Crime in Manila, Philippines

Crime rates in Manila, Philippines

Level of crime
67.29 High
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
56.49 Moderate
Worries home broken and things stolen
55.00 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed
61.23 High
Worries car stolen
54.50 Moderate
Worries things from car stolen
56.50 Moderate
Worries attacked
54.83 Moderate
Worries being insulted
49.26 Moderate
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion
35.13 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
63.08 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
64.57 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
63.65 High
Problem corruption and bribery
74.51 High

Safety in Manila, Philippines

Safety walking alone during daylight
57.44 Moderate
Safety walking alone during night
33.71 Low

Contributors: 311

Last update: October 2018

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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50 Comments so far

#Dave on Aug 14, 2018 :
The best holiday you'll ever have in manila is the one you spend in Singapore. If you think Singapore is expensive and Manila is cheap wait until you lose your cash, credit cards, watch and some skin on a three day trip. You don't see men directing gangs of child pickpockets to visitors in Singapore in the middle of a mall carpark while security guards watch and do nothing. Manila is an absolute shithole.
#FuckManila on Aug 12, 2018 :
Worst. Do not go. I work in Manila City and every time I walk even during the day time even in tourist spots I can't shake the feeling that I would get mugged. They use ice picks or sharpened bottles to threaten you. Getting stabbed by those sharpened bottles are the worst as usually your organs get sucked out due to pressure. The locals call this "Gripo". Some even use sharpened umbrellas to steal. Bringing a car is far worse an idea as parking is extremely difficult as the local parking police frequently tow away vehicles yet there seems to be a lack of initiative as to create proper parking facilities by anyone. Foreigners never ever take a local taxi as they usually increase the amount to be paid claiming that their meter is off. Better to download the grab app and book. Do not use the calesa or horse carriages in Intramuros, you'd be supporting animal cruelty as well as they'd rip you off. Same as with taking a thing called a pedicab or a bike tricycle. They charge a lot and give a "tour" but all the information you need can be found online. Women will try to rip you off for sex. Most women that you will meet in bars in Manila are hookers. Some, on the other hand, will try to get into a relationship with you and will ask money from you for their families. ALL IN ALL Manila City is a shitty place. IF YOU MUST STAY IN MANILA just go to Makati and BGC. Otherwise, get a connecting flight straight to Cebu or Palawan AVOID MANILA
#Failipines on Oct 15, 2017 :
Manila is the worst place ever! Violence are rampant in those city. Better go Palawan.
#David from on Jun 05, 2017 :
Great article, thanks for the tips! Indeed, Philippines is a beautiful archipelago of islands of adventures and getaways. Unfortunately, there is a large number of tourist targeted scams and safety concerns over here.

Do be wary of the Ativan gang/family scam, familiar face scam, sob story scam, the bump and drop, paedophile scam, cards/poker/blackjack scam, beggars, fake goods, pickpockets, fake travel agents, bullet in bag scam, airline desk overweight luggage, immigration officer bribe, taxi spray scam and many more!
#Garley Levoski on Jan 12, 2017 :
You cannot keep having kids endlessly and then expect life to be good. It doesn't work that way.
#g on Jan 12, 2017 :
Keep having kids endlessly and then expect the rest of the world to help.
#city hunter on Sep 14, 2016 :
why is manila have so many criminals? i know the reason because they hate working they just wanna rob to be rich.the police must stop them they are so cruel they don't care about us. they must be stop i hate criminals. president rodrigo duterte will finish them all. no matter what it takes. president rodrigo duterte will send so many army and police to stop the abusiaf and the criminals.
#City hunter on Sep 14, 2016 :
The criminal of Manila make to many crime the police must stop them but they cannot but they cannot finish the criminal they are so many they do not care about us how can the children be safe they must be arrest or killed but we have a good president .President Rodrigo duterte he will finish the crime in the Philippines bomings .drugs,robbers president Rodrigo duterte will finish them all .president Rodrigo duterte is a good president he will finish crime
#Ray on Aug 22, 2016 :
What is the "Pony ride" everyone is mentioning. One guy said "Andy" explained it, but on my phone I don't see his name. Is it a taxi, or like in Guadalajara,Jalisco, Mexico, a real ride in a horse and buggy like in the times of the Spanish?
#Christian on Aug 20, 2016 :
Manila today they starting clearing operation everywhere. Noynoy Aquino it was happen when he was President but today under development and cleaning operation according to our New President Duterte.
#Charles on Aug 01, 2016 :
I hate this city so much.

