Quality of Life in Mangalore, India

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Purchasing Power Index 34.77   Very Low
Safety Index 73.55   High
Health Care Index 61.99   High
Climate Index 66.65   High
Cost of Living Index 21.30   Very Low
Property Price to Income Ratio 10.58   Moderate
Traffic Commute Time Index 35.39   Moderate
Pollution Index 50.32   Moderate
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 133.74   Moderate

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 26

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 191

Last update: June 2024

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50 Comments so far
Kavanashree on Mar 09, 2024:
Kudremukha mountaintop has temperature less than 15 °C even during the peak summer nights of April and May. While Mangaluru at the same time will have night time temperature feel of 35°C due to humidity.
At the Kudremukha mountaintop the temperature in peak winter in January touches or comes very close to 0°C.
Kudremukha mountaintop is the coldest place in Karnataka. The aerial distance between Mangaluru city and Kudremukha mountain is only 50 km.
When Bengaluru is well connected to the top of Nandi hills with a direct road, and same for Mysuru and Chamundi peak, then why not Mangaluru and Kudremukha peak?
I feel the direct road from Mangaluru to Kudremukha must pass from Aladangady-Guruvayankere. This is where the ascent of Kudremukha via road should begin.
I feel both Mangaluru and Kudremukha mountain are completely ignored by the Central government, State government and tourism officials.
Shahul Hameed on Mar 02, 2024:
When Bengaluru has good road connectivity to the top of Nandi Hills,
when Mysuru has good road connectivity to the top of Chamundi peak,
then why isn't Karnataka providing a good straight highway from Mangaluru to ascend the top of Kudremukha mountain?

Aerial distance between Bengaluru city and Nandi Hills (1480 m above MSL) is 50 km.
Aerial distance between Mysuru city and Chamundi Hill (1000 m above MSL) is 15 km.
Aerial distance between Mangaluru city and Kudremukha peak (1900 m above MSL) is 50 km.
In fact, it is Mangaluru that deserves great connectivity to a nearby hill station and it's the need of the hour. The reason being that Mangaluru has hot and humid climate throughout the year, while Bengaluru and Mysuru have moderate, dry and mostly climate throughout the year.
At the top of Kudremukha mountain the temperature comes very close to 0°C in January every year. Even the summer nights (March to May) are cold atop the Kudremukha mountain and jackets are needed to bear the cold even during summer nights.
The temperature on top of Kudremukha mountain is the complete opposite to Mangaluru city.
I hope the people, the bureaucrats and the local MPs of Mangaluru and Chikkamagaluru take the Mangaluru-Kudremukha mountain direct connectivity on a serious note. At the same time, afforestation is also needed and must be maintained.
Moreover the private buses of Mangaluru need to upgrade to electric EV vehicles. GPS next stop announcements, bus doors are also needed for the Mangaluru buses.
There should be a direct Mangaluru-Kudremukha peak connectivity with the mountain ascent starting from Aladangadi (Guruvayankere) and buses have to travel along this route.
Rakesh Ajila on Mar 01, 2024:
The temperature on March 1st today at the top of Kudremukha mountain was 9°C in the early morning at 4 AM. I am staying at Guruvayanakere, it is at the base of Kudremukha mountain. I believe that Kudremukha and Mullayanagiri are the coldest places in Southern India. They remain chilly even during peak summer nights.
I firmly believe that the temperature on top of the Kudremukha mountain is cooler than Ooty, Kodaikanal and Munnar.
The aerial distance between Kudremukha mountain and Mangaluru city is only 50 km. I don't get it as to why Karnataka or NHAI highways authority are not constructing a straight line highway from Mangaluru city to ascend the top of Kudremukha mountain.
All the existing roads are taking U-turns either from Bajagoli or from Kottigehara.
Historically in the past, the temperature at the top of Kudremukha mountain has touched 0°C. But back then, there were no weather stations up there to record or monitor it.
Development of Kudremukha mountain and Mangaluru city will boost the tourism sector in the Mangaluru zone by a long way.
Raghavendra on Jan 19, 2024:
Both Mangaluru and Kudremukha are very underrated places in India. Kudremukha mountain at 1900 meters elevation above Mean Sea Level could easily have been as popular as Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar or even the lesser elevation Coorg. But Karnataka is completely ignoring the potential of Kudremukha mountain and the Kudremukha National Park. Kudremukha mountain trip from Mangaluru takes only 2 hours via car in the morning before 10 am.
Mangaluru is easily the most developed city in Karnataka after Bengaluru (in terms of economy, infrastructure, GDP per capita, literacy, business). But most people in northern India are not aware of Mangaluru.
However I would like the forests at Kudremukha to be preserved as they are now. And also the greenery and trees in Mangaluru should be saved from depletion.
Chitra Bhat on Jan 19, 2024:
Seeing some of the comments below on the Kudremukha peak direct road, I feel the forests at Kudremukha and Mangaluru-Chikkamagaluru stretch should be preserved.

Kudremukha peak is a 2.5 hour journey from Mangaluru. I am constantly checking the temperature of Kudremukha peak during this winter month. The temperature at Kudremukha peak in January is more colder than Ooty.

