Crime in Bucharest, Romania

Crime rates in Bucharest, Romania

Level of crime
23.03 Low
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
35.63 Low
Worries home broken and things stolen
23.22 Low
Worries being mugged or robbed
25.12 Low
Worries car stolen
17.94 Very Low
Worries things from car stolen
34.36 Low
Worries attacked
21.97 Low
Worries being insulted
34.53 Low
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
14.47 Very Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
27.25 Low
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
34.31 Low
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
15.35 Very Low
Problem corruption and bribery
77.78 High

Safety in Bucharest, Romania

Safety walking alone during daylight
88.26 Very High
Safety walking alone during night
66.94 High

Contributors: 709

Last update: June 2021

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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18 Comments so far
Andrei on Dec 18, 2020:
In Bucharest there are a lot of racist people... they don't speak with you if you are black or muslim
Damian Galvin on Jul 11, 2020:
What a load of old garbage below. These people are delusional. Sincerely. The stats speak for themself. Bucharest, and Romania in general, is by a very long way, the safest and least violent place in Europe and beyond (I can't speak about domestic violence).

1/ check the official stats.
2/ check the 10+ Facebook groups for foreigners and ask, have you ever personally seen a single fight with your own eyes, or someone being attacked. The answer will always be the same. Forget hearsay. 'my cousins friends neighbours boss' blah blah. Go by 1st hand accounts. As a social person, I've spent most of my 13 full time years and previous 4 part time years out and about somewhere or other, till the early hours of the morning. I've stayed in Rahova. I've walked through the city at 3,4,and 5am many times. Since 2003 I have seen a total of zero fights. I've travelled 62 countries, east and west and I've been in fights myself in the UK, US & HK Romania has plenty to moan about, but violent crime or safety is not one of them. Yes, the police don't care about thefts because capture is almost certainly impossible. But equally, it's rare, and we don't have the same over-presence we have in the UK. How many country's parks do you see single 18yo females jogging around alone at midnight? I can wait.
Alan (traveling the world since my earliest years) on Apr 07, 2019:
Carpatia and Strain speak the truth