It stinks, corruption, ugly people, and the food is worse than what you'd feed your pet.
#Anonymnous on Jul 10, 2016 :
The Philippines is not so bad... Try to look at it in a different angle. You guys just need a newer perspective in looking at things. After a tsunami struck Japan, that didn't stopped the tourist from going their...
#hobbs Jones on Apr 15, 2016 :
Manilla airport very dangerous many corrupt undercover police.They thought I was cia or military.Nope . Just redneck oilfield worker.US. government should give you tax deductionfor giving to charitable, organization.when going to phillipines.Or the united states should issue to all people going to phillipines counterfit money.
#hobbs Jones on Apr 15, 2016 :
Ok first thing undercover police harass you when you arrive.Trying to set you up for taxi ride.I was approached 5 times before I walked out side.I feel for phillipina marrage scam.The whole family was in on it.Aunts uncles cousins parents.Yes these people would do anything for money.I'm lucky I got out of that shithole.Alive.Well I supported woman for following year heard every fricken excuse for money.These people are low life scumbags.Any how this chinay woman got 25, 000 $ 0ut of me.p.s. I hope communist china takes over phillipines and cleans the slate.These people are vermin.
#bahnboa on Mar 30, 2016 :
The government is corrupted, taxing of everything, roads constantly being fixed when there is nothing wrong. High traffic, high taxes, however, for visiting it is not so bad. Living you should think twice.
#German Rosado on Mar 24, 2016 :
Sabreen's Sea Food Market Restaurant in Jorge Bocobo Street in Manila .Don't visit this place. Food is good but for sure they will overcharge you as soon as they notice you're tourist. I have receipt to prove it upon request. If you don't follow my advise then you will pay for your mistake.
#Michael on Mar 13, 2016 :
Hello guys. Philippines is maybe the most dangerous country in Asia. I have travelled a lot in Asia and for sure Manila is the most dangerous city in entire Asia. The filipinos fool you with a sweet smile....very low ethic cultured and for money they are big acrobats......shameful people.....when they cheat you, simply they say we are poor....Never go to this 4th country....Wished it was called a nation of Thieves and Evil people.
#Marcus on Feb 27, 2016 :
@ #cathy says - What kind of country is this that allows a person to have their money stolen and then ask for money to perform a knee surgery when it wasn't their fault. How sad!
Well, that sounds like every country, city and town on this planet, Cathy. Do you know of a city that actually allows crime to occur to people? Can you name a country that will pay all your medical care when you get sick or hurt? Can you tell me about a place where crime never happens? You have an incredibly twisted sense of reality and very likely are a lifetime Democrat voter judging by your words. Please wake up and smell real life!
#Anonymous on Feb 14, 2016 :
most of a women in manila are scammer! that's the truth
they will spend your money until you become depleted and leave you like a shit!
#DPK on Feb 11, 2016 :
Manila is an open sewer, plain and simple. I've read guides saying Manila is safe and such, and it's utter crap. I've been to the city quite a few times and while certain areas are OK, others like Malate-Ermita are crime infested, with scammers licking their chops when foreigners come around. I'm not saying don't visit Manila but just know the Phils allows private gun ownership and is a Third World country, so stay on your guard.
#Steve T on Feb 02, 2016 :
To start with Manila has too many people. Too many people will result in lots of different types. Yes the city needs to clean up. Yes there are questionable people. But that is in most over populated cities with lots of poverty. I've been pick pocketed once. The "Pony Ride" mentioned by "Andy" has been going on a long time. They got me back in 2003. Kept trying to find a place to rob us. A guard at the old fort would not let them in and gave me a serious look. I knew it was bad when they tried to take me into a jungle area and got out at McDonalds (they all have armed guards) they demanded $50 for a $5 fare, placed themselves in back of my wife getting ready to grab her. I opened my wallet and dropped the 2000P and they both bent to pick it up...we went to McDonalds and they eventually left. Of course the guard and shotgun may have been a factor. Now, most of Manila is safe as long as you don't act stupid, carry an ID, an ATM card, and no more then enough cash to meet your needs. (in different locations). I do that anywhere I travel. If you are looking for female companions, be sure you know their age. There are scams to shake down foreign men. If you can, shop with a friend who is from there. But go, have fun, enjoy some of the friendliest people in the world. Great food! Won't name my favorite Hotel...but a good one is Bayview Pacific.
#philip on Dec 14, 2015 :
Okay. So let me say something. I have been traveling the world since 1990. I am retired US Navy. I have been to many many third world countries. I have been to the Philippines many many times. I have never had a problem there. With anything at all.

