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Consumer Price Index (Excl.Rent): 88.08
Rent Index: 51.05
Groceries Index: 89.14
Restaurants Index: 76.53
Consumer Price Plus Rent Index: 70.17
Local Purchasing Power: 100.57

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Restaurants [Edit] Avg.
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 12.00 C$
Meal for 2, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 60.00 C$
Combo Meal at McDonalds or Similar 8.00 C$
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) 5.50 C$
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 6.00 C$
Cappuccino (regular) 3.51 C$
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) 1.76 C$
Water (0.33 liter bottle) 1.53 C$
Markets [Edit] Avg.
Milk (regular), (1 liter) 2.12 C$
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 2.82 C$
Rice (white), (1kg) 2.77 C$
Eggs (12) 3.25 C$
Local Cheese (1kg) 11.37 C$
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1kg) 11.48 C$
Apples (1kg) 3.00 C$
Oranges (1kg) 2.97 C$
Tomato (1kg) 3.03 C$
Potato (1kg) 1.82 C$
Lettuce (1 head) 1.77 C$
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 1.94 C$
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 14.90 C$
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 2.54 C$
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 2.89 C$
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) 10.00 C$
Transportation [Edit] Avg.
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 3.00 C$
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 128.50 C$
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 4.25 C$
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) 2.00 C$
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 30.50 C$
Gasoline (1 liter) 1.31 C$
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 23,000.00 C$
Utilities (Monthly) [Edit] Avg.
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment 174.18 C$
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.26 C$
Internet (6 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 50.18 C$
Sports And Leisure [Edit] Avg.
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 54.97 C$
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 26.57 C$
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 13.00 C$
Clothing And Shoes [Edit] Avg.
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 60.61 C$
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 42.94 C$
1 Pair of Nike Shoes 103.54 C$
1 Pair of Men Leather Shoes 113.72 C$
Rent Per Month [Edit] Avg.
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 1,476.26 C$
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 1,050.40 C$
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 2,664.63 C$
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 1,903.72 C$
Buy Apartment Price [Edit] Avg.
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre 6,402.09 C$
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 4,625.01 C$
Salaries And Financing [Edit] Avg.
Average Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax) 3,384.93 C$
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly 3.42

These data are based on 3409 entries in the past 18 months from 535 different contributors.

Last update: April, 2014

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#No future here! on Apr 07, 2014 :
Native Torontonian dying to leave Ontario or Canada. Toronto weather is awful most of the year and the high taxes will kill you. Utilities are increasing wildly for next ten years to pay for corruption.

Toronto and Ontario are a pardise only for public sector parasites, who all collect 6-figure salaries (google ontario sunshine list) and benefits to die for including lavish pensions for life starting at age 45-50. Every else must pay for it. Ontario has the highest per capita debt in North America, way higher than california. Subway drivers collecting $110k pensions after 25 years of "work" but I'm not paying for it.

Besides that, the city in many places wreaks of unpleasant stenches and the people are mostly as cold as the weather.

On the plus side, it is very friendly toward gays and also Marxist beliefs, if you are looking that... I am not!
#Shawn J. on Apr 07, 2014 :
The answer is simple for all of those who are upset. Respect Women!

I am a male CEO of an IT company here in Toronto, and that provides me with a great and wide perspective on what people are complaining about. First let me say that Toronto is a wonderful place with many different cultures, and also provides each and everyone of us the opportunity to become our best by having such diversity and challenges to find our true selves in, and to ultimately push harder and obtain our dreams.

I cannot believe that some of you are actually deterring people from moving here; those who are simply trying to obtain to kind of life that we often take for granted - shame on you for being so close-minded.

The root cause of the problem described here as "soo unbearable that you shouldn't move here" is a lack of respect for women. Equality is absolutely important in any society, and just ask some of those wishing to migrate here what life is like without it.

The reality of male figures in the workplace not taking women seriously, or even feeling threatened by them isn't something that is only here in Toronto, its wide spread, and some areas of the globe unfortunately suppress women from "wearing the boots", despite the fact that they may be able to take better strides and much more careful steps that some men are capable of. Seeing a woman do a "man's job" well threatens some men who otherwise have no character outside of the "manliness" of their job description. As such, when a strong woman is among them, the respect for that woman isn't there although it should be.

This root problem compounds outwards in to acts of either defense or complacency by women depending on their inner strength and will power. For example, Diana firming up her rump to pretty much play on the male lack of respect in order to re-balance the scales of fairness in her workplace. It's sad, and i may not be explaining it as well as i could right now, but its the truth.

The answer? Simply start treating women with respect. You'll be surprise how much more work gets done when the negativity that is stemmed from that lack of respect is abolished. Help a woman get where she deserves to be instead of suppressing her, and you'll soon see the greatest behind equality in the form of appreciating and opportunity.

Chivalry is all that is missing.
#Marshall on Apr 03, 2014 :
#Cosmin on Apr 02, 2014 :
My company just offered me a position for 42000 as an IT Engineer. Ca you tell me how much would it be after taxes. Is that enough to have a pleasant life in Toronto?"

You'll probably be left with $25,000-$35,000 a year after tax deductions. It can be more depending on your deductions.

I doubt you will live happy in Toronto with that amount of cash. Expectations are incredibly high in this city and rent is expensive.
#Cosmin on Apr 02, 2014 :
My company just offered me a position for 42000 as an IT Engineer. Ca you tell me how much would it be after taxes. Is that enough to have a pleasant life in Toronto?
#Anonymous on Apr 01, 2014 :
Toronto in 2014 should be re-named the city of Misandry.

The city is too tough for a male to live in because every single feminist rights issue is a burden to businesses, workers and society because the feminist movement forces lawmakers to enforce strict laws against "hate crimes against women" & if yu only disagree the feminist movement smears you as a supporter of domestic violence and oppressing women for thousands of years.

The professional workplace is feminist because if any male makes a "sexist", "pre-crime" comment about a feminist's half-nude appearance, the security guards in no time will force you out of the workplace & the company will hand you a pink slip [letter of employment termination].

The feminist hysteria even affects the public education system because a majority of teachers in the public schools are females. The reason is that the males are smeared as predators, and the workplace environment scares males from becoming teachers for that stereotype. The irony of it all is that you keep on hearing countless stories about female teachers getting it on with her students, and feminists deny that and blame the male student for the female teacher's actions.

If youre a dad and you plan on driving your kids to school, good luck, because the security guards at the school will suspect that you are a predator.

