Crime in Barcelona, Spain

Crime rates in Barcelona, Spain

Level of crime
50.23 Moderate
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
73.24 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
43.60 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed
52.83 Moderate
Worries car stolen
30.36 Low
Worries things from car stolen
46.23 Moderate
Worries attacked
40.38 Moderate
Worries being insulted
37.86 Low
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
26.08 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
55.82 Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
58.56 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
39.77 Low
Problem corruption and bribery
53.93 Moderate

Safety in Barcelona, Spain

Safety walking alone during daylight
73.89 High
Safety walking alone during night
49.53 Moderate

Contributors: 433

Last update: June 2021

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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53 Comments so far
N on Jun 18, 2021:
Hey so I went for a week to barcelona two weeks ago and it was pretty nice I didnt really feel uncomfortable because I mainly go on busy streets and had always my hands on my bag or pockets. I would say it is worse like paris there were many sketchy people that you should avoid and you should better be in a group instead walking alone. Some shocking thing I saw is, where a young man from north … you know, is empting a woman bag on the street and looking for valuables. Few days after I got robbed at Hospitalet d Llobregat, a poor neighborhood that you should avoid as tourist … thankfully they didnt took my valuables away because I hid it very well. So barcelona was amazing but when you wanna go be prepared for the worse. Scream if something happens. Police dont do sh¡t.
Anonymous on Jun 16, 2021:
It's safe to say that Barcelona has seen better days.

Being pickpocketed is quite common, specially in touristic areas. Being robbed or assaulted during the day, even in front of hotels and/or restaurants, happens more often than not (so don't wear expensive watches or jewelry while visiting).

It's sad to say, but during my recent visit, I felt that they are not too welcoming of foreigners or tourists as much as they used to.

Beautiful city, but be very careful while visiting.
Tom on Jan 19, 2021:
I live in Barcelona for over 4 years now and haven´t had one incident happen to me, day or night...
Be alert like any other big cities
Aart Geldof on Aug 12, 2020:
Extremely safe city.
Have a look at the comments, no English native speakers at all, mainly Madrid people writing against Barcelona due to gelousy since Barcelone is safer and more appealling fir foreigners, ranking among the 10 most visited cities in the World (Madrid does not)...and is not even the capital !
Madrid has the highest rates of violent crime in Spain by far, no wonder the expat Western community is largest in Barcelone by far than in a rough city like Madrid.
Anonymous on May 29, 2020:
attacks agains elderly people and women by moroccan youngsters... The government does not do anything and they victimize the collective. The people who complain are called racists. It's a popular word to use nowadays...
The society gives them rights but nor responsibilities. They give them money and assistance while they have a multiple crime history behind. It's like free pass for everything, since they are ''vulnerable colectives''. How about the elderly and women? We are being eaten by this rats.

Local people trying to work and be good citizens, but they cannot even afford rent nowadays. And the government encouraging the importation of problematic people that have little future in our society because their mindset is so rotten.

Nothing makes sense anymore...

Criminals are not being punished enough, and locals get fines by breaking some stupid rules such as laying on the sand or opening a bar terrace during covid.
Person from Barcelona on May 26, 2020:
The monkeys are destroying everything, thx Mayor of BCN and filthy politicians
Anonymous on Jan 26, 2020:
@betterworld attacks against LGBT have increased yes, but I also have heard that now people report them more often than in the past, so that's probably the reason. Attacks like that happen anywhere in this world and I would say Barcelona is still better for LGBT people than dutch cities, uk cities, swede cities, belgian cities and french cities because the muslim population is even higher there.

Stop blaming Barcelona for this because Madrid sometimes known as "the gay capital of europe" is not better at all either, right-wing homophobic political parties such as "PP" and "Vox" are more present there and yes, once I saw on an article that there were 345 attacks against LGBT in Madrid on 2018 but in Barcelona there were around 50 on 2019. Attacks against LGBT have increased in Madrid as well, not only in Barcelona.

