Quality of Life in Mumbai, India

Purchasing Power Index 63.54   Moderate
Safety Index 55.35   Moderate
Health Care Index 65.22   High
Climate Index 71.48   High
Cost of Living Index 24.60   Very Low
Property Price to Income Ratio 34.09   Very High
Traffic Commute Time Index 55.23   Very High
Pollution Index 83.53   Very High
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 83.15   Very Low

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 257

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 650

Last update: April 2024

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22 Comments so far
Anonymous on Mar 12, 2024:
Public Transportation: It's a nightmare—crowded, stinky, and dangerous. People cling to local trains for their lives, toiling away at minimum wage jobs. Even if you manage to earn a decent amount, finding affordable accommodation is a struggle, with rent prices skyrocketing in comparison to per capita income.

Poverty: The rich keep getting richer while the poor sink deeper into despair. This crowd lives in a fantasy of the American dream, frivolously spending on branded clothes and premium gadgets with their measly salaries, all the while comparing themselves to the opulence of the Western world. They never miss an opportunity to flaunt their mediocre lifestyles, constantly measuring themselves against other developed nations.

Mindset: Basic manners are a foreign concept to many here; they're essentially rural folk who've migrated to the city but retained their uncouth personalities. Their racism is blatant, directed at anyone of a different race, ethnicity, or language. Quick to anger and unable to take a joke, these individuals are filled with rage and ego, making them a powder keg ready to explode at any moment.
Anonymous on Aug 09, 2023:
Mumbai is fine place to live. I just cant understand anything that why many people have just simply wrote wierd comments about Mumbai. If the city has a crime, then in order to stay safe. Just take basic precautions like not trusting bike riding offers and not to trust a person who behaves too politely since the person could lead you in a trouble. So my basic point of saying is, Just dont walk in isolated areas especially during night time. If you follow like this type of precautions, you will stay safe in Mumbai.
Harvinder on May 29, 2023:
Almost all the pubs in Mumbai pay a hefty bribe to the Mumbai underworld criminals else the pub owners will be shot dead. These crimes never get reported in Mumbai. The local Mumbaikars are scared of the underworld criminals. The Mumbai police support the underworld. The Mumbai police support all the criminals, underworld and Chor Bazaar.
Baji Harish Ambawade on Nov 10, 2022:
Indians have proved time and again that they are unfit for sports. Even in Cricket, that is by far the most favorite sport in India, the country of 1.5 billion people loses to tiny countries like England and New Zealand regularly. In England and New Zealand nowadays, Cricket is not even the most major sport. India is pathetic at the Olympics or in any other physical sport.

The average IQ of India is 83.
Overall, Indians don't have physical strength, no good looks, no height and no brains either.

All you people know is to migrate and settle in other countries. Eating overcooked spicy curry and tons of carbs and oil doesn't help in anything. Indian food lacks Iron, Vitamin B12 by a mile compared to Europe, China, Australia and the entire western world.

