Quality of Life in Mangalore, India

Purchasing Power Index 38.57   Very Low
Safety Index 74.66   High
Health Care Index 78.07   High
Climate Index 66.65   High
Cost of Living Index 24.80   Very Low
Property Price to Income Ratio 8.68   Moderate
Traffic Commute Time Index 31.84   Low
Pollution Index 44.77   Moderate
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 149.28   High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 31

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 186

Last update: June 2021

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37 Comments so far
Chandra on Mar 19, 2021:
Mangaluru is an awful place in terms of planning, administration, infrastructure and job opportunities. Places such as Kudremukh Peak, having an elevation of nearly 2000 meters above sea level, have been completely ignored of its potential. The Kudremukh Peak has an aerial distance of only 45 km from Mangaluru city. Yet no one wants to have a straight highway or even cable cars to reach the Kudremukh summit. The private buses, local KSRTC buses are terrible to say the least. Enormous quantities of noxious smoke are emitted from these buses that are decades past their expiry date. People don't speak up and the administration, police officials are useless. Roads are filled with thousands of unnecessary vehicles and people with attitude and boasting skills ride useless vehicles. Roads are dug up unnecessarily for no reason and are left in dilapidated condition. Highways are worst and airport is pathetic. Tourist places are appalling and not at all maintained correctly. There is absolutely no initiative from the Corporation to clean up the city. There are no tree-lined roads, no footpaths and plants are dried in the road medians. The elected representatives are useless.

One the contrary, the advantages of staying in Mangaluru include access to the sea, shorter travel distances for basic needs, better auto drivers, cheaper education, better water supply, lots of restaurants and eateries, no language barrier, proximity to hill stations, etc.
Ahmed on Mar 05, 2021:
Majority of the commentators are highly disheartened by the stepmother attitude towards mangalore. Mainly people from mangalore are well educated and peace loving. After giving all the revenue to Bengaluru no money is left for the development for mangalore only private properties have developed. People from mangalore never protest that’s why it has been neglected. Even once the chief minister of the state was from D.K even he didn’t not give importance for the development of mangalore. Very sad.
rahulraj on Feb 28, 2021:
Haha...I think most of hatred comments here are from Kerala....Yeah bunch of them are here just for spoil name of Mangalore just out of sheer jealous...They come for education and jobs, some love the city, some try to talk only negative of city, be it mangaluru or bengaluru too....they find only mud in lake of water..not flowers around it. Some Manglur muslims blood pressure has raised as its now BJP everwhere...added to it is useless MP Nalin kumar and that crook MLA Vedavyas kamath. Someone SWATHI below has commented something. Madam i think u see only negative aspects in life. If you are expecting something to improve in mangalore then u join political party or demand for those facilties. Apart from that Mangalore has famous and big universities better than most other Tier 2 cities and has quality of life better than many metros.
Swathi on Feb 09, 2021:
Infrastructure in and around Mangalore is pathetic. All the National Highways are in worst condition except for nh-66. All are single road highways leading eastwards. Grass is grown on the roads of nh-75. Highway widening work is completely stopped. Most infrastructure projects are horrible, dust fills the air and surroundings, tiny infra projects take several years to get completed.
Railways are pathetic. There is very poor rail connectivity to most Karnataka cities. There are no Shatabdi trains, no high speed trains from Mangalore. Very few rail platforms in Mangalore. Level-crossings are a pain on the roads.
Airport runway is highly dangerous and can lead to a disaster during rainy season.
Mangalore does not even have a proper bus stand. Buses are worst, there are no ring roads, no international-level stadiums, hardly any multi-national companies. Cleanliness drives are never carried out by city corporation. People use their personal vehicles unnecesssarily. Officials are only bothered about putting concrete on a few roads and giving land to builders. Roads don't have any lane markers. In short, Mangalore has worst infrastructure.
abhishek kumar on Feb 03, 2021:
Mangalore is best city. airport to sea port. roadways to railways. Petroleum refineries to IT companies. Banks to education universities. Star hotels to branded showrooms. Malls to Tall skyscrapers. Temples, churches, mosque...all in one...only some people out of jealousy comment bad here..cant help...May bhagwan/Allah/Jesus give them good thoughts
abhishek kumar on Feb 03, 2021:
Mangalore is one of best city in india. City is clean without much slums like other indian cities. People are good. Developing well interms of private sector. Some people with jealous are commenting some bad here. However Mangalore urgently needs metro/monorail.
Aravind on Jan 24, 2021:
There are some extremely worrying factors are there in Mangalore right now.

