Pollution in Bangalore, India

Air pollution data from World Health Organization Info
PM10 Pollution Level: Very High

Pollution in Bangalore, India

Air Pollution
74.05 High
Drinking Water Pollution and Inaccessibility
61.76 High
Dissatisfaction with Garbage Disposal
78.32 High
Dirty and Untidy
71.42 High
Noise and Light Pollution
64.02 High
Water Pollution
78.14 High
Dissatisfaction to Spend Time in the City
68.83 High
Dissatisfaction with Green and Parks in the City
49.56 Moderate

Purity and Cleanliness in Bangalore, India

Air quality
25.95 Low
Drinking Water Quality and Accessibility
38.24 Low
Garbage Disposal Satisfaction
21.68 Low
Clean and Tidy
28.58 Low
Quiet and No Problem with Night Lights
35.98 Low
Water Quality
21.86 Low
Comfortable to Spend Time in the City
31.17 Low
Quality of Green and Parks
50.44 Moderate

Contributors: 595

Last update: October 2019

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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31 Comments so far

#Rahul M on Oct 02, 2019 :
Almost everywhere you can see people smoking and throwing plastic wrappers and many other things inspite of dustbins
#Suraj Chaudhary on Sep 16, 2019 :
I am a Bengali, and I have settled in Melbourne, Australia. I'm an Australian citizen.

The present planning of Indian cities are dismal. The pollution and the rate of increase, will make all the cities including Bangalore an unlivable mess. Have a look at the most prosperous and sustainable countries in the World.
1. Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart
2. New Zealand - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch
3. United Kingdom - London, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast
4. United States of America - Plenty of coastal cities. List is too long to mention here !
5. Canada - Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax
6. Nordic countries - Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Bergen
7. Ireland - Dublin, Cork, Galway
8. Persian Gulf countries - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Doha, Manama
9. Singapore
10. Japan - Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Kobe
11. Hong Kong and Macau

A huge majority of these cities don't face scarcity of water, they do excellently well in mitigating air pollution and water pollution, always have a steady economy and have prospered in trade. The access to beaches also keep people happy and the moderate climate (but also very humid) is indeed a blessing to the place. All these coastal cities are front-runners in Cruise tourism and are frequently visited by plenty of overseas tourists.

But, India has its own version of planning, which is absolutely ridiculous in the global context. Ironically, it was the British who created Bombay, Madras and Calcutta. During the British colonial rule, the infrastructure of Bombay was at par with London and New York. Without the British, the cities of Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata would have never existed today. But Indians have done their very best in ruining these cities also, which had excellent infrastructure during the British rule.

It is disheartening and very sad to comprehend that post Independence in 1947, not even a single coastal city has developed in India. The hypocrisy of Indians in general is that, and I quote - "coastal cities are very hot and humid", "I cannot stand the fish smell in these places", "It always gets flooded". Well, let me tell you that the above mentioned countries and territories also have problems, but they have truly set the benchmark.

Post-independence, India has only given importance to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, etc. But not even a single coastal city has grown into a sustainable Metropolis. Bangalore itself, is a testimony to the extreme centralization and urban disaster caused by India's haphazard planning. Very soon, Pune, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Mysore, Jaipur, Indore, Chandigarh and Nagpur will certainly join this detrimental list along with Bangalore. The world will definitely laugh at the preposterous planning of India.

According to the Global benchmark of sustainable planning, India should predominantly develop its coastal cities such as Kochi, Visakhapatnam, Mangalore, Surat, Navi Mumbai and Panaji. If India doesn't develop its coastal cities very soon, then mark my words, India does not have a bright future. It will forever be a 3rd world country.
#Suraj Chaudhary on Sep 16, 2019 :
Bangalore is a dangerously polluted city. In a recent report published by scientists, around 35% of the children living in Bangalore suffer from Asthma. In other words, 1 out of every 3 children in Bangalore suffer from Asthma !

Here is the link for this news, please read the entire article:

There is humongous amount of Dust throughout Bangalore, and the overrated Dry Climate of Bangalore are the leading causes of Asthma. Please remember that Asthma attacks can be Fatal, and it is a very serious disease. India is still investing mainly in landlocked cities such as Bangalore, and India will become an Asthma prone country. For the sake of job opportunities, innocent and healthy people have to migrate to Bangalore and suffer, not only them but also their children.

