Quality of Life in Bangalore, India

Purchasing Power Index 74.27   Moderate
Safety Index 45.95   Moderate
Health Care Index 65.90   High
Climate Index 89.39   Very High
Cost of Living Index 27.47   Very Low
Property Price to Income Ratio 6.76   Low
Traffic Commute Time Index 52.96   High
Pollution Index 83.06   Very High
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 117.48   High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 397

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 779

Last update: August 2021

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87 Comments so far
Dhruv on Jul 06, 2021:
Absolutely, that point made by the earlier person is very true. Rural India is much more livable and have great quality of life than Urban India. The big cities of India, especially the mega cities have very bad quality of life. It is a genuine fact. The big cities of India have only economy, jobs and absolutely nothing else. The biased 'livable places survey' conducted by the Indian Government is total nonsense. The countrysides, the picturesque villages, the rural places of India are highly livable. And many people have gone back to rural India during these 'Work From Home' days. Most Indians are very happy staying / working in the countryside, very close to nature and environment anyday than the bustling, chaotic megacities.
Jadhav on Jul 05, 2021:
Bangalore along with Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Delhi are hellholes of the world. They are disgusting places. The smaller towns and villages of India are amongst the most livable places. Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai are not at all livable, intact they are nauseating places, conpletely contrary to the Indian Government survey. Rural India and its smaller towns have better quality of life and highly livable.
Gopan on Jul 04, 2021:
All of us Malayalees and Keralites prefer to be buried or cremated in Bangalore, if we die in the Gulf countries. Keratitis love Bangalore to be their final resting place. We Malayalees consider it an honor that our surplus black money earnings from the Gulf will be looted by the hooligan auto rickshaw drivers of Bangalore. We love to be assaulted and molested by the beggar gangsters on the roadside in Bangalore. Being a proud Malayalee, I have already booked my cremation site in Bangalore.
Vinod on May 31, 2021:
I would agree with many points that Manoj has mentioned except on his points on religion and democracy. I have posted my comments in Mumbai's Quality of Life page in this site today.
Overall, I feel that Bangalore and Mumbai have great Quality of Life. I have lived in many developed countries abroad and still feel that Bangalore has excellent quality of life. Nowadays even the air quality has improved a lot. Bangalore has the advantage of pleasant climate throughout the year and being the Technology and Research capital of India. Bangalore is a great place to live. Bangalore is indeed the most cosmopolitan city in India, followed by Mumbai. Cost of living is much cheaper in India.
Bangalore has plenty of treelined roads, parks, gardens and it is known for its beautiful flowers, good airport and helpful people.
Manoj on May 27, 2021:
The transition of India from the most liberal democracy to a flawed democracy is done.
India's 'Unity in Diversity' was a concept that was admired and even envied by the world. One can never forget 'Amar Akbar Antony' (children of the same mother) and how the Hindu-Muslim-Christian brotherhood in India was unparalleled and exceptional in the entire world. But this is now history that ended approximately a decade ago.
What has happened since then? Right-wing extremist groups are ruling this country. I am being honest here, Right-wing groups in India consider Muslims and Christians as their enemies. Media is taken over by the government and the country has plummeted down sharply in the press freedom index. The economy has fallen dramatically, industries and SMEs are closing down, going bankrupt day-by-day. India was considered a 'rising' superpower in 2010, but today it is a 'setting' superpower. India's GDP per-capita income at the moment is lower than some South Asian countries too. The passport index is dismal and no signs of any significant improvement.
Throughout the internet, you will find the right-wing groups' supporters of India with their biased comments, mainly from the IT cell. Any opposition towards them in online platforms could even lead to a potential ban/regulation of that website! Dissent is getting suppressed by the administration. Lockdowns are enforced, shoved down on the people without any consensus or a rational thought process. The ignorant and arrogant politicians think they know everything and anything. People still elect their local representatives based on the lies of the Supreme Leader and his Deputy. News channels are abnormally overhyped and sensationalized. I can go on and on, but India is definitely not progressing as a good democracy and future is foggy.
KWM on May 26, 2021:
Great comments by so many people here. Young Hindu youth all over India are getting brainwashed by RSS and Sangh Parivar organizations. I still remember a Hindu priest saying that both Hindus and Jews don't believe in the concept of Hell. But in reality, the Jewish God has ordered for 'Hell on Earth'. Think of any disgusting work that is repulsive in today's world, the Jewish God has commanded his prophets and followers to do such activities. These are all there in their Torah, the Tanakh and also in the Talmud. The Jewish God is completely a psychotic, evil, invisible, bloodthirsty, terror God.
RSS, VHP and Sanghi organizations across India are run by shameless sycophants of Israel and ignorant brainwashed Hindu people. This also includes India's pathetic Media and the saffron online IT cell members.
Anonymous on May 25, 2021:
RSS, VHP and all Hindutva extremist groups are boot lickers of Jews and Israel. The Jewish holy scriptures (Torah, Tanakh, Talmud) are the main source of Jihad, death penalties, genocide, oppression of women, slaughter of innocent people and babies, slavery, racism and injustice. "Jews and Hindus are brothers" is the famous slogan of Hindutva extremists and saffron IT cell all throughout social media. Judaism is the parent of radical Islam and terror. It is rightly confirmed by other people.
As the saying goes here in India, "Ganja manufacturers are heroes and never get caught, but the Ganja consumers are put in jail". Hindus are fools and are blind sycophants of Jews and Israel.
Niyazuddin on May 24, 2021:
I am adding few more details for my earlier comments today. Hinduism worships around 30 million Gods, while both Islam and Judaism worship only 1 God. Muslims and Jews are strict monotheists. It is the worst sin in both Islam and Judaism to worship more than 1 God or any non-transcendent entity. Israel has Sharia courts in many of its cities and towns. By far, the closest religion to Islam is Judaism.
I have a question: Why do many Indians dream of working even as menial labourers in the Middle-East countries. I have observed enormous number of Indians working as cheap labourers throughout the Middle-East. Why? Because highly skilled professionals in India earn much lesser than daily wage labourers in the Middle-East countries.
Niyazuddin on May 24, 2021:
Mr. Rashakrishna, your comments about Judaism and their sacred book Torah are very true. Hindus are idol worshippers. The Torah obliges the Jews to stone the idolaters to death. It means that Hindus are the worst people according to Judaism and Jews. Then why is India licking the boots of Israel and Jews? Why do Hindus consider Jews as their brothers? It is simply to suppress Pakistan and Bangladesh. Both Pakistan and Bangladesh don't recognize the Jewish state. Pakistan, Bangladesh passports are valid for all countries except Israel. I had stayed in Bangalore for 5 years and am now living in Kuwait. Kuwait offers a much higher salary than any place in India.
Ajith on May 09, 2021:
People are hated in Bengaluru when they disrespect the local tradition. People of Bengaluru hate others if they disrespect the local language.
Once in Rome, be a Roman. As simple as that.
6.5million people travel to France in a year. That doesn't mean France was built by foreigners. Each person tries to talk in French, for at least "Bonjour". 11million people live in Bengaluru, these Biharis, UP, Tamilans, Malayali kutti, Andhra vallu and Marathas come to Bangalore, and show huge disrespect to our local language and culture. That's how they get hated? Wouldn't you be kicked out of the Korean restaurant if u tell that their food is half cooked?
Ajith on May 09, 2021:
I read a lot of comments on Hindus hating Christians.
This is very untrue, we Indians feel it prestigious to have our initial schooling in a convent. We have the highest tolerance for other religions.
Mr. Andrew, I suggest you to stop watching Al Jazeera and start watching VLogs that your fellow countrymen did when they were here, VLoggers don't manipulate things. ' persecution ' is the harsh word you could use. I guess YMCA is richest in India than any Hindu trusts and we are OK with that. What we are not OK with is forceful conversion by Christian missionaries in exchange for monthly ration or money.
John on Mar 31, 2021:
As a Christian, I certainly agree with Bruce's opinion. Hinduism is a very benevolent, tolerant, non-violent and good religion. I am thankful to the Hindu people for giving me full rights and liberties in India. I am happy to be living in India. I never faced any problem in this country. This is my opinion.
Bruce on Mar 31, 2021:
Hindus definitely are among the most tolerant, liberal and kind hearted people in the world. All people in India, irrespective of their religion enjoy full rights in India. India celebrates and gives holidays to many festivals of different religions. But if you look at India's neighbors and many other countries in Asia and Africa, then India is by far a very benevolent, tolerant and gentle country. India is the world's largest liberal democracy with 1.5 billion people, and it is a Hindu majority country.
Andrew on Mar 30, 2021:
I am from New Jersey, USA and it is sad to observe the level of persecution and discrimination Christians are facing in India at the moment. But this isn't very peculiar. Christians are severely hated and persecuted in Muslim countries too. Many Jews also hate Christians very much. China also hates Christians as well. Indian Christians are mostly well educated and they are indeed welcome to the USA. I hope other Christian countries around the world open the doors and relax the visa restrictions for the Indian Christians, you are always welcome to America.
DRH on Mar 29, 2021:
Anonymous is right about his/her comments. Plenty of people in Bengaluru virulent hate the Christians. The Christians especially those from India are subjugated and face intense racism, subjugation in the offices in Bengaluru. Majority of the employees, managers and entrepreneurs in Bengaluru get sadistic pleasure by persecuting Christians immensely. Me and my Christian colleagues at office have faced a lot of racism, injustice, discrimination, oppression in Bengaluru because of our religion. Bengaluru is definitely among the worst places for Christians in India. I am very honest and I am speaking the truth.
Anonymous on Mar 29, 2021:
Bengaluru is one of the worst places in India to live as a Christian. Most people in Bengaluru hate Christians very much. Indian Christians face a lot of discrimination, persecution, racism in the workplaces of Bengaluru. Christians have to tolerate the cheaters, liars, haters, bigots, highly corrupt people in the workplaces of Bengaluru. Bengaluru is a horrible place for Christians. Truth and facts are bitter to hear.
Usha Singh on Mar 14, 2021:
Bangalore is way more cleaner than all the Tamil Nadu cities, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and North India. In states such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu, there is a big language barrier. People will not cooperate with you if you don't know the local language in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They will reply you back in Malayalam or Tamil even if they know English. This language barrier you won't observe in Karnataka cities such as Bangalore and Mangalore. Overall, Bangalore is a very good place to live in India.
Manish on Mar 13, 2021:
Bengaluru is much cleaner than Chennai, Coimbatore and Mumbai. It is a true fact.
Anonymous on Mar 11, 2021:
Bangalore is one of the worst city in South India. Only Mumbai is safest city in India.
Harish Pandey on Mar 04, 2021:
Everyone knows that Bengaluru is a glorified shithole. Bengaluru has everything to offer such as suffocating air pollution, worst traffic, lakes and rivers that catch fire, extreme racism, cheating and discrimination, nepotism, corruption, looting landlords, educationists that overcharge the tuition fees, critical patients that die on the roads due to traffic jams.
The Indian politicians that have made the Ease of Living survey by saying Bengaluru is most livable are idiots. I wish and hope all the Indian politicians and journalists drown in the polluted frothing lakes and rivers of Bengaluru.
Gaurav Gupta on Mar 04, 2021:
Bangalore is an urban disaster. The Indian government has ranked this shithole Bangalore as the most livable place in the country ! Absolute crap nonsensical surveys are done by the Indian government. All the Indian politicians and their media puppets are garbage.
The survey of Numbeo is the most accurate.
Gautam on Feb 23, 2021:
Almost all the surveys at an international level are extremely biased and loaded with white hegemony and propaganda. Some of the surveys include Global Peace Index, Where-to-be-born index, freedom index, transparency index, climate index, happiness index, etc.
I have lived in many so called "highly developed" western countries. They have nothing special to offer except for high salary.
Indians are among the most peaceful and tolerant people on the planet. The only factor favorable in western countries is high salary.
Don't get me started about the gun culture in US or the number of countries looted by the European nations. In US, gun can be used to threaten someone and this will never get reported.
Sorry to be blunt, but all the Western Countries are a lunatic asylum hiding behind the veil of fake tolerance and peace.
In India, we have our own Garbage media that was nurtured by the horrible British news channels.
I tell you the truth, Indians migrate to western countries just to earn more money. There is nothing worth mentioning about foreign countries except for high economy and cash. Most of the intolerant, hegemonic, narcissistic people are found in the western countries. I have been there and been a victim of all of these incidents.
Prathamesh on Feb 09, 2021:
Bangalore is a horrible place. Plenty of nepotism is observed in Bangalore's software companies and central government PSU industries. Most of the people don't get recruited on merit. Even foreign employees working in Bangalore's software companies also play a lot of nepotism. Talented, sincere and genuine employees never get recruited or onboarded in Bangalore. Being a localite, I find it absolutely shameful that Bangalore has become a thriving place for nepotism for all the migrants from all over India and also overseas employees. Bangalore is definitely a nightmare.
Murthy on Feb 04, 2021:
Bangalore is indeed one of the worst cities of India. Having stayed in most of the major cities of India, I have no doubt saying this. Geographically it is a great place, the people, especially the local population are a bunch of crooks and cheaters. The cheating ability of Bangaloreans is at par with those of Delhi. If Delhi is the cheating and crime capital of North India, Bangalore takes the title for South India. The key to staying in Bangalore if at all is complete avoidance of local people. Local people of Bangalore are merely hooligans and goons, whose only work is to find non-Bangaloreans and cheat/loot them to the best extent possible.
Birender on Dec 29, 2020:
In what way is Bangalore considered a best city, Dear #Shravan Balaji? Bangalore is a terrible place to live.
Let's evaluate Bangalore