For the tourists that comment on here. Those are individual events. Of course there are going to be some. How many horrific stories would there be about New York, LA, DC, Miami. Yo have to be kidding me when you guys claim this city is not safe. How many thousands of tourist visit, how many 1000s of westerner's live there. The crime rate is average to any Major metropolis anywhere in the world. Go to Britain, there doing cocain on the toilet covers. So please give it a rest. Enjoy the city, travel smart, be alert, do the right thing. I have ben robbed in the US more then anywhere else. While I am currently working overseas, my son back in the US got his wallet ripped off from a gym and his car almost got stolen right out of the drive way.
#Andy on Nov 02, 2015 :
Beware of the guys operating the pony and trap ride in Manila. Trap describes it perfectly. I naively accepted a ride for PHP20, glad to take the weight off my feet. The guy did a U-turn and picked up his "co-worker". When I grew uneasy and asked to get off (within about 5 minutes), they kept going until we were off the main street away from onlookers then demanded PHP2000 ($43), insisting that was the agreed fare. That's $43 for a five minute ride. I was threatened with the horse's whip if I didn't pay. For my safety, I had to give up all the money I had on me - PHP2600($55) - before I was allowed to disembark. It would have been more if they had not believed they had cleaned me out, which they had, except for PHP600 in another pocket. So this wasn't an inflated fare or "foreigner's price", it was actual robbery. This experience has put me off returning to Manila ever again (which is sad) but if you do go, trust only the trains and hotel transport.
#Dave on Aug 29, 2015 :
I went for a holiday in the Philippines and had a really fun time but here are a few things I would like to share.

You should visit the malls, there is so many and they are so packed with so many shops. It is really great to shop and dine there. MOA is definitely somewhere you should visit.

The people there are really formal and will refer to you as sir/madam. I have never received this type of service in my home country. It's great!

Makati City is definitely somewhere you should visit. I felt very safe there and seems safe according to Numbeo.

Palawan should also be on your schedule as well.

Okay, a few cons.

Firstly, I felt threatened in the airport. A lot of people were staring at me. Lots of people were beginning to get close to my luggage as well. Way too close... It had nothing to do with the fact I am a foreigner as I was born and raised in the Philippines, in other words, I blend in. I had to endure this for about 2 hours because of the traffic and my driver was still stuck in it.

Secondly, the traffic. Nothing else to say...

Another thing is the high presence of security guards. Usually, they appear in the entrances at malls and other public utilities. Their idea of frisking is usually a pat around the waist and sometimes they just let you pass. I'm sure a lot of people know this by now. Security definitely needs to improve if it's there to protect civilians. It may just be due to the fact that a mall has very low security risk and is generally a safe area. Or there is a lack of training given.

Another thing is the taxis, they are incredibly picky. They will not take you to certain places and just drive ahead. I found this out when I wanted to get a taxi back to the hotel from MOA.
#Jay on Aug 23, 2015 :
I'v walked all over Manila and Davao day and night as I please with my beautiful soon to be wife. We were never particular about where or when we walked around. Given I'm tall and very muscular, but still I never saw the bad things people say. Love the people and will visit again soon before she gets visa to the u.s.
#michael on Jul 26, 2015 :
you want to ask about crime in the philippines .

what about police corruption in the philippines . tourists beware . search in google bringeannahome .

The following is going viral around the internet ref the Filipino police corruption ref a Irish citizen

Irish priest Shay Cullen has published articles in the manila times and other national newspapers ref this case .
Please read the articles
father shay cullen is a irish priest out in the philippines who runs a charity called