Aside from being forbidden to stare at female adult co-workers who dress like a stripper, stereotypes of male teachers and male parents as predators....what makes you think you will be exempted from the misandry? Because you're gay? Welcome to Toronto--the city of ultra-liberalism and feminist.
#eu on Mar 30, 2014 :
After reading a handful of comments, is Toronto feminist or not or what
#noname on Mar 30, 2014 :
toronto is a f_cked up place, not just toronto, but whole canada is f_cked up, cost of living to high, wages low ... more money u make, more the government it is usually better to work for a minimum wage than for a higher one .... they are killing people with taxes, not only income taxes but there is a lot of hidden taxes that u don't even realize u are paying ..... not to mention car insurance, it can reach well over $400 per month for a begginer (no matter how much experience in driving u have in your home country, they will NOT recognize it and u start from the highest premium) ... to many canadians (second generation and on) are on welfare and taking adventage of tax payers money and every month, usually on 1st or 2nd day of the month u can see those welfare people going to liqueur stores and spending their welfare checks there on drinks and + on drugs..... if u think that u are gonna have a better life in canada, u are just fulling yourself up, u will be condemned on slavery and when your life passes by u will ask yourself what did i do for all those years??? .... canada is british colony and everything in canada is regulated by that bitch elizabeth in england and we all know how the british are ... (rednecks :)) ..... and not to mention the winter, almost 7 mounts of winter and i am not talking about normal winter, the temperature goes to -40 ....... lived in toronto for 4 years and NEVER again .... thank u canada for letting me know how much better life style and quality of live i have in europe ......
#Torontonian for 35 yrs on Mar 29, 2014 :
b4 even considering to move to Toronto, find out about the Ontario Sunshine List of $100k+ a year earners and you will find out the gender, race and orientation which comprises a majority of highly paid earners in Ontario.


even a PHD from Asia works as a janitor cleaner but a fe_ist who graduated with a BA in Social sciences is given more opportunity to work as a Manager or high paid public sector worker.

Don\t even get started with the fem_st workplace. No one could dare make a remark about a fem_st co-worker who lacks proper dress taste and decency.

the public schools even suck because most of these public schools teach toxic ideas like fem_ism, et al.
#Alicia Stoinergwt on Mar 27, 2014 :
white males continue to oppress women in Toronto women are paid less than 50% of what a male earns for the same job
#Tommy on Mar 22, 2014 :
I lived in Toronto for 2 years, just never liked it - people are very cold and rude many times. I am a business entreprenuer, and it's hard to find like minded people, I am originally from Australia so the weather is really depressing in Canada. So before our 3rd year, we just decided to pack up and headed south - I live in Texas now, the whole "vibe" is just different. There is a huge diff. between Canada & USA, if you prefer to be somewhere more vibrant and energetic, you have to be in the U.S. - I found it so hard to socialize in Canada, and very difficult to find opportunities. Cost of living is not as ridiculous as in Australia, definitely way more expensive than U.S.

Chinese food in Toronto is very nice, but all other cuisines pretty suck....
#Quagmire on Mar 20, 2014 :

You aint worth even a 5/10 with your attitude.
Maybe you are $elling your rear end to rich white men you solely despise what a hypocrite.

To all of you immigrants who plan to migrate to Toronto, the system is designed for wage slavery, racism and educating, indoctrinating your children to become wage slaves and pros-titutes for wealthy people.

There aren't that many jobs to suffice a single person, yet suffice a family because cost of living in Toronto is high and rent and housing are based on speculation.

Read any Roosh forum about Toronto and you'd notice how many single men are leaving or considering leaving Toronto to another province or country. The cited reason is the gender fascism which is engrained into the core values of Toronto education, workplace, government institutions, media and society as a whole.

I'd have second options of moving to Toronto if I were you. If you are working in an all-males tech geek environment, say, computer jobs, you will be fine...until that rowdy feminist with a Masters of Feminist Studies tries to take away your job.
#jai on Mar 18, 2014 :
hi friends i got a job from ontario, my monthly salary will be 5500CAD+ free feedings and free family i am go alone. is it ok? and how much tax i have to pay for my salary?
#Diana on Mar 15, 2014 :
really..I've never seen so much hate towards women from men as I have seen recently.

I've spent enormous amount of money to firm my butt, and I been horribly wronged by those woman-hating men, but I still love men who will do as I guys who hate us Toronto women, need to man up and confront what's really doing it to you. It must be your pathetic lives.

You men are jealous of Toronto women and hate yourselves.

I love men who are not afraid of receiving orders from a woman. Women are not sluts nor are they in teaching because of your baseless accusations. Only men are players and rapists and child molesters. The stats don't lie.
#Mark Weston on Mar 12, 2014 :
#Leigh,,,,,,,,,,,,,, who gives you moral authority to dictate who women should marry or not? I assume that your response would most likely be calling me a "misogynist", "woman hater' or some other form of playing the victim.

You even posted your drivel of bigotry on a forum for immigrants who wish to migrate to Canada, and you have given those immigrants one reason to stay away from Canada, esp. in Toronto.

What gives? Not enough female immigrants to brainwash in public schools and colleges these days in Toronto?
#Robert on Mar 04, 2014 :
I don't get it.

If most of the manufacturing, IT, customer service and small jobs are going to 3rd world countries, what jobs are left for the immigrants who LEFT THOSE SAME COUNTRIES THE JOBS WERE OFFSHORED TO?

I don't know about you but Toronto has one of the largest unemployment and poverty rates in the entire Canada, with the exception of First Nations reserves which are broken down and have poor living conditions.

Youth unemployment is hovering at 25% in Ontario but if you take into account if the students didn't enroll to costly universities you might find a true youth unemployment of 40% to 50%. I'm not making this up you can research for yourself.

Only those thieves, liars, exploiters, privileged and con-men manage to live in Toronto happily.

Good luck paying $1,000 a month for a bachelors apartment in the mid town uptown area
#Mohan on Mar 03, 2014 :
Toronto is beautiful but a difficult place to survive in, unless you have the money-life is clean, food is good, housing is expensive, banking system ridiculous, and insurance even more stupid and expensive. the key to success is MONEY-
You need about 50,000 $ a year to live a happy moderate life.take about 10% inflation-per year- every member of the family has to work- just in case any one gets 'the pink slip'.

Actually Canada favours the business people- not the employees and workers.however you have to be careful what business you start- or you can loose all your savings-

all in all- you will never be a beggar in india- but I cant be so sure and make the same comment in is a challenge, and a big risk-enjoyable all the same-
#Dude on Feb 23, 2014 :
Toronto is not a place you want to live in. Please do not come. Happy Canadian.
#Juliet on Feb 20, 2014 :
Women have very little idea of how much men hate them.
Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice.
All marriage intercourse, even consensual intercourse between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman.
All men are rapists and that's all they are.
To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he's a machine, a useless pervert and rapist who deserves to be locked up for good.
The DNA of a Toronto feminist is superior to those women who wear oppressive traditional costumes. Women have a DNA which is far
more superior than the white males.

Women continue to be oppressed by being paid 65 cents for every male dollar earned, but we as women must never give up to rise
above the white male patriarchy.
#Leigh on Feb 20, 2014 :
Rather, it's the fact that many of them simply think that feminism isn't necessary in modern life. After all, women in Toronto have made great strides in their careers, that we don't need any men in our lives.

