Quality of Life in Perth, Australia

Purchasing Power Index 110.56   Very High
Safety Index 56.29   Moderate
Health Care Index 80.47   Very High
Climate Index 95.71   Very High
Cost of Living Index 73.30   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 6.65   Low
Traffic Commute Time Index 36.73   Moderate
Pollution Index 22.87   Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 188.87   Very High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 99

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 338

Last update: October 2019

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100 Comments so far

#Mila on Oct 12, 2019 :
As a woman, I can relate to most of these negative experiences. I've been bullied, abused and harassed to death at work by an insecure as hell racist woman. People at work (men and women) would witness everything through glass doors, but nobody would bother lift an eyelid let alone ask if I were ok. When went to HR, got told they wanted to 'protect' the bully. Finally left that place, and Perth altogether. Primary reasons for leaving is the unbelievable level of hostility from people - specially women. It seemed that all opportunities were reserved by colleagues for colleagues who were entitled with 'I'm blonde, from Perth so I can do no wrong' privileges. Absolutely disgusting place. Not to mention the rudeness from women literally everywhere you go. Women in Perth are the most hostile I have ever come across - and I have lived in the UK, Europe and Asia, never came across such rude and bitter women. Almost all abuse I experienced in Perth came from white women, who were either (a) "I'm white 35 year old and entitled to everything including the entitlement to abuse you with my gang at work" kind of racist or (b) old women who were generally bitter at life. Either way, Perth is an isolated scum of the earth. Do not come to Perth with high hopes related to work and education. Do a favour for your mental health, save money and have a peace of mind elsewhere.
#empath on Oct 11, 2019 :
So sorry that happened to you Kate! Please know there are plenty of us in Perth who find that behaviour completely repulsive! I’m from the Uk and have also really struggled with the racism etc here. Much love
#Anon on Oct 10, 2019 :
Souless place, no culture, racist, drug addicts everywhere, agreesive people, rude staff in shops. Worst city I've been in the world.

Do not visit here, do not live here.
#Kate on Oct 09, 2019 :
Perth is the worst most racist city I've lived in. I'm from Scotland born and bred but ethnicity is Chinese. I have been here for 3 months after moving living in Sydney for a year. Since getting here, I've been racially insulted in the woolies supermarket for 5 minutes the guy in the queue was directly being racist to me saying that I imported all my goods from china and other narrow minded crap. He wasn't a junkie, just a bogan. A big guy, intimidating me in public and no one stuck up for me. I was on my own, I'm a female, 5.4 and getting racially abused with onlookers all over
I also had teenagers making ching chang chong sounds at me as I walked past. This happened twice in Freo.
The worst was today and why I am posting. I was cycling in freo cbd and some 6ft burling bogan started shouting at me calling me stupid and threatened to bash my head in. Again, I'm a 5.4 chinese girl, I got scared. He started following me with his bike so I cycled to the south beach. He followed me on the beach calling me rice and noodles shouting very violently that he is going to attack me. I was in tears at that point and got back on my bike and cycled away. He went to get his bike too but luckily I was parked at the exit and he left his bike on the grass so I had minute window. In tear and scared I managed to get away. Again no one intervened. That's why it is dangerous, the culture of racism here is huge.
I'm from Glasgow, known for it's murder rates and violence, but never have i been threatened in this manner, especially by a 6ft man who wanted to beat me up for being chinese.

Even the post below mine from anon on 28th sept is racist against chinese people. We didn't steal your jobs, we're not here to steal your country, it is not our fault you do not have a job. You don't see the aboriginals acting the way you do even though you took so much from them. Perth is the most racist place I've been to, I do not recommend it if you are white. I do not get any trouble when I'm with my white boyfriend, only on my own because they see me as an easy target to blame all their socio economic issues on.

Racist, boring, narrow minded, rude people. Can't speak for all but even in the shops, the people are not friendly to me but are friendly to my bf.

Moving out of the sh.thole full of mental illness, white supremacists and blaming others for your own downfalls. I don't get any crap from successful people because they are the ones who took matters in their own hands instead of blaming people of colour.

#Anonymous on Sep 28, 2019 :
Perth is an amazing city for people who are already well established in life (i.e. have a good job, family, kids, etc.), I'd say it's one of the best in the world in that regard. Contrary to what some have posted here, it's not boring at all if you have the means to enjoy what the region has to offer. For many students, it's a different story.

If you are an international student considering moving to Perth, look elsewhere. It's just not worth it right now for the amount that you have to pay. Nothing wrong with the quality of education, but it's so obvious that an increasingly large portion of the economy here is moving towards international education that they don't even try to hide it. If this trend keeps up over the years, there's gonna be nothing here but Chinese students who come from well-off families with a lifetime of savings to pay for their education. And I don't blame them.
#Fed up on Sep 19, 2019 :
I would like to comment that if you are a non aussie ethnic male in perth, you can count 90% of the dating pool out of your reach. You can have personality, charm, substance, good looks, and a fit body, but it makes no difference as for most of the local girls being asian/ethnic is a literal deal breaker. The same goes for the local born asians as well who only exclusively date white men.
Im so sick of this place and its racist, backwards people that it's legit doing my head in
#Bashedyourheadin on Sep 05, 2019 :
It's the quality of the people living in this hell hole that is bottom of the barrel that make quality of life in this town unbearable.

Stupid, rough, narrow minded. A lot of criminals mentality in all facets of the societal fabric here.

The other half of the equation is how small and boring the town is. Not to mention overpriced.

You need to spend more than a spare change to do anything here. And when you do, you think to yourself, it's hardly worth it.

It's difficult living here. The only defence most people here make, is like I guess it is better than living in war torn or disaster inflicted country. Which I guess says something.

Most people here thinks that this is the best place in the world, and not to change anything except more football stadiums, hospitals, and schools (in that order).
#Anonymous on Aug 27, 2019 :
This forum makes me feel like I’m not crazy.

The beaches are gorgeous, the weather is good, the food is fresh, down south is a gem

Why do I still hate it????
#Karen on Aug 27, 2019 :
I find Perth to be without substance. Yes we can shop, go to dinner but these are all things we can do better in the UK. Then we get to the weather, when I arrived I envisioned meals outside with the family unfortunately the huge number of blow flys put paid to that. But the most difficult thing I deal with is that I feel on the outside looking in on what the rest of the world is experiencing, Perth is soooo boring. It's make dominated it's got a huge drug problem and it's too full of poms and I'm a Pim myself. Why travel across the over side of the world for fish and chips.
#Pethgretestcityinthewurld on Aug 22, 2019 :
Just for reference most people that says Perth is a good city is the type that come from even smaller town. Or the unfortunate from equivalent or bigger town. Imagine the demographic. Will this town suit you? Only you can answer that.

There is nothing to do here, no job, and most leisure activity usually meaning driving hours away to middle of nowhere (which means cost time and money) and once you got there the cost/benefit is very poor. Most people will end up in some form of welfare.

People are rude, rough, and unrefined, and narrow minded. If you are different they ridicule and bully you. In workplace, if you do manage to get hired, you will see how the tall, blonde, and blue eyes, rise without merits, whilst the not, treated the opposite in corresponding fashion to their skin colour/ethnicity. This happens in workplace/school/all facets of civil life. Racism and white supremacy is a big thing in Perth. Having been the chosen city to showcase is "Australia Racist" piece in the 60 minutes news story.

The trauma on living in Perth will leave an impression on you as it did to many in this town (lots local actually hare this town - even the one that was born and bred here, that do love usually did it in inferiority complex manner). One can even draw a hypothesis that the local here seems to develop some form of Stockholm syndrome, in that they need this level of abuse and nothingness/staleness/abuse.

You met shocking portion of the population of the local here never even visit the cbd let alone leave their immediate suburb. Or even went to the beach in this small coastal town!

There is a strong sense of aggression, tribalism, and fear/hostility towards outsider.

One must give a frame of mind that this is a flailing mining town/hub.