And India also has the worst Media in the world; a Media that blows the trumpet, goes to the homes of athletes and celebrate and scream even before the match has started. Later the tears of the athletes relatives are shown to the world by the abhorrent Indian Media.
Chris Peacock on Aug 08, 2022:
Mumbai more like Mum can I have some milk! Poor city
Aditya on Feb 04, 2022:
A dead city! Flooding, slums, filth during rains, very high cost of living, meagre job opportunities
Avinash on Nov 28, 2021:
Mumbai is worst place in terms of crime, pollution, sanitation, cost of living and greenery. The items stolen from the local people will be sold at Mumbai's Chor Bazaar (thieves market). These thieves are supported by the Mumbaikars, Mumbai police, judges and the Maharashtra politicians. Mumbai stinks and is dangerously polluted. Mumbai is filled with slums. During the monsoon deluge and flooding, people have to crawl through this drainage slum waters. The cost of living and accommodation expenses are extremely high in Mumbai. Mumbai is a dystopia and an urban disaster.
Yashwanth on Nov 12, 2021:
In Mumbai the items stolen from your house could be found at the popular Chor Bazaar, located at South Mumbai. Chor Bazaar means 'Thieves Market. People in Mumbai are very good at buying stolen items of other people at a very cheap rate at Chor Bazaar.
Mumbai has an awful smell that is different to many other places in India. There are plenty of slums in Mumbai such as Dharavi, Dhobi ghat. The drainage system of Mumbai is pathetic and during monsoon heavy deluge and flooding, people have to wake through this stinking water. I found that most people in Mumbai are highly delusional and "frogs in a well" to say it metaphorically. These people boast and brag a lot about this hellhole Mumbai, and they haven't visited other places in the world.
Anonymous on Nov 03, 2021:
Not sure how could the United Kingdom reject their own vaccine that was used in India. Vaccine racism at it best by the UK. Indian students, NRIs and OCIs will still continue to lick the feet of the World Looters (United Kingdom).
Vijay on Oct 26, 2021:
I am from Colaba Mumbai. I am very much inspired by our Prime Minister after he was vaccinated with Covaxin. I have also received both the doses of Covaxin by following the footsteps of our PM. Will I be permitted to enter into USA this November? I have to meet my daughters soon in Atlanta.
Anonymous on Sep 27, 2021:
All of you Indian NRIs are crap. You people are international beggars bootlicking your white supremacist masters from Western countries. You people take vaccine of your white masters even when thousands of people have died globally taking your white masters' vaccines.
All of you NRIs and OCIs are abhoring and terrible. When the head of state of India takes the so called 'non-recognized' vaccine and is allowed into the USA, no one even raises an eyebrow. Why are different rules applied to different people? You Indians are spineless cowards against those white supremacists and their leaders. Don't bow down to this vicious racism meted out by them.
Coward Indians will spend millions of cash just to quarantine themselves in foreign countries and have their funeral ceremony abroad.
Nigam on Sep 25, 2021:
The recent gangrape and murder of a woman in Mumbai proves that this so called 'city of dreams' is among the most unsafe and disgusting places in the world. A claustrophic sea locked sprawl filled crammed with 21 million people, among which more than 50% are all slum dwellers. This is Mumbai. Don't get me started about the headquarters of some banks and a few billionaire actors and tycoons residing in this place. Think about the overall picture of Mumbai.
Very honest here, and the famous comedian had said that the moment he first landed in Mumbai, he got the smell of poop in the air. This is the real picture of Mumbai. These delusional Mumbaikars better visit other places in the world before boasting sky-high about their slum filled city with a few billionaires.
Indians are only good at Marketing and fit for nothing else. Indians make good bystanders and in the case of any housefire or gangrape they'll make videos and never help you. In case of accidents, the victim will be left to die on the road and Indians don't have any guts to take that victim to the hospital. Mumbai is certainly among the most disgusting places in the world.
Annonymous on Sep 13, 2021:
Mumbai, like any large metro is crowded, has sky high real estate prices, etc etc, but it also offers salaries unlike any other city in India. Most of the complaints listed here are true for all large metropolitan cities, including the so called best cities like New York. If you're qualified and/or hardworking, you can earn well and live a very good life. Yes, poverty exists, and will continue to exist because lakhs of migrant workers come to Mumbai seeking employment which they can not get back home, such a huge influx of migrant workers (ranging from grey, black, blue, pink, and white collar) will cause over population in any city and bring the associated "problems" of over population along with it. You can rent a shanty for as little as a couple of hundred rupees per month, to a 8 bedroom house in a sky rise for millions, the city accommodates everyone. Coming to quality of life, in any metro, you can have a decent life if you have the money. It sounds shallow, I know, but it's true for any large metropolitan city.
JS on Aug 26, 2021:
Rathore mentions that all citizens have full rights and liberties irrespective of their religion, and he then goes on to say that he considers Christians and Muslims as Hindus. What about their right to describe their own faith? Wasn't that right stolen from them when someone decided that he/she had the authority to decide what faith they belong to? I've come across plenty of Hare Krishnas trying to convert Christians in the West to Hinduism, so Hindus never converting anyone to their religion is a flat out lie.
Calling someone else's scriptures absurd just highlights how people from a certain ideology believe that they have the right to judge other people's religions. The whole post is written from an asinine angle of superiority which further supports my previous statement about this ideology and it's modus operandi.

