Cost of Living in Toronto

Summary about cost of living in Toronto:

Restaurants [ Edit ] Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 14.89 $ 11.17-18.61
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 59.56 $ 44.67-74.45
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 8.19 $ 6.70-9.68
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 5.96 $ 4.47-6.70
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 5.96 $ 5.20-7.45
Cappuccino (regular) 3.18 $ 2.23-4.09
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 1.76 $ 1.12-2.23
Water (12 oz small bottle) 1.40 $ 0.74-2.05
Markets [ Edit ]
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 7.58 $ 3.64-11.27
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 2.16 $ 1.35-2.70
Rice (white), (1 lb) 1.49 $ 0.78-2.03
Eggs (regular) (12) 2.65 $ 1.69-3.72
Local Cheese (1 lb) 6.89 $ 2.70-10.13
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1 lb) 5.80 $ 3.38-9.12
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 7.75 $ 4.05-11.82
Apples (1 lb) 1.56 $ 0.84-2.03
Banana (1 lb) 0.69 $ 0.42-1.01
Oranges (1 lb) 1.74 $ 1.01-2.36
Tomato (1 lb) 1.49 $ 0.95-2.03
Potato (1 lb) 1.16 $ 0.54-1.49
Onion (1 lb) 1.07 $ 0.49-1.35
Lettuce (1 head) 2.27 $ 1.12-2.98
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 2.05 $ 1.12-2.98
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 14.15 $ 10.42-18.61
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 2.24 $ 1.64-2.98
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 2.51 $ 1.86-3.72
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 11.17 $ 10.42-13.40
Transportation [ Edit ]
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 2.42 $ 2.23-2.42
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 108.89 $ 104.23-112.53
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 2.98 $ 2.42-3.54
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 2.19 $ 2.10-3.00
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 24.57 $ 22.34-37.97
Gasoline (1 gallon) 3.30 $ 2.82-3.69
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 18,613.11 $ 14,890.49-20,846.69
Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 18,137.78 $ 14,369.32-21,293.40
Utilities (Monthly) [ Edit ]
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 114.02 $ 59.56-193.58
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.30 $ 0.15-0.37
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 49.30 $ 33.50-67.01
Sports And Leisure [ Edit ]
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 39.07 $ 22.34-55.84
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 24.88 $ 8.18-40.95
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 11.17 $ 9.68-12.66
Childcare [ Edit ]
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child 1,148.79 $ 670.07-1,563.50
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 17,028.00 $ 8,934.29-22,335.74
Clothing And Shoes [ Edit ]
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 52.69 $ 33.50-70.73
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 34.05 $ 22.34-52.12
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 80.33 $ 59.56-111.68
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 103.74 $ 70.73-148.90
Rent Per Month [ Edit ]
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 1,536.03 $ 1,265.69-1,824.09
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 1,215.33 $ 893.43-1,489.05
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 2,623.98 $ 2,084.67-3,600.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 1,945.18 $ 1,414.60-2,308.03
Buy Apartment Price [ Edit ]
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 727.65 $ 622.51-818.97
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 579.11 $ 446.71-691.68
Salaries And Financing [ Edit ]
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 2,601.52 $
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 3.76 2.23-3.42

Prices in Toronto

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Last update: May 2019
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100 Comments so far

#Andy Speil on May 20, 2019 :
BTW Carol, the False News law was ruled unconstitutional. Give me your Badge #, or law society affiliation so I could lodge a complaint against you for infringing on freedom of speech.

Good luck trying to send police or your police comrades on us for speaking the TRUTH of this bourgeoise and greedy hell hole.

Note: The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that this section violates the guarantee to freedom of expression under section 2(b) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and is of no force and effect: R. v. Zundel (1992), 75 C.C.C. (3d) 449, 16 C.R. (4th) 1, [1992] 2 S.C.R. 731.

Why the fuck would bureaucrats and police intimidate people from complaining about Toronto baffles me!
#Andy Speil on May 20, 2019 :
If this message board gets deleted by these bureaucrats, this would be the 1st time that a city in a developed country would engage in censorship.

Canada is no longer a democracy, but an unequal society where the greedy class has full control over the legislature.

Someone felt offended that people are speaking out on the issues that people face in Toronto, and this was why they sent cops and paper terrorist lawyer scum to censor comments before.

The bureaucrats, immigration lawyers, greedy landlords and corporate shareholders don't want to let the world know that they are lying to foreigners that Canada is the land of milk and honey, but instead aim to sensor comments.

Educated migrants who have decades of experience in prestigious fields in their home country, people with respect and high social standing, are delegated to cleaning pee and poo from toilet seats and packing bags in warehouses in Toronto. Even those jobs are hard to find and require loopholes.
#Anonymous on May 20, 2019 :
Toronto "best city in the world"? Read the comments under this article.

But, let me guess, more Russian agents, right?
#Anonymous on May 20, 2019 :
Is this propaganda too?Is the person interviewed a Russian agent?

Tell the highly qualified engineer that working the night shift at Tim Hortons "ennobles his spirit".

People are lured to Canada by false promises which rarely materialise.Nobody comes here dreaming of cleaning toilets, no matter how poor their home country is.
#Carol Smith on May 20, 2019 :
Excuse me!

What is it with all of the negative comments here?

Cleaning toilets and sidewalks is a job, is a job, is a job.

Work ennobles the human spirit, and working as a janitor in Canada is desirable than working in a poorer country.

Toronto is a growing, world-class city and the rents are competitive. Get over this!

What if some newcomers prefer to clean toilets for living in the best city in the world?

Gosh, I shut inform my department to shut down this website for Russian propaganda.

I'm signing my name to this comment, unlike many of you who use pseudonyms and anonymity to spread false news. Spreading false news is also a crime in Canada, just so you know...
#Canada Dry on May 19, 2019 :
Renting prices are way more than $1,200 for a one-bedroom in Toronto. Low interest rates and money laundering have jacked up house prices in Toronto.

The actual cost for a 1-bed apartment goes from $2,500+ anywhere within a 15 mile radius (Bathurst to Woodbine, and harbor front to St. Clair/Eglinton) of the downtown core, and from $1,700 in the suburban parts of Toronto such as North York and Scarborough.

If you're a middle class person with a family, you're going to have to rent an apartment with more rooms, and you would have to pay $2,000+/monthly to live in North York or Scarborough, which is a longer commute.

To pay for this rent is out of the question because some have lamented here that people are competing to be employed for free and with no salary. Toronto is getting harder and harder to live by.

You will suffer here. Please don't contemplate and cope that you're doing this for your family. So you're going to leave your middle class job back home, to migrate to Canada to clean toilets and sweep floors for the rest of your life?
#Anonymous on May 17, 2019 :
@ Don:

Certain colleges recruit for employers, graduates who have degrees in Information Technology, bio-tech and other computer fields, for UNPAID internships, meaning work for $0 pay, not even a stipend.

However, to rent an apartment these days, one has to show the landlord proof of full time and earns $60k+ a year, clean landlord references and even a bank account balance of at least one year rent, to rent a bedbug infested 1-bedroom apartment located in an area where buildings were built since the early 1900s.

Greed has not been affected by technological advancements.

Also, the Canadian government is exporting these jobs and importing quasi-slave labour, which makes even the lowest paid jobs hard to find, because employers could hire a temporary worker for way less, and transfer the profits to offshore havens that are operated by Finance Minister Bill Morneau.
#Don on May 17, 2019 :
"It is accurate, but nasty comments are spoiling your reputation."

too funny. This landlord is offended because you spoke the truth, and this landlord wants this blog owner to censor you. Just so they can exploit you for profit unimpeded.

Truth is folks, manufacturing jobs have gone to technology a long time ago. Now the service industry, AND the white collar industry are beginning to see their livelihoods gone to technology as well. Wont be long, in your kids lifetime likely, that most of us will no longer need to work.

