Cost of Living in Edmonton

Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 70.48
Rent Index: 28.18
Groceries Index: 68.28
Restaurants Index: 67.22
Cost of Living Plus Rent Index: 49.83
Local Purchasing Power: 105.73
Restaurants [ Edit ] Avg. Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 17.00 C$ 15.00-20.00
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 60.00 C$ 50.00-75.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 9.00 C$ 8.00-10.00
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 6.00 C$ 5.25-7.50
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 7.00 C$ 6.00-8.00
Cappuccino (regular) 4.04 C$ 3.00-5.00
Coke/Pepsi (11.2 oz small bottle) 1.94 C$ 1.40-2.50
Water (11.2 oz small bottle) 1.75 C$ 1.25-2.50
Markets [ Edit ] Avg.
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 7.20 C$ 4.80-13.25
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 2.45 C$ 1.81-3.00
Rice (white), (1 lb) 1.89 C$ 1.11-2.72
Eggs (12) 3.18 C$ 2.89-3.99
Local Cheese (1 lb) 5.18 C$ 3.18-9.07
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1 lb) 6.10 C$ 4.54-8.16
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 6.18 C$ 3.63-8.00
Apples (1 lb) 1.65 C$ 1.00-2.39
Banana (1 lb) 0.83 C$ 0.77-0.97
Oranges (1 lb) 1.68 C$ 1.09-2.27
Tomato (1 lb) 1.76 C$ 1.13-2.49
Potato (1 lb) 1.16 C$ 0.82-1.50
Onion (1 lb) 1.20 C$ 0.82-1.81
Lettuce (1 head) 1.99 C$ 1.48-2.80
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 2.03 C$ 1.00-3.50
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 15.00 C$ 14.00-18.00
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 2.35 C$ 2.00-3.00
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 2.75 C$ 2.00-4.00
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) 14.00 C$ 12.00-15.00
Transportation [ Edit ] Avg.
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 3.25 C$ 3.25-3.50
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 91.50 C$ 90.00-95.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 4.00 C$ 3.50-4.75
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 2.38 C$ 2.38-2.90
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 40.00 C$ 30.00-52.00
Gasoline (1 gallon) 3.61 C$ 3.37-3.97
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 22,536.50 C$ 18,995.00-26,000.00
Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 26,000.00 C$ 20,305.00-31,000.00
Utilities (Monthly) [ Edit ] Avg.
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 203.70 C$ 89.47-300.00
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.32 C$ 0.16-0.50
Internet (10 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 62.14 C$ 45.00-100.00
Sports And Leisure [ Edit ] Avg.
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 56.41 C$ 30.00-70.00
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 17.00 C$ 6.00-35.00
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 14.00 C$ 12.00-15.00
Childcare [ Edit ] Avg.
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Private, Monthly for 1 Child 918.33 C$ 700.00-1,200.00
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 15,666.67 C$ 10,000.00-16,000.00
Clothing And Shoes [ Edit ] Avg.
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 69.28 C$ 40.00-99.00
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 50.24 C$ 30.00-85.00
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 100.00 C$ 80.00-135.00
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 123.57 C$ 90.00-150.00
Rent Per Month [ Edit ] Avg.
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 1,154.17 C$ 900.00-1,400.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 965.57 C$ 800.00-1,200.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 1,821.15 C$ 1,500.00-2,300.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 1,483.33 C$ 1,235.00-1,900.00
Buy Apartment Price [ Edit ] Avg.
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 372.95 C$ 250.00-450.00
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 262.51 C$ 200.00-390.00
Salaries And Financing [ Edit ] Avg.
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 3,105.17 C$
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly 3.07 2.50-4.00

Prices in Edmonton, Canada

These data are based on 1724 entries in the past 18 months from 235 different contributors.
Last update: April, 2017
Sources and References: Info
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Cost of living in Edmonton is 29.52% lower than in New York (Info)Our estimator (with default settings) estimate monthly expenses for a single person at 766.60$ (1,046.86C$) and for four person family at 2,719.57$ (3,713.84C$) (without rent).
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81 Comments so far

#rpg on Mar 10, 2017 :
I am a "neo" Canadian, I lived in Edmonton for nearly 30 years and I liked it. Yes, it is an expensive city - province for that matter; yes, I was told in a bar that in AB we speak English; yes, confronted with a problem I was also told that my thinking was not "Canadian" (I did not call on the police or the courts to solve my problems); yes, it is cold in the winter and the summers are very short, but over all I made my place there and defended who I am, sometimes more aggressively that others :). True, I worked surrounded by people with a higher degree of education, which would explain I guess that in spite of my accent I do not remember being asked where I come from; quite the contrary in fact, I was often praised for my knowledge of English as well as being envied for speaking three languages. I think my neighbours considered me one of them, not like a foreigner. I am no longer in Edmonton, but if I could go back in time I would never leave.
#Leslie on Feb 09, 2017 :
If you don't like it here move somewhere that you think is better. I am an Edmontonian. Yes there are some things that are not positive but is this not so anywhere. You seem to want to live in Utopia and there is no such place on this earth. To reiterate myself, "If you don't like it here quit complaining and leave. You are a big part of the negativity you feel ."
#6monthsatEdmonton on Jan 01, 2017 :
I came here almost 6 months ago as a grad student at UofA. The first thing I can say about this place is that this city is shittier than any shithole. The road looks like worse than village road during winter. Winters are so damn cold sometime I think only penguins and seals can live a happy life here. Life as an immigrant literally sucks here. There is no prominent racial discrimimation in the university but outside the university you can feel it. Even after coming here I saw a racially heated poster in a UofA library telling some immigrants to get lost. But there is a good environment inside the university , and even 4 out of 10 persons are really nice to people. There is a huge economical crisis and homeless problem. If you are here for just to work or study for a while, it's better to get it done and move out and live somewhere nicer, healthier and more alive. Don't plan to settle down at deadmonton, until you have seen the city and liked it.
#Anonymous on Oct 16, 2016 :
Yes,I lived in Edmonton for 3 years.
I noticed that the only thing most people really loved was money.
And that's why lots of people left Edmonton:No more money to be made anymore,
for the majority.
#Anonymous on Sep 21, 2016 :
No exaggeration about Edmonton.I have traveled to many countries in the world and I'm cross cultrally aware.
I have never seen any place worse than Edmonton in the world.No place is as depressing as Edmonton.
I am a happy and friendly person,but after living in Edmonton for a few years,I found out that no matter what l had in life,living in the wrong place could kill the kid in me.
I like this quote:
'If you are not happy where you are,move.You are not a tree'
I did.I left Edmonton and I never looked back for a second,and I couldn't be happier after I made that decision.
#Renee P. on Sep 19, 2016 :
The lot rent for the small piece of land where I live at a trailer park in Edmonton is going up to $575.00 next year, this doesn't include any kind of maintenance to the lot no mowing, or snow removal and they killed our plants by dumping the snow all over the trees and bushes that the park itself planted there.
#Andrea on Sep 16, 2016 :
I have been making some searches about canadian cities and I'm surprised in seeing soooo bad comments about Edmonton. I never been there but it hard to believe a canadian city can be so bad. I think people exagerates.
##ImAnImmigrant on Sep 01, 2016 :
I don't understand where all this hostility about Edmonton/Alberta comes from. It seems like these people have nothing to be thankful for in life. I moved here from the Fiji Islands when I was 12 yrs old and I am not 25. I work in the Healthcare Industry and I would of never been able to do that where I am from. Back home my mother started working when she was 16 to make money for her family of 8. Her mother was old and could not work any more. Her father who worked at the sugar mill made what is comparable to pennies here. When me and my parents moved here, it sucked for the first year because of the integration. School is different here but I got the hang of it due to awesome friends. I am a halfie which is half Fijian and half German. So i am not really dark but i am not really white either. I am an islander. I get that its cold but i adapted and didn't act like a little bitch whenever it got -30 out. I sucked it up and took the bus. It was an experience every time. This place has tons to offer if your willing to go out and face a little bit of snow and not be cooped up in your house all winter long. Not to mention all the fun festivals in the summer time. The people here are so long as your nice to them. Its that simple. Treat people the way you want to be treated...that goes in all countries across the world. I am so thankful for the opportunity this place has to offer and all the friends i have made while here. Living here is a blessing when compared to other countries in the world. It seems the only people who hate it here are the people who were born here. You don't hate it here you just haven't had the experience anywhere else.
#Anonymous on Aug 14, 2016 :
I lived in Edmonton for 3 years.