In recent development, after the "one in a generation" mining/construction boom. It suckered undesirable from all over the country/world and now they seems to congregrate in this town.

Perth used to be less bad up until the late 90s maybe. But during the mid/late 2000s seems a lot of comparatively more docile population seems to bolt off (usually to Europe/Asia/USA) in search of better life.

Now most local seems to be a tradie. Or rough feral bogan/redneck. Maybe because that is the only type of industry that is available here. It's either that or real estate sales, mortgage broker, or financial manager/bitcoin coach/Multi-level-marketer, or professional tradie (health/aged-care). On the later, be ever so careful, since the safe/competent one is very far few in between.

Post mining boom (the so called 'bust') causes a lot of regional town to close. Imagine one day you are told, sorry this town is bankrupt. Your child school will close tomorrow. No one will be picking your trash anymore. Water, electricity will be turned off. The town is closed.

So now you see a lot of the already aggressive feral bogan with beat up 4Wd replaces the lost population visibly in constant aggression. (yes, btw, Perth is actually declining in population, the incoming from usually less-fortunate overseas migrant and the afformentioned ghost town evicted)

So after all of this, you got the drug, crime, and brain dead aggressive inhabitant. That tend to like to keep equally baffling collection of possession. Like aggressive big ugly dogs that is left unchained everywhere. And yes people tens to get mauled. Some feral usually respond back by shooting the dogs, animals, offender with all sort of projectile.

The mindset around here is its a free country cunts. I can do whatever I like. If I don't like what you do, I'll bash your head in.

Have I mentioned that Perth is leading the country in mortgage repossession and bankruptcy?

As of today 23 August 2019, the world economy has only started to tumble. But Perth already been in the gutter for a long time. Imagine what happens once the global contraction sets again.

People around here/Australia has been taking a lot of debt. In fact one of the if not the highest in the world (depending how one measure). The country produce nothing but houses. All the iron ore (red dirt) and coal (fossilised remain) can't buy you cars, high end electronics that the country love so much. The good life here is borrowed debt. One day (sooner than later) it will need to be paid back.

The strings of empty/abandoned building and suburb still not enough clue? Why? The government and media here keeps on doing propaganda saying all is well, trying not to spook the horse apparently. Like an addict not admitting they have a problem. Government here is actively encouraging people to take on debt to buy houses. Imagine that.

Are you an international student? Will Australia provide you with the higher education in line with the exorbitant asking price? Well that depends. Most international student like it here because university gave a free pass if you are one. As far as actual learning? Consider this. Most university lecturer/staff got a job at university here after complaining to the university because they couldn't get a job after so and so years studying there.

Indeed this is the life of cattle. Enjoy your stay.
#Reason on Aug 16, 2019 :
The “circle of mates” comments on here are true. Perthites sticking with their wierd group of mates and not letting anyone else in, even in business! It’s tragic - but I’ve finally realised it’s because they’re just not strong enough alone. They are child like and insecure without it.
#Itsme on Aug 16, 2019 :

It isn’t you!!!! They are the problem! Get out of Perth
#mike on Aug 16, 2019 :
the loneliness gets to you when you realised you can't connect with anyone. genuinely makes me want to take my life living in perth
#Tim on Aug 12, 2019 :
I am not sure how I came across this page, but wowee, there are some bitter people on here.
I sincerely hope everyone feels a little bit better after their respective rants, albeit it is fairly pathetic to blame all of your life's problems on a city.
Bless up.
#David on Jul 25, 2019 :
Perth has a somewhat backwards charm that is almost appealing when first visiting/moving here from other states. Once you've settled in for a few years, you begin to realise this "backwards charm" is really just culmination of a retarded mentality in an alarmingly high percentage of the population.

The typical victimhood culture towards the eastern states is a prime example. The same me, me, me attitude goes much much deeper into the Western Australian psyche however. It is a truly systemic problem which impacts not only everyday life but it spills over onto the streets with the much deserved "WA drivers" tag. This tag does not come from ignorance (mostly), it comes from a complete lack of respect and courtesy to other drivers and people in general.
I challenge any Perth resident who disagrees with this statement to simply 'give way' to the next 10 vehicles who indicate to enter your lane in traffic and count how many "thank you waves" you get. I already know the result and therein lies the heart of the problem.

Others have mentioned cashed-up bogans but the correct phrase should read "debted-up bogans". They are a dime a dozen around here; Just look for the 4WD utes.
#Anonymous on Jul 15, 2019 :
#Anonymous on Jul 14, 2019 :
The woman complain that they're single but roll their eyes when you glance in their general direction. Lmao

Yeah because they have ideas way above their station
#Anonymous on Jul 14, 2019 :
The woman complain that they're single but roll their eyes when you glance in their general direction. Lmao
#Lad77 on Jul 12, 2019 :
All the mining execs are on the coke, raging maniacs
#Lee11 on Jul 11, 2019 :
Perth men have no idea how to talk to women so they just... stare at them

Perth women have no idea how to talk to men so they just... let the men stare at them
#Voyager on Jul 10, 2019 :
Beautiful place, heavenly beaches, clean, gorgeous weather, easy lifestyle, great food and wine BUT the locals are so cliquey, rude and stupid. This includes the good areas of Perth.
Such a shame about the strange mentality of Perth people. They are backward.
#Imho on Jul 07, 2019 :
Perth is a nice place but very little good jobs unless in gov sector. Maybe its connection to mining companies destroyp perth prospects. If wa is not doing well these companies can buy up mines cheap.
#Steve on Jun 21, 2019 :
Perth..... The most isolated city in Australia, this is where all the scum gravitates too as in there minds they can escape their past convictions and actions and start again. This has been occurring for a hundred years and will continue till the end. These people stay and breed and become locals, they teach their kids to have no respect for anyone or anything or to have any integrity as a human, these offspring then have children of their own and the cycle continues. This is the cogmire that is perth today, a high concentration of people who's only concern is of themselves and their backwards mentality, me me me me attitude fuelled by the taste of drugs. The majority of honest, decent hard working people don't have deep roots to Perth that span more than one generation. Don't come to Perth thinking this is where I will live for rest of my life because in time you will become the local and there will be no escape. Instead of FIFO, it should be GIGO........ get in get out.....when moving to Perth. Move back east after you have achieved what you needed to achieve and don't look back.
#anonymous on Jun 20, 2019 :
Wow.... so who fancies meeting up for a drink to bitch about Perth?! If so many of us hate it we clearly have something in common!
#Justice on Jun 20, 2019 :
Some of the positive comments here are from the uni admins that harassed me as an international student since I had left a negative university course evaluation. ( from october 2018 to just recently) Don't be fool by them guys. I have mentioned this to page in my uni reviews and since then some of those people just came here to post something positive to maintain their reputation.
#The Toilet Country on Jun 17, 2019 :
Kris you have gone to the biggest shithole area of Perth. But yes the cbd is full of mental illness and all the shithead imports we get here. It’s no longer Australia but more like Arse-trailer. If I had an option to leave Poo-rth and Arse-trailer I would. Enjoy your stay and apologies for the shit we have here.
#Kris on Jun 16, 2019 :
Day 3 of 7 in Perth and honestly I wanted to fly back home to Melbourne as soon as my taxi dropped me off at my hotel in the middle of Northbridge. The people I’ve encountered so far have been extremely rude, racist and inconsiderate. Never have I felt scared to walk around in a crowded city before. I’ve felt more safe walking alone in countries such as Mexico and Cambodia than I have in Northbridge and Perth in general. First time in the West Coast and I think it’ll be my last.
#Devo on Jun 10, 2019 :
Perth, like all of WA is just a slaughtered pig for the eastern states. We have been bled dry to prop up the country. Our best environmental attractions have been handed to mining companies. Our rural areas have been bled dry then abandoned by people who come here to take and put nothing back. As soon as the companies leave, the population follows. No loyalty to the state, only money leaving the locals with overpriced real estate and drug problems. Our politicians are owned by the minong companies and have invested nothing. Any new job creation is usually limited to labouring jobs. FIFO is considered an option for families, adding to mental health and drug issues. Perth has higher unemployment, higher cost of living and massive drug problems. I wouldn’t suggest moving here if you want to make a life.
#Lisa on May 29, 2019 :
Just over in Perth for a short stay holiday. Beautiful city, so clean, beautiful weather and the people have been really friendly. Lots of new development going on. Can't wait to come back, longer next time.
#ben cousins on May 27, 2019 :
perth women are bogan or methheads perth is meth capital of the world.
#Ben on May 21, 2019 :
#Daniel on May 12, 2019 :
Hi James,
Don’t feel too bad, Myself and lots of other guys I know are experiencing the same problem.
I don’t really know why Perth has this vibe.. maybe it’s the money and ease of life here which probably makes people more worldly with no real values.
In regards to moving I think it could be a good idea.. I have been to Hobart and tassie.. Beautiful place, people a little more down to earth.. Could be a little quiet?
I have travelled a lot through out Australia and I can say the best places in my opinion for a more social experience are Sydney- western Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Queensland, Melbourne too. I think you wanna be around an area which has some tourism and brings in foreign people. They are always more friendlier than locals and look to make new friends:
Good luck
#James on May 10, 2019 :
Hey guys. I've lived in Perth my hole life. I do have fon memories here but now I'm 32 and at this point of my life all I want is to find my new best friend for life. Either that or the depression of living in a city based of fake stuck up people, ignoranases of the worst kind and the fact that no Perth girl is going anywhere near a kind hearted skinny diabetic guy like me, will eventually consume me to end.

