Cost of Living in Taipei

Summary about cost of living in Taipei:

Restaurants [ Edit ] Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 150.00 NT$ 100.00-230.00
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 850.00 NT$ 700.00-1,000.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 125.00 NT$ 115.00-150.00
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 50.00 NT$ 45.00-70.00
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 60.00 NT$ 47.00-100.00
Cappuccino (regular) 74.07 NT$ 50.00-120.00
Coke/Pepsi (11.2 oz small bottle) 26.28 NT$ 20.00-30.00
Water (11.2 oz small bottle) 20.00 NT$ 15.00-25.00
Markets [ Edit ]
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 347.75 NT$ 283.91-454.25
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 47.60 NT$ 31.75-63.50
Rice (white), (1 lb) 48.11 NT$ 24.49-90.72
Eggs (regular) (12) 64.61 NT$ 48.00-90.00
Local Cheese (1 lb) 291.21 NT$ 158.76-362.87
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1 lb) 108.82 NT$ 72.57-136.08
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 301.19 NT$ 136.08-498.95
Apples (1 lb) 60.82 NT$ 29.48-136.08
Banana (1 lb) 35.66 NT$ 20.41-45.36
Oranges (1 lb) 32.03 NT$ 22.68-58.97
Tomato (1 lb) 53.30 NT$ 33.57-68.04
Potato (1 lb) 40.57 NT$ 22.68-54.43
Onion (1 lb) 32.11 NT$ 18.14-45.36
Lettuce (1 head) 44.55 NT$ 30.00-69.00
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 38.47 NT$ 20.00-50.00
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 450.00 NT$ 350.00-600.00
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 45.53 NT$ 32.00-60.00
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 58.18 NT$ 45.00-80.00
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 100.00 NT$ 90.00-110.00
Transportation [ Edit ]
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 20.00 NT$ 15.00-30.00
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 1,500.00 NT$ 1,280.00-1,999.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 70.00 NT$ 70.00-80.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 40.23 NT$ 32.19-40.23
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 232.50 NT$ 150.00-300.00
Gasoline (1 gallon) 105.11 NT$ 94.64-113.56
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 1,000,000.00 NT$ 900,000.00-1,200,000.00
Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 731,166.67 NT$ 650,000.00-800,000.00
Utilities (Monthly) [ Edit ]
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 2,383.21 NT$ 1,062.50-4,500.00
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 5.71 NT$ 3.00-12.00
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 822.27 NT$ 500.00-1,000.00
Sports And Leisure [ Edit ]
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 1,467.83 NT$ 1,100.00-2,200.00
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 403.33 NT$ 200.00-600.00
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 300.00 NT$ 250.00-330.00
Childcare [ Edit ]
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child 15,604.17 NT$ 10,000.00-20,000.00
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 565,000.00 NT$ 300,000.00-800,000.00
Clothing And Shoes [ Edit ]
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 2,436.00 NT$ 1,500.00-3,600.00
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 1,215.00 NT$ 790.00-1,800.00
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 2,680.59 NT$ 2,000.00-3,500.00
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 3,699.13 NT$ 3,000.00-5,000.00
Rent Per Month [ Edit ]
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 17,227.27 NT$ 10,000.00-25,000.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 10,548.66 NT$ 6,000.00-18,000.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 37,343.75 NT$ 26,000.00-50,000.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 24,995.84 NT$ 17,500.00-35,000.00
Buy Apartment Price [ Edit ]
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 28,040.09 NT$ 20,438.50-42,154.40
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 15,495.32 NT$ 9,290.23-27,870.68
Salaries And Financing [ Edit ]
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 59,033.19 NT$
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 1.98 1.50-2.50

Prices in Taipei

These data are based on 2048 entries in the past 18 months from 265 different contributors.
Last update: May 2018
Sources and References: Info
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100 Comments so far

#Anonymous on May 20, 2018 :
Don't want to argue with some hopeless people here seemingly doesn't possess a single Taipei house and seemingly living on rent. A sympathy to you but you need a skill for a better pay or else complaining will not realize your dream and instead waste your whole time.
The price and rent of Taipei/New Taipei is already the lowest (at the bottom level, just waiting the right time to ascend to a big surprise) among its colleagues, the four asian tigers, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong.
So it is just a matter of time that both price and rent shall be catching up to its colleagues within 2 or 3 years the most.
It is absurd to see even the price and rent of lower-waged Beijing property is higher than Taipei/New Taipei. No wonder even Beijing starts looking down on Taipei/New Taipei with contempt now, thanks to this imprudent government suppression (actually self-infliction upon itself) upon its potential Taipei/New Taipei property market unlike Beijing where the property price has been raised at least
one or two times during the last 3 years and then now the outcome this unsophisticated government reaps is challenge after challenge on top of poor Taipei contempt from Beijing.
#Anonymous on May 20, 2018 :
Don't listen to the bulkshut real estate speculators posting here tHere is absolutely no lack of apartments in Taiwan and there is not going to be millions immigrants anytime soon.
The housing is too expensive already for many people.
#Anonymous on May 20, 2018 :
Don't listen to the bulkshut real estate speculators posting here tHere is absolutely no lack of apartments in Taiwan and there is not going to be millions immigrants anytime soon.
The housing is too expensive already for many people.
#Taipeir on May 20, 2018 :
Tpeboy is right.
It's very hard to get ahead without family money and assets in Taiwan, salary rares are simply too low.
I am also a high earning long term resident of Taiwan know many business people.

Business people abd company owners don't share enough profits with their workers that is the truth .

There are also a lot of empty high end apartments.

At least rent is fairly cheap in Taiwan. I currently pay just 10% of my earnings for rent.
#Katya Tkacisky on May 17, 2018 :
I work 60 hours a week in Moscow, where the salary is the highest in Russia
But my monthly wage is just $600 ( $18K TWD )
My cousin work as Russian/ Mandarin translator in Kaohsiung, she makes 90k TWD there.
How can I move to Taiwan ?
#Katya Tkacisky on May 17, 2018 :
Wow, Taipei salary is a lot higher than my country Russia.
#Anonymous on May 15, 2018 :
Taipei salary so low, this why I found job in Singapore
#TPEboy on May 09, 2018 :
Anonymous- No There are Tons of empty apartments in New Taipei City it is above 20% vacancy but less than 25% according to the newest stats but anyone with eyes can see the huge amount of new construction going on with no buyers and empty buildings. Even in Neihu and Nankang theres a lot of empty luxury apartments.

I rent an apartment for 46k and much of my area is empty and new.
People you should WANT TO IMPROVE TAIWAN....stop arguing against helping the poor middle class here. Real estate alone isn't going to drive an economy! Yes there are Ultra Rich in Taiwan and its sad to see the gap widening between them and the middle class.

Anyways I'm doing fine financially but as an ABC I want to see locals here doing well too and I see the greed of these big bosses ruining it for Taiwan.
#TPEboy on May 09, 2018 :
Anonymous- The Vacany rate in Taipei is 20%. Its not an opinion its a fact. These tend to be higher end buildings and Luxury apartments. The type of apartments you're talking about are studios or 1-2 bedroom for workers and office people...those do get rented quickly.

