Crime in Bangalore, India

Crime rates in Bangalore, India

Level of crime
49.60 Moderate
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
62.60 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
42.83 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed
46.83 Moderate
Worries car stolen
40.35 Moderate
Worries things from car stolen
44.91 Moderate
Worries attacked
44.99 Moderate
Worries being insulted
43.39 Moderate
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion
32.24 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
38.36 Low
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
48.54 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
41.78 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery
77.21 High

Safety in Bangalore, India

Safety walking alone during daylight
73.83 High
Safety walking alone during night
43.57 Moderate

Contributors: 389

Last update: October 2019

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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56 Comments so far

#Anonymous on Sep 07, 2019 :
To Anonymous,

Why one should learn Kannada.Punjab never say that you learn punjabi,Rajasthan never say learn Rajasthani,I don't know my own state language,they never said you leave the place.Just because They value human.OK tell me if we learn Kannada what miracle will happen you dumbo.You tell us immigrant ,because of we immigrants only you karnataka people is living lavish life.You never earn with hard work but you got money by selling lands.Any you want more money AnD girls.But you don't get because you are not deserving and in fustration you do such acts.
#Arpith Gowda on Sep 06, 2019 :
Hello Miss Sutheekshna,
What Anonymous had to say is very true. Bengaluru and Mumbai are the only 2 cities providing mass employment in India. This is the only reason why many people move to Bengaluru.
But if you call it 'highly exaggerated', then you are staying in a Fool's Paradise.
Bengaluru is already a Dead and unlivable city due to
1. Pub capital of India - Alcohol can turn an innocent man into a criminal.
2. Lakes filled with garbage, foam and fire. Where have all the lakes disappeared in Bengaluru? Do you know that Vrishabhavathi, an open garbage sewer was once a clean river of Bengaluru?
3. Rude and cheating auto drivers. Atleast half of the cab drivers are thugs over there. A complete contrast of Mumbai.
4. All water sources are depleted. Water tanker mafia has taken over the water supply from BWSSB.
5. Worst traffic you'll ever find in India. Bengaluru, once a planned city is now filled with narrow roads.
6. There is dust all over this city. No wonder, Asthma is very common in Bengaluru.
7. Payment of 10 months of rent in advance to the PG owners. All Paying Guest facilities in Bengaluru are pathetic. I can't think of any place in this world that asks for 10 months advance rent.
8. Transgender beggar rowdies will hit and harass you on the streets in Bengaluru. They will steal all your money and the cops over there are pathetic.
I have lived in Bengaluru,spent my childhood and have permanently settled in Mysuru.
I don't want to return back to Bengaluru anymore.
#Sutheekshna on Aug 24, 2019 :
I was going through the comments of Anonymous. I agree some portions of the comments are true (may be up to 25 percent) but the comments of Anonymous presents a very highly exaggerated view. It seems Anonymous has a high dislike towards Karnataka.If what Anonymous says is correct, why people from all over the country likes to settle in Bengaluru?
#Anonymous on Aug 06, 2019 :
Auto drivers and Taxi drivers are the worst in Bangalore. Molestation of women happens everyday in Bangalore Ola Uber taxis. These companies pay the Media heavily to avoid humiliation.
My mother, sister and relatives have been molested by taxi drivers in Bangalore. Auto drivers never follow the meter in Bangalore.
#Anonymous on Aug 05, 2019 :
I am from Karwar, and had stayed in Bangalore for 2 years. I no longer live over there.
In all the IT companies of Bangalore, the Kannadigas from Mandya, Hassan, Mysore, Kolar and North Karnataka all work as sweepers, floor cleaners, dish washers and watchmen. This is how pathetic the Karnataka capital has become today.
Telugu Reddys from Andhra Pradesh are the main culprits in destroying Bangalore. These crooked backstabbing Telugu people have built plenty of apartments on Bangalore lakes and play lot of office politics in IT companies. They boast of their fake speaking Kannada skills, but they ridicule the Kannada people who have no other option.
We people from Karwar don't like any place in Karnataka. For Karwarians, Bangalore means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. People from Karwar dream of settling down permanently in Goa, Pune and Mumbai.
Bangalore is a highly corrupt place.
#anonynous on Jun 30, 2019 :
Karnataka is most corrupt state of india officially. It shows the corrupt mindset of local people here.Dont blame outsiders, they are 200 times better people than these locals who like drinking cheap liquor once evening approaches.No where in india you see this culture, in broad day light consuming liquor on roadside.Disgusting , nasty people.
#anonynous on Jun 30, 2019 :
Sorry to say" Local karnataka people are responsible for crimes completely(daily post evening start liquor consumption,low sense of hygiene, cheating).Outsiders are much well behaved compared to local folks from rural places.
#M Deshpande on Mar 10, 2019 :
For all those Anonymous' commenters, update your knowledge about some of the facts.
Most of the people in Bangalore working as taxi drivers, auto rickshaw drivers, bus conductors, lineworkers, house-maids, security guards, roadside vegetable sellers, floor cleaners etc. are Kannadigas hailing from the neighbouring districts of Bangalore.