Visited Bucharest twice: once in 88, before the fall of Caecescu and once in 2018. The state of Romania in the Eastern block was disastrous: Little food, sad people, corrupt police who were extremely rude to me and my wife. They’d stand in line for hours to get a box of food.
Since then, Romania has changed but very superficially. The police changed uniforms but are still as rude and despicable as before (yelled at us for our documents and were uninterested when our luggage was robbed while we were looking for a taxi). Trash everywhere. The people who were so dreary now blare loud music out of their cars and catcall constantly. Having talked to Romanian friends back home, they mentioned how glad they are that they left their country. If you want to visit or live in Bucharest wait for the country to develop out of a post-communist crimehole to a decent, modern country.
Anonymous on Jan 05, 2019:
To stupid, ugly Carpatia: Men are not your personal disposable "bodyguards" you stupid "princess", get off your high horse, wipe the shit from your ass and the vomit from your blouse and learn some basic english. Carpatia: Oh, i'll use my husband on Monday and my boyfriend on Tuesday and my son on Wednesday and on Thursday i' ll take all of them in bed." Any man stupid enough to risk his life for you would be a delusional schizophrenic!
Carpatia on Nov 29, 2018:
I used just one single time a public transportation(Subway) during 23years of living in Bucharest. Public transportations are usually very crowded, dirty and outdated. Taxis are cheap, but everytime when they have chance try to cheat you, and more than half of taxi drivers have criminal like behaviour. Uber is best of best. 90% of Uber drivers are nice, very safe and have clean cars. If you don't have Uber option, avoid taxi, and take public transportation with some grade of caution. For woman, it is not safe at night. Go out always with your bodyguards(Husband, Boyfriend or Son) when you go out at night time. Some cities are safe even for women at night as described other foreigners.
Strain on Nov 29, 2018:
Romanian Mass-media very often showing foreigners interviews mainly appreciating Romania and Romanians. Such orchestrated interview misleads Romanians by themselves that they are very kind, smart and heartful. That is partially true. Exist racism in Romania. Most of them hate Gipsy people because most of them are either engaged on organized crimes or organized beggar system. Quite large population hates Chinese, because they are many and most of them are engaged in small business, and implicated in tax evasion issues, and also their Gipsylike behaviours causes problems. Northern part of Bucharest is rich and much civilized. Most of foreigners feel safe in such area. As a foreigner, I am living in outskirt of Bucharest. Except on few really kind people most of inhabitants are invidious and worthless to comment. Often a group of young jobless people shouting in front of my house yelling "get out of Romania, go to your country, don't steal our jobs etc." Quite interesting, I am working in highly qualified position, and not paid in Romania. Neighbours are throwing all kind of embarassing rubishes in front of my gate. Even dead cat, dogs and hens. I never had arguments with neighbours, and everytime when I was asked to help, I helped them. Couple of neighbours found jobs arranged by me, few people asked to borrow money, and I never asked back. I offered free water supply and electricity for new comming neighbours etc. I have really good relationship with neighbours who I helped while I never asked help without compensation. It is true if you go to province like Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and other smaller cities, people is really kind and heartful. But you cannot expect such thing in Bucharest and its surrounding area. Bucharest is not suitable, also, for Women. If an young woman or girl(high-teen) walks alone, drivers are horning, catcall, insult, harrsses. My girls and wife experience almost everyday, and it became a part of normal life in Bucharest. Walking alone in Bucharest, as a man, is not problem regardless day or night. But as a woman, it could be quite unpleasant.
Overall, Bucharest is not so safe as most of Romanians are believe by themselves, but not so catastrophic as described some of foreign buddies here. Other part of Romania, especially western cities like Cluj, Timisoara, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Brasov etc. are really pleasant to live. People is nice and cities are much safer than Bucharest. As a foreigner, if you want to stay perfectly safe in Bucharest, take a home in Sector 1 area(north), and don't go further than Unirii area to south, not further than Marriott hotel to West, not further than Piata Muncii to East.
carpatia on Nov 29, 2018:
Living in Romania-Bucharest for 23 years. It is quite common to experience verbal aggression in Bucharest. I have experienced one single physical violence from a Taxi driver(who was not Gipsy) during an argument who was extremely aggressive, but without injury. Generally, verbal aggression is common even to foreigners but rare in physical violence though I saw couple of times street fighting among Romanians but during 23 years of staying. Pick-pocketing is quite common, but personally one single time have experienced. Generally, it is much safer than Uk, Bulgaria or Greece(Athens) where I felt real threatens.
B888Shrimp on Nov 05, 2018:
For those who think Bucharest is bad: please don't come here, we don't need you!

Stay in other "cultural enriched countries" where you can get cut with a machete in daylight, or even burn with acid (see London).

Go visit Paris, where a tourist from Japan had a shock at landing there, thinking she's in Africa(search for the video on youtube for your own entertainment)

Really, please don't come here, its bad in East Europe, plus we have gypsies which are the worst people in the world, even more dangerous than those who you are welcoming right now from the desert, you know, the ones who deliver you the religion of peace in form of kamikaze trucks:)

It's so bad that I can walk in every park almost every night at any hour (I'm a freelancer, I work late because of the timezone and need to get out too) and I can still get home, plus we have non-stops ( hallo ze Germany where almost all shops are closed at 8PM ffs!!)