Regardless of all these crazy bonuses you're talking about...they are a thing of Taiwan's Past not present. Taiwan used to give crazy bonuses in Stocks etc for Tech companies like Hong Hai, TSMC, Renbao, HTC etc. 20-30 years ago that was common. Now a days and in 2008-2012 you were lucky to get 1 month, some very few people got 3-4 I have a few friends in middle and upper management in these companies so I know and also friends in HR.
The very fact is the Finance Ministry last week just announce that the Average Wage in Taiwan Including ALL BONUSES + Benefits and Salary is only 49,894 NTD. Taipei's is roughly 51,000 NTD Gross when including bonuses etc. They said the median Salary is closer to 34,000 NTD for Taipei.. aruge all you want against the last Facts and Statistics.

Lucia Simpson- Whose starving to death in US and Canada? Are you friggin kidding me lol thats idiotic
Taiwans real estate isn't going to Skyrocket unless you're a Realtor and live in your own dillusional world outside of statistical reality. I know many Realtors or people's whose investments and livelihoods want it to Skyrocket but unless Wages increase its not going to happen.

Beijing's 2nd and 3rd Ring Road are more expensive than Taipei. China has now the manufacturing to back it up. Let me ask you this...whose going to be buying these houses if youre making 30-60K NTD a month? Even if you make 100k NTD a month thats PEANUTS!!! You shouldn't be buying a house worth 15 million NTD to financials dont add up unless your financial future is based solely off a single GAMBLE that property prices will rise and you Wont be under water on your mortage LOL.
#TPEboy on May 09, 2018 :
Lucia Simpson how do you know those that are commenting for people to have better wages in Taiwan arent high income? You sound like a Moron. I make over 350k NTD a month and have created a dozen jobs here in Taipei for locals and I pay them a premium over the low pay here by a margin of 40%. I can see how faulty the system is here the owners are greedy keeping the vast amounts of Profits for themselves this is shown in EVERY FINANCIAL REPORT its ridiculous. It would benefit you to read.
Everyone one of my friends in LA in their 30s now owns a house worth 500k usd to 1 million Without help from Parents. No one I know in their 30s in Taiwan will ever dream of owning a house outside of their rich parents helping or an 80% mortgage.. When Google bought out HTC engineers they automatically gave a 30-40% raise to the new hires forcing the greedy Taiwan companies to follow suit to keep Talent. HTC now says it will give raises to employees to try to catch up to Google.
#Lucia Simpson on May 09, 2018 :
I've met lots of high income Taiwanese in Taipei.
You guys should just work harder and stop being like cry baby.
If you don't have a particular skill or certificate, you're income is the same shit even you're in US, Canada or other countries.
At least Taiwan government did great job not letting their people starve to death.
We have so many young homeless people in Canada here, Taiwan seeks a lot better than my country.
#Anonymous on May 09, 2018 :
Taipei is the PRECIOUS BRAIN CONCENTRATION AREA where the ultra rich and big bosses stay to direct empire businesses around the world, in area such as in Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong and so on so the status of Taipei would match the status of property with the higher expectation of property price sooner or later.

Renting out is the quickest in Taipei/New Taipei comparing to UK, in experience, a tenant contacted one of my friend in less than 3 hours after Tipei property posting and the tenant accepted the deal, all was done within 4 hours which seems never happened with any property belong to my friends and family members in UK. So it is not true mentioning vacancy rate in Taipei is as high as 20% but would rather say there is almost no vacancy rate for property in Taipei/New Taipei, almost all properties in Taipei/New Taipei are fully occupied and the demands are also quite high too comparing to UK.

The property price in Beijing is even much more expensive than Taipei/New Taipei though the salary in Beijing is low as merely HALF OF THE SALARY in Taipei/New Taipei.
However, Bonus payment amount including stock shares in Taiwan is the highest in Asia and the bonus amount is up to 20 times of the annual salary ( proof? higher standard of living in Taiwan) which is rarely seen in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The property price in Beijing has almost doubled during just within the last 3 year though the property price in Taipei/New Taipei hasn't moved a bit upward during the same last 3 years due to the property suppression from the current unreasonable Taiwan government.
However, there is no whatsoever downward pressure present anymore in term of property price due the the pressure from the current government because the current property price in Taipei /New Taipei is already at the bottom line so nothing to lose from the Taipei/New Taipei property purchase but the only remaining is to reap gain in the coming few years, that's all.

However, as soon as the current unreasonable Taiwan government is gone probably after 1 or 2 years, property price in Taipei/New Taiwan is ASSURED to skyrocket higher than that was experienced in Beijing during the last 3 years. With profit earning from businesses, have never lost interest in hunting for deals in Taipei/New Taipei properties until now so already secured many good properties under umbrella because well aware of in the next 1 or 2 years, the profit returns from Taipei/New Taipei properties would be indeed much more greater than what Beijing property profit during the last 3 years.
#Anonymous on May 09, 2018 :
#Jeff Hong Kongs real estate price increase has everything to do with no land and huge influx of mainlanders the Ultra wealthy and the poor.
Singapore is due to much higher wages than Taiwan. Taiwans wages are by far the lowest of the 4 Tigers and declining even more. Unless Taiwan does something including the businesses soon Malaysia will catch up in coming years.
#TPEboy on May 09, 2018 :
There is a good reason NONE of Taiwan's Wealthy are buying houses the last 2-3 years. Most buyers are middle class who are not educated in investing real estate and buying because of cultural conditioning of owning a house at any cost even if their mortgage is 60-85% of their income. When in doubt with investing follow the rich, they are NOT BUYING HOUSES in Taiwan.

In other news Stocks have been doing well as an investment in Taiwan vs Housing due to unaffordability of houses.
#TPEboy on May 09, 2018 :
Taiwan Real estate currently is WAY over valued. Serious real estate investors know Rental markets are directly tied to the wages of the city/country.
Taiwans wages are so low compared to Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong. Lets not begin comparing to the West or Japan. Taiwan pays peanuts slave wages to its work force sadly. There is already a 20% vacancy rate of houses in Taipei all empty. The current Millenial generation will not be buying more houses as there is a huge population decline so there will be a huge abundance of available property and not enough people living in them. Its not a problem 20 years from now, it will be very obvious in 10 years before anyones Mortgage who buys now runs out. Taipei is a very bad investment to see a return on money in 2018-2030. Taipei was a VERY GOOD investment in 1990s-2004.

