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Consumer Price Index (Excl.Rent): 75.82
Rent Index: 44.11
Groceries Index: 71.44
Restaurants Index: 73.35
Consumer Price Plus Rent Index: 60.71
Local Purchasing Power: 114.97

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Restaurants [Edit] Avg.
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 13.00 C$
Meal for 2, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 70.00 C$
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 8.29 C$
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) 6.00 C$
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 7.00 C$
Cappuccino (regular) 3.55 C$
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) 1.76 C$
Water (0.33 liter bottle) 1.58 C$
Markets [Edit] Avg.
Milk (regular), (1 liter) 1.80 C$
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 2.57 C$
Rice (white), (1kg) 2.94 C$
Eggs (12) 3.10 C$
Local Cheese (1kg) 12.66 C$
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1kg) 12.21 C$
Apples (1kg) 3.33 C$
Oranges (1kg) 3.46 C$
Tomato (1kg) 3.31 C$
Potato (1kg) 2.07 C$
Lettuce (1 head) 1.66 C$
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 1.72 C$
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 15.00 C$
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 2.47 C$
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 2.65 C$
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) 11.00 C$
Transportation [Edit] Avg.
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 3.00 C$
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 133.75 C$
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 4.25 C$
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) 1.75 C$
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 30.00 C$
Gasoline (1 liter) 1.29 C$
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 23,000.00 C$
Utilities (Monthly) [Edit] Avg.
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment 198.34 C$
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.26 C$
Internet (6 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 49.14 C$
Sports And Leisure [Edit] Avg.
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 52.76 C$
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 25.71 C$
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 13.00 C$
Clothing And Shoes [Edit] Avg.
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 64.97 C$
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 41.18 C$
1 Pair of Nike Shoes 99.05 C$
1 Pair of Men Leather Shoes 112.67 C$
Rent Per Month [Edit] Avg.
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 1,468.26 C$
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 1,103.84 C$
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 2,720.00 C$
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 1,782.61 C$
Buy Apartment Price [Edit] Avg.
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre 6,572.32 C$
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 6,168.16 C$
Salaries And Financing [Edit] Avg.
Average Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax) 3,395.11 C$
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly 3.15

These data are based on 2228 entries in the past 12 months from 392 different contributors.

Last update: February, 2015

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100 Comments so far

#To Pat on Feb 28, 2015 :
Pat ur jsust a hater who hates to see progress. Toronto is a growing city and women are going up the ladder to overcome the male-dominated workforce.

If you don't like the progress in Toronto LEAVE!
#Pat on Feb 28, 2015 :
Besides many of the comments here, to get the REAL story about Toronto and where it is heading, ask only those born and raised in Toronto, or older-eras of immigrants or people who have been living in Toronto at least since the early 1990s, even visitors who have been to Toronto a number of times starting anytime before the 1990s and have seen it now for comparisons. Don't really ask or listen to anyone else.
#Zena on Feb 27, 2015 :
#Clark Kent

Hey, I might get a work permit to Canada soon, and might be living in Toronto,, how easy is it to find a Job? reading People's comments here makes living in Toronto really bad.
#Angela on Feb 27, 2015 :
Toronto is the best city in the world ^-^ The haters can move out from Toronto with their misogyny & hatred of independent and smart women!!!!!
#Toronto the Cold on Feb 24, 2015 :
As a rule, I have found Toronto to be an angry, cold city with miserable women.

I have been pleasantly surprised with exceptions to that tendency when they have presented over the years, but those have been the exceptions. If you are willing to accept as gospel whatever the Star and the CBC are shoving down your throat and to have people be distant a$$holes to you when you are an otherwise pleasant coworker or a non-threatening stranger, then you will likely find Toronto to be a nice enough place. If you want the milk of human kindness or to date a feminine woman, however, then Toronto is unlikely to be your cup of tea.
#Teacher on Feb 23, 2015 :
The Toronto District School Board might teach this to your 5 year old kids:

“We’re very committed to this,” Wynne told reporters on Monday.

The changes will impact students from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

Grade 1

Students in Grade 1 will be taught the proper names for body parts – something child-abuse investigators have long urged.

They will also learn how to recognize non-verbal signals, such as facial expressions and tone of voice, to better communicate with others.

Grade 2

In Grade 2, students will learn about bodily changes and development, verbal and physical violence, and the concept that “no means no.”

Grades 3-4

Grade 3 students will learn about same-sex relationships, while the physical, emotional and social impacts of puberty will move from Grade 5 to Grade 4.

Grades 5-6

In Grade 5, students will continue learning about puberty, including menstruation and spermatogenesis, and how these processes relate to reproduction.

Students in Grade 6 will learn about masturbation and “gender expression.” They will also be educated on how to build healthy relationships and consent.

Grades 7-8

In Grades 7-8, students will learn about the dangers of “sexting.”

They will also discuss contraception, anal and oral sex, and ways to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
#Tranny on Feb 12, 2015 :
You might wonder where do Toronto women fill the void if they hate adult men so much? Answer: Do you read the news every day about some female teacher having sexualrelations with minor students?

The Toronto District School Board covers up such criminal activity from parents and the public.
#Mike on Feb 10, 2015 :
Clark Kent a majority of these women in Toronto are either lebians, bi-sexuals or are interested in filling the void with children (think of the female teachers).

Any straight male is demonized by these feminist retards in Toronto.

There is no growth in Toronto except for immigration and higher taxes and housing costs.

Montreal on the other hand, is by far a better city if you know how to speak French and English.
#Clark Kent on Feb 10, 2015 :
Notice how the women on this thread don't give any reasons whatsoever for why they think men are rapists and mysoginists.

The guys here are presenting a slew of reasons why Toronto is not as great a city as everyone wants to believe it is.
We've presented specifics concerning economics/finances, social culture, dating culture, the physical rundown of the city, structural injustices.

Women on this thread, please provide something that we can actually work with.
I've never raped a woman and I treat everyone equally... so that should immediately put me in the normal guy camp.
But despite this, I still find Toronto to be kind of a shitty and depressing city to live in overall.
The women are unapproachable, are not family oriented, and seem to support an increasing amount of feminist legislation.
But at the same time they aren't interested in casual sex... So what are we doing exactly?

Please give something for the Toronto men to work with, because I honestly don't understand what kind of life I am supposed to be having here.
The women are not that interested in casual dating, yet they are not that interested in starting a family. So is there just no sex going on in this city?

I am honestly just confused about what we are trying to go for as a city.
#Club Goer on Feb 08, 2015 :
I just came back from a night out in Toronto and reading this forum completely resonated with me.

Women in Toronto are absolutely stuck up and full of themselves.

There abrasive attitude makes men hate you. A few weeks ago I was in Cuba and the women there are 10X more attractive and they know how to show respect to a man.

They know there focking place and for that I respect them.

There a lot of single women in Toronto and the constantly complain that there are no good men. But the truth is women have so many options they feel obligated to be obnoxious. I hate Toronto women. Toronto is the worst place to be a male.
#Mandy on Feb 08, 2015 :
The rape culture is terrible in Toronto:

On Tuesday 03 February, 2015, at approximately 2:30 PM, security staff were made aware of a suspicious person who has been frequenting the MAC building since November, 2014 and engaging in the following behaviours:

Attempting to interact predominantly with women on various sports teams and following some of them after they had left the building;
Attempting to place his hand on the shoulder of at least one victim;
Following victims from the MAC building to the Pitman Hall (PIT) building, and on various public streets - the subject was described to sometimes be walking behind the victims from a distance and at times from the opposite side of the street;
Approaching victims in MAC and sitting at a table staring at them;
Engaging victims in unwanted conversation and asking if they wanted to play basketball with him; and
Observing a women's team practice and following three victims afterwards as they left the building, then approaching and engaging the victims in unwanted conversation.