The average Kannadiga has much lower levels of education than the immigrants in Bangalore. Add to this, the slave mentality of suffixing every sentence with Sir, Madam has created an impression that Kannada is not worth learning in Bangalore. It is the Bangalore Kannadigas themselves, who have belittled Kannada and not by the North Indian, Malayali and Bengali immigrants.
Alcohol is a major cause of crime in Bangalore, which boasts of being India's Pub City. Most of these Kannadiga unskilled workers after a day's work consume alcohol in those Bar and Restaurants found throughout the city, and cause crimes such as molestation, chain snatching etc. Bangalore is not a safe city by any yardstick. It is going from worse to worst day-by-day. But one cannot only blame North Indians for this problem. It's the Kannadigas along with North Indians and other Indian ethnicities, that are responsible for the increasing Crime in Bangalore.
#Anonymous on Mar 10, 2019 :
Bangalore is completely ruined by North Indians. They are a disgrace to Bangalore. Majority of the crime related incidents such as murder, theft and molestation happening in Bangalore are due to these North Indians. They never learn our Kannada language, and look down upon the South Indian people like Kannadigas and Tamilians. Even in shops, they break the queue and talk arrogantly and very loudly in their Hindi. They think that India means only Hindi, Hindustan and Hindutva.

Even in Bangalore software companies, all these arrogant and crooked North Indian people (Kaamchors) get promoted with bonus for not doing any hard work. But the Kannadiga, who works silently and sincerely for the company is always ignored, depreciated and frowned. Being a pure Bengaluru Kannadiga, I feel very sad to say that "Bengaluru has gone to Dogs because of all the North Indians and their cruel mentality".
#Anonymous on Mar 05, 2019 :
I completely agree with the comments of the previous Anonymous user.
Moreover, Pickpocketing and Robbery are very common in the BMTC buses of Bangalore. My new backpack was totally torn apart by thieves, and my laptop and mobile phone got stolen inside a crowded BMTC bus near BTM Layout. The gang of thieves had used cutting pliers and shears to tear the backpack and steal my laptop. They escaped and the Bangalore police did not do anything to these thieves, even though they're fully aware of their whereabouts.

The police in Bangalore receive a huge lump sum every month from these thieves, and they never get caught. There is no law maintenance whatsoever in Bangalore. Many of my friends had complained about their mobile phones getting stolen in Bangalore. You will never get them back, as the local police are hand-in-glove with all the thieves.
#Anonymous on Mar 02, 2019 :
I am a Kannadiga from Davangere. Let me share some insights as to what the people from North and Central parts of Karnataka feel about Bangalore.
First of all, the Karnataka government nurtured and spoon-fed only Bangalore, and has neglected every other place outside that Old Mysore Region (OMR). This was a city in 1960s, filled with people from TN and AP states. Kannadigas even at that time, comprised barely 20% of the Bangalore population. North and Central Karnataka, where Kannadigas even today are a majority, is totally neglected by the Karnataka government. This neglect and apathy applies for coastal Karnataka as well.
Bangalore has received all the goodies from the OMR centric Karnataka government, and they always look down upon the people from North, Central and Coastal Karnataka.