1. Pollution: Lakes don't have any aquatic life. Most of them are encroached with buildings, lakes are used for dumping human waste and household waste items. Air is filled with dust. Everything stationary gets filled with dust particles. Bangalore is nicknamed the 'Asthma capital of India'.

2. Crime: Plenty of violent crime happens in Bangalore. Rape and murder are very common here. Burglar is very common. Bangalore has a Chor Bazaar (Thief Market) at Chickpete where all the stolen items are sold. The Bangalore police supports these activities of thieves and burglars. Pickpocketing and chain-snatching are very common in the BMTC buses and in the streets. Bangalore is called the Suicide Capital of India. It is verified by reliable sources online.

3. Racism: A huge majority of Bangalore's software employees, entrepreneurs are avid supporters and followers of Hindutva militant organizations. Religious minorities are severely discriminated here. People in Bangalore are deluded and think that they are the only ones in India that can read and write in both English and Hindi.

4. Worst water supply: Bangalore is the only town in the world having 10 million population that doesn't even have piped water supply. Water is not quality checked, and entire town's water supply comes from the Water Tanker mafia. Tapeworms in the belly and hairfall problems are very common in Bangalore.

5. Looting Education and Healthcare: Primary school education costs a minimum of 1 lakh per year. Ambulances get stuck i traffic and a critical patient will be dead before he reaches the hospital. ICU treatment especially during this Covid pandemic are very expensive. There is shortage of hospitals for the population. Hospitals such as Apollo are renowned as money-extracting institutions. Bangalore and Pune are the worst affected Covid-19 cities in India.

6. Worst traffic: Needless to say this, Bangalore is ranked 6th in the world when it comes to traffic congestion. The traffic is absolutely miserable. Very often a travel of 10 km can take atleast 2 hours at many locations. People have no respect for traffic rules here. Many times a car is driven with 1 person only, people honk recklessly, overtake on the wrong side, and many cars are scratched or dented. Reaching the airport can take 2-3 hours, if you are in South Bangalore!

7. Powercuts and flooding: Powercuts are very common during summer at localities in East Bangalore. A half an hour rain in September or October is all it takes to get the entire city flooded. This is how pathetic the planning is, because of the BBMP. There are uncovered manholes and footpaths, and there are chances that during flooding, people might fall into those pits and have life-threatening consequences.