1. Private buses
I don't understand why are these private buses still operational? These buses are very old, most of them have dented bumpers, emit plenty of smoke, have no doors, no GPS stop announcements, drivers exceed the speed limit very often. These buses also don't give way to other vehicles. The private bus stand is pathetic. It does not even have a roof. What a shame on the city officials !
This city needs both BRTS and Metro Rail as soon as possible. People in Mangalore are living in a world of delusion regarding the road transport. Unnecessary usage of vehicles by most of the people is observed here, and many people like to showoff their status by riding/driving vehicles.

2. Rising pollution
The Gurupura and Nethravathi rivers are filled with trash. Waste items are thrown into rivers. The riverside areas such as Bunder, Bengre, Alake, Kulur are strewn with Garbage. Sanitation is on the decline throughout the city. Nowadays, cleanliness drives aren't observed in this city. Central Market is also a horrible place.

3. Traffic congestion at level-crossings
Localities such as Pandeshwar are facing unnecessary traffic congestion and blockage for hours each day due to these level-crossings. The entire Indian Government and Southern Railway zone both are filled with highly corrupt and horrible people. Nantoor highway doesn't even have pedestrian skywalks, flyovers and it is extremely congested and very difficult to cross the road.

4. Airport runway
The Airport runway is very short and highly dangerous. During monsoon season, it is extremely dangerous to land on this runway. Passengers are at a very high risk of losing their lives. Despite being an International Airport, the Indian Government and AAI, DGCA have never expanded the runway, also aren't concerned about people losing their lives. People are fools to still vote for highly useless politicians in both the India as well as Karnataka government. All the politicians in India are Crap.