Further, on Monday 05 January, 2015, Security & Emergency Services were made aware that a subject had attended a victim’s office in the Podium (POD) building, complimented her appearance and engaged her in conversation, speaking about religion. He had reportedly approached her previously in December, 2014 and attempted to schedule an appointment with her. The subject complimented the victim’s appearance and insisted that he only wanted to meet with her. During the holiday break, the victim noted that the subject had attempted to add her as a friend on Facebook. On another date in December, 2014, the subject attended this office area, located on the lower ground floor of the POD building, and specifically asked to speak with this victim.

On Wednesday 26 November, 2014, at approximately 6:15 PM, Security & Emergency Services staff responded to a reported security incident in the Ryerson Athletics Centre (RAC) building and based on the behaviour of that subject, he was barred from campus at that time.
#Happily Married abroad on Feb 07, 2015 :
1. Toronto and Canadian males will NEVER ever have enough! They actually like the current state of things while rapidly turning into pussified creatures, slaves and androids without any self esteem who’ll gladly obey every order given by their female Masters. The men in Toronto worship women and beg for their worn out pussi

2. NO organization be it CAFE or whatever will ever be able to change this trend! NEVER!

3. Take off your rosy glasses, stop drinking Cool Aid, start packing your bags and get the hell out of Canada! You’ll never regret this move!
#Leave Toronto on Feb 06, 2015 :
Don't come to Toronto if you aren't expecting a good paying job. You will thank me later.
#Sane Torontonian on Feb 06, 2015 :
Pat, some of these feminist comments are disturbing, but I'm not surprised because that is how feminism is in Toronto. Feminism is a man-hating, Marxist agenda. I wouldn't be surprised if the feminists overthrow the public nudity law so that they can walk naked on the streets, yet on the same token, criminalize men who accidentally stare at their bodies. Oh wait, the TDSB and Gay Pride advocated for the removal of public nudity laws!

Toronto is one f***ked up city! Where sloots and gays walk naked, but a male is criminalized for being male. Get out of that f***ing hellhole before it consumes you!
#Pat on Feb 05, 2015 :
Goodness, it appears SEXISM runs rampant in Toronto! Just look at Heldae's comment from Feb. 1st. Not good at all.
#Jessica on Feb 05, 2015 :
In response to Alex Mac:

If you don't respect women dont come to Canada! We need one less misogynist loser in our country. Canada is the greatest country in the world!!
#Alex Mac on Feb 04, 2015 :
This board is extremely sad....

Having lived in Markham, Ontario as a kid (now back in the UK) I have fond memories of Markham and Toronto in the early 90's!

Has this much changed in just 20 years??

Now being 31, I was thinking about visiting Canada, for purely Nostalgic reasons, but perhaps its best left as Nostalgia :/
#Paul Martin on Feb 04, 2015 :
I am going to objective and honest. I was raised in TO and still live here.

It is hell no doubt. I got a degree from the UFT. The women are the primary cause – there egos are super inflated.It is risky to even talk to them because just looking at a 30 year old woman can be misconstrued as sexual harassment.

Getting into trouble with a 30 year Toronto woman puts you in the same league as those horrible sex offenders in Toronto, which is why many men go their own way (MGTOW).

If you thought that conservative America or Victorian era Britian was prudish, check out Toronto where a 17 year old male is labelled a sex offender after getting molested by his 40 year old teacher (cough) Mary Gowans, Tania Pontbriand, Kim Gervais (cough)
#Toronto city of no soul on Feb 03, 2015 :
Everything in Toronto is about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!!!!!

This is exactly why there are so many female college students prostituting themselves for MONEY...but NO...blame it on the men! and criminalize the purchase of adultsex services! F-U-C-K You Toronto, I hope Russia beats the living daylight out of these Toronto femiNazis who post that their s-h-it is cleaner than Moscow WTF? Nobody f-u-c-ks around with Russia...
#Tom Tom on Feb 03, 2015 :
If you can't get laid in Toronto, I am sorry but you just flat out suck. Women in Toronto are refined women, modern women with the ability to sense a loser from one who doesn't treat her like an object.
#Toronto Women Suck on Feb 03, 2015 :
Toronto women suck. They are misandric, money hungry and psychologically ill witches. They should burn in hell for their misandric ways. F'u;c'k Toronto.
#Dr.Phil Show on Feb 02, 2015 :
There is something horribly wrong with Toronto. You have a school board which promotes deviant sexuality to Kindergarten students, post secondary institutions promoting radical feminism, and a disgusting support for Gay Pride culture, which one TDSB Trustee and even former Mayor Rob Ford tried to boycott.

Toronto is good if you're a white woman, gay or some other deviant sexual creature.
#Heldae on Feb 01, 2015 :
Boreonto & Elmer Hound you hate Toronto because you are the sheep. Scientists has discovered that the DNA of men in Toronto have inferior genes as compared to to women in Toronto.

Women in Toronto have higher education, earn higher salaries, have bigger butts and cleaner bodies than the counterparts in foreign nations.

Toronto women have STANDARDS and the women know that God gave them a hot body so that men like yourselves can dream on, because if you can't find love in Toronto, you will never find love anywhere else.
#Elmore Hound on Feb 01, 2015 :
The best city in the world? Are you f'n kidding?
The best city in the world for what exactly. Any dummy who's never lived anywhere else can say that with such ease. Toronto is a city of sheep who need desperately to be told what to like because they don't know what is actually genuine. The heart of Toronto is a cash register. I will give some positive kudos however and that is in the greatest variety of restaurants in the world. Truly no competition there. We are spoiled in that sense. But as regards traffic, construction zoning and the ridiculous love affair with the most archaic form of transportation- the Streetcar! This city fails tremendously.the people that say Toronto is the best city in the world may have 'traveled' but they rarely have ever actually 'lived' anywhere else. Love on you blind little sheep.
#boreonto on Jan 31, 2015 :
Um excuse me, just take a look at this website and comments! It's hardly the best city. A "best city" is one that is functional and has a spirit and life. And just look at the insanely high number of blogs and websites on the internet (yes, WORLD wide web)that are full of bad thoughts and reviews about Toronto. That is a huge sign. Something is wrong with the place.
#Best City on Jan 31, 2015 :
Toronto is the world’s best city to live in, according to a study of major metropolises by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Shows how much hate the haters have for the world's best city. The women in Toronto have standards and class unlike the desperate malnourished women in 3rd world countries.
#Roger on Jan 30, 2015 :
Canada's economy is collapsing due to falling oil prices & yes, toronto women are terrible as thhe falling economy of Canada.
#Protect your kids on Jan 29, 2015 :
One of the sex-ed instructors at a high school in Toronto also taught a class on sex toys at a nearby shop. An article about her sex shop appeared in the Toronto Star.

Some of the parents felt that the Toronto District School Board, an organization that anticipates to teachSexual Education classes to Grade 1 students, was actually encouraging their children to start having sex by turning a blind eye on the explicit content and pornographic nature of the Sexual education curriculum for elementary school students.

The modified Sexual Education program was compiled by accused child molester and child porn maker Dr. Benjamin Levin, a former Deputy Education Minister in Ontario and close friends of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.
#Clark Kent on Jan 29, 2015 :
To Vanessa,

I think you might have misunderstood my post.
I'm not saying it is difficult to get a girlfriend here or to survive.
I'm saying the cost-benefit ratio of living in Toronto does not add up for an ambitious young man who doesn't have a minority niche (or government subsidized niche) to fall back on. Even if I had a girlfriend here, living in this city just does not add up for a guy like myself. And apparently many other young men feel the same way.

It is not that I don't have girlfriends. It is that I don't want to live here anymore.
The social culture, dating culture, depressing weather, precarious economic situation, and the fact that we mass-immigrate foreigners through false advertising just gives me the impression that there might be better places for me to live.