The internet is so fast here, you can have a G shock, really not safe for your health... especially if you are an old dude that came here for some pleasure, you can get a heart attack before you go out with that sexy girl you came here for (you know, the one you've meet online and suddenly you want to move here forever because "Romania e forte frumos" :))

Please stay home, is not safe at all!
Alex on Oct 28, 2018:
I have been living in this city since my birth in 1993. A very safe place in wich i cannot recall any incident. I walked around at every hour and never had any problems. No one really cares what you do here, as long as you mind your own business. Plus we are very friendly towards tourists. Also a great place to start a new life, different from the west and a very quiet city. Traffic can be a pain in the ass but that's the only problem.
Cristina on Mar 05, 2018:
Hello. For all of you out there trashing Bucharest and Romania. First of ALL, Bucharest does not represent the entire Romania, it is the capital and the largest city (4 mil people aprox) in Romania in a 238.397km² splendid country that has the sea side (3 hrs drive from Bucharest), the mountains (3 hrs drive from Bucharest), the Danube delta (4-5 hrs drive from Bucharest) and 220 sunny days per year to enjoy.

Second of all, if you have bad karma :)) you will suffer everywhere you go, no matter the safety component.

I live here since I was born 40 years ago. Ofcourse Bucharest is not perfect but tell me one perfect city!!
Here are some strong and as well as week points on Bucharest:

Strong points:
World's fastest Internet- ranked 3rd place in the world
Great social life – pubs, restaurants, good food, cheap beer, good shopping
Good culture life – lots to do and enjoy
No terrorist incidents
Overall crime rates are low
Banking services all over
Pharmacy every 500 m
Beautiful parcs with great playgrounds for kids
Private medical clinics
Good and really really affordable private dental clinics

Week points:
Bad traffic
Polution (but so is in Paris)
Pick pocketing
Bad taxy service (they will overcharge you and drivers are usualy impolite, better use Uber or Black cab)
Street beggers
Overall public hospital services bad organized

Get yourself informed, this is one of the safest cities in Europe and thats a fact... plus it’s fun and affordable.
mike on Dec 22, 2017:
I have been living in Bucharest for 20 years. I have been traveling around the world in over 25 countries on all continents and maybe 30-40 big cities. To say that Bucharest is somehow dangerous means you are very poor informed or didn't travel too much in your life and don't have many references to relay to. is as safe as can be a big city and there are only a few neighborhoods where you shouldn't travel alone at night time...that is it. In 20 years of living here I never had a problem walking alone at night day time there is nothing to fear....but don't get me wrong, is not perfect, but compared to other big cities in the world I don't think I visited one that felt more secure than this one. it's not beautiful, but very safe for a visitor, especially if you take a Uber, Taxify, Blackcab anywhere you want to go.about taxi, yes, can be a problem of overpricing you if they see you are a foreigner, but this can be solved if you are wll informed and talk about the price from the beginning.
mihaitzateo on Dec 08, 2017:
I am living in Bucharest for over 35 years.
A very safe city,especially in the last years. Police is patrolling on the streets and we also have the Gendarmery and the Fireworkers. If you have troubles, fast call at 112 and you will get help in minutes.
Yes,the city has a lot of pollution, is noisy,maybe is not the cleanest but is one of the safest capitals in European Union..
Bianca on Nov 17, 2017:
So I think you all come from western countries or so, because you have no idea how Romania has changed in the last 28 years. Imagine we were communists, we were not allowed to go outside the country, we had nothing on tv but "Praise the communists" kind of stuff, we had no milk, bread, tampons, gum, and other things that you can buy now from each street corner. After the revolution everyone was able to do anything, and we stopped looking at who ruled the country, out attention being drawn at the things we started to have.

We know that we are ruled by corrupted idiots but do you know how they are elected? Romania is a pretty poor country of old aged people who vote for the ones who promise slightly bigger minimum wages and bigger pensions but are not able to finish a highway. All our young ones leave because they think that things cannot change, but they do because I can see it. I can see improvement.

But all of you living in Bucharest for only 3 years will only see the horrible metro stations, while I see that I can live my life without being in constant fear of someone pulling a gun at me. I have been harassed that's true but this has happened to me in London too, which cannot be compared to Bucharest.

I love my country (but I don't love Bucharest), and you have to see the beauty in it and the virgin areas like the mountains, visit Sibiu, Sighisoara or Cluj-Napoca, meet with the locals, but don't say such mean things about this country without knowing its underlying motives.
Jared32 on Nov 15, 2017:
Wanted for a long time to find a place where I could say at least 10% of what I feel after living in Bucharest for nearly 3 years. Seeing comments like these makes me understand I am not really that crazy or a glib.