8. PG house rent: Bangalore is probably the only place I know where PG owners ask their tenants to pay rents of 10 months in advance. This is a bond system and it is very bad.

So to summarize, Bangalore has Worst quality of life. The only saving grace in this survey was the climate. And that's why the score is high. Apart from climate, Bangalore is an awful place to live. I am from Punjab and have lived in Canada. I never want to stay in Bangalore.
Shravan Balaji on Dec 28, 2020:
One of the best cities I have ever visited in India. Can't wait to visit again:))))
Kavya G on Dec 27, 2020:
All these comments here are true and honest. I had been living in Bengaluru. Bengaluru is among the most racist and disgusting places in the world. Being a female, this Bengaluru is pathetic and I have been sexually harassed multiple times by the local people of this town. Many local software entrepreneurs and CEOs in Bengaluru abuse the minorities and oppress them. Discrimination and oppression is at the forefront in Bengaluru. Cows are much safer than humans in Bengaluru. I have seen it with my own eyes - people are lynched to death by mobs in Bengaluru for eating beef. The Indian media is the worst media in the world and will never report these real facts. I feel pity for @Aniket Jha for the bad things that have happened to him and his family in Bengaluru. Bengaluru is a good place for gangsters, murderers, burglars and rapists. Being a woman, I feel very frightened to live in Bengaluru. I have moved out of this town. The people are the worst in Bengaluru.
Aniket Jha on Dec 27, 2020:
I had stayed in Bengaluru. I am very scared to live here. Both my daughters were raped and murdered in the streets in Bengaluru. I had suffered depression here due to the people, and thought of committing suicide. I will never return back to Bengaluru.
Dileep on Dec 23, 2020:
I very much agree with all the comments here. Bengaluru is a dangerous place and it has plenty of violent crime. Lot of rape, murder, theft, extortion, corruption are happening in Bengaluru everyday. Being a local Bengalurean, I fully agree that Bengaluru is among the worst places to live in the world.
As others have correctly mentioned, I honestly confirm that Bengaluru is definitely a Dead City and the Suicide Capital of India.
Radhakrishna on Dec 23, 2020:
People have spoken about global terrorism and its impact in Karnataka and Bengaluru. Let me add onto the good observations made by other people.
I very much agree that Islam is by far the most violent religion at present.
But Islam's core doctrine except submission comes from Judaism. Judaism's Torah and the Masoretic Text - 24 books are the instigators of global terrorism, capital punishments, corruption and wars. Quran has copied these beliefs and it still enforces them. The Israeli God Yahweh had ordered the deaths of thousands of innocent people. The Islamic God is exactly the same. The Torah says that people were also killed by stoning for picking up stones on the Sabbath !! Both Torah and Quran also enforce capital punishment for Blasphemy, Apostasy and Idolatry. Thousands of innocent babies also died because of the Jewish-Islamic God. The Torah, Masoretic Text, Talmud, Quran and Hadith are the instigators and pillars of global terrorism and violence at present.
Hindu terrorism although of a much lesser scale, is also on the rise in many places in India including Bengaluru. Religious minorities are targeted by saffron terror groups and many innocent people are lynched to death for eating beef. Karnataka will only get worse. But millions of Hindus show blind love to Judaism without acknowledging its role in the upbringing of Islam's dangerous ideologies.
It's a shame that millions of RSS Hindu supporters in Bengaluru don't know the real facts.
Thanks for reading. Have a great day !
Prithviraj on Dec 22, 2020:
It is surprising to see the Media sugarcoating the harmful aspects of Hindutva terrorism and Jewish terrorism.
Both Hindutva terrorism and Jewish terrorism could sometimes be a bigger threat to world peace than Islamic terrorism.
Karnataka, especially Bengaluru, has become the headquarters of Hindutva terrorism in South India.
Ganesh on Dec 21, 2020:
I am very grateful and impressed by the honesty and sincerity of all the people that have posted their valuable comments here.
Let's hope and do our very best to make Bengaluru a peaceful and livable city. The recent rape and murder of an Assamese girl in Bengaluru is a very shameful incident.
We should all try to improve the safety, infrastructure and Quality of Life in Bengaluru. With our dedicated efforts, we will have a bright and prosperous Bengaluru for generations to come.
Ramanathan on Dec 20, 2020:
I speak the truth here.
As @Harikrishna has rightly mentioned here, both Orthodox Judaism and Wahhabi Islam are the root causes for violence, corruption and hate in the world at present.
Both Judaism and Islam worship the same ONE God. Both these religions have almost the same religious practices and beliefs. Islam's Jihad, subjugation of women and annihilation of infidels are found in Judaism's Torah and Tanakh. They are the original sources of destruction and hate. Islam borrowed all of them from the original Jewish holy texts. The Talmud also says very bad things and preaches hate against the Non-Jews.
The Jewish prophets such as Joshua and Elijah were the original Jihadis, they killed hundreds of innocent people (infidels) in the name of the ONE God who is invisible. This same Jewish-Islamic God also calls for the death of idolaters. God took this mass murderer Jihadi Prophet Elijah into heaven permanently !! The Jewish-Islamic God didn't find anyone else righteous !! Even other Jewish prophets such as Moses, David and Jephthah were murderers, in the name of God (forefathers of Jihad). Prophet Jacob was one of the biggest cheats and highly corrupt person in history. He is the forefather of the Jewish nation.
Islam has borrowed all these violent beliefs from the original Jewish sacred texts.
How ironic that the RSS and Hindu organizations today kiss the feet of Israel, while condemning Islam ! Double standards at its best. Judaism may not do mass conversions like Islam does, but Judaism is much more violent than Islam.
Hinduism, Dharmic religions and Christianity are much more peaceful religions. How insane is it that Hindus blindly view Judaism as the closest foreign religion to theirs ! The next time you view Hindus posting comments such as "Hindus and Jews are brothers", then the sane and normal people should wish them a complete and speedy mental recovery. We hope they get well soon.