I'm really keen on leaving this soul polluting crap tray and relocating to Hobart Tasmania to find a job, a house and my other half as I really just want to find genuine happiness like any kind heated guy would.

So I'm just wondering if anyone out there has either found happiness by moving out of Perth or by moving to Tasmania?
#Ursula Kleinhenz on May 04, 2019 :
Both parties are right in there views, the good and the negative I can rely on all of them.
Right now it's not such a good place with almost everybody under employed, mini jobbers, not many lucky enough employed with full time hours.
Almost everybody seems to work in aged care, many many people in deed.
This gives me an indication of what I can expect out of society, nothing much to tell the truth.
Perth is definetly not the place to have long(er) conversations.
But than I see those problems really globally too. The world and people have changed and are more and more disappointing.
Better not to expect much from others but a lot from yourself.
This way you always safe.
#Phil on May 02, 2019 :
##yaboy #Scientist7228 #SleazyScotty ##Thom #Anonymous on Apr 29 are all the same person. Someone with a serious inferiority complex, evidently posting from Melbourne and probably someone who had his advances rejected by the sensible women of Perth.
Intelligent people can see through this.
#Scientist7228 on Apr 30, 2019 :
Nobody likes Perth. I have figured out a way to solve global warming and this involves getting rid of Perth. All we have to do is evacuate all the people from Perth, and then blow the whole of Perth up and put all of the waste on the rest of WA and nobody would know the difference. Global warming solved ScoMo!
#SleazyScotty on Apr 30, 2019 :
Once you are in Perth, you felt like you in a vortex of shit. Just go to Melbourne!
#Anonymous on Apr 29, 2019 :
As far as the dating scene is concerned, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel in Perth. Superficial women and roided-up meth junkies are the norm.
#Sam on Apr 28, 2019 :
If you carefully read the comments you would have already known the truth behind Perth. The benefits of anonymous posting gives freedom of speech with no consequences but also giving you insight in any kind of information for you to collect and decipher. Easy to read between the lines of Postive and Negative opinions, and what sentence is sincerely telling the truth or not. Some may be more decisive to figure out then others. But of course, you must already know that.
##Emily on Apr 20, 2019 :
I’m going to have to agree with the comments on here (and no I’m not conspiring with anyone and don’t have a fake account) I’ve been in Perth four months.

Perth is beautiful, some of the people here are the nicest I have ever met! If you get the right job you can be paid pretty well, rentals are reasonable.


> Food, eating and drinking out is very expensive, if you want to live the dining out lifestyle; you will end up spending all of the additional money you are making at your fairly well paid job, so you are no better off
> If you decide that saving money is the better option, you will find yourself bored at home, isolated in suburbia
> it takes so long to get anywhere you often end up staying at home
> There are only so many coffee dates, walks and beach trips you can do to alleviate the boredom
> I’m afraid there is plenty of racism, homophobia, sexism in Perth.. I was actually just walking down the road and some guy hung out of his pick up similulating a blowjob at me. At a dinner party I attended this week, a senior member of a mining company started to express his hatred for the ‘gayboys’ on the make up counter in Myer. I honestly felt sick
> WA just hasn’t caught up with the rest of the Western world in terms of social conscience, equality, acceptance

If you have a young family, love the good weather, beach life and BBQ’s I’m sure you will really enjoy Perth. But just don’t kid yourself that that’s enough.. sorry Perth!
#Grant on Apr 18, 2019 :
Have to agree with what I see here...I've been here 3 years. It's like 50% of it is the inspiration behind Mad Max. A bunch of ferals milling around screeching at the world's most aggressive drivers in clapped out V8s. The other half just walked off the set of some vapid CW teen vampire drama. Oh and don't work in IT unless you like getting shanked in the back, like you're in some sort of amateur hour school production of Game of Thrones ..

Heard a French girl on the train the other day asking her friend why no one smiled here. Now *that* made me smile.

It's a shame really because the place itself is gorgeous.
#Jaysus on Apr 16, 2019 :
People cut in front of you to get on public transport.
#Steve on Apr 12, 2019 :
My experience with living and working in Perth over the last 11 years is the decline in social behavior and empathy for others. People don't give a rats a@s about anyone other than themselves and their so called circles of mates. They are quick to shoot down any one with some brains and skills except only when they can benifet from you. There are some good people here but they are far out numbered by the other brain dead, two faced, back stabbing leeches. They are a breed upon themselves and the longer you stay here you WILL start to behave the same, think the same, treat others the same. It is a vicious cycle that no one realisizes they are on because they don't know what normal is anymore. Perth is a great city, it's just a pity that the people here don't realize that there is a whole other world out there and they need to act and behave accordinly.
#jimmy on Mar 07, 2019 :
I will tell you the worst things about Perth born and living here for half the average human life (but travelled many times overseas)

1. Worst ignorant drivers
2. The non stop wind and over the last few years lack of a real summer
3. Shitty nightlife (everywhere you go drunk bogan idiots)
4. closing times of restaurants and shops, you could walk around the street naked after 10pm in Perth and no one would know
5. ridiculous prices for food and drink
6. just brain dead racist bogans (although the younger geneartion are better)
7. last but not least its a cultural vacuum , unless you want to talk about master chef or some reality tv show or a bunch of meathead closets chasing a funny shaped red ball on a big field there's is nothing to converse about
#bob on Mar 05, 2019 :
hey everyone i think perth is the best place on earth its such a homie and one of the best place to live its ranked in the top 10
##PerthLover on Mar 05, 2019 :
perth is really good. Everyone is super nice. There is nothing better than walking through the city at night and going to eat in yagen square. You should stop being so negative. Back off. Everyone here is welcoming (except the druggos) because everyone knows everyone. you should join a sport club because they have such good communities. Love perth and you should to. You should all look at postive reviews instead.
#sophie on Mar 05, 2019 :
perth is a beautiful place!!! I have lived here my whole life and its been great. The wheather is amazing, obviously everyone on here just chosen the wrong suburb to live in. Its not dull ur just dull minded and not open to the differences each cities have. Adapt to the perth life and stop complaining or no u wont enjoy it. Remember everyone on here has a bad opinion on perth because the article is about why perth is depressing. search up WHY to move to perth and you will get thousnads of reasons why its amazing rather than 100 comments why its crappy. how is perths people unfriendly, we just dont have a massive population so there is more variety in other cities. Some of the most famous cities in the world would have reviews way worse that this, please look on the brightside , its lovely here #out #child #LOVETHISISOLATEDCITY
#Ms Kat on Mar 03, 2019 :
Hi everyone, I know I am late to the party. My partner is 100% set on moving to perth from sydney we are originally from London having lived in Sydney for 16 years.. in fact he is driving from sydney to perth as I type this and has secured a job there..I am joining him when I get secure a job there within three months. I get a deep feeling in my gut about perth and there are no positive remarks here really.. I am nice kind person with tanned skin.. and I am getting worried about moving here now... is it really that bad..
#mark on Feb 02, 2019 :
I am a first generation migrant from Asia. I have lived in Perth for the past 10 years. I absolutely loved the first 5 years of it, while falling out of love in the latter 5 years.