I swear I would rather die than living in Edmonton for 1 more year.

I wouldn't even like to fly over Alberta,even if they offer me a free plane ticket.
#FAITHFUL on Jul 21, 2016 :
I get some of you are angry at Edmonton. I too have wasted close to 30 years of my life in this city, but I stay because I am close with my folks. I am not angry at Edmonton, I am angry on how I have been perceived and treated by employers in this city. Most of all I am upset with how WHITE IMMIGRANTS OF NON-UKRAINIAN AND NON-ITALIAN ORIGIN are treated and rarely hired on a permanent basis in the field I work in and the rest white immigrants like myself are casual employees with no chance of ever being hired on a permanent basis and has nothing to do with how good or bad we are in what we do- it is like a glass ceiling that is almost impossible to break unless you marry a non-immigrant or someone of a Ukrainian or Italian background. No matter that I have been here since I was in Kindergarten- I always get asked by people I work with and even by superiors where I am from, where my accent is coming from, where I was born- which I hate it and honestly nobody's business. I also have been accused of doing things I haven't done simply for the fact they were jealous or mad at me because their kind(ethnic background friends)or they know I won't sue or complain to higher places at them. Basically I deal with all the stupid BS at work and in this City. The questions and treatments I have received as an employee working- my superiors would never ask refugees, or ethnic minorities in fact I am sure they could be sued or fired for asking them such questions or a liberal media story would show up on CBC or CTV about it. For those of you who don't know- ethnic minorities have nothing to do with your ethnicity being a minority because my ethnicity is a minority in Edmonton, but it means being of a coloured race- so that includes biracial folks, Black, Hispanic, East-Indian, Asian, Arab-refugees. Canadians too pretend they are not racist- but racism is very real in Canada- a Chinese person will get hired in government, but they won't hire an immigrant from Croatia so discrimination still exists and yes employers in Edmonton do ask white immigrant interviews where they are born-pretending we an equal and fair society is all masked under our National ETHNIC MINORITY POLICY. I am glad things are getting better in my homeland, that we have a Conservative government in power there, that things have westernized because I feel more welcome and safe being there then I do in Edmonton and I have been here since the late 1980s, if things don't improve in my life in the next year in Edmonton with employment I am heading back to the place I was born in. I will never understand why parents chose to settle in Edmonton, they themselves have dealt with discrimination at work. I agree Edmonton is overrated, but I have to say compared to other cities I have visited in the world and airports I have passed we do have a nice and clean airport- and we definitely deserve more non-stop flights to Europe and Asia and more American cities. I don't like Edmonton based on the people I have met in the city and the treatment and discrimination I have faced at work, but not the structures of the city or our airport- we do have many nice parks, things to do, great choice of grocery shopping and dining but yeah you have to make more like a gross income of $4000-$5000 to be able to actually enjoy the things Edmonton to has to offer- if you make a gross income of $2000-$3000 that's barely enough money to get by especially if you have kids and are married and are a one income household. Edmonton too is overinflated- 2500 square foot homes shouldn't be going for $550,000-$650,000 and a one bedroom condo shouldn't cost $200,000.
#nonya on Jun 23, 2016 :
Edmonton sucks plain and simple weather sucks, roads suck pot smoking losers suck .
#rocky on Jun 13, 2016 :
I can only speak about what I know and those I have spoken to since moving here in the spring of 2015. Edmonton is AWESOME!
To those who speak foul of their experience, I will not battle the negativity of your experience, often it has been my understanding that people get the experience they are looking for and it often has to do more with your ability to make friends rather than what the city/town is or isn't.
It is June and the sun sets at about 10pm, that means 17 hours of sunlight everyday, the festivals and events happening here are extraordinary for the population. Basically from mid June to the end of August there are huge festivals every week that most cities would love to have.
The river valley is absolutely stunning and filled with endless walking, running trails and connected parks by footbridges across the North Saskatchewan River.
The weather from May has been very comfortable, very low humidity, bright blue skies and variable. Have i mentioned sitting on the patio until 11pm with sunlight!
It is a winter city, i.e. this is Canada, it gets snow and cold temperatures. But there is a lot of variability in weather, i.e. it gets very cold and then warms up significantly all through the winter season. I recommend learning to skate or ski or find ways to enjoy the beauty and diversity that winter can bring.
The Rocky Mountains, Banff National park is 4 hours away, Jasper National Park is 4 hours away, with Jasper and west offering endless mountain experience with very few tourists to battle, Banff is also stunning but a little more busy with tour busses.
I could go on and on, but the people I have talked to here love it here, they like the easy going and friendly manners and the lack of feeling obnoxious about the city like you see in larger centers.
To the negative people, sorry you didn't enjoy the city, I hope you find a good place in your new home.
#Quincy on May 05, 2016 :
I have to agree with everyone who reckons Edmonton is a SHITHOLE! I wasted 20 years of my life there. I now live in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. As we say in oz, EAD!
#Debbi Greer on Apr 22, 2016 :
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#grewupedmonton on Mar 16, 2016 :
I grew up in edmonton and made the move to BC in my mid 20's and I have never looked back. All my family lives there (which is the ONLY part of edmonton I miss)so i go there at least once or twice a year to visit Everytime I do it reminds me of WHY I do not live there. Stumbled across this page today, my husband asked me "tell me I am making the right decision in not applying for the job in edmonton" (he is unemployed right now) and thank you to your posts as it really reminded me that I would rather be struggling financially in BC instead of working my life away in a depressing place (edmonton)where i would be saving up for that 1 or 2 week holiday which would probably be taken in BC. I go out everyday for a run and look where I live and just say i am living the dream...I don't make a ton of money, but who needs it when there are so many free things to do where I live and you appreciate and LOVE the place you live in. I may be poor...BUT i am living a much healthier lifestyle then Edmonton which really should be the most important factor in life.
#Wes on Mar 12, 2016 :
The rate for taxi/hr waiting has not changed in over 9 years. $30/hr. Maybe someone got confused and though it was the district of edmonton in London England
#jim on Mar 07, 2016 :
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#true terror on Feb 10, 2016 :
People is very self fish and rude that no question
Money for my handy man is great however the cost of living is not cheap at all
I am only living another two years and I will sell my house and condo moving back to seattle....
I probably not coming back.. very boring place to stay.
#SAM on Jan 27, 2016 :
I have lived in Vancouver all my life and just moved here b/c i was offered a job where I would be entitled for a pension plan if I stay here for next 23 years. Few things I found about the city is, people are very selfish and arrogant and unhelpful and cost of living is 30% higher than Vancouver in terms of rent, food and otherwise. Although gas is cheaper but we spend more as we have to warm up our car in winters and our commute to work is longer. My view is that we try to complain and the way to enjoy is to say that this is the best I have and this is the best I can get either I enjoy it and make myself happy or make myself and other unhapy
#Sandy on Jan 10, 2016 :
I love Edmonton! Our winters have been much milder in the last few years. There is a lot to do both in winter and summer. We have many summer festivals. Our summers are warm and can go up to the low +30's with no humidity. We have a huge, beautiful park system through which you can walk or ride across much of our city. This is not a huge city compared to Toronto so you can get where you want to go rather quickly. I am a teacher and I make $94K a year, so not every good paying job is directly tied to the oil patch. I find people to be very friendly, helpful and caring. If you are stuck in some snow or have a flat tire wait about 30 seconds and someone will stop and help you. Anyone I know who has come from another country to visit or live are so happy to be here.
#Bob on Nov 23, 2015 :
I finally left Edmonton for good.
I left everything behind and couldn't be happier about it.