Taipei Investment for Real Estate
1990s-2004- Excellent
2004-2008 - Ok
2009-2012- Bad
2013-2018- Extremely Poor Investment- Kiss you money goodbye.
2019-2028. Huge Bubble Crash potential.
#Jeff on May 08, 2018 :
Taiwan government is burning government fund in the unsustainable stock market.
Whereas, wise government such as Japan, Korea never waste government fund unlike the foolish Taiwan government.
Taiwan stock price has been lifted as much as 30% during last year, but while happening correction of stock market price across the globe. The foolish Taiwan government foolishly wants to stop the correction of Taiwan stock market price unlike everywhere else where there is no interference from any government to stop the stock market price correction.
Let's see if Taiwan government has enough fund to sustain the unsustainable expensive Taiwan stock market price. No more fund..., then see which one collapse first either the unsustainable Taiwan stock market or Taiwan government
#Anonymous on May 08, 2018 :
members among the four asian tigers. The rent would also catch up along with the property price catching up its asian tigers members such as Hong Kong, Singapore.
So Taipei/New Taipei is a tremendous opportunity available now to invest in property which would sooner or later return with tremendous profit just like what happened in Hong Kong and Singapore in recent few years. Grab while opportunity available or it would be too late
#Anonymous on May 08, 2018 :
TPEBoy, you can't compare the house price between Taipei and L.A.
Taipei is one of the four asian tigers or dragons so should be compared among the four asian tigers nation which are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea and not with unrelated L.A.
Taipei is the cheapest city in term of property price among the four Asian Tigers nation and the problem is due to the mismanagement of the current Tsai government.
Sooner or later the property price in Taipei would catch up its
#TPEBoy on May 08, 2018 :
Anonymous is right Basically for my house I just bought in L.A. I rent it out for 89,000 NTD a month + renter pays all utilities or about 3000 USD a month for a house that cost about 18million NTD to buy or 600k USD. In Taipei the houses "supposedly" worth 18million can only rent for 29,000 NTD. Taiwan has one of the worst return on investment for housing real estate in the first world according to many investment stats I follow. On top of that you own no land just concrete. The housing price in Taipei Daan and Dazhi in 2013-2016 exceeded Londons Westminster (Where Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral are). Now its cooling off to be slightly lower. TPE real estate is entirely an artificial bubble that will pop
#Applehead on May 08, 2018 :
According to your link its actually lower than 51,000 its 49,989 NTD average for Taiwan before Tax. Taipei makes more than most countys except Hsinchu but you have to remember the stat above is for After Tax not Pre Tax. Maybe most of the respondants on this website are Foreign English teachers and not locals and it skews the numbers up?
#Anonymous on May 08, 2018 :
According to all the DATA there is no way in hell Taipei NET Salary (after Tax) is 58,700 NTD a month.
News reports today say only 10% of the people in Taiwan earn over NT$61,000 per month.

Here 1 it is saying the average salary is around 51k (Before Tax), and here it says the median salary is somewhere around 35k, hence it seems to support that only 10% make over 61.
#Anonymous on May 08, 2018 :
According to the TWSE, foreign institutional investors sold a net NT$346.78 million in shares on the main board despite the Taiex's gains on Tuesday.
"I suspect today's buying largely came from government-led funds, which aimed to boost local share prices ahead of May 20, Alex Huang said, referring to the two-year anniversary of President Tsai Ing-wen's (蔡英文) inauguration.

Taiwan shares end higher, led by TSMC
#Jessica Hinz on May 08, 2018 :
This is cost of living data, not crying wall.
Stop crying shit and be a man.
#Anonymous on May 05, 2018 :
Taiwanese are getting poorer and poorer, thanks to the effort of both previous president Ma and current president Tsai for suppressing the price of property market in Taipei and new Taipei city.

So comparing to the property market of Hong Kong and Singapore, Taipei and new Taipei city are extremely dirt cheap so what the government has done so far is really unfair and harmful to Taiwanese.

Even the good-for-nothing developing nation like Thailand where the property price of Bangkok is much more expensive than Taipei and new Taipei city. What a shame !
US$2.2m in Bangkok buys marble baths, butlers and a Bentley

Taiwan government have the responsibility to make its people richer comparing to its level playing developed countries such Hong Kong, Singapore, etc but making poorer and poorer to its people, Taiwanese by lowering the price of property market of Taipei and new Taipei city by its government itself is unimaginable and very sorrowful.

Raising the property price of Taiwanese capital, Taipei and new Taipei city is essential for the status of Taiwan to maintain as an already developed nation among all either developed or developing nations and consequently Taiwan would no longer be LOOKED DOWN by China as a poor, dirt cheap Taiwan.

China is still a developing country but its capital, Beijing where the price of property market is much much more expensive than Taipei and new Taipei city, the capital of Taiwan, a developed country.

So Taiwan government urgently have to really work hard to close the gap of the price of property market among its level playing developed countries such Hong Kong, Singapore.
#Anonymous on May 04, 2018 :
The rest of the Asian Tigers are leaving Taiwan Pay in the dust. The Greed of the corporations other than TSMC which pays well is destroying the economy and this generation
#Anonymous on May 04, 2018 :
During president Chen, the stock trading center just collected one-time service fee for a stock trading of both stock buying and stock selling so there was no service fee for stock buying but collected a service fee of 0.1424% of the whole capital for stock selling.

However, the stock trading center start ripping off the online stock trader by collecting service fee two-time for both stock buying and stock selling so the service fee is costing the online stock trader twice 0.2848% (=0.1424% + 0.1424%) now compared to before under president Chen.

So in order to encourage Taiwanese to enter into the stock market, government must remove the dishonest double service fee collected by the stock trading center.

If possible, government should set up an online platform where there is no service fee for online stock trading.

Expensive double service fees and stock transaction tax are the stumbling blocks which must be removed in order to create a healthy, dynamic Taiwan stock market or else the current Taiwan stock market is too expensive for the local to enter.

Hope government takes care of the local stock trader by removing transaction tax just like foreigner are allowed the free stock transaction tax currently as well as removing the service fee for online stock trader.
#island life on May 01, 2018 :
Hey, I've received a scholarship to study in Tiawain but they are offering 12k monthly is that okay for the standard of living there although, I'll be based on campus. What are some of the challenges I may face or is that amount manageable since I will only be a student there?
#Anonymous on Apr 28, 2018 :
Stock trading tax is not comparable to income tax because there is no guarantee income as well as no guarantee heavy loss for stock trading, whereas income tax is from 100% guarantee income. So even collecting the stock trading tax for the outcome of heavy loss trading is undemocratic but instead authoritarian still practiced under the current Tsai government.
Furthermore, stock trading tax is only unfairly targeted to the local, Taiwanese but not to the investment from abroad, foreigner. So with foreign investment withdrawal, the stock market drys like an African forest because the local is not stupid to consider to pay tax even for the heavy loss stock trading and consequently the local don't invest a lot or not at all in the stock market.
Free money for the government especially by collecting the stock trading tax shall harm the stock market as it is not SUSTAINABLE.
Great Europe and US have no stock trading tax so Taiwan should follow the right lead or Taiwan stock market has no future.

Taiwan government should not use tax money of billions of dollar investing in stock market, driving up the price of stock market just like before under Tsai government and consequently only most foreign investment withdrew from the stock market with billions of dollar profit recently, leaving the current price of stock market unsustainable. It is not a government place to play fire in the stock market with tax payer's money or else gifting billions of dollar profit to the foreign investment coming from Taiwan Tax Payer's money as well as lifting the stock price to an unsustainable level unlogical and unreasonable and unreachable to the local for the long run which shall collapse the stock market sooner or later and consequently the stock market shall not be recognized by international investment.

Overview, government should allow the free run of stock market, no interference, not collecting tax whatsoever including the stock transaction tax just like under president Chen's era and not investing of tax payer's money into the stocker just like ignorant Tsai in order to pop up the stock price to an unsustainable level which is indeed much more harmful in the long run.
#Jason Bourne on Apr 23, 2018 :
There are actually quite a few dive shops in Taiwan both north and south. @jessica h. That’s good to know! Sounds like they maybe wouldn’t mind having an fluent English speaker (let’s hope). I’ve done a little bit of research and it sounds like they would need to fill out some paperwork on there end. Again, if anyone has any other information about moving to Taiwan that would be appreciated.
#Jessica H. on Apr 23, 2018 :
#Jason Bourne
It's good to teach diving in Taiwan, I know a Canadian girl is teaching in North Taiwan and make a lot of money.
#MaoKongme on Apr 23, 2018 :
Where are you going to teach diving in Taiwan? Not exactly an ideal place for that....perhaps SE Asia is better.
#MaoKongme on Apr 23, 2018 :
Government stats for Taipei city which say Average Salary once EXCLUDING business owners, Corporate Executives, Day Traders, Real Estate developers are approx 48k prior to income tax
#Jason Bourne on Apr 22, 2018 :
Hello, I’m thinking about moving to Taiwan for a dive instructor job. Would anyone have a guesstamite of the average pay? Any other information about procedures of moving to Taiwan (of course I’ll use google or something too). Any information would be much appreciated.
#Anonymous on Apr 21, 2018 :
I pay 15% income tax in Taiwan on my hard earned salary and you complain about your TINY 0.3% transaction tax.