The temperature on Jan 18th 2024 in Kudremukha mountain is 22°C max / 9°C min

The temperature on Jan 18th 2024 in Ooty is 23°C max / 14°C min

Clearly the Kudremukha peak is among the coldest places in southern India. I hope the Kudremukha forests will be preserved.

Deforestation has made Coorg and its headquarters Madikeri very hot in winter. Plenty of homestays, resorts and felling of trees have spoiled the climate of Coorg. Deforestation is also extremely bad in Mangaluru, and has had a major impact on the climate in Mangaluru.
Vivian F on Jan 09, 2024:
I am from Mangalore, Karnataka and now living in Australia. I had mental problems while staying in Mangalore and I was undergoing treatment. I had personality disorder. Australia is a much better place to live compared to India. I had a lot of problems with everyone I met in Mangalore and Udupi. I used to abuse people frequently in India.
In Australia I can get away with my abusive and rude behaviour. Australians tolerate rude, abusive and aggressive behaviour better.
I don't like the private buses in Mangalore and Udupi. They drive very rashly and very fast everywhere without speed limit. The private buses emit plenty of toxic smoke and horn frequently. The private buses don't have doors and GPS next stop announcements. Mangalore police is useless.
Yasha Kalani on Jan 05, 2024:
I had come to Mangalore for work purpose three years back. I was so amazed with the kindness of the people. I loved the food it was so tasty and unique. I felt it was the safest place I have ever been. The culture and tradition made fall in love with the city. The water quality and air quality were very good. People there are very trustworthy. There was very less traffic, and I could reach even the most distant place very quickly. Mangalore is ranked among the top educated cities in India. Many bank headquarters are located in Mangalore (Karnataka Bank, Canara Bank, Syndicate Bank etc.)

Mangalore is called the capital city for Ice creams. In Karnataka, Mangalore is the only city which has all modes of major transportation. It has sea ways, railways, roadways and airways.
Nithesh on Jun 29, 2023:
I am from Ernakulam. I certainly wish the Thiruvananthapuram-Kasargod Vande Bharat express to be extended to Mangalore. Karnataka is ignoring and completely neglecting Mangalore with connectivity and infrastructure. Mangalore is having the 2nd highest GDP and Per Capita Income in Karnataka. Mangalore is the only city in Karnataka to have an International Airport and International seaport.

Karnataka will never give a Vande Bharat train from Mangalore to Bangalore.

When the Kerala Vande Bharat trains get extended to Mangalore (it definitely will happen), then
1. Mangalore to Trivandrum (state capital) is 8 hours now, this will be reduced to 6 hours.
2. Mangalore to Kochi (commercial capital) is 6 hours now, it will be reduced to only 4 hours.
3. Mangalore to Kozhikode is 4 hours, that will be reduced to only 2 hours.
Mangalore will surely develop very quickly and it will benefit with excellent, unabated connectivity to Kerala state capital and commercial capital of Kerala.

I want Mangalore (Mangalapuram) to become a part of Kerala state as soon as possible.
We Malayalis love Mangalore very much.
Anonymous on Jun 25, 2023:
Mangalore needs a Vande Bharat express train to connect to Karnataka cities such as Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli and Davangere. I understand that this rail connectivity will be very hard as the tracks will pass through the eco-sensitive Western Ghats and the elevation is uneven.
But Mangalore-Karwar Vande Bharat express train is definitely possible and easy to implement as it is on the coastal plain.
Similarly Vande Bharat express trains from Mangalore can connect Mumbai, Goa, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram on the west coast. There won't be any problem as this entire stretch is the coastal plain.
Anthony Moraes on May 23, 2023:
Was mangalore in the early ages was a Portuguese colony, how Christian came there!!!!
Patson on Mar 31, 2023:
Plenty of fatal road accidents are happening in Mangaluru nowadays. The junctions at Nanthoor, Hampankatta, Falnir, Kankanady, Jyothi-Balmatta, State Bank, Kulur are highly dangerous places to ride and dangerous accidents happen. We get to see fatal accidents every week happening at these places.
Majority of the people in Mangaluru showoff their vehicles and they feel proud and boast when they ride their own vehicles. People that do not ride vehicles are viewed condescendingly they are viewed as inferior status by the people that ride their own private vehicles. Majority of the people in Mangaluru and Udupi showoff their vehicles and build tall houses and apartments on Loan and money from Gulf mostly by working as blue-collared unskilled labourers for Arab Sheikhs. This same trend is observed in Kerala. The private buses in Mangaluru are worst and they are known for rude, abusive and rash driving. The trucks also cause many road accidents and they emit plenty of toxic smoke. The private bus facilities in Mangaluru are arguably the worst in the world.
For a town receiving the highest amount of annual rainfall in the country, surrounded by sea and 2 rivers, Mangaluru still faces water scarcity. The water management in Mangaluru is also among the worst in the world. The highways here are still in miserable condition since years and eventually toll-gates will be placed and taxes will be squeezed by the government. The taxpayers are not given any benefits in return by the government. The tabletop airport runway in Mangaluru is very dangerous and fatal during monsoon and nothing is done.
Yajnesh Mullodi on Feb 27, 2023:
I myself from near Mullodi, 5 km from Kudremukha mountain it is my native place. For basic facilities and Healthcare we depend on Madanthyar and Mangaluru. But sadly that route will take around 100 kms at present. If that 45 km Mangaluru-Kudremukha mountain route becomes operational, then Madanthyar is only 10 km away and Mangaluru city is 45 km away from my native place near Kudremukha mountain.
If the China government was there then this road would have been a tunnel expressway with plenty of afforrestation. This road would have saved plenty of distance and travel time.