First 5 years:
I came here for uni. I was staying in student housing and made many good friends of different nationalities. I also had a group of local Perth friends I made from my undergrad course. I had an absolute blast going on road-trips down South to Albany and Margaret river and up north to Exmouth. Every Friday and weekend was spent at Curtin tav and MetroCity (back when it was full of asians lol). I spent every summer gyming and going to Cottesloe and City beach with my housemates and life could not get any better.

Latter 5 years:
I graduated and started my professional life. This was the beginning of my downward slide. I got along extremely well with my colleagues (who were bogan as hell), but nobody ever seemed interested in socialising after work. I have changed companies 3 times, and the trend is pretty similar. I have tried hobbies (dancing for 3 years), going out, and sports, but nothing I do seems to be able to shake off my feelings of disconnect. I spent 1 year working in various regional WA towns (I work in healthcare), and the level of insularity, cliquishness, shallowness and racism I got exposed to was through the roof!! My dating life is just as dire. I have tried dating apps, going out, hobbies, parties etc but nothing seems to work. I keep getting the "I'm not into Asian guys" line thrown at me till I have almost given up. The only positive development in this period is Perth Fringe Fest, it's bloody awesome.

What do I think?
Most of my good friends from student housing have left, and I was left with my local Perth friends. No offence to them, but I found them to be insular, afraid of change, cold, distant and uninterested in involving me with their inner circles. This is in stark contrast to my student housing friends, who were open, friendly, warm and always there for me. I definitely agree with the comments in this thread about Perth people being that they are friendly but do not want to be friends. I have spoken to Europeans from my travels and while out in Perth, and they say the same thing. Unfortunately, it seems that if you do not grow up here in Perth, it is very hard for you to be seen as relevant by the locals. Add in the fact that I grew up overseas, being "fresh off the boat" is unfashionable apparently. I speak with a pretty Aussie accent (I spent a few years of high school over East), I am pretty social, and I fully believe in integrating with the locals wherever I am in. In spite of this, I still feel like an unwelcomed outsider after all these years.

Maybe I should stop bitching and try harder. But there is only so much a person can do. I have resolved to move out of Perth and try my luck over East or overseas as soon as possible. I think Perth is great if you are married, crave stability and have kids. But if you are single, adventurous and looking for dynamic opportunities, then Perth may prove to be a frustrating and fruitless place.
#Ben on Jan 26, 2019 :
Let's face it, Perth women are the worst. If you are not a Eagles or Dockers player then you don't stand a chance having a relationship in Perth. Such shallowness epitomises the Perth mentality.
#SirFrank on Jan 15, 2019 :
It's a nice place, lovely weather and a good looking city. Just make sure you wear earplugs in traffic and smile directly at the old folk till they squirm. Also avoid most parks, Murray St and Hay St. That's where the crazies are, they like to shout in a really nasal and oddly high pitched way. I suppose maybe they're shouting at the loud cars? It's actually a legal requirement in WA to drive an obscenely loud vehicle.
#Sam Person on Jan 14, 2019 :
What people are describing here is our experience of Australia overall. Not just Perth. White Australians over 35 are the most hostile, insular, scared, aggressive, xenophobic people we have ever come across as a family- and we have lived in many countries.

If you are white, generally conservative and British or American or it is probably an OK nation to migrate to.
Otherwise, stay away until the current middle aged Australian start retiring and the younger ones take over. A lot of the younger ones are OK.
#Eve on Dec 31, 2018 :
Happy New Year, everyone! I grew up in country Victoria, and moved to Melbourne after high school, and found it too fast paced and stressful, it's like everyone is racing around at the speed of light, on the verge of having nervous breakdowns! It's become a 24 hour city that never sleeps with the most atrocious unstable weather throughout the year that wreaks havoc on people's health. This is due to Victoria having all the drastic temperature changes within a matter of hours from hot as oven heatwaves and bushfires to flooding and storms - and this is in the past few weeks in December! Take a ride on an overcrowded jammed like a can of sardines tram or train and it's like something Biblical with the plague, people coughing and sneezing throughout the year. People look and sound sickly and it's outright dangerous for the very young and elderly and people with asthma. Hospital emergencies are filled with patients suffering from health problems - respiratory conditions/heat exhaustion brought upon by the damned weather. I make sure I go to Perth for a long weekend at least a couple of times a year to de-stress and breathe some clean air and absorb the sunshine. Just a day here and it's like the complete opposite to Melbourne, stable pleasant weather, relaxed healthy people, no rushing around. It reminds me of Seymour where I went to high school, in country Victoria except for warmer weather and beautiful beaches. I find people a lot friendlier in Perth, as in Melbourne people are constantly competing with each other, in study, grad jobs, work and even for car park spaces. The two cities are complete opposites in every way. I also found Melbourne, despite marketing itself as multicultural, is still very segregated in regards to where different communities live. I have a mixed background and I'm considered an oddity still in Melbourne. In Perth I noticed a lot more people of mixed backgrounds, and a lot more mixing in friendship groups and relationships which makes me feel more at home in Perth. I believe the segregation in Melbourne is even causing problems now with people of different backgrounds feeling an 'us vs them' mentality contributing to the current gang problem. Anyway, I hope I can move to Perth one day - my happy place. I always feel homesick when I'm away from there, and feel sad having to go back to dreary, doom and gloom Melbourne, or as I call it Gotham City witb its bats, constant cloudy weather and gothic people dressed in black. Always looking forward to coming back to Perth - the place of the beautiful outdoors and beautiful people! And it has the best outdoor music festivals - Origin Fields, Falls Downtown to name a couple. Even Cardi B recently was upset she had such a fun time playing at Origin Fields, but had to leave straight away to play in Sydney. She's a stressed out New Yorker that would need a relaxing environment occasionally! Actually, since Melbourne is like New York, Perth is like a Californian towm - laidback relaxed with beautiful beaches, weather and people. Definite East Coast vs West Coast similarities. Hopefully I can move there after I graduate from my course this year!
#Malcolm on Dec 18, 2018 :
A bubbly woman on the train from Perth to Mandurah yesterday kept asking "Why is everybody so grumpy? Smile!" Her friends insisted she keep quiet. She asked again and again but nobody cared or said anything. I don't know what's wrong with people in this city but I've had enough of it.
#Dan on Dec 09, 2018 :
Just read your story below Rob and I'm really sorry to hear you've got through some tough times and mental health battles, but it's not you it's this place that will do it to you.

I'm a similar age to you mate, 37 years old and have been in Perth 20 years. I think about leaving every day and wish to God I could. Problem is I've got a mortgage and kids now... And even if you want to sell your house the market has crashed so bad you need to be prepared to wear a 100k loss or walk away from the house.

My partner wants to live in Perth for the rest of her life and won't move, so ive prepared myself mentally that the marriage may at some point end.. And I'm just waiting for the kids to be a bit older and understand, and hopefully make a choice to come with me and if that happens I'll be on the first plane outta this shit hole, clicky pretentious dump and head back over east where people are normal and friendships are easily come by.

