Quality of Life in Perth, Australia

Purchasing Power Index 137.60   Very High
Safety Index 58.39   Moderate
Health Care Index 71.82   High
Climate Index 95.71   Very High
Cost of Living Index 70.79   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 5.09   Low
Traffic Commute Time Index 40.75   Moderate
Pollution Index 26.97   Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 194.34   Very High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 141

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 597

Last update: May 2024

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100 Comments so far
Anonymous on May 17, 2024:
Yes I’m Perth women are not allowed to have children until they are almost 40. Most of them have to feel how their employers feel. It’s full of typical, white blondes who are childless and bitter. There’s a lucky few that have families young but they are generally from overseas. It lacks privacy and family orientation, but if you are with the right people who came from overseas you may have a family. It’s a very insular place.
Honest Review on Apr 29, 2024:
It is a very regional place and has a very regional culture, as a oppose to a metropolitan culture. This translates into there being very limited things to do, and the people being insular and not inclusive. It feels very rural and quiet almost everywhere outside of the city centre. The city centre itself is extremely small and is dead outside of business hours, and yes with a lot homeless and drug addicts still even during business hours. Racism is present but it's more like they are not interested in engaging with you, instead of outright racism, again not a very inclusive place.

Can't say much about the rest of your questions.

Perth is only good for the following types of people.
People who have children, people with a close knit family, friend group or community, and people retiring. If you're outside of what I listed please seriously consider that it is very unlikely you will have a good time in this place because social isolation is a common experience here. Perth is really no different to any small regional city with a stagnant population.
Help on Apr 27, 2024:
Can someone give an honest review of living Perth right now? Thinking of moving. How’s the cost of living? How easy is it to find work? How’s the culture? How regularly do you witness racism/sexism? How regularly are you bored? Are there still loads of crackheads in the centre?
Melissa on Apr 26, 2024:
Disgusting place filthy everywhere syringes just laying around parks and sidewalks dodgy crackheads everywhere what a dump!
Bogár on Dec 28, 2023:
Perth is a good remedy for delusional people, who think that Australia is a paradise.
Anonymous on Nov 01, 2023:
Agree, the last thing we need is a homogeneous community of potato brains..welcum to pert
Anonymous on Nov 01, 2023:
Even foreigners when they come here if they stay long enough they'll receive the cultural conditioning of all the other autists here. Please maintain your culture..bogan lyfe is for potato brains
Sandra on Oct 25, 2023:
The positive comments on here are all fake it's literally one person pretending Perth is a utopia when it's a complete dump!
Spidey Turan on Oct 10, 2023:
I grew up here in Perth! I was a shearer in the Australian outback! Now I travel as a vlogger! I'm a proud Australian citizen. I used to work as a sheep sheerer back here, but now I'm a vlogger and I'm currently in Japan! However, there are some mates here who don't like me and keep making fun of me, and I'm sick and tired of it! I'm writing this to let out all of my feelings!
First of all, I want to say that I don't hate women! They are so cute and pure! The problem is, some people in Perth don't seem to appreciate this! They keep calling me a pedophile and saying that I'm a pervert for dating smaller girls? Well guess what? I DON'T CARE! I love girls and that's all there is to it! I don't care if you don't approve of it, I'll keep dating Japanese or Aussie girls even if you say otherwise!
Secondly, I want to say that I'm NOT a creep! Just because their age of consent is 21 and Japanese women are obsessed with their feminine men, doesn't mean that I'm a pedophile! Their men are the creeps for having women only carriages! I'm a consenting adult and so are the girls I date! So stop calling me a creep! I love them! They're just smaller and more petite to practice my mingle with them more easily. They're so cute and innocent! I just want to protect them! Plus, they're very submissive, so it makes it easier to get better at talking to women. I'm not a pedophile! I's just a preference! They're so cute and innocent! I love their small bodies and how they look so vulnerable and defenseless! I just want to protect them! It's not my fault that japan has a higher age of consent! I'm a proud Australian citizen of Turkish descent, and I'm not going to let anyone tell me otherwise! I love women and I'll continue to date them until the day I die!
Fergus on Aug 26, 2023:
Been in Perth one month:
Place : beautiful, sunny, lovely beaches, clean air
People : Young girls dress like hookers, men dress and behave like dropkick bikies. There is a real feral-ness about a lot of people here. Maybe it’s the isolation and young people don’t know how to behave. Quite anti-social and immature.

Summary: lovely city but there seems to be a large uncivilised young population that is lost.
European on Aug 14, 2023:
Such a beautiful place! So many perks. Quality of life is top notch. Shame it’s full of wierdos
Anonymous on Jul 24, 2023:
So many illiterate and/or anonymous idiots below. Sad... Or perhaps, it's only one or two who have mysteriously multiplied and spread like the plague?!
Whatever it is, it a matter of taste and preferences, you morons! And yeah, I forgot - respect to others and even yourselves. Do you know the meaning and applications of "respect"?
For me, the now 2 million small Perth with its laid-back lifestyles and nearly perfect climate is home. A conscious choice that I made, because believe me, I can compare with several other places around the world.
As for you lunatics, if you don't like Perth and WA, that's fine. Just shut up and f&#k off!
Cuckold on Jul 18, 2023:
Perth has a thriving Cuckold community and I like it here. There are plenty of handsome bulls around that are always eager to satisfy my wife. If Cuckolding is your thing then Perth is great.
Anonymous on Jun 23, 2023:
Perth just scored 12th as the most liveable city. That's fair comment.
Melbourne & Sydney are higher. Not in my book but it is expensive to live here relatively I guess.
Mr Martis on Mar 31, 2023:
Your sophism fell flat. Try putting the efforts to your job.
At 3.5 % unemployment close to the lowest in 50 years even you should be able to compete.
Anonymous on Mar 21, 2023:
I can't help it if you interpret something to mean the opposite of what it obviously means. Learn to ready buddy
Mr Martis on Mar 13, 2023:
I can't help it if your comment is internally inconsistent. For the most part the law isn't. Karen.
Anonymous on Mar 13, 2023:
"Mr Martis" maybe you should try reading before replying
Drew on Mar 12, 2023:
I see a lot of negative rubbish below. Perth along with many Australian capitals regularly ranks among the most liveable on the globe. I prefer to Sydney and Melbourne because I rate peace and quiet more highly than all these supposed cultural events. I would never pay the ridiculous prices asked for the tickets e.g the money 70,000 people just forked out for Ed Sheeran. Oh did he play here? Must have been atypical -or not.
Mr Martis on Mar 10, 2023:
The person who wrote this rubbish about needing to target 50/50 gender needs to get a life. This is not your forum for being a Karen, me-too or any other type of person who needs a life purpose because they haven't got one.