Bangalore is definitely a fool's paradise, and I am very serious about this statement.
#Harsha on Sep 05, 2019 :
The report is 100% accurate. I have been living in this city for my entire life. No, this report does not make Bangalore 'LOOK' like hell hole, it has 'Become' one of late. Severe pollution levels, frustrated people all across the city, mindless honking on the road, loads and loads of dust.
The people to be blamed you ask? Not a single citizen, may it be localite, expat, temporary resident, foreigner, etc.
But, it's corrupt bureaucrats and politicians. Idiots (Read bureaucrats) did not have minimal sense of expansion while planning the city, never considered having the right person to so. year on year, the corruption has increased so much that its now affecting people's health and life directly (Both mental and physical). Idiots planned express corridor road 15 years back but did not give it a moment of thought for metro, entire world has a well build, underground metro which was constructed at least 30 years back and now Bangalore is coming up with metro in 2019 and its over the road.. inefficient city.. literally a Hell Hole to live in.

Hope no one else goes through this Pain of contemplating to leave the place where you are born and brought up. It kills a part of a person.
#Skanda Ramamurthy on Jul 02, 2019 :
I am facing mental issues due to the high pollution in Bangalore. The high noise pollution, air pollution, dust and contaminated water are giving me problems. While staying in PG, I had tapeworms in my intestine after drinking the polluted water getting served over there.
#Raj on Apr 01, 2019 :
People who purchased apartments in congested places and with no open spaces are more responsible for this disaster i believe, as you are indirectly encouraging builders who cares only about money.

I recently moved from Hyderabad, and I feel like chocking as soon as i step out of my house...
#Anonymous on Jan 28, 2019 :
Oh come on, blore is not a bad city at all. It's actually a great city to live in. Yes it was better during the older times but there is still some greenery over here. You find avenues in this city.
#Bikash Gupta on Jan 24, 2019 :
Dust Level in Air,in and around Gedallahalli & Kothanur becomes very very high just after evening. Feels like suffocating.
#Anonymous on Oct 25, 2018 :
This survey makes Bangalore look like a hell hole !! It actually isnt and is probably one of the best cities in India to live in , all considered....
#Nbhaskar on Aug 23, 2018 :
Please don't spoil environment.and pollution. Once Bangalore is green city now it becomes pollution city.. Please stop spoiling the environment.... More is air pollution....
#Waseembari on Mar 28, 2018 :
Clear pollution to over bangalore nice air no pollution in India. We wanted clear area and country and no mass city please.
#Anonymous on Oct 09, 2017 :
Bangalore once had its own River. Its name was Vrishabhavathi. This river's water was used for drinking.
Today, River Vrishabhavathi is an open garbage canal.

In the 1970s, Bangalore had around 300 lakes. Today, there are only 18 lakes left in Bangalore. Nearly 10 out of those 18 lakes are highly polluted. These remaining 10 highly polluted lakes include Bellandur lake, Varthur lake, Ulsoor lake, Subramanyapura lake, Challaghatta lake etc.

People in the comments section have added many other valuable points.

Even today, Bangalore called India's 'Garden City' and 'Silicon Valley'.
#Anonymous on Oct 08, 2017 :
Roads are the absolute worst in Bangalore.
A recent report said that nearly 17,000 potholes were present in the year 2017 in Bangalore city.

Dust is emitted from these awful Bangalore roads, which increases Air Pollution, along with the Nightmare traffic.

Ambulances get stuck for several hours in the Bangalore traffic.

#Anonymous on Mar 25, 2017 :
Bangalore has toxic lakes with foam and poisonous froth spewing out of it.
The people in Bangalore have no brains. The local Kannadigas criticize and discriminate outsiders for all the bad things happening over there. But in reality, they are also at fault for ruining their Proud city.
The entire city is congested with vehicles emitting harmful smoke. No one even cares to reduce the usage of motor vehicles in the city.
The level of honking and noise pollution is also unbearable due to the brainless IT crowd over there.
Garbage is burnt at night in Bangalore because Waste management is a failure in this city.
Uncovered manholes spew out all the drainage water in some places.
Bangalore is a Nightmare to live in.
#varun on Mar 19, 2017 :
I agree with Anonymous' comment earlier.