Don't even go to Edmonton for money.The most important thing in life is time.No matter how much money you make,you can't buy back the time you wasted in Edmonton.You live once.Live where you like to live.

Goodbye to snow,ice,mud,construction,dust,racists,depression,long winters,high rent,mortgage,student loan,car loan,line of credit,oilfields,oil sands,terrible economy,uncivilized drivers,rude people,expensive food,car insurance,criminals,fat women,feminist lesbians,and all the other things I will happily forget.

I won't even fly over Alberta.And for the people who said I'm always welcome to leave:Yes,I did and it was the best decision I ever made in my life.
#Al on Nov 08, 2015 :

THANK YOU for the refreshing read - it's nice to see someone give the cold, hard, honest facts about this shithole of a city. I laughed out loud several times reading your comment because you nailed it so perfectly.

While it used to be worth it (barely) to move to Edmonton for the low cost of living and higher wages, this is no longer the case. Wages are falling and cost of living is skyrocketing. If you're a renter, be prepared to shell out $1600+ per month for a basic apartment (slightly cheaper if you don't mind living in a dingy basement from the 70's with olive bathtubs and crusty appliances). Real estate prices are heavily over-inflated, and wages are comparable or even lower than you would earn in a far better city (unless you have some serious credentials, then you might be OK, but then only if you don't work in oil and gas). Also be prepared to deal with all the east indian immigrants who have invaded the entire south of the city, the hordes of natives who panhandle in city center, and the criminals who own the northeast.

Shitty city indeed. Can't wait to get the hell out of here.
#Eef on Nov 04, 2015 :
LOL @ comments comparing Edmonton to third-world nations. Please, shut the fuck up. I grew up and lived in the Philippines for 20 years before having the opportunity to move here in Edmonton, and although the weather here is shitty, comparing the livelihood and the government here to the Philippines, life is definitely better here. In the Philippines, human rights laws approved only apply to the rich people. They don't apply to the poor. Only criminal laws are applied to the poor while they don't apply to the rich. What a fucked-up place. Compare that to Edmonton, I couldn't have asked for a safer and therefore better place. Please, if you haven't lived in a third-world nation, don't even think about comparing them to Edmonton. Yeah, sure; go on vacations to third-world nations and stay at five-star hotels and eat and drink only the finest of that country... Try actually living there as a citizen and see that place for what it truly is. Well, you may still have it easy since you weren't raised in that place and you already have the resources before even coming there. Well, thank goodness you never actually grew up in there because please you're going to get eaten alive by almost everyone there. It's kill or be killed, and for the most part quite literally.
#Truth to be told on Oct 23, 2015 :
FACT 1: Edmoton is the coldest city over 500,000 population middle and upper size city class in the world. Surprised it is not Moscow or some other parts of world?

FACT 2: There is a reason why Edmonton's wage is higher than other cities in Canada but house price is much cheaper. Why the city with higher salary has one of the lowest house price? Because the city is shitty, they have to offer more money to attract people and house price is low because no one wants to buy house and settle down. However rent is still high because they need place to live - but only temporarily.

FACT 3: Alberta itself is shitty to live as employment is so unsecure due to oil price fluctuation. I have seen many Calgary oil companies layoff back in 2008 and it happened again this year. There is no secure employment in Alberta except gov't unions.

Everyone entitles to his opinion and I'll tell you mine about this wasteland so called Edmonton. I am gonna enjoy writing this. People need to know about the city before they move in. They don't need some stupid bitch saying if u don't like, don't come. What they need is FACTUAL info and objective truth not hindered by "blind locals".

Having lived in Edmonton for about 10 yrs and became Canadian citizen today I could not be happier that finally today will be my last day in this shitty wasteland called Edmonton. I am writing this in my hotel room downtown Edmonton right now and my flight leaves tomorrow. I will never ever come back to Edmonton again not even once in my life NEVER

I have B.Sc. from top university and worked for world class major IT corporation for about 10 yrs earning over $100,000 / yr and that was the only reason I sucked up living in this shit hole for such a long time. Unlike US, there are not many companies/cities offering $100K salary in Canada. So it is a big deal if your job pays over $100K. It is impossible to earn that much if I was in Vancouver. That is the ONLY reason why people come to Edmonton. That's it. People sacrifice everything for the money they make in Edmonton, nothing else.

So, if your salary is not 6 digits like me, don't even come to Edmonton - it is not worthy. Winter here is freaking 8 months!!!! it drops to - 40 celcius, that's - 104 degree fahrenheit and again it lasts for 8~9 months. You got only two to three months to live like normal human being and enjoy outdoor life. For another 8 to 9 months, you stuck at home being depressed. Best thing you could do is to visit West Edmonton Mall by driving your frozen car (gotta jump start your battery first because it is already dead) in muddy+snow covered shitty road that you cannot even see. That's why car insurance is so expensive and there are idiot truck drivers everywhere passing you scaring shit outta you. Yes, driving in Edmonton is another horror experience, I never felt so safer driving in LA or Seoul even though those are million times bigger cities, driving there feels a lot safer than Edmonton.