recently in the manila times and papers abroad he ran these two articles
i am sure you will agree it makes some interesting reading .
#Anonymous on Jul 12, 2015 :
Sensible is the way to go don't carry too much cash and be aware of what's going on around you at all times
Usual for any big city
No problems if you follow the above
I live in Quezon City
#Misty on Jul 04, 2015 :
You already know Filipinos are god living people.They are poor.Don't wait for the children to steal.If you have give them something. You will see them smile.They are hungry.Don't criticize them because they are poor.
Do you want to be in their shoes.I was born in the Philippines.I know how is it to be poor.Raised and grew up in Tondo.I have lived in Europe and now a united States citizens.We majority of Filipinos are poor but we are nice and happy.In Tondo I want to go back all the time.I have sense of belongings that I feel I'm free no government intervention.I can do whatever as long as I don't hurt anybody.Dogs and cats on the everywhere on the street. Vendors selling anything in the sidewalk.Filipinos don't have time for drama. .I love tondo.I live pinas.most of the time Filipinos just want your stuff so they can sell and buy food.They don't kill .If they stole your money or your cell phone just say at least I don't have to steal so I can eat.
#Zerho on Jun 20, 2015 :
Hi, I live in Manila, been living there for 29 years now, I understand there's a lot of incidents going around, but it happens everywhere, pickpocket, drugs, poverty, its every countries problem, also, most of the news are happening are for the metro manila, not exactly Manila itself...
#Fuck Manila on Jun 14, 2015 :
Manila is a disgusting and dangerous city foreigners should not visit
#Sonny on Jun 14, 2015 :
I'm a Filipino. Stayed in country all my life with a few visits to other countries all over. Got the Raileurope a few years back for over a month visiting various countries and cities. My wallet was picked in Napoles,Italy and in Rome. It was my fault as I ventured in areas not wholesome to tourists. No harm, most of my funds were in the hotel safe together with my travel documents. Been to the US a number of times and also had my wallet taken in New York, Washington and San Francisco. Again I entered areas not suggested to me. You wouldn't think someone would grab your cellphone in Guam but someone did. Got a bum deal on some goods I purchased in Guangzhou and could not find anyone to help me. Even the police was indiffernt to my problem.

This did not happen to me in Thailand, Vietnam and Hongkong where I also went to those so called seedy places. Natually I have never been mugged in the Phillipines. Someone picked my wallet in Divisoria market (another not so welcome area in Manila) but I got that back within 3 hours after reporting to the police, without the money of course. All credit cards, IDs and government passes were intact.

All I can say is that the Philippines is as safe as any country in the world. You just need to take the necessary precautions, stay out of seedy areas and life would be a lot safer. It also helps not to look so out of place.
#Antony on Jun 09, 2015 :
Hope the mayor of Manila Philippines lights up some of the main road's and main street in various places in malate Manila specially in San andress.Dakota.Taft Avenue. and most part of Malate Manila.
#ForReal on May 31, 2015 :
MRT problems are the same even though the fare increases
#Cathy on May 27, 2015 :
A friend went to install computers for a school in the Philippines and brought his daughter on the trip. Both of them got mugged at knife point and this gang stole all their money and even his watch. The sad part is also they broke her knee with a sledge hammer because she was defending her daddy. She went to the hospital and they said they needed around $2,000 to perform the surgery. What kind of country is this that allows a person to have their money stolen and then ask for money to perform a knee surgery when it wasn't their fault. How sad!
#Frank E on May 16, 2015 :
Been in Manila many times ,, Walked down Mabini Street at 1.00am very dark in parts lots of people sleeping on the sidewalk and just hanging out..No problem.Walked out of the Manila bay Cafe and was surrounded by about seven ladyboys who started to grab me and argue about who was coming back to my hotel room..Again no real problems..Kinda funny looking back..All of Manila does not smell and have gone to ATM machines by myself..Been to the gogo bars , walked around by mysrlf..To me most of the Philippino people I met were very nice and a lot of fun to talk to..Yeah who doesn't want your money.?? Go to any Jiffy lube here in Los Angeles and see how quickly they will try to seperate you from your money..Manila is like any big city , some places you don't need to go..Here in Los Angeles you dont go wandering around Compton, South Central , Willington if your a white boy ..Maybe you would drive over to 254th and Marigold to get some crack to smoke ..???? Who knows, , You dont need to be a target,, dont wear fancy clothes, watches, gold chains or rings, Be humble, Please don't be the ugly American.Have fun and respect the locals..
#Anonymous on Apr 30, 2015 :
My wife and I have a condo in Pasig. Although my wife - who is a Filipina - is quite nervous in Manila, we have never had any problems there. I have been there about 6 times, usually for about a month at a time. The majority of the people are friendly and treat white people with great respect and deference. As for being dirty, some parts are - but have you been to Rome recently? I don't think that Manila is any smellier than most tropical big cities. Obviously, it's not as well developed as many, but there are so many beautiful places in the countryside, that it's worth going to the Philippines just for that. I must admit however, that I have rarely travelled unescorted by Filipino family or friends. Seriously love the place and want to retire there.
#arif on Apr 28, 2015 :
Seeing some of the dissing comments about the Philippines makes me wish a meteor hit the earth.

I am a globe trotter as I am involved in the footwear trade.