White Anglophone men are the oppressors in the patriarchy and we as women must abolish the rights of white Anglophone men before they place us into concentration camps like what the Nazis did to 6 million Jewish people.
#Rakhul on Feb 18, 2014 :
Hi friends this is rakhul ,i got work permit visa for canada .Office located @ toronto i need some details about the city & + - in canada can anyone plz share your mail id or social network ID's Plz ....
#Anonymous on Feb 17, 2014 :
Wow you guys sound so racist and narrow and etc etc. Canada doesn't have a birthrate to support herself without immigration. Immigrants have devalued degrees are kept out of jobs they can work and if raced face racist hiring; they take no jobs from native whites or even "passable" peoples of colour. Last roommate a white Irish man hard a hard time finding work so he left. Yes rent is expensive but it is meditated through access to better transit including hubs to get out to the GTA, Durham, and Hamilton. Minimum wage does suck (cost of living has risen but not the 10.25 in last 4 years or so) but you need to manage YOUR expectations of the unrealizable American dream. Live uptown or York for cheap rent, commute in (takes o oh 30min mostly), and stop salivating over objects and ideas of riches you can't obtain. Bikes are not liberal they are practical. Traffic is mental in some places but not NYC bad. And yes it may not be the best big city in the world but it's ours and we couldn't support anything larger.
#Kaveh on Feb 13, 2014 :
Toronto is a major TRAP for everyone from around the world thinking its a paradise leaving their lives and everything behind coming here with hopes and dreams of a better future, but really its a frozen heaven with laws of HELL! A good advice for the outside readers, check this site and you will find 90% of the jobs are SLAVERY with minimum wage of 10-12$ per hour which at last would not be enough to even survive, much less to enjoy life or save any money. The laws in this country are made by the British, and anyone smart with a "little" knowledge would know how the British have "always" been milking the world and making the world a living hell for others only in order to save a heavenly future for their own nation. All these wars and deceases, poverty in MANY countries are the cause of British government whose path are no different from the times of Pharaohs and the great Pyramids in Egypt. EVERYTHING and I mean "EVERY-THING" is designed by the system, so future couldn't be so friendly for most of us the regular people. I've lived here in Toronto since 1996 and I'm "still a slave". I do not own any houses nor apartments, but who says those who do own any, are their own "actual" properties? Anyone owning any kind of property here in this country know that they're the temporary owners of a somewhat belongings of Queen B'ITTTTCH Elizabeth the W'H'O'R'E's properties which means til their living day they are paying for what they think they own, meaning even after they have paid up in full amount for their house, they still have to pay the property tax EVERY YEAR and if one day you're too old to work like a horse or somehow not able to come up with the money "once", they'd take your house away which means basically all you tried for all your life! In the worst areas and ghetto places in the city the property tax could be a minimum of few Thousand dollars a year, just imagine how much it could be for those fancy big houses after all is paid and done which means its "THEN" a total of 100% property tax (it could easily be 20,000$ to 50,000$ a year and yes most people "DO NOT" even make that money yearly after working 40 hours a week all year round without vacation!). Owing a property is somewhat a bit of your worries, once you're coming with your "children" here for a better life. In high schools girls get pregnant as early as 14-15, boys become gangsters and drug dealers, and that is a true fact about "ALL" areas of the city. Out of 100 kids in schools atleast 50 of them smoke cigarettes if not weed(marijuana) and most definitely half of them (if not all of them) use drugs. When I was in high school back in 97 there was this girl who'd got pregnant for the 3rd time and she wasn't any bad comparing to the ones who were enjoying their gangbang parties while their parents were thinking so different about their kids activities. In west, kids start everything as in their early years but also finish many bad things before late, but MANY won't and their bad habits could end up a way of life for many of them. Insurance starts from 500$ monthly for a student, most kids have cars!!!! I wonder who's blood money their parents had taken back in their countries before they took off with all those millions of dollars rushing towards Canada, but of-course that's what the system wants, first your money, then yourselves. It is almost next to impossible to save a dollar with all the high cost if you're just a working person in this country, but if you do own a business or atleast manage to run a business of some kind, you'll be able to enjoy some of your life or be able to save some money. Its a paradise in summer, a kind of paradise that lasts 3 months barely and again freezes back. Its so unfortunate to be stock in a trap and not have any way out of it, only getting out of it is the hope that remains within our vain which make us try harder and harder and harder. This country is a paradise for those with money to just live and enjoy life the real way, the only way that money could make them all come true, other than that, this country is a result of the designed system that is meant to take men kind for slavery for a good 1000 years to come! Just knowing how America became what it is today (killings of nearly 12 MILLION REAL AMERICAN NATIVES back in 15-16s and taking their lands by killing them and pealing their skin off their heads for the pleasure of white women), you would know Canada's past and future.
#MaryAnn on Feb 11, 2014 :
I like Toronto, but life here is really rather expensive. Especially if we are talking about the prices on property. But what do you want from a big city that attracts so many people? I spent much time on searching my rental property that I could pay. If anyone is interested I found out that at are prices were affordable. I looked through some many classifieds, but it seams to me that it was the best variant for me. I don’t regret.
#Jane on Feb 04, 2014 :
Toronto is the worst big city in the world in which to live. The youth unemployment is 20%. There is no melting pot, its all newcomers from around the world. THe city is too left wing and wastes millions of dollars on stupid things such as bike paths. The cost of living is sky high. The reason the cost of living keeps rising is the nonstop massive immigration into canada (they are coming in to a jobless nation). Toronto is filled with gangs- 150 or more. When it was more white it was a nice city.
#Canadian? on Jan 31, 2014 :
I've lived 23 years in Canada and took me that long to realized the freezing cold weather and multicultural jungle life suck the youth out of me. This is the country for those who are zero in their country otherwise you'll be zero in Canada. Lets list few Major problems with Canada mainly Toronto:

1- Weather: 6 months winter. Never underestimate the power of windchill. Weather in major media are reported without windchill and that's where Canada cheats. Weather is much colder than is reported in winter. It reached -39 in Toronto January 2014 Toronto causing blackouts and some even die in the cold. The numbers in environmental Canada is misleading. Toronto is much colder than is reported. The weather condition and lack of sun is increasing health and mental problems. (Research).

2- No Job security in this country. You'll always compete with new immigrants.

3- No identity. Canada is made of immigrants & refugees from all over the world. What is Canadian and who is Canadian? Try to answer this when you step out of Canada.

4- Health care is careless. Clinics see you as $ not a person. There are many cases doctors select their patients. The secretary simple says we're not accepting patience. You end up with low quality clinics waiting for hours and in many cases a quick fix or even a wrong fix.

5-High taxes. Income tax, goods and services tax, etc. You'll end up losing almost half of the money you've earned over taxes.