I like to think I'm a decent easy going bloke and after 20 years of being here id be lucky to have 5 decent mates and 3 of them are originally from over east or overseas.. Unless you went to school here you can kiss goodbye any meaningful relationships. I too have experienced the clicky pretentious competitive vibe you get from people here, or the blank stares you get. It's a weird place Perth, and very isolated. I hope I can last here for a while longer for the sake of my kids but in the meantime I'll be planning as many holidays as I can over east.

Just know its not you Rob... Some days I feel extremely depressed and helpless living here... And lonely. Keep counting down and stay positive mate and before long you will be on a flight outta here for good.
#Rob on Dec 07, 2018 :
Almost cried with joy reading this thread this morning. I left Victoria 15 years ago for Perth hoping for a new start and also to see some of the state. Came here excited at the prospect of meeting new people and having great new experiences. 18 months later i was so lonley the thought of suicide started to pop into my head. I hadnt managed, despite attempting to join several clubs or sports teams, to make any connections. People were polite - but i found they seemed to "forget" me if there was a party, bbq, or just catch up... even if i was standing right there hearing them make the arrangements. Never once did i get the "would you like to join". It made it impossible to make friends.

Then I met someone who i was to be in a crappy relationhip for the next 10 years with - thats a whole diffrent story - but by the time it was over i realised i had been here almost 12 years and had not 1 person i could consider a mate. Again, i threw myself into all sorts of groups hoping to make those mates i craved. Didnt happen. Apparently Perth people never stop hanging around their old high school friends so its even more difficult at 35 than it was at 25!

4 years later and ive seen the things and done the activities amd tried to have the experiences i came here for... all alone. Ask anybody to join in and its the same response. "Im busy". Or being cancelled on at the last minute. So im leaving. Fuck Perth and all its insular inhabitants.

In 235 days (and counting down) my current lease will expire and i should have the money to relocate back east and away from this ass of a city. Its nearly killed me, and shattered my mental health. As the years have gone on ive convinced myself that I must be some sort of special loser to be spending every weekend alone. Suicidal thoughts are daily and if anything derails my plans to leave - i have decided to kill myself rather than continuing to "live" in this city.

It has a lot of great aspects this city... but the isolation and loneliness, coupled with the cost of living, added to crap weather (sorry but it is - too hot in summer, to cold in winter, and the wind - my god the constant wind!) Make it unlivable unless you were born here or grew up here and dont know any diffrent.

After reading of others having the EXACT same experiences im now full of confidence that when i relocate things will be diffrent. I will mmeet people who are inclusive and want to get to know me... its not necessarily me - its the sandgropers!!

I am esppecially looking forward to meeting people from perth and treating them like crap so they know how it feels. I wpuldnt piss on someone from this city if they were on fire, would never help anyone from here in need. I would happoly watch a Perthite suffer rather than step in to help.

My advise to anyone thinking of moving here - especially solo - DONT. JUST DONT.
#Ren on Dec 07, 2018 :
Perth? What a dreary place! other than some sun, Perth is filled with staring faces.
What the hell do they expect to see, with those stares?
Not even a grimace of a smile or hello.
Strangers over seas are much more friendly and welcoming and also more interesting too.
Keep it.
#Bill on Dec 06, 2018 :
What is wrong with this place? Go look at any other city in Aus and the reviews are so positive. Makes me think twice about moving to Perth
#Tin on Dec 06, 2018 :
Perth must be the developed city with the most negative reviews ever! Something is obviously amiss?
#Tommo on Dec 05, 2018 :
I've lived in Perth for 47 years out of 56, have attended four primary schools three tafe colleges and twice at a university. My personal opinion is that whenever people, and especially white people, are feeling depressed or miserable they'll try and flog the closest foreign person. I think its called displacency in psychology.
#Scotty on Nov 24, 2018 :
Perth: A herd of plastic people competing to see who has the biggest Armani shades and whose primary interests are opulence and relaxation. If you can find somebody in Perth who isn’t an Asian tourist, you’ll quickly discover that conversing is like pissing into the wind because nobody wants to know anybody. Perth is like a film set — just as pretty and just as fake. Trying to find culture in Perth is like trying to find life on Mars. You suspect it might be there on some molecular level, but by and large you’re better off getting drunk and watching YouTube.
#James on Nov 21, 2018 :
What a miserable monoculture. Everyone here is stuck up and apathetic. Your success ostracises you from the community. Then you realise the city is just a pretty graveyard so you spend most of your time at home. If you do go out, don't make eye contact unless you're looking for a stand-off. Ask any local what's good about Perth and you'll get the same answer: "The weather and the beaches." That's all they appreciate. Shops and restaurants are never open when they should be. Nightlife is non-existent because apparently everyone goes to bed at 6. The art scene is like chewing gum stuck under a table and everybody is terrified of change. If you like small bubbles and tall walls, move to Perth. Otherwise put it out of your mind for the sake of your soul.
#Mickey on Nov 20, 2018 :
I moved to Perth with high hopes and I have hated it the whole time. The main thing that gets me is how horrible the people are! Everyone is so mean and stuck up. It's almost like everyone is competing with each other to see who is the fairest of them all. You can't talk to anyone, everyone's so standoffish and it makes you feel like you're not good enough. From living here, I became a hermit. I barely leave my house, and when I do I get such bad anxiety because when you go into public spaces people glare at you judgementally. It's the worst. It's an expensive place to live, too.. obviously not as bad as Melbourne or Sydney but not far from it! And everything is so far away!! It takes a million years to drive anywhere. The nightlife is abhorrent, rude drunk bogan idiots rabbling round in mobs in Northbridge every weekend. Absolute chaos. I hate it here, I want to leave.
#Hi Ravi on Sep 13, 2018 :
Hi Ravi, im so sorry for your experience. Please know that not all people in Perth are like that, Australia is a beautiful country and unfortunately perth is going through hard times economically and people have lost there jobs or are struggling to afford to live (which i think is extremely stressful and can bring our the worst in people). A place like Melbourne or Queensland might be better for you, they are extremely friendly over there and there is allot more art and culture and festivals, up to you though. God made you perfect the way you are, please dont forget that.
#Ravi on Sep 13, 2018 :
Lived here for few years. Took lot of racism but I thought Perth might get out of this dark age some day. But yesterday I was spit by few girls on my face in Joondalup outside the mall without any reason and was told that my skin color disturb them and I should leave Australia . I rubbed my skin whole night hard in bathroom just for a miracle to happen by god and makes my skin lighter. I felt like god made mistake making non white people. Today I have donated all my saving to aboriginal charity and will leave this country and go back to India. At last I realize that my parents were right to stay with them when they were alive 15 years back when I left them for Perth
#Pethisnotok on Jul 31, 2018 :
People that visit this page have no doubt wanted to get a sense of what it is like living on this particular nether region of existence.

In the eastern/budhist culture, there is a legend about eighteen layer of hell.