To sum up, if your salary is not over $100K, do not come. The sacrifices you make living out here is not even worthy. Even making 6 digits salary, try to exit when enough is enough. I have saved up quite a bit during those 10 yrs and finally I could not bear this shitty life anymore. Money is only one aspect of life so I made a decision to leave and never come back. And that's what most others do too because they have experienced FAR BETTER LIFE else where. No matter what other Edmontonian rednecks saying, living in Edmonton is like living in 3rd world. People call it Deadmonton for a reason. Only Deadmontonians never realize because they never experienced other better world.

And there are panhandlers and street beggars and aboriginal niggers everywhere in downtown. I never pass one block without being harrassed by these pests asking for pennies or cigarrettes. And when you ignore, these pests cuss at you. What the heck?? I have travelled all over the world - London, Tokyo, LA, Seoul and even Egypt but I have never seen such a city with so many fucking bums out in downtown core. Sure LA got bums but not in downtown core. This is what happens in so called advanced western country Canada? It's worse than some 3rd world African country.

If you think Edmonton got lots to offer (symphony, theatre, festival and whatnot), you have NOT seen real deal AT ALL. Because of your lack of experience in other parts of the world and Edmonton is the most shit you can have, of course you will say E-town is the best. The truth is You get only 2nd degree deadbeat artists coming to Edmonton. No highclass shit happens ever in Edmonton, they all goto Vancouver or Toronto or other FAR BETTER world class cities.

I was laughing so hard reading comments below someone said Edmonton has the "world class airport" LOL. Just how stupid and ignorant about what other cities have. I bet she never get out of Canada. That's the typical ignorant Edmontonian will say to you - trust me, if you ever visited any other well-known intl' airports, you will know Edmonton airpirt is just tiny little shit and it does not even have good duty free shops at all.

Conclusion: Do not come to Edmonton. If you have to come then make money save money as much as possible then leave quickly as you can. I am in my 40's now and I could not even marry in Edmonton because I never want to settle down in Edmonton permanently. I am flying to place tomorrow where I am willing to settle down and I feel sorry for those who got married in Edmonton and have to stuck in this shitty wasteland forever. My buddy got married with Russian girl and have kids and now they want to get out of Edmonton. Moving entire family and selling his home and with old mother-in-law plus 2 kids that is major disaster. Never marry and settle down in Edmonton that will be your worst nightmare. My former colleague worked in Hawaii and now wants to go back to Hawaii so badly but he couldn't as he got settled down with family in this shit hole. He regrets and said to me once, "If I was single like you, I'd have left already to somewhere warmer and much nicer" And that is exactly what I am doing right now and you will too if you got the half of the brain. No one wants to live in Edmonton except locals because they have no idea what's out there.

8 months of FREEZING winter will drive even the most calm person INSANE.

Good luck
#I Love Edmonton on Oct 20, 2015 :
For those people who hated Edmonton and can't say good things about our city, YOU ARE ALL WELCOME TO LEAVE and NEVER COME BACK!
#Barb on Oct 08, 2015 :
I am so surprised by the negativity and ridiculous overgeneralizations I have read (eg the doctors are useless, everyone is racist, Americans aren't welcome) I am Canadian, have travelled the world and live in Edmonton. I have a good job and so does my husband ( both white collar). Our kids go to a great school and we live in a good neighbor hood. Edmonton has a beautiful river valley, a wonderful symphony, many festivals, restaurants and sporting activities. We have a great university. I agree, the winters are cold but we enjoy our life here. There are many nice places to live and no city is perfect. I think anyone reading these posts should do their own research and not believe such blanket statements
#stacy on Sep 23, 2015 :
I grew up in edmonton and it was cheap and friendly until I left to live in England and Germany in 1999. I moved back in 2007 to find it very expensive and unfriendly. There are too many coming here for the oilfield jobs and then leaving. No one here cares to be friendly cause they don't plan on making this their home. Oilfield jobs are long hard hours outdoors in high heat and extreme cold and long work shifts mean zero life, no time with friends or family and high depression rates. It's a great place to learn about other people of the world because every nation is here working side by side. You need to make at least $3000 Canadian per month to survive and more if you want to go out and enjoy life. Now that oil prices dropped and alberta is in recession , many are unemployed and mad about foriegners taking any good paying job.

I'm born and raised here but like Germans better than Albertains and there realy is nothing to do in edmonton and winter is 7 months long and suck!
#Dave on Sep 11, 2015 :
Where did you get these figure from?
Canada has every race from all over the world.
#Lois Watt on Aug 13, 2015 :
I've lived in many cities in my lifetime both Canada and USA. I prefer Canada and Edmonton although Vancouver was a happy time when it wasn't so expensive to live there. You may not believe your eyes when you see our country.

You will not be disappointed with Edmonton. It's a dynamic center of theater and arts, festivals, a symphony, world cup sporting events such as FIFA,transportation, logistics, engineering, technology, research, construction and manufacturing, ranching and farming,and has a world-class international airport.

Weather: winter Oct to May (down to -40C), warm June to Sept (up to +30C), 325 sunshine days a year.

Home buying cost: Is medium when compared to France's home price average of 3.8 million, Vancouver's $1.5 million to Edmonton $442,000+.
Refer to this URL:

Rental: Averages $1200 (1 Bed) and some landlords pay all utilities except for phone and cable TV and if they don't include it count on paying an extra $125+ including renters' insurance.

Health care:
Is free, even heart surgery. Dental costs and prescription drugs are not covered by universal health care. But you can purchase insurance for close to $150/mo. There is also government assistance available.

There are lots of job openings here from $10./hr (waiter, cashier etc.)to well-over $100,000. Most everything is geared to oil and gas exploration and recovery. Alberta is still one of the world's largest agricultural areas, cattle ranching and grain farming. Trades people are much in need here.You might not start at the top wage at first but most professional companies offer apprenticeships and opportunities to work into higher earning brackets and positions of authority.

Billions of dollars are being spent on housing, roads, bridges, freeways, and new recreation centers. New neighborhoods are springing up all over the city.

Citizens: Most new immigrants to our area are from India, former English colonies abroad because Canada is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and our absentee monarch is Queen Elizabeth of England. The west coast I believe greet a great deal of Chinese and Japanese immigrants. We are a vast country.

Races: For the most part, we all get along quite well. There are certain areas of the city that immigrant races tend to congregate more than others notably Millwoods (India, Pakistan,Sri Lanka,Somalia, Sudan, and more).

I welcome you to come here.
#pete on Jun 27, 2015 :
Hi there I just want to know I am coming to canada edmonton next year with my 2 best buddies to study there and for work what expenses will going to be there

Kindly send me the details as it is very important and I have finalized everything just amount of expenses is remaining kindly someone guide me for a room and for the external expensed
#Anonymous on May 07, 2015 :
It snowed in Edmonton today! WTF? It is May 6!
And by the way with all the racist pigs that you can even see on this page from Alberta, immigrants that I have seen for a few years in Alberta, mostly LOVE to leave here permanently.If they are still here, it's because they're struggling to pay off their mortgages, car loans, student loans, lines of credit, credit cards' debt, etc.