The level of boasting in Bangalore is off the limit. The people in Bangalore are living in a World of Delusion.

Just today, the top story in the Bangalore newspapers was:
"A Flyover pillar in Bangalore is decorated with plants".
This is a vertical garden, and a few more of this will turn Bangalore into the earlier Garden City that Bangalore was.
I mean, seriously? Are the people in Bangalore so dumb?

The Bangalore people also believe that these flyover decorations will completely reduce the pollution in Bangalore, and also cool the summer temperature in Bangalore.

Just visit Bangalore and you'll come to know that the people here don't have any Brains. Anonymous' earlier comment has explained the IQ of Bangaloreans.

Even the tree-lined Jayanagar 5th block, does not have any greenery when viewed from Google Maps. It is a complete concrete jungle. The old Bangalore is gone forever.

Bangalore is completely ruined by none other than the people living over there.

IIsc has predicted that Bangalore will become a Dead City within the next 3 years.

I hope that Karnataka does not focus on the growth of Mysore and Mangalore and spoil other places in the State.

I have left Bangalore for obvious reasons.
#Anonymous on Mar 18, 2017 :
Now that Bangalore is very polluted, the only people to blame are the PEOPLE living over there.
The traffic is insane and arguably the WORST in the world, not just in India.

There is dust and smoke all over Bangalore. Waste management is a failure, with some of the BBMP Garbage collectors throwing the collecting Garbage in vacant compounds. Then there is burning of garbage in open places at night. Lakes are filled with TOXIC foam and are used as construction sites.

Asthma and lung related diseases are prevalent in this city. 1 out of every 4 Bangaloreans suffer from Asthma.

Visit this city or any Q&A, blogs website related to Bangalore. You'll find 1 thing in common: BOASTING.

That's right. There is a lot of bragging and boasting regarding Bangalore. People are happy to stay in this awful city. You'll hear a lot of bragging such as
1. Garden city
2. Pensioner's Paradise
3. Green City
4. Bangalore is awesome city, but outsider's are spoiling it.

So with this mentality and ZERO PLANNING, you can come to your conclusion as to where Bangalore is headed for.
#Brian on Sep 25, 2016 :
People do great advertising and Marketing regarding Bangalore.

In reality this is one of the WORST cities to live.

Very polluted and no cleanliness at all. This city is giving good competition to Mumbai and Delhi
#Anonymous on Sep 25, 2016 :
Bangalore is undoubtedly a WORST city.
I'm glad that I don't stay in Bangalore.
#K.DURGA PRASAD on Aug 30, 2016 :
To avoid the pollution ,go for plantation ,sapling where is required to planned properly and the next generation will be the safer environment.To minimize the pollution we should work shoulder to shoulder for the plantation,tree plantation awareness to be created from ground level like schools,colleges,institutes be encourage that level. In industries also conduct good programs like Environment and its importance ,sapling .And the best way any of visitors visiting factory through that persons plan for sapling it should be memorable of that personality.Due to metro project in Bangalore catted plenty of tress and it was increased the city temperature levels also.Encourage every body tree plantation,we can reduce the pollution level control some percentages.
#siddharth on Aug 05, 2016 :
bangalore is green city 10 years back .. but today people had made so worst its become dirty city... my condition is green environment is dieing here... in future people will suffer like any thing...and neither politicans are ready to do any thing... biggest problem in bangalore is people migrating from different states and population couldnt been controlled here.. building of more flats and buildings loose weightage... no one concerned for better future ... so next 20 years it will become so polluted ppl vil seriously die..... neither god can help this bangalore..............ppl should give to hand to hand to stop real estate and helping in growing more trees for better bangalore and green city.. we dont bangalore as silicon city fuck it badly... but i need my city to cald as the ever green city with fresh air.... sriously i am much worried about my city ... ready to give hand to hand to save my city.. coz bangalore is my city ... i love it so much.. please we need that green city....
#pb on Jul 20, 2016 :
Just moved to Bangalore.. In theory it should have been a beautiful city.. Lakes everywhere, still see lots of open space and parks, although in reality all the lakes are horribly polluted, and traffic severely restricts your movement so you really have nowhere to go..