China government would have completed the tunnel expressway projects at either Shiradi or Sampaje ghat sections easily with afforestation and no harm to the ecosystem.

All I can say that the Indian government and especially the Karnataka government are the worst in terms of providing infrastructure. China is miles ahead of India in all aspects of infrastructure, technology, agriculture, transport and space rover landings on Mars and Moon. India is a laughing stock in front of China.
Ajay on Feb 10, 2023:
The reason for purchasing power being mentioned low in this survey for Mangalore is that most of its economy and people's salary are from Gulf countries or Mangalore people employed in high paying cities such as Bangalore.
The salary paid in Mangalore is very low and the white-collar software, research and tech jobs in Mangalore are very less.
Pollution is on the rise and sanitation needs improvement.
Safety aspect is very good in Mangalore and media is known for its propaganda especially in this region.
Connectivity to the hinterlands of Karnataka from Mangalore needs improvement. Railway lines need upgradation.
The tunnel expressway can be made on Sampaje Ghat on NH 275 (Bangalore-Mysore-Mangalore highway). The reason is Sampaje Ghat section does not have reserve forests and jungles like the other nearby Ghat sections. Sample Ghat also does not have rugged, deep and very steep terrain like Charmadi, Shiradi and Agumbe Ghat sections, and also Sampaje Ghat isn't narrow.
The Healthcare sector at Mangalore is average, and the airport runway length and infrastructure need a lot of improvement for safety.
Job opportunities in research, software and technology in Mangalore needs plenty of improvement. Infrastructure needs to be boosted a lot.
Anonymous on Feb 04, 2023:
Development of highways, roads, railways, afforestation and tunnels simultaneously at Mangaluru needs a China or Germany model of development.
I have heard many of my European, American, Canadian and UAE friends tell me directly that India has the worst infrastructure in the world.
For having direct straight highway from Mangaluru to Kudremukha mountain, instead of the existing horrendous Karkala-Bajagoly-Samse U-turn route, it will take a China model of highway development to have the 45 km straight line highway.
India has the most corrupt Highways government and NHAI, DGCA and Railways are all corrupt bodies. The money of taxpayers are looted without consent by the corrupt Indian government. Nothing is provided in return for the Indian taxpayers.
Also the tunnel expressway from either Shiradi or Sampaje Ghat sections might not get implemented courtesy of the worst Indian Government. If it was China or any First-World country, this project would have been completed successfully long ago.
And in India there is the lobby of environmentalists that don't plant even a single tree, and yet they oppose each and every infrastructure project.
It's no doubt that India is a pathetic corrupt country and its citizens beg and make a beeline in foreign embassies, consulates for Visa. These Indians and Nationalists would love to move out of their country and permanently settle somewhere else.
Divakar Pai on Jan 31, 2023:
The economy and job opportunities at Mangaluru will automatically improve if the connectivity to the hinterlands of Karnataka is made successful. I definitely believe that a straight highway from Mangaluru to ascend the Kudremukha mountain is an excellent idea. Afforestation in the Western Ghats is indeed necessary.
The Tunnel road Expressway planned through the Shiradi Ghat isn't a good idea because Shiradi, Charmadi and Agumbe Ghats are terrains and they are steep. Charmaine and Agumbe terrains are very deep and narrow too.
Instead the Tunnel road Expressway could have been planned by NHAI on the Sampaje-Madikeri Ghat. The reason is the Sampaje-Madikeri Ghat section is not a terrain like the other Ghat roads, and Sampaje is a smooth slope of a barely 20 min drive. It is a safe Ghat to drive. Sampaje-Madikeri Ghat lies on NH 275, and the Bengaluru-Mysuru stretch of NH 275 is already an Expressway. The same Expressway can easily be extended to Mangalore through the smooth and safe Sampaje Ghat. This will connect the port city of Mangaluru with the capital city Bengaluru via Mysuru. An excellent and safe idea of a Tunnel Expressway project at Sampaje is unfortunately overlooked by NHAI and the Highways department. This would also help the tourism sector at Coorg. The NH 275 complete 380 km Expressway would have increased the development of Karnataka.
Vijay Madanthyar on Jan 22, 2023:
I too agree that straight road connectivity from Mangaluru to ascend the Kudremukh mountain is a very good idea.

Kudremukh is the tallest peak and the most elevated place in Karnataka at 1900 m elevation above MSL.

The elevation difference between Kudremukh and Mullayangiri (1930 m elevation) is negligible. Both peaks are the joint tallest in Karnataka. But Kudremukh is very close to Mangaluru at an aerial distance of 45 km. Cable cars and paragliding activities at Kudremukh are good plans.

