Quality of Life in Red Deer, Canada

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Purchasing Power Index 107.33   High
Safety Index 41.56   Moderate
Health Care Index 77.06   High
Climate Index 14.50   Low
Cost of Living Index 72.69   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 6.37   Low
Traffic Commute Time Index 19.33   Very Low
Pollution Index 35.37   Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 152.49   Very High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 10

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 63

Last update: January 2021

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3 Comments so far
#itsnotgreat,but on May 20, 2017:
by the way

you are a little off #areyoukidding....not all that far,but a little
I've been here most of my life,and yes,its not all that great.
It used to be a great place to live and grow up ,but not anymore.
They hide everything here ,or it would scare people away....just wait till the games in 2019,the city will have every RCMP they can scrape from everywhere else in Canada to bury crime and all the homeless and jobless.I'm looking into moving away from here ,its not an affordable place to live or is it a safe place anymore.
ARE YOU KIDDING?!! on Apr 22, 2017:
By the way:

- Our air quality is rated the worst in Canada (thanks to the road sand of course)
- Our crime is one of the highest per capital (I had my Jeep stolen twice in one year)
- There is absolutely NO employment (unless you enjoy working for minimum wage)
- The only reason houses recently dropped in price is due to no employment
- There is no such thing as a worse traffic system than Red Deer's (maybe the Los Angeles freeway)

This is a starter-city for minors & beginning professionals, where they can work the kinks out of their trades before moving somewhere else where it actually matters that they do a good job. I'm currently saving every single penny so I can get out of this hell on Earth!
ARE YOU KIDDING?!! on Apr 22, 2017:
Wow whoever collected this data has obviously never lived in Red Deer. This is easily one of the most abysmal places you could ever live! I've lived her for 28 years and I've watched it do nothing but deteriorate & crumble while the crime rate soars through the roof. It is the ugliest city I have ever visited in western Canada by far, paralleled only by the north end of Deadmonton. Its almost May and we have had ONE, i repeat ONE blue sky day since 2016. In 2016 we did not get a summer, it literally rained every single day. It is 3 degrees celcius & snowing right now - April 22. The sky is clouded over and gray every day without fail, and there is not a single plant/flower/tree in bloom or a single green lawn in the entire city, partially due to the 5mm film of "road sand" that covers every square inch inside the city's limits. The sun DOES NOT shine here anymore like it did pre-2007. We are extremely lucky if we get 2 months of sunny hot weather, and even when we do get hot summers the sun gets blocked out by smoke from constant forest fires 75% of the time. I cycle daily and I get a first-hand view of what the outdoors is really like in Red Deer (unlike 99% of the population who think they know what they're talking about). The roads are literally COVERED in "road sand", Red Deer's genius idea to combat the never ending snowfall. If you are an outdoors type of person, never step foot in this HOLE of a city unless you plan on wearing a surgical mask every time you go outside. People who say they like it here are typically low IQ worker bees & immigrants who come from war-torn poverty stricken countries. They poison the water supply with fluoride, and there are no organic food markets, only GMO-laden feeding trough grocery stores like Sobey's & Superstore. I swear they are trying to kill off the population here, the evidence is everywhere.