What a joke!
#Anonymous on Apr 19, 2018 :
The tax of stock trading in Taiwan is 0.3 percent which is pretty expensive. There were no tax during president Chen, but burdensome tax was added to the stock exchange during ignorant president Ma which resulted his party, Kuomintang KMT being rejected by Taiwanese through the vote. Hope president Tsai from the democratic party learn from the KMT doom and instantly rectify and remove the mistake of KMT regarding the unnecessary stock trading tax.
Hope president Tsai also remove service fee collected from the trading center for all making of losing stock trading, even paying higher fee for making of winning stock trading is not an issue.
Please remember that government should serve people so government should not add burden to the people in the first place.
#Taipeir on Apr 10, 2018 :
Taipei city and New Taipei city have quite a gap in incomes. Most people who work in Taipei city commute from outside Taipei city. So that skews all the income stats.

Also older people and govt workers tend to get paid better than younger people or private sector workers. Many govt workers receive generous pensions. Also Taipei city has many rich business people and property owners. It skews the numbers.

According to govt stats Taipei city median earnings are around 47000 ntd per month.

Outside Taipei city earnings drop a lot except for Hsinchu science park.

Basically professional managerial types get a range of 50 to 70k basic here.Of course accountants doctors and lawyers general managers and some engineers earn a lot more than that.
#TpeBoy on Mar 26, 2018 :
I think is many rich people in Taipei make the number higher. Most people dont make 70k.
#TpeBoy on Mar 26, 2018 :
70k after taxes is way too high! I've lived in Taipei for 30 years. I call lie
#anyaheather on Mar 20, 2018 :
Btw, in the comment section of every city there are people claming that the salary is too high. I saw quite a few for Paris. Their proof? Personal anecdotes. "EVERYONE I KNOW MAKES 1.2K - 1.5K IN PARIS!!!!!!!".

You are basically one of them.
#anyaheather on Mar 20, 2018 :

First of all, what you're saying are personal anecdotes. They are about as credible as the user-contributed figures on this site.

Besides, it's pretty obvious that you have never gone up to the contribution page. No. It doesn't ask "your personal monthly net salary". It asks "average personal monthly net salary" of the city, which means the figures are added by what the contributors perceive as the monthly net salary of the city. If you don't buy it then fine, not my problem, but just remember, it corresponds to the official statistics pretty closely.

Btw the household income in Taipei is around 1.5 mil. That means the average salary is around 60-70k. 60k after tax sounds about right.
#Jessica C. on Mar 17, 2018 :
There are a lot of people in Taiwan get high paid jobs, they just pretend to be poor.
I’ve seen more fancy cars around Taipei city than Canada.
My Taiwanese husband make 75k as high school teacher.
Same issue in my city VANCOUVER, many people just make $2,000 CAD a month ( about 44k TWD ).
Basically the living quality of $2,000 CAD salary in Vancouver is worst than 17K TWD in Taipei.
#Anonymous on Mar 14, 2018 :
Basically its a site in English for Expats, which tends to skew the Wages higher than they actually are in reality. Also remember it says 59k NET after Taxes which means the average salary is around 65-70k in Taipei. Most people making this salary are Teachers. Most people who make a lot more are not on salary but own businesses or are employed from overseas like myself but this number is rare and not enough to skew. If Locals found this site and contributed in proportion to Expats the actual Average salary in Taipei would be closer to 40k after Taxes.
#Anonymous on Mar 14, 2018 :
Personally I make about 220k a month working for an American company but like I said most the people commenting aren't going to be your locals making 30-50k. Been living here nearly 8 years and also see a wide range of salaries and read extensive reports about this.
#Anonymous on Mar 14, 2018 :
I think it tends to look higher because the people contributing are not locals, they are mostly Expats.
#anyaheather on Mar 09, 2018 :
Lol @ the meaningless arguments below.

First of all, the figures are mostly correct. According to official figures the salary in Taipei is something like 60-70k per month, and the national average is like 50k.

And for those who keep arguing that it should be lower, you do realise that numbeo's figures come from contributors? Contribute away then, it's not like anyone's keeping you from doing so. The webpage clearly states these data are based on 1824 entries from 247 different contributers over the past 18 months, if you disagree with them so much, just submit your own entries.
#Jessica Hinz on Feb 08, 2018 :
It says average, why people here just crying about their low wage and said it's not true?
The data just proved that a lot of people actually make higher income than you.
So stop complain and be a man.
#BitCoinAce on Feb 08, 2018 :
Anonymous Actually a lot of the pay listed below is lower if you account for the hours they work in Taiwan.
Min Wage is 21k.
Nurses work a lot of OT to make 50k as do office workers.
For a Flight attendant to make 100k its rare and must be putting crazy hours or not located in Taipei. Some choose Macau or HK and get paid more.
Their actually salary based off 40hr week would be worse than what Anonymous writes lol..sadly
#Taipei Boi on Feb 08, 2018 :
I lived in Taipei for 7 years.

Most of Anonymous figures are right. Just a couple items off mentioned below
1. Min wage
2. Nurse Salary
#VisaWaiverForTaiwan on Oct 10, 2017 :
No visa waiver has been granted to Taiwan Since president Tsai Ing-wen has been in the office in 2016.

Asean nations don't see sincerity in the new southbound policy initiated by Tsai Ing-wen because unlike other respectable nations which act diplomatically and proficiently to achieve the reciprocal permanent visa waivers, Tsai Ing-wen instead offered a 1 year visa waiver to asean nations and even demanded the receiver nations to offer the reciprocal visa in return brazenly which asean nations took her request as an insult instead and abhorrently ignored her request in response. With this 1 year visa waiver by Tsai Ing-wen, asean nations would understand how bad her deplomatic tactic, kind of no brainer it is, unlike never seen before among all of her predecessors who have secured permanent visa waivers for Taiwan from among the greatest nations of this world so Taiwanese can visit pretty much places in europe and america visa free which I believe Tsai Ing-wen also enjoys herself of her predecessors' effort before, without thinking to continue her predecessors's effort at all, it is absolutely regrettable.

South Korea is a level player of Taiwan in term of economics. South Korea was always behind Taiwan until 2008, thanks to the effort of Tsai Ing-wen's boss as well as her predecessor Chen Shui-bian who took the president office from 2000-2008 who left Taiwan with no energy to push forward in greater economics fight with the then sole competitor South Korea because he created division, corruption and wasting among Taiwan society which has been dragging Taiwan since then until now so Taiwan is far left behind South Korea in term of economics. Taiwan seems to have no way to overtake South Korea anymore since the division, corruption and wasting have been continuing under the present president term.