Please notice that Alberta is an exception. It is NOT like BC, Ontario or any other civilized place in Canada.
#My 2 Cents on Apr 26, 2015 :
Sure, it is a blue-collar city, but a huge portion of us work in health care, education, for the government, etc. I did university here in Edmonton and make a decent income as an engineer for the local utility company. I live across the street from the River Valley. Running, biking, just taking a walk. Endless trails in each direction, not to mention a view of downtown and the river.
I also organize a social group and have to know what is going on in the city every week. There is ALWAYS something to do. We are far from Dead-monton. The live theater scene is really developed. There are three theaters within a 10 min walking distance from where I live. People make art, movies and music in Edmonton. You just have to find it. Every concert tour and performer imaginable has passed through Edmonton. I am from a miniscule country on the other side of the world and even bands from there come here a few times a year.
I know at least a few hundred middle aged immigrants who practice their own profession in Edmonton and do not drive taxis or clean the streets. It's not easy, but it's possible and likely you will find your path eventually. I live in the university area and know plenty of professors and intellectuals and spiritual and conscious people, too. And what's wrong with blue collar? It's a decent way of making a living.
The guy who talks about the US being better is not right in the head.They have so many political and inequality and religion and race problems there I don't know where to begin. Canada is a small fish, so we still have a semi-working democracy. Sure we are inefficient, but it's better than working like slaves, not having maternity leave, amongst many other problems. Some states are even right now trying to remove basic worker protections. A month ago some governor tried to make it okay for 15, 16 year old workers to not have to go to school. Also, Canada has a decent immigration system based on the economic value of applicants, the US still runs a lottery, so instead of getting decent people they have millions of degenerates. And people who would get mental health care in Canada are left to run around on the streets homeless in the US putting everybody in danger.
#Anonymous on Apr 20, 2015 :
Lots of people got laid off in Alberta, recently.Alberta depends heavily on oil and as a result, economy is dead, at the moment.Alberta is billions of dollars behind right now.It's a big mistake to move here, buy property or invest in anything else.
#Bel on Apr 09, 2015 :
Edmonton is densely populated by Chinese while Calgary is by people from India and Pakistan.
#Deepak on Apr 01, 2015 :
I am from india.i planned to take mba in alberta i am working in oil and gas field as a plant design pls tell me can i get part time job while studying in alberta.?i need part time job like same oil and gas field..and tell me the living cost and if i study mba energy resource management means can i get job easly in alberta..?
#Aaron on Jan 06, 2015 :
Edmontonian here to chime in with facts.

Minimum wage is $10.4 right now, which is excellent if you have a room-mate to split the $1400 rent with. Minimum wage is insufficient for families or living independently. Jobs above $20/hour are enough to live independently and spend on the occasional luxury.
Alberta depends on the trades, so entry-level often pays $15+/hour in trucking and trades. Skilled jobs may earn upwards of $25/hour. Fast food will blow your budget quickly.

Crime is very low, but career criminals are attracted by the money. As such, don't leave anything worth more than $200 visible in your vehicle.

Entertainment is limited to the normal trappings of a city such as theatres and bars. Nonetheless, Edmonton has the perks of a ski-hill, large parks, and many sports arenas. Being in central Alberta, Edmonton has access to Banff and Jasper, two gorgeous resort towns known for skiing, hiking, and high-altitude SCUBA. Edmonton lacks luxury amenities as it is somewhat of a frontier town, so don't come if you want an annual income higher than $100,000 and high-society life. The world renowned West Edmonton Mall provides access to luxury brands and a passable indoor theme park.

Most of all, Edmonton is a high-level labour capital. You will meet many tradespeople, white collars, and researchers bumping elbows with lower class workers. As such, you don't need to look your best for all the other high-society bitches and ass-holes; you'll be judged, but not insulted for your choices.

Edmonton is a comfortable city, but lacks jobs & luxuries to keep an upper class society. Edmontonians use vacations, vehicles, and technology as measures of wealth. A well-off Edmontonian lives in a $250K house with two floors, has many of the latest gadgets, and goes on vacations/road trips a few times each year. Sports, technology, partying and exploring the outdoors are the ways we relax in Edmonton.