Let me make one point very clear - KANNADIGAS FROM NORTH KARNATAKA AND DAVANGERE DON'T LIKE BANGALORE FOR ANY REASON. We always feel as outsiders in Bangalore. After the IT revolution, Bangalore has become an awful and miserable city for a Kannadiga to live.
What's the point in living in this so called Karnataka capital for a Kannadiga, when there is enormous amount of pollution (dust, smoke, allergy, noise)? Several lakes and a river are pathetically polluted, foaming and burning !!

Bangalore is filled with outsiders from other states, and they never learn the Kannada language. Even in IT companies, there is plenty of bias, politics and bureaucracy, and the Bangalore HRs from other Indian states, recruit only utterly useless people from their states. It is a REAL FACT that even after 25 years of its existence as India's Silicon Valley, not even a single recognizable software product has been manufactured in Bangalore. There isn't any programming language created over here. Instead Bangalore only exists to provide very cheap outsourcing labour (day and night) for the First World countries. And for this reason, people from other Indian states are flocking into our State capital !!

Safety is a ridiculous concept in this Garbage city. Auto rickshaw drivers will fleece all the money from your pockets, thinking you are some millionaire. Transgender beggars racket is rampant over here, and you guessed it right, they come from those North Indian states. Be prepared to get hit on the head by their gang, your hair pulled, and get slapped on the face. Also be thick skinned, if they steal your wallet or cellphone right in front of you and never return it back. If that's not all, your cellphone could very well get stolen in the BMTC buses as well.

India's Pub Capital Bangalore is also a Drunkard's paradise. Once, I was travelling in a bus, when a drunk biker rider dashed against it. Well, this drunkard instead of talking to the bus driver, picked up a boulder and completely shattered my window glass at the backseat. My face was completely bleeding, and I was rushed to the hospital. Would you believe,this perpetrator got away scott-free? Why did this drunkard do so much harm on an innocent passenger like me?

Real estate and PGs in Bangalore are a mafia run by people from Andhra Pradesh. All Non-Telugu people in Bangalore get worst rooms, which are dirty and filled with bed bugs. Oh, and that's not all, you'll have to pay 10 months advance and live in that Hell. If you're a Telugu or Bengali speaker, then you will be very successful in getting accommodation in our great Karnataka capital Bengal-Uru. For a Kannadiga, lesser said the better.

Apart from the rising inflation, the absolutely miserable traffic condition, insane pollution, there is hardly any Kannada spoken in our Karnataka capital. It is a matter of pride to say "I don't know Kannad", "Yeh Kannad kya hai? Mujhe pata nahi". Bangalore is a utopia and paradise for the people from North India. I don't understand the reason though. A few Kannadigas from OMR region such as Mandya, Hassan and Mysore migrate to Bangalore only because of the proximity. But the people from North Karnataka and Central Karnataka appreciate places such as Hubli-Dharwad, Belagavi, Davangere, Shimoga, Karwar and Mangalore. Weather was moderate in Bangalore many decades ago, and that was the only saving grace for Bangalore in this Quality of Life survey. But even that is getting worse. This year in February itself, the temperature was touching 35 degrees.

Apart from OMR region places of Karnataka, Kannadigas definitely do not like Bangalore for any reason.
#Sailo on Feb 11, 2019 :
I am a student of Christ University doing a research on safety of tourists in Bangalore. Please click on the link and spare 5 minutes to fill the questionnaire.
#Raj on Aug 14, 2018 :
This happened in Bellandur -outer ring road -near Cafe coffee Day and Petrol Bunk towards Sarjapur road, on the service road.