6- People are getting crazier, unfriendlier (except those lonely people or perverts),
harassment from homeless in downtown area.
#drew on Jan 28, 2014 :
Unless you are coming to TORONTO with TONS of money or you already have been given a job offer paying OVER $64,000/yr, I strongly advice you NOT TO COME to Toronto. Rent is not cheap anywhere and IF you find somewhat cheaper rent, it is in very bad areas which you would not want to have your kids growing up in such neighbourhoods.
On the other hand, sharing an apartment with 4 or 5 people could possibly make the rent more manageable, but unless you are single and plan to be single for a while, do not put your wife/kids in that situation.
Food, clothing and transportation is extremely expensive and so is going out. Even fast food is terribly over-priced and does not offer you any value for what you pay.
If you are upper-middle class or even middle-class in your home country, please do not come to Toronto. It really isn't worth it to give up your status, lifestyle and peace of mind for the uncertainty of the job market here. Any day someone could be downsized. There is absolutely no job security even if you get a good job. Other activities for families such as services, community recreation for kids/families are really bad quality and definitely NOT what it used to be once upon a time. Traffic is absolutely the worst nightmare and you will need to keep aside a minimum of 2 hours to get to work EACH way. If you have to take the bus/train, add another 2 hours on top of that amount.
How do I know all this? I have lived in Toronto for 25 years and seen the decline first-hand. I came here from India and wish I never did. I would rather raise my children in India where the facilities and amenities are far superior. India is a different country than it was 20 years ago and is definitely a different country than 30 and 40 years ago. India puts Canada to shame these days. In India, the vibe is different. You can be happy and care-free. Canada will suck the life right out of you, trust me. There is no life as such in Canada. As I'm sure you are familiar with the term, "it's a fast life"....that's right, it goes too fast and there is no time to breathe. I could go on forever, but I will stop now. Bottom line---it's somewhat bearable if you are single and have a really high-paying job. Do not come here if you are struggling and/or have a wife and kids. The end!!
#Kenya on Jan 22, 2014 :
Thanks so much for the post. I will definitely be keeping these charts and grafts in mind. We may not want to move to Toronto even more now that we see the cost of living.

Kenya |
#Anonymous on Jan 16, 2014 :
if you make 7 grand a month and spend almost all of it on living whats the point of living Lol bunch of rats live in Toronto
#Anonymous on Jan 16, 2014 :
Toronto is full of dirty cops and rats people that don't mind there own buissness all these ugly immagrints ill the the weather in cali over a couple of green trees and areas
#nizam on Jan 12, 2014 :
Hi,i am maried and father of 3 children .I am a welder .what will be my possition if we immigrate in Toronto.please help,I will be very thanckfull
#darlington on Jan 02, 2014 :
please how do i get to canada i so love the country
#Lauren on Dec 23, 2013 :
Hi, Lucas! You know, everything depends on your personal needs. If you are not going to organize parties every week and spend money in night clubs (that is very expensive lifestyle) and will be mostly cooking at home, not eating in the restaurants each time, $800/month will be enough for you, including accommodation (shared with students), food, transport etc. I can recommend you if you haven’t already found a place for living, we found there my daughters flat when she decided to study in Toronto. There were lots of variants for sharing your apartment with other students to save some money or just single apartments if you are going to rent without sharing it. I hope, it’ll be useful for you.
#Lucas on Dec 20, 2013 :
Hello, Guys

I am planning to arrive Toronto in May 2014 on study visa for 1 year. I have a very limited budget apart of my college fee I will be putting in $10000 i.e. one year expense as per Canadian collage that will be paid to me on monthly installments of around $800/month.People I spoke to says $800 will be enough for me to survive means accommodation (shared with students), food, transport etc. Please suggest me will that be enough? as I do not have more then this money to finance my studies and I guess I will not be able to take part time job even for the first 6 months of my studies.please suggest guys!

Thank you
#Vessel on Dec 17, 2013 :
Toronto has too many high maintenance women who offer more STDs and HIV/AIDS than love & expect more $ than marriage.
#Vessel on Dec 17, 2013 :
The SlutwalkTM was founded in Toronto. Be wise men, most of these college educated toronto women are liberal-educated and most probably a commie sluts.
#Mocha on Dec 17, 2013 :
Good luck newcomers to Canada. As you can see the government is bringing in temporary workers & allowing corporations to pay these workers the wages of indentured servants. Government agents might ask- what does that have to do with Toronto?

The answer is-- if 300,000 Temporary workers are coming into Canada every year and 10% of adult Canadian population and 20% of the youth population can't find jobs, what sense does it make?

Most importantly, Canada's head of state is not the Prime Minister, but the rulers of England. Anyone who lived in former colonies can see that Canada was a land which was inhabited by Aboriginals until the ruling elite class pillaged their lands.

I doubt many people see Toronto as a city to raise a family--the colony is too damn expensive!
#Rebecca on Dec 09, 2013 :
Rent CAN be expensive, I live in a small bachelor apartment downtown with heat/hydro/elec included for $695/mo, have easily managed to find 2 part-time jobs (must be part-time since I also do full time university). I pay pretty much exactly what they say for internet and transportation, and rec/clothing are near perfect on par. As for groceries, those would be bare minimum pricing but not far off if you know where to go. I'm not saying I lead a life of luxury of any means, but for the most part, these are the numbers.
#Surjit Gill on Dec 02, 2013 :
Hello Everyone,

We used to live in Toronto 20 years ago. It was an expensive place to live in terms of accommodation, utilities and every thing else. Around 40 years ago, it used to be affordable place to live with the House prices within reach. But during this time all the planes full of immigrants have been offloading and populating the city. As a result , the rule of Supply & Demand, lot of people, living got expensive and jobs got scarce. Any new comer with out a steady income of $65K/annum can not have a comfortable life. Taxes are 45%.
Good Luck.
#Nicholas on Nov 25, 2013 :
Schoolyard bullying is nothing new, but it's a bit more unusual—and more inexcusable—to see a female teacher making fun of disabled students from Silverthorn Collegiate Institute. The female teacher was the former Vice Principal of Silverthorn Collegiate Institute, Vivian Mavrou. This teacher is currently a Vice Principal of Martingrove Collegiate Institute as of 2013.
According to Ontario Teachers' College records, Vivian Mavrou was certified to teach in Ontario in 1996. Vivian Mavrou's incompetence started to show in the early 2000s while she was a Mathematics teacher at Thistletown Collegiate Institute. Students of her Grade 11 Mathematics class complained about Vivian Mavrou lacking basic arithmetic skills to even complete a question from the curriculum, and some students of racialized groups accused Vivian Mavrou of favoring students based on their ethnic and racial features- a term called discrimination, and an infringement of the Ontario Human Rights Code. The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is a public government institution, and the organization must uphold the Charter rights and follow the rights of Canadians as outlined in the Ontario Human Rights code.
#Anonymous on Nov 24, 2013 :
Canada is making money like never did,but not the workers,since the eighties everythig starts to go down to the drain, especialy because taxes on people start going up,I came in 1971 I start working minimum salary per hour 1.49$ per hour and unemployment was 2 %, but in those days after 2 years a got the money to buy a house for 27000$(today values is around 600.000)taxes were 2.5% on everything you buy except food form your chek they discount taxes about 5%,today is about 25 %,besides that you pay 13 % on everyting you buy and because the government keeps a cuota of 300.000 new emigrants, and the free trade and globalization,unemployment is been keep artificialy for years around 7 to 7 1/2%,and closure of factories going to be establish outside of Canada,that way people can not ask more money at work,and everything is been up except salaries,is very dificuld to buy a house,now days people buy apartments, they are more affordable,I'm a pensioner, my income is around 1600$ my house is paid,my expenses are 160$ on food a month,property tax are 3200$ a year, insurance car & house 210 % a year,medecines are free when you are a pensioner.transport I pay half price,heat about 800$ a year I keep the temperature at 15 degres celcius.I breeze better,hydro bill is 90$ every 2 monts, water 150 $ a year,some other fees about 300 a year, internet less then 400$ a year,supermarkets,in short whith that money I survive, and still I save some money,it all depend how you manage your finances, I know many people that only expend without making a budget,thats why good salaries are nor sufficient,happens that in Canada you always find part time jobs, and it helps,if you are a family and the wife works,the picture is better,if you are newcomer is dificould but not impossible,it depends if you sacrifice or not,I sacrifice I was young, I work hard at the beginning, actually I have my savings, my house ,my car, and I travel,I save to expend after, I'm very happy,if your country is about the same as Canada,don't come unless you have money,if your country is worst apply and good luck
#Cytron on Nov 16, 2013 :
Angry, bitter Torontonians give Canada a bad name.
#Cytron on Nov 16, 2013 :
[As an expat living abroad for more than 10 years. I don't know why anyone would want to immigrate to Canada when all the growth and job are in the eastern part of the world! Why would I go back to Canada when you can make much more in other countries and have a superior lifestyle than that of Canada? Remember, it's six months or more of cold weather, it's better to be warm! Lol.]