Also, as you yourself just demonstrated, the women here have more faith in the government than they do in the people (particularly the men) around them. Canada recently just passed a law that makes the purchase of sex illegal, but still legal to sell it. Gradually gradually the laws are consistently changing and making being a male here more and more risky with lower-incentive.

The only guys I know who do well here are either guys who go 100% after money, or guys who act like clowns and have a social life at the expense of long-term stability. Other than that, females, LGBTQ, and people with ethnic niches do ok... but for guys like myself, and landing immigrants Toronto offers a mediocre at best quality of life.

And finally, I don't call women sluts... the women here call the other women sluts... In fact it is women who created the Slut-Walk...

If you're having trouble getting men to commit in this city, I bet it is because the risks of relating with women are constantly getting higher and higher. Like the other posters have said, this is very similar to Cultural Marxism, which eventually allows the government to become involved in all the most basic human interactions. This kind of life is just not appealing to men... And most ethnic groups with their own culture keep to themselves because there is no unified Toronto identity to become a part of... Most traditional cultures that come here reject feminism... but they aren't as well-off economically as the white women here.

If you can prove me wrong then please do, but this is my current perspective.
#Vanessa on Jan 28, 2015 :
All of the guys posting on this (and Clark Kent) sound absolutely pathetic. I agree with PM Stephen Harper that the age of consent should be raised to 25 so that men will not exploit women under 25.

Not all girls are down for casual sex, especially since we know you will call us “sluts” or “easy” for just having a one night stand. Most women want a relationship (gasp!) and actually like to get to know a person away from the alcohol and loud music of a club.

If you really want to impress a girl or have a chance of getting to be with her ask for her number and tell her you want to go for breakfast the next day, or out for dinner. This way she knows you aren’t a total sleazeball just looking for a quick lay. The anus of a white Torontonian female is cleaner than the air you breathe.
#Clark Kent on Jan 28, 2015 :
I am a Toronto-native white-male with Mediterranean roots. Tall, good-looking, and well-educated.

This city is great if you are gay, female, or a guy who doesn't care for dating at all.

But if you are a fun-loving man who wants to live a good balanced life take these things into account.
Toronto is far too politically correct for real intellectual or spiritual innovation. You'll be holding yourself back from speaking common sense a lot of the time.
If you live-to-work and you don't need basic human connection, then this is a great place for you. But if you are a person with community values and you live for more than just buying things and keeping to yourself, this might not be the best place for you.

Feminism is the dominant mentality here and the city is very expensive to live in. For women, certain minorities, gays, and LGTQ it is great, and the women hold the majority of the public sector jobs (i.e, education, health, government administration, etc.). The public sector jobs however seem like the only real opportunity for financial stability though unless you go into finance. Everything else is minimum wage.

I'm trained as a scientist but am leaving this city later this year because there is just no place for scientists. If you have an independent and entrepreneurial spirit than this is not the place for you. You will always be struggling.

After realizing how many well-educated immigrants come to Canada expecting a future as promised, only to be stuck living in shitty apartments, I've lost some respect for this country. The economy depends way too much on immigrants and the life-savings money they bring. I'm talking about close friends here, not hypotheticals. Upward mobility is very difficult to attain here.

Dating here is god-awful. The social culture does not make up for how expensive and physically run down this city is. The dating culture basically boils down to having money or not having money. Because all the women here hold all the public sector jobs, they have more money than the majority of the men here. Sorry to say, but women are typically not attracted to men who have less social status than they do... it forces the men here to either become money obsessed or behave like clowns and join the leftist feminist regime to fit in.

People here mostly stick to their own background cultures (i.e., Filipinos stick with Filipinos, Russians with Russians, etc.). I am friends with all of these groups but I feel like there is no culture for white-guys here unless you want to join the feminist cult. None of these other cultural niches buy into that bullshit nearly as much as the white-girls of Toronto.

Most of the engineers, scientists, hard-working natives that I know are leaving for the US once they finish their educations... Toronto just doesn't offer enough for the aspiring middle-class to buckle down here and create anything...
#Stop the TDSB on Jan 28, 2015 :
The Toronto District School Board is about to sexualize very young children in their pedophile agenda.

“Teaching six-year-old children to consent to sex is abhorrent,” he said. “The Institute for Canadian Values has fought Premier Wynne’s radical sex education initiative for years. On behalf of the 105,000 members and parents across Ontario who defeated this in 2010, the president speaks out against the latest announcement to start teaching Grade 1 children how to give sexual consent.”

McNaughton, MPP for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex, said: “I believe this thing is signed, sealed and just isn’t delivered yet and a lot of people feel there is a hidden agenda” and “the parents should be the first educators.”

McVety said, “We abhor the premier announcing that Ontario’s teachers will be forced to teach little children how to give permission for that child to engage in sex” and “I don’t think it is legal to advise a child before the age of 16 on how to give sexual consent.
#Puritan on Jan 27, 2015 :
The University of Toronto is the fastest-growing university in Canada for signups, with 195 students joining in 2014.

Urick said rising tuition, living costs, and low wages for young graduates all contribute to the website's growing success. Most four-year university graduates in Canada will leave post-secondary with more than $10,000 in debt.

"A lot of girls maybe would have foregone college if they hadn't seen this as an option. Just because it's not really accessible," Urick said.
#Employer on Jan 27, 2015 :
Okay, the only way to get a job in Toronto is if you have connections or if your mommy gets you one.
Either that, or you can get some crappy job in about 6 months time while sending in about 100 resumes.

Sad thing is this is a type of job that requires no experience. Most of the really good jobs are non-existent. Sound familiar?

It is just like what you call dating life in Toronto. You have to bend over backwards to pick up some ugly feminist in Toronto.

Roosh V said hot women are inaccessible, it is just like that with jobs. Everyday, people move out to the USA because of that.

Toronto women are like cockroaches, a bunch of Marxist pests who walk on the streets naked and then complain to the police that men are staring at them.

Your economic and social life will be miserable in Toronto.

As a matter of fact, I'm planning to leave Toronto in 5 years. I see no future in this city except for feminists, Marxists and gays.
#Suzie on Jan 26, 2015 :
coomment and repsonse to leon,

you are having a pessimistic experience in Toronto because you don't respect women. So what if a female teacher wants to dress in a low cut top to school? Why don't you teach men not to r_a_p_e women? A woman's dress is not her consent.

Chaunvinists and losers such as you guys will never live a happy life anywhere. If you don't respect women in Toronto, you will never get respect anywhere. Mark my word and heed my advice.

Toronto is the best city in the world to live in.
#coooooment on Jan 26, 2015 :
So true, such a bad city to live in. Bad for raising children. Not to mention fu**ed up winters, just look the weather forecast for Toronto, it's at least -20 degrees celsius.
#Response to Leon on Jan 26, 2015 :
Leon, you will have better opportunities in Montreal or Vancouver for jobs.

15 Reasons why Toronto’s culture and Toronto women are the worst in the entire world

1) Eye contact is taboo. I’m not referring to the creepy Romeo eye stalking. Even inadvertent eye contact such as crossing the street or a quick glance can become burdensome to the average Toronto women. Sometimes one might have to cross the street without looking or drive through an intersection without looking, because getting hit by a car is far safer than getting into confrontation with a Toronto woman.

2) Feminism is a religion in Toronto. With colleges such as the University of Toronto and Ryerson University promoting radical feminism throughout the country, feminism causes many of these women to hate men. Many women prefer to be lesbians, which brings on to point number three.

3) The education system in the Toronto District School Board is perverse. With the Ontario government implementing an explicit Sexual Education program which has little to do with abstinence and more about teachers talking dirty to students, expect more feminism and LGBTQ culture to increase in Toronto.

4) Toronto women prefer an office career rather than nurturing a home. This might have to do with the high cost of living in Toronto.