Perhaps Vinod didn't read the news before saying "land of tolerance, liberal democracy, freedom and non-violence", there are daily reports of violence against minorities in India and no amount of propaganda online will cover up the blood being spilled in the name of peaceful Hinduism.
Anonymous on Aug 08, 2021:
Sports in India is a big joke for the world. India's track record in sports is pathetic. A country of 1.4 billion people struggles to produce medals in Olympics. Tiny islands across the world produce much more medals, gold medals than India. There's the Indian media that blows the trumpet even before any achievement is done in Sports. These journalists enter into the homes of the athletes' parents, relatives and showcase and make them as well as the participating athletes very nervous. The tears of the athletes are breaking news/public news in India. For the awful performances in Olympics, Cricket is mentioned as overhyped by Indians. India ranks the highest by a long way for Ego Per Achievement in the world.
Well, Cricket indeed is overhyped way way too much. Indian cricketers are called Gods by their fellow countrymen. You have slogans such as "Cricketing Gods", "World's greatest batsman ever" to name some of the insane taglines for Indian cricketers. Cricket gets extremely high attention in India compared to any other sport. It's more like an elephant and mice comparison in India when it comes to "Cricket" and "other sports".
Inspite of all these, India with 1.4 billion population still loses in cricket many times to tiny islands like New Zealand. New Zealand has a population of just 5 million, that's almost the population of just 25% of Mumbai! For your information, cricket is not a major sport in New Zealand, and most cricketers in their country are unknown to their citizens. Rugby, football and AFL much higher popularity in New Zealand than this cricket. Even in England, sports such as Football, Rugby and several other sports enjoy more popularity and following than cricket. And still, India gets defeated by England too in cricket. New Zealand gets more medals than India in the Olympics too.
Another excuse given in India is that academics is more important than sports. If academics were that important in this country, then why is India's IQ just 81?
FYI, 81 is a below normal IQ and India's academic achievements are pathetic too. None of the universities are even mentioned in the world's top 200. Most Research and Development happens in Western countries, Japan, China, Singapore, etc. Along with brawn, India lacks brains too.
And speaking of Indian food, it is loaded with carbs, oil and gets overcooked. Deep fried with overloaded spices with all the nutrients removed does not improve beauty, brains and brawn at all. The average height of a man in India is 5.5 feet while that of a woman is just 5 feet. The men and women in Western countries, Arab world, Japan, Singapore and China are taller, stronger, broad-shouldered, faster and have a much higher IQ than Indians.
As long as Indians are delusional, ignorant and keep on marketing, overhyping and sensationalizing mediocre achievements, nothing will ever change in this country.
Vinod on May 31, 2021:
Very good points made by Rathore. I completely agree with all his points. I would like to let you know, that India has the highest number of mosques and the 2nd highest number of Muslims in the world. India has the 2nd highest number of schools run by Christians in the world, next only to USA. The only country in the world where the Jews were never persecuted is India. The Parsis, the Buddhists, the Syrian Christians, Bahais all found India to be the safest place in the world, when they were persecuted all over the globe.
India had a woman Prime Minister long before any western country had theirs. Each and every person enjoys full rights and liberties in India.

How are all these possible?
Only because India is still a Hindu-majority country. India is the land of tolerance, liberal democracy, freedom and non-violence. It is because of the benevolence and kind-heartedness of the Hindus.
Rathore on May 30, 2021:
I am a devout Hindu and RSS supporter. First of all, in India all the citizens have full rights and liberties irrespective of their religion. Hindus have given shelter to all faiths, including the persecuted and treated them with respect throughout the ages for millennia. Hinduism is the oldest and the most benign religion in the world. We Hindus never convert people and have never caused any problem to any country or any culture. We Hindubelieve that all

Coming to Christianity, we RSS folks have nothing against this religion nor its followers. Our only concern is about a few people, i.e. missionaries that convert people for money.
We are very grateful for Christians setting up convents and we like studying there. The contribution of Indian Christians to our society is commendable. We don't have any issue against non-European origin Christians too. We RSS folks consider our Indian Christians as our Hindu brothers and sisters that are converted by foreign missionaries.
Our main issue is about the Europeans and white supremacists that have looted several countries and destroyed the indigenous culture. In countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Argentina, Chile, etc., the native people have lost control of the their native land to the European colonist invaders. This continues even today. These European invaders especially the British have created border disputes in India, Israel, China, Hong Kong, etc.