Thank you for reading my honest and unbiased comments.
From a proud and devout Hindu.
Upendra on Dec 13, 2020:
I very much agree with @Mithun. Bangalore is already a Dead city. With the construction of the expressway, Mysore will also soon become a Dead city.
Mithun on Dec 13, 2020:
I am from Haryana. I respect the opinions of all the commenters here.
But Bangalore is definitely a dangerous place. It is filled with hooligans and dangerous criminals. The recent riots and violence are besr example that this town is headed towards a disaster.
Most of the crimes don't get reported here. The Kannada media is a complete garbage filled with mentally challenged hooligans as news reporters.
The Malayalam media is also complete trash and they sugarcoat this hell called Bangalore.
As IIsc had correctly predicted, Bangalore has already become a Dead City.
With the 10-lane expressway getting constructed between Bangalore and Mysore, even Mysore will also become a Dead City very soon. The writing is on the wall for both Bangalore and Mysore.
Uday on Nov 23, 2020:
I would like to tell that mostly good people along with few bad people are there in all religions. Please do not generalize. So let's not nitpick any particular religion or caste. Let us all live in peace and harmony with each other. Live and Let Live. Let us all try to improve the Quality of Life in the places we are living now.
Varun on Nov 22, 2020:
Bangalore is a highly racist town. All Central Government institutions in Bangalore are highly racist organizations that discriminate on caste system.
The software companies in Bangalore are filled with RSS and Hindutva extremist followers. They severely discriminate people based on religion. Many software entrepreneurs in Bangalore also give hate speeches against religious minorities.
Bangalore is a cheater's paradise and there is absolutely no democracy in India. The RSS is inspired by dictators like Hitler and Mussolini. The entire Indian media is the worst media in the world. The entire Indian Media is fully controlled by RSS and Hindutva organizations.
DHM on Nov 22, 2020:
In Bangalore, innocent Muslims and Christians are targeted by Brahmins.
Bangalore is a melting pot of Brahmins from all over India. Brahmins virulently hate Muslims and Christians. These Brahmins and RSS followers spew hatred against Muslims and Christians.
In rural India, many innocent Muslims and Christans are lynched and burned to death by Brahmins and conservative Hindutva extremist supporters. The Indian media never reports these facts.
India is among the top 10 worst countries in the world to live as a Christian. It will only get worse now because RSS is ruling both India and Karnataka.
But these same Brahmins settle permanently in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Denmark, UAE, Kuwait, etc.
Bangalore is a place where Brahmins and conservative Hindutva fanatics give hate speeches against Muslims and Christians.
Harikrishna on Nov 16, 2020:
Interesting discussion here, and I would like to add my viewpoints.
It is true that Orthodox Judaism is as much a threat to this world as Wahhabi Islam. Both Wahhabi Islam and Orthodox Judaism preach violence and provoke to kill idolaters and innocent Christians.
Orthodox Judaism is sugarcoated by the mainstream media, but it is dangerous to the modern world.
In today's world, not even a single branch of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity or Jainism preaches any violence, instead they promote peace and love.
Being a Vaishya Hindu myself, I sure hope the RSS and Sangh Parivar protects and safeguards Bangalore and entire India from the dangerous Orthodox Judaism and Wahhabi Islam.
Naveen on Nov 15, 2020:
Nice comments from Kamakshi and Vishnu. In addition to Hindus and Jews, even the followers of the "Religion of Peace" are becoming citizens in large numbers in the countries of "Rice bag converts".
At present, the "Rice bag converts" are welcoming people of all religions into their countries with open arms.
Kamakshi on Nov 14, 2020:
You are correct @Vishnu Raj. There is virulent hatred towards "Rice bag converts" in both India and Israel. Both RSS and Orthodox Jews hate the "Rice bag converts" community.
In Israel, this is very common and backed by Israeli government. Watch this:
Orthodox Jews of Israel are role models of the Hindutva extremist groups.

But all the Orthodox Jews and Hindutva extremists and their supporters dream of permanently settling and have become citizens of the countries of "Rice bag converts".
Vishnu Raj on Nov 14, 2020:
Disclaimer: I am a Hindu from Bengaluru. Read my comments only if you are not offended.

There is a reason as to why India is among the least developed and least progressive and most corrupt countries of the world. It is because 95% of India consists of Hindus and Muslims.
Both Hindus and Muslims are the least educated groups in the entire world. Please see this:


"Rice bag converts" and Jews are the most educated people in the world. There is a reason why so many Jews have left India and have settled in Israel and the countries of "Rice bag converts". No foreign Jew would ever want to permanently settle and become a citizen of India. As long as India grows with RSS and ISIS followers, India will never develop. There is plenty of persecution, racism and hypocrisy towards "Rice bag converts" in India.
Ramakrishnan on Nov 01, 2020:
Bangalore is filled with racist people. Millions of people in Bangalore are supporters of RSS and fringe fundamentalist Hindutva organizations. They instigate hatred towards religious minorities.
I will tell the truth that India is much more tolerant and peaceful than all the Islamic countries in the world. But India needs to improve a lot and Hindu fundamentalism should only be aimed at stopping the spread of the so called "Religion of Peace".
Hindus have always been tolerant in the past and Hindus have always offered shelter and welcomed the persecuted Parsis, Jews, Buddhists and Christians across the world. Hindus are peaceful and tolerant and it's true.
India and Israel are sandwiched between the contiguous territory of the "Religion of Peace" from Morocco to Bangladesh. Muslims have the least amount of education among all religious groups in the world.


Just look at neighboring Maldives and how all non-Muslim religions are suppressed, persecuted and subjugated under Sharia Law. None of the Gulf (GCC) countries offer citizenship to any non-Muslim.
In Bangalore too, most slums including Yarab Nagar, Tilak Nagar, etc. are filled with the "Religion of Peace".
I am telling real facts, and these are not my opinion.
Thanks for reading my honest comments.
Parvati R on Oct 23, 2020:
Being a woman, I am ashamed to say that Bengaluru is extremely unsafe for women. Cows are much more safer than Humans in Bengaluru. It is a real fact. Humans are harassed; the women are gangraped, molested and sometimes even killed. But cows are worshipped and cow-dung is sacred here in Bengaluru. There are daily powercuts for several hours in Bengaluru. Heavy rain or summer could lead to most of the day without any electricity.
India is indeed filled with rape culture. Just look at the population of the country. Having highly populated cities means that places are developed. This is the pathetic mindset of Indians. Shameless uncultured people from Bengaluru beg for onsite in companies and settle permanently in Western countries. The entire Indian Media is a puppet of the government. Indian Media and Indian Politicians are the worst in the world.
Anuradha on Oct 14, 2020:
Mr. Manjunath's comments are very true and genuine. The software companies in Bengaluru are filled with murderers of the mind. This is particularly true for all the Managers and Executives in Bengaluru's software companies. These people are backstabbers, do great injustice and murder people mentally.
All the software company managers, bosses in Bengaluru have corruption and blood in their hands. The righteous people suffer in the hands of these criminals in software companies in Bengaluru.
These same criminals go onsite and permanently settle in Western countries. Cheating people is an integral part of Bengaluru culture. All the software companies, its managers and bosses in Bengaluru are a shame to humanity. All these Bengaluru managers, bosses are murderers of the mind.
Also, I have been molested and raped at night in the streets of Bengaluru.
It is the absolute truth that Bengaluru has the highest number of suicides in India. Bengaluru is the "Suicide Capital of India".
Manjunath G on Oct 13, 2020:
Bangalore is indeed the 'Suicide Capital of India'. Bangalore is filled with liars, deceivers, bullies, cheats and swindlers. There are plenty of people in Bangalore that can murder your mind.
I have lost both of my children due to suicide. They were both software engineers and had faced severe mental depression and stress due to many criminal-minded people in software companies. But these same criminal-masterminded people dream of getting onsite and settling in Western countries. They will completely spoil those countries as well.
Nobody can bring back the lives of my children.
Ragini on Oct 11, 2020:
People here have told correct things about Bengaluru. Majority of people in Bengaluru cheat others and you'll never get justice for the wrong things done to you. People in Bengaluru will only take sides with the powerful, extremely rich and corrupt people. Cheating, deceiving others, stealing things and flattery are very common in Bengaluru. I too agree that Bengaluru is the 'Suicide Capital of India'.
Balakrishnan on Oct 06, 2020:
I completely agree with the comments of @Arshad. Bangalore has a vast majority of highly racist people. Most people in Bangalore are fraudsters, notorious liars and cheat other people. Bangalore is rightly called the 'Suicide Capital of India', according to plenty of reliable sources.
Arshad on Oct 05, 2020:
Bangalore is filled with racist people. You will face plenty of racial discrimination in Bangalore. Most local Bangalore people are liars, fraudsters and deceitful crooks.
I have stayed in Bangalore and I know these facts. I have now relocated to Navi Mumbai.
K Mishra on Oct 04, 2020:
Bangalore is definitely not a green city. It has some roadside trees, but it is a concrete jungle.
It is a disastrously planned city, where you don't even have piped water supply.
The water tanker mafia fully controls and is in-charge the water supply in Bangalore. The water quality is not at all good.
The climate is dry, the air is filled with dust in Bangalore. You will definitely get Asthma if you stay in Bangalore for a long time. Bangalore is the Asthma Capital of India.
You will have a hard time with drunkards at night in Bangalore, if you're walking in the streets alone. India's pub capital also produces intoxicated people dominating the roads at night. Accidents are quite high and it will be hard to spot cars without any dents or major scratches. This is also due to the severe traffic congestion. Plenty of people in Bangalore are also living in a delusion that they are the only ones that can read and speak both English and Hindi. NIMHANS can get more patients like these people.
Bellandur and Varthur lakes are filled with pollutants and foam. They have also caught fire ! All the handful of surviving lakes in Bangalore are highly polluted or on the verge of encroachment.
Bangalore's traffic congestion is among the worst in the world.
Auto drivers will overcharge you with exorbitant rates. Buses are very few and inconvenient for the population of Bangalore. Metrorail project is a scam and a failure. The roads are awful especially around the IT parks. Sidewalks are cracked and broken. Half hour rain in August and September can flood the entire city of Bangalore. Pedestrians have a life-threatening risk of falling into uncovered manholes, cracked sidewalks during these floods. The Bangalore Airport is a 3 hour drive in the evening from the southern parts of the city! The security staff in the Bangalore Airport are extremely rude for even domestic flight travellers.
Power cuts are very frequent and can last for several hours in India's Technology Capital - Bangalore.
I am happy that I have permanently out of Bangalore. I never want to visit Bangalore again in my life.
Pramod on Sep 27, 2020:
Hopefully the quality of life in Bangalore will improve in the months to come. Bangalore never had a rich history of assimilating people and cultures throughout the millenia. Bangalore was never a major trading post throughout ancient times and centuries in antiquity.
Hence cultures have not assimilated together in Bangalore.
But in most coastal cities, the cultural assimilation has happened since millenia and ancient times. This cosmopolitanism is still seen in many coastal Indian cities such as Surat, Mumbai, Alibag, Goa, Mangalore, Kozhikode, Kochi, Chennai, Pondy, Vizag and Kolkata.
These places have a rich cultural history and have been very cosmopolitan and welcoming since antiquity, as they were all major trading posts for more than a thousand years. They are India's string of pearls.
This cultural assimilation has unfortunately not happened in India's landlocked cities.
And don't get me started about "climate marketing" in landlocked cities of India.
This is one of the key factors as to why quality of living and cosmopolitanism is way better in India's coastal cities since antiquity.
Prabhakar on Sep 19, 2020:
I am from Ranchi in Jharkhand.
I definitely agree with all the comments here. Bengaluru is certainly a horrible place to live.
Most local people of Bengaluru are crooked and like to flatter people with lies. They will play games behind your back. Sorry if I have offended people. I just speak the truth.