5) Many 19-25 year old female college students in Toronto ply in the underground sex trade as sugar babies for older men who are called sugar daddies. This is despite the fact that Canada is a welfare state and panders to the needs of women.

6) Women in Toronto label every man as a predator unless proven otherwise. If a 18 year old male proposes to a 40 year old cougar, the 18 year old male is labeled as a sexual predator despite the woman being 22 years his senior.

7) This is how women in Toronto play a victim status. It does not matter if a woman in Toronto initiates a divorce, hits her husband, abuses children or anything else illegal, the woman is always the victim.

8) Many women in Toronto act in a sisterhood gang form of way. For example, if one woman complains about a man, the entire community knows. This is dangerous for men because one false allegation can ruin and destroy his career and livelihood.

9) Manginas and white knights prevail in Toronto. Manginas and white knights will do anything to pander to women in Toronto. Manginas and white knights will even go against you at work, etc just to please a woman.

10) The dating scene in Toronto is terrible because Toronto women prefer a famous rockstar over a doctor or lawyer. Unless of course, the Toronto woman can leech off from his money or confiscate half of his assets in divorce court.

11) Experts such as Roosh Vorek admitted that Toronto women have a negative, scary vibe to them.

12) Toronto women promote sluthood and public nudity, but they get offended if they think a male is staring at them even inadvertently.
13) Did I say that feminism is a religion and that most of the teachers are feminists? Toronto is an incubator for feminist tyranny.
#Leon on Jan 26, 2015 :
Hi, I read most of the comments and it seems like Toronto is not a good place for an immigrant to move too. So can anyone please tell me where in Canada will be a good place to live or at least a good starting point?
#Carl on Jan 24, 2015 :
If you hate Toronto women, no woman will ever love you
#signs on Jan 23, 2015 :
Judging by the postings for this city - the people sound very messed up and it's a put off on Toronto.

No other city I have come across has such unpleasant and disturbing postings.

I no longer wish to come ... there's something not good about this place...
#Stacy on Jan 22, 2015 :
This is where the haters have it wrong. If you don't respect women or work hard, how will you be a good employee?

The anus of a white woman in Toronto is cleaner than the air in Moscow and Beijing, so your hatred towards women in Toronto is a sign that you are mentally disturbed.

Why cast blame on an entire gender of women just because you are lazy to rise to the challange? Women in Toronto have been oppressed by the male dominated society for thousands of years, and now women have bigger butts, hotter bodies and higher education and men hate women. You misogynists should live in some ISIS dominated country, or maybe the men who hate women in Toronto are ISIS fans?

Men who hate women in Toronto are no different than the ISIS terrorists in the Middle East.
#The Chosen One on Jan 22, 2015 :
Pat below me is right.

Because Canadians have little to no social lives outside work, they will desperately cling onto their positions for as long as humanly possible.

Many nurses aged 65 + refuse to retire, choosing instead working because if they stop working, the sad fact is.... you're dead.

This is the way Canadian society works. You stop working, you're dead. No one knows about you, no one cares. Doesn't matter if you're a professional, an ordinary Joe, a teacher, a scientist.

Every member of Canadian society secretly DREADS retirement. You cannot sit in a home or apartment at 65 + in solitude and stay normal. NO ONE WANTS THIS.

Just a symptom of a sick, sick society that values exploiting youth, hard work, and small pay.

The older workers will do ANYTHING to cling onto their positions. Young nurses have nothing to do but wait until they literally drop dead on the job to take their shifts.
#Pat on Jan 21, 2015 :
Not even Health Care is a safe bet anymore in Toronto (or all of Canada). The money and funds are mismanaged like in every other area too - be it education, infrastructure, agriculture, etc. So many nursing jobs in Toronto are now part-time or no position at all. It is known that many in health care in Toronto are working two jobs to get by. That is inexcusable.
#Enes Custovic on Jan 21, 2015 :
Toronto is a difficult place to make a living.

Manufacturing does not provide job stability or much upward career mobility. People can easily get stuck making 20-25 dollars per hour their whole lives.

Health care is booming and is one of the few stable prospects for young people. Nursing is respected thanks to the nurses' unions and their vocal leaders who negotiate with the government all the time and advance nurses' causes.

Sadly, Toronto is not the city many envision it to be from a distance. The people are usually very stoic and unemotional. They work long hours and work is all they live for.

A vast majority of them work in retail, soul crushing jobs that break wills.

If you want to move here, think long and hard about what kind of a life you have versus what kind of a life you WILL have.

If you are an immigrant that is doing okay in their home country, you should not move here for career prospects.

If you are an immigrant that is a refugee, burned down home, nowhere to return to, the most destitute of all, then you will love Toronto.

Toronto is for the type of immigrant that does not have hot water in their home country to take a shower everyday. That kind of immigrant. Any European types will immediately recognize how inferior Toronto is to any major European city.

First of all, the Toronto subway system is terrible, covering a small amount of the city with only two lines. One goes up the other goes sideways.

The highways are congested and intolerable, you can quite literally break a wheel if you're not careful driving through the city.

The bus transportation is so miserable, the people using it are not respected at all. Frequent delays, people shoving, small buses, late arrivals.

The people on this site bash the women, but they are victims of the system. Do not bash the women, they are gentle souls that have been victimized by any man they come across in their lives. Canadian men have no morals, no values at all. Most of them have no grasp of the concept of monogamy.

This is not a Christian city. It's an atheist, liberal haven. If you want to have a social circle of Torontonians, you have to conform to their ideals. Luckily there are so many immigrants you don't have to socialize with Canadians at all if you so desire.

I am twenty five years old and I am only now waking up from a long slumber. I turn to my left, I see the homeless. I turn to my right, I see a businessman carelessly driving his new Mercedes Benz on credit.

This is a deeply, deeply inhuman city. The people are so far apart from each other it's unreal. You might get some warm places like Bloor west village, but for the most part, it's every man for himself.

Am i bitter about this city? No, I am not bitter. My parents chose to come here when I was 9 years old, I had no say.

However, to this day my father regrets coming here. Choose Sweden, choose Germany, choose Switzerland if you can.

Choose places where hard work is appreciated, not where you will be embarrassed and humiliated for doing "petty jobs".

I want to re emphasize the point made on women here, they are victims of the liberal system. Many, many single thirty somethings are coming to the realization that they may never have a partner to procreate with and they are very bitter individuals. Don't bash the women.

back on point.

There are two major highways serving the city. Both run parallel to each other. The 401 and QEW are hard to use on a daily basis. Expect to do a lot of driving though.

The cost of gas has gone down recently because of the Saudis decision to destroy the competition.

Honest to God, I would describe this city as the following. If you have connections, just like anywhere else in the world, someone to take you by hand and sit you down into a nice office and guarantee your job stability, you will be fine.

If you, Lord forbid, are trying to make it on your own. You are coloured? Accent? No good.

There are loads of great jobs that never get posted online, but are only posted in businesses.

Prepare yourselves if you want to come here. Fun time is over.
#heli on Jan 20, 2015 :
I'm a 19 years old girl and i moved to toronto last year with my parents . The coat of living is so much in here and i feel i am done with my life and this country ! Back in my country my dad was a doctor and Canada keeps requesting for doctors all over the world to come here and when we do there is nothing to do! They don't let my dad to work here as a dr and he is working in a freaking factory ! And for me , i was living like a princess back home but now i'm going to an expensive college and working two shifts to just afford living here because my family can't support me anymore! So u know what? If u are even considering coming to Canada and you have young kids, think about how their life would change and i even have friends in the same situations that became strippers! To provide for the family . So be careful. NO MONEY , NO FUNNY
#who cares on Jan 19, 2015 :
People in Canada are like ants, their every single day is the same, just go to work, go home, go to work, go home, go to work, go home ..... people are obsessed with work. Bad health care, very little vacation time, very bad winters that last almost 7 months, no good paying jobs, on the other side there is a lot of minimum paying jobs and if an immigrant is gonna be working for minimum wage, it's just better to stay in your home country, property prices are huge, high income and property taxes, high car insurance, shitty food etc. Once you become the part of the "system" it's hard to get out.
Lived in Toronto for 4 years and seen enough. There is a saying: "People in North America live to work and people in Europe work to live". So much better life style in Europe, if anyone thinks to immigrate to Canada, my advice would be choose some country in Europe or Australia. North America sucks. If you don't believe, go check it out yourself :) .... that much from me ....
#Nick Carter on Jan 18, 2015 :
Everything is expensive in Toronto! A city where you work like a horse to feed the elite conservative class, the government class and the welfare class!

people who dont agree with the high entitlement of women in Toronto should go to a starbucks near UofT and see all the princesses returning lattes that weren’t made right, and quite angry about it too. OK i’ll admit it, I go to Starbucks, i just like their coffee.