Coming to Islam, lesser said about this religion the better. We still consider the Indian Muslims as Hindus that were forcefully converted by the Mughals and ancient Arab invaders. Many Muslims still carry on with 7th century practices. Apostasy and opposition is treated with capital punishment in Islam. Islamic countries severely persecute their minorities with blasphemy laws and treat them as 2nd class citizens. This includes our neighbours Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Maldives.

Regarding Judaism, well that's a different chapter. Their scriptures are utterly absurd. But we are grateful for the Jews for never converting people and not harming the Indian culture.

So you see, India is a democracy and the Hindus are very liberal, benevolent and benign.
Chirag on Mar 12, 2021:
Mumbai and Pune are shitholes of India. Mumbai and Pune have the maximum number of Covid cases in India. All connectivity from and to Mumbai should be blocked. Mumbai is filled with slums and the entire town is very filthy. Towns such as Mumbai, Chennai and Pune are extremely filthy and en eyesore. Mumbai has plenty of prostitutes and underworld gangsters. Mumbai is the worst town to live in the entire world.
Karun on Feb 26, 2021:
Both Mumbai and Delhi are nauseating shitholes for sure. These 2 places have the worst quality of life in the world.
Ajith K on Jan 10, 2021:
Anyone who thinks Mumbai is a good city is metaphorically a "frog in a well". He or she is living in a planet of delusion.
In simple words, if you want to experience Hell on earth, just visit Mumbai.

1. More than 50% of Mumbai is slums. Mumbai is a city meant for only a few ultra-rich billionaires and a plethora of slum dwellers to serve these super-rich elites.

2. Mumbai is extremely claustrophobic. 21 million people jampacked in a tiny piece of reclaimed land near the sea. The local trains are filled to the core. Everyday people die due to stampede in these trains. It shows the level of ignorance of the Mumbaikars. Life is pure mechanical and selfish in this hellhole.

3. Every monsoon there will be severe flooding and waterlogging throughout Mumbai. Thanks to all those slums, people have to wade through filthy water or even get drowned in these sewers throughout the city.

4. Prostitution: Needless to say, Mumbai is the prostitution hub of India.

5. Exorbitant housing prices: Mumbai is not meant for a financially middle-class Indian person. Only a billionaire or beggar can afford to live comfortably in Mumbai.

6. Mumbai underworld is world famous.

7. Pollution and filth are extremely high throughout Mumbai. Healthcare and education are also ridiculously expensive.

Mumbai is arguably the worst place to live in the world.
A. Bacchan. on Dec 24, 2020:
As someone who earns equivalent to someone in the silicon valley, I wouldn’t prefer to live anywhere else except for Mumbai.
With high earning, I am able to accommodate myself and the family in the plushest parts of the city in the south Bombay area.
While maintaining the lifestyle akin to what I have at the states, but only for a fraction of the price.
My net worth after returning to India is rising sharply.
As I want to build my wealth & head for F.I.R.E, this is the perfect place to be in, at least for now until maybe I decide to change citizenship to another country to be come a capitalist nomad purely to save taxes,

Traffic? Don’t care, as I lounge in backseat of my Merc.
Pollution? Sea facing apartment in South Bombay, rather fresh air but still have purifiers at home.
Too many people? Go for vacations, in and around the country with the excess you save either way.

Can’t really think of any other thing.
The ones who love Mumbai, will always miss it when they move abroad.
I was born and brought up here, and it holds a special place in my heart.

Mumbai for city life, and Goa for weekend beach and tropical gateway is a perfect combo.
Gurunath on May 24, 2020:
Mumbai is by far the worst affected place in India in Covid-19 cases. Mumbai is an urban disaster. 25 million-odd people jam packed in a tiny piece of reclaimed land surrounded by sea. Mumbai is claustrophobic in every sense of the word. There is literally no space in Mumbai. Why does Maharashtra continue to keep this place as its capital? Don't they have some other place in their huge state? I still can't imagine that flights are now operating from this worst affected Covid-19 city (Mumbai) to other Indian cities!

As others have correctly mentioned the other aspects too, Mumbai definitely has the worst Quality of Life in India and the World. The data is very accurate.