of "white-flight", I'd say it's a thing here.

At least one other poster mentioned there are no "no go" zones here in Winnipeg. There are now. The central park area of Winnipeg, right downtown, can be very dangerous. Winnipeg has the largest amount of violent crime in Canada. Largely gang driven it seems.

This story about a young man and his girlfriend who were vicuously attacked (stabbed over 20 times) in the area I mentioned is troubling. Particularly so is the mayor's lack of concern about it:

The larger downtown area, while not a 'no go' zone, is truely embarassiing for a captial city. There is no reason at all to go downtown unless there is some type of event you are interested in. After 6pm everything is closed except for bars and restaurants. Our downtown is very run-down, and not family friendly at all. I avoid it at night when alone. I would advice everyone, male or female to do the same.

Winnipeg has many festivales and events in the summer that are downtown. When these are happening, it's completely fine. Also there are some fine restaurants that are downtown that you can go to but it's kind of an in-and-out thing; There's no 'going for a walk after dinner' at these places. There's nothing really to see if you've seen it a couple times.

The roads in Winnipeg are legendary in terms of disrepair. The city is trying hard to fix them, but with urband sprawl there are more and more roads and costs to repair them go up. It's not a sustainable situation in my opinion - but they are trying.

As others have said, every city has homeless people. Winnipeg has many. Winnipeg is much smaller than Toronto or Vancouver but when you are downtown, you'd swear you were there given the numbers of homeless. Our shelters are full all the time. I have heard they are builing another one downtown and it's urgently needed.

We have a program here called Winnipeg Harvest and it's designed to fill the gap when people lose their livelyhoods until they get back on their feet. 10+ years ago it fed 5k people per month. Today the demand is over 50k people per month.

In terms of the good:

The Winter's here are not as bad as everyone says. Like others have said, people under-dress. Summers are hot and we get lots of sun all year round. We have many lakes and you can be at the beach, door-to-door, in an hour. Less if you know where to go. Manitoba has great outdoor trails and scenery if you like the outdoors. Traffic in spite of our terrible roads, is nothing like other cities. You can get anywhere in an hour during rush hour and when it's not rush hour, 30m easily. Buses are aweful and dangerous now though.

Winnipegers like their hockey, curling and football. It gives people something to do when there's nothing to do.

I would not agree that people are unfriendly here. People are cliquey. It is hard to move between social groups and hard to meet new people here. Places like meetup (an online app) look like there are many things going on but there isn't really.

We are getting more and more bike lanes during all the contructions, which is great. The road conditions do many biking hard in many areas and people drive rudely and poorly here. But, there are many parks (Assinaboine, St Vital, Birds Hill, Bunn's Creek to name just a few).

We have a lot of greenspace here which is nice.

I think of Winnipeg like a large town that wants to be a city.

The smaller towns just outside the city, and the outskirts of the city are where Winnipeg really shines in my opinion.