- Attacks against LGBT in Madrid: (in Spanish)
- Attacks against LGBT in Barcelona: (in Catalan)
- Muslim population by city in Europe:
Anonymous on Jan 17, 2020:
This city is definitely going down the sink. Safety is a major concern nowadays. Sad, very sad to see the centre of the city has become a really dangerous area during night time, and a paradise for pickpocketing during daylight.
betterworld on Jan 15, 2020:
This city is infested with migrant youngsters from magreb (algeria and marocco) that rape, rob women, people with disabilities, gay and elderly. Some of them do not care to take a life for a wallet. They really do not want to integrate themselves, they do not bother to behave. Attacks against LGBT community has increased a 137% and it is because of this collective. In their homelands they just lapidate the "unhonourable" people.They do not learn anything from the country that gives them a chance at having a better life. They just make other people's lifes more difficult. I cannot believe how our politicians allow this to happen.
Adrian on Jan 11, 2020:
I've been in Barcelona many times and nothing bad has ever happened to me. You just have to be very careful around "El Raval" and "Ciutat Vella" in general, especially at night as it's the most dangerous neighbourhood but others like "L'Eixample", "Sants-Montjuic", "Gràcia" and especially "Horta-Guinardó", "Nou Barris", "Les corts" and "Sarrià-Sant Gervasi" are the safest ones.

