Crime in Mangalore, India

Crime rates in Mangalore, India

Level of crime
25.79 Low
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
34.16 Low
Worries home broken and things stolen
24.73 Low
Worries being mugged or robbed
22.90 Low
Worries car stolen
22.10 Low
Worries things from car stolen
21.69 Low
Worries attacked
25.52 Low
Worries being insulted
22.86 Low
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
24.00 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
27.68 Low
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
25.66 Low
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
25.27 Low
Problem corruption and bribery
36.44 Low

Safety in Mangalore, India

Safety walking alone during daylight
79.31 High
Safety walking alone during night
71.61 High

Contributors: 192

Last update: August 2023

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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43 Comments so far
Suchith S Shetty on Jun 08, 2023:
Mangalore is very safe, but beware of outside state people
Stephen Dias on May 31, 2023:
Being a native of Mangalore and having lived in Toronto, Canada for nearly 8 years, I firmly believe that Mangalore is a safe place.
The stories about communal tensions and moral policing happening in Mangalore is one of the worst propaganda that is circulated by the Indian news channels, some of the Mangalore diaspora and the Karnataka government. Indian media and Indian politicians are renowned for propaganda, especially when it comes to spreading fake stories about Mangalore.
Despite of Mangalore being the only city in the state to have both an International Airport and Major seaport, Karnataka governments have done their best to neglect, subdue and harass Mangalore with ignorance and propaganda news. In reality Mangalore is safe with very low crime, Mangalore has the 2nd highest economy, 2nd highest per capita income and the highest literacy rate in Karnataka.
Anonymous on Mar 29, 2023:
Well , I have just arrived to mangalore and next day someone unknown broke the car glass window and stole my bag with my and my son's passport and other ID card. Honestly I dint expect this to happen in Jyothi junction where earlier was a Jyothi theatre ( tokis) during the afternoon and where there are lot of people, car and bus moving around .Its sad that this happened in an open area .. Stay safe .. passed on this information for your safety..
Mahendran on Apr 19, 2022:
People in social media are making a huge fuss in moving the software industries out of Karnataka. First, you move out all the fish-meal, hazardous petrochemical and gas industries out of Mangalore into some other states. That will make the rotten Politicians and filthy Media of India to eat their words.
And what is so special about all the body-shop software industries in India? They recruit millions of unskilled non-IT engineers and MBA grads to work as software engineers. The contribution of India towards software development and research is 'crap'.
Elon Musk on Feb 21, 2022:
HOld on..!!..I am goin to soon settle in a amzing city of Mangalore..!!!
Anonymous Person on Nov 20, 2021:
Sorry to be very honest, but Mangalore will never progress under any Indian Government. Mangalore has a healthy population mix of Hindus, Muslims and Christians. All these 3 communities are highly entrepreneurial and well-to-do communities in this place.
But India is divided on the lines of religion, caste and regionalism.
You have the BJP that demonizes the followers of Islam and Christianity.
You have the Congress, Communists and Leftists that demonize the followers of Hinduism.
So either way, whichever political party becomes the ruling government, Mangalore will be demonized and vilified in India.
This is not true with the rest of Karnataka. The Indian Media is by far the worst in the world. Mangalore will never progress no matter whichever government comes to power both at the Centre as well as the State. The Indian Media also demonizes Mangalore a lot.
KPRV on Nov 16, 2021:
I agree fully with Anonymous. Daijiworld is a garbage newspaper run by coolie NRIs from the Gulf countries, and the commenters in Daijiworld are uneducated unskilled NRI labourers in the Middle East. The entire Indian Media is trash. The OCI, NRI communities and the Media of India is the worst I have ever seen in my life.
Anonymous on Nov 15, 2021:
Both Mangalore and Kerala have many people that are literate fools. You'll find many illiterates, 10th Grade failed people from this coastal belt, working as peasants, slaves in Dubai, and the rest of the Gulf countries. There they are denied the freedom to criticize, freedom to express honest opinions. But these same NRI fools from Mangalore and Kerala publish nonsense in "Daijiworld" and other crap newspapers and badmouth the educated local people back home in Mangalore and Kerala. These illiterate NRIs from Dubai are the main cause of propaganda and also gold smuggling cases in the airports of Mangalore and Kerala. The illiterate NRIs from this coastal region work as toilet cleaners, dish washers, babysitters, drainage cleaners, masons for the wealthy Sheikhs in the Middle East. The level of boasting of these illiterate NRIs and their condescending attitude towards the educated local people in India is disrespectful and a disgrace. These hypocrite NRIs take full advantage of the pacifism and the freedom of speech of India, that is denied in their posh "Gulf" countries. Truly shameful are the NRIs from Mangalore and Kerala.
Mithun on Oct 11, 2021:
Myself a Malayalee from Kochi. I have stayed in Mangalore for 6 years. My Dad was a railways employee and I had the privilege of staying in more than 20 cities across India. I absolutely loved my stay in Mangalore very much, and would certainly yearn and crave to visit that place again. Mangalore is a very safe, beautiful and clean place.
I am very certain and vouch that communal disharmony and moral policing never happen in Mangalore. These incidents are the false portrayals by the awful Indian media and their master politicians. It is sad that due to politics, Malayalis, we Keralites are shown in poor light.
I can say for sure that Mangalore is the most similar place to Kerala outside the state. Mangalore has more similarities with Kozhikode than with any other place in Karnataka, with the exception of Udupi. Tulu and Malayalam have the same script. There are thousands of Malayalis living in Mangalore and it is our 2nd home.
I have visited Karnataka cities too, and Mangalore was easily my favourite. I have plenty of Kerala friends in Mangalore. Every week I used to travel between Mangalore to Kochi by trains.