I conclude by mentioning that the Indian Media is complete Garbage.
prakash on Dec 26, 2020:
Quality of life in Mangalore is best . You cannot expect that quality of life even in metros . IT is also one of the cleanest cities of Asia .. Regarding cost of living now it is very expensive .. almost same as Bangalore . Mangalore city area is now very expensive . 2 BHK apartment rent is 15k and plus . Real estate prices also very high within city ..Bangalore west is cheaper than Mangalore city . Even restaurants are expensive . Tansportation facilities are superb . The only issue is cost of living . Rest everything very good in Mangalore
Hemanth on Sep 06, 2020:
Mangalore should become a part of Kerala. All the Karnataka politicians and ministers have only tried their best to polarize the communities in the Mangalore-Udupi belt. Mangalore is completely neglected in every aspect by Karnataka government.
There are plenty of similarities between Mangalore and Kerala. The similarities are too long to be mentioned here. Kerala follows uniform pattern of development throughout the state. Kerala has always been welcoming to everyone since antiquity.
I definitely hope and wish that Mangalore and Udupi soon become a part of Kerala.
Uday on Jun 28, 2020:
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Thanks Numbeo for providing APIs for our project. Our project is for an Australian client.
Vani on Jun 27, 2020:
Successive Karnataka governments have always completely neglected Mangalore and Udupi.
Karnataka government have only developed Bangalore, and now want to develop Hubli and Belgaum, alongside Bangalore.
It is now the right time for Mangalore and Udupi together to form a new separate state.
Gyanendra on Jun 16, 2020:
Mangalore is too laid-back. Even most of the people over there are either less than 25 years or more than 60 years old.
It lacks the vibrant atmosphere, energetic vibes and youthful enthusiasm of cities such as Bangalore.
Even the people in this coastal city are very spiritual. Every person after finishing his studies wants to work somewhere else. There is a severe lack of job opportunities here especially in the professional sector. The population is around 6 lakhs only! Is this a city or a town?
Most highways and railway lines connecting Mangalore are of very poor quality. During monsoon, landslides and potholes can completely disrupt transport connectivity with other places.
In my opinion, Mangalore is a good place only for school, college students and the aged people (above 60 years). At present, it's certainly not the place to be for age-groups between 25 and 60 years. Bangalore is a much better place for employment, PhD education, business and entertainment. Bangalore is a great place, but Mangalore is also equally good.
Prithesh on Jun 13, 2020:
Nice to know about the Quality of Life details. Would be good if more data is added for other cities too.
But crowdsourced information especially about cities should be taken with a pinch of salt. I feel that Numbeo is accurate at a country level. Not very sure about cities though.
And let us respect the opinion and comments of each and every person.
Anonymous on May 24, 2020:
I am totally disagree with #ARUN MOHAN who is from Kerala and he comments and tells mangalore is not good city and he tell all Kerala hates mangalore ,the big know and I totaly dis agree have lot of friends who are from Kerala and who love to be in mangalore they love living in mangalore.and some city like in Kerala like Kumble kasargod Uppala and more people literally love and come to study in mangalore collages and schools also many from Kerala like some part of Kerala also come to mangalore on week ends to pubs park and also for shopping do they come to mangalore without loving mangalore?? People what to learn in this city and work here but blame this city how can they do that ?And coming to government government is not supporting mangalore in development only giving importance to capitals ,mangalore is such a good city with lot of famous people Exist here lot of good quality but and lot more but still it’s been Separated
Prasanna on May 22, 2020:
Adding on to my earlier comment, I have liced in countries have hot, humid, cool and very cold climates. Climate is not at all an issue at any place, unless one is staying in Antarctica or Siberia. Just like how people eat and drink, adjusting to various climates is very natural.
So, climate has very little to do with quality of life in my opinion.
Prasanna on May 22, 2020:
I would like to say that people are helpful and welcoming in every place in the world. Humans are always the same everywhere in this planet.
There is no good or bad place in this world. It is our mindset that needs to be changed. It is our own mind that creates borders and walls. These quality of life, crime, pollution and healthcare ratings shouldn't be taken seriously.
I am from Mangalore and have travelled all over India. I have also travelled to more than 35 countries across the world. Let me tell you frankly and honestly that people are kind and helpful everywhere in the world. Wherever we go in this world, that particular place is our home. Be happy to make friends with people from all nationalities and states.
Amit Rawat on May 21, 2020:
I am from Uttarakhand and permanently settled in Mangalore.
It is very true that Karnataka does not consider Mangalore as part of its territory. Even after the resumption of train services after lockdown, not even a single train runs between Karnataka and Mangalore.
Train have now started functioning between Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli and Belgaum. But not Mangalore. I have heard many Karnataka people mocking Mangalore with false allegations such as fish smell, etc.
Being from Uttarakhand, let me tell you that Mangalore is among the cleanest places in South Asia. Mangalore is much cleaner and less polluted than any place in Karnataka.
Being an Indian, I don't understand the levels of apathy shown by Karnataka. Karnataka is among the worst states in the world.
Sorry to be blunt, but I too want Mangalore and Udupi to jointly form a separate state soon.
S Bapat on May 21, 2020:
I am working in a Pune-based startup and came across this site today. This website has abundant data for our startup's analytics project.
We will make use of the API offered by this site. This website's data is very useful for our company's project.
Arun Mohan on May 19, 2020:
I am from Kerala and we Keralites don't like Mangalore for any reason.
We Keralites like the Karnataka state capital Bangalore and Bangalore is a home away from home for us Malayalees.
I have written many answers in Quora where I feel that people in Mangalore, Udupi and North Karnataka are very narrow-minded. It will be good if separate states are formed.
I am suffering from severe mental illness. But the Bangalore dry climate was helpful in reducing my Schizophrenia and mental illness. I had undergone mental treatment in Bangalore at NIMHANS.
I am now undergoing psychiatric treatment in my hometown Kochi. Kochi and Bangalore have much better Quality of Life than Mangalore.
Thanks for giving me an opportunity to comment.
Kartik Akshay on May 19, 2020:
Every year, the connectivity between Karnataka and Mangalore is completely cut-off during the monsoon.
Despite being with Karnataka state for nearly 64 years, there connectivity between Mangalore and Karnataka is miserable. The Karnataka government doesn't consider Mangalore as part of its territory. There is not even a proper highway or railway route between Mangalore and the state capital.
In fact, the connectivity from Mangalore within the state is unabated/unaffected only between Udupi and Karwar.
Sorry to disappoint you Prashanth sir, but the connectivity between Mangalore and Kerala is seamless throughout the year.
Kerala will soon construct a high-speed rail from Trivandrum to Kasargode, with a possible extension to Mangalore. This single rail connects all the major towns and cities of Kerala. The entire journey takes just 4 hours!