A transgender woman asked for money...I gave Rs.20. She asked more -I didn't want to deal with her so gave Rs.50...Then she put in my packet -start looking for more money...

I was pushing myself out, and told would complain police...she told do whatever..She took around 1200 in cash I had and walked away.

I am complaining to Bellandur police on that...
#Peace lover on Jan 17, 2018 :
I have read almost all the post written by the local Bangaloren and outside Bangalorean. It is so sad that people are spreading hatred towards each other.First, Let me tell you my background,my father was in Army and my brother is also in Army and they choose this profession out of choice.They choose this profession
because it is an honor and satisfying profession that they are serving their motherland and the people living here.They never ask in the Army you are North Indian and you should only serve North part or South Indian to south part.

People who divide and discriminate among their country men they should think twice..they can sleep peacefully because there are Army in the border and every day and night they are dying. It seems that we are still in colonial periods, where Britishers used to do same thing with Indian.They had ruled our country because of divide and rule policy (if you have forgotten that).They used to write in certain places in India that " Dogs and Indian are not allowed". Aren't we still the same or even worst then them b'coz they were foreigners and we are doing the same with our people.

I was born and raised in such an environment where our neighbors were from South, North and almost from all the states. I never felt any difference apart from languages and food. Our core values are same. Everyone loves peace and stability.

I came to Bangalore in the year 2011 and had really good impression. I liked the place and people. I used to go to local markets and tried to speak in broken Kannada.I really liked their simplicity and helping nature.I have been to almost all the states from North to South.But I have found a huge and a positive difference here, that is people are educated and cultured.Especially, women and women were given equal rights of earning.I always had good relationship with local Kannadigas.Try to learn their local language it is no harm in learning new language infact, it is good to be bilingual and can know better about their culture and can mingle with people very easily.Try not to change them but to embrace them and their culture.

And, I would like to request all Kannadigas try to embrace the goodness of diverse culture and religion and cast of India. We are the only country in the world having these qualities.European people usually say, India is like a Europe.We all Indians are not fortunate to have equal growth and opportunities. Some, states are far more developed than the other.For Education, job and better opportunities people will flock to these places.You must feel blessed that you didn't have to do so, living far away from their families. It is like in one family one kid gets more opportunity to earn bread and butter than the other one.We can't change this instantly but whatever, we have we can adjust.

Long ago, during 60-70s when Southern cities were not so developed many South Indians migrated to developed cities(that time) Bombay and Calcutta. You will still find many educated Tamilian and other South Indian living in these cities.We are all brother and sister, we should forget our differences and help each other in times of need.We are one nation and there are many important issues to be attended.Peace and love.

Jai Hind
#Anonymous on Nov 09, 2017 :
Most of the Auto Rickshaw drivers in Bangalore are Rogues and Hooligans.

Once I had boarded an auto rickshaw in Bangalore. The driver charged me Rs. 150 for a distance of 5 km (Overcharging way beyond the limit). To be precise, 9 out of 10 auto drivers in Bangalore never go by the meter. This incident happened at around 9:30 in the morning. I suggested the dropping point for this auto rickshaw driver. I spoke to him in Kannada.

While approaching the dropping point, he stopped the rickshaw and told me to get down at the bus stop. (I did not remind him about the sky-high overcharging rate). I tried to be polite with him throughout the journey. I told him politely in Kannada that the destination was only a few meters away from this bus stop.

For no reason, this rickshaw driver got enraged and started abusing me with swear words in Kannada. He was about to hit me, for just politely requesting him to drop me a few meters away. I could not do anything but to get down. These thug auto rickshaw drivers of Bangalore have a group of their own. The local Cops are useless in Bangalore.