South Korea is a people nation, meaning the South Korea government have been fighting for the right and privilege of its people, especially in area of visa waive access. So people of the South Korea have the privilege of visa waiver access almost covering to the whole asean nation as well as all of the visa waiver privileges which Taiwan people enjoy in europe and america.
South Korea have reciprocal 3-months visa waivers with these nations, Thailand, Ukraine, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, etc but Taiwan have no visa waiver with any of these mentioned nations at all which the people of South Korea currently enjoys, how sad it is for the people of Taiwan because the Taiwan government is sleeping instead of fighting for its people for the visa waiver privilege unlike the people-oriented South Korea government.

People of Taiwan is NOT hoping and expecting the government of Tsai Ing-wen to create a miracle of better economics upon the current worsen economics left behind by Chen Shui-bian because of people of Taiwan don't have trust in her sincerity unless she break her tie clean with the rich gang of the accomplices of the corrupt leader Chen Shui-bian and proves as an uncorruptedable leader of Taiwan government.
But at least for the people of Taiwan, Taiwan people have only one expectation and it is also their greatest expectation from the government of Tsai Ing-wen which is to secure and recover the privilege of visa waivers as much as the visa waiver privileges the people of South Korea enjoys nowadays. Or else could Tsai Ing-wen please explain what you can achieve in your president term or drag down Taiwan any further to a corner when your president term is up, worse than the situation of Taiwan during your predecessor Chen Shui-bian was in the office. if you couldn't fulfill even one wish of the people of Taiwan, what the meaning of your existence as a president to the people of Taiwan would be. One achievement of this expectation, the people of Taiwan would remember you forever, but not whatever you're doing now would get Taiwan to nowhere which you shall certainly realize after many years of retirement from your president office.

Creation of visa waiver must be worked out between nations in sincere manner in permanent basis indeed so to secure permanent visa waiver Tsai Ing-wen must send her capable delegations to nations where she would like to establish reciprocal permanent visa waivers with, not kind of using her spokesman from her office broadcasting her message which was insincere and would never be accepted by other nations which Taiwan would like to establish reciprocal permanent visa waivers with.
So Taiwan must be sincere in both cooperation and actions to achieve securing the permanent visa waiver with many nations the soonest possible which the South Korea government have already long secured for its people.
#Chris Poscal on Sep 18, 2017 :
#Taipei your wage is 22K probably because you don't have any particular skill.
Most of my Taiwanese friends get like 35K to 45K, some even Higher.

It's the same issue in US and Canada, you'll get only $1,500 USD or lower a month if you work as service retail.
$1,500 USD is probably the $15K TWD living standard in Taiwan, you can't even pay the rent in US
so you'll need to get a second job or something.

So you need to think about why you only get 22K and a lot of people in Taiwan have better wage than you.
#Taipeir on Sep 11, 2017 :
Anonymous is mostly right, 20 years resident of Taipei here.

Min wage is 22k /mth now.
Flight attendants make around 60 or 70k average.

Nurses prob 50k if they can hack the bad hours.

Most of the other figures about right as averages. Hsinchu city has the highest salaried earners in Taiwan due to electronic engineers in huge electronics companies .

The earnings in Taipei are skewed higher partly because of highly paid governnent workers
#Jessica Waltson on Aug 24, 2017 :
#Anonymous you're so wrong
Minimum wage is higher, and Flight attendant are usually higher than 60K
I have a friend in China Airlines, she makes almost 100K a month.
EVA Air usually around 70K.
Nurses are higher than 50K, 40K is for graduates.
#Blah on Aug 16, 2017 :
Minimum wage is 21,009 so the premise of your figures are wrong.

The figures here in no way factor in how much millionaires and billionaires make. Which billionaire would come up here and contribute the statistics with their monthly income? Don't be silly.
#Anonymous on Aug 02, 2017 :
90% of people working in Taipei make from 22;-68k a month. College grads often make 22k a month out of College and those with a Master Degree start at 30,000NT a month. They spend about 5 years to make 40k a month. An Engineer might make 50k-75k a month. The only reason the Average is skewed to 70k is because Taipei has millionaires and billionaires that skew these numbers. It in NO WAY represents what the everyday working Taiwanese or Foreigner generally makes.

Min Wage 18,000
Factory Work 18,000-20,000
Typical Office Worker 22,000-40,000
Nurse 30,000-40,000
Taxi Driver 60,000-70,000
Flight Attendant 50,000-60,000?
Foreign English Teacher 55,000-70,000
Engineer 50,000-70,000
Doctor 150,000-400,000
Foreigner Specialist with Foreign Income---150,000-300,000
#Anonymous on Aug 02, 2017 :
For 225k monthly you can get an excellent house. I wouldn't worry you can get a brand new apartment in the middle of the city... All the locals and foreigners..Everyone uses to look for houses to rent.
#Gary smith on Jun 02, 2017 :
Hi, i am offered 225k monthly. What kind of housing can i expect for my family and what would be effective salart (minus taxes)
#Joe Blow on Apr 07, 2017 :
Is 45k NTD enough for Taipei or perhaps a 2nd tier city in Taiwan?
#Anshuman Sahai on Mar 22, 2017 :
I am offered a post-doc position here in NTU, Taipei. But they didn't disclosed the salary. Can anyone help me to negotiate the good salary as I am need to know the current cost of living/food/travel/insurance with sharing (if allowed in Taiwan)
#Jessica White on Feb 01, 2017 :
#madhawan misra
I think it's the same problem around the world.
Even you have full time job in EU or Canada, still can't afford living there.
#madhawan misra on Jan 18, 2017 :
#manu narang

They must be out of their mind to offer you something like 30k!! i average nearly 75k and still can not afford to enjoy a lavish life
#Jessica White on Dec 30, 2016 :
#manu narang
No, 30K is not enough to survive in Taipei.
Cost of living in Taipei is crazy high.
#manu narang on Dec 22, 2016 :
Is 30 K NTD per month to live in taipei. I need to join there as a Quality analyst ?? and is my renumeration is competent enough for the prevailing rates in taiwan..
#Jessica Wilson on Nov 08, 2016 :
All high income workers are all in Taipei city, of course
#Gain on Nov 05, 2016 :
Actually the average salary of 65000-70000k is possible because a) it's only measuring the Taipei city proper, all the richest people live there, and b) it does correspond to the official household income report.
#Josh Connor on Aug 18, 2016 :
I work in Hsinchu science park, they give me 150K a month.
Very nice !
#Sathia on Aug 16, 2016 :
Would like to know the monthly expense of vegeterian without drinks, cigarette, non veg.
I have to join there as a software developer.
#No on Aug 12, 2016 :
An "average salary" is deceptive and means nothing. You should use the median salary. My girlfriend who is a college educated nurse only makes about 36k ntd each month.
#Taiwannabe on Aug 11, 2016 :
Hi All,

We are a couple moving to Taipei in January. Are there any good trade fairs to meet employers or find opportunities there?