To summarise my point, either form a separate state comprising the Mangalore region, or merge Mangalore with Kerala. I don't think that Mangalore has any future with Karnataka.
Prashanth on Mar 21, 2020:
I am from Bengaluru.
I think that Karnataka government has different approaches to different regions of the state. The government is fully aware that the people from Mangaluru and Coastal Karnataka are highly entrepreneurial and hence the private sector has blossomed in the coastal region.

Hence the government utilizes a vast majority of its funds in the less entrepreneurial regions such as Bengaluru-Mysuru zone and North Karnataka.
Bengaluru mainly developed due to governments' support and people migrating and investing in that city. The contribution of Bengaluru's native people has been very little to that city's growth.

I am totally against the separation of Mangaluru region from Karnataka, and completely oppose the formation of another state. It will only lead to more problems and absolutely no benefits.
Remember that Karnataka government and Central government focuses more on other places because they think that the non-coastal areas of Karnataka can't develop without the help and support of the government.
If you are wondering why many software companies haven't come up in the Mangaluru region, then that's probably due to the presence of a Port and very less population. Port cities are usually given more preference for Hardware, chemical and manufacturing industries. But even then, there are a few software companies and many startups in Mangaluru.
Aditya on Mar 15, 2020:
I believe that Quality of Life in Mangalore will increase further if it separates permanently from Karnataka. If Mangalore becomes the capital of a separate state, then more infrastructure will come up in the city.
Better infrastructure will lead to better utility services, healthcare, transport and job opportunities. So, I certainly wish and hope that Mangalore gets separated from Karnataka. Dear reader, please don't feel offended as every person has the right to voice his/her opinion.
Mahendra on Mar 07, 2020:
I concur and completely agree with the opinion of the previous Anonymous user.
Mangalore may have good quality of life, but the Karnataka government considers Mangalore as its waste dumpyard. Karnataka does not want Mangalore for any reason. Many Kannadigas think that Mangalore is worse than hell. Then you better stay in your dusty, dry, barren, air-polluted, water-deprived, greenery-deprived, 3000 feet high altitude safe places of interior Karnataka. Don't come to your hell known as Mangalore.

Karnataka government does not consider Mangalore as part of its territory. The tiny city of Mangalore with an estimated population of 0.5 to 0.8 million generates the 2nd highest revenue to Karnataka state every year. But successive Karnataka governments have only shown total apathy to Mangalore since decades. So it is high-time that Mangalore region is made a separate state, and gets permanently detached from Karnataka (Bengaluru state).
Anonymous on Mar 07, 2020:
When Karnataka government doesn't consider Mangalore as part of its territory, then why is Mangalore still a part of Karnataka?
Even though Mangalore city is the 2nd highest revenue generator for Karnataka, the Karnataka government gives peanuts in its recent budget to Mangalore. Mangalore is also surrounded by a useless state living in total delusion called "Kerala".
In my opinion, Mangalore along with Udupi have to form a new separate state very soon. Both Karnataka and Kerala governments are among the most useless and horrible state governments within India.
Chandra on Feb 03, 2020:
I was reading some of the comments in the other pages of this site. Many people have highlighted the true colours of the Karnataka government.