All the Indian politicians have always neglected Mangalore and are continuing to do so.
My sincere advice to Mangalore people is "Please never vote for any politician. Never trust the Indian media".
Parashar on Sep 04, 2021:
Mangalore administration officials are a joke. These weekend lockdowns that are going on here for several weeks without any consensus of the people, is nonsense. According to the administration officials, Coronavirus sleeps for 5 days a week, and roams around only on Saturdays and Sundays. This shows the mentality of the politicians, bureaucrats and administration officials.
Nimit Ballal on Jul 12, 2021:
Mangalore can never be a peaceful area because of its border with Kerala. The Muzzie population is increasing in North Kerala. Kasargod is famous for what we all know and next dist Kannur is Communist stronghold. These people spill over to Mangalore for their needs. You cannot catch criminals easily here because of the support system.As such Kerala will be next Kashmir with so many Communist and secular Hindus. The danger of these two threats spilling over to Mangalore remains quite large. They are constantly in the business of disrupting peace in Mangalore. Any development needs social stability. Unfortunately cross border districts are major hurdle in the peace of Mangalore.
Kushalappa Poovaiah on Jul 08, 2021:
The crime in Mangalore is increasing due to influx from Kerala particularly north Kerala and North West Karnataka migrant labourers.Kerala has a high Rohingya and Bangladeshi population and supported well by Islamists and Communists. These people commit crimes and go back to Kerala as the border is quite near. The same pattern is done in Kodagu too. The CAA protest in Mangalore was a great testimony and the rise in Covid cases is from Kerala.
Islamists have a glad eye towards
Mangalore because inspite of the money flowing and the money in the hands of Muslims and Christians the area is a Hindu stronghold and in religious matters and election voting Hindu unity shows up. The commie left liberal garbage called Indian media doesn't like anything Hindu. Hence the name calling for Mangalore.
ISIS recruits from Kerala are a great part of maintaining social fabric according to pseudo secularists.
The regional Hindus should be thankful to Hindu organizations like Bajrang dal because these people strike fear in the hearts of Islamists. Women are saved from falling into the trap of Islamists for whom they are source for multiplying their population by love jihad.
The racket is massive in Ponani in North Kerala. They can be beaten black and blue if such things happen in Mangalore.Hence they try to lure them to Ponani for conversion.
Mangalorean on Jul 04, 2021:
Since Mangalore is Hindu dominated and Hindu communities are entrepreneurial in a pseudo secular Indian setup, the region is vilified as compared to liberal culturally bankrupt or a very Portuguese cultured Goa or a sham communist secular Kerala with higher crime rate and highly literate yet no employment status people who literally boast communist values and literacy rates with no good degree colleges yet come to Mangalore for everything and lecture Mangaloreans for safeguarding traditional Hindu culture. The Portuguese Inquisition of Goa and Moplah riots of Hindu massacre in Malabar Kerala are great secular events in Indian history whereas Mangaloreans wanting to stick to native culture is Hinduised Taliban.
Mangalore and don't need virtue signalling.
AGB on Apr 02, 2021:
First and foremost, Mangalore is a very safe place. I have stayed here and I know this place. Don't ever trust the Indian media. What others have said about the peaceful community from Kerala is very true. Throughout the world, the peaceful community creates many problems wherever it goes. Peaceful community is the major troublemaker everywhere. Mangalore has been a cosmopolitan trading post for centuries and it has welcomed the peaceful community with open arms. The peaceful community is the most uneducated community in the world. The Indian media is complete garbage and a disgrace to journalism.
KM on Mar 29, 2021:
I fully agree with @Anonymous. Majority of the road accidents, rash driving and gold smuggling happening in Mangalore is due to the Muslims mostly from Kerala. I have seen many students from Kerala, especially Muslims drive/ride their vehicles very rashly. The local RTO is too liberal in changing the number plates of the vehicles. These Kerala Muslims have plenty of cash and they always get away after committing many road accidents, gold smuggling, etc. If you rent your house to these people, then these tenants usually won't close the gate at night, they keep the taps running non-stop throughout the night and obstruct the roads with their bulky vehicles. These people have zero discipline.
I am sorry for being honest, but I am mentioning the true facts. The police does not take any action against them because this community has plenty of money.
Anonymous on Mar 27, 2021:
Mangalore is witnessing an increase of the Peaceful community. In Mangalore, most of the road accidents and gold smuggling cases in the airport are because of the Peaceful community. Most of Mangalore's Peaceful community members hail from Kerala. They don't have any population control measures either. Throughout India, the Peaceful community causes a lot of problems.
BKR on Mar 22, 2021:
The comments of @Niranjan are very good. As far as Daijiworld is concerned, its target audience are the daily wage uneducated NRI workers from Mangaluru and Kerala that work as slaves in Gulf countries. Most of these NRIs (Daijiworld audience) from Kerala and Mangaluru work as floor cleaners, babysitters, dish washers, elevator operators, masons in Gulf countries. These uneducated people trust the crao fake news of Daijiworld without any disbelief. The irony is that the other media channels also spread the fake rumor stories created, incited and fabricated by Daijiworld. As @Niranjan has rightly said, the Indian media is disgusting.
Forgive me for being very honest, I don't sugarcoat information.
Niranjan on Mar 22, 2021:
I feel sad and comment with regret that Mangalore is the home of 2 crap horrible newspapers - Daijiworld and Udayavani.
These 2 filthy media jokers have taken journalism to the dumpsters. Daijiworld is filled with fake news, disgusting propaganda and run by highly corrupt NRIs. Daijiworld only knows to feed fake news about Mangalore to the Kerala people and some NRIs that don't want to return back. Surprising that even Google gives a high Pagerank score to a disgusting fake-news monger and inciter, troublemaker such as Daijiworld. Udayavani OTOH, never reports any news incident that happens in Manipal. Even when their entire campus is a Covid-containment zone, they never report anything and are highly biased.
In short, the entire media of India is disgusting. They are only known for fake news propaganda and nonsensical rumour-mongering anecdotes.
Raghu on Mar 16, 2021:
Glad to know that @Anonymous from Belgaum did not face any problem in Mangalore during his/her stay here for nearly 2 and half decades. Religious discrimination is extremely low in Mangalore compared to most other Indian cities and towns. I completely agree with the previous @Anonymous. And also, there are no slums in Mangalore. Or should I rephrase that the slum percentage in Mangalore is almost 0.5%.
Anonymous on Mar 16, 2021:
Myself from Belgaum, and I am staying in mangalore for the past 24 years. I am from a religious minority community. I feel Mangalore is the safest among most Indian cities. The people rarely cheat and deceive others, something that you never find in most other Indian cities. Also I speak English or Hindi with everyone in Mangalore. I speak Marathi at home. Apart from Belgaum, I like Mangalore the most.
Some of the things that I am not fond of of mangalore/ wish to be improved are
1. Abrogated of the private bus lobby and environmentalist lobby that hinders development.
2. Infrastructure needs a lot of improvement
3. Tourism places need to be improved
4. More job opportunities are needed especially in the software, r&d and startup sector..
5. Better proactive administration from elected representatives and stoppage of propaganda from the media...
There are many people from belgaum that are there in mangalore as the bus journey from belgaum to mangalore is only 8 hours.
Mujib on Mar 11, 2021:
It is simple to understand as to why Mangalore is always neglected by all the Indian politicians and the Media. It is because Mangalore city has a huge percentage of Muslims and Christians. Adding onto to Anonymous' comments, most of the development of Mangalore in the fields of retail, real estate, education and restaurants are done by Muslims and Christians. According to most Indians, any place in India having a large Muslim and Christian population is considered unclean and unlivable. The Indian government also believes this dogmatic nonsensical point. It is nothing but jealousy because India lags behind most Muslim and Christian countries in almost all development parameters.
They deviate a straight question by saying that Mangalore's growth pose environmental problems, but none of these environmentalists are concerned about the loss of millions of trees in the other parts of the country. I have travelled to the so called 'clean' and 'livable' places listed by the Indian government each year. Mangalore is miles ahead of them in terms of cleanliness, safety and livability. Any person can easily settle down by speaking only English or Hindi here in Mangalore. Yeah, God is watching the injustice and step-motherly treatment meted out to our city by the Indian politicians and their Media.
Anonymous on Mar 10, 2021:
It is sad to still observe people in Mangalore voting for politicians. All the politicians of India are an utter waste. Since Mangalore has a large percentage of the following communities known to the Indian majority community as - Peacefools and Ricebags, and most of the development happened in the region is due to them, Mangalore is ignored by all the politicians of the country. It is absolutely nauseatingly depressing to watch any Indian news channel. Whenever any infrastructure is planned, then the politicians cry about the potential environment hazards in Mangalore. Some of the examples are the corniche roads, airport runway expansion, Shiradi ghat tunnel project, land reclamation, metro rail, etc. But these are the same hypocrite politicians and environmentalists that have swallowed the land, polluted and encroached the water bodies, severely contaminated several other places in the country. All these people are jealous of the development of Mangalore because it has large percentage of those communities.
Another fact, everyone in Mangalore will speak either in English or Hindi with you if you don't know the local language. People are the most cooperative here in this place. English education in Mangalore is among the highest in India. It has always embraced western culture but the jealous Indian Media and Politicians have tried to shame Mangalore and its polite decent people. That is the reason why you will only find negative news stories by the Indian media about Mangalore, and also this place will never top any cleanliness/ease survey conducted by the Indian government. I will tell you frankly, most people in Mangalore hate all the Indian politicians and the Indian journalists/media very much.
Anuradha on Feb 20, 2021:
I find that Mangalore and Kerala people are very polite and nice. I am staying at Margao in Goa, and every Sunday I travel back and forth in train between Goa and Mangalore.
Krishna B on Feb 17, 2021:
Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) is the world's oldest religion. This benign religion has welcomed all the persecuted people since millenia from across the world.
The only country in the world where the Jews were never persecuted is India. Jews have lived happily in India for thousands of years in peace and prosperity with the Hindus. Hindus never imposed their religion on other people.
India has always accepted the persecuted faiths from all over the world with open arms such as the Parsis, Jews, Syrian Christians, Buddhists, Bahais, to name a few of them. India has the 2nd largest Muslim population in the world at present. Hindus have always had a let live approach. Hinduism has always believed that every religion in the world is a true path to God.
India never colonized other countries or caused misery or suffering to other nations like the Europeans and Arabs have done for centuries.
In contrast, just have a look at the Islam majority countries today. Minorities face a lot of problems and are treated very badly over there. Muslim majority countries have the worst human rights. It is the truth.
Another sad fact is that the European countries including UK and their offshoots such as USA, Australia and Canada are hell-bent on defaming India with their biased news propaganda and jealousy. These are the same countries that caused extreme damage to the local people of other countries and looted the native wealth. Now they derive sadistic pleasure by always portraying a negative image of India.
And the laughable biased indices of theirs such as IQ of countries, happiness index, corruption index, freedom index and what not index. Are people any better over there?
Forgive me for being very honest, but I have only stated real and honest facts.
Thank you.
abhishek kumar on Feb 03, 2021:
Mangalore is best city. airport to sea port. roadways to railways. Petroleum refineries to IT companies. Banks to education universities. Star hotels to branded showrooms. Malls to Tall skyscrapers. Temples, churches, mosque...all in one...only some people out of jealousy comment bad here..cant help...May bhagwan/Allah/Jesus give them good thoughts
H K B on Feb 02, 2021:
I sure hope all the filth of India such as every politician, journalist, police, lawyer, judge burn forever in hell. You people are trash. The society will be a much better place without you scums.
Rithesh on Feb 01, 2021:
The Indian media is garbage. All the politicians in India are trash. People are fools to elect these politicians and also watch and read nonsensical news.
Anonymous on Jan 31, 2021:
Going Anonymous for obvious reasons. Mangalore is the most hated city in India. It has a unique culture distinct from its neighbours. This place is hated by the entire country also fo religious diversity. Politicians are very weak from this region and can't compete with the disgusting, filthy and corrupt politicians from across the country. The rubbish media targets this place with fake news all the time. Significant development has happened from religious minorities. This is another reason why the entire country hates this place.
Mangalore is the most hated place in India.
Prasad on Jan 08, 2021:
It is unfortunate that Mangalore is not yet separated from Karnataka. Karnataka government is now run by Hindutva militants. I forgot to mention, the entire Indian government itself is run by Hindutva militants. Some people in Mangalore are foolish to think that these Hindutva militants will develop their city. For your information, VHP calls out Muslims and Christians as evil enemies of India. The RSS blatantly believes and practises the ideology of its founders