I honestly, wouldn't suggest anyone to live in "Ciutat Vella".
The saint on Jan 01, 2020:
I have stayed in Barcelona twice recently the first time when the children were rioting in the town , 6 people got robbed and the second time 3 people and one violently , unfortunately it’s the Africans and North Africans doing it all .. still if u are careful you can enjoy the great city
Anonymous on Nov 05, 2019:
I was in Barcelona with my teenage daughter for 7 days and 7 nights. I was aware of the petty theft before coming and had heard many stories regarding pick pocketing and theft of watches and jewellery in particular in las Ramblas. I had no intention of going to an area that had such a high rate of theft regardless of how vigilant i was as i would not be able to relax at all in such an environment. I took precautions with my belongings and was vigilant during my time in Spain especially in madrid and Barcelona. I did not "dress to impress", both my daughter and i wore baggy clothes with deep pockets, my daughter wore an old baggy jacket over her clothes to cover her pockets even though it was hot. When i needed to carry my passport i carried within my bra under my arm pit so it was not noticeable. I kept things close to my skin on the metro and in crowded areas. I put my phone and euro within deep front pockets that i kept my hands close to. All other items i carried in a bag on the front of me. Regardless of my awareness and vigilance i was robbed. I placed my bag between my legs while sitting down in a shop. It was a shoe shop with low stools and there were 3 shop assistants present. I took my hand off my bag to turn to my daughter for 3 - 5 seconds. When i turned back the bag was gone. Nobody saw it happen!!! Regardless of my vigilance i did not feel it happen. These people are good at what they do and work in groups. I would say we were followed and watched for that moment when vigilance is not there.
Barcelona is a beautiful city yet my impressions of areas within Barcelona are that of a weird Dystopia were crime rules and is openly allowed to be carried out. The police station i had to report my robbery at was on Las Ramblas. From walking there the groups that are carrying out the robberies are openly obvious. The police are not helpful and say "this is Barcelona, it is an international city". Nobody wants to say it for fear of seeming racist or stereotyping groups of immigrants. When at the police station many people were doing reports. The thefts of belongings from safes within hotel rooms was the most common. This is not a matter of being vigilant of your belongings. This is a matter of avoiding certain areas of Barcelona all together including staying in them. The level of vigilance that is required for these areas is unsustainable and affects enjoyment. I tried not to "behave" like a classic tourist and draw attention to myself yet i was robbed while momentarily sitting in a shop. My impressions were that gangs work together and you are watched along a long line of people. From the information i gathered in the police station and the amount of people doing reports i would say your belongings are unsafe when staying in hotels in the Las Ramblas area and i would avoid this area all together.
Liliya on Sep 29, 2019:
I live in Barcelona for 5 years and I took a decision to move soon from here.
The situation is insane:crime is increasing, no measures are taken, everywhere in the centre you go you see some faces of these people that come not to work but to be a parasite. These people sometimes are defended by local Catalonia s, and you cannot call the names as then you gonna be blamed as a racist and nationalist even if everyone knows which kind of population is spreading the crime.
The crime is actually kinda accepted in Barcelona - stealing with no violence is not a crime, break in into someone else's flat and live there for free is a socially accepted norm. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about as thhe past week in my district policy was trying to get those illegal people occupying someone else's flats but the locals came out to protest to throw stones at police while insulting police officers for doing their job. Few policemen got injured by those protectors of ocupas (this way they call people that break in into someone else's flats).
If you try to hit some criminal that is trying to steal from you or someone else, locals most likely would scream at you for being a violent nationalist.
I believe this kind of locals deserve all the things happening now. All decent locals have already moved away.
For me there is no sense to continue living here - I'm moving to another region of Spain.
Mattias on Sep 08, 2019:
Just got violenlty robbed by 3 young north african men last week. Police said no need to file a report, but I should go to the hospital to have my wounds looked after. Sadly enough, there is very little police can do due to very low (if any) penalties for this type of crime in Catalunya.
Sergio on Sep 07, 2019:
My friend was just robbed by 3 men while getting into a cab. He stayed out a little longer than us and Had his phone out trying to look up our address. While one was grabbing his watch the others took what they could from his pockets stealing his phone a credit card and some cash. Be careful and stay with your group.
Tom Tildesley on Sep 06, 2019:
Watch out for the muslims in barcelona, its pretty much little syria here
Anonymous on Sep 01, 2019:
This city is out of control. If you decide to visit be careful (whether it's daytime or nighttime) with any Moroccan youngster you see from afar, because they are violent criminals anD they will not doubt stabbing you in the leg or beating you up just to steal your phone. Don't wear golden chains or valuable watches either. Moroccans are destroying our society.
Rob on Aug 24, 2019:
Very nice city.
Extremely safe, 3 week stay trouble-free.
We will be back soon, hopefully next year.
vilnius on Aug 22, 2019:
Hello, I was born in Barcelona, ​​and I have been living in this city for 53 years. If someone who thinks of traveling reads this may be of interest.
