Quality of Life in Mysore, India

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Purchasing Power Index ?  
Safety Index 51.91   Moderate
Health Care Index 60.32   High
Climate Index 90.70   Very High
Cost of Living Index ?  
Property Price to Income Ratio ?  
Traffic Commute Time Index 19.62   Very Low
Pollution Index 56.41   Moderate
ƒ Quality of Life Index: ?  

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 17

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 85

Last update: February 2024

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8 Comments so far
Sandeep S on Jan 21, 2024:
A majority of the auto rickshaw drivers in Mysuru are hooligans and rogues. They overcharge passengers with sky-high rates and never follow the tariff meter.
Most of the vehicle riders in Mysuru never obey the traffic signals and violate most of the traffic rules.
Karnataka is making a big marketing hype of Mysuru but its local people lack civic sense and manners.
I am delighted I have moved forever out of Mysuru and I now live in Goa. Being from Goa I find most of the people of Mysuru highly conservative, uneducated and completely lack civic sense and manners.
Arif Fayaz on Mar 12, 2023:
The Mysore-Bangalore expressway will be beneficial to we people of Kerala especially from Kannur, Vatakara and Kozhikode. We Malabar Kerala folks want the Mysore-Madikeri highway stretch to be made an Expressway by NHAI very soon. If this happens, then me living in Kannur can reach Mysore within 2.5 hours and the Kannur to Bangalore journey will be only 4.5 hours.
We people from Kannur, Kerala want an expressway from Mysore to Madikeri very soon. Also a direct railway line from Mysore to Kannur is very essential.
Nidhi on May 07, 2022:
I hope no software company ever pitches its tent in Mysuru. Each and every software company is the worst place where people from non-programming background have joined only to make money and go to on-site abroad. The work-life balance is the worst, people are exploited as cheap resources in the name of "billing" and "utilization".
Keerthesh on May 07, 2022:
All the software companies in India such as Google, Infosys, Microsoft, Accenture, Amazon, Capgemini, TCS, Wipro have plenty of corruption and nepotism. Candidates are only hired through employee referrals. The deserving candidate without any referral never gets hired in these software companies. Plenty of politics is played by managers, leaders and corporates during promotions and hikes.
Uday on Apr 22, 2022:
All the Leadership people in the software companies are the absolute worst people you'll ever find. These leadership people in software companies are good at insulting, abusing and harassing their juniors and subordinate employees. These leadership people take credit for other people's work. The leadership people are also ignorant, never reply and have tons of attitude and ego.
All the Leadership people in software companies have Zero technical knowledge. The leadership people in software companies have never written even a single line of code throughout their career.
All the leadership people in software are famous for micromanagement and mentally torturing their junior employees.
These leadership people forget the fact that they themselves are mere employees (good for nothing).
I certainly hope that all these software companies (body shopping forced labour organizations) stay away from Mysore permanently.
Yash on Apr 17, 2022:
All the software companies of India are garbage. They are filled with millions of useless software engineers. Not even a single notable software product nor any programming language has been manufactured in India. Micromanagement and burnouts are extremely high in software companies in India. All the software companies of Bengaluru are filled with millions of Hindutva bigots and followers of Hindutva militants. Quality of Life in Mysore will be ruined very soon.
Hemanth on Apr 14, 2022:
All the Indian software companies are insane. They give 3 months training to non-IT engineers and MBA to do software development work. According to software companies of India, a good swimmer can be come a great cricketer with 4 months of training. All the leadership people in these companies are good at offending, insulting their subordinates and individual contributors.
Basavaraj on Dec 20, 2021:
Once connectivity with Bengaluru improves and the Mysore-Bangalore journey is less than 2 hours, Mysore will become a hellhole. Mysore will soon become another dystopia like Bangalore.