IN perth there are Any number of CEO's who are female and male mentors) . They just showed ability and have many tips for you how to get over yourself and get to the top if you're willing to make the sacrifice.
Anonymous on Mar 07, 2023:
Unfortunately it is legal as per section 7D. Legal and ethical don't always go hand in hand though
Anonymous on Mar 07, 2023:
Can someone please explain how corporate entities (and government) in Australia and abroad targeting a 50/50 gender split amongst employees is a legal thing to do? It's simply not possible for the "best person for the job" to statistically be a person of one or the other gender, 50% of the time in every proffession, and depending on how aggressive your timeline is for achieving this target, you have to preference one gender group during the hiring process by x amount, thereby putting the other at a relative disadvantage, which is discrimination irrespective of any mental gymnastics used suggest otherwise. So, coming back to the original point, why is the S** Discrimination Act of 1984 not being enforced?
Mr Martis on Jan 28, 2023:
I take my dog for a walk every day, say at least three people say hi, more give me/a smile, especially those with kids. Many kids in prams reaching out. Now, I'm a guy and older, way past the looks of my youth. So it would be the opposite of drawing a hi, or positive response.

As far I'm concerned the two key aspects of drawing a hi are being positive yourself and catching people at a time when they are at leisure themselves. Not under pressure in the world as it is. Of course numerous people are on their mobile phones or have earbuds and/or are exercising.
Nobody on Jan 25, 2023:
Perth is a ghost town with weak public transport after 6_7 pm city is almost dead. In the long run, it negatively impacts your mood and puts you down. I was there for around ten months a kind of depression developed within me the time I was there. The feeling of isolation was the worst thing. Residents of Perth are primarily white and British, and there is no diversity in a population similar to Sydney or Melbourne. For single immigrants is a poisonous place that should be avoided.
Anonymous on Jan 10, 2023:
For many here alcohol and cleavage/shirtless pics is their whole personality
Anonymous on Dec 17, 2022:
Perth girls (particularly white girls) love to be heard and always poke their noses in other people's business. There is an epidemic of low lifes who were never put in their place as children and carried their autismo behaviour through to adulthood. Please for the love of God go do something useful with yourselves so you you can swiftly learn the uncomfortable truth that you aren't the centre of the universe
Anonymous on Nov 12, 2022:
I believe national service should be brought back into Australia. Respect for law and order, love of country,
Would surely help restore order. As a Gulf War U.S Army Veteran;I feel that respect and manners are vital if we are to be a proper society. I have met some nice people in a church community. I got Citizenship in February 1994. Helping people to overcome difficulties is a joy. We need to reach out and help one another so we can be better people as a whole.i have seen the ugly reality of war and criminal plunder. Not good. I pray to be worthy as former soldiers, naval personnel, and airmen who gave their lives so we in Perth and all of Australia can live happy respectful lives. Freedom is paid in the blood of service men and women.
Anonymous on Sep 18, 2022:
James nobody here mentioned violence except you. Please get help and stop projecting. You're a prime example of the mentality in this place that needs to change.
Aaron on Aug 08, 2022:
@ The comment below says the person who doesn't have very good punctuation themselves.
Perth people are nuts on Aug 05, 2022:
The amount of people that are mentally ill in Perth is incredible. Been here for six months and I have seen so many people talking to themselves, unbelievable. In fact you can see one such nut case on this page, consistently spamming in the comments since early this year while occasionally changing his name, and easily identifiable due to their inability to use proper punctuation.
james on Jul 29, 2022:
a bunch of all scumbags on this page people who have no friends gheez and u wonder why yous get killed i hear about a murder on the news every week i dont blame them you cant just go around harassing people honestly nobody wants to hear it people are just trying to live their own lifes this is the thing with the perth locals u wonder why yous get hurt stop forcing yourself on people leave people alone.
james on Jul 29, 2022:
say for example if i was walking on the street and u said hi and i did not answer you? and u threatened me wow even though it did happen u people should never be let out of greylands do us all a favor and go hang yourself because nobody cares if u want to act antisocial and start a fight with people then be prepared for the consequences.
james on Jul 29, 2022:
the comment below so what who cares people are just trying to live their own life so let me guess you probably a miserable waste of oxygen who forces themselves on strangers u dont even know but its likely that if u go around getting cheeky to people for not saying hi when people dont have to do what u say but u end up getting seriously hurt then thats your own fault society does not revolve around you go get help.
Anonymous on Jul 28, 2022:
It's less about expecting people to say hi and more about the level of clickiness you experience when you do it yourself. Universally it's a problem and civid has made people even more insular. As much a thing in perth as any other city
Aaron on Jul 17, 2022:
People keep saying that Melbourne And Sydney people are all pr*cks why? Oh I'm sorry so what then u want people to walk across the street and stop and say hello to you wow!! How very clinical it sounds like something a sick person would say look the truth is u cannot change the people in those cities if u don't like it then stay in Perth.
Jc on Jul 17, 2022:
The reason why Perth is losing it's population and reputation because of the antisocial issues and high levels of drug and alcohol And mental health issues which are not addressed nobody wants to live here Sooner or later it will turn into a ghost town gheez no wonder people are moving to Melbourne and Sydney so they can live their life's in peace the people here can be inferior and prejudiced and obnoxious irrelevant and insecure it's true though WA is one of the least happy states.
Anonymous on Jul 14, 2022:
Calling northbridge an "entertainment precinct" is like saying shooting up heroin in the james street toilet should be a listed highlight on TripAdvisor