Problem is, the politician pretend this paradigm is a success, that we can have a society based on work to live, while there is no longer the work to live on.

When the bought and paid for politicians promise you jobs? He is a liar. Jobs are going to tech, and there is no stopping it. What we need to stop is the idea that it is OK for a few to feed on the rest, in the interest of self interest.

We can live without debt and without servitude, by allowing technology to free us, rather than be used to enslave us further than the debt already does.
#Anonymous on May 17, 2019 :
If you have less than 50-60k per year as a single person, then life is bad.
2,000 for 1 bdr in a city center? No. Studio is close to 1,900 in a decent building which is not a bed bugs center.

I am able to spend less than 1,000 per month on my own (including paying for phone, internet and TV) but to get this, I am going out 1-2 times per month, make coffee on my own, cook for myself, bake a bread for myself and if want a drink to it in home with friends. I managed to have hydro bills around 30 CAN by literally sitting in a dark. Still, can't save a lot of money as all I have goes to travel to see my family. Of course no dental care, no medical care only OHIP.
#Anonymous on May 17, 2019 :
$16/hr jobs are hard to come by in Toronto. Even minimum wage $14/hr jobs.

I wouldn't be surprised if there is competition to work for free just to gain a foot in the door, but the rental costs in Toronto are obscenely high.

Why aren't the politicians seeking solutions rather than turning a blind eye to the money laundering in the real estate and housing market?

Criminals from China are permitted to purchase houses and condos in Toronto using proceeds of organized crime and money laundering, but if I were to post this, the politicians would censor my comment and send strong-arm police on me for 'hate speech against visible minorities', which is why I use a VPN browser and mask my IP address.
#Randy on May 16, 2019 :
Toronto made it to the documentary, The Push, which you should check out if you want to move here. This city should get a warning, you might lose all that you have, sign. When a 55 year old man, Toronto born and grown, loses his job because they want to pay someone fresh off school half, that is a very sad day. The worse part is when landlords claim they are moving in, and now that man is stuck in this city, held hostage by credit. Cannot even get an LCBO job, because the only positions available pay 16 bucks. What can you afford with that? No humanity, only number, really high numbers. Tell everyone that you see and know the truth. Stop conning innocent workers into RE debt.
#Edward on May 15, 2019 :
@ #Anonymous on May 10, 2019 :
"The only way to live in Toronto is to work in finance or become a doctor. Everyone else is expected to just go fuck themselves."

You might not be aware, but many tasks related to accounting and finance jobs are being automated and the Big 4 accounting & finance firms are only hiring affirmative action employees, or offshoring the work to temporary companies.

Toronto is also importing thousands of finance and accounting educated migrants, who have decades of work experience in their fields, and this has diluted the value of an accounting or finance degree. There are ACCA certified members from Asia who are willing to work for free to Toronto companies for accounting & finance work. Desperation from these immigrants I tell ya.

You also would have to personally know someone working in the Big 4 accounting firms or Big 5 banks to obtain a finance job. Finance also costs more money because of licensing and exams for external bodies, but this doesn't even get you a job, just a bland certification that one could sell securities, mutual funds and insurance.

Middle class Jobs are very hard to find in Toronto, and it seems that no one is really allowed to explain this problem to anyone or online.
#Edward on May 15, 2019 :
Can anyone explain why the average rent price for a one bedroom in a crappy area of Toronto like Scarborough or Jane & Finch has risen tremendously, like from $850 in 2012 to $1,650+ utilities as of 2019?

Wages haven't risen at that pace. As a matter of fact, many post-secondary schools are only providing graduates jobs which are unpaid, and have no guarantee that the unpaid graduate will secure paid employment.

What makes it worse is that educated immigrants are wasting their money to study in colleges and universities, and being only offered these unpaid job positions, while the Baby Boomer generation of Canadians only had to obtain a high school diploma, and also get paid study by their employer to reach managerial level.

Why live in Toronto if all is offered is a scam? You're going to waste tens of thousands of dollars to work for free.
#Anonymous on May 14, 2019 :
Canada welcomes money laundering scum who migrate to Canada using dirty money from drug trafficking, organ harvesting, organized crime and other criminal elements:

Immigrants who plan to migrate to Canada to work in their career fields will be cleaning toilets for the rest of their lives, while the money launderer will live it up and enjoy life by washing illegal money into Canadian and Toronto real estate, and watch the prices rise by double-digit %s, or earn yearly income by renting it for expensive prices.

Why would any honest, law-abiding immigrant move to Toronto to live in a money laundering haven where police would rather investigate anti-feminist and politically incorrect posts made online.
#Bob Singer on May 14, 2019 :
Welcome to Toronto, the place where you work 40 hours a week, volunteer 20 hours, and invest 40 hours on a frozen highway for 8 months or so. Don't work too hard with your colleagues noticing, or they will harass you and use racial epithets that do not exist in Canada. This is the country of diversity, everyone is equal, but some Torontonians are more equal than others. Do you have a PhD? Great, you can learn to make double double very fast. The homeowner cleaners will be forever richer than you (at least on paper), because they spend 2000-4000 a year on housing they inherited. You will spend well over 24,000 for one person renting, or way more if you have a family. After taxes, whatever you earn will not be enough, so you will need a second or even third job. But the best part, is you can get credit very easily. The banks love giving credit away. Now you owe 100,000, so you cannot leave. Instead of Hotel California, it is Hotel Toronto, where if you fail, you end up homeless and destroyed.
#Anonymous on May 13, 2019 :
People in Canada are modern day slaves. There are no jobs and housing prices are inflated
#Lewenza Estate on May 12, 2019 :
Canada is a corrupt country. If you complain or criticize government officials, they murder your pets like what happened to this Ryerson University student Steve Katsikaris. They even continued to kidnap his cats, and also send angry people to trespass and hurl verbal abuse on his property.

Are you going to pay one million dollars to have government agents harass you and your family because the feminist rulers don't like you?
#Anonymous on May 10, 2019 :
Toronto has become a mafia state, where debtors are threatened by TPS cops in what should be a civil matter (small claims courts)

The rich landowners and bourgeois elite live in luxury in Toronto, while the debtors and serfs live in an open-air prison of political correctness and police force on individual rights.

Toronto is descending down into a spiral of feudalism. Landlords treating female bodies as chattel, debtors being threatened by armed thugs wearing a badge (police), and wages stagnating and jobs very hard to find.
#Anonymous on May 10, 2019 :

"Aristocratic" isn't quite the right word.

The word you're looking for is "Bourgeois"

An Aristocratic culture, despite whatever faults it might have, is assumed to at least be cultured, and pursue things like the high arts. Toronto is not cultured at all and is really just an unlivable corporate center with a burnt-out highly-educated underclass.
The only way to live in Toronto is to work in finance or become a doctor. Everyone else is expected to just go fuck themselves.

A Bourgeois culture in contrast is one defined almost exclusively by money-interests taking advantage of the poor. Inhumane fat-cat landlords who care nothing for human beings are the definition of Bourgeois.
#Anonymous on May 10, 2019 :
#Leeward Islander on May 07, 2019 :
"49% people in Toronto have mental issues."

You can add me to the list. I was a happy, cheerful and down-to-earth young man from the Caribbean islands, who is now suffering from a platitude of mental, physical and chronic illnesses at the age of 25. I've also felt that I've wasted my 20s living in this socially toxic and aristocratic dump.

I've regretted the decision of moving to Toronto, but not because of the inevitable work for free and clean toilets as an educated immigrant, but THERE ISN'T AN ESCAPE PLAN to leave this city.

Any money you save will be spent in one way or another, and you will be trapped in this city. This isn't America where one could move to hundreds of major cities, dozens of which are larger and culturally healthier than Toronto. Canada only has Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary for English speakers and Montreal for the French speakers.