If you like the Edmontonian's 'ideal life', come join us!
#Jo on Jan 02, 2015 :
Hi Megha,
I think Edmonton doesn't offer many opportunities in some fields. I have a master s degree in Marketing and Business Communication and I can't find a job. I spent 2 months looking for an interesting position but there are not even interesting offers. I was working for a very unprofessional promotional product company and even though I was the only one with a degree I was making less money than anyone else. My boss and my manager were very racists and they though I didn't deserve a better salary. It was insane I had to leave and I m going back to my country soon. Edmonton is not even a beautiful city, the architectures are terrible, no fun, no nice places, it is literally Dead-monton. And to have a good job and make good money here you just have to be Canadia and you don t have to study. That s why most people are rich here but they didn't even go to school. They just had the luck to born in a country where life is easy.
#Megha on Jan 01, 2015 :
Hey, I am from India and currently pursuing a three year degree course in mass communications from my native place. I plan to move to Edmonton or for that matter, anywhere in Canada for my post graduation in the same field. I would like to know what are the possibilities for a communication student in Alberta and if there is a better place to study and work simultaneously in Canada.
#Murray on Dec 31, 2014 :
There are some very interesting people here, but i have to comment about living in Alberta Canada. My parents moved here from Arizona when I was 16, and I have not been disappointed. First of all, I have never heard a single open racist comment since i moved here 4 years ago. Not one. Nobody cares if where you're from here, they accepted me without question. The minimum wage is $10 and rising often. I don't know much about our tax system but i know i all i had to pay was $34 dollars after i broke both my hands, thanks to their universal health care. The air is clean, the water is considerably clean and people in rural Alberta are probably the nicest people i have ever met. The only thing harsh about this country is the cold and if you can be a little tough and not wimper out, you will thrive here.
#Anonymous on Dec 19, 2014 :
My advise with ivy league education from top 3 globally ranked institute in USA along with work experience of 10 yrs in USA is, don't come to Canada. This place is good if you want to clean streets, drive trucks and cabs. It may be good for construction workers or manual labor. There are no high end jobs and people are very rude and racist. If you go to Pakistan they are racist in a particular way that they don't want other religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism to survive, they will force you to convert or leave the place. Now if you are coming from such country like Pakistan, Bangladesh or other African countries where it is question of survival, Canada is good option. Do manual labor earn little bit, stay in shared room, cook at home and don't spend. You won't be beaten physically here and crime is less. On other hand if you are highly qualified even from top universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford etc in professional fields and are making reasonable income in countries like USA, India etc never come to Canada. You will just loose everything and some people talk about women liberty in Canada, well this doesn't apply to Indian women since they are living life like princess in India especially in middle and upper middle class societies. Condition of Canadian women is not good, whole life moving from one relation to another, doing low pay jobs and fighting for justice in courts with feminism spirit seems there only motto and destiny, to some extent just like American women. Indian Hindu women are far better protected and have stable and free lives, they don't deal with subjugation as practiced in middle east or Pakistan on one end but then they don't need to deal with life of Canadian or American women as well which has its own pros and cons and illusionary freedom and feminism. Moral of story, highly educated and middle class people don't ever come to Canada, you want to see beauty of nature, well come for a month on tourist visa, enjoy, spend and go back. You want to do low end jobs like cleaning, driving, working on small stores or construction and are doing very bad in your own country, then come to Canada, learn little bit English, you can make your ends meet and chances are nobody will rape you or physically assault or beat you. Canada is nowhere near USA in terms of innovation and inventions, it is small, closed and conservative economy with almost nothing. People who will give me lessons on integration etc, well my English is good and I was doing a high paying job in USA and later on got another high paying job in Canada as well but then I will return to USA once few things are sorted out. Canada is place for manual labor and no intellectual should come here. Go to number 1 country of the world which is America if you are really qualified. What colleges, Canadian work experience people harp on in Canada, no Canadian institute except Rotterdam school of business is in even top 100. This is just a scam, government wants more and more money and nobody will tell you truth in order to keep false image. Remember Canadians are multicultural to an extent where they love flags of different countries and food, there is nothing more than this. Canadians are highly cunning and shrewd but then people are cunning and shrewd in Middle east, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mexico etc, after all there is competition and at-least in Canada nobody forces you to convert to there religion, at-least not openly and nobody is wasting his or her entire life for after life benefits. For example we see people from one particular religion who call themselves believers and talk about showing right path to others creating problems for everybody in world. Yes referred as "religion of peace" but then they don't believe in peace anywhere. You all know whom am I talking about. So with this I have told you honest picture, evaluate your own circumstances and take my words at face value, decide which category you fall in manual labor or intellectual, if intellectual don't immigrate to Canada. If manual labor sure do it. Also no culture in the world can progress without innovation and Canadians can't respect differing view points, this economy is based on natural resources, cut wood, sell it to USA. Drill oil and sell it to USA, make some agricultural products, again sell it to USA. Canada doesn't have even one global brand since who the hell will come and work here, at-least not top class talent, they will prefer USA.
#Anonymous on Dec 19, 2014 :
People only come here to work and they rarely stay . Majority just cash out, leave Alberta and never look back.
There is no need to tell people to leave Alberta, as people have the freedom of movement in Canada and the rude and racist people of Alberta don't have the right to force people out . Nobody in his/her right mind will stay in Alberta, anyway.
Of course I'm leaving this province after I cash out in a few months.
Albertans can have all the ice, mud and snow as well as construction and dust in summers.
Keep all this nasty wasteland to yourself . If you wanna learn more one day, try to travel overseas, then you can compare Alberta with other places, with knowledge and experience . And if you judge Alberta without prejudice, you will never come back . I have seen smart people from Alberta, they live overseas and they never wanna come back.
#ordanary joe on Nov 06, 2014 :
fuck all of you cock suckers go and burn in hell
#Born and raised in Edmonton on Nov 03, 2014 :
To all of you whiners who put down Edmonton, leave and don't come back if it's so bad! I've lived here all of my life, love it! Winters are awesome, snowboarding, skating, tobogganing...summers are beautiful. Lots of jobs. I make well over $100,000 per year myself and I don't work in the oil industry. Jasper is a short drive away, lots of beautiful lakes for swimming and camping in the summer.
#Scared Migrant on Oct 21, 2014 :
Hi, my family is planning to migrate in edmonton, alberta. I just wonder why there are lots of comments on Dead-monton? I am not sure if the people who commented on this are racists trying to scare the immigrants away.
Is it really that bad there? a wasteland?
#Fawad Ali on Oct 09, 2014 :

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#Anonymous on Sep 21, 2014 :
The average amount of money you need in Edmonton is about $3000 a month . That is the average salary after tax in Edmonton.
I make $2300 after tax and I don't have a car, I don't take trips, I don't party and I don't have any kind of
fun if I have to spend money on it . I just stay at home, watch TV, go to work, eat, sleep, repeat.
#Anonymous on Sep 21, 2014 :
Hi Amy,

When you leave Vancouver, you are leaving heaven.
I don't know about the teaching field here in Alberta,
but you won't have a life here.
You can enjoy life in BC even if you don't make much
#Anonymous on Sep 06, 2014 :
To All that are on here please keep in mind that the few bad apples do NOT represent all the apples in the bundle. this goes for all the different flavors of apples
#Amy on Aug 14, 2014 :
Hi.. I am canadian citizen. I wanna move to edmonton from Vancouver. How much is the cost for living and what are the job perspective for preschool teacher????
#Alex on Aug 07, 2014 :
I'm Canadian and I don't write fiction . Everything I'm gonna tell you is a fact that I've personally experienced or witnessed.
I'm not from Alberta . I moved from another province to Edmonton 2 years ago.
There are pros and cons anywhere in the world you live . I've lived in different
countries, and that's what I experienced . I won't generalize. Good people are everywhere
and they are always the minority .
1.Alberta depends on oil . If you think of moving here permanently, think twice.
2 . Trade jobs are the best here . Big Money . If you're educated, and your education is not related to
oil, or some engineering that might be in demand here, you might have a better chance looking elsewhere.
3.They don't get rid of snow here and the drivers are the worst that I've seen, on icy roads!It's not even safe to walk on the sidewalk in the winter . Snow, ice,.....rarely cleaned.
4.Most people are openly racist and discriminate.The majority of people don't even like people
from other provinces.
5.Most people in Alberta are extremely rude . Lots of people use F words even in front of women and children.
6.Crime rate is high in Edmonton. Gangs, shootings, etc . If you have kids, look somewhere else.
7.Because of oil sands and oilfields, water is contaminated in most places in Alberta. And of course
they deny it!
8.Edmonton winters are brutally cold.Oct-May is winter here . Spring can be as chilly as fall.
9.Long cold winters will cause depression and because Dead-monton is really dead, good luck
staying normal.
10 Alberta WAS cheaper than some other provinces. Now it's an expensive place to live.
11.Vacancy rate is % 1 Here . I know lots of people who looked for an apartment for 6-12
Months, and they would move to any available apartment . Apartments are rented out in 6 hours in Edmonton. That's how hard it is to find a place to live in Edmonton.

Travel here and see it with your own eyes . Come here in Jan or Feb to see the real life.

Good luck
#al on Jul 16, 2014 :
Edmonton is a great city for people coming from other countries. I am born here and am working towards a degree. I can say that this city is good for people who have "experience" in there professional field of work. Edmonton is a blue collar city and new professional grads will find it very hard to find a job here. Its hard to find a good professional job as the cities identity is manufacturing and oil related if you do get a job the vast majority will be oil industry based.