Thank you!
#Anatoly on Aug 04, 2016 :
The average rent price of 1 bedroom in city center is outdated, that was about 12-15 years ago, now you can only rent a studio for 15-20 k. The average salary of 65 k is also unreal, yes, some people make over 100k, but most uni graduates only have 25-30 k, those with uni degree and 5-10 years of experience can get around 50-60k.
#James Todd on Aug 03, 2016 :
I do believe the average is 65K
Because some people to make more than 100K
That's why we call it " average "
It's like Canada here, the average in come is 80K TWD
But most of young people only get 47K, which is not enough to living in cities.
#Anonymous on Jul 31, 2016 :
Average salary 65K NT?! That's bullshit seriously. You only get that kind of pay in Taipei at least 10 years of work experience (provided you are really fortunate to keep hopping from one company to another every 3-5 years and promote at least once every 2-3 years). However,buying a house is virtually impossible in Taipei for new generation people.
#Anonymous on Jul 15, 2016 :
Taiwan is one of the four asian tigers in term of economic power. However, Taiwan is the only country being discriminated not being provided with the Thailand visa waiver and the other 3 asian tigers already long secured the Thailand visa waiver, South Korea with 3 months Thailand visa waiver, Hong Kong and Japan with each 1 month Thailand visa waiver.

On top of being discriminated by Thailand not providing the Thailand visa waiver to Taiwan among Taiwan's asian tigers members, the current Tsai president foolishly announced to give a one month Taiwan free visa access to Thailand from this August but Taiwanese are not still provided the reciprocal Thailand visa waiver. So the interest of Taiwanese is totally ignored by the current Tsai president and her government.

Comparing the contribution of visa waiver between the current Tsai president to the previous Ma president, Taiwanese enjoy 0 count of visa waiver under Tsai president so Taiwanese really miss the contribution of the previous Ma president who secured many visa waivers for Taiwanese from many countries including great UK, US, all Europe, etc.

So not sure anymore whether or not Tsai president is a Thailand citizen since she want to protect the interest of Thailand instead of the interest of Taiwanese. If this were the case, Taiwanese solemnly urge Tsai president to step down and instead serve Thai people in Thailand since she is not willing to serve the interest of Taiwanese anymore.

Or else Taiwanese solemnly urge Tsai president to secure the reciprocal Thailand free waiver for Taiwanese before providing the one month Taiwan free visa access to Thailand just like what the previous Ma president contributed before.
#CK on Jun 12, 2016 :
I'd love to help you, do you have any contact like email or insta?
#TaiwaneseFool on Jun 10, 2016 :
It seems under the secret instruction of the president of the Taiwan new government, a hung lady aggressively discriminated many very old soldiers recently in public places such as on public bus, in park, etc who were coming along with the president Chaing to Taiwan in 1949 and shamed them for not going back to the mainland China and for being financially supported by the taiwanese which is not true because president Chaing brought the great wealth of the whole China to Taiwan along with him in 1949 which was used to develop the economy of Taiwan rapidly as never seen before in Taiwan history to the extent of Taiwan becoming a proud member of the four dragons in Asia in term of economic power. This hung lady also mentioned she and taiwanese were the offspring of Japanese and said American brought the rubbish old soldiers to Taiwan so the rubbish old soldiers should ask American to return them to where they were coming from.

Let's clarify the identity of Taiwan, Taiwan has always been an inseperated part of mainland China except during 1895 to 1945 where Japan possessed Taiwan because China lost the 1895 Sino-Japan war and gave in the Japan demand of passing Taiwan in the treaty. However, Taiwan was finally returned to the mainland China from it was lost during the Qing dynasty to the republic of China under the great leadership of KMT president Chaing right after WW2 where Japan lost the 1945 Sino-Japan war.
So KMT president Chaing was actually the Savior of Taiwan which the current Taiwan new government must acknowledge the accomplishment of KMT president Chaing for Taiwan liberation because it is the true. The true is like the light and the light always defeats the darkness eventually so the current Taiwan new government should not be in darkness but instead have a correct vision like the light which should lead to the right peaceful direction.

Taiwan has been returned to the mainland China right after WW2 as mentioned earlier and is no longer belonged to Japan. So those who claimed to be the offspring of Japanese seeking the right of motherland on Taiwan should go back to Japan because Taiwan is not a part of Japan anymore since the end of WW2. Since the identity of Taiwan has been clear, it is time to expel the very daughter of Japan, hung lady fox to where she mentioned belonged to but afraid Japan may not want this old-men-bullying ugly old useless fox.
#NoTyranny on May 28, 2016 :
International community should be aware of the undemocratic actions of the new Taiwan government which is turning itself into more and more like an Undemocratic Tyranny.

The new Taiwan government recently announced to seize or recover money by Force from the saving of people who fail to pay the fee of the national health insurance.
Most of the fee of the national health insurance is directly deducted through the salary. And those who did not pay the fee of the national health insurance are the unemployed Taiwanese. So it seems the new Taiwan government is targeting to punish and destroy the unemployed Taiwanese not paying the fee of the national health insurance instead of providing benefit and subsidy like UK, etc.

The international community have to stand up to protect the unemployed Taiwanese from being exploited by force undemocratically without human right by the Tyranny of the new Taiwan government and demand the new Taiwan government to govern her people democratically along with human right or the new Taiwan government should be shut off from the international community for punishment, not allowing to participate such as world health organization, etc
Please remember your action today benefits you an unexpected protection tomorrow, thanks to the effort of international community for human right and democracy.
#NoAdvertisementOnPaidChannels on May 28, 2016 :
Almost all of the paid television channels in Taiwan waste as much as 50% of the watching time of their customers through advertising. Only CNN and Disney channels almost do not have advertisings.

Comparing the Taiwan's paid channels to the free channels in Mainland China, you would be surprised to see the quality of the the Mainland China's free channels is much better, especially for news, unlike Taiwan's news channels which repeating even insignificant, unworthy, rubbish news throughout the days or even for 2 or 3 days as Taiwan's news channels have only a very few news to broadcast even sometimes or many times steals news from Japan , how unworthy of the Taiwan's news channels really is. The Mainland China's free channels does not repeat a lot, just 2 or 3 times the most, not throughout the days, all kind of worthy local and international news are well covered but does not steal the work of others like Taiwan's news channels does. Advertisement on the Mainland China's free channels is much less than a third of the Taiwan's paid channels. And a few of the the Mainland China's free channels have no advertising and broadcast worthy programs throughout the day.

the Taiwan's paid channels should not include advertising as they are not free channels. And if the Taiwan's paid channels want to earn advertisement, they must be turned into free channels in order to return justice and fairness to the viewer of the Taiwan's paid channels.
#Nicholas on May 28, 2016 :
Hey guys am swedish and i want to study engineering in Taipei and I want some opinions of those that live/have lived in Taipei would be very helpful! Also i would like to know how the whall youth culture is , as how they have fun and if they speak english in general. Thanks
#EconomyContributor on May 25, 2016 :
Stock market of Taiwan was tax free for both stock trading and dividend earning before the previous president Ma.

Ma throughout his life was in the government office and is not worldly sophisticated in the matter of running the better economy, but instead was calculating too much for tax earning even to every corner ignoring the bigger picture resulting to the extent of destroying Taiwan economy.

Stock market was once the only place where Taiwanese enjoy trading stock and earning a small amount of dividend without any burden of tax.
Taiwanese investing in the stock market also tremendously benefit the economy of Taiwan because it allows the businesses to access the needed fund through the stock market and enable the operation of the businesses to run smoothly which generate a lot of employment.

Since tax was imposed for both stock trading and dividend earning, most people continuously withdraw their fund from the stock market and this has started hurting the economy of Taiwan until now unlike never seen before and much businesses were either collapsed or force closed and this result continuous job loss across all industries since then.

So for the sake of restoring the healthy economy of Taiwan, the new Taiwan government must abolish the tax imposed by the previous president Ma for stock trading, dividend earning and the changes of the rest related to the stock.