The infrastructure and job opportunities at Mangaluru need a lot of improvement.
Umesh Punjalkatte on Jan 06, 2023:
The average temperature at Kudremukh peak during winter early mornings range from 0°C to 6°C. This is in stark contrast to Mangaluru where the lowest average winter temperature is around 20°C to 23°C during early morning. I completely agree with others that a straight line highway with plenty of roadside trees are needed from Mangalore to ascend the Kudremukh peak. The aerial distance between Kudremukh peak and the city of Mangaluru is only 45 km. The 1900 m tall Kudremukh mountain can boost the tourism sector if there is a straight highway to connect this 45 km distance to Mangaluru. Cable cars and paragliding activities can be possible from Kudremukh peak to its base at Baramelu and Kapinadka. The local administration has not yet realized the potential benefits of these plans.
Kiran on Dec 27, 2022:
I don't understand why the local MPs and MLAs are not giving a straight line highway from Mangaluru to ascend the Kudremukh peak top. The aerial distance between Kudremukh peak and Mangaluru city is only 45 km. The altitude of Kudremukh peak is 1894 m above MSL, and it's the 3rd tallest mountain in the state (after Mullayangiri and Bababudangiri). Today the morning temperature at the Kudremukh peak was 6°C. Kudremukh peak can become a world famous tourist attraction if the Government provides a straight highway from Mangaluru to ascend this peak. Also cable cars can be added from the Kudremukh mountain base near Baramelu.
Elon Musk on Dec 02, 2022:
Mangalore is a awesome indian city...Nice and helping people in general..After smart city, MAngalore infrstructure has seen immense neatness..IF you cant live in MAngalore you just cant live in any part of india...My next big investment is in Mangalore city...
Dheeksha Malani on Jul 03, 2022:
Mangalore has worst highway connectivity and all the National Highways connecting this place are pathetic and worst. Mangalore airport is a dangerous tabletop Airport and extremely hazardous during monsoon and for wide-bodied carriers.
Kudremukh peak having an elevation of nearly 2000 meters above Mean sea level is completed deprived of a good road connectivity with Mangalore. The aerial distance between Kudremukh peak and Mangalore is only 45 km. Kudremukh peak has cool chilly climate like Ooty even during peak summers. The local MPs, MLAs, bureaucrats and administration officials are pathetic and are not bothered about giving a straight wide national highway from Kudremukh peak to Mangalore. These people are also not bothered about the worst quality of National Highways, railways and dangerous airport in Mangalore.
Ganesh on Jun 12, 2022:
I too agree that the Mangalore-Kudremukh hills connectivity is neglected. FYI, Kudremukh peak's elevation is nearly 1900 meters above Mean Sea Level.
Dileep Singh on Jun 12, 2022:
Mangalore has the absolute worst governance and its MLAs and MPs and administration are all useless.

Kudremukh peak is at an aerial distance of 45 km from the city of Mangalore. The height of Kudremukh peak is nearly 1830 meters above mean sea level. Kudremukh peak has the same climate of Ooty throughout the year. Yet none of the people nor officials want a straight highway from Mangalore to Kudremukh peak. All existing roads between Mangalore-Kudremukh take U-turn via Karkala and Sheerlu instead of a straight line. Most of the people in Mangalore are useless. Cable Cars can be implemented from the base to the summit of Kudremukh peak. A wide straight-line highway between Kudremukh peak and Mangalore will make the total road travel time to just 45 minutes. Kudremukh peak has a much higher elevation than Nandi Hills.