It's only Toronto which has a messed up culture not to mention racist people and bitter women. Toronto makes KKK Texas look like a tourism destination.
#Cytron on Nov 16, 2013 :
[#Dr. phani on Nov 12, 2013 :
I am Dr. Phani, i did my ph.d in chemistry, presently in teaching profession, i got pr to canada, what kind of jobs can i get there and what salary they can offer for me, my teaching experience is 12 yrs, i am with wife and 2 kids, pks suggest me nd help me to get a job in toronto.
Thank u]

Dr. Phani, when you come to Canada your doctorate accreditation is viewed as "inferior" and you will have to spend another 5-10 years "retraining" to gain the Doctorate qualification in Canada. The racist people and misandry women in Toronto will prevent you from getting a decent salary job & be prepared to work at Tim Hortons, McDonalds or min. wage for the years you will be in "retraining". The Gloria Steinem feminism will corrupt your wife's brain that your marriage is at risk. The incompetent and left-wing teachers will push their agenda to your kids and they will grow up trying to view you, the father, as the enemy while the teachers tell students that the government is their "father figure".

Don't risk it if you are middle class in your home country. Only come if you're country has security risks or an economic depression.
#Cytron on Nov 16, 2013 :
Feminism in Toronto is the #1 reason why there are so many women out there trying to behave like animals. They view men as bank accounts and these emasculated men just buy into it because they want the rotten, second-hand vajeejay
#Jane on Nov 15, 2013 :
Don't come to Toronto. Toronto is very leftwing and racist. Its very multicultural and that is the reason why its so racist. People are very selfish and rude. The rents are high so is food. There are 150 gangs in toronto and tons of crime that is hidden from the local media which is too leftwing. Its unsafe. The highest unemployment in canada for youth at 35%!!
#Dr. phani on Nov 12, 2013 :
I am Dr. Phani, i did my ph.d in chemistry, presently in teaching profession, i got pr to canada, what kind of jobs can i get there and what salary they can offer for me, my teaching experience is 12 yrs, i am with wife and 2 kids, pks suggest me nd help me to get a job in toronto.
Thank u
#Jacky on Nov 10, 2013 :
As an expat living abroad for more than 10 years. I don't know why anyone would want to immigrate to Canada when all the growth and job are in the eastern part of the world! Why would I go back to Canada when you can make much more in other countries and have a superior lifestyle than that of Canada? Remember, it's six months or more of cold weather, it's better to be warm! Lol.
#Karkera on Oct 28, 2013 :
If not Toronto,then where is CANADA should a Immigrant prefer to stay??

I have Work Permit,no job so far.would be coming with my Family.

Please Suggest
#SSAMANTHA on Oct 24, 2013 :
I was thinking of gonig to Canada. I live int the US and was thinking of going there,ppl have told me its better over there.More money pay I wanted to go with my dauther of 8.I speak spanish and english,but only have a high school diploma?Is it a good idea?
#Iyer on Oct 22, 2013 :
Here are my numbers. I take home $7000 after taxes. My wife used to make 4000, but quit to take care of kids who are very young. We get a good tax refund that goes to paying down mortgage. When my wife returns to work, it gets even better.
Mortgage 700
Ptax 300
Heat+electric 300
cable+phone+internet 120
Auto+home insurance 330
Auto maint (2 cars) 200
Gas 300
Grocery ethnic 300
Grocery canadian 300
restaurents 120
Small eats(tim hortons) 50
Travel 500
Gardening, homedepotetc 200
Home improvement 300
clothing,shoes 200
soccer, ice skating 150
Liqour+beer 30

RRSP 1000
RESP 200
Save 1400
#Anonymous on Oct 06, 2013 :
what i have got from these above comments is that there are some vivid discrepany between what you are saying and what would be the reality?
#Malik on Sep 24, 2013 :
Toronto is a crazy city. I make after taxes $7500/- per month; wife makes after taxes $1300/- per month. I have 3 kids - one in University and 2 in school. So total take home is $8800 per month. But essential monthly expenses of $7K:

1. Mortgage $1900/-per month, Home Insurance $90
2. Insurance of 2 cars $300 (as both me & wife have clean driving records)
3. One Car lease $785
4. Gas & Maint of 2 Cars $300
5. Utilities (Gas, Water, Hydro) $400
6. Bell (Phone, Cable, Internet, and 3 cell phones) $650
7. Clothing $300
8. Coffee & Cigar $300
9. Grocery (Iqbal foods + Costco) $950
10. Kid's University Expense $875
11. Medicines $200

Total: $7000/- without a cent as disposable income for recreation. So anything spent on movie/hotel/outing etc. will push budget to over $7k. Who says that Toronto is a great place to live? Just work, eat, sleep and again go to work.
#Ds on Sep 23, 2013 :

I have got an offer to work in Canada , GTA,for 75 k per annum. I am a software developer. Please let me know if this is a good opportunity.
#jbj on Sep 21, 2013 :
@chintan patel: food cost per month, per person easily pushes CAD 150 (assuming you cook and use modest, basic ingredients). @suri is off the mark big time.
#Ankit on Sep 19, 2013 :
Hello Friends
I'm from India, I'm coming soon in Toronto. i haven't no any home and job .
Can you tell me about total cost of living in Toronto.
#Jacq on Sep 17, 2013 :
#Whitby on Aug 25, 2013 : Clearly you haven't been to toronto. what an insanely absurd blanket statement to make. Sounds like you were just rejected. Not that i'm surprised
#FiftyJeans on Sep 10, 2013 :
I've read a lots from people on here, and you guys are really interesting.... i'll like to come live and work in canadan, can anyone be of help? sure imma pay you back all the expenses.
#Fred on Sep 08, 2013 :
Hi folks,
I recently got an offer for a postDoc position in the university of Toronto. The boss offered me a basic salary of 50k saying that he'll put a little bit more to this amount, taking into account my experience (3 years) and my personal status (Married no kids). I therefore should be expecting 55k (is this correct???).