I have suffered immensely when I have stayed in Bengaluru. Plenty of people in Bengaluru have cheated me and have made me go into severe depression. I had to move back to Ranchi to live with my parents and they comforted me. They also told me to never go to Bengaluru again.

I honestly like many places in Southern India, but Bengaluru is certainly the worst place I have ever lived. And this is due to the people of Bengaluru and the migrated people over there.
Devarajan on Sep 19, 2020:
I am from Singapore of Indian origin.
I must say that Singapore is much more tolerant than Bangalore. Singapore is a dictatorship, but it has achieved rapid sustainable development.
I can clearly say that Bangalore is atleast 50 years behind Singapore in terms of infrastructure, development, cleanliness, hygiene and safety. The crimes in Bangalore are also extremely high.
Many people in Bangalore and throughout India these days are in favour of dictatorship. Infact, India is headed towards dictatorship. The entire Media in India are puppets of the ruling government. The social media in India is also monitored and censored by the ruling government.
Bangalore has a long way to go to achieve good quality of life while also achieving sustainable development. I am very grateful to the people for mentioning their opinions here. It was a pleasure to read all of them.
Deepa on Sep 19, 2020:
I am a Hindu Kshatriya from Bangalore.
I am very sorry to be blunt here, but Bangalore is among the top places for Christian persecution in India. Bangalore has millions of followers of RSS, Bajrang Dal and Sangh Parivar. These RSS Sanghi organizations hate Christians to the core. Indian Christians are often soft targets because they don't retaliate, and instead live peacefully and forgive all other people.
I am telling you the truth, Bangalore is one of the worst places for Christians to live in India.
RSS has instigated and already brainwashed the millions of Hindus in Bangalore, and RSS portrays all Christians as their biggest enemies. In Bangalore this year, Churches have been vandalized and some of them are on the verge of demolition for silly flyover projects. The RSS is fully controlling Bangalore.
RSS Sangh followers have already spoiled Quora, Facebook and Twitter and downvote anything written against the Sangh Parivar organizations. As other user had mentioned in this page, these same RSS followers and haters of Christians from Bangalore dream of permanently settling in Christian countries such as USA, Australia, Canada and European nations. But in Bangalore, all these RSS followers severely hate and persecute Christians. This is the irony.
Bangalore leads the way for Christian persecution in India. As others have correctly mentioned, Bangalore is definitely the most racist place in India.
Anand on Sep 18, 2020:
Bangalore has to improve a lot if it has to become a sustainable city. In India, cities having a large population and area denote more development. This is false thinking.
Bangalore has plenty of crime, racism, discrimination, pollution, traffic and inflation.
The Indian Media is definitely the worst media in the world. The Indian Media hides the truth and facts, but show baseless and fake news for months.
I have to say that Numbeo is very accurate when it comes to surveys of cities and countries across the world.
Numbeo is one website that I completely trust for unbiased facts, statistics and honest comments.
Bharath R on Sep 01, 2020:
Thank you Numbeo for providing us an unbiased analysis and truthful honest opinions about Quality of Life in Bangalore.
It is a delight and pleasure to read all these genuine and truthful comments over here and in other pages. Let people be aware of the Quality of Life stats in Indian cities and across the world.
Matthew on Aug 27, 2020:
I am an Indian Christian. I have been living in Bangalore for more than 40 years. I have lived in other Indian cities too.

India is among the most peaceful, kind and most tolerant countries in the world. India for centuries has always protected and given shelter to persecuted people.
All Christians are treated equally in India along with all the other religions. We enjoy all the rights and privileges. I am very thankful to the Hindus. I like India very much.
Rajesh on Aug 27, 2020:
My dear brothers and sisters. We have and always will live in peace and harmony.
It is the main objective of 'Politics' to polarize communities in terms of religion.
I repeat, it is nothing but 'Politics'.

India is indeed a very safe place. India right from the ancient times till the present times has always been a safe place for the persecuted people throughout the world.
India practises freedom of speech, freedom of religion and tolerance. That is the reason for these many comments to appear in this page. This proves the openness and tolerance of the Indian society. Even to this day, people of all religions enjoy equal privileges in India. Bangalore is no exception in this scenario.
Bangalore is a good place to live. But just like any other megacity in the world there are a few problems. That's all.
Thank you for reading!
Nawaz M on Aug 26, 2020:
Yes @Hameed. I completely agree with you. Bangalore has millions of devoted supporters of RSS and Sangh Parivar. These people absolutely hate Muslims and Christians.
Almost all Brahmins are faithful supporters of RSS, Sangh Parivar and are "Nationalists". Everyday, thousands of such people migrate to Bangalore and this town has become their den.

But these same RSS, Sangh Parivar supporters and Brahmin people beg for Work and Education Visa and settle in Christian and Muslim countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Germany, UAE and Bahrain.
Most of these hypocrites permanently settle in America. There they will eat plenty of Beef.
But in India, these same RSS, Sangh Parivar followers and Brahmins hate Muslims and Christians. Muslims and Christians are persecuted in India by these people.
I am telling you the Truth in my comments. Bangalore is the most racist town in India.
Hameed on Aug 25, 2020:
Bangalore is the headquarters of RSS and Sangh Parivar in South India. RSS and Sangh Parivar organizations are well-known for the persecution and discrimination of Muslims and Christians.
Bangalore has millions of instigators, masterminds and followers (Bhakts) of the RSS, Sangh Parivar and Bajrang Dal.
I speak the truth - The RSS has brainwashed thousands of software employees and entrepreneurs in Bangalore.

Other South Indian cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram should be proud for not allowing RSS to enter their cities. Otherwise, RSS will completely start spreading hatred to the 2 religions in these other cities too.