Kudremukh peak is to Mangalore what Nandi Hills is to Bangalore.
Mouli on May 20, 2022:
Mangalore is indeed a worst place to live mainly because of NRIs. All the NRIs, OCIs, People of Indian Origin (PIO) from Mangalore and Kerala are uncultured, highly corrupt and the worst people. All these NRI people work as cheap coolie laborers, house maids, car drivers, nurses and janitors in Dubai, Gulf countries and in Canada, Australia. These low-IQ NRIs boast of their income and status to the innocent local people back home. The funding and monetary support for corruption, communal disturbances, worst Media, pollution, rowdism and ragging in colleges are all done by the NRIs. The work culture in Mangalore is also worst. People are forced to work for Rupees 15K in institutions in the worst possible work environment.
Bengaluriga on Dec 07, 2021:
Mangalore is a heaven on earth..No other city can match Mangalore level. Only city of karntaka with a huge sea port. Mangalore has taller skyscrapers than several metro city. Heard tallest one in south will come up in Mangalore.
Rakshith B on Nov 29, 2021:
Mangaluru is worst place with regard to planning, infrastructure, customer service, job opportunities and sustainability.
The hyped 3D planetarium at Pilikula is now permanently closed for months.
The bus service of Mangaluru is the worst I could find. There is no proper bus stand inside this town. Buses and trucks are deplorable and release enormous volumes of toxic smoke.
The quality of buses in Mangaluru are decades behind other Indian cities.
Roads, highways and railways of Mangaluru are worst. Only cement is dumped on some roads. The roads and intersections here are not grid patterned. There are no road markers. There are no footpaths, no treelined roads, no boulevards, no public gardens or gardens on road medians. The highways are worst in Mangaluru. Most of them are single lane roads. Even the one connecting with Udupi has buildings scattered next to the highway. No scope for widening, and toll fares are looted from the people by the useless government. There are no waterfront roads, no riverside ring roads or corniche roads in Mangaluru. There are no Metro Rails, no BRTS and no suburban rail within Mangaluru. The private bus mafia makes sure that the transport services at Mangaluru will remain in pre-historic worst quality. Electric bases will also never get implemented at Mangaluru courtesy of the private bus mafia.
The railway services are worst. There are no Shatabdi or superfast trains to any place in Karnataka.
The net banking facilities are still not available to pay water bill by default to the corporation. Worst corporation and municipality at Mangaluru.
The tabletop airport is worst and has a highly dangerous runway. During monsoon or heavy rains, people are at risk of losing their lives due to the dangerous runway and worst infrastructure at Mangaluru Airport.
Water management and water scarcity is pathetic in Mangaluru. For a town receiving around 4000 mm annual rainfall each year, a having seas and 2 rivers next to it, still this town runs out of water each year ! The worst award for water management should be given to Mangaluru town officials.
Job opportunities for educated people are extremely few and scarce in Mangaluru. The officials are a failure in inviting MNC companies, software companies, research & development industries, PSUs to invest at Mangaluru.
There are no IITs, IITs, BITS, IIMs, IISc, Indian Statistical Institute, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, or any top caliber education institutes in Mangaluru.
Many customer service staff, shopkeepers and front-desk staff, cashiers at Mangaluru are rude and arrogant. The riversides at Mangaluru are filthy and polluted. Waste materials are dumped by industries and by many people directly into the rivers. Waste materials are burned openly, firecrackers are bursted by people without any civic sense. Mangaluru also has worst Media and pathetic newspapers. Hence, Mangaluru is truly a worst place.
Syed on Nov 25, 2021:
Actual Mangalorians are intelligent and moderate and respect each others,but in course of time,some nearby neighborhood villagers came to mangalore and settled here their mind is corrupted by religeous and pilitical extrimist does mischief in Ask them whetherthey are actual Mangalorians.i
Anonymous on Nov 08, 2021:
I am from Seattle,WA,USA and stayed in Bangalore for nearly 5 years. I have visited other places in Southern India including Mangalore.
I was surprised to find that in Mangalore the administration and most people do not care for trees, greenery and nature.
In Bangalore I found tree-lined roads, with plenty of gardens on the sidewalks,
the road medians and even beside the tiny lanes. The roadside trees across Bangalore are plenty and wide. Very good to see trees and gardens being preserved in Bangalore throughout, and also at IIsc, IIM, Electronic City campuses too. And also massive parks of Cubbon Park and Lalbagh in the center of the city. Kudos to the administrative officials of Bangalore. The city of Bangalore is somewhat planned with layouts, colonies, blocks, sectors, phases, and parallel roads with cross-roads linking each other. The Bannerghatta park at the southern part of the city is filled with forests and a treat for nature-lovers. Bangalore is a beautiful green planned garden city that has plenty of population with lots of job opportunities and companies for people, thereby the increase in traffic. The infrastructure of Bangalore is also very good with Metro trains, splendid Airport, ring roads, Nice road, overpasses, underpasses, road markers, well maintained spacious bus stations at crucial places inside the city. What mesmerized me the most was the amount of greenery and gardens and the mindset of the people to preserve nature, despite the fact that Bangalore is a mega-city with 12 million population.
I had visited Mangalore and found that the administrators and bureaucrats here have absolutely NO sense of planning. Within this city/town, trees are cut down like crazy and the administrators never care for planting trees across the sidewalks. Gardens are almost non-existent beside the roadsides. The administrators and most people only care about building tiny apartments and putting cement on some roads. Complete apathy in Mangalore towards greenery and its preservation. The city/town planning in Mangalore is horrible. At crucial places, overpasses, underpass are not constructed. There are no corniche/waterfront ring roads either. No Metro rail stations, BRTS and a tiny airport that is in the same condition for decades without any infrastructure improvement. The local buses in Mangalore are the worst I've ever seen. National Highways/Interstate motorways are pathetic in Mangalore. The road traffic in Mangalore is ridiculously high for such a tiny city. The water management here is extremely awful. Mangalore is a "concrete jungle". The people here have told me that companies are very few, and the folks are happy to move out of this place for jobs. Top education institutions considered in India such as IIT, IIM, IIIT, AIIMS are non-existent in Mangalore.
I definitely feel that overall, Bangalore is the best place to live in Karnataka. The only benefit that Mangalore has is that, it has access to the sea. Oh, and by the way, I am an American citizen and presently living as an expat in India.
Suryakumar on Oct 21, 2021:
Having lived in Singapore for more than 36 years, I am now on a tour of India. I find the Indian roads and traffic sense disgusting. The roads and traffic manners of the majority of people at Mangalore, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Coimbatore and almost all the cities of India are abhorrent and utterly shameful. Me being a Singapore citizen, I find it absolutely scary to drive on the roads of almost all the cities of India. Vehicles and buses releasing harmful smoke are allowed to run on Indian roads.
Most people in India never follow traffic rules, and the roads are too narrow. In some Indian cities, even the lane markers, footpaths and trees are not there beside the roads. Plenty of corruption also exists in the traffic police department in India, and the perpetrators/rules violators are free to cause havoc on the roads.
Having now travelled throughout India, I honestly rate Chandigarh and New Delhi as the best and safest places to drive in India. Both Chandigarh and New Delhi have beautiful wide roads with trees, boulevards, and people with somewhat better driving/riding sense, and following road rules to some extent. I am very candid, honest and frank.
Rita Kunder on Aug 05, 2021:
The basic survival need anywhere on the planet is water and Mangalore has been facing water crunch in summer even when there where no buildings forget high rises in Mangalore. Even the ones who have wells in bungalows face this water crunch even on the outskirts of the city where there has been no constructions. Mangalore becomes Chennai in summer but people who don't know about the city think it is a high rainfall region so water is available in plenty. We don't want water tankers or worse trains being sent with water.
