Pollution in Mangalore, India

Pollution in Mangalore, India

Air Pollution
34.21 Low
Drinking Water Pollution and Inaccessibility
34.68 Low
Dissatisfaction with Garbage Disposal
41.67 Moderate
Dirty and Untidy
38.55 Low
Noise and Light Pollution
42.95 Moderate
Water Pollution
47.07 Moderate
Dissatisfaction to Spend Time in the City
35.55 Low
Dissatisfaction with Green and Parks in the City
42.47 Moderate

Purity and Cleanliness in Mangalore, India

Air quality
65.79 High
Drinking Water Quality and Accessibility
65.32 High
Garbage Disposal Satisfaction
58.33 Moderate
Clean and Tidy
61.45 High
Quiet and No Problem with Night Lights
57.05 Moderate
Water Quality
52.93 Moderate
Comfortable to Spend Time in the City
64.45 High
Quality of Green and Parks
57.53 Moderate

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Last update: March 2021

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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15 Comments so far
Arjun on Mar 05, 2021:
Air quality is very bad nowadays in Mangaluru. Many people and administration are least bothered. Plenty of people use their vehicles to showoff their pride, social status and wealth. Smoke emission tests are never carried out by private vehicles, trucks and buses. Both the private and KSRTC local buses release toxic smoke. Traffic police are of absolutely no use. Petrochemical industries at Bykampady and Padubidri release umpteen amount of smoke day and night. Trash burning is observed in many places and some people burst firecrackers day and night. Road repairs are left incomplete and dust circulates everywhere. Plastic wrappers, containers are found scattered here and there in public places. The majority of denizens, the city corporation officials, corporations and elected representatives are living in a world of delusion.
Vaibhav Jha on Feb 14, 2021:
Air quality is also on the decline. Due to the road projects, there is dust circulating very frequently.
The vehicles are also increasing, all these factors along with the petrochemical industries contribute to rising air pollution. Some people still burst crackers.
Mangalore needs metro rail, electric buses, BRTS, corniche roads and software companies instead of petrochemical industries.
Brijesh on Jan 08, 2021:
Pollution is increasing in Mangalore. Cleanliness of public places is on the decline. Many places on the roadside are strewn with garbage. Mangalore City Corporation mayor, MLAs and MPs are terrible. People are fools to vote for such useless politicians. Riversides are polluted with garbage and the Gurupura-Nethravathi rivers are filled with trash. People burst crackers without social distancing during those October November festivals. That time Coronavirus will not bother anyone.
Tourist places in Mangalore are terrible to say the least.
Keerthesh on Oct 10, 2020:
Many places within the city of Mangalore need plenty of improvement, as far as cleanliness and sanitation are concerned. All the riversides and localities such as Bunder, Central Market, Alake, Hampankatta and Urva ferry point need to be cleaned up. The water in the Netravati and Gurupura rivers is contaminated. The boat ride from Boloor ferry point (Urva) to Tannirbavi Beach via Gurupura river is an eyesore. The old fishing boats used here to ferry tourists is absurd! Infact this one of the most popular tourist attractions of Mangalore !
The surface of the entrance to Panambur Beach is filled with black charcoal. The trucks carrying charcoal, petroleum, etc. from the nearby Port are allowed to enter tourist beaches! This is a turnoff for international tourists.
Hope the people and the city corporation officials wake up and improve the sanitation especially in these localities and throughout the city.
Anonymous on Sep 12, 2020:
compared to any cities or town of India mangalore is far better and people are more clean and hygienic let me say other way round that people in mangalore are self explained and awareness of hygienic is in DNA of local population in any other way i strongly feel mangalore is most livable cities compared to any other towns & cities of India, people are well aware of cleanliness and in future it need to be done more due to increasing population and industrialization
Vishwa on Jul 14, 2020:
Just visit the riversides of Mangalore. All rivers, riversides here are indeed polluted. People in India love to dump waste materials into water bodies. The private buses emit a lot of black smoke. Many people burn trash openly outside their own houses. The Petrochemical industries spew out gallons of smoke into the air. The harmful industrial waste is let out into the rivers. People don't know the true meaning of green cities, sustainable cities, etc.
I understand that these problems are found throughout India, not just Mangalore. The private buses are an exception though. In any ATM kiosk, the floor is littered with bills. Firecrackers are relentlessly busted during festivals throughout the night. Loudspeakers with amplifiers are played throughout the day and night during feasts. Indians never care about rules. Indians also lack civic-sense.
Unless the cleanliness and pollution rules are made more strict, people will go on polluting places. There are a substantial number of law-abiding citizens, but their efforts and discipline unfortunately are in vain.
Pradeep on Jan 26, 2020:
How can Mangalore be considered clean?
Will some people stop the practice of littering in public spaces?
Will the city corporation appoint many more personnel to sweep and clean up the public spaces?
Will those ancient private buses stop emitting thick smoke?
Why aren't any action taken against these private buses when they are well past their expiry date?

However, nowadays the police patrolling has increased immensely in Mangalore, which is a very very good sign.
The police force in Mangalore is something to be proud about. Hope their numbers increase further in the coming days.