Please remember the Taiwanese investing in the stock market are indeed helping and contributing towards the better economy of Taiwan and it is absolutely wrong to punish these great people with tax burden.
#EndingNowhere on May 24, 2016 :
The new Taiwan government is going to to force the unemployed Taiwanese to pay for the 年金 insurance within a year probably starting from 5th May 2017.

The unemployed Taiwanese are the most pitiful creature among the developed counties because they do not receive benefits or subsidies from their government unlike the other developed countries. Even worse, the jobless Taiwanese also currently have to pay the heath insurance which costs them at least 700 Taiwan dollar a month.

The 年金 insurance is only targeted to the jobless Taiwanese and it would cost them at least 850 Taiwan dollar a month. The most terrible part, the unemployed Taiwanese would be heavily fined with the amount ranging from thousands to ten of thousand for the late payment of the 年金 insurance fee. The new Taiwan government also mentioned the relatives such as spouse, etc were also responsible for the payment of the 年金 insurance fee of their jobless Taiwanese.

Probably from 5th May 2017 , the unemployed Taiwanese have to pay both fees of the 年金 heath insurance and the 年金 insurance which would cost them at least 1,500 Taiwan dollar a month (700 + 850 =1550).

TV broadcast a sorrowful news repeatedly today through all news channels which mentioned a Taiwanese family of 5, husband, wife (born 1990 very young), 3 sons (., 6, 8 years old respectively) committed suicide by burning charcoal and their landlord found their dead bodies in their room today. The landlord said they owed them 4 months of rent with the total amount of 36,000 Taiwan dollar. There were also a bill of warning of late payment of electricity fee in front of the door. It was said the electricity was long cut off before they committed suicide, meaning they had lived in their flat without electricity for many weeks or probably months before they committed suicide.

So given the current sorrowful situation of the unemployed Taiwanese, further forcing them to pay for the 年金 insurance out of their empty pocket of the unemployed Taiwanese is indeed very heartless. Hope the new Taiwan government would be merciful not only to the unemployed Taiwanese but also to the government itself because revolution always arises out of this kind of hopeless situation throughout the history. Instead the new Taiwan government must cancel the program of subsidizing 20,000 Taiwan dollar for the new salary of 31,500 Taiwan dollar and reduce the living cost to alleviate the burden of its mass people. Affordability which also means cheap is the secret that makes people content and happy. The right decision you, the new Taiwan government, make would leave you a good mark in future history or else it would be endless curses.
#LiarChannel54 on May 23, 2016 :
Channel 54 (SET) broadcast a program yesterday which mentioned the wage of Singapore is 3 times of Taiwan.

So far Singapore set a minimum wage for cleaners and the wage was set at 1,000 Singapore dollar, but many people still get paid under the minimum wage, meaning many people in Singapore get paid less than 1k Singapore dollar.
At the link below, Singaporean Madam Lim Bee Kiow's wage is just 850 Singapore dollar per month.

1,000 Singapore dollar is equivalent to 23,673 Taiwan dollar at the current exchange rate.
So according to the claiming of the Channel 54, the salary of Taiwanese is a third of Singaporean, meaning dividing 23,673 Taiwan dollar by 3 results 7891 Taiwan dollar (23,673 / 3 = 7891).

So need the Channel 54 to clarify where and whom in Taiwan get paid a wage with the amount of 7891 Taiwan dollar per month.
If not available, the Channel 54 must apologize to all Taiwanese viewers they cheated through its untrue program and promise not to cheat again through its broadcasting.
#TaiwanAtEdge on May 22, 2016 :
The new taiwan government took over the office on 20th May, the day before yesterday. Yesterday one day after taking over taking over the office, announced to raise the bottom salary from 22k Taiwan dollar to 31.5k Taiwan dollar and said the government would subsidize 20k Taiwan dollar over the new salary, 31.5k.

No nation on earth is rich enough to subsidize 20,000 Taiwan dollar per person per month. So this new policy from the new government shall not only cripple the credibility of the taiwan government as the government indeed has no sufficient fund to support this destruction policy so consequently need to print endless money which consequently would not be accepted by the international market to the extent of currency collapsion, but also burden the affordabiliy of employment for the employers in the future probably when the government collapsed due to the over-funding of this very stupid policy.

Hope the new government would be prudent and cancel this death policy immediately.
And instead use a small amount of fund to subside where the people need either employed or unemployed, and restore the living cost to an affordable level and this would help much more people in need than subsidizing 20k taiwan dollar per month individually.
#ForStableGovernment on May 20, 2016 :
Taipei is extremely expensive now.

3 years ago, a meal with pork curry was 70 Taiwan dollar, but now the price has been raised to 120 Taiwan dollar at the Peacock[direct translation of the restaurant's Myanmar name] restaurant [70% price raising] in the Taipei's Myanmar town.
Beef price also raises 136% compared to 3 years ago, a pack of 0.6kg beef was 99 Taiwan dollar, 165 Taiwan dollar per 1kg in 2012, but right now it costs 390 Taiwan dollar per 1kg to buy the same beef.
Rice price also raise at least 70% compared to 3 years ago. Government should protect the interest of the mass instead of the greedy useless farmers, and if needed, very cheap India, Vietnam, Thailand rice should be imported duty free.
From the above, everyone is well aware most businesses are turning more and more greedy and ripping off defendless Taipei populace because of the lack of the protection from the Taipei government.

Government might consider raising salary to resolve the above issue, but there is an excruciating consequence with raising salary that would result jobs cutoff across all industries to the extent of uncontrollable situation.

So the best way to tackle the issues is to control the price and return the price to an acceptable level immediately, and doing so businesses would still benefit, not a loss at all but would no longer make a fortune out of ripping off customers.

It is also noteworthy to consider a proverb of previous China dynasties which is sufficient food for populace, this means each of the previous China dynasties did not allow businesses to manipulate in the food market which is also the real secret behind the stable dynasty.

Living cost of Thailand is even getting lower compared to 3 years ago, thanks to the lower gas price. Taipei government has a lot to learn humbly from the great Thailand in order to benefit the residents of Taipei.
#FactsAboutTaipei on Apr 10, 2016 :
Average earning for fresh uni graduate is around 28000 NT/month. Cost per meal (1 pax) on average is around 100 NT if you eat outside (cheaper of course if you cook on your own). Hence, meal alone, it will set you back around 7000~10000 NT/month, another 1000~1500 NT for transport. According to the official report from ministry of manpower of Taiwan, more than 700 Taiwanese choose to migrate to other countries like US, Japan, Korea, Singapore just to name a few.
#reignOFmanipulation on Feb 08, 2016 :
in a month from last month to until today, most asian currencies has been enormously appreciated like japan, thailand bath appreciated 1 whole bath from 36.5 to 35.5 bath per a us dollar in less than a month.

thanks to the asian currency appreciation, the taiwan central bank temporarily stops its almost daily interference activities of taiwan currency depreciation which the taiwan central bank has been carrying on over 1 year according to the us government's analyzed data so the value of taiwan currency is stuck at around 33.5 taiwan currency per a us dollar at the moment. however, this "stuck" signal is not a good sign while most currecies are being appreciated so expect resumption of terrible continued currency depreciation by the taiwan central bank very soon.

indeed the taiwan central bank makes a fortune monthly like about 700 million us dollar with is interference of currency devaluation during over the last one year because the taiwan central bank prints worthless taiwan currency and endlessly buy us dollar worth of about 700 million every month so this results endless taiwan currency depreciation.

most central bank of other countries do not interfere in the currency market even just a day in a month unless necessary unlike dishonest taiwan. it is a disgrace to see taiwan depreciating its currency almost daily during over the whole last year.

the taiwan central bank should be accountable with the billions dollar earning it makes from its whole-year interference of taiwan currency depreciation. where is the money or how they waste the money or who pocket the money?

taiwan money printer is very good until now but soon it might be turned into paper printer because sooner or later most countries shall realize the dishonest behavior of the taiwan central bank and then consequently shall not trust its bountiful paper currency thus shall no longer be welcomed in international currency market.

with the already choked international diplomacy, adding the currency collapse may predict the end of taiwan without a surpise.
#TaipeiTooExpensive on Feb 03, 2016 :
Taiwan accommodation is extremely expensive, even more expensive than the more developed Japan.