A few years ago, I was actually thinking of travelling to Mexico and entering California as an undocumented migrant, but I made the mistake of confiding this to employees and co-workers at my post-secondary institution, and I was eventually forced to seek counselling, at my own expense, because they believed that I was a public safety risk on the campus (for fleeing Canada to live as a refugee in the USA).

I became depressed, isolated and ended up with several addictions. I have no money in my name despite living in Toronto since the year of 2012.

I dropped out of that university, and I owe OSAP $50,000+ (one year was recalculated as free due to Kathleen Wynne's attempt to buy votes for her free tuition), and I refuse to pay several creditors and credit card companies debts in total of $18,000, but have increased to $30,000 because of compound interest and shyster fees upon fees.

Toronto and its very aristocratic and neo-Victorian culture have given me the privilege to suffer from OCD, Panic attacks, depression, psychiatric hosptalization, IBS, stomach ulcers, Barret's esophagus, brain damage due to addiction, and lots of other illnesses.

Toronto will destroy you. Don't come here if you don't have a Plan B. This city is unhealthy for your mind, body and soul.
#Ricky on May 10, 2019 :
@Leanne Thanks for shedding light on this issue. Being a man had no idea the dirty tricks these landlords get upto. Truly a sick place but these Canucks are skillful in spreading rosy propaganda and lies about their country. The fact is that Canada will never have a shortage of 3rd world people willing to immigrate here and work menial jobs. The immigrants already here don't convey the hard reality of living in Canada to their countrymen back home so the wheel keeps spinning and foreign money keeps rolling in for the government.
#Leanne on May 10, 2019 :
Tell everyone that asks about Toronto the truth. Let this city become a total empty Airbnb ghost hotel, filled with Landlords competing against each other. It is not worth your time, talent, and life. Toronto has no identity? It does, and it is the face of greedy landlords and heavy handed police. But they hide it behind anything else. Ikea Monkey, chair girl, any distraction will work from the housing catastrophe. This is a city where more than 100 people literally freeze in the streets. Stop calling yourselves world class city, Toronto is world class pity.

There are more and more articles showing the true nature of landlords. Here below, a landlord asking for disgusting requisites: "He and his roommate, Brianna Love, also an actor and writer, have applied for dozens of apartments and gone to showings with more than a hundred people present. Ms. Love had one particularly unsettling experience. “I saw a place, the smallest two-bedroom you could ever see, and the man showing the apartment said: ‘If you’re interested, there are a lot of applications in front of you. You’d have to do something pretty special to move up the list,’“ Ms. Love said. Non-plussed, she demanded to know what he meant by the remark. “I still don’t know if he was asking for money or sex. … He put up his hands and said, ‘I don’t know, I don’t know. Just saying if you want the place.’“

I have friends who have gone through that, but unless you can hire an overpriced lawyer, you don't have rights. Newcomers have no rights, if they work at Tim Horton's, have a subsistence living, and cannot take time off to fight landlords or awful bosses and pay for expensive lawyers. I had a friend who had to rent an awful place for 1500, and she had to undress in a room that had weird holes in the wall. She did it in the dark, but does it matter? There's something called night vision.

I lived in a basement, that was damp, moldy, and plain awful, to save some money. The landlord used to open the door on me accidentally, and curiously after having shower noises. They don't care about people, only numbers, only money, only about socialism for the ultra-rich, and bone hard capitalism for the middle. Some very poor win the affordable housing lottery and live off welfare for the rest of their lives, but that is a very small number. Usually the only happy people that will vote liberal or conservative for the rest of their lives, and their 4-8 children will follow.

#Torontoisfailingus, #Torontoisafailedcity, spread the truth!
#Anonymous on May 09, 2019 :
"They don't care about families, because they just keep substituting people with new comers."

Even if Toronto cannot create an environment where people can start families and live normal lives, it's OK because we can just replace the population.

Toronto does not care about its population (and doesn't have to) and sees them merely as economic units.
#Rocky on May 09, 2019 :
70% is the passing mark for some prestigious universities. 50% is the passing mark for mediocre. At 1% (or 33% if you count the paper house rich, cash poor), Toronto is a failed city. I have started letting everyone that asks me about it the truth. When the median income cannot afford rent, and the only way to get a house is a lottery, the city has failed. There is no diversity for governance or power in Toronto. Look at the pictures of the mayors that greet you at the airport. The only diversity they like, is of money; legal, illegal, it does not matter. If it can buy an overprice, overcrappy house, it's all good! but once you buy it, get out. You can airbnb families out of this failed city, that is acceptable.
#Anonymous on May 08, 2019 :
"Toronto Landlords are the worse people you can ever meet. They will put a family with small children on the streets in the blink of an eye. They rent out places in bad shape, specially basements, for stratospheric prices. Now there is a new phenomenon of some of them asking sex on top of money. This city is middle age style. Beware the Torontonians."

This is deeply concerning as many rental ads have asked for only female applicants, but I didn't know that the female applicants had to offer their bodies to the Landlord, whether it was consensual or not, maybe the latter. I thought it was an urban tale that in a post-feminist country such as Canada, where woman have too many rights, that women would have to give up their bodies to greedy Landlords.

But this is a monster of their own making as the City officials, the non-profits, the politicians and some could say the females themselves are part of the problem by allowing this to happen (having to offer their bodies on top of extra-high rents in Toronto).

I clearly remember a few years ago an American Pick Up Artist named Roosh V being vilified by Toronto citizens for mocking the idea of legalizing rape on private property. Several elected officials, including Mayors of several Canadian cities, denounced Roosh V and called for mob violence against him and his adherents.

This is 2019, and it's a shame that the same elected officials who vilified a pick up artist for joking against rape culture... Politicians who have turned a blind eye on Landlords who rape women on their property as a condition for rent!
#Indebted on May 08, 2019 :

For every dollar a Canadian earns, he/she owns 1.71. So you will be at -0.71 for every dollar you earn working in the Toronto toxic workplaces. That is if you did not signed your life away on a million dollar mortgage. Then you might be at -3.5. If you work more, you get taxed more, so you cannot get out of the vicious cycle. Do you homework or waste years of your precious life.

Toronto Landlords are the worse people you can ever meet. They will put a family with small children on the streets in the blink of an eye. They rent out places in bad shape, specially basements, for stratospheric prices. Now there is a new phenomenon of some of them asking sex on top of money. This city is middle age style. Beware the Torontonians.
#Anonymous on May 08, 2019 :
Work for free to gain Canadian experience? Are Landlords also charities who let people rent for FREE? Absolutely not! They jack up rent prices at every opportune moment without any economic reason other than GREED!

The posted rent prices in this forum are nonfactual or purposely kept low to prevent immigrants from being discouraged to move to Toronto.
#Valleyoftears on May 07, 2019 :
49% people in Toronto have mental issues. They make the others believe, that paying a million dollars, or getting in debt for life for a dumpy house that spends 8 months surround by ice, is normal. They make the people who come here believe, that working for free to gain canadian experience, is normal. Usually, there is one guy doing all the real work, while the homeowners relax having coffee and complain that the person working is not a team player. I have wasted 15 years of my life that I am not getting back. It is good to read real reviews about this world crap city.
#Gary Edwards on May 06, 2019 :
I work at the Princess Margaret Hospital, or PMCC now, and I struggle to pay rent with 90k income. People like me wasted 10 years of their lives, working non-stop, while those who control prices and rents just kept cranking up the heat. We got "cooked", like the frog in the pot, because did not think about jumping out. Now, I struggle to find a part time job. There is nothing in the evenings, and there is all kinds of people applying for minimum salary. Toronto fails families, specially when there are two working parents. They don't care about families, because they just keep substituting people with new comers. If the newcomers cannot tolerate living in a bad area, where crime is high and infrastructure is broken, too bad, there are 110,000 coming next year. Somebody should sue the city for misrepresentation of quality of life. And pollution? Air quality is awful. There are so many empty buildings and packed highways, smog is really bad in summer. There are no quality controls for disposing things into lake Ontario. There are no bylaws preventing bio hazardous materials being thrown into it. And then people drink that water. If you are planning to come, keep that in mind. The sewage is so outdated, you can see sanitary pads and tampons floating on the lake when there is heavy rain.
#Anonymous on May 06, 2019 :
Toronto is not what it once was, where immigrants from third world countries would start from nothing, work for a few decades, and retire with a hefty bank account.