Few years ago pilgrims were sent back from Dharmasthala because there was no water because the river had dried up. Imagine how far is Dharmasthala from Mangalore. It is just a temple town and not even developed compared to temple town Udupi. Forget Dharmasthala even places like Mulki where the Mangalore corporation want to extend the city limits faces the same issue even when there were no housing societies and now idiots are building new gated community housing society there. With this predicament the State government colluding with local politicians fooled the Kolar people that we will draw out water from the river near Mangalore through Yettinahole project.
abhishek kumar on Jul 30, 2021:
To irrational debaters below like "mohit kotian" and "ashish hegde", Every major Tier-2 city in India has more or less same white collar jobs. Atleast Mangalore has a bit more IT companies than other Tier-2 cities. There are many major Tier-2 cities in india which does not even have a single IT company. kochi and trivandrum also jobs are too less with very low salary. Mumbai delhi, etc are metro cities since long time. major investments are allocated only to metro cities. But those cities have become too old now. Moreover its a work from home now. So relocation issues are solved at most cases.
Mohan Kotian on Jul 26, 2021:
You need a high paying job or business to afford the costly high rise apartments in Mangalore. Local economy can support native businessmen but salaried individuals look out for jobs in Gulf or Bangalore to sustain a newly acquired lifestyle.
Ashish Hegde on Jul 15, 2021:
Mangalore is Skyscrapers minus Economy = No value.
Mumbai has a economy. Even Bangalore has a economy. Noida and Gurgaon have their own. Dubai has a economy. All these places have MNC offices and headquarters. What does Mangalore have in employment opportunities for educated youngsters. Nothing. A city with 0.6 million population. It can be called a town. No public infrastructure. The natives sold their land to builders for money and the same natives working in Gulf wish to retire in the flats built in these same lands. That's it. Kerala seems better in even development with urban centres like Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram.
DCA on Jul 15, 2021:
Some of the points mentioned by previous users are totally incorrect. Moral policing is a concept invented by the TRASH Indian Media and this moral policing concept happens throughout India, including all its metropolitan/cosmopolitan cities. It is not something unique to Mangalore.
Indian Media is the most disgusting entity on this planet.
I have some questions though,
1. Why doesn't the Media hype about the 'gun culture' in USA?
Apart from the scores of school shootings in USA, why doesn't the millions of threat incidents by the usage of personal guns ever get reported in America?
2. Why don't the massive amounts of physical attacks by Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists on Non-White people ever get reported in Europe or highlighted by
the media?
The reason is Indians, especially the NRIs are shameless hypocrites. They are ready to beg abroad, toil in extreme weather conditions in foreign countries, get subjugated abroad just for some extra money.
The Indian Media and all the news channels are complete nauseating garbage.
Nimit Ballal on Jul 12, 2021:
Mangalore can never be a peaceful area because of its border with Kerala. The Muzzie population is increasing in North Kerala. Kasargod is famous for what we all know and next dist Kannur is Communist stronghold. These people spill over to Mangalore for their needs. You cannot catch criminals easily here because of the support system.As such Kerala will be next Kashmir with so many Communist and secular Hindus. The danger of these two threats spilling over to Mangalore remains quite large. They are constantly in the business of disrupting peace in Mangalore. Any development needs social stability. Unfortunately cross border districts are major hurdle in the peace of Mangalore.
Lohith Manjeshwar on Jul 08, 2021:
Quality of life in Mangalore for urban millennial youth or even for someone from tier 2 or tier 3 cities is very depressing.
Everything closes early in Mangalore. There is absolutely no nightlife. The metro youth or the IT crowd likes to party and hang around in social places like pubs and discos after work hours. So no chance for them to meet and cohabit with opposite gender.
The locals are extremely conservative.
The whole region is the conservative lot in this regard at least in South India.
Most petrochemical companies also have a high male workforce. Even the tier 2 or tier 3 city people shall experience high rate of moral policing.
IT folks who have varied shift timings cannot cope in a slow paced city like Mangalore with shops closing early and high rate of moral policing given the diverse setup in IT office.
The locals are not spared by Hindutva groups so forget about the situation for non locals.
Most young crowd is students here and they leave once they are done with education.
The public infrastructure is quite poor.
Narrow roads are very difficult for motorists and without taking this into consideration skyscrapers are being built. Water is a major problem in summer inspite of being highest rainfall region because groundwater is depleted in urban areas thanks to concetization.
Karnataka govt is to be blamed for poor public infrastructure, zero layout planning and water woes. No development can take place without active support from government. Since it is a Tulu speaking area Kannada govt ignores it at will but loots every possible natural resource available here. The situation is no different in Kasaragod as meted out to it by Kerala.
A lot of units in newly built apartments and skyscraper remain unsold.
Even if every new house owner in apartment in Mangalore were to be equipped with a car then the city is doomed before it becomes another Bangalore because already traffic is a problem due to narrow roads and all of these aprtments are inside the city not on the periphery. So naturally even if new construction happens on outside the city there is no use because the demand is for city centre. The roads cannot be widened now.
Anonymous on Jul 06, 2021:
I will have to disagree with the weather aspect with 'Kudla Native' user.
Weather is one aspect that is oversold, overhyped in India by miles. Take Canada cities/towns for example. In Canada during winter, the temperature with wind-chill can reach as low as -40 degree celsius. In summer, the temperature in Canada cities will have high humidity and the real feel will be around +45 degree Celsius. That is a temperature variation at the same place of almost 85 degrees !
Take Australia for example where the summer heat can easily reach 50 degrees celsius with high humidity.
UAE and gulf countries also have temperatures around 50 degree Celsius for atleast 6 months each year.
Yet millions of Indians migrate to Canada, Australia, UAE, Gulf countries and have no problem with the weather/climate there.
Yet these same people with loads of double-standards grumble about the 35 degree celsius humid summer heat in Mangalore and the west coast of India. Sorry for being honest, but Indians are the biggest hypocrites on Earth. Even the British chose and developed Bombay, Madras, (coastal places with hot humid climate) as their biggest cities in India.
Indians absolutely love hypocrisy and it is 100% truth. Indians are shameless hypocrites.
Kudla Native on Jul 04, 2021:
There is massive jacking up of prices in Mangaluru property rates. A city that doesn't have access to water in summer to wash butt is building skyscrapers. There is underworld money in jacking up property prices. The city has hardly any industry or services sector to boast. Only the natives of this region are interested in living here after retirement as they are accustomed to the harsh summer here.
Chandra on Mar 19, 2021:
Mangaluru is an awful place in terms of planning, administration, infrastructure and job opportunities. Places such as Kudremukh Peak, having an elevation of nearly 2000 meters above sea level, have been completely ignored of its potential. The Kudremukh Peak has an aerial distance of only 45 km from Mangaluru city. Yet no one wants to have a straight highway or even cable cars to reach the Kudremukh summit. The private buses, local KSRTC buses are terrible to say the least. Enormous quantities of noxious smoke are emitted from these buses that are decades past their expiry date. People don't speak up and the administration, police officials are useless. Roads are filled with thousands of unnecessary vehicles and people with attitude and boasting skills ride useless vehicles. Roads are dug up unnecessarily for no reason and are left in dilapidated condition. Highways are worst and airport is pathetic. Tourist places are appalling and not at all maintained correctly. There is absolutely no initiative from the Corporation to clean up the city. There are no tree-lined roads, no footpaths and plants are dried in the road medians. The elected representatives are useless.