The irony is that these same RSS, Sangh Parivar followers (software employees and entrepreneurs) in Bangalore passionately dream of studying, working and settling in Christian and Muslim countries. But they can persecute these 2 religions and their followers in their own country.
Prabhu on Aug 18, 2020:
Excellent comments from @Ranganath. I have read them and fully agree with them. There is a small typo in your comment and I have read it with context.
It should be 'unagreed' instead of 'unarmed'. That's the typo.
Your comments are perfect and definitely very informative and useful.
I completely concur with your comments and all the others over here.
Ranganath on Aug 18, 2020:
The software industry in India is definitely the Worst in the world, by a long way. This also applies to all the indigenous industries of India, and wherever most Indians have settled.
Let me tell you honestly, Indian managers and most Indian software employees are the biggest cheats you'll ever meet. Majority of Indian software employees are big liars, flatterers, most racist, crooked and two-faced people.
Telling lies is a part of Indian culture. Indian society doesn't ever practice sincerity, genuinity and straight-forwardness. In all software companies and industries in India, only these liars, backstabbers (metaphorically) and cheaters will climb up the company ladder. Most Indian employees and managers are highly racist and exploit their colleagues and subordinates. Speaking kind words are nothing. It is the good deeds that count. Unfortunately, good deeds are never a part of Indian work culture.
Most Indians squeeze work, exploit their employees, pay very very cheap salary, no benefits, and good deeds are never practiced. All the Indian employees working onsite are extremely arrogant, haughty, condescending and egotistical people. The offshore people they work with are severely exploited beyond work hours, unnecessary and unarmed work is forced by these on-site Indians to offshore team.

I have had the privilege of working with many European employees and managers. Trust me, all European enployees are genuine, honest, sincere, straightforward and compassionate. They will never lie or cheat their workers with words or deeds. Kind and flattering words are NOT important for Europeans. It's the good deeds and final output that really matter to them. European managers and employees will offer you very high salary, lot of benefits, will NEVER backstab (metaphorically) you, like most Indians do. All Europeans respect time and work-hours. They will NEVER exploit people and make you work beyond office hours. Whatever task is agreed should be completed, that's all. No work pressure, no squeezing, no lies and no flattery by Europeans at all. European managers and supervisors are a million times better than Indian managers. It is the truth.

Most Indians are extremely racist people compared to Europeans.
Indian software industry, attitude and work culture is certainly the most racist and by-far the worst in the world. Most Indians will also ruin the places where they've gone onsite.
Thanks for reading !
H Asthana on Aug 09, 2020:
I am from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh.
Let me tell you that racism exists throughout India. I have worked for sometime in Bengaluru. And yes, there is a lot of Racism in this city. The Human Resources employees (HRs) working in Bengaluru software companies come from different states. But each HR will recruit hundreds of people from his/her state only. Not a single HR in Bengaluru will recruit a candidate based on merit, technical skill or genuine software work-experience. It's a true fact.
Telugu HR will recruit only the candidates from Andhra Pradesh or Telangana. Malayalee HR only recruits people from Kerala. Tamilian HR recruits Tamil Nadu candidates only. Same logic applies to the Odia, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi heartland states and Jharkhand HR people as well. They will never recruit any person who isn't from their own state.
So clearly the Human Resources officers themselves are highly Racist and bigoted when it comes to recruiting people. This is one of the many forms of Racism.
This is one of the reasons for Bengaluru, and India in particular, to have the worst software industry and workforce in the world.
Bengaluru also has a plethora of Central Government organizations, Central Government research and education institutions and PSU organizations. In all these Central Government and PSU organizations, all the Scheduled Caste people are given superior and sovereign treatment in every aspect - Fees, Recruitment, Promotions, Hikes and Job security.
This is blatant Racism that is going on since several decades in Bengaluru. Any employee from a 'Non-Lower Caste' has to face severe Racism, Discrimination, Injustice and Oppression in all the Central Government organizations of Bengaluru.
Bengaluru is definitely the most Racist city in India.
Nangbah on Aug 08, 2020:
I am from Shillong in Meghalaya. I fully agree with the all the comments posted by previous users. I have travelled to many cities and towns across India. India has racism through the country.
But, Bangalore is definitely the most racist city in India. Plenty of racism exists in all forms in Bangalore. I sympathize the victims of racism in Bangalore.
I hope you find the strength and courage to endure and cope with all forms of racism and discrimination in Bangalore.
G. P on Aug 08, 2020:
I am an Indian Christian working in a MNC software company in Bangalore. In Bangalore, I have faced plenty of racism because of my religion. Most of the people working in Bangalore's software companies are faithful supporters of the RSS and Sangh Parivar. But these same people expect Western Countries, mainly the Christian countries to get billed for high salaries. These same RSS loving software employees in Bangalore dream of getting on-site to Christian countries and permanently settling in those countries!
I am not at all saying my own opinion but stating "real facts". People have already commented about the severe racism and religious discrimination existing in Bangalore's software companies. Please read the other comments too.
The Bangalore software companies never recruit people based on talent or skill. They always check the person's religion before recruiting them.
Software employees in Bangalore have spoken bad things about me being a Christian behind my back.
They have told things like
"I have been born only to forcefully convert other people".
"I am an anti-national. Get out of India and move to England or USA".
I fully agree that people, especially most of the software employees in Bangalore are the most racist people in India.
Karthik G on Aug 07, 2020:
I am from Hubli.
I would like to tell you that Bangalore is undoubtedly the worst place to live in Karnataka. My wife was sexually harassed and gangraped by people at night in the streets of Bangalore.
Bangalore is heaven for all criminal activities. Humanity has absolutely no value in Bangalore.
Bangalore is absolutely nothing without the Karnataka government.
Don't even get me started about the lies being spread about Bangalore on social media sites about Bangalore. These are done by cunning and crooked marketing people. Here are some of their flattery for Bangalore:
1 "Kannadigas are the most friendly and kind people you'll meet" - Looks like Quora writers have come from some other Galaxy!
2 "Bangalore has cool climate" - Another fake nonsense spread in Quora.
I personally feel that Goa climate is better than Bangalore.
3 "Bangalore is the only place in Karnataka where you can survive without Kannada" - There are places in Karnataka itself that are more multi-lingual and cosmopolitan than Bangalore. There are major cities in Karnataka that have just 10% of Kannada speakers.
Absolutely true. Bangalore has around 50% of Kannada speakers, but there is one major city in Karnataka having just 10% of Kannada speakers.
Bangalore does not have any historical significance. I have been to Goa and Mumbai. Bangalore is landlocked and doesn't have beaches. Cubbon Park and Lalbagh have a few trees but they are all filled with dust.
There is one palace in Bangalore which is terribly overpriced. Bangalore does not even have a river or a water source!
There is no piped water supply in Bangalore. All hail the water tanker mafia of Bangalore!
Bangalore doesn't have any significance. It is just that successive Karnataka governments have glorified Bangalore by dumping all the companies, infrastructure, research and educational institutions in this wasteland.
People from other parts of Karnataka have to forcefully migrate to this Hell.
Bangalore is of absolutely no significance for the people of North Karnataka, including myself.
Chandrika on Aug 04, 2020:
Bangalore is the most racist city in India. In Bangalore, you will face lot of racism based on skin-colour, food habits, caste, religion, language, accent and ethnicity.
At Bangalore, most auto drivers will cheat you and bus conductors speak harshly. Bangalore is a very racist city. You will face plenty of racism in the software companies of Bangalore.
The Indian software industries having their presence in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Gurgaon all thrive and flourish based on huge amount of Racism.
Nithesh on Jul 31, 2020:
Disclaimer: I am very honest in my comments. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. Read my below comments only if you are not offended.

The software industries in India are standing on 2 pillars. They are

1. Reverse Religious Reservation
If you look at any major MNC software company especially in Bangalore, Pune, etc., then they comprise of mostly Brahmins, Kshatriyas and the Forward Castes.

If you are a Muslim or Christian working in the big software companies in Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, etc. then you will face severe injustice over here. You will be discriminated and ignored when it comes to promotions, hikes, etc. You will struggle and a very less-deserving person from the majority religion will get promoted instead of yourself. You may have worked wisely, sincerely in all your projects and contributed to your team and company. But being from a minority religion especially Islam or Christianity, you will face high racism in software companies in India. People will play politics behind your back.
Almost all my Muslim, Christian friends have faced severe discrimination in the MNC software companies in India.