Anyway, please let me now whether or not this is a decent salary for two persons. How much tax should I expect to pay? What about rent??? (I'm living in Switzerland, so I'm getting used to pay very high rents, but being payed much more),, ect ect

I'am not looking for saving money out of this position, but certainly to live in a comfortable way

I should give the boss a definitive answer ASAP,, so any feedback would be more than welcome.


Thank you :)
#Chintan patel on Sep 07, 2013 :
#mama on Sep 06, 2013 :
Hi me and my 6 month old son are packing up and leaving to Toronto we have nothing out here for us in the north, might be good for some but it isn't home any more. What can we expect out in Toronto? How can we receive help? I will leave my ethnicity out just to see how I'll do without being judged.
#TeeTeeSeen on Sep 04, 2013 :
Too many young black kids harming each other while the white imperial class are getting richer and the rest of people becoming poorer.
#Suri on Sep 01, 2013 :
@ #Chinan Patel
1. You can find a decent room with a roommate in the Toronto suburbs for Approx, $700 or less. In downtown would be a lot more expensive, though.
2. Cost of food for one month? About $70 CAD
3. That should be a perfect amount of money, but it depends on the kind of laptop, jeans, or t-shirt you are getting. Look at some electronic stores in Toronto.
4. About $12/h-$18/h (anyone can correct me if I'm wrong.)
#Whitby on Aug 25, 2013 :
Most of the single women and white women are bitter, racist and the women even hate males from their own white race because of the multicultural fraud and the Hollywood culture this city consumes through American television culture. Some of these white women don't know how to dress appropriately and they would open their frock in public and say it's their right.
#Beatrice on Aug 17, 2013 :
The city is overcrowded, jobs are scarce and cost of living is too high. Try driving in the city at peak hours and see the frustrations of Torontonians who work for the same wage but receive rent increase notices every year. Toronto is a colony of minimum wage workers and unionized public sector workers. The rich-poor gap in Toronto is astounding. The middle class is slowly disappearing and we have a city of haves and have-nots.
#Sangeeta Bhalla on Aug 13, 2013 :
Hi There,

For my sons education I wish to come to Toronto. He is going to be 17 next Feb and will be ready for undergraduate degree course. If we both ( me and my son ) come there on PR card, will his education be relatively cheaper, compared to him coming on student visa , as an international student. Please advise. Thanks
#anonymous on Aug 11, 2013 :
Too many hungry and greedy south asians in Toronto.Coakroaches

#Sonu on Aug 10, 2013 :
Hi? I got Canada PR now I'm going to move canada with Family (Spouse & Kid). Can anybody give me the idea of Living expenses in Saskatchwan, I'll be really thankful.
#Ann on Aug 07, 2013 :
I agree with #Thompson on his/her Jul 21, 2013 post

I've lived in Toronto for 25 years, have an english first and last name, University educated in Toronto, but I do get a lot of indirect discrimination when looking for jobs and in the workplace, because I am a female of visible minority. I've been passed over for promotions in my workplace, with the prime jobs being given to the caucasian, less qualified individuals. I should be used to it but it actually shocked me a few time as I could not believe I was passed over for certain positions when I saw who actually got the job. Even when interviewing for jobs, I get called in for interviews due to my resume, but hardly ever get the jobs.

Toronto is definitely not what it used to be.
If you're a woman of visible minority coming to Toronto, be prepared to get the s**t jobs, and take loads of crap in the workplace just to keep the job you do eventually get.
#chintan patel on Aug 07, 2013 :
Hii, I am arriving to toronto in the month of november 2013 on student visa,pleaze give me information about the following things:
1)Rent for 1 month with roommates.
2)cost of food for 1 month.
3)I am planning to buy 3 jeans,3 t-shirts,1 pair shoes and a laptop in a budjet of $800 CAD.(comment If the budjet is enough)
4)average $CAD/hour at shops or supermarket.
pleazzzz help me by giving response to the above comments.Thank you.
#Lucy on Jul 24, 2013 :
really, where did you find such prices?????????????? e.g. I buy 1 litre of milk for 4-5 dollars. Show me where I can buy it for less
#Mike Howard on Jul 21, 2013 :
In reply to: #Anil on Mar 29, 2013 :
What about the part time jobs in toronto?
is it easy to get?
how much can we earn through it and is it sufficient for our living if we share with roommates?

Only if you have connections and networking with employes then you can get a job easily.

Or you could change your gender to a female, bleach your skin to white,change your name to Barbie Doll, say you studied Women's Studies and you know about feminism---you'll get waaayyy more opportunities in the job market mate!
#Mike Howard on Jul 21, 2013 :
In response to: #Jan on Mar 26, 2013 :
I'm a resident of Toronto and I have to say some of the opinions of other posters seem inflated to me. For the last 10 years I've managed to live very cheaply in Toronto. Firstly, you can find single bedroom apartments for $600 even near the downtown core with a little effort. Secondly, if you'd like to live with roommates you can often find really good deals, for example my last 3 rents have been ($260 w/ 3 roommates, 450 w/ 1 roommate (loft apartment), and 220 w/ 2 roommates). All of my apartments have been nice, especially the last which included a massive backyard, a deck, fire pit, 30 m old-growth trees, as well as a barbecue! And finally, the city is extremely bikeable. During rush hour I will beat you on my bike no matter what choice of transportation you choose, and I'll pay nothing for parking to boot. Even outside of rush hour biking is an extremely zippy mode in and around the downtown core, and I can usually beat most of my colleagues taking cabs, mind you, I'm pushing it. Even in the winter the roads are clear 90% of the time so it's no big deal if you've got a bit of courage and some gear.

I disagree:

1)There are more condominium rentals than apartment rentals in the downtown core. Condo prices are expensive and the rents are no cheaper than $500 a month for a studio condo.

2)Most of the posters are people looking to move to Toronto as newcomers. If these newcomers don't know as much people, what makes you think that they will find anyone to share rent?

3)Apartments don't have backyards, they have balconies.

4)Parking is expensive in Toronto. It costs at least $5-10 an hour to park in Toronto.

5)There are not that many bike paths outside of the downtown core.

6)in 2013, a single bedroom apartment in upper Yonge Street, North York goes for at least $1,100 plus utilities!

Thanks for bringing old news Jan.
#Thompson on Jul 21, 2013 :
Toronto is turning into a ****hole of a city. It used to be OK in the 1990s when food used to be cheap and rents were okay. Poverty and crime was around back then,but not as compared to now where gangs are brave enough to commit brazen crimes in broad daylight and whatnot.

If you are a foreigner who has a funny sounding last name, expect indirect discrimination when sending resumes. Most companies have programs which screen resumes and some of the programs automatically discard resumes which have foreign-sounding names or even male names. I worked in Human Resources for 2 years and the computer programs screen emailed resumes word by word.