Barcelona is not an insecure city at the level of Ciudad Juarez, of course, but my recommendation is that they try to go unnoticed and do not look like tourists, not to be clueless and act as a local would do, to have a lot of attention throughout the downtown area and in some parks, especially in places where not many people circulate and at night from 10 pm, especially when returning and better if they have not had many drinks, because this is something that criminals observe. Watch your bags, and do not carry the phones in your hand and at all times maintain common sense because the truth is that you, foreigners are an easier target. There are many young Moroccan criminals who tend to be violent, and their victims are usually foreigners in the first place that if they notice that they are being watched, move away from the place or directly call 112 police without thinking about it. For the rest if they always watch and take these precautions, nothing has to happen to them, sometimes it is better not to be fearful because this makes them more violent. Good Luck and welcome
Rub on Aug 16, 2019:
Many people in Barcelona are happy to ignore the security problem.
Even the new head of the security is threatening the patrols that are helping the people getting robbed in the metro. Now we have one stab or more / day. Good job Catalunya! Focus more on the safety of your people than on your fake Catalan republic.
Goodbye Cataluña and good luck.
Fidi on Aug 15, 2019:
We just moved to Barcelona from Germany. We rented a temporary apartment for few month in El Born till we find a long term home. I have to say that i was visiting Barcelona very often previous years. I was never robbed. But this time i am experiencing Barcelona from the different and dark side. We parked our car in Free Parking area in Plaja de Bogatell overnight and next day our car window was smashed with some metal and broken into. There were another cars which were broken into as well. We didnt have any valuables inside thanks God, just 10€ sunglasses which were taken of course. They made a mess inside the car and we had to pay the repair 600€!!! The streets dont seem to be safer anymore like i visited in 2014,2015,2016.. in all corners are some shady guys standing and scanning the tourists. I am not beeing paranoid, but you feel always eyes on you. In the metro you always have to carry your bag in front of you. Never have your phone in your hands.. dont wear expensive juwelery or watches.
Merc on Aug 14, 2019:
I have lived in Barcelona for 8 years and right now any statistics from previous years don't count at all. There's a lot of robbers based in the city at the moment due to the lack of control of illegally occupied homes. I guess I cannot make any comment on the specific segment of the population who is causing all this, but if you go there just remember, the face is the mirror of the soul.
Dave on Aug 01, 2019:
Barcelona is not definitely a safe city, so be careful and always watchout at your stuff.
Since a year I am living close to the Rambla and I heard several people been stolen.
The areas of Raval, Born and Gotic are the most critical for robbery during night time.
Quite often they steal the bag to women if they are walking in the early morning alone. More than one time the screams of the unfortunate woke me up in the night.
Also Barceloneta is full of thieves, ready to steal your bag when you are on the beach or your watch/wallet when you are walking around the district. The metro requires attention too, especially in the moment that you take out the wallet to buy your ticket.
Matt on Jul 22, 2019:
Barcelona is getting worse and worse.
More pickpockets, violent robberies and also increase in rapes.
At night you have to avoid Raval, Gotico and El Born.
Such a shame for this beautiful city but no one is managing to get the laws changed.
Daryl on Jun 10, 2019:
People seem to think its ok.
To walk around Barcelona late at night with their noses stuck in their phones are just thick.
Edd James on Apr 29, 2019:
What a lovely cit; had read the below before going and therefore took precautions but I felt very safe with my young family and will definitely be going back.
Ciber on Mar 14, 2019:
Initially, this in March 2019, we were scared enough to read about any dangers to visit Barcelona ... but we couldn't go back. Therefore, with the attention of the case, we read the various safety suggestions indicated by the expert travelers and by the local consulates, becoming aware that in a large city, with more than 1,500,000 inhabitants, care must be taken in all situations. These indications were very useful in not underestimating anything. Returning to the trip, in Barcelona we were amazed at how the feeling of security was better than any other big city: police present, checks and security on the subways and in tourist places, possibly even with the AllertCops app of the police and civil guard to stay tracked. In conclusion, we can say that Barcelona is trying hard to make its city safe for tourists, even with the help of its people. Fortunately it was all wonderful and the feeling of security was beyond expectations.
Alex on Mar 07, 2019:
I just got my gold-chain pulled off my neck by a thief. Never stop to anyone if somebody asks for a cigar or yell for help
Holly on Feb 09, 2019:
Walking back to my Airbnb at 5am Saturday morning in Las Ramblas after being dropped off by my taxi, had my iphone in my hands secured with pop socket looking at the map, thief runs by me and pulls iPhone out of my hand, pop socket attachment pops off and he proceeds running away with my phone accompanied by two friends. As my boyfriend begins running after them, the thief with my phone throws the phone to his friend and they split up separate ways. I am annoyed that people claim that being “smart” with prevent this. You’d think you could at least navigate the streets of this city without this constant fear. The police were kind, but I’m being made well aware that this happens all the time and it’s a shame because it’s a beautiful city. I’ve never felt so unsafe with my personal property walking alone, although I don’t fear that I’d be a victim of a violent crime, it’s unsettling that I can’t even walk back to my Airbnb without fear of being a victim.
- From NC, USA having traveled to cities NYC and Rome. Travel with a friend.
BCN_LOVER on Feb 07, 2019:
It is worrisome how the crime rate is increasing in the city the last years. Barcelona is not a very dangerous city but recently has security problems like: steals, terrorism, drugs, violence, rapes, illegal sellers...
JS from Canada on Dec 30, 2018:
On the highway into town we had someone indicate there was something wrong with our rental car, but he pulled away before getting out of the car. Moments later, another driver indicated there was a problem, he was nice enough to pull out and tells us there is something wrong with the wheel. While he was doing this the driver snuck into the the car and stole the bags.