Sorry to be blunt, but the major Indian MNC software companies and a huge majority of its employees are avid followers of the RSS and Sangh Parivar.

Just look at the holiday lists of the IT companies in Bangalore and you will definitely understand that secularism never exists in the mind of people running these software companies.

The forward-caste people wonder when the religious minorities and Dalits have reservation in Government jobs, why are they coming to these software companies as employees? Though the Government jobs reservation is publicly announced and known, the hidden reservation existing in software industry is not known to the outside world. It's kept secret within the companies.
These software companies do a lot of PR and marketing work and portray themselves as saints! Media channels will never report the hidden reservation and religious bias existing in the software companies in India.

2. Regional Reservation
One more hidden reservation in the software industry is Regional Reservation. You will observe the Telugu-speaking people are in huge numbers in software companies. They're main intention of joining software companies is to migrate to their 2nd home - "United States of America". This is one of the reasons why cities having huge Telugu populations like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai have plenty of software companies. If a HR employee in a software company is from Telugu community, he/she will hire hundreds of employees from here community only. They will never be hired on merit or their proficiency in skills. In fact many people from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana produce fake experience letters to get into software companies and eventually migrate and settle in USA. Please check this


There are Telugu-based firms in India that are paid heavily to produce fake experience certificates.

To conclude, the same people from the Indian majority religion/forward castes dream of working and settling in Muslim and Christian countries. These countries welcome them with open arms. But most of these Brahmin, Kshatriya hypocrites show severe racism in software companies to Muslims and Christians in India and migrate abroad. Hypocrisy at its very best !

I have spoken the absolute truth. I completely agree with the other commenters here regarding the software Industry in India. I have further added by comments.
Whatever new agendas such as "Make in India", "Self-Reliant India" are a joke.
Software industry in India is a shame to technology.
Krishnan on Jul 09, 2020:
Bangalore is correctly called India's 'Asthma capital' and 'Suicide capital'. Just search online and you will find enough sources to prove these as genuine facts.
I am speaking the truth.
People have also commented about these facts in the Pollution and Crime sections. Bangalore has already become an unlivable hellhole.
Manpreet on Jul 08, 2020:
Having stayed in Bangalore, I will say that Bangalore is much cleaner and more hygienic than Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Old Delhi.
Bangalore still is arguably the most livable metropolitan/megacity of India.
This doesn't mean that Bangalore is simply awesome. It's just that all other metropolitan cities of India are much worse than Bangalore. True fact and Bangalore has the most educated crowd as far as Indian metropolitan cities are concerned.
All metropolitan/megacities around the world are facing challenges in maintaining good Quality of Life.
Rakesh Hooda on Jul 05, 2020:
I absolutely agree with you #Suresh Naidu.
Bangalore along with Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, etc. are billing centres of India. These places are not software hubs. Employment standards in India are miserable to say the least.
Graduates in India are not pursuing their passion. All these non-Computer-Science graduates from across India have gatecrashed into IT industry just for the sake of money and on-site opportunity.
India definitely has the worst and most unskilled software industry in the world.
Suresh Naidu on Jul 04, 2020:
I am from Andhra Pradesh, but had stayed in Bangalore for nearly 12 years.
Bangalore is simply boasting itself as 'Silicon Valley of the East' for no reason.

Bangalore is just a massive 'Billing centre' and nothing else. This also applies to all other Indian IT hubs like Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, NCR and Chandigarh. I completely agree with the opinion of #Pandu Reddy. He had commented in Hyderabad's Quality Of Life page.
Even after 25 years of its existence as a 'Indian Silicon Valley', not a single innovative software is produced in Bangalore.

What is India's contribution to software research, software R&D, creating new Programming Languages, creating System Software?
The answer is absolutely Nil.

In Bangalore and throughout India's so called IT hubs, people from non-Computer-Science backgrounds such as Civil, Mechanical, Mining, Metallurgy, Electrical, E&C, Chemical, Biotech Engineers, etc. and even MBA graduates work as software developers. Computer Science engineers, MCA graduates are mostly not considered for software development/engineering/research roles in Software companies!! These companies still think any non-Computer-Science graduate with 6 months training can become more skilled than a Computer Science graduate. This is completely absurd and demeaning for technology.

Software developers are considered "labourers" in India. This is a real fact. I myself was a Software developer in Bangalore and have experienced immense discrimination.

This explains India's pathetic progress in software, research and technology industry. India is a gigantic billing, body-shopping centre with a facade called "software hub". All the Indian mobile apps are copied from the West.

Software companies and all its employees in India are only bothered about "billing". They only recruit people who will never say "No" and make them get billed from Clients from Western countries. All these cheap "yes-man" people are the cause for trouble in software delivery. A substantial percentage of these "yes-man" people work as Managers and pressurize their team to meet their ridiculous due dates.
The genuine and sincere people cannot work in these ridiculous environments in software companies.

One more thing is, free accommodation and food are not provided in India by software companies. But a majority of companies in GCC countries provide free accommodation, food and travel. This is in addition to the very large salary package offered in GCC countries.
Employment in India is ridiculous!!

Bangalore calling itself as "Silicon Valley" is ridiculous and shameful. It is a disgrace and an insult to software and technology.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!
Raj Gogoi on Jun 27, 2020:
I am from Assam.
I don't understand some of the issues happening in Karnataka. They are absolutely ridiculous.
Karnataka government is constructing a 108 feet tall statue of Kempegowda in the Bangalore Airport!


What an enormous waste of money!

Places such as Bagalkot, Bijapur lack basic infrastructure. Why can't Karnataka government improve the facilities here?

All the highways and rail network connecting Coastal Karnataka are in miserable condition. Karnataka government is again not concerned at all.

Karnataka only cares about Bangalore and all its money is foolishly spent for Bangalore only.
Harshavardhan on Jun 17, 2020:
What is the use of Engineers from branches such as Chemical, Electrical, Metallurgy, Civil and Biotech working as software engineers in Bangalore IT companies?
Why are Computer Science Engineers not given preference in Bangalore?
Bangalore has become a melting pot of useless software engineers.
Steve Wozniak, the great computer science genius has correctly spoken about this:


This is absolutely true in Bangalore since the talent of people who studied computer science engineering is wasted by these useless software companies.
Narayana on May 20, 2020:
Hi, I am from Mangalore.
I sure hope the USA consulate is established in Bangalore soon. It has been a long wait.
We Mangaloreans have always been supportive of Bangalore and have wished for its prosperity and cherished its development.
One need not agree with all the comments posted by people over here and in other pages. Everyone has the right to disagree regarding any information.
But kudos to the initiative taken by Numbeo in providing us with data. I really appreciate your hardwork and dedication. Hope you keep up the good work in the days to come.
I sure hope that Bangalore retains the high quality of life it provides, along with job opportunities and education it gives to millions of people in India and around the world.
Let's hope for the best.
Swati Mishra on May 18, 2020:
Being a woman, I felt scared living alone in Bangalore.
My necklace was snatched, my cellphone and footwear were stolen, I was groped and molested at night by drunk people.
Our house door was shattered and many things were stolen by burglars when I was not at home.
It is shameful to know that Chor Bazaars (Thief Markets) are promoted by Bangalore Police. If the Karnataka government thinks that giving Work From Home facilities for employees will solve the problems, then they are completely wrong.
I could not afford the exorbitant education and healthcare fees in Bangalore. Several auto-rickshaw drivers have abused me.
I am glad that I have now moved back to my native place.
Charan Gupta on May 18, 2020:
How can Chor Bazaars (Thief Markets) be allowed to exist in Bangalore and Mumbai?
Robbery is freely promoted in Bangalore and the police are the bigger thieves than robbers.
All the stolen items in Bangalore are sold at these thief markets at a very cheap rate.