I sure hope the Mangalore Police force also takes very strict action against littering and those private buses, traffic offenders and also vandalism of public property.
Divya on Nov 15, 2019:
There has been significant improvements in the year-on-year cleanliness and sanitation progress in Mangalore city. I have recently returned back from Muscat, and I feel that cleanliness is in an upward trend in Mangalore. The drives such as Swachh Mangaluru have really been successful. I now think that Mangalore is the cleanest city in India.
But few improvements are still remaining, especially in the western parts of the city, places centered around the old port and the new port areas. Roads need improvement, albeit many have been recently white-topped. The river sides around Boloor to Bengre need plenty of cleansing and improvement. Many overseas tourists are visiting these places every week. There should be heavy fines imposed for littering on public places, and also on river sides.
Software companies, Research labs, etc. will be much better for Mangalore, compared to the Petrochemical industries which pollute the environment. When there are plenty of colleges in this city, people migrate to other places. Petrochemical industries will only increase the air pollution and contaminate the water bodies in the months to follow. Earlier the tile factories used to cause pollution, now thankfully most of them have shut down.
Electric buses need to be introduced, and like Singapore, high vehicle taxes need to be imposed. There should be transparency from the Government as well, as to how the taxes are utilized for the welfare of the people.
Ramakrishnan on Nov 09, 2019:
Mangalore is by no means a clean city.
My observations apply to all the places of India, and not just Mangalore.
People in India have a big ZERO civic sense. People from that large Indian community X burst plenty of fire-crackers on their N number of festivals. The air throughout India is horrible. The Air Quality Index within India ranges from Bad to Worst. Browse the internet,and compare this with the Western countries, and you'll know what I'm talking about. Even the most polluted places in Europe, Australia and USA have far better air quality than the purest AQI places in India !! Absolutely Real Genuine Fact.

People throughout India are extremely selfish and narrow-minded. They are hell-bent in keeping their houses and premises clean, but will turn all the public places ugly and filthy. The vehicle horns are blown for no reason and are extremely annoying and disgraceful.
PG posters are stuck on light-poles and other walls in public places. People vote for liars and criminals, and they are free to rule this country. The Indian media is highly biased and a puppet of politicians. India ranks 140 in the Press Freedom Index.
Walk into any ATM kiosk in India and find it littered with receipt papers all over the floor. First, people are stupid to print it, but still can't they even put that paper into the dustbin? This is how stupid and pathetic Indians are, in reality. Is there any significance of those eyewash campaigns like "Swachh Bharat", "Acche Din", "Elimination of black money", etc.?

There is massive amount of corruption in the roads and PWD department, and hence India has the worst quality of roads and highways in the world. All the politicians in India are crooks, ignorant and liars. Throughout India, people vote for Religion, Caste or Language and not for Development.
Vinod on Nov 06, 2019:
Mangalore is a livable city right now. But its hazardous city buses and the increasing number of Petrochemical industries will turn this city's Air Quality to 'Worst' in the days to come.
These bus owners and Petrochemical tycoons are hand-in-glove with the present MP and MLAs of Mangalore.
Aniruddha on Nov 04, 2019:
Mangalore is quite a clean and unpolluted city. At a time when Delhi has hit an Air quality index of 999, Mangalore on it's worst days does not cross 80. Moreover, there have been major improvements in the collection of wastes and their disposal.
Premanand Bhat on Mar 07, 2019:
Mangalore is a very filthy and polluted city.

The western parts of this city such as Bunder, Hampankatta, Central Market and Hoige bazaar are extremely dirty. Hampankatta being the centre place is still the same as it was 20 years ago. All business people stay at Hampankatta and they are not at all bothered about cleanliness. The City Corporation does nothing to improve the infrastructure of the above mentioned localities. Hampankatta junction road is filled with potholes. There are filthy posters and flexes pasted on street light-poles and walls.

The City Private Bus stand near Hampankatta is horribly filthy and it stinks. It has been in the same condition for atleast 15 years. There is a fish market right next to the city's main bus stand !!!
There are no roofs, and the city bus stand is much worse than bus terminals of sub-Saharan African cities. Private buses in Mangalore horn unnecessarily, as if they rule the roads and cause a lot of noise pollution.

People elect their Mangalore uneducated representatives only based on religion, and not on merit. They only sleep-off their 5 year Term, and do absolutely nothing.

Mangalore is home to industries such as MRPL, KIOCL and Zuari MCF which spew out gallons of thick black smoke into the air 24x7. Mangalore is a very dirty city and the people as well as their elected representatives are least bothered. Cowardly Mangalore people are only good for migrating into some other city, and never care about their hometown.
Anonymous on Jan 04, 2019:
In Mangalore, my neighbour is daily burning garbage at the compound wall right next to my living room. Me and my family are inhaling these poisonous gases every day, and there is no way to stop my neighbour. The burning spot is further away from his house which does not bother him. He has a big compound (bungalow) in the city.

Our neighbour has got many local Mangalore politicians and Karnataka politicians as his contacts, and the city police is also accepting bribes from him. They will only support him, and not me.
I am suffering due to the severe air pollution caused my neighbor in Mangalore.

I totally disagree with the pollution statistics of Mangalore, in this website.
Sony on Aug 17, 2017:
But industries and increased usage of vehicles will soon increase the pollution of Mangalore..
Gautham on Mar 19, 2017:
@Max: Let me answer your question:

The answer is only regarding Pollution and cleanliness. I have no idea about other factors regarding Mangalore.

The reason behind the pollution and cleanliness stats for Mangalore are as follows:
1. Mangalore is a very small city in terms of both area (135 sq. km) and population (600,000)
2. It is Coastal city surrounded by forests and rivers.
3. Mangalore receives extremely heavy rainfall during the 4 months of monsoon.
4. Cleanliness drives are active throughout the city. It is a very small city, and hence it is easy maintain cleanliness.

But during the last 2-3 years, vehicles have increased considerably in Mangalore. Traffic is also increasing at a moderate rate. Further urbanization will certainly lead to Mangalore featuring in the polluted cities of India.