The auto rickshaw drivers of Bangalore are THE WORST in India.
#Surya on Oct 27, 2017 :
Banglore is not safe place to walk bw 9pm to 6am. Police need to petrol more in night times in IT company area like manyata tech park. There is every day snatching is going. They attacked me also. But luckily I escaped.
#Harish on Aug 31, 2017 :
Let accept each other with love, we northies don't take these jingoist nature very seriously.
For us India is one nation and sorry to say, we are more patriotic make us feel alien in south. You should be large hearted.
#Vaibs on Apr 24, 2017 :
I totally agree with the earlier Anonymous' comment.
The transgender beggars had groped me and assaulted me at night, not once but 5 times. They have pulled my hair and slapped me. Just because I did not pay them the amount that they begged. These transgender beggars come in a group.
I don't feel safe at all in Bangalore.
#Anonymous on Apr 11, 2017 :
Recently, Right-Wing outfits in Bangalore have prevented an American Evangelist from entering the city.
The local police and people have also supported these Right-Wing outfits.

While walking in some of the streets in Bangalore, transgender beggars demand Rs. 100 from you. If you don't pay them that amount, they'll slap your face and attack you.

I've faced this situation more than twice in Bangalore.
#Anonymous on Mar 23, 2017 :
Bangalore is the most overrated city in India.
There are a lot of molestation cases of women in Bangalore. Women are groped and molested in Bangalore.
There is a divide between so called "locals" and "outsiders".

Pick-pocketing happens frequently in the buses of Bangalore.
Chain-snatching of women also take place everyday in Bangalore.
#Anonymous on Mar 20, 2017 :
Women are molested and harassed every day in Bangalore.

It's not safe to walk in the streets at night in Bangalore. Drunk men stalk and grope women in Bangalore.

The police are absolutely useless in Bangalore. Some of them accept bribe from the molesters and rapists.

Auto rickshaw drivers stare at girls from the rear-view mirror and abuse women if we do not pay 1.5 times the price.

I have now moved to Mumbai, which is much safer than Bangalore for women.
#Anonymous on Mar 20, 2017 :
Molestation of women is increasing rapidly in Bangalore.

I am a woman, and I feel scared to walk at night in Bangalore. Drunk men stare at me.
#Anonymous on Mar 11, 2017 :
Racism is increasing against North-East citizens in Bangalore.
Some of them are even bullied in Bangalore.

Bangalore is no longer a safe city for women, considering what happened on New Year's Eve.
#Bramhananda Marathe on Feb 26, 2017 :
LocalAlerts APP is coming to Bangalore.
It is your Neighborhood App. Join LocalAlert today to start conversation with your neighbors; be vigilant, informed and alert.

Robbery across the road? Want to know more about it? Do you want to get the update from police on that Robbery? Know your neighbors, join hands with neighbors in making the neighborhood safe place to live.

LocalAlerts is available now on iOS. download now @ now on your iPhone and iPad.
Google Android version is available @