How can Bangalore be a Silicon Valley of India? Bangalore is a criminal's paradise.

Quality of Life does not hold good for Bangalore.
Bangalore deserves a "Quality of Death" index. People only overhype its dry climate and some Hindi/English reading abilities.
Dhawan on May 07, 2020:
Education and Healthcare are a Mafia in Bangalore.
You'll lose all your salary and savings due to the Bangalore educationists and healthcare goons.
Software companies will drain you out. They won't pay you much. You will definitely become a pauper in the long run at Bangalore.
Bangalore has worst quality of life - similar to Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai.
Indian metropolitan cities are gutters.
Only Billionaires can survive in Bangalore.
Karnataka is a poorly planned state that doesn't think of the future.
Prakash Reddy on Mar 15, 2020:
Superb thoughts and suggestions Mr. Pranab Gupta. I too feel that Karnataka government should develop Sakleshpur instead of that unlivable Dead City Bangalore. Another advantage of Sakleshpur is that you have quicker access to the coast and beaches (just 120 km away). In Bangalore you will have to travel atleast 340 km to visit beaches.
All Karnataka politicians have a very low IQ.
Sakleshpur climate remains cool and extremely pleasant throughout the year, unlike Bangalore that gets very hot and dry during summer. Bangalore is extremely dusty and has no water sources. Sakleshpur is the best place for development in Karnataka. All the software companies should leave that dystopia Bangalore and get shifted to Sakleshpur.
Pranab Gupta on Mar 15, 2020:
Myself from Uttar Pradesh state and have lived in Karnataka for some time. Bangalore has the worst quality of life in South India. Karnataka and Kannadigas still want to develop only Bangalore which is at present a hellhole and a dystopia.
There is a place called Sakleshpur that has excellent climate, and is far better than Bangalore. Sakleshpur remains cool at night even during summer, unlike Bangalore which is very hot. Sakleshpur arguably has the best climate in entire India. Sakleshpur never faces water deficiency. Sakleshpur is the only city in Karnataka's Malnad region to have rail connectivity.
Sakleshpur is around 3400 feet above Sea Level (much higher than Bangalore). Sakleshpur is influenced by the Arabian Sea winds that keep it very cool and delightfully pleasant throughout the year. It also receives mist during peak summer nights.
Sakleshpur is well connected with Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore and North Karnataka cities via road and rail. If Karnataka government still neglects Sakleshpur and further develops only the dead city Bangalore, then all the Karnataka politicians have extremely low IQ. The IQ of all Karnataka including Bangalore politicians is in the Imbecile to Idiot range.
In my opinion, most of the Software industries of Bangalore should be relocated and shifted to Sakleshpur.
V B G on Feb 03, 2020:
The Karnataka governments will do anything to spoonfeed Bangalore. They are even capable of shifting the entire Naval Base from Karwar to Bangalore.
And you will hear plenty of boasting. "Karnataka is a backward state with Bangalore. Karnataka doesn't have any economy or infrastructure without Bangalore. Karnataka does not have jobs without Bangalore. Karnataka doesn't have education institutions without Bangalore".

Being a woman from Karwar, I feel that Bangalore deserves to be called a Hellhole. We people from Karwar do not like Bangalore or the Karnataka government at all.

All the successive governments and politicians from Karnataka should be impeached for centralizing the entire state growth in Bangalore. Karnataka should be renamed as "Bangalore state". They have been rewarded with this pathetic quality of life that Bangalore has to offer.

Karnataka ministers will divert all the water from the rivers flowing around Karwar, and feed their baby Bangalore. The Karnataka governments are willing to take away all the people's lives from other parts of the state, just to feed Bangalore. Karnataka follows a "Go to hell" approach for all places in the state, other than their beloved Bangalore and Mysore.

It is only fitting that Bangalore has horrible quality of life in all forms, and it certainly deserves it.
Prakash on Feb 03, 2020:
Bangalore used to be a very good city to live during my childhood days in the 90s. But now the extremely rapid urbanization has lead to the deteriorating Quality of Life. It will only get worse. Bangalore is still much more livable than cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. But Bangalore is definitely not the place that it once used to be.
Sandeep Bisht on Feb 02, 2020:
The quality of life in Bangalore is surely headed in the direction of Mumbai and Delhi. Once called a Garden city, Bangalore has now joined India's elite club of Dead Cities along with Mumbai and Delhi.
The climate index of Bangalore is just an eyewash. Nowadays even during peak winter, the temperature constantly touches 33-34 degrees C at Bangalore.
Bangalore now has the worst traffic in the world. No matter how much infrastructure is allotted to Bangalore, it's too little too late now. There is dust floating everywhere in Bangalore.

And who is to be blamed for the pathetic condition of Bangalore?
It is none other than the successive state governments of Karnataka.

They could have retained Bangalore as the Garden city and the city of lakes. But instead Bangalore became Karnataka governments' dumping ground for all the infrastructure, education institutions, software, research, aeronautical and whatnot industries. Quality of Life is absolutely miserable in Bangalore.
G Iyer on Jan 28, 2020:
Bangalore's quality of life is pathetic to say the least. Apart from its growing economy, Bangalore has totally degraded in all aspects. It is no longer the place that it used to be in the 70s, 80s and 90s. The climate too is getting worse. This year, in January itself the mercury has touched 33 degrees celsius in Bangalore.

I now feel afraid that even Mysore's quality of life will be degraded severely. After the 10 lane Bangalore-Mysore expressway is completed, the road travel time between the 2 places will be just 1.5 hours. Mysore will definitely become another Bangalore very soon. Mysore too might become worst like Bangalore, in terms of very poor quality of life.
Sudhakar on Jan 26, 2020:
The comments about robbery mentioned in the crime section of Bangalore are absolutely real and genuine.


I was ripped off 4 times on the streets of Bangalore. My wallet, house key and my mobile phone got stolen by thieves disguised as transgender beggars. They had also pulled my hair and slapped me. The Bangalore police said it was my fault only !!
The Bangalore media doesn't even report these incidents. They are heavily bribed and paid by the Karnataka government.

It is only the points on climate that is saving Bangalore in this survey. To be very honest, the Quality of Life in Bangalore is absolutely horrible.

And how on earth is Bangalore a highly cosmopolitan city. It is not even the most multi-lingual city of India. In fact, there are towns/cities in South India itself, that are much more multi-lingual than Bangalore. Just search online.

After being a victim of thieves in Bangalore multiple times, I have gone back to my native place of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra.
Mohith R on Nov 14, 2019:
I am living in the Marathahalli area of Bengaluru. In our apartment, many of my neighbours flush napkins, plastic bags and containers into their toilets. Our apartment drainage gets blocked every week. The toilet water overflows onto the roads. Every day, the vehicles from our apartment pass through this drainage water. Sometimes this water gets mixed with drinking water pipes. We are not having any access to clean water.Our apartment and others in the vicinity are built on a lake bed.
Earlier I was staying in the Ulsoor area of Bengaluru, and there were piles of garbage found beside every road and lane. The Ulsoor lake is also highly polluted. Me and my wife have to travel to Electronic City every day to work, and we spend nearly 4 hours each day in traffic itself.
The transport facilities in Bengaluru are extremely worse. The BMTC bus coverage is very less, and so is the metro. Auto drivers mostly refuse to ride, or charge 5 to 10 times the original price. I haven't seen any auto rickshaw driver in Bengaluru using the tariff meter. Ola and Uber are mainly for show purposes. Many times they refuse the rides, and the Ola App is very slow in searching vehicles. Government plans to introduce sub-urban rails, but there simply isn't any place for its construction within Bengaluru. Construction in the faraway outskirts are of no use.
Me and my wife definitely don't like staying in Bengaluru for obvious reasons, but unfortunately our native places do not have any software companies. All the major software companies and aeronautical companies are located in Bengaluru.
Gopinath Kumaresan on Aug 30, 2018:
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Thanks for providing such huge voluminous data in a very understandable format
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