The next day while at breakfast, we had a bag stolen from the table.

The police stations were closed and were unhelpful over the phone.
KR on Nov 27, 2018:
Born and grown up in Barcelona, lived there for 23 years. Left overseas and recently came back. I am REALLY SAD to see my city the way is going. Okay, it is not Baghdad, but it is a very dangerous city for european standards. Ask anybody who has lived there long enough, not only naïve tourists who spend 5 days or young students who are there for 6 months partying all the time.
I am so moving abroad again. Adéu Bcn.
SD on Sep 30, 2018:
I was just in Barcelona for a cruise. Arrived a couple of days early on (9/14-9/16) and stayed an extra day after(9/23). On Sunday morning I was walking along La Rambla with anonther woman to go get breakfast. At 7:55 I was mugged by a man that ran up from the side and ripped my iphone from my hands before running off down an alley/street. After screaming for help the police finally arrived and told us in English that they needed to take us to police station to take report. After arriving at the station, we never even were taken inside. I was told (in English) “There is no one here to take report in English. I had been asked on the way to police station (again in English) if the thief was wearing black. Obviously there was no desire to help. Also, when we returned from cruise, four of us arrived by taxi to hotel. There were at least a half a dozen people scoping us out and trying to approach myself and trying to trip the one man in our party. I do not suggest travel to Barcelona. The events in that city caused a lot of trauma.
Suzie on Sep 27, 2018:
I have lived here for 5 years and I've noticed the city becoming a lot more dangerous lately. On top of all of the tourists getting mugged, my neighborhood in Barceloneta specifically has gotten bad. My flat has been broken into twice. The last time, the door was completely kicked in, despite me having a strong lock. There are now squatters in my building and constant fights in the street. This has nothing to do with immigration– these are local people who are angry that "tourists" are taking over their neighbourhood. I am not a tourist. I have lived in the city (and that same apartment) for five years. The police here are of little help. Their answer is just "it happens all the time and we can't do anything about it." I am now basically being forced out of my apartment because of intimidation from squatters who have broken into two flats in my building in the past week.
Enric on Sep 13, 2018:
Extremely safe city. Those comments below from people mugged in Las Ramblas... Well walk drunk in any other make city tourist attraction (I.e Times Sq) and see what happens. Act like an adult keep an eye on your stuff and you will be absolutely fine.
Frank Castle on Aug 12, 2018:
Been there twice, once we were scamed in bar to cut the story short a guy showing my friend that somebody spit on his back, lights went out/ -in and the guy and my friends mobile phone gone... The second time it was around midnigt on La rambla probably 8 or 10 black woman surounded us, started to scream, drag and push us and again my other friend Iphone gone, in that moment i really thought that they will hurt me bad , worse experience...
One thing are immigrants from south america and then the immigrants from Afrika and Asia (mostly Pakistan).
Have travel over 40 countries so for me Barcelona is not really safe, great city but i dont like it after last time...
Susanne on Aug 01, 2018:
Have just been robbed in Barcelona. Maremagnum. Bag snatched with valuables from pram with sleeping baby (monstrous!). There is a new law, which legalises stealing. Theft with a worth below 500 euros is not punishable anymore. Police do nothing. People who live and work there told me they know who the pickpocketers are, and how they operate in their gangs, and how Barcelona is getting more unsafe by the day. Do Not Go there. Once a beautiful place to visit. Now is huge safety risk. Even in Bestial (beach restaurant) there is a BIG sign outside the toilet, reading "experiencing sexual assault of feeling unsafe? Talk to Angela in the bar". That is NOT there without a reason.
Carlos on May 29, 2018:
I would highly advise against visiting Spain, especially Cataluna. It is not a safe country. Many people from Somalia. In the last three years, things have gone downhill with them selling knockoffs on the promenades of Sitges, Barcelona, Cambrils, etc. Pickpocketing is really getting worse and it is highly likely you will get robbed while visiting. Madrid is just as unsafe and becoming more like Glasgow (murder capital of Europe).
EJ on May 04, 2018:
Love this city, but you really have to make sure you keep you guard up. I was almost robbed and another time my dad stopped a robbery. Basically everyone I know who has been in Barcelona has been robbed or someone in their group has been robbed.
Jacobs on Apr 27, 2018:
Rubbish. I know Spain well . Both the incidence of robbery with violence and the lack of interest with dealing with it is an absolute disgrace . It is tragic that a city so beautiful and a people so hospitable is now a city to be feared.
Stuart Wall on Apr 08, 2018:
I visit Barcelona every 6 weeks for work from Manchester UK.
Yes definitely pick pockets everywhere BUT can be very safe if you just carry a little cash and NOT passport. Credit card in belt under your shirt.