Let's make our neighborhood safe place to live. Join today.
#Anonymous on Feb 04, 2017 :
Your women are getting educated and the moment they are, it is evident how far behind they could leave you if the culture didn't force them into servitude. You are ingrates. You go to Thailand and have sex with whores, you whore yourselves out to the white man and every western indulgence. Your media is a rip off of Western excess and flamboyant waste. Everything you are is a wretch. Your women are smarter than you, they are smarter than your white bosses in the US and Europe, and some day in a near-time future, the culture will globalize and loose it's patriarchy. Look to Japan. Watch a vice news video and see your future. You earned it, I hope the lot of all your women chose chastity over your tiny dick having bullshit world. They are a future for themselves, held back in bondage and slavery by their own families, the older women holding the younger women down for the lowly boys to rub against and then giggle to their boyfriends as they ride around on scooters hugging each other crotch to ass. You Indian men disgust me. I hope for the future that is coming to come in my lifetime, I am young, healthy, and damn well ready to see you all try and find a western whore-woman who thinks that a short hairy ugly pig-nosed Indian man is sexy. Guess what... She wants an African with musculature, or Middle Easterner with money, or a suave Latino. Nobody idolizes you lowly insecure, self-depreciating, self-loathing, mustachioed, hairy flab-bodied, stick-man, trash-burning, IT, wannabe, molesting, snot spitting, pug faced, philosophizing, pontificating bastards of the former British empire. I wish all you Indian men would just drown in a vat of fair-and-lovely so that your deep toned beauties can look in the mirror and say "to hell with that man, I love myself".
#Anonymous on Feb 04, 2017 :
All of you Indian men are trash. I've spent ten years in India and met your expats, your immigrants to Western nations and your nationals. Vast majority of your men are like little boys, childish, not child-like. You have women who are timid physically and morally beautiful and you take them for granted and touch yourselves to the image of skinny white whores online.
#Yobro on Nov 29, 2016 :
Recently, some goons caught me, slapped me twice, looked through my mobiles and demanded 25K. They have also taken my picture. They know where I work. They claim they are an NGO. They gave me one of their account id. Then they let me go with everything I had. What are the chances that they will harass me if I doo not pay the money? Will they come to my home?(I live far away from where I got caught)? What are the chances that they will keep on asking money even if I pay up? What are the steps I should take so that they cannot taint my image in my office. They know my secondary mobile number, not my primary one. Please help
#Ravindranath on Nov 14, 2016 :
Why Bangalore, just like every metro city in india it is just a land first, you are right thieves and rowdys are only in bangalore and local , non-local feeling is no where else in india am i right.
I was recently robbed for 80000 rupees in varthur, still i understand as long as our system is suffering with nationalty, racing, cast, local and non-local problems, not only we , even our childrens also have to face thease repeatedly. So let us think why thieves and rowdys are being made and local and non local feeling. If we, being good people cant find out solution then it is not possible with bad people. Try to eliminate the feeling bcoz today we are living with banglorians tomorrow it can be somewhere else.
#tej on Nov 13, 2016 :
Murugeshapalya is not at all safe at night, drunk local rowdies roam around bullying and beating the citizens, just for fun. I've been through a similar situation and was beaten by a local rowdy, and i'm not a northy
#punith on Nov 05, 2016 :
U north indains complai nabout everything
Just learn kannada Do your work nd stfu
#cg on Nov 05, 2016 :
Enjoy life in bangalore Just dont mess around with the locals
#josephine on Oct 30, 2016 :
Pls so what should i do? I want to pay vist to bangalore thanks
#Anonymous on Oct 14, 2016 :
the problem with Bangalore is locals hate north indians they are jealous of them.They can beat you if they find you talking in hindi.
I left Bangalore in 2012,i am now in noeda living happily here people don't discriminate. Bangalore is full of racists.
#Shiva on Sep 02, 2016 :
#Ram, rest of India is safe, please go and stay anywhere in India.
#Anonymous on Sep 02, 2016 :
Migrants, please vacate Bangalore if you hate this city.
If you are really talented, you can survive anywhere in the world.
There is no point in staying in such city where you are having loads of complaints about this city.
It's 100% true that migrants have spoiled the Bangalore but Bangalore has not spoiled the migrants.