Anonymous on Jul 13, 2022:
Women on the street here are particularly salty when they catch your gaze. I was in chimek in northbridge and some chic passing by rolled her eyes at me as I happened to be looking oit the window in her general direction while eating my burger. I'm seeing someone..I'm not here for your validation ladies. Come back to reality. There's only one known universe and you can't all be at the centre of it
Aaron on Jul 13, 2022:
Umm Perth is far from even being like Sydney lol let's just it's a sh*t hole lol.
james on Jul 10, 2022:
https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/region-of-perth-not-so-cheerful-about-increased-migration-,13278 i think i know the answer to the problem here.
james on Jul 10, 2022:
people say why do everyone hates perth honestly because its obvious even though i grew up still im not the kind of person going around annoying people i keep to myself and thats it someone told me the other day that most of the people here are clinically sick and need professional help.
james on Jul 10, 2022:
but its no longer small anymore lol thats the thing with the people around here u gotta wake up the world does not revolve around you the main issue with perth is the psychosis and other mental health issues that can be easily fixed the reason perth is struggling because of the government if there were more police patrols then this place would go back to normal honestly though not everyone has small city mentality and sooner or later u gonna have to wake up and stop being so naive and narrow minded people are gonna do what they do and nothing is going to change that the other day i got abused in carousel because i had my head down because i was on my phone and some weirdo started harassing me but i told him to go away then he continued to laugh at me honestly it does not offend me but that is the issue people here are so unrealistic dull and double minded the main issue is Histrionic personality disorder which u see alot just about in the whole of perth see if the government and tax payers put more into mental health then this place would be alot better what happened back in the day where reality actually was not so messed up? the real problem here is not enough funding into mental health services.
MM on Jul 06, 2022:
I have lived in Perth WA for 37 years, migrating from another country with my family. When I first arrived for 2 months did not open our suitcases properly because I was sure I would go to somewhere else, Melbourn perhaps. But we stayed because my sister and her family lived here and we all wanted to be with family. Besides it was a good place to raise children.
However, after my children completed high school, each went somewhere else, my son to USA and my daughter to Melbourne.
I believe unless you have a small city mentality, stay, otherwise the idea of being a good place to raise children works against you and the whole family will separate in most cases.
However, we should not overlook our own attitude towards people, anywhere in the world. I never thought or felt I was castasized.Too much confidence and self-steem that runs in our family?
My experience tells me if you don't feel as a victim of racism, you don't see racism. On ther hand lest forget we all as human have some biases about other people and this appears in our behaviour in the community, hence we attract the same thing.
All and all, if you are happy with just nice beaches, Beer, bars and the sound of silence and isolation,then this is a great place to live. As for me, after 37 years, it is home now, a home that you never liked.
Bigpeter on Jul 01, 2022:
It is true though Perth is one of the worst cities on the planet the people the geography and not to mention if u walk past someone u don't even know they become hostile and act as if u owe them something I know what this is all about this is in the name of Immigration because of what Immigration said it has created some sort of illusion and caused a mental health issue and caused irrational thinking with the people around here but that doesn't justify or make it seem acceptable to go and antagonise and harass people in public Perth is still a city yet if U we're In Sydney and u were harassing people in that city the situation and response would be alot different but Perth on the other hand is still a city all because of what Immigration said doesn't make it true because its a load of rubbish so I don't know where u getting this all from but it doesn't make it right to harass people that's one thing about Perth it has created more psychiatric problems especially with the locals around here every other place I went to the locals leave u alone but here the locals are very hysterical and prejudiced obnoxious and a little insensitive irrelevant and self loathing that's the problem about this place mark McGowan needs to invest in more mental health services and getting these people off our streets and getting them the help they need yet one person on here Said attempting to change that will be met with ostracism and hostility change what? So let me guess u wanna try to change the world and act as if u have some sort of entitlement over people wow u really need to go get some help.
Jc on May 26, 2022:
If Perth gets bulldozed then they'll have to get rid of the mentally insane and mentally ill people to clear the streets and rebuild the city all over again so things return to normal and then people can live their life's in peace
Anonymous on May 24, 2022:
Regarding the comment below I don't think "old and white" is the prevailing trait in every case but being here long enough to "acclimatise" to the psychosis that is perth culture
Jc on May 21, 2022:
The worst city in the world if I could rate Perth to zero I definitely would not only that but the people here are very feral and sour and Hysterical and prejudiced I hope the Japanese comes and blows this place up with the people in it u can't walk around in peace without being harassed and Treated with ostracism and hostility that is one thing about Perth the locals here don't know how to mind their own effing business but yet going around antagonizing people and going around pushing people's buttons yet one day people are going to get sick of it unfortunately it's not Perth that is the problem but it's the people such as being old and white but yet doesn't necessarily mean to go around ostracizing people u don't even know Perth should be taken off the map or at least do something to bring this place back to normal.
Anonymous on May 08, 2022:
I walked past the multi story car park on Wellington Street a few weeks ago and someone tried to drop a bottle of tomato sauce on my head from a floor above. It was loaded with a can of deodorant and made a bang on impact with the ground which put me out of the reach of the sauce as it travelled another 5 metres. Called Wilson and supposedly they went to look
Anonymous on May 08, 2022:
Unfortunately WAPOL can't police culture but they are making an effort with some unruly behaviours. Still a long way to go. Only way to dilute it out of existence is with immigration in my view, but that will take a long time
I hate white people on May 07, 2022:
This place and the people are living in the past and expect others to bow down to them as if people owe them something.
Sam on Apr 28, 2022:
White people are the most inhumane people anyone could ever come across this is not the 1950s anymore u gotta grow up and leave people alone.
Sam on Apr 28, 2022:
I got abused a few times because I'm mindng my own business every time I'm in public and I'm not causing trouble with nobody and this is why I put my headphones on and turn the music up very very loud so I can't listen to anyone's rubbish.
Sam on Apr 22, 2022:
Perth and Gold Coast are classified as 'regional' to attract students and migrants (491 and 494 visa) Immigration minister David Coleman announced the Gold Coast and Perth will be reclassified as regional areas in an effort to attract regional migrants. This is just to let people know as they only made Perth being classified as regional for studying and working purposes so get off your high rocker regional means places that have very limited services but we are not a town we are a city so it doesn't mean to go around in public and being disorderly and disruptive and annoying people as u claim that people put their nose up at you so what? Why is it an issue when peoe are minding their own business your the ones causing the trouble if u don't like it then p*ss off back to where u come from this is a city not a town.
Sam on Apr 21, 2022:
Yet for some reason when u dress nice people become furious and start bullying as the old saying putting someone else's light out doesn't make yours any brighter and that is the thing with Perth the people who come here need to leave if they cannot handle the city, u can't just go around in public being disorderly to people that is the thing with the locals here they have disability mentality I been to parliament I been to mark McGowan, I been to the police I been to A current Affair something needs to be done Because this can't go on I'm not trying to change Perth but people should feel safe and have a right to be left alone, but remember it's a city not a big country town stop being antisocial because one day people are gonna get sick of it seriously if u don't like people minding their own business oh they put their nose up at you apparently then that's your problem stop playing god with the world leave people alone get off the street get out of the shops, get out of the train stations and go find something constructive or useful to do and leave everyone alone that is the thing with the locals here they get on people's nerves, go live in a country town this is a city not a town stop putting your problems on people.
Jim on Apr 21, 2022:
Many of the comments are true. Perth/Wa is good if you want to make a bit of money then get out before you catch the Perth Psychosis. You cannot critisise Perth the locals become very defensive even know they it sucks. Many people are mentally ill because of lack of community networks and everyone locked away in there fake little houses for too long. People here are never content they always have to show off to others what they have and what they have been up to. There are some nice people ther but think carefully before moving ther. The police and court justice system in WA is very corrupt and backwards with sentences nearly double of what you get on the East Coast.
Sam on Apr 19, 2022:
Do not ever move to this place for anyone arriving from overseas I hope it gets taken off the map.
Sam on Apr 18, 2022:
My brother is a gang member so that is one thing people need to realise who they are talking to not just only me but every single other person stop going around hassling people because one day u gonna end up getting seriously hurt why is it a problem for people minding their own business? If u don't like it then that's your problem.
Sam on Apr 18, 2022:
Perth is not Geraldton do us a favour Take your issues and problems and whatever else back to where u came from and as u know Perth is not a small city anymore It's changing And if u don't like it then move because at the end of the day it's upto the government to decide not you if u don't like it then p*ss off back to Carnarvon or Geraldton or wherever the f*CK u came from.
Sam on Apr 18, 2022:
The Karen mentality is outdated now no one cares anymore this isn't the 1950s or 1960s we are in 2022 wake up and stop going around hassling strangers this is why u get into fights because u don't know how to stay in your own lane might even take my concerns to mark McGowan a current affair 9 news 7 news and To Scott Morrison what happened to Perth? Where people weren't so toxic? Might even suggest for the police to keep doing regular patrols arresting and detaining people who are a nuisance and a threat to society.
Johnny on Apr 18, 2022:
The place is full of people with disability mentality It's complicated to explain because they ask you stupid questions and say why do u walk with your glasses on or why do u ignore people Perth used to be a good place but now it has turned to crap because of the fuckwits that come here and pollute the place roaming around the streets hassling and harassing people the police and public transport authority and The security guards at the shopping centres need to all work together on how to deal with these everyday issues honestly if u think people are putting their nose up at you maybe it's because they don't know you or never had no intentions or simply it's because they don't wanna talk that is one thing about white people they have disability mentality and expect everyone to acknowledge them and think the world revolves around them honestly if u don't like the city then move to a small country town.
Anonymous on Apr 15, 2022:
Most jobs in Perth are mainly working class,low-skilled or low-education type of jobs, which isn't good if you're a highly qualified professional. The demographics of Perth seem to reflect this too.
Anonymous on Mar 09, 2022:
Women on the street look at you and then roll their eyes when you make contact. Even the ph@t ones like to think they're being hit on constantly. Deluded much
Sue on Mar 04, 2022:
Perth can be a great place if you're looking for a quiet place to retire or raise a family. It has the character of a country town, although it's officially a city. Due to its remote location, Perth can seem like it's stuck in the 1950s. If you're one of the locals or a white person with similar values, Perth will be a good fit. I lived there for many years, and I lived in other parts of Australia and Europe. Perth was not the right fit for me: too much racism, bigotry, and nepotism. It doesn't matter how talented or educated you are, you will not make it in Perth unless you're accepted into the inner circles. Family relationships and family names are the only things that matter when it comes to finding a job or being promoted. Sure, the low paying jobs that the locals don’t want to do go to the ‘outsiders’. Making friends is difficult because Perth people tend to stick to their own, usually their high school friends. After a few years the locals befriended me, but those were shallow friendships. It’s hard to find people with whom you can have an intelligent conversation. The Perthian is anti-intellectual by nature and makes this very clear. Not to say that there aren’t any intelligent people in Perth; there aren’t as many as in Melbourne or Sydney, or in European countries. I’m talking about the average Perth resident. The thing that always struck me as odd was the separation of men and women at BBQs. For some reason, a woman talking to a man at those gatherings was seen as a sexual come-on. Women were to talk to women only and prepare the food for ‘the boys’. The men were gathering around the BBQ and drinking heavily. This is strange to everybody who is from countries where men and women are seen as equals, and who is used to having male and female friends. Safety was another issue. Despite living in one of the good suburbs, I did not feel safe going for a run in the morning. Many dubious characters and stray dogs were on the streets. My house got broken into three times, but unlike my neighbours, I was not physically harmed. I moved to Sydney a couple of years ago and I haven’t regretted it. My qualifications are appreciated and sought after here, which led to finding my dream job. There are more like-minded people here, which makes it easy to find friends. Even going for a run in the morning is not an issue. The quality of life is much higher in Sydney than in Perth. No place is perfect, but Perth wasn’t even acceptable.
Yew hew on Mar 02, 2022:
It sometimes feels as though some kind of catastrophic human lab experiment went down in Perth, and all those ‘affected’ are still out roaming the streets. Hence why anyone half effing normal stays home with the door bolted.
Paul on Feb 26, 2022:
Just got abused twice by car occupants whilst minding my own business going for a walk along the West Coast Drive footpath. What is wrong with Perth people. You can’t even go for a walk without being shouted at and abused. I think I’ll buy a treadmill and lock the doors.
Sam on Feb 21, 2022:
I understand your trying to make it seem like a country town but not everybody wants to listen to your debates and expect people to drop everything and bow down to you as if you owe people something once again this is a city so once again People are people yet the other day some guy said hello but when I ignored him then I got randomly attacked I mean wow seriously? Stop trying to play god with everyone.
Sam on Feb 21, 2022:
Who really cares people are people if people walk past you and u attack them because they didn't respond or say hello then that's your issue as you know Perth is a city with a population of over 2 million people and will continue to grow to 4 million by 2050 yes the place is changing and I'm pretty sure people do not care and everyone has better things to do with their life's fyi u cannot change people if u don't like it then move to a country town.
Anonymous on Feb 17, 2022:
Its only redeeming quality is the increased police presence at yagan square which unfortunately is still a hotbed of crackheads but they're somewhat better behaved
Silvester on Feb 17, 2022:
The problem with Perth is the single women. In Sydney I am often approached by girls at bars and clubs and they are friendly. Try talking to a Perth chick and unless you play for an AFL team you have no chance. Perth women are the shallowest that I've ever met.
Andrew on Feb 14, 2022:
Perth is a fantastic place to live.
Safe. Unless you go looking for trouble. I'm talking about have kids or walking around parks etc going jogging.
Clean. I mean cleaner than most cities because not only is it quite young, we never burnt coal and have the ocean breeze.
Healthy and Beats almost any other city for Covid and access to medical facilities.
People- are not poor or particularly pressured or rushed don't have to drive and wait in traffic for ages as well so have time to talk. Maybe more than Rural NZ though.
It can be hot in summer but you're always close to water in particularly the beach. All the parks and flowers are green and colourful too so not being stingy with water. Good for pets (esp. dogs). Generally not nearly as cramped as Major cities.
At present if you want a job you can get one. Including for any one form overseas. Plus we like respect visitors. The comment about service being poor is true. It may be hard to break into friendship groups but not if you like any kind of sport.
Like most places we have useless & selfish politicians but not overtly corrupt though.
Ronald Mcdonald on Feb 12, 2022:
Perth is what you make it. If you can manage to make friends with normal people in amongst the pretentious inner city snobs and cashed up bogans it's a great place. Seems to be full of Poms, south Africans and Kiwis, which isn't a bad thing Perth is a multicultural city. Born here and never left I can assure you most the comments on here are quite accurate. If your skill is not in very high demand you need to know someone if you want a good job. People are antisocial in general and a lot will not even greet a stranger. Try talking to a woman at a bar and 70% chance shel look at you like your trying to attack her. And yes a lot of the people I went to school with still only socialize with the same crew 25 years later, and it is true a lot of people will only befriend you if you can benefit them eg owning a boat or swimming pool. The beaches are great, pay is good and housing is cheap compared to rest of country.
Anonymous on Feb 07, 2022:
Perth people have no charm..most are about as dry as my granny's pu$$¥. Everybody is trying to one up each other on the ladder of mediocrity and it shows in the pretentiousness you witness particularly in the cbd. You dare not standing out from the zombie hordes or risk being eaten
Perth is Okay on Feb 04, 2022:
Perth is Okay