Karnataka government is capable of shifting the entire seaport from Mangalore to their beloved city Bangalore. Karnataka will certainly move the International Airport from Mangalore place it in Southern Bangalore.

Dump everything in Bangalore but provide the absolute worst infrastructure and connectivity to Mangalore. All the Karnataka Chief Ministers from 1956 should be impeached and held responsible for ruining the state, except their paradises Bangalore and Mysore.

It is shameful for Mangalore to be a part of Karnataka, which is also called "Bangalore state".
Mangalore and Udupi together should soon form a separate Tulu state and get permanently separated from Karnataka (Bangalore state).
H Shetty on Jan 22, 2020:
Quality of life at Mangalore is definitely in a downward trend. Considering the events taken place during the past 2 months, these numbers do not make sense at all, and should be taken with a pinch of salt. People have mentioned about the permanent separation from Karnataka due to the neglect from the government. This might lead to a higher economy and more investments in the Service sector (such as software industries) by making Mangalore the capital of a new separate state. But I certainly feel that Quality of Life and safety are heading in a downward trend in this place. It is not a good sign.
Prasad on Jan 12, 2020:
Not many would have commented about the strategic location of Mangalore in India.
1. Port city Mangalore is at the confluence of Kerala and Goa, 2 of the most frequently visited and considered to be the best Indian states by the people of the Western World (Europe, Americas and Australia)
Mangalore enjoys straight line connectivity, and is only an overnight journey via train from any place in Kerala and Goa.

2. In addition to Karnataka, Kerala and Goa places, Mangalore is an overnight journey via train from entire coastal Maharashtra, except for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Places such as Ratnagiri are only an 8 hour journey via train from Mangalore. Navi Mumbai too is just 11-12 hours away. Even Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is well connected with Mangalore through the railways. It is also easily accessible via trains (7 hour journey).

3. Due to its location, Mangalore is a potpourri of cultures, and a highly multicultural society. It is a mix of Tulunad, Coorg, interior Karnataka zone, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu cultures.

Hence, Mangalore's strategic location is important for both India and many people from the Western World.
Santhosh on Jan 12, 2020:
Mangalore and Udupi together should form a separate state soon. It should never be a part of Karnataka. All successive Karnataka governments are only bothered about Bangalore. All the government-related educational institutions and Multi-national companies are only placed in Bangalore by Karnataka government. All top infrastructure is only allotted to Bangalore.
If it wasn't for its entrepreneurial people, private sector and the late U. Srinivas Mallya, then Mangalore would never have made it to the Quality of Life rankings. Mangalore and Udupi don't deserve to be in that Karnataka state anymore.
Naveen on Aug 29, 2019:
It is probably the best city to live in in India.no traffic jams,excellent education system,one of the best healthcares in the country.abundant water, clean air, very less crime ratio,stylish people..what more do we need in a city? I have travelled a lot and mangalore is by far a better city in comparison to most cities in India.
Anonymous on Aug 23, 2019:
The MP and MLAs voted in Mangalore only sleep off their 5 year term. They eat their funds and give peanuts to the people. The elected candidates such as Nalin Kumar Kateel, Vedavyas Kamath and Bharath Shetty are all useless and lack vision. Nalin Kumar Kateel cannot even read, write or speak in English. He got elected not because of himself, but because of the Prime Minister's image.

Most people in Mangalore vote for the Prime Minister and not for the MLA/MP candidates. So even if a cow, snake or pig were to stand as MLA/MP contestant, it will win from Mangalore constituency. And I'm not at all kidding about this fact.
The following problems persisting since decades in Mangalore, will never get solved by these incapable elected representatives
1. Eliminate private buses, introduce KSRTC buses, electric buses and build a new city bus stand
2. Introduce both the BRTS and Metro Rail to Mangalore
3. Build a new International Airport with a 4000 meter long runway at Padubidri
4. Eliminate all the Railway level-crossing problems within the city
5. Improve sanitation and beautify the city with tree lined roads, sidewalks, garden parks and upgrade beaches and port
6. Complete all the pending flyover constructions, and build a flyover at Nantoor junction
7. Clean the Mangalore port and Panambur beach. It is littered with coal and charcoal. All tourist arriving here grumble about this drawback
8. Detach Mangalore from Southern Railway zone and bring it into the South-Western Railway zone

But the bottom line is that India itself is a stupid country, run by utterly brainless people
Anonymous on Aug 07, 2019:
Mangalore needs more Research and CoE organizations. There should not be anymore growth in Petrochemical industries, as they are increasing the air pollution and water pollution in Mangalore.

