Crime in Windsor, Canada

Crime rates in Windsor, Canada

Level of crime
47.95 Moderate
Crime increasing in the past 5 years
67.54 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
43.24 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed
37.87 Low
Worries car stolen
32.91 Low
Worries things from car stolen
49.43 Moderate
Worries attacked
36.84 Low
Worries being insulted
36.42 Low
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
25.21 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
73.29 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
55.90 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
42.15 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery
41.52 Moderate

Safety in Windsor, Canada

Safety walking alone during daylight
71.03 High
Safety walking alone during night
42.07 Moderate

Contributors: 124

Last update: June 2024

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 5 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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16 Comments so far
Anonymous on Aug 02, 2023:
If you live in Windsor, move away. If you don't live here, stay as far away as possible.
Anonymous on Jul 06, 2023:
It's time for the moronic pickup truck drivers of Windsor to learn how to drive on the right side of the road. You are not special. You do not get to break the law because you feel like it. The right side of the road is the RIGHT side of the road, morons. We do NOT drive on the left hand side of the road, this is not merry old England, you stupid fucks. Learn how to drive properly, or don't drive at all!
Anonymous on Jan 26, 2023:
The crime capital of Ontario simply because immorality runs rampant. Raise an entire generation of anti-social degenerate scumbags and see what happens.
Anonymous on Jan 16, 2023:
Morons of Windsor brag that their city is the worst in Ontario. Imagine being so sick in the head that you think being the worst at something is a point of pride. Windsor should be leveled to the ground and its ashes urinated upon.
Anonymous on Nov 27, 2022:
A city where the Mayor endorses Islamists, denies it, then gets caught red handed supporting yet more Islamists.
Anonymous on Nov 23, 2022:
They might as well get it over with and rename Windsor to Assholeville since it's a much more appropriate name. Most people that live here are so comically self-centered that to call them narcissists wouldn't even scratch the surface of the true depravity that their mentally deficient brains engage in. People only think about themselves and literally give no consideration to anyone else in this city. Everyone has a "I got mine so screw everybody else" attitude and it is truly sickening. Year after year people behave like this and it is passed down to the newer generations. And so the cycle repeats. I have never been to a place so desolate and hopeless as Windsor. This place is corrupt to its core.
Anonymous on Oct 29, 2022:
The only people who would willing choose to live in Windsor are rich retired people. This place has zero opportunity for anyone who isn't already financially stable. We have a housing crisis, the highest unemployment rate in the entire country, a non-functional transit system that has been left to languish due to defunding. A corrupt mayor who sits on the police board, who violates social media laws, and who pats cops on the back for shooting dogs in people's back yards. Windsor is full of this degeneracy and nobody wants to admit it because it reflects poorly on everyone. This city will never pull itself out of the degradation because the culture resigned itself to failure. Nobody has any money, and the people that do are happy to keep it the way it is. Rich people love to have power over the poor. Windsor is one of the poorest cities in the country, but literally and spiritually. Nothing can save this town.
Anginwindsor on Oct 28, 2022:
Crime has been escalating. We all know that about Windsor. It is just how it is. You would be crazy to leave your cars unlocked around here. Heck even if locked, your stuff are not safe inside. Some parts of Windsor are worse than others. Lots of theft goes on. Never leave your bike locked up outside. It won't be there long no matter how good your lock. Don't forget anything in your car. A theif will break in even if you have a bag of garbage in your car. A high amount of addicts in our city and they want your stuff so they can sell for money so they can get more drugs. That is just how it is here. You won't get mugged (usually) but your stuff, keep it locked and don't use it as storage for anything. Car got broken into? Cops won't come unless your car was actually stolen. Broken into? Bah let your insurance worry about that. You have only the most basic insurance? Hahah that is your problem. Wow ... thanks. :(
Anonymous on Oct 28, 2022:
I've lived in Windsor over a decade.

I do not like it here, and it is not a very good city at all.

It is my right to express this opinion.

Sometimes the truth hurts.
freedom of speech on Oct 28, 2022:
Who runs this site? It's not like you can even flag comments, yet my comment was removed.

Sorry you clowns live in rose-tinted fantasy land.

Windsor is a hellhole whether you admit it or not.

You probably lived here your entire life and have no basis for comparison to see how much better every other city in Ontario is.

Instead of crying that people disagree and going out of your way to delete their comment, maybe do something to actually improve this city instead of being a typical Windsorite know-it-all who thinks that this place is perfect.

It's not perfect, it's a literal dump.

If you don't like it, too bad! We have freedom of speech in this country. Now get over it and respect people's right to comment. If only positive comments are left here, then the truth is suppressed. Some people want Windsor to improve, but the first step is admitting its current state of operation is a failure.
Kris B on Oct 23, 2022:
Windsor is my home. I am a 58 year old white woman living relatively close to the city center. I love how multicultural our city is. While many people call our city blue collar, many of those blue collar workers hold multiple degrees and choose to work in the automotive field. I have never been afraid to walk in my city, day or night, anywhere. The roads need work. Drug abuse and homelessness needs to be addressed. But people are people all over and for the most part they are good and kind in Windsor.
Anonymous on Oct 10, 2022:
@Anonymous 44.11 isn't really a high score, especially compared to Detroit. It's probably one of the more dangerous cities in Ontario but that's a fairly average score..
Anonymous on Aug 21, 2022:
Windsor is a dump. Worst city in Ontario. Across the river from beautiful Detroit so the high crime shouldn't surprise anyone.
Anonymous on May 21, 2021:
Interesting how a bottom-feeding maggot that can barely communicate in their ostensible mother tongue is so abysmal at it while they decry foreigners as the cause of societal decline. Might it be in fact be the fault of you and people like you? I think we have a better example of who we need to get rid of.
Anonymous on Apr 28, 2021:

Your belief that immigrants are the root cause of our high crime because of their digital locks, propensity to walk in three's, participate in democracy, and timid nature are definitive proof. Oy my friend! And then you declare your personal "hate" as justified. Perhaps you should read your own words. The real root cause is right there.
Support in our city on Mar 21, 2021:
Let me in lighten you! Now the worries are made up from people from none Canadians. let me explain: they all got digital locks on there doors, they race around our streets, walk in more than 3s (we all know thats a gang). And we as Canadians are fine with our some of our rules.
While the immigrants try to change those too. So were is it that we are a problem in our Country. We being Canadians have this saying (EARN IT) PROVE (YOURSELF).Than it will work if not than go back to your country and try what you tried here. We are a none competitive country we help each other in more ways than one, so by all means either fit in or ship out. We say high when you pass us with no response! We offer help to you and you denie it. So why should we exempt you as a friend. But you guys give all the reasons to hate you. So who's to blame.. US for trying to help you fit in. Or you looking for land to make another province cause I like the province's we have we don't need to cut land for you when you show know remorse in making friends.