At Osaka, Japan, you can get a single room at the price of TWD 278, USD 8.3 (Reference ; hotel name : Hotel Diamond, Osaka)

At Taipei, Taiwan, the price of a single room at the same level of condition as the above Osaka hotel shall cost almost more than 2 times, probably TWD 900+, USD 26.9

Being too expensive is the reason why tourist stay away from Taipei.

Hope Taipei has the price range that is comparable to Osaka the soonest possible, and then prosper immediately with the flush of many million tourists due to the affordable accommodation price.
#TrueValue on Jan 15, 2016 :
Only with the solution of good vision, export would be driven up, no other tricks shall work and instead shall harm the whole society.

Currency devaluation shall only NOT drive up export but also might repeat the terrible consequence experienced after WW2 in 1945-1949 of the very hyperinflation caused by the preceding central bank of Taiwan which totally resulted erosion , destruction of the foundation of the preceding government of Taiwan in 1949 in China.

At the end of 1945: 1,222 yuan = USD $1
May 1949: 23,280,000 yuan = USD$1
#TrueValue on Jan 14, 2016 :
Hope Ma president keeps his last promise which is not to use currency as a weapon to drive up export and restore the value of Taiwan currency to the benchmark point which is 27 NT dollar per a US dollar the soonest possible.

With trust, there is a bright future.
#TrueValue on Jan 14, 2016 :
The value of Taiwan currency has been falling over 20% from 27(benchmark) to 33.4 against a US dollar.

However, though the value of China currency has been falling but is still overvalued over 17% from 8(benchmark) to 5.9 against a US dollar.

It is best to always stick to the fair benchmark value to gain the utmost trust on currency value from all international holders.
#Dylan Mor on Sep 27, 2015 :
I love Taipei so much, Taiwan is a very advanced country in Asia.
Perfect transportation system, clean public space...
People are nice.
#Jessica on Aug 18, 2015 :
For the salary in Taipei is similar to Seoul
People have skills always got very high income, but those without particular skill always get around 26K - 30K
My Korean friend who got full-time job in a restaurant, and they pay him like 946882 KRW (26K TWD).
So I think it make sense to see this average salaries number in Taipei.
#Taipeir on Aug 17, 2015 :
The numbers are generally a bit on the low side for expenses such as rent, and a bit on the high side for incomes after tax.

Average meal would set you back 150 NTD in a restaurant chain these days. 200-300 ntd business lunch. I pay 26k ntd all in for renting a 3bdroom apartment in the suburbs. In Taipei city itself I'd be paying 35-50k/mth, so the numbers aren't too far out for that.

Beers price varies very much according to if you are drinking in a bar or restaurant or outside the local convenience store!

Young grads incomes are about 22k-30k for a first few jobs. A lot of people in Taipei, even managers, would make 50-60k NTD/mth and think that is a fairly good income. They might get a couple of months bonus if lucky per year. Of course you get some people earning a relatively large salary but they are really really rare. I mean people earning over 100k/mth as a salary, it's really not common. That's only approx 3000 USD/mth!

The average income for Taipei is hugely skewed because of large numbers of very wealthy people owning businesses and property but then a lot of younger people on peanuts. Also Taipei city is full of older people, most young people live in New Taipei City outside the core city.

What you need to look at is the MEDIAN and split between Taipei City and New Taipei City.
You'd also want to look at earnings at each age.
#Sam the Korean on Aug 13, 2015 :
How is the job market for foreigners trying to get a job in the pharmaceutical industry? Is there a labor shortage in this field or what?
#Saki Arakaki on Aug 08, 2015 :

I didn't see any homeless in Taipei.
Not as much as Tokyo.
And most of my Taiwanese friend got more than 35K...
I think it depends which university you graduated or what kind of skill do you have.
If you have particular skills, I don't think you will get lower salary in Taipei.
#Josh Ferman on Aug 08, 2015 :

Are your sure we are living in the same Taipei city?
I think you've nevern been to any western cities in your life.
Compare to my city ( Vancouver )
It's so difficult to see any homeless in Taipei city.

For the salary, officials always create fancy numbers you should know that.
For example, the average monthly salary in Vancouver is like 3500 CAD ( 84,000 TWD )
But the reality is, most of young generation only got 1800 CAD ( 43,000 TWD ), which is not enough to live in such an expensive place like Vancouver.

You guys should appreciate you have Taipei to live, amazing MRT and affordable prices.
Stop complaining.
#IamTW on Aug 08, 2015 :
The "Average Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax)" is way off from the reality. A fresh uni graduate here get paid for 25K ~ 30K NT (30K NT if you are really lucky. The unemployment rate here is actually many times higher from the official figure shown by our govt, do not simply believe whatever is written here. Simply stroll around the city in Taipei and you will see quite a number of beggars/homeless) and in fact, lots of information shown above are inaccurate and incorrect. Please update your info or else more people will be mislead by the wrong info provided.
#Dav Leith on Aug 05, 2015 :

I know right !
I'm a Canadian, even I can't afford Taipei.
Too expensive
#Caroline on Jul 26, 2015 :
I'm looking at your numbers for Taiwan in July 2015 and there is NO WAY you are able to find a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre for the prices you state - the reality is about DOUBLE THAT. So please don't understate everything. The cost of meals in Taipei is also in the neighborhood of $150-200 NTD and not as little as you think either. Your numbers look like they are several years old - you should do a revision - would be glad to help you with that.
#Agnes on Jun 15, 2015 :
I'm from Germany.
I love Taiwan, and boys are so cute.
can somebody tell me how to Become citizen here?
#Jessica Clark on Jun 13, 2015 :

250000 in Xinyi District, Taipei... just the average.
There are lots people spend more than 250000 per months, believe me.
#IamTW on May 14, 2015 :
Do you mean 250000 NT/month after tax deduction? If that is the case, you can live like a King (no joke). Renting a studio would typically cost you between 8.5K ~ 10K NT. Food budget (if you are eating out everyday, 3 meals/day) would cost you between 250~350 NT. Eating in restaurant should be very affordable for you, roughly cost between 300~800 NT (in very decent restaurant of course). Transport tend to be quite cheap if you travel by bus & train. Simply approach a staff over the counter at any Metro Station and get yourself a "EasyCard" which allows you to get a 20% discount for every trip of your journey with train. Leisure wise tend to be even dirt cheap. Many of the attractions are free or for a small fee (at most a few hundreds NT). You could easily save more than 200000 NT/month even if you really spend a lot everyday.