I'm from Sydney, been living in Perth for around three years now because of work.

There is a lot of truth from what people have mentioned on here, albeit a bit too much negativity.
Yes locals can be anti-social, insular and rural like. Perth can feel lifeless, there isn't much to do and people usually stay home. But that’s how Perth is and it’s unfair to expect Perth be like Sydney or Melbourne. Don’t expect Perth to be a very sophisticated or vibrant place, it simply is not. Come to Perth understanding it’s a small, sleepy, regional city where locals are very laid-back. Any attempt to change that will be met with hostility or ostracism, so don't try to change it.

When I first came, I loved how quiet the streets were, not seeing a single car on the road is common and driving here is so easy. I loved how laid-back the locals are, made me realise sometimes I need to slow down and enjoy life a little. I found it very peaceful and a breath of fresh air from fast paced Sydney.

However, I do miss Sydney. I miss the vibrancy, drive and exciting nature of that city. But Perth is okay, and I will have fond memories of it when I leave soon.
Perth never changes on Jan 29, 2022:
Perth is Perth. It never changes and it will always stay stuck in the past. Small city with parochial attitudes. Thanks for cities like Melbourne and Sydney.
Anonymous on Jan 20, 2022:
Agreed with everything in the last comment.
The locals and the people that settle in Perth are boring, simple-minded and unreliable. The city is dull and the description that it's a country town pretending to be a city couldn't be more accurate.
Perth Cowboy City on Jan 17, 2022:
In the US, there is a state that Americans stereotype and make fun of as backward, cowboy style, and boring. That state is Kansas. To put things in perspective, Kansas has 3 million people, Western Australian has 2.7 million people.

Perth is not an exciting place. It is not for young people. Most shops and amenities closes after 5 pm everyday except one day a week. Locals are conservative, monotonous, unambitious and lack substance. There isn't much variety with people's lifestyle and interest. If you don't shares their interest (outdoors, sports, drinking, clubbing) then it will be difficult for you to meet new people and maintain friendships.
Even then, just like many others have pointed out, it's difficult to break into social circles and most locals stick to their primary/secondary school friends. This is very true.
Standards are lower here, you will feel this especially if you came from a more advanced city.
Customer service or any kind of service are poorer here. This looks like restaurant wait staff acting arrogant with you or ignoring you, cashiers chatting with coworkers while you're waiting for them, companies not returning your miss call.
Workplace professionalism and standard are also lower here. People get hired not based on merit but on connections, friendships, interest, which leads to incompetent people taking good positions and competent people hanging and feeling frustrated. This is a compliant that I hear not only from people from Asia but also people from the US and Europe (more than just a racist issue).
Some say Perth is great for families, but provided you can get a stable job. WA pre-covid had one of the lowest employment rates of all states in the country and go back to what I said about workplace standards before.

Perth is never going to change anytime soon. Locals are proud of their cowboy style and unsophisticated city. If this doesn't seem appealing to you, I really don't suggest you move here as You will just end up frustrated, like many others. If you're young, go explore bigger, more relevant, more exciting cities like Sydney or Melbourne. The world has so many incredible places to visit and live in, why would you come to a state with less people than Kansas?
Previously in Perth on Nov 21, 2021:
Have moved to QLD, and it is SO much better here. Have only been here for 1 week and people are extremely friendly, helpful and actually smile when you walk past them in the streets, plus there are tons of jobs. Perth is full of narcissists and has a toxic work place environment, get out while you can.
Anonymous on Nov 19, 2021:
Agreed, these people can't deal with anyone that is different to their narrow minded idea of what they think is normal.
There is a mob mentality and if you don't fit the mould, you are in danger, literally.
The state is full of pretentious snobs who only care about money, status, properties and fancy cars, and my car/house etc is bigger than yours..
Anonymous on Nov 19, 2021:
Disgustingly evil city full of evil horrible people.
Not worth a visit.
Anonymous on Nov 06, 2021:
I moved to Perth five years ago. The culture in WA is significantly different to Eastern states. Making friends is very difficult here. People have their established social circle and it is impossible to gain entry and acceptance no matter how accommodating, pleasant, friendly and supportive you are. People are also suspicious and ask you a million questions to establish whether they accept or reject you. The workplace is reminiscent of the 80's and is toxic. Jobs for mates, relatives and incompetent people are hallmarks of Perth workplaces. There are serious social issues in Perth and more broadly throughout WA. The Perth CBD is not safe, even during the day. Western Australia is a beautiful place. It's so unfortunate that there are many negatives to living here.
Hermit on Oct 31, 2021:
I live in Perth, capital of the Hermit Kingdom. We are ruled by a Premier who locks us in the State and I cannot leave. WA is a prison fortress locked away from the world. If we escape we are told that we can never return. Life is good living in a prison hermit fortress I keep telling myself. All I need is a lobotomy to keep reminding myself how great WA is.
Adolf VonSilverbackenstein on Oct 21, 2021:
WA rolls out the the red carpet for AFL teams, International cricket teams and Afghani Taliban refugees. Everyone else must Wait Awhile.
Dr on Oct 19, 2021:
Wait Awhile state
Once again WA people have to Wait Awhile before it’s border opens up to the rest of the world due to Covid. It’s Premier is a one trick pony : shut the border! WA has not only become the laughing stock of Australia but the rest of the world too. Wake up WA and join the 21st century instead of Waiting Awhile (WA).
Not a good experience on Oct 10, 2021:
I moved over here from interstate, its very hard to make friends here and people are very judgmental and closed minded. It is a truly toxic environment and the workplace is no exception. I would say try living in somewhere like QLD or Melbourne if you want a truly positive experience. WA also has one of the highest rates of suicide in Australia, and that is really saying something... people just aren't happy here.
Perth People on Sep 30, 2021:
Perth People who attended the COVID protest at Perth Forrest Place and Kings Park:

Pro-gun/War/Military/Afghan war/China War
Proud Boys/Trump America
Extreme Vegans
Australian Red Ensign Flag/Union Jack flag/Australian Flag Upside-down
White Supremacist/Keep Australia White policy
One Nation/Pauline Hanson
Anonymous on Sep 09, 2021:
What this place needs is less crackheads and a radical cultural shift. Also move the dubious characters in Yagan Square and Northbridge somewhere else, preferably offshore.
Anonymous on Sep 07, 2021:
Brad Beames and Brett Mitchell you should be disgusted with yourselves. I am so sorry to anyone that has had to deal with this in Perth…we aren’t all like this. I was considering moving to Perth and so were my parents. I was also hoping to there with friends. I don’t want to go with a pack of bullies. Peace love light.
Agree on Aug 21, 2021:
Agree with M’s comments completely. Left Perth years ago and life’s has never been better. One thing I vividly remember from there like a nightmare is how even minor interactions with day to day people e.g ignored by cashiers at grocery stores, waitress refusing to re-serve you a vegetarian meal when mistakenly served non veg food and daring to yell at you for asking, road rage, toxic work culture, isolation left me deeply hurt and upset. I remember then trying to make friends and going to a social dancing event but feeling even more helpless because there were people who were out to take advantage of you. So I want to say to M that you’re not alone, I’m sure many nonwhite women in Perth have experienced similar. Your mental health and and wellbeing is The priority. Take your time and everything will workout alright. Good luck to you.
M on Aug 20, 2021:
The fact I’m stuck without the option to leave here makes me think about topping myself often. Almost got out permanently but that didn’t work. They hate anyone mixed or not white, even if you’re Aussie. Work is almost impossible to find. Sexual abuse/harassment is insanely high. Doctors, teachers, police don’t give a shii about their jobs. Half the suburbs in this city you can’t walk down a street without someone high on meth going off at you or trying to attack you. And yeah, I’ve been a lot of places and Perth is expensive, awful, dangerous and no matter how hard you work you will not get anywhere if you stay here.
Anonymous on May 10, 2021:
I have been job hunting now for 4 months, applying for 12+ jobs a week. Some interviews and second interviews but still looking.
Don't come here if you don't drive. I've been knocked back for office jobs because I don't have a licence.
I grew up in Perth, left for europe in my late teens and just got back last year to find that Perth folk are still friendly but now it is to a point and they have become especially friendly if they think they can gain something from you. They have become very narrow minded. Racism is stuck in the 70s which is so sad. I did get asked if I could temp for a city council, the temp agency said they were desperate to fill the role and had the perfect candidate all lined up and ready to go but the council rejected them because they were Indian! I was so angry and turned down the role letting them know I found this absolutely unacceptable. So sad.
Movie Set on Mar 15, 2021:
Perth is one big movie set. Fake people. Fake lives.
Highest rate of suicide on Mar 15, 2021:
Not to mention the fact that they brutally murdered up to 40 female Tiger sharks in 2014 and took pride in photographing and making public their senseless serial killing spree. Hate to say it but I daydreamed of throwing those Fisheries men in the water and imagined their panic and survival rates of being vilified systematically. None. So I put the photograph to good use for target practice albeit a slingshot. Them I realised that the Department of Fisheries had no right to maim and kill those Tiger sharks. But they did it. With pride.

It is fact that Tiger sharks were not responsible for the deaths of WA nationals. In fact, Tiger sharks rarely harm people. But the mentality is so 'dumb' that the Department of Fisheries underwent a killing spree of Tiger sharks regardless. It was the Great Whites that were responsible for the fatalities of humans and these sharks probably sense targeted 'bad people' or relatives of such. Sharks don't know any better in their territory, any way.

Bull Sharks are also breeding happily in the Swan River and there has been one attack this year. Not fatal though. They will probably set out to cull whatever life-forms exist in the river system. Let's hope they don't go ahead with a culling program because they will most likely mistake black swans and dolphins for bull sharks then publicize it. Because those with jobs in government are weirdos and bred of convict stock; its only right that they serve to destroy. Yet for them to get a job they would not need to pass kindergarten or grade 3; it's who you know 100%.

PERTH IS BUILT UPON CONVICT STOCK: There is a wall with one of the first convict ships to arrive in Fremantle, the Hougounaught (yes, it is mis-spelt) at a hotel of the same name in Fremantle. These convicts were a mixture of criminals that had been convicted of murder, rape, burglary etc... These convicts were given responsible leadership roles in society. Basically, Perth is built upon such convict stock. Yet many Perth nationals stick their nose up at people who they deem unworthy in society. Turn those tables. Who do you think is running this place?

Like many country towns, Perth is a who you know and how long for town; it can take up to ten years or never at all to be accepted as one of their own and some nasty Perth people, once they find out you're not a born and bred local, if you're a threat with little ties they will cause damage to your person during your innocent adaption period. It does not matter the ethnicity; because they all become part of that 'pack mentality' eventually.

Put it this way: Suicide in WA ranks as the highest rate of suicide in Australia. This fact remains true for at least the last two decades. Luckily some of us have not given them the pleasure of taking our own lives. In fact, Perth already killed me. I just keep coming back for more "hit me with your best shot" moments.