I dunno chaps- even locales in Philippines like Tondo, Melate etc is a LOT safer than locales in USA such as Steelton PA or Compton in LA where u could get capped for a pair of Air Jordans.

Not to mention running into gropers-r-us aks TSA when u check into an airport like LAX.

Philippines is gold compared to some of the so called first world where u r more likely to be killed by Al Coppa more than Al Qaeda.

I felt a LOT more unease in a US metropolitan area than I did in the Philippines. And as an added bonus there is no race or religious fueled violence like Islamaphpbia inspired violence there.

Philippines is awesome and the ppl there are some of the friendliest I met my whole entire life.
#Anonymous on Apr 17, 2015 :
Being forced, guilt tripped, etc. to go to the Philippines in August for a wedding. My old man told me stories about the Philippines so it baffles my mind when it is apparently his "dying wish" (he's not fucking dying) that we go there to see where he grew up (which is actually Manila). Reading a lot of these comments have only reinforced my belief that something bad will happen to me, especially since I am a foreigner from America. Yep, if I don't die on the Korean airline, something will happen in the Philippines.
#steve on Apr 11, 2015 :
Filipinos can be divided into two people: the men and the women. The women are warm, friendly, and trustworthy. The men are arrogant, unfriendly, and inhospitable. They have this ill conceived pride in their shitty country. They keep saying yessir, thank you sir, sir, sir, sir all the time - drives you crazy. Most annoying is the way they pronounce the sir with pursed lips. Everywhere you are these shady characters looking to con you. And the smell - oh my god the smell. All of manila smells like raw sewage. There's no escaping this. And walking along the bay the smell was so overpowering I had to gag to keep from puking.
#zendiac on Mar 17, 2015 :
Thegreatdane is obviously an ignorant fuckwit-probably american. Do you really believe that people have much choice of poverty/riches, easy for you to say this about one of the poorest countries on earth. As for tourist money, of course they want your money, what country does not want a tourist dollar. you are a fucking idiot, stay away from Phillipines-Go to africa and catch something
#Jody on Mar 07, 2015 :
#Bob who spoke of child sex trade... You should be very careful in making assumptions about the ages of the females you observed. You are not from any of the Asian countries and have no foundation on which to base your assumption. My 38-yr-old fiancee looks like she's barely 20, and that is NOT uncommon at all.
#kiora on Jan 30, 2015 :
Always intended to go to manila but till now have not.After reading all the comment l might change my mine. BANGKOK,kuala lumpur,jakarta all aresafe even at nite.....
#Bob on Jan 28, 2015 :
In response to Mark's comment questioning those of us who indicated that the Philippines is unsafe, I would like to say that his comment is sheer and utter nonsense. The fact is that many parts of the Philippines are unsafe - and no, people aren't "looking for it". The fact is that Manila is unsafe. My daughter in law, who was born and raised in a village 60 miles north of Manila and has worked there also indicates that it is unsafe. Her father and mother also said it is unsafe and that under no circumstances should my spouse and I ever walk about the city alone. And no, we aren't "flaunting" wealth. We would not wear watches, expensive clothes, etc. However, we are not Philippinos; and that was enough, in our relatives' opinions, to make it unsafe.
#Mark on Jan 16, 2015 :
I get a kick out of the majority of the posters saying that Manila and the surround areas are dangerous. You should all be frank about why you went to the Philippines and then perhaps your statements would have less bearing. I've freely walked / talked, traveled, the Philippines and various places throughout most cities in the PI.

For those referring to seeing sex trade, then more than likely you're looking to see that type of stuff. For those worrying about being assaulted day or night, then more than likely you're in an area looking for something that put you at those risks.

There are thousands of places in the US, Europe that I wouldn't go day or night, and the same goes for the Philippines as any other major metropolis would be like.

Manila and it's surrounding cities has expanded to what most westerners couldn't afford and perhaps that is why there is little talk about those places, but in all, you get what you place yourself into. Do your studying before arriving to Manila as you should before going to any country or city in the PI or elsewhere.

Visit Global city, Makati, Quezon city, Rockwell area and you'll feel either right at home, or out of place because you can't afford to be there.

The old town is has made leaps and bounds but still has petty crime as most big cities have around the globe.