But one thing I noticed on a daily basis is just how many princesses return their coffees and lattes at the many Starbucks around UofT. In my personal opinion, I think Starbucks makes it pretty much the same every time and they are very consistent with their food and beverages.

Well the storey sounds silly but it it a simple example of how demanding women in Toronoto are. The women think that they are Goddesses and Its just a small thing, but this is a great example because anyone can go to one of those Starbucks and see it for themselves.
#anonymous on Jan 17, 2015 :
i've heard that the price for internet in canada is ridiculously high.

here are links to bell and rogers internet packages


i have rogers 30mbps plan for $61/month, i can download fast torrent 1.7mbps max

my cousin in germany say that he downloads torrents at 6.5mbps @ 20euro/month
#Shakespeare on Jan 07, 2015 :
This explains everything;

www. rooshv . com/15-reasons-why-toronto-is-the-worst-city-in-north-america-for-men

The women suck cock in Toronto.
#stop the LCBO on Jan 04, 2015 :
to give some people an idea about the type of city toronto is, here is what i saw happen on new years eve.

in ontario, the government owns the LCBO (liquor stores) and beer stores. So as i was waiting in a long line to buy my alcohol at the LCBO close to the time it closes on NYE. There was a man buying alcohol, he must have been in his mid 40's, the cashier asked him for ID, the 40y/o man didn't have it and was denied sale. the man got a little upset and said he's in his 40's. the cashier told him he should take it as a compliment that people think he's young. As he walked out of the store the cashier giggled to herself.


(the man was trying to by absolute vodka, no pun intended)
#Comment on Jan 03, 2015 :
I wasted 7 years in that frozen cold uber-conservative city.

YOU can keep your GAY pride and whores there. I'm happier in Costa Rica
#Petri on Jan 03, 2015 :
Toronto is a FEMI-Nazi city where insane women run the show...Ball-busting feminists are a problem in Toronto. Don't live here. Live somewhere else like in Vancouver or Montreal and feel the difference. Toronto women suck. They suck cawk and fuckkup other people's business. F u c kking whores.
#Trevor on Dec 28, 2014 :
Hello everyone!

A lot of hate (off topic) is being posted in regards to Toronto- cost of living.
Caused by lonely people wanting to complain about their personal
unhappiness- which they cause upon themselves-

1) please move to Europe or Australia to gain some experience,
if you feel Toronto is expensive in comparison to other major cities

2) Toronto is a decent city with low crime rates and comfortable standard
of living, has come a long way in last 5 years- like any metropolis has
the good and the need for improvements-

3) like any major city- you have to work hard- and be resourceful- canada
gives money away (too) freely to social support programs- so you need to
- get moving- work-educate- experience- stop complaining

4) do not move here ...if you feel your qualifications will not be recognized
- do research first, so you are prepared- perhaps other cities will suit you

5) if you hate the opposite gender (in Toronto) based on a few interactions-
you will be un successful in any city- your angry-miserable-vibe isn't working?

6) what are you doing- on a daily basis to make Toronto better?
- do u help others- do u smile at others- do u do anything that is not self-serving

Even though I am not from Toronto- and never thought I would ever settle here-
It is my home- I am happy here- it's surprised me in so many positive ways
over the last 3 years!
#Fcuk Toronto on Dec 28, 2014 :
Toronto sucks.

The women are prudish wh*res.
The men are manginas
Feminism is a disease
Taxation is high
250,000 fools enter this city every year
Jobs are hard to find
When the city has issues, the first thing the government does is social cuts to the poor like Mike Harris did in the 1990s.
Cost of living is high in Toronto.
#Left Toronto on Dec 21, 2014 :
I’m a former Torontonian.
1. Communism has NOTHING to do with this. How come political correctness, feminism and affirmative action ain’t popular in the former communist countries in Eastern Europe?

2. The impact of the mainstream media in Canada and particularly in Toronto is the biggest in the Western world resulting in people turning into completely brainwashed and robotic sheeple when males do not dare to have an opinion, to stand up and be counted and to lead by example, and females use this to their full advantage in all aspects of life. Many men have their wives bossing them around, and the wife is having xxx with some drug addict on the side.

3. Canadian males are to blame for the current state of things cause THEY have allowed all this to happen by lowering their standards, abandoning selection criteria and succumbing to the mainstream propaganda in form of diversity, affirmative action, feminism and quota hiring.

4. it’s very easy to control sheeple thus the need to keep people indifferent, inactive, ignorant or plain stupid so that they never dare to object or to revolt against the “system”.

5. Solution is very simple though: leave Toronto behind for good and never look back! Grass IS indeed greener on the other side of the pond!
#anonymous on Dec 15, 2014 :
this is a website that is supposed to discuss the cost of living of a city and not to debate the effects of feminism on it. but then again this is toronto we are talking about, so if you are a man an haven't been here expect a man-hating feminazi hell hole.

but finally some financial advice...........
you can get a phone plan with unlimited local calling for $20/month with chatr

#Toronto womyn r hose on Dec 15, 2014 :
The ONLY “standard” Canadian and Toronto women have is MONEY and status in the society (which are interconnected) and the only goal of all Canadian females is to sell themselves to the highest male bidder on a dating market like hose.
#Bert on Dec 08, 2014 :
Traffic sucks big time...What would you expect from a city which imports 250,000 people a year in 200 km2 of urban space?
#Johnny Steel on Dec 06, 2014 :
feminatzis are a plague in Toronto...avoid at all costs!!!
#Julia on Dec 02, 2014 :
By reading the comments, it looks like a majority of those who loathe Canada are men. As a Canadian woman, men in Canada rarely respect us, and they objectify us. In the workplace, if I show a bit of cleavage, the men in the office leer at me. The public schools in Canada need to teach more feminist subjects to these young men because it is harassment when those teenage boys leer at my cleavage on the street.

A woman's dress is not an excuse for sexually harassing her, and if men are leaving Canada because they can't respect women, then good for them. The men who leave Canada will never find happiness and love abroad.
#Isabella on Dec 01, 2014 :
In defense to myself – I could care less what any of you think of Canadian girls, our lives are only better knowing that men like you will never be a part of it.

And dating foreign women Lol!! have fun with that buddy – it’s funny that you think we are such whores, in fact it’s been said again and again on this thread; yet this whole thread is about how hard it is to pick up a Canadian girl in Toronto!

Just a bunch of ugly creepy butt hurt men crying because they can’t even get the whore they want lol! Bottom line is – there’s no such place in the world where everyone is the same period (otherwise you guys would be setting a horrible bar for the rest of the men where you live)

If you’re like the guy who wrote this article and have actually traveled to different countries and you still can’t find a good woman who will give you the time of day – it’s because your a loser!! not because all the woman in the world are hoes!