So just get flushed out from Bangalore.
#Prakash on Sep 02, 2016 :
Its unsafe for Educated North Indians...who works hard and enjoy their life.But,these people are jealous ,looking at it and start beating them immidiately without any reason. So,Please dont go alone anywhere,always go with 2 or more people
#Prakash on Sep 02, 2016 :
I am agreeing with #Manas,Bangalore is unsafe now....Yesrterday,2 people came in bike and started beating my friend and then they took mobile and wallet.Its near Kasturi Nagar metro station at 7pm in the evening.
#Manas on Jul 12, 2016 :
Bangalore is becoming very unsafe city now. I am having two recent example where one of my colleague get robbed near Yeshwantpura two day ago and other happened in Bommasandra area to my relative a week back. They are coming in a group with bike, attacking with knife and go away with the valuables.
#Shabana on Jun 09, 2016 :
With influx of people like you Mr. Ram, this city is turning bad. Local learns from you people, your kind are spoiling Bangalore...leave space for others and show less greediness.
#Shabana on Jun 09, 2016 :
#Ram: due typo issues sentences might not structured or proper but probably since you are so learned and educated than people of Bangalore, you shouldn't have difficulty in understanding my comments. Also for me and like minded humanity is above patriotism, we understand national interest but we are not plain and blind bhakts like you and like minded. Learn to aaccept difference or get lost from this city...There is no place for hate mongering and goonism.
#Shabana on Jun 09, 2016 :
#Ram: Anti-National??? Please define patriotism first....yes definitely I won't go for blind patriotism by following one particular party with its separatist and oppressive agenda!!! You people have made joke of the word nationalist by inflicting crime against those who don't conform to your ideas and despite them living in peace because others from outside wants to take control of their lives...Mall hopping and watching porn may be better than inflicting crime and torture against oppressed people. Bangalore is definitely better than Mumbai, Mangalore and Northern India for sure....I am born n brought in North India and I am appalled at the level castiesm and hatred towards Muslim sector over least it is lesser over here before 2-3 years back but now people like you are coming over to make our live difficult...why you will be liked is a question??? To get away from your kind I came to Bangalore only to find your kind is following over there...
#Ram on May 31, 2016 :
I can see people are posting the data merely based on perception and rumors here. Take out Ncrb data and you will see that most crimes are done here by local criminals. And advise for those who think Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city...its is bullshit...all that seems is not what it is actually in is full of xenophobic people, especially semi and uneducated rural local migrants, coupled with presence of large number of anti-national communities who only fuel this trend. If you are coming for education, job or whatever reasons just take a look at your options, and now with its weather gone too Bangalore is just an expensive city where there is nothing other than mall hopping and watching porn on internet rest of the time.
#Anonymous on May 03, 2016 :
All the problems here is because of migrant bangaloreans,they want to make property,money and extract everything from here, but they hate local people and local language..
#Anonymous on May 03, 2016 :
Those who hate bangalore, please vacate immediately, atleast the one who are here will survive peacefully.
#Aayavadda on Mar 21, 2016 :
Bangalore ( now Bengaaaluuuruuuu) is a nice cosmopolitan (is my spelling correct?) city. Kannada people are really nice and inviting people. Nice weather , lots of greenery and great companies, start ups to work for. Bangalore rocks! hands down!!
Okay, BTW, don't trust the most conniving autowallahs . They'll litterally take you for a ride ( I'm not joking!) .