"In this land (India), Hindus are the owners, Parsis and Jews are guests, Muslims and Christians are dacoits".

This is the ideology and motives of the Indian government and Karnataka government. Like many others have mentioned in the Quality of Life page, the only hope for Mangalore is to merge with Kerala. Kerala is the only state in India at present, that treats all religions equally.
Kerala for more than thousands of years has welcomed all religions and treated them with care and respect, and it still continues to do so. See the history of Kochi and Kozhikode. There are reliable sources to prove all these facts. Don't read the rubbish of the IT cell posted in sites such as Twitter, Quora, YouTube and Facebook.
I say with certainty that Kerala is the best state in India at present. The border city Mangalore should be merged with Kerala as soon as possible. Mangalore will be absolutely safe in Kerala's hands.
Pushpa on Jan 02, 2021:
Mangalore is a nice place to visit. I had stayed there for a few years and it is a very safe place and the crimes are very low. I come from Nilgiris district, and although the climate was different down there, I liked that place and hope to visit again. Nilgiris district is an 8 hour drive from Mangalore.
Haneef on Dec 19, 2020:
I have lived in Mangaluru, Bengaluru, Mysuru and Dharwad. I can say with certainty that these rankings are fake.
Entire Karnataka state is a laboratory of Hindutva terror. They spew hatred against the 2 religious minorities. This is very common nowadays in Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mangaluru, Hubballi-Dharwad and Belagavi.