One the contrary, the advantages of staying in Mangaluru include access to the sea, shorter travel distances for basic needs, better auto drivers, cheaper education, better water supply, lots of restaurants and eateries, no language barrier, proximity to hill stations, etc.
Ahmed on Mar 05, 2021:
Majority of the commentators are highly disheartened by the stepmother attitude towards mangalore. Mainly people from mangalore are well educated and peace loving. After giving all the revenue to Bengaluru no money is left for the development for mangalore only private properties have developed. People from mangalore never protest that’s why it has been neglected. Even once the chief minister of the state was from D.K even he didn’t not give importance for the development of mangalore. Very sad.
rahulraj on Feb 28, 2021:
Haha...I think most of hatred comments here are from Kerala....Yeah bunch of them are here just for spoil name of Mangalore just out of sheer jealous...They come for education and jobs, some love the city, some try to talk only negative of city, be it mangaluru or bengaluru too....they find only mud in lake of water..not flowers around it. Some Manglur muslims blood pressure has raised as its now BJP everwhere...added to it is useless MP Nalin kumar and that crook MLA Vedavyas kamath. Someone SWATHI below has commented something. Madam i think u see only negative aspects in life. If you are expecting something to improve in mangalore then u join political party or demand for those facilties. Apart from that Mangalore has famous and big universities better than most other Tier 2 cities and has quality of life better than many metros.
Swathi on Feb 09, 2021:
Infrastructure in and around Mangalore is pathetic. All the National Highways are in worst condition except for nh-66. All are single road highways leading eastwards. Grass is grown on the roads of nh-75. Highway widening work is completely stopped. Most infrastructure projects are horrible, dust fills the air and surroundings, tiny infra projects take several years to get completed.
Railways are pathetic. There is very poor rail connectivity to most Karnataka cities. There are no Shatabdi trains, no high speed trains from Mangalore. Very few rail platforms in Mangalore. Level-crossings are a pain on the roads.
Airport runway is highly dangerous and can lead to a disaster during rainy season.
Mangalore does not even have a proper bus stand. Buses are worst, there are no ring roads, no international-level stadiums, hardly any multi-national companies. Cleanliness drives are never carried out by city corporation. People use their personal vehicles unnecesssarily. Officials are only bothered about putting concrete on a few roads and giving land to builders. Roads don't have any lane markers. In short, Mangalore has worst infrastructure.
abhishek kumar on Feb 03, 2021:
Mangalore is best city. airport to sea port. roadways to railways. Petroleum refineries to IT companies. Banks to education universities. Star hotels to branded showrooms. Malls to Tall skyscrapers. Temples, churches, mosque...all in one...only some people out of jealousy comment bad here..cant help...May bhagwan/Allah/Jesus give them good thoughts
abhishek kumar on Feb 03, 2021:
Mangalore is one of best city in india. City is clean without much slums like other indian cities. People are good. Developing well interms of private sector. Some people with jealous are commenting some bad here. However Mangalore urgently needs metro/monorail.
Aravind on Jan 24, 2021:
There are some extremely worrying factors are there in Mangalore right now.