Whatever happened to my molotov cocktail? I could put it to good use now. But I'll leave that one up to Karma.
Henry Carlson on Mar 03, 2021:
If you want to rate women on a number and remove racism laws, then you gotta be the dumbest bloke for wanting a relationship. Good luck with that mate.
Bobbybb on Feb 20, 2021:
Perth would have to be the worst place in Australia for single people. Unlike other cities the common average is higher and so women of a given 8 tend to be very fussy with whom they choose to spend quality time with. Not only that, but I find Perth women to be very conservative and unwilling to make an approach. Have heard that Adelaide is the place for singles. Quite frankly Perth is a hole. Oh and to the Person who keeps posting 'Notice to West Australians regarding racism laws enacted in 1975'. What r U some kind of dictator NATZI?
Anonymous on Jan 27, 2021:
Well avoid Elizabeth Quay on Aus day as things can turn sour pretty quick, with degenerates fighting each other outside of the Ritz whilst simultaneously getting pepper sprayed
Marty Thwaite on Jan 24, 2021:
Yes I agree with the majority of comments here. Born and bred in Perth but spent 3 years in Melbourne which was a real eye opener and I met some real awesome characters there.sure they're some filthy wealthy people there but they don't in general seem to have their heads shoved up their asses as much as WAs wealthy. Melbourne for the win I say. And I hate hot weather. Call me a wimp I don't care.
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Western Australia on Nov 22, 2020:
In a situation where most Western Australians are pulling together to support each other, it has become clear that some people have used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to create division and hatred.

I am sure that we have all seen reports of students being evicted from their homes, of racist graffiti, banners and slogans, of innocent Western Australians of Chinese and Asian backgrounds being threatened or vilified.

This is criminal behaviour and completely unacceptable in our society.

The Government of Western Australia strongly condemns all forms of racism, discrimination and harassment and has zero tolerance for such acts of hatred.

As a State we are acting swiftly and decisively on these issues, with police, local governments and communities working together to respond immediately to these deplorable offences.

Under this State's Criminal Code, racial vilification carries a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment.

Anyone engaging in this sort of behaviour will be met with the full force of the law.

Unity and the rejection of discrimination and hatred are critical if we are to succeed in facing the immense challenges before us.

Western Australia is a proudly multicultural State that embraces cultural diversity and community harmony. This is our strength, this is our resilience, and this is what will see us through.

We are all in this together and I have nothing but praise and respect for the vast majority of Western Australians who are supporting each other with compassion and understanding.

I am sure I speak on behalf of all members of the Western Australian Parliament in strongly condemning these appalling acts of racism.
Anon on Oct 31, 2020:
Living in Perth = living on the set of The Truman Show forever.
Anon on Oct 24, 2020:
People seem to forget that Perthites still harbour very deep resentment and feel humiliated by WA’s history and how they (or the Brits) obtained their homeland. Moreso among the older generations, but the same attitudes are passed down, to the point that the youngsters don’t really know why they hate outsiders but ‘they just do’. They believe that other nations are judging them or looking down on them, so they’re extremely defensive of their history / culture and will insult your country before you ‘get in there first’. The trouble is most people weren’t even thinking about ‘getting in there first’, which makes the random Xenophobic outbursts so shocking and bizarre.

The lack of positive, meaningful second nation culture or identity is a huge issue. The Aussie culture claims to be to ‘be a good bloke’ and ‘look after your mates’ - but it isn’t executed in the right way unfortunately. The end result is just pure nepotism. Generally speaking the only way for West Aussies to really establish an identity is via their wealth/status/postcode and people lose their minds trying to secure those attributes. You’ll find there is no relatively deep, ‘meaning of life’, alternative thinking from anybody. The mantra is Capitalise, buy property and die. Be the best, be the winner, be the richest. To the detriment of who the f cares! I need my identity! My pool and my pick up truck! You’ll also notice Aussies are obsessed with ‘buying a piece of land’ - in other cultures we might say we’re building a home or developing a property but for Aussies the emphasis is always on buying a piece of land. Interesting wording I always think.

In such a new (second nation) country there are no deep rooted traditions, few extensive Australian family trees, little inherited religious/spiritual ideology to live by. Other cultures garner an identity via their social class, their place in history or even their ideology. These structures don’t really exist in Perth - wealth and status is King/God. The lack of morality when it comes to attaining that wealth and status is nasty and jaw dropping but only confirms this desperate scramble for a wealthy identity. There’s also a feeling of ‘I’ll show the world what a bunch of supposed criminals can do’.

People mention that Perth has a boring ‘monoculture’. There is little creativity, expression, willingness to be unique, to step outside of the Perth prototype of a human existence. But why? Nobody can understand why nothing diverse or interesting ever takes off? Because to be different is a cardinal sin in Perth. Because anybody who doesn’t fit the mould is a threat to that slowly developing Aussie identity and must be targeted and bullied into submission. You can almost see the cogs turning when they encounter something new. ‘This isn’t what we know, I don’t understand this, this is a threat to us. Time to ostracise, bully and belittle.’

On the topic of racism, the easiest (yet most lethal) way to build bonds and allegiances with one another is via collective hatred of something or someone else. The lack of interest/fear of the wider world means that certain Perthites are fairly uncultured and often use Xenophobia and racism as a social bonding exercise. Not all - but many. Second Nation Western Australians are so effing lucky they are white. They love to dog whistle bad behaviour from the indigenous/black community - an unimaginative attempt to then justify their racism towards them. Reinforcing the idea that it’s okay to ostracise them. Oldest trick in the book. The emphasis on division further strengthens their supreme bonds to one another. You’ll note that for obvious reasons Western Australians tend to direct their Xenophobia/Racism towards the nations with the strongest sense of identity (Brits/Asians/Africans). This conveniently diverts attention away from their own. Again... old tricks. Many immigrants have experienced tribalism, bullying and Xenophobia from insecure Aussies.

I am willing to bet money that if Claire isn’t from the tourist board, she is a white Western boomer. I’ve no doubt that Claire may have had a good experience in Perth for those reasons. I myself fall into that category and was treated fairly well (when not being randomly verbally abused) but unfortunately I can’t ignore the treatment of ‘outsiders’ and don’t want to be part of the club so to speak. If you can’t bear the obsession with money, a superior race etc, don’t live in Perth or please just accept that it is what it is - it’s all far too deep rooted and won’t change for generations yet, if ever