These days, one would live a far more comfortable life and live longer and healthier in their third world country (excepting for a few actual crappy & overpopulated countries)

As a matter of fact, the third world countries are becoming wealthier per capita, while Canadian cities like Toronto are playgrounds for the wealthy and everyone gets poorer.

Toronto today is not the Toronto of the 1980s:

Baby Boomers became paper millionaires overnight by selling their homes they paid pennies for compared t today's prices:
#Ted Baker on May 06, 2019 :
Let us look at reality, and imagine a perfect ideal situation for coming to Toronto, based on my story and the ones of people around me. Person X from Y country applies to a job which offers 80K, recognizes his/her credentials (1 out of 10 chances), pays the Canadian average, and gets the offer. Comes, and starts renting a 1 bedroom for 2,600 a month which for downtown, is a really good price. After taxes, TTC, food, insurance, that lives him/her with 0 dollars a month for saving out of the 4000 paycheck after contributions to his/her pension and benefits plan. Not bad, he/she is not going into debt at least. The place is in Fort York, which has become a ghost airbnb hotel, so there are loud parties every weekend and sometimes weekdays, with the occasional shooting. Nothing to shabby, back "home" there were more shootings, although food was cheap and good, and he/she had lots of friends for emotional support, as well as family. He/she lives alone, and makes no connection, as 1/2 of this city can attest.
All of a sudden, the landlord, a medieval powerful entity who truly enjoys life in this wonderful city, comes back and takes the place back. He/she has two months during which he/she does not find anything, is forced to a hotel, racking up debt at 5000 dollars a month, while fighting desperately to find a new place. No one wants to take him or her for less than 3000, unless he/she is willing to move to the suburbs, which he does. Then he is late for work, because there are always accidents and other issues with GTA failing infrastructure. He/she gets fired, even though he/she was the hardest working person in the team doing the work for all the baby boomers who retired, then came back to suck more out of the system. Those boomers look at him/her down, and think he/she does not have a home because of their inferior (add descriptor here) When they find out he/she is out of work, they offer a house for rent, for only 4000 a month. They hired someone off the street who knows nothing of his/her job, and screws up big time. They blame it on him/her.
Now he/she has to work at timmy's coffee shop for minimum wage, and live in a crummy apartment in Dufferin and king, surrounded by cockroaches and bedbugs that bite him/her at night. That is, until he/she gets evicted again, because the area has become hip (gentrification!) and they will be renovating the whole building. The new price tag will be 3000 a month. Debt keeps piling up, he/she cannot pay it back, and it is all to much until one day....

Toronto is a wonderful city!
(come at your own risk)
#Flint on May 05, 2019 :
Canada seems to entice and lure middle and upper class immigrants using well-packaged propaganda, while censoring dissent or complaints that the Canadian immigration system is a farce and a trick to lure global capital into an oligopoly backwater economy.

Local Canadians will be nice to you if you plan on buying their overpriced plywood Toronto house for over a million dollars, but expect them to stab you in the back if you plan on living there. This is why local Canadian nationalist groups haven't targeted wealthy Chinese money launderers because they only buy the condo or house and then move to a different location.

But if you plan on buying a house and live there, expect to be harassed by local Canadians who will tell you all sorts of racist stuff and generalize & also accuse you of being a refugee or illegal immigrant. They will also tell you to go back to your home country though you moved to Canada legally.

Local Canadians resent immigrants who plan on finding a job and using the social services of the country. They only want your money to invest in condos.

Jobs are also hard to find, even factory and toilet cleaner jobs. Toronto doesn't have enough jobs for everyone.
#Martin on May 04, 2019 :
Anonymous on May 04, only a certain group of people are being employed in the Bay St. finance sector.

An immigrant with local or European ACCA qualifications will be shut out from this career field. I've heard of immigrants who were ACCA Members, cleaning toilets for years because their ACCA credentials were not recognized by employers or CPA Canada.

The poor have to risk their lives traveling in a subway system which doesn't have extra capacity in the case of an emergency:
#Anonymous on May 04, 2019 :
only come to canada if you are educated and intend to work in finance
the only people i know who are able to afford living here are working in the finance district
everybody else is being squeezed out

the worst thing about torontonians tho is that even tho they are tens of thousands of dollars in debt, they are in their 30s with no money or prospect for a future, no wife or kids, and torontonians still tell you that this is the greatest place to live in the history of the world. torontonians are like zombies.
#Oakville on May 03, 2019 :
"T.O is expensive but it's an awesome city to live in and raise your family"

Toronto may be awesome for the property class and the top 5%, but for those living in crime-infested areas like Dixon Road, Rexdale, Keelesdale, Jane & Finch, they would disagree with your comment that the city is friendly to children and youth.

The police are only there to protect the wealthy white men and women who are gentrifying these areas, and this is why you proclaim that Toronto is an awesome city because the racist Toronto Police would protect you more than the lives of thousands of non-white immigrants.

Fool! Quit tricking foreigners to migrate to this hell hole!

You're conning an educated Chinese man who lives in an emerging economy. Shame on you for tricking middle class immigrants to live here in poverty!

Who wants to pay over $2,000 a month to rent a cockroach, rat and mold infested 1 bedroom apartment located in a crime ridden ghetto?

Toronto is no longer a place where one could move up the social ladder unless they inherit money or one of the few major corporations which own Canada.
#Ricky on May 03, 2019 :
Agreed with everyone giving honest opinions on Canada and Toronto. @Thornhill Stop ruining the lives of prospective immigrants by giving false hope and empty platitudes. Hard work means didley squat in a city where who you know is what counts. Your knowledge and experience is not valued in Canada without Canadian certification. But some blame must be laid on immigrants for not doing proper research and believing fantasies when they arrive in Canada. Eventually all immigrants lose their fire and vigor after 6 months when reality hits them and they've spent all their savings without a proper imcome. Come to Canada if working your life away scraping by is your idea of a wonderful life.
#Anonymous on May 03, 2019 :
#Wonderwall, I agree with #Elaine. Most torontonians are very rude people love to get everything for nothing. Plenty of articles from this city about itself:

Those who tell you it's nice here, want to sell you a crappy house for a million dollars (which would be worth less than 120,000 in any other country), or rent you a rat infested basement for 2000 dollars a month.