Throughout Karnataka, most people don't follow rules and discipline. People overtake through a narrow gap from the left side of the road, they don't wear helmets and face masks. Vehicles emit toxic smoke and morons rule the roads and highways.

Mangaluru Smart City project is complete rubbish. Roads are dug foolishly and plenty of corruption exists in this nonsensical 'Smart City' project. Entire Karntaka and all its cities and towns are horrible places to live.
Ajay P on Oct 04, 2020:
Surprising to read these stats. If at all, Mangalore has topped the Quality of Life survey among Indian cities, then it's only due to the people and NOT because of the Government.
Both the State and Central Government facilities in Mangalore are absolutely horrible. All the present Indian politicians and also all the Karnataka politicians are of no use to Mangalore.
All Indian politicians and the Media are awful and miserable.
As of 2020, the Human Development Index (HDI) of Mangalore exceeds 0.9 and it's in the "Very High" development category.
Apart from Mangalore & Kerala's Kochi and Trivandrum, I can't think of any other Indian city having HDI exceeding 0.9 in 2020.
And yet, all the Indian politicians have completely ignored this place.
In my opinion, Mangalore, Kerala and Goa are much more developed than the rest of India. But the Government grants land and incentives in some other places for placing industries. This is why the people from these 3 places are forced to migrate to other cities for job opportunities.
Regarding littering in public places, that's still done by some people. Other than that, Kerala, Mangalore and Goa are as developed as Eastern Europe in my opinion.
rahulraj on Jun 28, 2020:
The comments mentioned below by #Karthik and #Usha are totally out of the world..They dont even know what they are talking about. They speak as if they have come from Devaloka heaven. One thing for sure. If u cannot live in a clean and prosperous city like Mangalore then you cannot live in any part of India.!
Karthik on Jun 27, 2020:
I completely agree with you #Usha C.
The private buses along with the narrow roads are directly or indirectly responsible for hundreds of road deaths in Mangalore every year.
In many roads there are no speed-breakers and humps. These private bus drivers behave as racing car drivers and rule the roads. The white-topping of these narrow roads are just an eyewash.
Not sure how many more people will lose their lives in Mangalore due to these rashly driven private buses and worst road infrastructure. All the officials, bureaucrats and ministers have been totally ignorant to the plight of the common-man and daily travellers.
I myself have been a victim of road accidents multiple times in Mangalore. I am among the very few fortunate ones to have survived. The private bus drivers in Mangalore don't have any humanity. They are not bothered even if they crush 2-wheelers, cars in an accident. All these private bus goons and their bosses are above the law over here.
And also, I don't trust the crime index mentioned in this page.
Usha C on Jun 26, 2020:
One of the things I don't like about Mangalore are the town private buses. I prefer calling this place a town, not a city.
These local private buses are run by gangsters. All the town private bus drivers are hooligans. In Mangalore the private buses are terribly outdated. They are not even of BS III standards!. Even towns like Hubli have got BRTS infrastructure, but Mangalore is stuck in stone-age, when it comes to bus transport.
First of all the roads in Mangalore town are very narrow. The private buses occupy atleast 9/10th of the widest roads! They also do not care if they collide with two-wheelers. All these private bus driver goons are above the law here. I find it absolutely scary and terrifying to ride a two-wheeler in Mangalore. It is all because of these town local private buses.
Moreover, all the private buses emit thick black smoke and are the main causes of air pollution in this town, along with chemical/petrochemical industries and trash burning. The officials are scared to take any action against these private bus owners and drivers.
The Karnataka government also does not want to improve the bus infrastructure in this town. Karnataka government is only concerned about Bangalore and Hubli.
Needless to say again, Karnataka government is the worst and the most corrupt government in India. They have deliberately ignored Mangalore. It is not just MP and MLA, the entire Karnataka government itself is pathetic and biased. All the Karnataka politicians (present and past) should be impeached.
Mukesh on Jun 01, 2020:
I always knew that Mangalore, Mysore and Thiruvananthapuram are good places to live. As the other person rightly commented - "We are humans first". We should be compassionate to every living being. Mutual kindness and compassion are absolutely necessary in the present world.
Naeem on May 24, 2020:
This is my opinion. Read only if you are not offended.
I would like to point out that Kerala is a better state in terms of governance. The RSS is always spreading hate about 2 religions. The entire Karnataka is purely an RSS controlled state.
Karnataka is the puppet of RSS and Sangh Parivar in South India.