Wonder no more.
#Rex on Jul 30, 2018 :
Wow I can't believe the negative comments on this page. You all go on like perth is some crime riddled shanty town in south africa. Ok yes perth is boring by european standards but we are a young city and don't have the benefit of history to have museums and monuments like other places. We are too sprawled out but that also means everyone gets an affordable spacious 4 by 2 house so we're not living on top of each other crammed like sardines. Crime happens everywhere but honestly Perth is nothing compared to other places. I could easily walk from one end of Perth to the other and not encounter even a stare. There's plenty to do if you want but after a day's work I like coming home to my castle and chilling out. If I want to go out I can. Perth is very clean and organised. The climate is stable and predictable with low humidity. The air is crystal clear all year. No smog layer here. Some summer days can get hot but overall you're talking only a few days. I like that in the middle of winter there can be beautiful sunny days of 20 degrees where i can cruise the swan river on my boat and visit the city or go to Fremantle wearing a shirt shorts and thongs. I can take a drive up into the hills. Go down south. 4wd beaches just north of Perth. I believe the negative reviews here are from people unlucky enough to be victims of crime or are socially awkward and struggle to get along with people. I myself am more than grateful to live in Perth and can imagine a place thousands of times worse than what we've got.
#Graham on Jul 15, 2018 :
You're ranting again "anonymous"
"How come people who never met compare notes and have the same experience?" Because they're all you, posting over and over again with quite a lot of cutting and pasting.
I assume you are not in Perth. Neither am I. How about you just forget it exists and get on with your life. It will be better for your mental health. (Lifeline 13 11 14)
A lot of people will like Perth, some won't, no matter what you say.
#Graham on Jul 10, 2018 :
Seriously "Anonymous", your incoherent rant has been going on for days. You really should get a grip and take your meds.
#HatePerthBogans on Jul 08, 2018 :
Im in Bali now trying to enjoy a family holiday. We are from the East Coast of Australia staying in Ubud to avoid ugly Aussie Bogans in Kuta. Guess what, the pool bar is flooded with loud, obnoxious,skanky,tatooed covered Aussies screaming out the West Coast Eagles theme song. They should close Perth Airport and put a gate on the nullabor to keep the Perth Bogan in their own sandpit.
#Anonymous on Jul 04, 2018 :
The roughest guys you will see anywhere, dressed in shorts, or mixed UK aboriginal blood. Men dress like homeless people, girls dont know how bad they have it. Told 'closest office to the city' I ended up at a rain forest then 'its close for us' Our foothills are further, they lie for a buck they charge an interstate price as i think they think we think they are in a boom They believe their own shit. Most pple didnt know it happened to begin with.a.n urband legend Perth is agiant dirt town on the edge of a desert, loan star, back of bourke from 100 years ago. They just need to carry guns.but their aggression of just a few weeks is enough already.dont go there...they are a closed shop hiring wise, came across so many scams when their out int he open eg share house really a brothel,and yeah a hostel hammering open its window and with no heater i got ver very sick. They are right. If your disappointed by Freeo they will be aggressive. They need to become and stay as their own penal colony and literally lock the gates. A lot of ex crims turned up in the boom..well,i met the current ones, open ilegals or ex druggies..and they are highly suscpiscious. Dont waste your energy. Its a closed shop they hate east coast. I have to do an EO complaint as an Australian. As I was told rock up frm Britian and never left..I was treated as disposable luggage. As soon as your assert yourself you have 'attitude' they do. Its all one way, the bullygn i read on here...they are like that aobrigional tribe that had not met white man..they have not gone outside of WA. They pay more for shit literally. Ummmm Melbourne built itself so did Sydney. WA really is just a convict colony that never changed. IT AN OUTBACK TOWN BY THE BEACH.AND THE LOCALS WILL MAKE SURE YO KNOW IT OR THEY WILL kill you.Cause they can. Personally I will be getting ALL my money back.
#Anonymous on Jul 04, 2018 :
Airport dude who looks like customer service..'Can you please tell me what the luggage fee is for hand luggage?' Him: '7kg.That looks like more then 7kg and if that looks like more then 7kg and if I see you with that as I will be waiting up the end I will charge you'. WOW SO HOSTILE AND helpful. So I came back and said 'Are you customer service? Your role is to be helpful not make threats.What your threatening me with you will be up the other end waiting for me'.......They are outright aggressive. MUCH LESS arguing with their EO that one place after taking unauthorised $ out of my account treating me as a no show, then said I had to leave as I was Australian? Didn't stop him the first few days he was me there and taking money. He even changed his website to no interstate workers, fifo's or homeless. A Brit who hast this as his ony defnition of Aussie. Actually I had to leave in record torrential downpour, very scary. So I am taking him to EO..where SHE had to be told its race based as he cited race as the reason to go. That liek saying 'You cant stay as yoru aboriginal or jewish' BUT I had already. So not sure where this comes from this massive aggression and entitlement. Ordered a taxi at a different establishment. 'Are you rolling your eyes'??? Wow no..but they can nit pick you and you wont know what you did. I will never come here gain for any reason. It'sg gets under your skin. That and the 'If your 6 minutes late we wont hire you as your 6 minutes late' Spencer Orgden wow I travelled all that way on a plane A SINGAPOREAN said they want it all their own way My trip to and from there could have gone to asia not experience weeks of hell. No one on the streets, shut shops, hostile locals, ex Crim FIFO's.Terminate pre interview in WA. The headache never ends. They are hostile and entitled. Pride comes before a fall.Am betting there are no mines left to empty? Give the aborginals back their land and take all of WA to the UK.
#Anonymous on Jul 02, 2018 :
They think the 'east coast' is one conjoined blob who conspires against them. If you don't like it they go on about the latest disappointing thing. Eg Guy offered to take me to Penguin Ilsand..finally get to hear of somethig..and then didn't turn up .V St.Kilda I can just walk up the peer.on a beach that doesnt disappear at high tide. WA is a giant waste of space much like the people.I have had more aggresion here for no reason other then being not from here. Its disconcerting no matter what you do its still there. And they dont respond to reason or logic..only they are right. Waste of time. Just avoid it.
And yeah I am guessing the good beaches are 4 hours away. WA is beside a hostile desert for a reason..your not meant to cross it. Oh and being over charged 'We can do that' I came across so many rorts I dobbed into 1. Medicare eg Dr terminatig appointment at 2 minutes 2. orangising undecssary appointments here they look down on medicare...3. A church rort as a Singaporean only wanted to have Indonesian congergation..thats a money spinnr in Sing here they dont question 4. made up prices rort and well..each one I have complained to wihchever body. So no suprise a friend replied to a renting add to find it was an unregistered brothel on flatmates. Yes they are 20 years behind. I can hear my thougts going around my head here. If you are from the east coastyou will feel alone..they have each other..and they are isolated from the rest of Oz but not from each other so you HAVE TO LIKE IT or they will bash you up!! 'Were just like any ohter city' AAAAHHH..NO THEY ARE NOT. But they will order you to believe it. Bendigo is faster. And at least you dont incorporate SAFEWAY /WOOLWORTHS into Myer!!! Such a marketing mismatch.
Dont bother. Here ice is Meth...and they all look the same to as its inbred. the guys dont dress up..if you think your in the outback are. and no sense of customer service.
#Anonymous on Jul 02, 2018 :
They are out right aggressive if they feel critizsed. eg packing my luggage, after waiting for a rude cleaner who kept riding me all day..he is a i packed 50m away busting for the toilet. Finally go upstairs come down the recptionist' Dont block the area' 'I am trying to resort 3 pieces of luggage. I can't take that upstairs with me to the toilet. IS THEIR a downstairs toilet?' (ie no brains, afer letting me sleep under a window that was open so I got pneumonia for 5 days, rather then fix the heater, they removed the cord but didnt fix the window) 'I don't like your attitude'
Attitude is anyone different to themselves.
Every conversation is converted into something else. 'We have a lot of construction' Doestn every city in the world have that? Its a Bendigo Comnined with Alice Springs beside Overrated Beaches. And should you not love it..Ballarat and Geelong have more shops infrastructure, surf, amenties commuters going 200k to work. WA is a bogan state. I will never come here again. And you know when the Queensland PTC guy comments ont he rain witwh the immediate 'We need the weather' v homesick. Here its torrential downpours, open to the desert and ocean. And very bland. I felt like I was in a concentration camp.from HELL. Giant waste of time and money. The only laugh is the sushi here is cut in 4 and rolled on its side..double for half and they still buy it. Sizzlers was the only meal worth having here. Oh the sushi has more rice then filling and the filling tends to be fried..its like ther is no food unless you go to IGA. Start a gym pass..they are shut. Go to go to the beach on weekend. bus after train is one hour apart. You come here to die.
#Anonymous on Jul 02, 2018 :
WELL theirs a tourist price. Not sure if WA realises..I never knew it was a mining town. or state. Or I would not have come here. And the white aboriginals and british descent resemble each other looks wise its a closed population. My friend took me to a one hour appointment, to document bullying. I was very clear one hour only. Instead she deliverately let me talk for over and hour then suprise a $290 bill. She deliberately did not interupt me. It's like they think 'youmust think their is a boom we will charge you more' Heads up.The eastern states havent heard of Perth..the boom was like an urban legend somethign you barely heard of or didnt know if real. So one things of WA and when you get here they are no nasty. My friend said their client got up and walked out HE was originaly from Melb. THATS HOW i know I was charged more. FOr what. I complained to the regsitration board as it took advantage of I knew no one here. And after a month it wont change. A Singaporean said its their way or the highway.Anglicare was so disgusted she didnt bill me. That was the cost of a flight home. They even have 'refund or see someoene else' on their we page it was 'Were allowed to charge that' Not when you havent told me its crossed over 1 hour and my friend is waiting in the parking lot. They are nuts her. They are not used to a comparision. And they do become so veryh hostile and aggressive no matter what if you dont like them. So the worst money of my life coming here tolerating them. If not so far away would have gone after the first few days. They are backwards. Oh and a backpackers adding 'intersate workers and FIFO'S' not welcome essentially. WA doesnt even realise they are the only state WITH THIS. As no one else wants to come here. Thats extortion..and yess I had to get counselling for somethng at home here..should have seen the 'Sudden responses' as soon as I emailed and said 'From Vic' Their is a t ourist price here. THEY are stuck in non existant boom. Its a DIRT TOWN nothing more. $290 to hear myself speak? I was so upset that people on the street and in clubs asked if i ws OK
#Ben on Jun 20, 2018 :
Ive lived in Perth my hole life and watched it transform from a beautiful, peaceful and friendly city into the hell hole it is today. There never used to be any agro on the roads at all, traffic always flowed freely, everyone always said hi to to complete strangers on the street, there was plenty of work, houses where affordable, our holiday destinations where peaceful, ect. Then came the mining boom and the droves of people from all over the world to fill the jobs it created. It was made nearly impossible for the local people of Perth to get into mining jobs because by bringing workers in from elsewhere it would also create a housing boom. Now the boom has bust you people are free to go back to where you came from leaving Perth in your path of destruction. So you see it was never the locals that where the problem it was you that destroyed our community.
##Anonymous on Jun 20, 2018 :
I agree with most of the comments on the board about Perth. I am from the UK living here but planning to return to UK. I would say I have witnessed more aggressive people for some reason than back in the UK. People cannot drive here like they can elsewhere in the world, eg, if you indicate to pull over they stop behind you. They cannot understand that they should overtake. Happens every time I have to pull over. I've been followed on the freeway by groups of men in their beaten up cars hurling sexual gestures whilst driving. Been driven at by trolleys in Big W by angry women, been ignored in conversations because of my accent. If you are with a man and ask questions to someone, they ignore you and talk to the man, so backward like living in the 50's. Too many different cultures all roaming about vast shopping soulless shopping centres, where no ne seems to know anyone else. Too far and too expensive to go to other cities, very insular as people here don't go anywhere on the whole except Bali, and Bali and Bali. Conversation with people is also very boring compared to conversations back in the UK. I can always tell when people with Ozzie accents aren't from Perth as they can have a conversation about lots of things. Perth people can't, they are sort of dumbed down and I have no idea why.
#Anonymous on Jun 19, 2018 :
Giving me the tourist pricefor a counseller by letting me go over an hour $300 their own clienet left. that how i know the touirst price. not everone heard of your dumb miningboom. and its over. we know the real lprice love MElb
#Anonymous on Jun 16, 2018 :
I am quite calm thanks Kyle, I wrote quite calmly and didn't use caps lock or exclamation marks at all. It's a good question though, why would anyone bother? Just because we don't know the answer to that, doesn't mean there isn't one. Another good question is, why would people be hostile to you just because you're from Adelaide? How would they even know you're from Adelaide? Is Adelaide a race? Sorry, but I don't believe you.
I've lived in 4 Australian cities and I've mostly liked all of them. But there's nothing written below that I couldn't apply to any of them if I wanted to focus on some bad experiences. The hostile drunks in Darwin, the grid lock and road rage in Sydney, the feeling of unease you get when you catch public transport after dark in Melbourne. I don't have anything bad to say about Adelaide, but then I've never been there. Maybe it's a utopia where everyone holds hands and sings Kumbaya.
#Kyle on Jun 15, 2018 :
Calm down Graham, this is an open forum and people are entitled to voice their opinions. It's not part of grand conspiracy theory against Perth, how typical of someone from Perth to actually use that as a defence! Why would one or two people go to all that trouble?! Perth's not bad but it definitely ain't great either, people seem to love it or hate it judging by the comments. It's glaringly obvious that something isn't quite right with the city and to be more direct the people of Perth. I'm from Adelaide and I can remember the hostility towards me when I was working over there a few years ago!
#Graham on Jun 14, 2018 :
This page is more than a little suspicious. Sydney has twice the population as Perth and yet no one has commented on their Quality of Life page either positively or negatively. Melbourne only has 4 comments and one of those is slagging off Perth.
So I suspect, but can't prove, that given the similar writing styles, bad grammar and spelling of the negative comments below, that most of it has been written by one or two malcontents, at least one of whom is from Melbourne, trying to make their sad lives better by bringing other people down. Cue the rebuttal from "Anonymous".
For anyone thinking of visiting or moving to Perth, hopefully you worked out the above for yourself. But make up your own mind, it's a great place and has a lot going for it.
#Lisa on Jun 12, 2018 :
I think #22 is a little upset about being turned down for a promotion in favour of a woman.