1. Private buses
I don't understand why are these private buses still operational? These buses are very old, most of them have dented bumpers, emit plenty of smoke, have no doors, no GPS stop announcements, drivers exceed the speed limit very often. These buses also don't give way to other vehicles. The private bus stand is pathetic. It does not even have a roof. What a shame on the city officials !
This city needs both BRTS and Metro Rail as soon as possible. People in Mangalore are living in a world of delusion regarding the road transport. Unnecessary usage of vehicles by most of the people is observed here, and many people like to showoff their status by riding/driving vehicles.

2. Rising pollution
The Gurupura and Nethravathi rivers are filled with trash. Waste items are thrown into rivers. The riverside areas such as Bunder, Bengre, Alake, Kulur are strewn with Garbage. Sanitation is on the decline throughout the city. Nowadays, cleanliness drives aren't observed in this city. Central Market is also a horrible place.

3. Traffic congestion at level-crossings
Localities such as Pandeshwar are facing unnecessary traffic congestion and blockage for hours each day due to these level-crossings. The entire Indian Government and Southern Railway zone both are filled with highly corrupt and horrible people. Nantoor highway doesn't even have pedestrian skywalks, flyovers and it is extremely congested and very difficult to cross the road.

4. Airport runway
The Airport runway is very short and highly dangerous. During monsoon season, it is extremely dangerous to land on this runway. Passengers are at a very high risk of losing their lives. Despite being an International Airport, the Indian Government and AAI, DGCA have never expanded the runway, also aren't concerned about people losing their lives. People are fools to still vote for highly useless politicians in both the India as well as Karnataka government. All the politicians in India are Crap.

I conclude by mentioning that the Indian Media is complete Garbage.
prakash on Dec 26, 2020:
Quality of life in Mangalore is best . You cannot expect that quality of life even in metros . IT is also one of the cleanest cities of Asia .. Regarding cost of living now it is very expensive .. almost same as Bangalore . Mangalore city area is now very expensive . 2 BHK apartment rent is 15k and plus . Real estate prices also very high within city ..Bangalore west is cheaper than Mangalore city . Even restaurants are expensive . Tansportation facilities are superb . The only issue is cost of living . Rest everything very good in Mangalore
Hemanth on Sep 06, 2020:
Mangalore should become a part of Kerala. All the Karnataka politicians and ministers have only tried their best to polarize the communities in the Mangalore-Udupi belt. Mangalore is completely neglected in every aspect by Karnataka government.
There are plenty of similarities between Mangalore and Kerala. The similarities are too long to be mentioned here. Kerala follows uniform pattern of development throughout the state. Kerala has always been welcoming to everyone since antiquity.
I definitely hope and wish that Mangalore and Udupi soon become a part of Kerala.
Uday on Jun 28, 2020:
Thanks you all for posting your valuable comments here. I agree with all of them. I work in a Bangalore based software MNC in Malleswaram area. All these comments and data in this website are very useful for our current project. We will make use of the Numbeo API.
Thanks Numbeo for providing APIs for our project. Our project is for an Australian client.
Vani on Jun 27, 2020:
Successive Karnataka governments have always completely neglected Mangalore and Udupi.
Karnataka government have only developed Bangalore, and now want to develop Hubli and Belgaum, alongside Bangalore.
It is now the right time for Mangalore and Udupi together to form a new separate state.
Gyanendra on Jun 16, 2020:
Mangalore is too laid-back. Even most of the people over there are either less than 25 years or more than 60 years old.
It lacks the vibrant atmosphere, energetic vibes and youthful enthusiasm of cities such as Bangalore.
Even the people in this coastal city are very spiritual. Every person after finishing his studies wants to work somewhere else. There is a severe lack of job opportunities here especially in the professional sector. The population is around 6 lakhs only! Is this a city or a town?
Most highways and railway lines connecting Mangalore are of very poor quality. During monsoon, landslides and potholes can completely disrupt transport connectivity with other places.
In my opinion, Mangalore is a good place only for school, college students and the aged people (above 60 years). At present, it's certainly not the place to be for age-groups between 25 and 60 years. Bangalore is a much better place for employment, PhD education, business and entertainment. Bangalore is a great place, but Mangalore is also equally good.
Prithesh on Jun 13, 2020:
Nice to know about the Quality of Life details. Would be good if more data is added for other cities too.
But crowdsourced information especially about cities should be taken with a pinch of salt. I feel that Numbeo is accurate at a country level. Not very sure about cities though.
And let us respect the opinion and comments of each and every person.