If you can't attract a woman in Toronto, you will never get laid anywhere! You don't respect women and this is why the entire thread is bashing women in Toronto! We know we are the finest women in the world ^_^. I would not let any chauvinist pig go near my butthole because my hubby worships it more than his Abrahamic messiah in Mount Sinai.
#Kitty on Nov 27, 2014 :
Say, “I hate Toronto.”

No you don’t. You’re jealous. You had to move to one of the softer cities because Toronto smells bad / the people are fake and boring / the Leafs suck / or any other excuse you tell yourself to help you sleep at night.

Because the truth is: You just couldn’t hack it here.

Toronto is a big city, especially when compared to the majority of other Canadian towns. It can be impersonal, competitive, and there are absolutely people ready to step on you to get ahead. This is a symptom of living in a place where there are boundless opportunities; we are passionate about what we do and every day are witness to what we can make of ourselves with hard work and tenacity.
#mohammed on Nov 25, 2014 :
i dont live in Canada but i dont need to live there to see that most immigrants will still be eager to live in Canada despite the faults it has. most immigrants keep to themselves so they are not really affected by the lesbos & feminists etc
also, when compared to the standard of living they currently have in their home countries, its ONLY the wealthy class who MIGHT end up living a worse life in Canada- for the rest, anything is better than what they have.
therefore they will accept even minimum wage jobs-cos theyre still earning more than what they used to back home.
im not saying its an ideal arrangement- im just trying to get u guys to see it from their point of view.
as far the public education is concerned,
i think its up to all the white Canadians themselves to man up & take back their country from the Zionist parasites & their morally corrupt ideas. they are very few in number compared to you people but due to their financial power that they exert over easily bought politicians, they can dictate how Canada should be run.
#Old Boys Club on Nov 23, 2014 :
not enuff jobs in Toronto...u have to be the membre of the club to get that 100k a year managemant job
#Paul on Nov 22, 2014 :
If Toronto is that bad for jobs (and IT IS that bad) then what’s stopping you from making a move, leaving North America behind and getting over the ocean to USA OR Eastern Europe?;) It ain’t that hard and definitely doable. The women in Toronto are wh--res and nothing else. Big government loves wh--res and faggs for jobs and indoctrination.
#Jack G on Nov 18, 2014 :
Hi, I am planning to migrate to canada from India in next few months. Thinking of shifting to Toronto as jobs probably might be better there. Can anyone tell me about IT marketing job prospects there ? I have 9 years experience. Can anyone advice please ? Thank you.
#Adam on Nov 18, 2014 :
Again, if Canadian males are weak enough to succumb to the school propaganda of feminists and brainwashing then it’s STILL their fault!!!

How come I never changed my thoughts and visions of life?
Nothing’s gonna change until North American males start admitting their own faults and problems thus looking for an acceptable solution!
#Leaving Toronto on Nov 17, 2014 :
Toronto is a frozen hellhole. The cost of living in Toronto is extremely high and if you aren't into far liberal politics such as gay rights, slut rights and other decadence, Toronto isn't the place for you.

Toronto is masked as an elite British Conservative mentality, but far liberal filth permeates the society of Toronto. It must be an Orwellian double think city. In Toronto you can get arrested for just looking at a woman strangely if she dresses like a slut.
#Yankee on Nov 16, 2014 :
At ALL the feminatzis:

1.Bullsht! There are plenty of attractive, smart and sporty males in Toronto who do NOT work in construction. The problem is that each and every time such a male tries to approach an attractive female she thinks that he is a “dangerous rapist with a long criminal history” and puts her btch shield up.

It did happen tons of times to myself when I was rejected for NO obvious reason. But I was smart enough to leave the hell hole called Toronto and Canada and to settle overseas.

2. Bullsht #2. Attractive girls in Canada doo not give a sht about respect, honesty, dignity, integrity, mutual understanding and support within a relationship. The only thing they care about is money and status in the society and how to sell themselves to the highest male bidder on a dating market. The women dress like whures on the street.

Absolute BALONEY! Canadian women a.k.a. WHuRES are UNABLE of doing that and their “ME ME ME FIRST!!!” attitude never changes! Canadian females EXPECT everything to be handed them on a silver platter without them ever making any effort to do the same on their part! EVER!
#Tricia on Nov 12, 2014 :
Women of Toronto reject you not for your lack of peacocking as you say, but for your lack of a brain. Typical though you are suiting yourself to the ” ignorant American” stereotype. Women in Toronto are more sexier, healthier and educated than the hilli billies of the USA.

The anus of a woman in Toronto is cleaner than the air you breathe.
#Former Canadian on Nov 11, 2014 :
Ain’t Canadian Toronto women a.k.a. WHORES disgusting when they treat every male as a walking wallet while trying to sell themselves to the highest male bidder on a dating market?

The social conservative white knights finally banned adult prostitution. Prepare to see thousands of men ending up in jail for p4p, which is a shame because Canada is supposed to be progressive and not feminNazis.
#Libertarian on Nov 10, 2014 :
I believe prospective immigrants have the right to know the truth. The real, uncensored truth about Toronto.
On the contrary the feminists and Marxist Communists will flag the truth comments.
The culture of Toronto is a self governing British colony where the women act like prudes and wh_res at the same
time, and men are demonized by the government.
At least 60% of public school teachers, government workers are women. Mostly white women.
The rest of skilled workers are unemployed, on welfare or driving taxis around the city.
#nigar on Nov 08, 2014 :
Shit hole of a city ... turns educated people into slaves. Canada is just overrated, just ask yourself why there is 350 million people in USA and only 35 million in Canada? No well payed jobs, no job security but on the other hand there are a bunch of minimum salary jobs which are taken by 250 000 immigrants that leave their home country each year and spend a lot of money on immigration applications and immigration lawyers in hope to come in "the land of opportunities" and at the end they end up with being taxi drivers, cleaners, fast food workers, construction labourers etc., because none of their diplomas are not recognized in Canada. But just because immigration is one huge business for Canada and brings millions of dollars each year into the government's piggy bank, they will recognize your diploma for immigration purposes and you will spend money on translating and verifying it and you will get your PR but when you come to Canada, than the fun begins. Just try to go and look for a job with diploma from your country and without "canadian experience" ... employers will literally laugh in your face.
#Texas Cowboy on Nov 05, 2014 :
Toronto is good for feminists, Marxists, Communists and paper pushing white elephant workers. If you aim to become a successful businessperson, CEO, investor and someone of benefit to society, the best area to move is in the U.S.A, Europe or UK.

Don't let the multiculturalism fool you. Hidden racism such as "Canadian work experience" and racist stereotypes exist in Canada. They don't tell it to your face as in other countries, and unlike the USA, you have no rights to protect yourself from racism unless your some wealthy group of ethnic minorities or white.

The education system in Toronto is falling behind while the Asian education system is top-tier and creates the best minds on the planet. Did you know that many of the high grades in the University of Toronto are Asian students?

Family values are a contradiction in Toronto. Every year the pervert teachers and the LGBTQ community encourages 5 year old kids to attend the explict Pride parades, an event which only one Mayor was brave enough to boycott. Feminism is a plague in the school curriculum and decadence is very strong in the TDSB schools. For your advice, the Liberal government is trying to force an explicit gay friendly sexual education curriculum for 5 year old students to 18 year old students. The former Deputy Minister of Education who proposed the curriculum was arrested for using preteen girls for making child pornography for his crony teachers.

Toronto's society in a nutshell is very bad for ambitious, hard working and family oriented individuals. You will waste all your money on an expensive housing market and high food and hydro costs.
#Husain on Oct 24, 2014 :
I found a good website that breaksdown the cost to live in Downtown, Toronto.