Perth rental prices are now the lowest for Capital cities in the country, and you can buy a house in the inner suburbs for half what you would pay in for a similar property in Sydney or Melbourne. As a rental owner in Perth, I rent out a neat, clean 3 brm villa, 3 suburbs from the city for $350pw, so his assertion that $500 will get you a bedroom is just a lie. I've never had anyone smoking so much as a joint in my place and I've been in houses that smell like that having lived in Melbourne.
#megain on Jun 10, 2018 :
I came from Melb with an open mind. Before arriving a few places I applied to said 'We need a police check' for a share house, ie a bit untrusting. I said that they would pay for that. I went out with mining boom kids 'Why are you in Perth' and this endless attitude of 'What are you doing here ' 'I will be offended if you don't like us' as if we all should know something about it. A few days in I had a Lazy recruiter call: 1. Have you worked for A, B and E?' Yes' 'How long for' ' A few years' (lazy question) HUNG UP 2. Another..I had not idea where it was and despite doing all City Cats had not been up St. Georges. 'You are 6 minutes late we a can't interview you' 'You can give me 6 minutes (demonstrate sales skills which would see me hired else where.) 'Sorry we focus on 6 minutes late' wow lose talented staff. Went to a neighbouring recruiter..they were in a meeting..left me unattended 20 minutes. Then 3. Random recruiter on her mobile I called 'Which state is this ' 'pardon me wht is that' and hung u on me. I complained this time. And aggressive reception from Freemantante offended I didn't know much about it. WTF.
#Anonymous on Jun 09, 2018 :
To prove all our bad experiences in Perth, look at all the rude responses from Perth people here, you can clearly see how closed-minded, uneducated and unemphatic they are towards other human beings. One of the rude comment below doesn't even know how to spell the worth "Bogan" right. But blaming us that we here deserve such those treatment because we acted bogan. That's ridiculous!
#Anonymous on Jun 09, 2018 :
I regret moving to Perth from Melbourne :( Paying such a high fee of $18,000 a semester at UWA and for such an education that is way below Australian standard. People are just rude in this city. Drug addicts are everywhere. It is as if the city has been paused since the 80s. FYI,it's not only people in Perth that always say thank you to the bus driver. I have lived in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for a long period of time in each city. So I know that we do it in other city as well. What different is that the bus drivers in other states don't really have a mood swing/mental instability like the drivers in Perth do.
#Simon on Jun 02, 2018 :
Unfortunately most of the negative comments are true. I've had to deal with this bogan sandpit of a place for years..and it just isn't worth the pain. Get out if you can, it will not change as the locals are a funny mob, born into a black hole vacuous town, which is actually completely soulless.My theory on the place range for negative vortezes to curses from aboriginal people against these fascist idiots. It's trailer trash stuff..or cashed up white trash stuff. A pass in the summer if the wind doesn't blow which it always does really..go east or leave the country. Perth is a fail. Dead to me. Waste of life force.
#Anonymous on Jun 02, 2018 :
Perth is full of deadbeat retarded meth addicts who couldn’t hack it anywhere else
#expat on May 28, 2018 :
Everyone says thank you to the bus driver when they get off, even yelling it from the back door. That definitely doesn't happen in London and I haven't noticed it in any other Australian city either.
#22 on May 22, 2018 :
i moved perth from the eastern states nsw perth people are rude bogan meth heads bunch of wankers.
#max on May 19, 2018 :
I agree with all the negative comments about Perth. It's full of racist, retarded peasants. Stay away from this place. I'm moving soon and delete this place from my memories.
#MayTwelve on May 11, 2018 :
My personal quality of life living in Perth is a 1/10.
The rating is based on my experiences the last two decades living here. I have experienced the following:
Relentless Bullying at work (for years and years and different jobs!).
Physical Violence from strangers
Verbal violence from strangers
General disrespect when face to face with random strangers
A lot of insults and being mocked. (Even photographed by random strangers).
Outright aggression and I am treated like I am not a human being with feelings. I don’t count.
None of this is provoked by me as I go about my day minding my own business.
Because of the horrible rude people in Perth I have changed from a confident, outgoing, sociable loving person into an isolated, withdrawn hermit. My life has been ruined by living here. All the hopes and dreams I had completely smashed into pieces. I have NOTHING and NOONE thanks to this shithole. I CANNOT live like this any longer, if I have to endure this kind of shitty life for the next few decades I’m leaving Perth. For me, daily it’s like torture living here with no escape. I hate the cruelty and ignorance that is so prevalent here. This place is my own personal hell.
#hailey on May 06, 2018 :
don't listen to the crybabies below the quality of life in perth is very good they've obviously never been outside of australia
#Ben on Apr 14, 2018 :
Getting oranges, eggs and tomatos thrown at you in Perth is a sign that people like you. Take it as a compliment. I always wave back and blow a kiss.
#Stuart on Apr 13, 2018 :
I lived in Perth for 7 years, and like others here arrived with a very positive attitude and open mind. About 4 years ago a departing colleague muttered something about Perth being such a terrible place to live, and at the time I think I too was half asleep to the reality of the city. If you are from Perth, or have children then I think if you are a white and well paid you can have a good but perhaps boring experience - at least you may have something of a social life. I would never recommend Perth to a single person coming from out of town - indeed the locals are very insular and it is hard to break into a social group- people just don’t want to know. All the friends I did make in Perth are from out of town - be overseas or east coasters. By way of example - you can be walking down an empty road or across a beachhead and the person walking past you will not even make bed I eye contact or say hello. I’ve lived in plenty of bigger cities and have not experienced the same. Perth has beautiful beaches etc but it is miles from anywhere and really there is not much to do here and it’s expensice to go anywhere else.