It is an absurdly shit amd disgusting place to live or even visit. Exactly as other people have said it is astonishing how the Romanians here defend it!!!

First of all I am sorry but I gotta get this off my chest, 95% of Romanians are pussies. They basically have sso many things in this country to exploit and be proud of and they still are dirt poor. Yes! Fucking dirt poor!!! They are phenomenally easy to manipulate and subdue.

Bucharest is very dirty, very very crowded, and truly dangerous. Gipsy gangs made outta kids wreak havok, not to mention the beggars, junkies and adults who steal, rob, cheat and do anything else that is bad. Romania's reaction to this is 0!

#A disgusting gypsy hive on Jul 23, 2017 - this is the comment closest to any of my experience. I have seen people shit alongside their kids or partners in front of a lokomotive in broad daylight. I've had my grocery bag cut in front of me and they stole food. When I kicked them in the mouth, they called the police and gave me the ticket.

Believe me! Do not trust anyone trying to sell you this city as anything else but as a huge giant gutter.

Dear Romanians! I have met wonderful people while living there. Out of my love for those people please take my following words as they are:
Grow a spine and a pair!
You are all extremely weak, man up!
Educate yourself and star working, you poor poor bastard!

You have been warned...
AnonymousStudent on Nov 09, 2017:
To all these people saying that Bucharest is one of the safest and niciest cities in Europe (minus the overly proud and arrogant romanians who are spreading propaganda). What the hell are you smoking people?
I've been living in this city for 5 years now and I can't wait to get my degree and get out of this place!
Where should I begin? From the taxis that try to rip you off the moment they guess you are a foreigner or to the average person in public transport that gives you a rude stare the moment they hear you speaking any other language than romanian. And God forbid if you are a decent looking girl walking alone in this city! My girlfriend gets constantly catcalled, harassed and rudely stared at by any perverted and desperate joke that's out there and she never dresses in a provocative way! And it's not just her, every girl I know has at least a story or two to say! Not to mention that we were almost assaulted by a gang of drunken hooligans in broad daylight (13:30 PM) at the entrance of the stefan cel mare metro station! I've never felt more unsafe about my physical well being before in my life! It's no wonder why they sell you pepper sprays in shops in gara de nord without question...
On top of that the traffic is horrendous! Drivers here are absolutely crazy and do not respect the traffic rules and pedestrians at all. The city is also very noisy, the municipality doesn't repect the well being of their own residents, because they will shut off any time they please the water supply and allow excavators and other machines to commence public works all the time up to 3:00 am (say goodbye to a good night's sleep before a long day at work) and will also allow festivals and other events at the heart of the city's residential areas to take place in the weekends, further distrurbing the much needed time for the rest and relaxation of it's hard working residents!
And what's bothering me even more is that the people here have either gotten used to this absurd and inhumane reality saying that ''ce sa facem asa este aici...''.
Nick Balj on Oct 24, 2017:
International Romanian here, I've lived in various places as per what my job required.

Bucharest is much safer and less racist than all these other places I've lived in:

Ella on Sep 03, 2017:
You feel much safer in Bucharest compared to London and many of the other great capitals of Europe.
Anonymous on Aug 18, 2017:
The comment below is a pile of shit.
I, an American, and over 20 of my friends and aquintances have visited Bucharesf many times in the last 5 years for business and pleasure, have used public transportation, taxis, nowadays uber is best and cheaper than the already cheap taxis. It's a lot of fun to be had, great food and a myriad of great places to visit. Yes it has a long way to go, a lot is being renovated. A lot has been renovated and a lot needs it, but it's great, and no earthquake will hit it soon to say the least.
Also a lot of great people. You have your bad apples everywhere, new york city is no different and everyone flocks here cause it's still great despite its share of shit. Nowhere is perfect, but Bucharest is great none the less