The roads are thick with diesel fumes and dust. You can visibly air pollution in most places. You can't ever see bright sunshine, and it is always hazy. In most western countries it would have been a public health crisis, but here the public seems horribly uninformed, and you can even see middle class and well educated people with their young children braving the roads unprotected, where the pollution is probably several orders worse.

To all posters here, saying ride a bike or go do something, I don't think any individual action (other than go live someplace else) can make a difference, what is need is Government regulation, and enforcing the rules, and there seems to be a little of it.
#Anonymous on Jun 27, 2016 :
I don't understand why people go to Bangalore and spoil that city. If you're complaining about pollution, do something about it, or please leave Bangalore.
#Abhishek Tripathi on May 30, 2016 :
we will solve the problem one day, try cycle , use public transport and use less car etc .
#Anonymous on May 06, 2016 :
For all those who are complaining about Bangalore air quality - leave the city and find yourself a nice place in a smaller town. In India its gonna be a while no matter which government comes to power to become better, its in the people's hands. For the safety of your children leave the city.
##S on Apr 21, 2016 :
Bangalore is very dirty place to live. No basic infrastructure, no basic amenities, so many people living here, everyone coming form different places, no one ready to take responsibility for their actions, house owners so greedy. So much dust, garbage everywhere. I developed respiratory problems and asthma.
#Manikandan on Feb 27, 2016 :
Pollution in Bangalore is very high,hope metro will bring this down.By 2020, water will be like gold. Not too far max 2 generations, Bangalore will become a history of past. Comments might look bit pessimistic but reality is bitter, what to do.
#hm on Feb 03, 2016 :
Started using bicycle for commute this year and realized there are many others like me on the road. Wish this number grows.
#Sooraj M on Jan 19, 2016 :
Bangalore is the worst city to live in Bangalore hands down its too much polluted, kids are suffering because of this and the health of everyone is deteriorating rapidly water supply is a ticking time bomb here, not sure when the ground water is completely gone by the rate its being utilized, traffic is the worst in the world.. lots of crime and poor people from rest of country migrating here, loads of garbage in every road set on fire.. Bangalore has become a living hell..
#kumon on Dec 17, 2015 :
Lived in Bangalore past 20 years, yes pollution is getting high and it s not good sign for health, skin, cough. I request to authority to function metro ASAP, everbody in the company should come up with rule to use bicycle or use metro, not fuled based vehicle. Use namma metro to reduce the pollutions. Dust has to remove, BBMP has to employee and serve the panchayath katha to clean, only cmc/BDA/BBMP katha their cleaning not regularly. Garbage has to be cleaned come-up with recycled for export to other poor developing country which can yield further revenue to the government.

Go to Thailand so displined to keep the city cleaned and well maintained, we need to learn many things. Individual state government adopt policy we can have good and cleaned healthy environment
#kumon on Dec 17, 2015 :
Lived in Bangalore past 20 years, yes pollution is getting high and it s not good sign for health, skin, cough. I request to authority to function metro ASAP, everbody in the company should come up with rule to use bicycle or use metro, not fuled based vehicle. Use namma metro to reduce the pollutions. Dust has to remove, BBMP has to employee and serve the panchayath katha to clean, only cmc/BDA/BBMP katha their cleaning not regularly. Garbage has to be cleaned come-up with recycled for export to other poor developing country which can yield further revenue to the government.

Go to Thailand so displined to keep the city cleaned and well maintained, we need to learn many things. Individual state government adopt policy we can have good and cleaned healthy environment
#Raj on Dec 11, 2015 :
Living in bangalore for 2 yr 8 months, it is horrible in bangalore. Lot of pollution and almost no one is cared about. Lot of people go in cars ALONE, this means just wasting space and polluting air a lot. Government and people together need to fight this problem. If people think selfish then pollution never reduces, infact it increases even more.

I request those who use cars to use them only when minimum of 3 people are going in the car. Also check you vehicle regularly for pollution control in pollution checking centres. I think heavy trucks need to be allowed to move only between 11 PM and 5 AM.

I do not own a vehicle, I use public transport even though it is extremely difficult and crowded. I promise I will remain my whole life without an own vehicle which can pollute, If I must use vehicle then I will use bicycle.