For new grad with degrees you might not have luck there are limited opportunities for jobs in this good city. Companies want grad with many years of work experience. Your better off going to U.S.A they value your degree unlike this manufacturing hell hole.
#Harold on Jul 13, 2014 :
Watch the video “glass walls” with a very important message from Paul McCartney and know what you eat
Advisory: Explicit violent content towards animals
#Connor on May 29, 2014 :
Relatively heap place to live for a large, wealthy city in Canada. If your English is good and you're a hard worker you will never have trouble finding work, but it might not pay you very well, and the min. wage is just too low to live off of. The biggest downside in terms of CPI is the high cost of food, but the fact that entry-level jobs grow on trees here seems to make up for that.

Keep in mind, fellow Edmontonians, that all of this might be over in 50 years if the oil industry goes downhill, and if the oil reserves run out Alberta might turn into a wasteland.
#Lorie on Apr 24, 2014 :
Hello All,

I have talked to many Canadians through business relations and found them to be very nice. My husband and I are thinking about moving to Canada, but have no idea where to start. My son has three more years in High School and my daughter has one year left. My worries are finding a job. I will have my Bachelors Degree in Legal Studies, but not sure if that degree would do me any good in Canada since will obtain the degree in the U. S. Please advise cost of living, how we would get a visa until we find jobs and an affordable apartment or house to rent. Cheers :)
#Roham on Apr 19, 2014 :
Edmonton is a great city to start in Canada you will be never ever jobless if you want to work if you are hard working you can have every thing ,but sometimes you have to be keen and use the opportunities of this wonderfull city .It is a little bit cold ,but tolerable .Wonderfull
#Bruce Herrmann on Mar 28, 2014 :
all I have too say about this HUGE City of Edmonton it SUCKS , we were Called once Dead-monton years ago. nothing to do here Compared to BC. out there the people are alot more layed back and more friendlier than this STUCK UP City.. And I'm on AISH and have an illness of OCD and axniety I take medds to Control my Moods for it. the only good thing about Alberta is there alberta healthcare, Compared to Obama's terrible .U.S. standard of heathcare in the America were you pay out of your pocket Book for expense for every thing and not enough Money lefted to retire on when your an Middle aged old Man like Me. the .U.S. SUCKS so does there there president, he is breaking the banks on down there. unemployment is rising on on down there. Its TIME for a Change in AMERICA, I say. - Bruce
#ArianaAuburn on Mar 20, 2014 :
Try to get a job before arriving to Edmonton. Or have hefty savings. The city is an expensive place to live.
#Anonymous on Mar 16, 2014 :
Im asian and this is my 3rd year in edmonton, my husband got here 2 years earlier than me and at first i was scared of the changes that living here would bring. But so far, the people are friendly and good, here i learned to say a lot of please and thank you :).. There are some people specially old ones that doesn't like immigrants (i work in retail so i have my share of experiencing rude people) but i just shrug it off, its not my job to change their minds but its my job to respect whatever culture canadians have since i chose to move here. All in all, life's good, edmonton is great and my new friends here are awesome! Thoughi still miss my home country most of the time
#Anonymous on Feb 19, 2014 :
I’m from Edmonton, and as I was checking against some other cities, I noticed that our Tennis Court Rent rates were always +100-500% more than other cities. I decided to give my input when I got this notice.

One thing to take into consideration is the ambiguity of the label. In Edmonton, no one plays tennis outside in the winter due to snow and temperature. So if you’re renting an indoor tennis facility, that may cost way more than renting and outdoor one in the summer. However, I compared Edmonton and Calgary (3 hours away from each other), and noticed Calgary had the low rate of 18$ C (I inputted 16$ C, according to this link: which I assume means summer. The current rate of 55$ C is quite high for an outdoor court; perhaps this is a country club tennis court?
#Smith on Jan 16, 2014 :
I am trying to buy a condo in southwest edmonton. I was just wondering what is the cost per sq.ft?

I just saw in COMFREE a 2 bed 2 bath 815sq.ft condo constructed in 2012 costs $225000. Is this a good price?Is it worth?
#cris on Jan 12, 2014 :
hi! i have 11 mos. old baby and we are just renting a house here in my baby need to pay for utilities bill because our housemates demands for it even me and my hubby pay for the utility bills? is there any law that saying babies need to pay for their bills too???? help us pls!!!!
#Agne on Jan 08, 2014 :
Hi guys, have red all your comments, but still can find out what the real living costs are... We are Lithuanian family last 5 years living in Ireland.
We have two children - 6 and 2,5. We would like tp know wha te the REAL living expences are, especially rent (in a good, safe place, something like 2-3 bedroom appartmant or small house), bills, what kinds of heating are availlable in Edmonton, which is cheappest and more efficient? How about schools and child minding services (costs and etc). And petrol?
And my main question would be - is it possible to create a good life for a familly with two kids(my husband is a hily experienced cofe/pub chef, myself - retail and fast food sales assistant (pharmacy assistant at the moment) with certificate in Practical Management (a Supervisory Management Skills course). I suppose, we both would be making average money, am I right?
We are a type of family, htat doesnt like to waste money for such a things like restaurants, cinemas or so.. We prefer to spend time somewhere that doesn't cost that much.
I would really appreciate if someone could give me a proper info, please email me on
#Lauren on Dec 23, 2013 :
I’ve been living in Edmonton for a long time and things have changed drastically. Edmontonians who were hoping the prices would drop, seeing even higher prices now. Let me remind you the gas prices that are incredibly high…Although I’m really interested in home ownership moreover as I bought this year a flat for my family, our first home. I follow the real estate listings in my city every day. I like to know what’s out there. I had time to find my flat at and I was impressed with the lowest prices I’ve seen in new buildings. Maybe it’ll help someone to find his place for living.
#Mike on Nov 21, 2013 :
I've lived in Edmonton most of my life, since the late 80s and the Edmonton of the past 10 years has turned into crazy, money hungry, work centered kind of environment with everything else being stripped away for people to maximize profits while working in oil. It really kinda sucks for those who don't work in those industries because I remember in the 90s being able to work minimum wage with a partner and being able to cover all the bills, not live luxurious or anything but you weren't in the negative. There is no way in hell you can do that in 2013, cost of groceries, gas, rent/mortgage are all way higher than what the average person pays in the majority of the US and this isn't some Vancouver where you live on a coast line.

Now its a turbulent time because of all the crazy immigrant issues happening, some people don't like that so many people are arriving in Alberta and getting these crazy paying jobs in the oil industry because when that stuff goes away, and away it will go one day, those people will leave. Not like I blame them, Edmonton has always been a small time city with big city ego. It doesn't have the amenities of some of Canada's biggest cities like being close to borders or oceans or having really vibrant culture like in Quebec. But people are generally friendly, racism and whatnot are not really issues since you have all kinds of cultures working together in the trades. I often seen motley teams of Canadians, Europeans and Asians working together and that is something I like because resentment over culture is ultimately so un-Canadian.