Rest alright, keep your guard, enjoy life or struggle to survive ( both works).
#GODFAHTER on Mar 08, 2016 :
I'm true Indian first, then I'm Bangalorean by birth, I was born at St.Marthas Hospital, many of you perhaps wont believe me, just because you haven't seen or witnessed what I'm going to say. Bangalore is city as like other cities in India, where you guys have spent your childhood but what so special about people of Karnataka they are calm matured peace loving people, seldom indulge in crime, they believe in judiciary system of the country. Most of the are highly educated highest numbers of doctors and engineers and largest educational institutions in India is Karnataka. Dignified people. Simply recall all these robberies, cheating, fraud, conning, were very rare in the 80's. It was called paradise once upon a time. It started when IT companies, Call center were introduced in the city, that enticed all the good and the bad, The saddest thing is our police they were not so professionals they would have controlled from the day one, but they failed therefore many crimes under their noses but hard to trace, common people are the real sufferer. in the year 1990, Bangalore was fantastic place to live. At the end I moved out from Bangalore, Lots of corruption cant trust anyone everyone has agenda to cheat someone or the other. This is fact whether believe it or not definitely good people are there I have no time to search for them. I'm very sad but what to do this is life, I need to live with peace and harmony which is hard to find in Bangalore. If not fatty salary its difficult to live similarly like Singapore living standards. God bless you all stay wherever you are say happy, to me I love everyone only thing I cant afford cost of leaving 4bedroom flat and servant salary, driver salary, house expenditures were coming up to 1,65,000 per month same life style much better in 90,000 Thousand I'm managing this is the difference.
#James Cavanaugh on Jan 01, 2016 :
I will be visiting Bangalore in January. I grew up in New York City when crime was at its worst. I am saddened to see the North/South divide and clear hatred I've read in some of these posts. From what I can see Bangalore looks like a great city and I look forward to a safe and enlightening visit. Peace Out, Jayster!
#Crow era on Dec 09, 2015 :
If anyone is going to start any strike regarding this please do it fast before things get out of hand and call me if u want
#Crow era on Dec 09, 2015 :
If all the good people still living here who want peace join up, and start pulling these bastards out of their houses and kick them all out well can finally have peace, con well need to start a strike everyone needs to stand upto these dons and so called heroes we can destroy them all because everybody knows the police suck at doing their work the police nowadays are just ex rowdies who couldn't study so just got a great job because of their body and strength so they themselves support the dons bcos these dons may have been their friends or something in the past, so the only way to stop this shit is to go the subhash chandra base ways and give these roadies, fake mla, ministers etc a deadly latti charge bcos the ppl shouldn't be afraid of the government the government should be afraid of the ppl, bcos the government is nothing without the ppl
#Crow era on Dec 09, 2015 :
Bangalore is being spoilt by North fucking Indians mainly those binaries, tamil bastards,Nepali assholes, if u see carefully the kannada ppl are so kind and really good they are decent towards women and stuff I'm telling this from the bottom of my heart I'm a tamil bengalurean native to here and i really say that these tamil nadu bastards who act like heroes are the worst breed of ppl and these Nepalese are the worst breed of thieves so the government has to destroy them for good
#GAURI on Dec 03, 2015 :
By reading all this comment I am confused. Because I am planning to shift to Bangalore. Just I want to say We are Indian. This is our country and we have the right to live in anywhere in our country. And you all guys stop blaming each other, stop fighting with religion, colour, cast. After all we are human and we have brains.
#Sarah on Nov 25, 2015 :
As a tourist in Bangalore I had felt relatively safe walking around in the day alone and only exploring at night with my boyfriend who is working here. However, I had a recent incident after getting into a rickshaw at 10.30pm after arriving back from a bus journey, the driver tried to drive me down a quiet dead end street then after I objected tried to drive me to another remote area near a park at which point I jumped out and said I felt uncomfortable - luckily I roughly know Bangalore so I knew the direction I should be going, he proceeded to shout at me and demand money. I was comforted that a number of men from Bangalore stepped in to speak with him and reassure me not to be scared. Ladies - please be careful at night and avoid transport after dark alone!!! If you have to then get a pre booked taxi from the hotel or I think an uber would be safer.
#Priya on Nov 19, 2015 :
Uneducated North Indians shouldn't be allowed to come here. Loud mouthed assholes. They have nothing up in the north. The South Indian states are developed and these maadarchhods come here and spoil it. Filthy animals. Kucch aata toh hai nahin aur aake chori dacoity karte hai. Kucch develop karke apne apne sheher mein reh jao, laude ke baalo.
#Bangalorean on Nov 12, 2015 :
Its simply no safe, I've lived in India all my life, police don't file FIR on gangsters, too much corruption, all the reports are a lie, the number are false, sexual assaults and gangs are too big a problem to deal with, as minsters children are "DONS", the only good things is no guns, but people are unpleasant, they're rude, this is the truth, believe it or not...
#maneetisacunt on Oct 17, 2015 :
Maneet shut up, you need to get a life stop discriminating people
#Vaish on Oct 17, 2015 :
The first guy who commented should shut up, I am South indian and I don't discriminate people. You are an uneducated cunt. south indians will never change btw my 5 year old nephew is smarter and does not murder the english language