If you come as a volunteer, there will be plenty of opportunities for you! Just don't expect them to give you a job, you have to know your place. Jobs are only for "the guys". I worked my bum off for 14 years, I was under a verbally abusive supervisor, who called me dead meat, but no one could go against him because his wife is a director. He barely finished high school, was extremely nasty, and made many mistakes I had to correct. When I finally got his job, they told me there would no be salary increase, because there is a queue behind me of people wanting to take my job away. No salary increase, rent went up by 1000 dollars a month. I had to send my family away, now I am very sad and disappointed in this city. I'm letting everyone know, so they stop ruining peoples lives for greed.
Don't listen to fairy tales of a wonderful city and great place to raise your kids. Talk is cheap, any madman on a forum can say anything they want, and anyone can tell you Chernobyl is a wonderful city to raise your kids #Torontoisfailingme, but if you don't have 200k job, don't bother with this soul sucking hole. Send out your resumes, use a local address of a friend, and wait for answers. If there are no answers after reaching out to 100 places, welcome to reality. Do your research. If you don't have one million cash for a house, and another million while you volunteer to get enough "Canadian experience", you will be working poor regretting you ever came here.
Bad winter weather, bad infrastructure, bad traffic, bad food (google glycophosphate in wheat Canada), bad jobs, and lots of bad people.
#Elaine Kay on May 03, 2019 :
To someone who is settled, found a good job a decade or more ago, bought a house when the prices were low, toronto is dirt cheap to pay taxes (that is why the infrastructure suck, also the traffic jams), and these kind of people write ignorant comments saying how wonderful it is. They watch the paper value keep getting higher, and get angry when someone does not fit their narrative. It is very hard to get a job in Toronto, even for native canadians fresh out of university. Read this article about underemployment. There is no such thing as "ego", the ego issues are with those bosses who barely finished high school and do not want to hire someone more qualified than them. To anyone thinking about coming to this horror, I recommend you to do your homework. Do not move here unless you have a job offer that can afford the insane rents. The rich in this city are rude, because they want more. The poor are angry, because they struggle to leave. And the middle just survives like zombies.
#Thornhill on May 03, 2019 :
So many negative posts... it's unbelievable. Yes, T.O is expensive but it's an awesome city to live in and raise your family. As a new immigrant or someone starting fresh in the city, if you have the right mindset to work hard and keep your ego at bay, then chances are that you'll eventually be able to realize your dreams... just don't expect the red carpet treatment, and don't, please don't, like the saying goes, acquire a "champagne taste on a beer budget". Be socially liberal and fiscally conservative.
#Oakville on May 02, 2019 :
You're welcome Wonderwall.

You and your wife are considered the growing middle class in your region, and it would be terrible if you left it all to live in poverty, become discriminated in the job market, waste years, if not decades to retrain and get your career on track, among other things.

Canada has become a country where it's corrupt and politicians ignore organized crime, but they enact Soviet policies against the law abiding citizens such as political correctness, feminism, gay rights, etc.
#Wonderwall on May 01, 2019 :
Thank you Charlie, Oakville, Ricky and Vanessa, for speaking the truth that I was not aware.

Housing will be the biggest challenge for new comer, then the work.

Here I wish you and your family all the best, and welcome to experience the life here in CN. A lot of visitors enjoying the life here as a result of convenient mobile payment,online shopping and variety of foods.
#Vanessa Stone on May 01, 2019 :
#Wonderwall, there are no good jobs, too many workers in Toronto. 160,000 people coming every year, desperate to work for minimum pay, just to stay and avoid the shame of going back to their countries. Half of the people I know live on credit, in debt for life. 25% are rich on paper, and disgustingly cheap. They steal toilet paper from work even though they live in million dollar cardboard houses. The other 25% are ultra poor, some of them freezing to death on the streets.
If you come to Canada, you will be a working poor, working every day just to pay credit card interests.
#Ricky on May 01, 2019 :
Moving to Canada is a big mistake. This country is ideal for beggars and refugees from 3rd world cr@pholes. Retirement is a pipe dream in this country and there are no good paying jobs. Nepotism is everywhere, housing is expensive, healthcare is unreliable and taxes will eat your bank account.
#Oakville on Apr 30, 2019 :

Canada has seen an influx of uber-wealthy Chinese converting questionable funds into real estate investments. It's worse than China's real estate bubble as there is no death penalty for corruption, as in the case of China.

Your work experience will not be recognized in Canada, like the millions of other immigrants have experienced for the past several years.

You will have to start all over again, working dead-end factory jobs to gain that "Canadian experience", while struggling to have your credentials recognized after forking over thousands of dollars to leeches working in the educational, legal and public sector system.

Canada will lie to your face that the country needs skilled workers, when the majority of employers refuse to hire immigrants based on their work experience outside of Canada, even the USA down south.

Your wife and daughter will be taught by Canadian women and social workers to hate you, and this will cause a divorce &/or false accusations.

And you should already know by now that China is emerging as one of the world's superpowers.
#Charlie Lee on Apr 30, 2019 :
Run away from the idea of coming to Canada Wonderwall. Work-life balance is for those who grew up here, and keep the good jobs for their lifetime friends. You are not their lifetime friend. They will try to make you work super hard, and not pay you or recognize you. Only job and stress for you, your wife, and daughter awaits here:

60K is nothing to buy, and now not even to rent in Toronto, or Vancouver. Only 200k will get you somewhere. Other cities are very boring. Watch corner gas and if you like that lifestyle, come. Environment okay, but stress sickens you faster than pollution. No friends, everyone everyones enemy. Hard working is punished. I have chinese friends who regret every single day spent here.
Education is too expensive. Either you pay 15,000 a year for your daughter, or she takes a loan which will haunt her for life. In school they teach kids to disrespect parents.
#Wonderwall on Apr 29, 2019 :
I am now in Nanjing, China.My wife and myself owns two cars, one 120m2 apartment and earns around 60K (equivalent to CA dollar, family income) after tax. I work 40 hrs per week with 18 days paid annual leave, my wife works around 50 hrs per week with 5 days paid annual leave.

Recently I planned to immigrate to Canada, with my wife and my 4 years little daughter. Less polluted and more work-life balanced in Canada, I thought.

But now I worried, due to the nepotism in Canadian job market, the high tax, the overpriced condo/apartment/house(this is similar to China, housing price doubled in recent two years)...

Both my wife and I are diligent but I am not so confident now to start a new life in Canada.

I majored in supply chain management and I have been in this field for 7 years and so does my wife. Would it be a good choice to give up everything here and move to Canada?
#Anonymous on Apr 29, 2019 :
i lived in some of the slummy parts of toronto so i could try and save money.
i was literally living with crackheads who let their cats shit on the floor.
no working stove because nobody cooked their own food, fat miserable people, and i saw dead people laying
face-first on the fucking concrete ground on my way to work.
all this for $800 a month in rent.
#Anonymous on Apr 28, 2019 :
You'd be lucky to even find a minimum wage ($25,000 a year working 44+ hours a week for 50 weeks and no future pension or insurance plans).

Rent alone in a slummy part of Toronto will cost you $15,000 a year for a bachelor apartment that has zero bedrooms (you can't raise a family in that; they will refuse you from renting)

Toronto is becoming a city of haves and have-nots. It's also a welcoming place for foreign money launderers and international war criminals looking to park dirty money into real estate, sports cars and gambling, but hostile to law-abiding blue collar men.
#Tony Fell on Apr 26, 2019 :
80 k is the average salary, yet, that will doom you to debt. The minimum needed in TO is 220K. To get that, a couple of people making 110k would be needed. As a newcomer, that is a pipe dream, since everyone you will meet will low-ball the job offers, and shut the doors to prevent you from joining the sunshine club. If you are going through this, spread the word in any way you can. If you are planning to come, make sure you and your significant other have an unbreakable 110k salary contract. If you are a millionare, enjoy the paradise created by greed.
#Larry Baric on Apr 25, 2019 :