Very useful
#Dan on Oct 18, 2014 :
Toronto is a goner. The sad state of it is never being covered in the media, because it is being covered up. Super traffic, growing commute times, loss of identity, horrible job market, falling quality of life, yet such high taxes! Imagine this - no ongoing transit being built in 30+ years, I mean come on what first-world city does this? And then 100,000 plus immigrants (mainly third world) and now temp workers have been allowed to move to Toronto and surrounding cities for the past 25 years. Hello?! What do you think would happen?! Toronto was meant to have 1.5-1.8 million people, tops. Everyday is now Toronto spiraling further down and getting worse. Toronto peaked in the early or mid-1980s...when it was still real Toronto.
#Commies R Commin on Oct 15, 2014 :
To sum it all up: Toronto is filled with misandric, feminist teachers. Many of these female teachers in Toronto groom, seduce and sometimes mollest underaged students, but the school board passes the trash and carries the offending teacher to another school.

Parents need to homeschool their children because child mollester teachers are common in Canada. This was from the left wing social experiments feminism and lessboism.
#french 37 years on Oct 07, 2014 :
we have to move in toronto next summer for my husband's job anyone can tell me the cost for the supplementary health insurance ? we have 2 children aged 10 years old , thank you
#Bashar Ahmaro on Oct 03, 2014 :
Okay , thanks a lot #drag0n , you were very helpful I appreciate it , I will try to get more info on the taxation and being self-employed by knowing how to do my own taxes and contributions :)
#drag0n on Oct 03, 2014 :
To #Bashar Ahmaro

Buddy, I don't know how the taxation in Ontario works either, but as I told you, you will be deducted from your monthly paycheck probably not less than CAD200 each month for taxes and social contributions. That's why I'm saying it's just better to be self-employed (this does not mean that you have to have your own company or business, this means you just do your own taxes instead your employer) and on this way you can reduce your income tax. Beside income tax, ofcourse you also have HST (harmonized sales tax) that you pay on each item and service you buy. Don't know about current situation about taxes now because I don't live in Canada for 2yrs already.

take care
#Bashar Ahmaro on Oct 02, 2014 :
Oh , you're right #drag0n , I've checked again the accommodation of 420$ its a shared one , for the Income tax , I really can't understand well the taxation system , there is the Federal tax rate , and Provincial tax rates ,

my probable annual income would be = 1936 C$ x 12 ( Months ) = 23,268 C$

the *Federal tax would be 15%* because its in the -$43,953 bracket.
the *Provincial tax rate would be 5.05%* because the income is the -$40,120 bracket.

I've read on a website that the calculation of tax should be as follows :

1- annual income (23,268) x federal tax rate ( 15% ) = 3,490.2 C$.
2- annual income (23,268) x provincial tax rate ( 5.05% ) = 1,175 C$.

then add the two results to get the *total tax* = 4,665 C$.
the *tax rate* is calculated as follows : total tax (4,665) / annual income (23,268) = 20%

But what I don't understand is,

1- the total tax would be 4,665 C$ , Is it divided on 12 months ? like am i going to be requested to pay 388.75 C$ income tax per month ? ( 4,665 C$ / 12 = 388.75 C$ )

2- what is the last tax rate that the formula concluded the 20%.

3- Is this calculation only applicable on my income , or it has to be applied for everything , utilities , food , mobile plan , transportation etc...

am sorry If am asking a lot of questions , but am really having a hard time understanding the taxation system in Canada....
#drag0n on Oct 02, 2014 :
To #Bashar Ahmaro

I don't think you can find a bachelor apartment for CAD450, that's maybe just a shared accomodation. You might be able to find a bachelor apartment in Scarborough or East York for CAD500 + utilities, maybe it's just some badly maintained, moldy basement apartment .... my advice is when looking for an apartment to stay on the subway (metro) line, it's much easier to get access everywhere, especially in winter.

You will be working 22 days a month: 22 x 8 = 176 hours ---- 176 x 11 = CAD 1936 a month
And yes you have to pay an income tax on that amount, so you should deduct atleast CAD200 a month only for taxes. To avoid paying a lot of taxes, I would recommend you to be self-employed rather than be employed. This means you will give an invoice each month to the person for who you are working for and be payed be cheque which you deposit on your bank account and at the end of the year you do your own taxes and social contributions. The point of being self-employed is that you can deduct a lot of things from you annual income and thus pay less taxes. You can deduct phone bills, internet and tv bills, transportation expenses, I even think you can deduct some percentage of your rental expenses and food expenses.
#Bashar Ahmaro on Oct 02, 2014 :
Thank you so much #drag0n that was very helpful, I was just also wondering I actually knew about earlier and I found many bachelor studios for 450 , 500 , 600 !! Is that possible , I mean are they real offers or just spam ! and these studios were pretty much close to central city , some are like in East York , west Scarborough ! As for the car am not really planning to get one , I want to depend on public transportation since I won't have enough money to spend on insurances and other expenses , for the calculations this is what i came up with , i hope you can tell me if they are accurate enough or not ,

Monthly Income :-

11 C$ x 40 (hours per week) x 4(weeks) =

1760 C$ (I don't know could you tell me if there is an income tax on it ? )

Monthly expenses :-

Rent = 600 C$
Food = 381.79 $ (As recommended in this website)
Transportation = 133.75 C$
Utilities ( Electricity + Water + Heating ) = 144 C$
Mobile Plan = 60 C$

Expenses = 1319.54 C$

So eventually it will be 1760 - 1319.54 = 440.46 C$ savings.

Savings are really important to me because I want to be able to collect tuition fees for University.
#drag0n on Oct 01, 2014 :
To #Bashar Ahmaro

Minimum wage in Ontario is CAD11.00 per hour, so that would be around CAD1900 a month.
Here is a site on which you can find prices of rental in Toronto: you can also take a look at althought the first one is better.

The prices of living on this site are pretty much accurate ... so if you gonna live alone you will probably be able to find a bachelor apartment for around CAD900 including all bills, for food you will need minimum CAD400 a month if you will cook by yourself, public transport a month is around CAD130 .... don't even plan to have a car, cars are very cheap, but the car insurance is ridiculously expensive, I was paying CAD350 a month for a sedan 10 years old.

The cost of living not only in Toronto but in whole Canada has risen a lot in the last 7 years, and it's getting harder and harder to find a decent paying job. But don't worry about finding a low paying job, you will very easily find a job for a minimum wage, because there is plenty of this kind of jobs, but do you math and calculate all the expenses that you gonna have, before you move.

Hope I helped in some way.
#Bashar Ahmaro on Oct 01, 2014 :
Hi Guys , I really need some help if someone can , Am Canadian , but I've lived my whole life in the Middle East because of my Father's career , am currently planning to move for work and continue my education in Toronto , but am still worried about how much can I live a decent life , with a normal no-degree requiring job like working at a restaurant , cleaning company , retail store , will I be able to live a decent life on my own with a minimum wage Job ? and save little money !? is it possible please help.
#A.E on Sep 30, 2014 :
response to "concerned parent"

This is not surprising at all. Neither the perpetrators of sex crimes against children, nor their army of apologists would accept or legitimize actions of people of conscience such as holding responsibility for dangerous teachers.
#anglo privilege on Sep 28, 2014 :
the anglo Canadians need 300,000 people to fill their Ponzi scheme in Toronto. The more suckers to enter Canada as a nobody, the better for the government workers, landlords, real estate moguls and capitalists and communists to profit.
#Ben on Sep 24, 2014 :
Not surprised one but. Huffington Post actually endorsed a blog which caters to the ills and likes of sadistic women.

From Parentdish dot ca, endorsed by Huffington Post"

"Showing your kids that you're proud of your body can teach them to have a healthy body image. However, one mommy blogger takes this lesson one step further by ensuring her young sons see her in the nude. Rita Templeton explains how this teaches her sons to see women's bodies in a positive light."