RSS has hatred towards those 2 religions, both of which are abundant in Mangalore.
With the large scale migration of Malayalees to Mangalore, the sense of togetherness with Kerala has become stronger.
With the exception of language and political affiliation, Mangalore and Kerala are exactly the same - both historically and even in the present. There is absolutely no difference between Kerala and Mangalore.
If the capital of Kerala is shifted from that remote corner Thiruvananthapuram to a centrally located Thrissur for example, then there is a high chance of Mangalore merging with Kerala.
In terms of geography, culture, language and way of living, Mangalore is purely an odd-man-out in Karnataka. All Karnataka cities (Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli-Dharwad, Belgaum) have an elevation of well over 700 m. Mangalore is at sea level. The connectivity between Mangalore and Kerala is far better than with any other city in Karnataka. During the monsoon, both the road and rail connectivity totally shuts down between Karnataka cities and Mangalore. However, the road and rail connectivity between Kerala and Mangalore is seamless throughout the year, without any disruptions.
Sajeesh M on May 04, 2020:
I disagree with Mr. Raghu's opinion. Kerala people settled in Mangalore are well-mannered and hard-working. If there is a city outside Kerala that is most similar to Kochi, Trivandrum, Kozhikode and Kannur, then that city is Mangalore. But then again, there are few differences too.
Connectivity between Kerala and Mangalore is very essential.
But coming to the negative aspects of Mangalore, the private bus drivers are known for rash driving. For the past 20 years, there is no improvement on the condition of private buses in Mangalore.
Anonymous on Apr 29, 2020:
I suggest people to rethink their mindset about Indian states. State borders are mere imaginary lines drawn on a map. A citizen of India is free to travel and permanently settle in any part of the country.
But now during the Covid-19 crisis, politicians have sealed all the state borders. This is a very bad decision.
The closing of all the state borders including those of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, AP, Maharashtra and all other Indian states contradicts the core principle of ONE INDIA.
I firmly believe that India does not require state borders and district borders. The issues faced by other states and districts are the problems of the entire country, not just the individual state or district.
I suggest all the politicians of this country, not to divide people for getting votes. We are humans first.
Raghu on Apr 23, 2020:
The voices are growing stronger day by day to form a separate state jointly comprising - Mangalore and Udupi.
I fully support the formation of a separate state (Mangalore and Udupi together).
Mangalore has always been completely neglected by the Karnataka government and its people. Karnataka government is only bothered about Bangalore. Mangalore zone is linguistically, culturally and geographically totally different from the rest of Karnataka.
Mangalore's border state Kerala also hates this city. This is evident from social media sites. Kerala wants to spread Covid-19 to Mangalore.
I also wish that all train services from Kerala to Mangalore get permanently canceled. For Mangalore, connectivity to Kerala is of no use.
Sneha on Feb 13, 2020:
Forget about what the media has to say. Mangalore is a very safe city to live.
The Indian Media is complete rubbish.
I have walked alone on the streets many times at night in this city.
Mangalore is very safe for women. But people lack civic sense everywhere in India, not just Mangalore.
Ramnath on Feb 09, 2020:
Fully agree with you Mr. Anonymous. People having zero civic sense are increasing in Mangalore. I totally condemn their activities of playing 24x7 loudspeakers and bursting loud firecrackers 24x7. Is there any law and order in Mangalore? Mangalore police is among the most corrupt organizations.
One thing I can tell you is people are afraid to speak out. The Mangalore police and that political party that you've mentioned will arrest innocent people and put them behind bars for speaking out. Only an idiot will say that Mangalore is a safe city.
Anonymous on Feb 09, 2020:
Are these ratings some kind of a joke?
Some people in Mangalore have ZERO civic sense. Near my house, during "Bhuta Kola" activities, people play songs on lousdpeakers 24x7 for an entire week every year. They are so loud that houses even half a kilometre away from this place, suffer badly 24x7 from this extreme noise pollution.
Add to this, loud firecrackers are relentlessly bursted all through the night. How can the people in the neighbourhood even sleep?
Do these few Mangalorean morons realize that people are suffering badly due to their activities?
Is there any way to stop this? No chance I believe.
The Mangalore police are highly biased, most corrupt and totally useless. They too support these nonsensical people with ZERO civic sense. The entire police force of Mangalore are puppets of that XYZ political party, who are the culprits behind these activities.
A majority of the cream of Mangalore have migrated to other places. Now many unemployed youth are enjoying the remittances flowing from the Gulf and other cities. They can bribe the police and make the entire neighbourhood suffer because of their ZERO civic sense and shameful manners, especially during Bhuta Kola, Dasara and Diwali.