Half of all Canadians are 200 dollars away from broke. Toronto number is much higher. For every dollar you earn, you owe .76 cents. So you borrow to live here. If you ran out, you are on the streets, on a tent, at -20. Think, think hard before you come
#Ernest Truth on Apr 24, 2019 :
I make 80k, and feel I am doing worse than borderline poverty, when I have to pay 2000 for day care a month, 2600 rent per month, struggle with debt, while some of the Trudeau-photo-op list people pay nothing for rent, dentist, or daycare...
So Anonymous, don't feel bad. This city is over-priced. Let everyone know. The faster the word of mouth spreads, the sooner the extortionist-landlords will not be able to get a dime for their frozen basements or shoe box condos/apartments.
#Anonymous on Apr 24, 2019 :
I make approx 50K a year and still feel like I'm borderline poverty around here :/
#Anonymous on Apr 24, 2019 :
Toronto is a city that's failing in slow motion, taking the quality of life and health of its citizens over the cliff as it declines. Canada itself took a terrible turn for the worse in the 90s or thereabouts and I have absolutely no confidence that any kind of leadership, economic or political, will right the ship and restore to the conditions that prevailed in the 80s and before. Zero confidence in this country. Zero.
#Honest Charles on Apr 18, 2019 :
Real estate agents were double dipping, because it was and is totally legal in Toronto. They asked the seller to ask for more, and the buyer to offer more, because they would increase their commission. The market is now tanking, because people are realizing that it might not be worth it spending 1,000,000 for a house in a city with 10 hours wait for ER, and 4 hours commute at -20 Celsius.
If you do not have a 400,000 income, or contract, or 10 million in the bank, you will be poor.
#Charlie Buchans on Apr 18, 2019 :
The rent goes up 11%, while salaries go up by 3.5 if you are awesome, or 2.5 if you sleep at work and watch youtube all day (like one of our colleagues does).
Everyone is on the red.
#Peter M. on Apr 12, 2019 :
There are costs that are not included here, which make debt the only option to survive in Toronto. A plumber call will cost you 700 dollars, almost the same for an electrician. There is no talk about car insurance, but I know people paying 500 dollars a month. Tires, you need winter tires, which will set you back a couple thousand, or else, risk an accident and your insurance going up. Winter clothes are expensive too, and snow shoes do not last long if you walk. After working here for ten years, I only got 200 dollars extra a month. This does not keep up with the inflation. I cannot get side jobs, because everyone wants the prime time 9 to 5. Inform yourself, before you are trapped in the debt spiral. Otherwise, you will not afford to get out.
#Anonymous on Apr 09, 2019 :
I grew up in Toronto, travelled to many different countries at a young age.
Graduating from my dream program at university soon. Got a dream job in my industry, making good money, great savings.
However, the social environment of Toronto, the unfriendliness, rudeness, and loneliness, that emanates from this city makes me sick.
I am going to give up my dream job to move far away from Canada to have a life. Life is too short to be unhappy. All my millennial friends call Toronto a sh*thole and I couldn't agree more.
#Anonymous on Apr 08, 2019 :
City is always on deficit, and the house hoarders do not want to pay more taxes, so all services are pooched as well as infrastructure.

For the soon-to-be-gone newcomers, the savings they bring ran through their fingers like water, with the insane prices for rent, insurance, food, and entertainment.

There fixation with money makes it impossible to have real friends, who are not looking for profit trying to push a pyramid scheme on you.

I have never seen so much talent wasted, as in Toronto. You can be a Harvard or Oxford graduate, and a property hoarder manager will do everything to impede you from getting a good pay. Good pay is not good anymore, as 80K barely pays for a one bedroom downtown.
#Krishna on Apr 07, 2019 :
The life path of 3rd world engineer:
- get a passport: Canada
- get money: Dubai / USA
- get a white girl: Poland / Ukraine
#Disillusioned on Apr 06, 2019 :
with a net worth of near to $900K I have to admit this is becoming an expensive place to retire
#Renovicted on Apr 05, 2019 :

Toronto is the capital of renovictions, renter extorsion, lowball job offers, and angry, lonely people. If you enjoy that, come. If not, consider better options.
#Trader on Mar 30, 2019 :
Canada is expensive and life is all about work. Climate is the absolute worst. Think hard before moving here unless you have no alternatives like people from 3rd world countries.
#The facts on Mar 30, 2019 :
Canada is sure more immigration friendly than other places but the job market is awful for non-Canadians, low salaries in tech jobs and high taxes.
Majority of 3rdworlders come 3 years to get the citizenship and then they leave
#Greg L on Mar 18, 2019 :
I am a boomer who barely finished high school, ended up with a 90K job, bought a house dirt cheap (200k), and inherited one from my mom (450k, my brother got the other half as we kicked out our sister from the inheritance). I spend lunch time laughing about renovicted tenants, telling people with masters and phds to enjoy their minimum salary, that having a house is a priviledge, that only few can enjoy, like being a md. So pay up or leave!
This city is for rich only. Thanks Toronto Council for creating this new social order, where the rich are the only ones who can enjoy themselves.
#Larry on Mar 17, 2019 :
If you move to Toronto, you're going to end up as a loony like this guy, Stephen O'Keefe, thinking that Toronto buses are molecular illusions and that there is a Jewish conspiracy in Toronto to rule Canada and the States:

Toronto is going to make you turn insane. The cost of living is extremely high, gender and racial politics create division, and if you're from Asia, you will be discriminated severely as Asians are not a protected class as Blacks as yet.
#Anonymous on Mar 13, 2019 :
Toronto’s public joylessness extends well beyond the dating scene. Crowds at sporting events here are notorious throughout North America for their lack of emotion as are crowds at live shows. Even Toronto bands comment upon the dead rooms they often play to. The crossed arm-head nod-toe tap combo seems to be the accepted form at most festivals and shows. Be cool, don’t look like a fool.

Some Toronto dating tips that will make life more profitable:

1. Try to indicate the price you paid for your condo, year and make of car(s), approx. annual salary within the first 10 seconds of initiating a conversation.This will save at least a half hour of roundabout questioning aimed at discovering this information – should you be deemed worthy of further conversation. ( Note: DO NOT, under any circumstances, disclose the actual size of your condo.)
#Pat (born in Toronto) on Mar 06, 2019 :
Toronto is gone. It last existed in the 1990s.

It's clear Toronto is run by a few people who clearly aren't based in Toronto, just by how they basically give away the city, how there is complete disregard for city planning,infrastructure, transit, citizens, innovation, and just no real pride in the place. You could say this for all of Canada now too. Just not progressive or wanting to be. It really was meant to be Cleveland or Buffalo type of city, not bloated.

Toronto is now only for those coming from really troubled and desparate places and situations. It was not like this before the 1990s. One clue is the first-rate type of immigrants who settled in Toronto anytime before the 1990s. You will quickly notice the difference. If you are not in the refugee category, you are wasting your time (and savings). Traffic is an industry in Toronto, politics is an industry, immigration is an industry, political correctness and snowflakeism is a huge industry as well. Just a dysfunctional and eerie place. Don't bother.
#Elliot Fraser on Feb 25, 2019 :
Toronto is unreasonably overvalued. Awful weather, failing infrastructure, and low quality education. Waitlists for healthcare and anything of use. Who wants to pay 3000 a month in rent, to live with the people who makes the comments below?
#Ken Roberts on Feb 19, 2019 :
Toronto has a housing crisis due to its un-affordability. There was a picture in NOW magazine, which showed tents at -20 Celsius, falling infrastructure, and the ghost luxury town of Fort York, were few live but the ultra-rich keep as empty piggy banks. Often, those condos are obtained with illegal funds, which the politicians, liberals and conservatives alike, wallow over dirty cash money, which often came from the sale of Opioids. It is not Vancouver anymore, Toronto too.

They all know about it, they are just waiting until societal collapse, to leave the problem to the opposition. By the time it happens, they will be in Switzerland for all we know.
#Dan Rodgers on Feb 14, 2019 :
Is there any moderators are there to keep this conversation back on track?
Cost in Toronto. Unaffordable. Even New Yorkers cannot afford it:

The salaries are low, they were trying to lure amazon by saying how little they pay skilled work. Un-skilled work is abundant, if you are willing to commute 3 hours each way to live in a basement.

Please enter real prices, the ones shown here are on the low side.
#Mabel Stone on Feb 07, 2019 :
The Ford government will make it easier for landlords to evict people, in the name of profit. This city is already un-affordable, and the kleptocracy is making it worse.
People are stuck with no options. If you plan on coming, have a 200,000 salary with an unbreakable contract or 1,000,000 cash, get informed. You will be living with some of the people making comments below, and paying a premium for that. The entertainment is expensive and crappy, so is housing.
Spread the voice, there is no decent 1 bedroom in Toronto for 1600, and car insurance can be anything from 2000 a year to 5000.
People paying 1500 for a basement with Radon is not normal. This city is out of control.
#Anonymous on Feb 04, 2019 :
@M. Browne
If you're going to send people to Ottawa, perhaps you could send them to Montreal as well since it's less expensive than the former and it's a big city. Oh wait? You have to learn French to get access to the jobs there and it's from the most disliked province in Canada, nevermind then.

