Quality of Life in Edmonton, Canada

Purchasing Power Index 120.53   Very High
Safety Index 57.21   Moderate
Health Care Index 78.66   High
Climate Index 32.11   Moderate
Cost of Living Index 70.33   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 3.76   Very Low
Traffic Commute Time Index 29.30   Low
Pollution Index 28.88   Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 174.29   Very High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 95

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 310

Last update: October 2019

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10 Comments so far

#Little India on Sep 06, 2018 :
I have lived in Edmonton most of my life. I used to be very proud of our City, and the people that lived here. I feel like an outsider/immigrant in the very place I grew up. I have never been racist, a lot of my friends growing up were of various cultures. However, more and more I find myself resenting the massive influx of middle eastern immigrants. I have witnessed beatings on children, wives, disgusting displays of disrespect for OUR laws, culture, and acceptance. I’m done! They are literally taking over every corner of this city. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of lovely people out there that are truly making an effort to adapt and contribute to our society and all that comes with it. However, they are the minority (in that sense).

Let the rants against me begin, I’m only one person with an opinion. At least the only one ballsy enough to say it.
#Jim smith on Dec 14, 2016 :
It's all the PC goverment's fault, they ruined this province.
#Mr.Ecahmoyo on Oct 25, 2016 :
You know how the media is always telling us how great and vibrant Edmonton is? Well they really wouldn't need to do all this promoting if Edmonton truly was a great city... think about it.
#Anonymous on Sep 28, 2016 :
I agree. When a mayors (Iverson the I want to be PM) acceptance speech identifies that he wants to help special interest groups I knew right away that common hardworking Edmontonians were in for a huge withdraw of funds from their wallets.
With property taxes going up 5% every year it directly makes utilities, insurance, consumer goods etc increase as well.City departments role should be to help decrease costs and reduce loss of taxpayers hard earned money.
What I have seen wasted.
:City road cleaning truck being followed around by another city truck with the driver and his passenger laughing and doing the macerana.
: 8 City police and bylaw officers and their cars at speed traps while you cant even get a officer to your house to fingerprint after a breakin.
:City police car out in Devon dropping of his kid for horse riding lessons.
:Edmonton Public Library spending 30 million on salaries and still creating director of directors jobs (exucutive directors) when libraries should be shrinking their staff. Yes EPL is one of the most expensive libraries to run in Canada.
: Edmontons property taxes are higher than Calagaries and Vancouvers.
:Our garbage and recycle costs $43 a month and increases about $5 a month p/year, Calgarys is $14. Yes people that should be added to your property tax so it is transparent for the cost of living here.
:50 miilion more (150 total) for the fancy designed one way bridge by the kinsmen. Who the hell puts in a one way bridge when everyone knows that we needed another way to cross the
river when the high level is blocked or under repair.
: A useless outdoor escalator so the poor lazy city workers can get to the river valley for a nice walk during their 1 hour plus lunches.
:A $600 million rink that no normal taxpayer will ever be able to afford to see the inside of.
:Fitness facilities that are poorly run and are already huge money
pits like the libraries.
This town is dying. It only survives because of oil and the oil will never be what it was. Green technology is taking over and I intend to be out of this city as soon as I can sell my house.

pits like librariesEdmonton is
#City of YEG resident on Jun 01, 2016 :
I have been living here since 1968...The last 12 years, since Mayor Smith left, have been an utter disaster. Mayor Mandel (spendal), gave away our city to developers, we lost the airport for a pie in the sky dream that will never work, our museum for a new legacy project (have a guess what will happen to the land where the old museum sits), and many other things that made our city great! Mayor Iveson has continued the tradition of giving away our land & city to the developers, but added a twist now we have also given the roads to bike lanes, and transit trains that do not work . Same thing as our previous PC government giving away our resources to big oil...Privatizing our provincial parks. Once my last child leaves home ETA 5-6 years, I am out and never returning. I hate how the city has developed and how little is done to help the ordinary citizens who pay the taxes for their schemes and legacy projects. I miss the old Edmonton, the one we loved and grew up with, it is now a city for developers and big business only! Cannot wait to leave!
#Anonymous on Jan 28, 2016 :
Alex C. You may not be talking out of your arse but what is coming out of your mouth or from.your fingers is very close to the same product that would if you were.
To comment or judge someone elses life, job or actual experiences without "being there in general" would actually make you an awesome candidate to run for Edmontons city council. They are also totally out of touch with what this city and the citizens require to enjoy life.
You may also want to reread my previous post about our mayors etc that run away to warm.places while the rest of us stay and pay for all their legacy projects.
Maybe I should check to see if "Alex C" was previously employed by the City of Edmonton and you now are talking from your soapbox in good old Uruguay.
You have also shown your ignorance(another quality for city council) by using the US of A as a point about living in Edmonton.
I have actually "in general" lived in the US and it is nothing like here. The only places I found close were in the midwest.
Alex you may require some TP to wipe a little something off your lip.
#Alex C on Dec 12, 2015 :
Although I have never been to Canada in general, I do have friends that live there and this is an amazing place to live in, including Edmonton. I live in Uruguay which is in South America. I sure as hell would like it if every one of you people complaining came to live here. I have been to many countries and I have even lived in the USA for 12 years. So I am not talking out of my ass when I say you people take things for granted.
#John barleycorn on Dec 02, 2015 :
Yes I agree this city sucks for the reasons people have already mentioned. The Oil dream is over!
#been here to long on Nov 03, 2015 :
Edmonton while once being clean affordable and safe is no longer that city. Taxes go up every year to pay for arenas, art galleries, a transit vision that no one will use and will cripple commuting times, a library entity that costs over 50 million a year to run plus its new over the top branches being buit and $500,000 makerspace projects (a fancy cyber cafe/kinko's) ,city politicians that have no experience and who do not listen to the people, a 1% art levy for all projects + the flag.waving arts
council massive salaries that have given taxpayers silver rabbit turds on the side of.the road and $50,000 wall painting of bouncing balls by some overseas artist. ( a ten year old could.have done better)at fitness centers that are black holes for our tax dollars, but not for surrounding communties which use.them.
There are people here living pay check to pay check but council puts art galleries, transit, arenas and their own salaries first.
If you think Edmonton is such a great place you may want to read a bit more river valley is.useless unless you like to eat nuts and defecate in the.bush.
You will also find that a large percentage poiticians do not stay here after retiring and.if.they do they are only part timers. Not a great endorsement for.such a.great place.....
#guest on Oct 25, 2015 :
I live in Edmonton, most expensive place for housing, and finding a place is extremely hard. I have a 500 sq ft apartment for 1000.00 per month (nothing included)
Food prices can jump as often as the gas prices. Since a lot of the gas comes from here- you would think we would have cheaper gas, not true, actually cheaper toward the east usually and even in Calgary. from 90 cents per litre to 114.00 per litre over night, and this happens weekly. Pot Holes and Non Stop Road Construction- and someone said it before, they are not prepared for population growth. Most expensive place I have even live.