You could argue that an individual makes their own happiness and relationships and it’s not up to the city to provide such. You could argue that ones experience a are a reflection of what one puts in... unfortunately I don’t think this is true in the case of Perth.

Probably if I had read these posts 8 years ago I would not have believed them. But if you are considering I would recommend not investing too much too early and making your mind up before committing.

I eventually moved ovoedseas to a lower paid job to regain some sanity, and whilst I do miss the ocean and, trips to Margaret river etc I feel much more
Connected to the rest of the world now that I am
#420inhell on Apr 08, 2018 :
I should add that on the plus side perth has made me very mentally tough. After living here nothing will ever be nearly as painful. Fighting on the front lines of a war would be a joyous occasion after living here. Bring it on world. Whatever you throw at me from here on out will never be as painful and traumatic as living in this giant human cesspool.
#420inhell on Apr 08, 2018 :
I'm from a place where pot is legal so ive always been a moderate pot smoker. Soon after I moved to Perth to study I realized how farking terrible the people are. Like the guy below me i'm a six foot Caucasian. In fact back home I often had beautiful ladies chasing me. Since I moved to Perth all I get is angry scary stares like they want to murder me and random people yelling faggot and throwing things at me out of their cars. Subsequently I have developed a very heavy and unhealthy dependence on pot because I went from being very happy go lucky to attempting suicide multiple times since I moved here. Literally the only reason why im not dead is because every time I get stoned I remember that I will be leaving soon and the pain is only temporary. At least im not becoming addicted to meth like all the locals. Weed is literally the only friend I have in this mean violent wasteland. Goodbye Perth. Hopefully China will do the right thing and nuke this place off the map soon.
#JT on Apr 07, 2018 :
I have lived in a few cities around the world, but Perth is the only place where I have been verbally and physically abused by complete strangers for no reason!

I am a 6"1 normal looking, straight, skinny Caucasian male from the UK.

The first occasion I was simply walking to my local IGA in the day time, and a ute (you see a lot of these in Perth) drove past and someone leaned out the window and threw an orange at me, which hit me in the side of the neck. Now this may seem amusing to read, but at the time it really hurt!!

Another time, again just walking along during the day, walked past some workmen who inexplicably asked me about whether I was getting ready for Mardi Gras (?!), basically implying that I looked gay.

Just weird. And backward.

Anyone else notice how some people from Perth have this "stare" where they look at you with an incredulous / slightly mocking / slightly hostile look?

Really, it is a place you need to experience for yourself to understand the vibe / culture of the people.
#Azxy on Apr 05, 2018 :
Wow, reading most of these comments is like describing my life in Perth over the last three years. I migrated alone from this UK, a single twenty something female. Never migrate here alone!!! It is the loneliest place in the world. You will make acquaintances but 'real' friends are very difficult to make. Forget friends, even family members I had in Perth, showed zero concern for me. Perth has really sucked the life out of me, and I was a very happy person. There just isn't anything to do here. How many times can you go to the same malls and beaches? Where I live restaurants close by 8.30-9pm. I have simply just existed for the last two years.
Moved here with wide eyes and big dreams. Today I am broken hearted, depressed and extremely sad. I am leaving in two weeks, and the day I leave just can't come quick enough. Anyone thinking of moving to Perth alone, please don't do it.
Laters Perth!
#Billie on Apr 04, 2018 :
One of the most boring, dull, horrible, racist places you can possibly think of. I will never live there again. And yes the beaches are nice but you can find nice beaches in many other places too!
#Daniel on Mar 30, 2018 :
I don’t think I’ve seen a city with so many comments, albeit negative!
My two cents worth - I think most people have accurately described Perth here. Myself I am born and raised in Perth, Almost 31 years old and lived here my whole life. I have travelled a little bit too.
Perth is a pretty city, nice green suburbs around the river and nice beaches, stable weather generally but has probably the most backward , uneducated, status seeking, wealth oriented, shallow and generally miserable people I have come to realise and coupled with the bogans it’s kind of a weird culture system here in this place...
The mining boom was probably the worst thing to happen here. I have few friends despite growing up here and running my own business. I am involved in manufacturing. Mining companies here treat sub contractors ( like me ) like crap here because they know that the mining is the only thing keeping this place together and have a god complex.
Well that’s my thoughts, oh and the women here are terrible.
Best of luck to everyone.
#Anthomy on Mar 27, 2018 :
I would like to clarify my comments. At the time of making them I was angry because the things I've heard and seen here.
However I too have been bigoted as my comments were generalised.
I am sure that there are a lot of good people here so to clarify my comments are aimed at those ignorant of humanity and diversity.
To those good people I am sorry if I insulted you, that was not my intention.
What I would say to good people, please speak up and change this toxic mix of racism. We all know in our hearts that the vulnerable people will always need support.
Aboriginal people and culture need help, please give it to them sensibly.