I doubt 96 murders in 2018 is considered safe among the big cities and it would most likely get worse if the Toronto politicians don't take care of the well-beings of their citizens instead of focusing of being in a global city.
#M. Browne on Feb 03, 2019 :
Bitter-Misogynistic-Toronto-Bashers you forgot one thing: Toronto is one of the safest big cities in the world in which to live and raise your precious family. There is a price attached to that.

The COL list above is representative of what it costs to live in Toronto so believe what you are seeing. That being said, consider one of the nearby smaller and mid-sized cities in the "Nearby Cities" list above to start out. If you can go further afield, check out these affordable smaller and mid-sized cities in Ontario that would welcome new blood: Barrie, Orillia, London, Windsor, Fort Erie, Niagara, Belleville, Kingston, Ottawa, Smith Fall or Brockville. Our population is aging. Despite some comments below, you are welcome as long as you understand that you will be starting over here like all immigrants do, my family included.

Numbeo, I am disappointed that you are not protecting your data better. It is accurate, but nasty comments are spoiling your reputation.
#Yakov on Jan 29, 2019 :
I attended a meeting with Adam Vaughan where the "housing advocate" was going to talk about this pressing issue. He wasted all the time debating with entitled boomers about jets in toronto island. At the end, he said they will be investing money for affordable housing. Yet, after all their "action", the refugees that trudeau invited were housed in hotels, due to lack of the aforementioned. They were housed for free, by the way, while I spent almost all my income on rent.
Housing is considered unaffordable if it's more than 30%. The incompetent politicians do not account for net income, once taxes and all the other goodies for a future that might not happen are deducted. Some people are paying up to 60-80% of their net income after taxes and goodies on crappy housing only. There are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of empty houses downtown. Look at fort york spadina, it's a social desert with pockets of asian-canadians (they are not foreign, they have passports) driving high end cars. Yet, some of them get subsidies because they declare 0 world income.
If someone has a million dollar condo/house, they should not be allowed to declare 0 dollars as income, period.
Toronto is less safe, unliveable, and less interesting. There is no social cohesion, and services are grinding to a halt to the crowded, overworked, and angry masses.
As one article put it, the Toronto syndrome is bringing people for a lifestyle that they are helping destroy.
#Mel Wisemann on Jan 25, 2019 :
Toronto abandons its middle class people to the endless greed that absorbs all earnings in rent.
Read the article, men and women are one tragedy away from sleeping under a bridge at -30 Celsius.
They "solve" the problem by bringing more people and making them struggle to survive. Rent money feeds a vicious cycle of landlords who buy more property to extract more resources.
If you are an "investor", cash out, this extortion is about to end.
#Severo on Jan 22, 2019 :
Toronto is Severely Un-affordable.
The prices here in Numbeo are low, so please if you live here, encourage others to provide their feedback so these numbers are adjusted with reality. 2300 for a one bedroom, when they want to pay 14/hour regardless of your PhD from Harvard. Your manager will have a high school degree usually, and keep you down because he can.
At -20 C, you'll be spending all your money and borrowing to keep warm, fed with fertilizer/pesticides laden food, and angry people.
Toronto is a lonely and severely un-affordable place. Not worth it.
#Union on Jan 15, 2019 :
A very important cost of living, is insurance, car specially. Toronto is particularly costly in this area. I am not sure why numbeo has omitted that, but if they do include it, Toronto would rank much higher as a costly city, specially considering the low wages.
I know people who, for being newcomers, have to pay 450 Canadian dollars a month for car insurance, while making 14 an hour.

On a separate note, Where are the moderators?
#Anonymous on Jan 13, 2019 :
The following website lays out very well the reality of living here...
#Ronnie on Jan 10, 2019 :
The high cost of living has affected everyone in a very noticeable way. Those who hoard property are angry that they are not selling as many houses to naive people for fortunes that the dumps they sell would not command in any city where reason still prevails. They have stratospheric expectations, dreaming about meeting not millionares, but billionares, and lead miserably lonely lives.
Then there are those who struggle to scratch a barely tolerable living, giving away most of their salaries to extortionist landlords of transportation costs that in other cities are used for personal growth and entertainment.
Read the comments below, you'll be spending a lot of money to live among angry people who will very likely hate you.
#Dundas on Jan 08, 2019 :
Erin Pizzey did a speech at UofT and declared that Canada is currently the most frightening country she's been to and she has to consume anti-paranoid pills. She must be referring to Toronto, which is worse than her declarations.
Toronto feminists have been cockblocking men into paid work, likely because many MGTOW keep bragging how they will work and save enough to retire in Costa Rica.
At the end of the day, feminists from Toronto will lose the war.
They can't actually be discriminating against young men from paid work and forcing them to sleep on the streets. This is a recipe for disaster and a Yellow Vest revolution.
#Ralph Welch on Jan 07, 2019 :
Forum Moderators, where are you?

To those theories about Russian bots, the logic is not sound. They would not shoot themselves on their feet, because there are many "investors" who own large swathes of Fort York. I know some of them.

The cost of living in Toronto can spiral out of control very easily, unless you are rich, well connected, and entitled. The average salary does not cover basic rent in a downtown location, and the further you have to commute, the lower your quality of life.

I have attended theater shows, operas, hockey games, baseball, soccer, TIFF, and they were all dissapointments. Yet, they dare to ask for 200 dollars for a hockey game of a team that has not win since more than half a century ago.

This city is like an egomaniac who wants to make-believe it is a heavyweight, when in reality, it's at best a mediocre city. The housing mania is reaching the heights of the tulip mania, and I would like to see all those 25 year old investors (who defend and depend real estate more than they would their own family) find real jobs when the bubble bursts.

Avoid Toronto if you don't have a job that pays 140,000 CAD, and 1,000,000 CAD to buy a sheet rock mcmansion. It is too costly and does not offer much.
#Charlie Wilton on Jan 04, 2019 :
I believe the comments about difficulties with dating/relationships/interaction between the sexes belong more on the quality of life of Toronto rather than in this section, which is about cost.

Toronto was cheap 30 years ago, because the location is horrible. It's a frozen city with almost no quality indoor entertainment during the winter, and over-priced activities during the summer. It is far away from real world class cities like Montreal or New York, where people actually go to for vacation, not here.

There are cleaners who will have a better quality of life than researchers, just because they inherited a house and the costs of owning one are minimal (200-300 dollars a month for maintenance and taxes, as opposed to 2000-2800 a month for rent).

Toronto needs baristas, cashiers, and straw-men security guards, all of them get paid 14/hour. If that is what you want to do with your life, come here with your degrees in engineering, medicine, or science, and live in debt, loneliness and instability. If you develop any kind of addiction or incapacitating disease, you will be sleeping on the streets at -20 Celsius, or being beaten up or killed without anyone taking notice. The hotels are rented for some government approved refugees though, and Centennial college dormitories.