It is hard to find a well-paying job in Toronto unless you want to do a fast food minimum wage job. The demographic which have the hardest time finding jobs in Toronto are:
1)Foreign immigrants with funny sounding last names.
2)Canadian youth (16years to 29 years)
3)Male adults of any adult age.
4)Female visible minorities of any adult age.

Take into mind that Canada's generous immigration policies will make one newcomer compete with over 250,000 other newcomers for jobs and accommodation.

If you are an educated foreigner who has a high social status in your community in your home country, don't come to Canada unless you are offered a job by a Canadian company. Especially if you are a male foreigner.

I'm not xenophobic, but Canada does not value foreign education and the Canadian system discriminates harshly on male newcomers while forcing female newcomers to renounce their upbringing to follow the lifestyle most Canadian women do (drinking, partying, promiscous).

Toronto is known for a city of dreams, but the dream is no longer a reality for some, even Canadian-born people living in Toronto are struggling to find better paying jobs while paying for the increased rents.
#Pramod on Jul 19, 2013 :
I have recently got the job offer from Canada Toronto city with a monthly Salary of $3500 and the accomodation & travel expense to office provided by the company. So I need to spend only on Food, Cloth & misc expense such as Telephone, mobile & entertainment. I want to know how much I will be spending and how much I will sending money to my family in India.

#Albert Rampo on Jul 16, 2013 :
1bdroom : Apartment 700-1100 lots of factors like basement , is it in a building, balcony , Hydro included or gas you have to do your research for that one also look into what neighborhoods are good dont go and get a 1 bedroom in regent park or something like that just because they charge 600 a month ask a police station for the highest crime rates in neighborhoods and stay away from them

Grocery : about $200-400 a month cheapest places are chinese supermarkets from personal experience but ...

Bill home phone : MagicJack $70 initial then $2-3 a month ($30 a year or you can get 5 year witch gives you more of a discount )its an ip phone needs a credit card to set up i use prepaid mastercard from moneymart
Bill Cell phone : Wind, Mobilicity ,Public $25-35 with or without phone depends
Bill Internet : Teksavvy $50 - 60 depending on speed
Clothing : cant give you a price on that its up to you ...if your strapped for cash theres value village (second hand stores everywhere)or goodwill Pants all ages can be like $2.99 - 10 all type of shirts the same
Bill TV Cable : dont use ..use internet for entertainment save your self $60
****Cable Tv is Dead****

Use for most things save your self alot of money on furniture and appliances

Use to look at some Apartments this site is a bit expensive so be carefull
#Srinivas on Jul 15, 2013 :
Hello Sir,
In the month of August 2013 I am going to Canada with my family (wife + Son 3 Months old) on Permanent Resident Visa (PR)
Can you please help me to know what will be our monthly Expenses with 1 bedroom with furnished house / flat with all house hold needs? For one family.
My Basic Monthly Expenses

Rent 1bdrooms (electricity, hydro, water, 1 parking included)
Grocery for (Avg) McDonald (kids) + restaurant only twice a month
Bill home phone
Bill Cell phone
Bill Internet
Bill TV Cable
#NITIN KUMAR on Jul 09, 2013 :
hello sir, greeting of the day my name is nitin kumar in august i am going canada, toronto for my higher study. please tell me the monthly living expensive including all necessary things like bus services and manymore.thanks
#Anonymous on Jul 09, 2013 :
I laughed my butt off when I read comment below that Austrailia has cheaper tax. Alberta has the lowest sales tax at 5% (PST is 0% actually). Beat that. There's no such cities in AUS. For income tax, it's flat-out 10%+fed tax. I make little over $100K and my income tax+CPP+EI was total about $20K and medical insurance is free. If you make as much as me, your net income after tax should be $6500-$6800 per month although you will get only a little over $5000 per month and the reason is the $1500-$1800 portion goes to your RRSP - it's an idiot who doesn't take advantage of RRSP, it's your money anyway after you retire. Everyone needs savings for rainy day. BTW, based on this website statistics $100K income that I make here in Alberta, Canada is equivalent to $150K in Sydney, Austrailia for the same quality of living. I have a cousin living in AUS it's much more expensive than any other cities in Canada and even more expensive about 1.5 times higher than Vancouver - that sums up. Look at the car price such as Camry in Austrailia - it's almost double the price in here RIDICULOUS
#Darshana on Jun 21, 2013 :
Can anyone help with the cost of living for Burlington, ON? A breakdown would be appreciated please. Tx
#Reality Check on Jun 20, 2013 :
The shortest day in Toronto is just shy of 9 hours of daylight.
January is the coldest month at an average -4.2 deg C, with a daily high averaging -1.1C. February has a daily high of -0.2C, and the other months are all above freezing, on average during the day.
Emissions of major smog-causing pollutants dropped significantly in Ontario between 2001 and 2011. Carbon monoxide declined 24 per cent, while nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide fell 36 and 55 per cent, respectively.
The EIU's Livability Ranking and Overview August 2012 puts Toronto 4th in the World.
The Mercer Quality of Living Survey puts Toronto at 15th in the world.
Toronto isn't cheap, but Toronto also ranks as high as 3rd in the world on the UN's Prosperity Index.
Google is your friend....
#kate on Jun 18, 2013 :
I live in Toronto, Canada and it is very expensive, we are a family of 3 people and pay 1,500.00 for a small 2 bedroom apartment. Crime and gangs are on the rise, some areas are no go at night.

Toronto used to be a clean, friendly place, but no more. Now, with everyone, from every corner of the world moving here, it is crowded (traffic, long comute times, long waiting times for health care, not to mention overcrowded and lowered education standards for your children).

Utilities (water, heat, insurance and eye and dental care very, very expensive)

The winters are very cold, grey and drab, and only about 4-5 hours of daylight and then it gets dark, many people are depressed at this time of the year.

The summers are humid and pollution and smog is on the rise.

We are moving out of Toronto for these reasons.

Good luck in creating a good life in Toronto, I hate it here.
#Saurav on Jun 17, 2013 :

I am Saurav, I have 3 years of experience on Java/ J2ee Development in India. Can I expect any good paying job out in Canada? I prefer Vancouver, Toronto or Ontario. Could anyone give me some refference/ suggestion how should I proceed to get a realy good paying job.

It would be great if any one can tell me what is the cost of living I can expect in above places mentioned. I am single by the way and I am planning to settle there alone.

If anyone can send me any URL where I can able to know all of these above or by which if I can come to know the other rule/tax rates payable etc. (which will suposed to be deducted from my salary :P)

If someone can email me their valuable suggestions will be higly appreciated.