For Nature lovers, Mangalore is strategically located in Karnataka. All the popular Malenadu hill station places are at Max 4 hours away and nearby from Mangalore. They are
-Balur Estate
-Bhadra sanctuary
-Jog Falls

Ranipuram at Kasargod is also nearby. Wayanad, Ooty and Nandi Hills are in the 250 - 350 km distance range from Mangalore.

So, if you are a Nature lover, you will definitely like to settle down in Mangalore.
Aruna Menon on Aug 04, 2019:
Pollution is increasing due to the establishment of Petrochemical industries.
We Mangaloreans need Product-based Software companies and Research institutes. We don't need those Petrochemical industries at all.
Private buses over here are the most primitive, polluting and worst buses you'll ever find. There is absolutely no improvement in their condition for the past 30 years.
But still, Mangalore is Heaven for all the Kerala people.
Anonymous on Jul 03, 2019:
Quality of life and Mangalore don't go hand in hand.
People keep voting for foolish political parties and the useless Indian government and worthless Karnataka government have completely neglected Mangalore.
All the politicians in India are awful, ignorant, pathetic and selfish.
It is a matter of life or death while landing at Mangalore Airport, but government does nothing to expand the runway or build a new airport at Padubidri.
Government wants to increase the Death Rate rapidly in Mangalore. They have sold this airport without the people's consensus to Adani, who is a crooked ignorant person.
Very soon, Indian government and Karnataka government will sell the entire Mangalore city to Adani or Ambani.
Shame on India government !
Shame on Karnataka government !
Anonymous on Jan 22, 2019:
In reality, Mangalore stands nowhere in Quality of Life, when compared with the cities of First World countries.

In order to improve, there have been questions (criticisms) that have been posted by some people from Mangalore, who want their city to improve:

Majority of these questions can be found in the link pasted below:


Please go through the relevant questions. I request the Mangalore city dwellers and the Administration to take the criticisms from all the relevant questions as a challenge, and in the right spirit.

It is the people's mindset that needs to change.
Anonymous on Feb 20, 2018:
Calling Mangalore a safe city is ridiculous.

Talking about just 1 aspect - "Corruption"

There is a Goon named S. Ganesh Rao from Karavali College who wants to become a future MLA.

1. This person had slapped students for no reason.
2. Had abused faculty members and had threatened to physically assault them
3. This Karavali College Goon S. Ganesh Rao had Bribed the AICTE officials to stop the closure of his education institute.
4. All employees had a bond and were sent for Marketing outside the college without any reimbursements.
5. Students had to deal with the pathetic infrastructure of this education institute.
6. The student lab manuals were printed in the photocopies of the employees' markscards
7. This goon S. Ganesh Rao has Bribed the local media such as Daijiworld and Udayavani.

The local Mangalore people are stupid to call this person (S.Ganesh Rao) a clean and humble person.

Mangalore is safe for Hooligans and Right Wing fanatics only.
Mangalore is a highly corrupt city, where bribing officials and media will turn a Goon into a Righteous person.
Rahul singh on Oct 09, 2017:
Mangalore city and surrounding are very beautiful. No doubt it envy other major cities. It's tall sky scrappers are now giving new dimensions. Except swetty climate (ofcourse not in the people s hand) everything is good.
Anonymous on Oct 08, 2017:
Mangalore is wonderful place..good people ,good education system and less population.we will feel safe to stay here. I love the beach, holy places,food,and all the religious of people. Totally I love this city.