If that isn't child exploitation, then what the hell is that mom doing to her sons?
#concerned parent on Sep 17, 2014 :
Teachers in the TDSB are using sex toys in class under the disguise of Sex-ed programs. Sick at least

One of the degenerate instructors, she owns a sex toy shop in Toronto. Apparently she is being paid by the degenerate Toronto District School Board to give sex ed lectures to school kids in that city:

Which sane parent would trust the Toronto District School Board to prevent sex crimes aggainst children?
#x y z on Sep 16, 2014 :
female pedophiles are running most of the schools in Toronto. Keep your children out of those pedophile-run schools for the sake of your family's well being. Homeschool your children if you can because the TDSB does not care about your children. The TDSB only sees your children as a political agenda for the unions to demand higher wages for the incompetent administrators and pedophile teachers.
#Happily Married on Sep 11, 2014 :
yes steve-jean tdot has so many "independent" wommin that they sell themselves to the highest bidder those dysfunctional wommin...i'd rather stay with my Asian wife than even talk with some returded Tdot wommin, bunch of sickos
#Steve Jean on Sep 10, 2014 :
Chances are you encounter all these “terrible women" because u’re a sad excuse for a man. You’re delusional and you think you’re some prize catch and Toronto woman fail to see it, when in reality, you’re a loser who can't handle a smart, independent and wealthier woman, and you give off terrible vibes that woman can pick up and you get rejected.
Grow up already. So much hate speech about women.
and jason. u need to leave Canada u misogynist retard. female teachers r incapable of assault. the rapeculture is caused by men like yourself.
#Jason on Sep 09, 2014 :
Read the Toronto Sun article about "Toronto woman charged in frat house sex assault". These are the kinds of wommin who live in Toronto and even teach our children. Nothing but a bunch of feminists, man-haters and female sex offenders.

Don't send your kids to any public school in Canada. The feminist wommin are desperate for male attention and they will behave like predators if the desperate wommin have the opportunity.

Don't even think of filing a complaint or else the female teacher will claim herself as the victim of a patriarchy.

You are better off in your home country once their is limited crime, unrest and other politricks.
#Canadian dream on Sep 08, 2014 :
If the “original’ Canadians are against immigration, why is the government promoting it? Is it to loot the life savings, dreams and futures of middle class and upper class immigrants from their home countries?

Canada used to be a neutral country under Trudeau, but what many are experiencing in major cities such as Toronto is a divide and conquer strategy by the colonialists and globalists. While Jane Doe is campaigning for the right to dress like a CSW in a public street without being looked at by beta males, the government behind the scenes are engaged in corruption, pilferage and exploitation of Aboriginal lands to make the 1% richer.

Canada has sufficient land, oil and natural resources to make life affordable for the 35 million Canadians, but corruption, greed and heartless people cause Canada to become one of the most expensive, speech-infringing, racist, male hating, low IQ countries in the world.

I agree with some of the posts about the impact of Canadian feminism and the LGBT movement because the Canadian government should not push their noses into foreign entanglements and cause other countries to become a Marxist utopia.
#a canadian on Sep 07, 2014 :
It is very true Toronto is very pretentious for the most part and yes it is very feminist....the women (for the most part that matters I don't want to hear about the exceptions the majority is what counts) are very self-entitled with poor attitude and I'm not talking hitting on them just going about your day!?! yeah that's right.... nothing to do with objectifying anybody. Nobody forces anyone to wear the least amount of cloths do it to yourself lol. But no wait it must be my fault for minding my own business, (I would never even think of approaching any girls in Toronto) miserable self-entitled attitude is not attractive in a partner... and the law also reflects that (the numbers don't lie. You can have your own opinion but not your own truth). And for that whiteknight loser BS, no, I will not bend for that kind of crap, I'm a man and respect myself last time I checked and will not reward that kind of crap. misandry and feminist are what comes to mind in Toronto, I'm not the only one.... take a hint.

a Canadian that lives in toronto
#economist on Sep 05, 2014 :
Poverty is high in Toronto. The Ontario government admitted Wednesday that it has failed to meet a five-year target of reducing child poverty by 25 per cent.

If you are considered middle upper class in your home country, don't migrate to Toronto expecting that the dumbed down feminist HR employers will recognize your credentials. You will be living a life of driving taxis, delivering pizzas and working in factories

Canadians are very racist in a subtle way unlike in America everyone knows who is racist, homophobic, etc and accepts their views In canada there is no such entitlement to speech && that is why Canadians use the subtle way of racism by denying jobs or using racist anonymous comments # You Go Girl
#Livena on Sep 02, 2014 :
so much hatred, misogyny, homophobia and sexism on the thread /: u haters get a life no oneis stopqing you from leaving Toronto. My farts are cleaner then the sexist drivel on the forum threads
#Steve on Aug 31, 2014 :
Wow most of the people that hate Canada should go home to their country of origin and live... or if they are Canadian they should feel privlidged to live in a country as good as Canada.
Sure we pay higher taxes, but we also live better than most. I have worked and traveled all over this world and can honestly say Canada is a place to call home. To all you Americans bashing Canada, go home... manage your national debt, watch your taxes increase, health care fall apart and deal with all your ratial tension. Send your kids to a school that has a pistol packing teen with something to prove.
Move back to Russia (mother Russia) and live in Moscow or move up to the Komi Republic and fall into the true corruption of local mofia. Find a job that pays you better than what you have in Canada.
Like any other location if you choose to be educated as a doctor in one country and choose to practice in another you have to meet that countries minimum requirements to practice (get a practicing licence). I have worked in a country were doctors have purchase their licence to practice, a good friend of mine had surgery in Thailand and walked out of surgery with AIDS... Point being dont come to Canada and expect to practice in your field with out more training. Go drive a cab if you dont want to do the trainig...

I love Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Canada...just so happen to be on the best places to live in the world list... Great to be a Canadian.
#Cassy on Aug 28, 2014 :
Whether Toronto is the ideal place for living is based on a relative perspective

a woman, once she has the looks, can sell her body to her employer for a job, and she can sell her body to clients and earn extra tax free cash without the CRA investigating her income.

on the other hand, if the woman does not meet the socially accepted standards of beauty in Toronto,she will encounter difficulties in getting a job unless she joins the feminist bandwagon.

a male, will have a hard time finding a job because the jobs are given preference to the woman who sells her bodies to whiteknight managers. If he does find a job, he better take one where the management is not comprised of overrepresented gays, lesbians and feminists.

The police force in Canada will take every word of a female as truth, with the exception of African-Canadian females in low income neighbourhoods.

Speaking of low income neighbourhoods, many immigrants are forced to live in poverty stricken areas because the landlords in other well off areas will discriminate covertly even if the immigrant is willing to pay a year of rent. The covert discrimination an immigration will find in the rental market is "credit history", "employment slip" and "proof of citizenship".

The public schools in the low income neighbourhoods are underfunded and I don't think you should be sending your children to these public schools because it might go against your traditional values. Misandry, the hatred of males, are common in public schools, and because of this many male students will look for alternatives to express their grievances such as joining a gang or consuming prohibited substances. It's no surprise that a majority of gangs are comprised of immigrants and ethnic minorities.

Discrimination in the job market is real. Everywhere in Canada there is discrimination. Only that it's indirect discrimination unlike the stereotypical Southern rednecks.

If you do intend to relocate to Toronto, ensure that you are offered a job first because a majority of Canadian employers are biased on international credentials, even Americans are discriminated in the Canadian job market although America's corporate and business sectors far surpass Toronto's wannabee business sector.

Or you can relocate to Alberta if you have a skilled trade to work in the tar sands.

Good luck in Canada. You will need it.
#Eva on Aug 27, 2014 :
Toronto is officially a city in decline, for more than a decade but more now. With each day this is happening because as long as the population continues to grow (mainly unnaturally) in the city and the region outside of Toronto borders, combined with no infrastructure and no constant subways being built and provided, and a bad economy, this is what will happen. It's just like watching a sad film, and basically Toronto has no options and is just waiting and allowing for the decline to continue. It is clogged for its worth.

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