My email id :

Thanks in advance !! :)
#asasa on Jun 03, 2013 :
hi all, i have been going through some online tax calculators and get different figures on my net take home salary. My annual gross would be 90 thousand and I would be moving to Toronto. I think the two major dedcutions would be income tax and CPP/EI. Can anyone please help me and let me know approx how much would I take home every month. Greatly appreciated ! Thank you !
#Archie on Jun 02, 2013 :
Dear all
Thanks for those really useful information. This website helped me compare the prices with my present city of living - London, United Kingdom. According to the information provided by u all I could marginally think that it is better to move to Toronto as the rent for an average apartment is 27% lower than London. Moreover what I would like to know is this one last bit of information to sum up whether it is worth moving or not - 1) what is the present income tax deduction rate? In London it's 20% basic. 2) do they have council taxes or house taxes in Toronto? If so what's the basic rate for that? I understand it depends on the area and property size, yet I would like to know the basic rate to come to some kind of conclusion and lastly 3) what kind of mobile plans do we have? Contractual Pay monthly through direct debit options available? If that's so then it might work out cheaper to have a phone.
Thank u all once again for all ur informations helped me. I know every city is expensive but just comparing all ur informations with London made me think it is cheaper. It is definitely expensive for a Toronto local but for a Londoner I think it is a wise choice to move.
This website also helped me compare every single aspect with london's expenses with bar diagrams and pie charts. Thanks for that.
Hoping some one might give me the information I requested above.
Thanks In Advance.
#asasa on May 27, 2013 :
Gypsy: you should not have a proble finding staff for IT & Consulting Services, I presently work with IBM and am looking at options in Toronto. Though IBM is one of the bigger players, I am seeing an upward trend of IT and consulting folks and firms in Canada, KPMG is another example. You should be able to staff easily.
##Gypsy on May 11, 2013 :
Hi - I’m considering moving from Minneapolis to Toronto. I’d be transferring with my current employer to open an office there, but am wondering what the market’s like in Toronto for IT staffing & Consulting Services. Any insight would be appreciated.
#Mark on May 11, 2013 :
Helen from Australia, I'm Multi generation Canadian and have lived in all parts of Canada through my 40 some yrs. The only reason one would move to TO is because it's probably the most mainstream city in Canada - more due to it's size than anything else. It's where if you have great credentials and experience you can get the highest income. It does have a number of great venues ie the ROM etc but the city as a whole is nothing special at all, very drab, a miserable commute to pretty much anywhere. Pollution is definitely an issue etc. Hot summers an crappy winters. The only reason some one would contemplate moving from Australia - which most Canadians consider Paradise by the way - is if you'll be bringing in $500+ K and be able to escape to Cottage country In Muskoka or up that way for the weekends. For the average Joe/Jane earning under 100k you'll be kicking yourself for the rest of your life. if you really have your heart set on Canada do some research on Vancouver, - much better climate although it can rain some years quite a lot in the fall, beautiful setting, Mountains , Ocean, cleaner etc. and yes also expensive but easier to get out of the city for the weekend and enjoy nature without having to own a cottage ... Both cities are very multicultural - this mix of a very easygoing and trusting old canadian culture with middle eastern, eastern european and Asian cultures, which typically are the complete opposite kind of culture, creates a new reality that some embrace, while others, especially the older generations, feel uneasy with . .. Many Canadians forgo the chance of a large income and choose instead to live in small towns and rural areas to retain that old Canadian flavour ... In particular the east coast I.e. PEI is an absolutely beautiful place at least in summer but you would have to be satisfied with a much smaller pay check .... Many people move to Toronto to build up their pension and retire in such places ...
Another important consideration is that the economic picture for anywhere east of Calgary is pretty much dismal and will be for at least the near future - The west is OK but rides a precarious road as any new oil find threatens the wealth currently generated by the Alberta Oil sands. (Very high extraction costs)

The hockey thing that every US TV show refers to when poking fun at Canada is an overblown myth by the way - I've never played hockey and spend my leisure time sailing in the summer and skiing in the winter.. The Maple Syrup is a real thing - I have actually made it - a real treat. Anyway think this through because from what I can tell you live in a great place already.. PS We just watched 'The Man from Snowy River' with our daughter not too long ago - looks like you have some beautiful mountains over there also ;)

G,'day Mate!
#naveen on May 11, 2013 :
hi friends am naveen. well i finish my undergraduate degree in india . now am planning to do my mba in toronto. plz provide me some useful nd important suggestion (abt cost of living). it is easy to find a part time job there....wt is hourly pay .....hope u will help me
#MIke Thomas on Apr 29, 2013 :
#Ziyad your best option is and intracompany transfer, if your current company has an office in Canada, option 2 is finding an employer and then getting sponsored (not the easiest in todays times), option 3 is try immigration, the canadian govt website is
#Mike Thomas on Apr 29, 2013 :
#KVS Thanks for the details. I have been checking apartments and it seems like 1300-1600 is what I might have to spend in downtown, biggest expense I guess is accomodation. Let me check Craiglist as well, could you recommend a few downtown areas closer and walkable to Bay Street....thank you !
#Ziyad on Apr 27, 2013 :
Hello all,
I'm senior software developer and I'm living now in Syria :(, currently I'm planing to move to Canada to work there with my family (wife and two children 4-2 yrs).
But I don't know where to start from, can any one advise or help me to get started to move there and find job with my experience.
Thanks in advance
#Vishnu on Apr 26, 2013 :
Hello i am planning to come to canada for eduacation and then work. I want to know how is the cost of living in toronto vancouver and british columbia for a student.
#Sherdin on Apr 26, 2013 :
Hi all,
Will we be able to live a decent life with a monthly salary of $3700 in Concord,Toronto? We r a family of 3( 2 adults n 1 small kid). Pls give us ur valuable suggestions.
#Khan on Apr 23, 2013 :
Dear Mr. Ahmad can you give me your E-mail address. I want to discuss something with you.
#Ahmad on Apr 22, 2013 :

With 120K u should stay in Kuwait. Ontario taxes very high. Finding a job is very tough. The winter season is bad. I rather stay in Kuwait.
#Khan on Apr 19, 2013 :
I live & work in Kuwait with family of 5 (me, wife & 3 childrn 12 8 7 5). I have an excellent job here & earn about 120,000 C$/year. I have an opportunity to move to canada. Should I leave this job & move to Toronto. Will I get good Job easily?
#Wassim on Apr 18, 2013 :
I agree with all above comments, but it is depends on us how we accept living style in Toronto, and for how long you are planning to live in.

tomorrow is always better, compromise is always nice and contentment is treasure
#kvs on Apr 18, 2013 :
Mike - 4500 might be conservative, possibly you'd be closer to 5k a month. I think two adults should be able to live okay enough on that downtown, especially if you don't have a car. Your major expense will be housing so you might want to go on Craigslist or Viewit to see what costs are for 1 bdrm.
#Anonymous on Apr 16, 2013 :
KVS Thank you for the information, why is it when I check online tax calculators I get a figure of approx 5600 CAD ? Also if my spouse is not working I might get some benefits as well right ? If you could also tell me would 4500 CAD be goof for 2 adults (dont smoke or drink). We are looking at getting a one bedroom in downtown, walk/train to work, occasional weekly meal outside ? Thanks for you help.
#kvs on Apr 15, 2013 :
Mike - I make around 83k and take home @ $4200 a month, but that's with deductions for dental and health. Maybe you'd be closer to $4500?

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