I'm looking at these stats and can't believe the numbers, where will you rent a 3 bedroom house in the South/south west for $1500? Those prices fit the north parts of the city where the city looks like other parts of the city did in the 80s, old and run down at this point. In the nicer areas a 3 bedroom is more like $1800 - $2000 without utilities. I don't even know how people rent in this city when that amount can easily be a mortgage payment on a home or even less if you get one of the numerous condos in the city.

Couple of the comments dealt with the intrusiveness of government and in many respects it's true though Alberta is probably one of the more hands off provinces when it comes to stuff like getting paperwork through because they depend on it so much. If it works for you, you stay, if you don't, you can go back to the US and maybe get lucky. I won't deny that living in the US can be way cheaper and the taxes lower but I'll take getting taxed a little bit more and having healthcare without risking losing a house because I can't afford insurance for whatever it is monthly there only to have to pay some crazy deductibles.If you're a millionaire you're not living in Canada anyway or at least not paying taxes here. It's more of a country built for the average person and not the upper tier to do as they please.
#Aly Skye on Nov 18, 2013 :
Well, I've lived in Canada all my life. These taxes that rob you, could save someones life for medical expenses. Don't start bitching about us Canadians and expect us to take it with a smile. You wonder why you all get bad reps, quit being an arse about that. If we call Americans names, it's because of what Americans we've met. My boss met an American who thought we lived in igloos and rode on moose. So in reality don't complain. DX
#russet on Nov 08, 2013 :
I'm willing to answer direct, polite questions about living in Edmonton and Alberta, Canada more generally. I have lived in the three Prairie provinces and Nunuvut (North West Territories), near north and Arctic, Ontario, and visited and have relatives and friends down east and in British Columbia.
#Russet on Nov 08, 2013 :

Renting in a good suburban neighbourhood, one with all amenities you need for a family with a child, would be: about $1500 for a two bedroom apartment in a walk-up, about $2000 plus you pay heat and all utilities for a three bedroom bungalow. There is no provincial sales tax, so Alberta is cheaper than Saskatchewan, for example, but both have the nationally imposed sales tax of 5% on most purchases. There is a huge divide between haves and have-nots here. If your family is working in the oil industry, you'll take part in the "Alberta Advantage" meaning you'll make good money, have health benefits, and disposable income. If not, you'll be lucky to break even. No one rents for less in GOOD safe neighbourhoods just because you can't find a job. Good safe neighbourhoods are anywhere south of the river, with best being west and central, to less desirable being east and southeast. Look for something along the LRT wherever you rent. Least desirable neighbourhoods are northeast, with lots of crime and unemployment.
#Leona on Oct 23, 2013 :

Were in the uk my husband has a job offer in edmonton , if we relocate with our 4 year old daughter how easy is it to rent houses and find schools etc...
#Scott on Sep 30, 2013 :
Hey so I'm from Edmonton and I'll try to clear some stuff up. Cost of living is pretty high here, but generally high salaries for skilled labour makes up for that . Medicare is still pretty good despite what some people say. Our infrastructure is getting replaced/overhauled so it's not looking the prettiest. Discrimination is pretty low level/non existent but don't quote me on that (I'm a W.A.S.P). I don't have any problems with Americans or anyone else I know for that matter.

Rules to follow: Don't be an asshole, mind your manners, say please and thank you, complain about the local sports teams from time to time.
#Egide Halle on Sep 15, 2013 :
Hello buddies! i wanna come to Edmonton for winter programs but i really know nothing about Edmonton and I'm from Africa. so my query is: how will i really be welcomed as someone from Africa? isn't there anything like discrimination or racism? can i really live a simple life and what are the opportunities of me getting employed in other to save for my tuition fees and other life expenses such as accommodation and food?

so dear friends advice me whether my wishes will come true or not....

i personally taught that AMERICANS and CANADIANS are all the same with the same heart and culture, love each other since they are from the same Continent!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#choky on Sep 05, 2013 :
I want to cum to live in canada from croatia please give me some advice to start there with a family,please.
#BeckonsAttore on Aug 29, 2013 :
I think that apartments for rent in Edmonton are alright. Though, I'd rent them rather than buying them. That's just because I don't like the idea of buying something that I wouldn't plan to live in for 20+ years. Plus, you have to stay there until you can sell it. I like the flexibility and opportunity gained by renting apartments. URL:
#Area on Aug 15, 2013 :
I know exactly that Canada is much better then Ukraine or Russia. Having been visiting my relatives in Ukraine I was so happy to be back to Canada. Nice place to live and work.
#K-Y on Aug 11, 2013 :
if you immigrants think Canada is so bad stay in your own country, were better off here without everyone else coming here taking the jobs and costing us more in taxes
##Moonstruck on Aug 04, 2013 :
Canada is nothing they advertise and people think - people are silly, rules make no sense, you work like an idiot to get robbed for useless taxes, everything is just money-oriented and zero quality; food is terrible, nothing tastes like food actually, air is polluted (unless you go back to mother nature), waters polluted and color like hell, is lot of discrimination and no respect for human beings. All is just a big banner to advertise something which actually is not real. So, I agree with Asi.L - never been to US, lived in many other places though and one thing is for sure - think 100 times before choosing depends what you want in life and what kind of person you are.
#RickM on Jul 21, 2013 :
Ron H i moved to Edmonton from UK in 1976 best move I made been here ever since..Cheaper than UK.
Only downfall surviving a Canadian winter,good if you dress appropriately..Later in summer mosquitoes are around..
#Tunde john on Jul 15, 2013 :
From what i can gather so far, Canada is a good place to live. There is no perfect place all over the world but some places are better lived in.I dream of living in Canada,with the intention of broaden my knowledge in Socialwork.I believe i have more to offer the world.So, if you notice any problem in any where you are, be part of the Solution. We live in an imperfect world!
#RobH on Jul 08, 2013 :
Myself and my wife are considering moving to edmonton from the UK with a job offer already in place. I'm really looking for advice from any other people who have recently moved there to find out what pitfalls to look out for, advantages over the UK and any little gems of advice that you may have.
Thanks & Regards
Rob H
#Nadia on Jun 12, 2013 :
I have to agree with Asi L. The Federal and Provincial governments regulate us to death.. By the time you get a permit for anything and everything, take all the related courses and then have the inspectors, regulators who ever "needs" to see what you are doing it can take a very long time to set up a business esp. a food related business. I admire those that have the patience, time and money to jump through all the hoops.
#Asi L. on Jun 10, 2013 :
I lived in the Us for 12 years ad than moved to Vancouver for 3 years; Let me tell you: The US is the BEST place in the world. It has some problems but the freedom to do, create, live travel and explore are second to none. No one will stop you from being a somebody!
Canada sucks only just because of the bureaucracy, the government here is in your business, everyday living must be confronted by big brother. No breathing room or error room. You see big brother everywhere.
The people are so laid back and it doesn't really feel like north America; maybe India or China.
Stay in the US, It is the best place on earth.
#siamak on May 14, 2013 :
please somebody tell me , cost of living in edmonton for 4 person family (father, mother and 2 children) and cost of elementary school for children.
thank you so much