Rule of thumb is don't flaunt it and you'll more than likely be able to keep it. :)
#H. Rowe on Jan 04, 2015 :
I agree that Makati is a relatively safe place to be both day & night, but don't do obvious things out in the open ,like outside ATM or pull out a wad of money in Jolibee/McDos etc.
Just take enough money with you to pay fares & food then if robbed you don't loose much.
Beware the nice looking girls who will freely give you their mobile number then on their third text to you may say that their mother is in hospital & can you help them with the costs, haha so many times this has happened to foreigners. I was robbed of 3 credit cards & 200 pesos in my wallet on the LRT from Guadaloupe to Boni so put your wallet in your socks or an inside zipped pocket. Any trouble with taxi-drivers just scream at them to stop & when you exit the taxi leave te back door open & may teach them a lesson, happened twice in two year period. Beware the rental deposit (2 Mths) as you may not get any back as they make you wait 2 mths & then you are back home & can do nothing. Otherwise Filipinas are nice people & beautiful in their teens & twenties, I know I marred one 3 yrs ago & yet to meet her family in the Provinces.
#Bob on Dec 18, 2014 :
My spouse and I came to Manila this past October as our son was marrying a Philippine lady from the province of Pampanga. We stayed one night at a five star hotel near the airport before we were picked up by the family. We wanted to walk to a mall, which was about 6 minutes from the hotel. We were advised by hotel staff that for our personal safety we should be driven there and back by a hotel shuttle. We took a private tour of Manila the next morning and were shocked at the level of poverty and homelessness in a number of places. We also observed child sex tourism activities carried out very openly at the five star hotel - fourteen-ish looking girls with white, oriental and black men in their fifties and sixties. Our daughter-in-law, who works in Manila said that it was generally an unsafe city and that if she did not have to work in Manila, she would not do so. She also said that my spouse and I would not be safe walking around Manila, except in several smaller upscale areas. Her father, who is an auxiliary police man, escorted my spouse and I to bank machines so as to make sure we were not robbed. We spent three days at Boracay at a great resort on the beach and it was terrific; and as much as the population surrounding the resort is poor, we did not feel unsafe at any location. We also spend time in the Province of Pampanga and in the larger, more commercial areas, like malls, we were safe. However, in the more remote rural areas people stared at us - and not always in a welcoming way. We have been to more than 35 different countries, including Columbia, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Mexico and Thailand - and in my opinion, we felt unsafe in the Philippines more than any of these other countries.
#timjoc on Dec 16, 2014 :
I'm 20 and my boyfriend 17.(both boys) We're going to phillipines within two months. Is it a good or bad idéa to visit Manila? We want to look around and go party. The plan is to stay like 3 days, and then go to Boracay. But as far as I know the change to get robbed seems to be more likely than not be.... I've read many stories of people who had to bribe the cops for doing nothing.

(for example someone random outside the disco/club/gogo begin to talk to you, seems nice, and then tell you to follow to a better party.... You walk like one minute, and then they are: cops who say you've sold drugs or had sex with a minor or anything like that...) And that my friends, is the most fear I have to going to Manila...

So if that or something near that would happen, what should I do? Bribe them with $100? Or it there something smart I could say? Like a name, a thing I will do if they don't let me go, or anything?

And which parts of the city is most safe, and which should I not visit at night?

## norwen on Dec 04, 2014 :
i everyone. I'm a cop from the Philippines . I can say that all through out my stay in the Philippines; most of the people here are nice, and they're not looking for your money. They ain't going to take your money unless criminals. I think everywhere in worlds has criminal so don't generalized Filipinos.
Truthfully, many of the Filipinos are God fearing person, maybe it just happened that one of you were scammed in the Phil. but not all of the people here are thieves.
Though i accept the fact that the crime is continuously increasing, the government and the Police are still with its continuing effort to give the citizen and tourist a safer place to enjoy.
Wish you come to Phil it is still a better place.. :)
#jpete on Nov 27, 2014 :
To all these people who are generalizing the Filipinos, you seriously need to check your hateful and ignorant attitudes. This is absolutely ridiculous. User TheGreatDane tells all Filipinos to "wake the fuck up" and have some self respect. Well to that pitiful ignoramus, you need to learn some self respect yourself as you are obviously depraving yourself. Having spent years and years in the Philippines, I can say that these are some of the most good natured and caring people on the planet. Yes, there are many people who commit awful crimes but to categorize all Filipinos in this way is completely ridiculous. And quite offensive. People here have the audacity to say that they hate everything about the Philippines. How can anyone say that? Have they visited the entire place? Have they seen it's beauty? There are thousands of islands, have they been to them? Have they even talked to anybody at all? Because it truly sounds like they haven't done anything, period.
#Western Sage on Nov 12, 2014 :
Remarkable how few of those who know the perils of the place hang on in there for months and years.