The most important thing is to speak up, tell everyone the reality about this city, it is not worth your talent and it will never compensate your efforts.
#Anonymous on Jan 03, 2019 :
The level of dissatification with life in Toronto seems to be huge. There isn't a single other city on this site which attracts such (justifiable) negative comments.
#Jamie Lesley on Jan 03, 2019 :
It is no longer the case that you can move to Toronto, find a two jobs, and a quality of life. I am speaking from experience. The wage increases have stagnated for the last 10 years, while the house/rental prices have skyrocketed.
The more you work, the more you are taxed. Infrastructure is decaying, there is a drug crisis so bad that you can see needles on Queen and Spadina's floor, as well as people shooting up.
Employers do not care about workers, workers are easily replaceable (by incompetent new people, but replaceable nevertheless).
There are basements for which no radon testing has been done, that are being rented out for the price of a two bedroom downtown in Montreal. I was looking for a rental recently and was horrified with the stench of the places they were asking 2000 CAD a month for.
If you have two average jobs, you are talking about 80,000 a year, which turns into 3600 a month after taxes and pension and all that. 3600-2000-1000(250 a week for groceries)-150 (public transportation)-150 (Internet and phone)- 500 (clothes, toiletries, entertainment twice a month) and you are looking at borrowing 200 dollars each month to live.
People are lonely and angry. Inequality brings out the worst of mankind, and Toronto was already famous for being filled with mean people.
Everybody is trying to take advantage of everybody. I was renting a place for 10 years, and got reno-evicted in the middle of the rental crisis. No remorse, no loyalty from the landlord.
Daycare costs half of your salary if you happen to have a job, which you will need if you are not a permanent resident. Rent costs the other half. Then you need to struggle to find money to eat.

Don't ruin your life. Don't come/stay in the most unaffordable city of Ontario.
#Anonymous on Jan 03, 2019 :
Toronto is a bland, unexceptional place.

People are generally polite, although very guarded, cold and unfriendly. I have lived in several cities around the world which are bigger than Toronto, and found the people much, much friendlier than here.

Most of my friends here i have met through my wife, who is Canadian. I can imagine that it would be a lonely place for a single migrant.

Cost of living is very high, and you don't get much in return for it.
Hard to get decent work without "Canadian experience". You will find plenty of engineers and highly qualified migrants driving taxis or working in Tim Hortons.

Honestly, if you have any sort of decent life in your home country i would advise against moving here.

I'm leaving in a few months and couldn't be happier to get out.
#Potential on Jan 03, 2019 :
Interesting how astroturfed and one-sided the comments on this site are. I guess the Russian trolls are trying to stir up shit in Canada now, too?
#Walt Ruthers on Dec 24, 2018 :
Merry Christmas/happy holidays can only be afforded by home owners who extortionate renters out of their livelihoods in Toronto. I'll be working all day, just to pay debt. This city is a debt prison for the working poor, no matter how educated, talented, or skilled you are, you will be accountable for the crime of not being born with a silver homeowner key on your paw.

You work more, they tax you more.

Planning to come here? If you don't have over a million dollars cash, you will regret it and wish Christmas/all other celebrations are over fast, so you don't have to endure them. Mark my words.
#Anonymous on Dec 22, 2018 :
Toronto will become the 24th most crowded city in the world ...
The report estimates that Toronto's population will grow to 6,682,061 by 2025. That means the city's population will increase by 59.2% in a single generation. As a result, the amount of people living per square mile in this city will grow to 7,567—in contrast, Toronto had a population density of 4,753 people per square mile in 1995.
[Search domain]
#Lexus on Dec 21, 2018 :
Innocent before proven guilty, and you should be allowed to provide evidence to prove your guilt.

Thanks to Canuck feminists, whose fathers make them safe.

Canadian men are screwed. Now ordinarily I would recommend that they buy a tiny camera, but those are now banned too, in the courts at least, along with emails. The feminist judge needs to make sure you don't have a case.

Canadian men, you're screwed.
#Jeanette on Dec 21, 2018 :
Toronto was famous across Canada for having the meanest people. Now, inequality has exacerbated and magnified the rude interactions among people. The rich are angry because the real estate prices stopped climbing 20%. The poor are angry because of the cuts to welfare. The middle is working themselves to the ground trying to afford rent in a crappy, small place with broken elevators, or wasting their lives away commuting.
This city is not worthy of your talent, time nor money.
Entertainment is expensive and kitsch.
Location is bad, as you'll freeze for 6 months or more out of the year.
Neighborhoods are getting worse with gun violence and drug addiction/overdoses.
There is no safety network, one missed step and you are out of the city or on the streets.
There are no friends, if you get sick you are on your own (everyone is too busy or has last minute plans) to drag yourself across the floor and wait for 10 hours in the emergency room.
People literally die alone and no one notices, because everyone is so obsessed about money they prefer it over friendship or relationships, buy money does not take you to the emergency room on its own. A lady died in our building and it was days before they found it. She was mean, and no one cared about her. The government took her apartment. They like it when people are lonely because that means more assets for them.
I will spend Christmas alone because of nasty people who would not approve a vacation, because a new person got hers. I cannot afford to fly out of this horror even though I worked in a prestigious hospital downtown.
#Anonymous on Dec 20, 2018 :
Toronto is a place where people 50k in student debt, with no boyfriend or girlfriend, and no outlook for a real career will tell you that this is the best that life has ever been and that Toronto is the greatest city on Earth

is there a way to escape this torrent of femenist hell?
#Anonymous on Dec 19, 2018 :
Toronto is a place where people 50k in student debt, with no boyfriend or girlfriend, and no outlook for a real career will tell you that this is the best that life has ever been and that Toronto is the greatest city on Earth

It's like living in a mental asylum
#Torontoist on Dec 19, 2018 :
Toronto is like a KIA rio with rolls royce price. Totally overpriced. People look at each other's wallets before looking into their eyes. It is the top city for inequality, traffic, outrageous housing costs, and social issues. This is where you see a man injecting himself drugs in front of a downtown Hilton.
#Anonymous on Dec 18, 2018 :
Toronto harpies can falsely accuse you of rape, and you as a man have no way to defend yourself from prison:
#Derek on Dec 17, 2018 :
Cost of living in Toronto is not justified by the poor quality of life that it offers. No one comes here to party, even the locals who are house poor get out to have fun.
#Bart Rodgers on Dec 14, 2018 :
Toronto costs more money than what you will be paid for your long hours of unappreciated work. There are so many workers, you can be replaced in a heartbeat, they know it, and they show it.
If you are not here yet, you will need to come with 10,000 usd to start with. You might spend that in four months of living here, if you want to live a little, or in 8 months if you choose a spider infested basement apartment, with no natural light and a horrid smell. Landlords are awful, some of them have no consideration for human rights, and your only choice, is to go live on the streets. They know it, they show it.
All the pretty things cost 10 times more than in the USA. You need a salary like Meng Wanzhou (billionaire with two empty houses in Vancouver before her bail was granted, now she has one empty house in Vancouver).
Save yourself some excruciating pain, get those 10,000 and go to a real world class city or take a nice vacation instead.
#Jake on Dec 11, 2018 :
no idea why people want to come here. Cost of living is high, not just housing and rent but even food too! Average salary is low compare to major U.S. cities. Winter is brutal cold and instead of a beach you get a dirty cold lake. Its too late for me to get out, but save yourself and dont come here!
#Yuen Wang on Dec 04, 2018 :
Toronto is very affordable, if you have a duffel bag filled with money, like the people in this article:

If you don't, prepare to use your PhD knowledge (regardless of the area of study, Medical Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer) for preparing the most awesome lattes with great artwork. There's an overflow of professionals, so everyone gets a sharp pencil to fend off the others for the lowest salary possible. A great race to the bottom. Underemployment is the new key-word.

Your hard work is needed to pay for the pensions of those who didn't study beyond high-school, retired early, weren't that productive, but now are paper millionaires. Those who don't retire are super-nasty, and immune to the respect and civility courses. One of them said his age gave him the right to be sarcastic and toxic.

Fort York neighborhood is hollowed out by speculators. But don't worry, the government is looking into it. By 2030 they'll do something about it. Toronto will cost you all your income, your energy, your health, and your time. You'll get experience in return, and the beautiful bragging rights of living in this city. That's it.
#wtf on Nov 30, 2018 :
completed my master's degree and i can't even get a fucking interview one year later

how am i not supposed to think the job market in toronto is all based on nepotism?
#TOGuy on Nov 29, 2018 :
TO is a shithole nowadays. Don't live here.