A beautiful City with the Beautiful Spanish people.
Highly recommend
Resident of Barcelona a on Mar 10, 2018:
This place used to be my favorite city in Europe. What’s not to like with the beach on one border and the mountains and wine country on another.
Amazing food, wine, architecture.

I liked it so much I moved here and got robbed twice I. Two weeks. The police don’t give a rats ass and told me to calm down when my wallet got lifted the second time.

I was born and raised in NYC (in the 80s and 90s) a d I never had to be as vigilant as I am here. This city sucks and I’m trying my best to continue seeing the good but it’s hard when you have ninja-like thieves circling you at all times of day.
Nmex on Mar 09, 2018:
My son’s first trip to Europe was to Barcelona. He was mugged on the first night. Several people surrounded Him and robbed him of all his money and credit cards. He called me and sounded so scared and we ended up both in tears. I wanted him to have a good experience traveling and learning about different cultures, while meeting new people. Instead he cut his trip short and he came home
Nmex on Mar 09, 2018:
My son’s first trip to Europe was to Barcelona. He was mugged on the first night. Several people surrounded Him and robbed him of all his money and credit cards. He called me and sounded so scared and we ended up both in tears. I wanted him to have a good experience traveling and learning about different cultures, while meeting new people. Instead he cut his trip short and he came home
Durand Watson on Jan 23, 2018:
I spent Sept and Oct 2017 in Barcelona.
Not a single problem.
I had total strangers go out of their way to help me ! The people were very kind. Sure , I had someone trying to insult me during a demonstration going on and one cab driver was rude. So what ? No harm done.
There were countless cab drivers who were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met there.
I don’t believe in blaming the victims..... but there is no excuse for letting someone pick your pocket ! Use a fabric money belt under your shirt in front. Keep a few euros in your front pocket. Why walk around with a passport? Leave that and most of your currency in your hotel safe ! And do your best to not look like you are a goofy tourist swinging Chanele or LV handbags on your arm. Do that back home where people you know can be impressed ! Why act like a big shot in front of people you will never see again ? Statistics show it’s safer than Dallas , Texas ! And violent crimes are very rare in Barcelona! Those are the things you should look into.......
Not some pickpocket thing .........
Slava on Jan 20, 2018:
We were in barselona a few days ago on the way to Andorra. I left our rented opel in underground parking near the Mercato Santa katarina. After two hours we came back and were shocked by broken rear glass. There was a sport bag inside the car and it was gutted. Fortunately we didn’t leave valuables but it was really terribly and the main reason was my 8 month daughter on rear seat and the weather wasn’t so warm.. I had to buy sticky tape and reeled the hole.. I wasted a lot of time to find a tape at Saturday evening. The parking staff wasn’t surprising when I contacted to them . Now I’m not going to return to Barcelona ever. Too many immigrants, trash on the streets and etc.
Lee on Jan 17, 2018:
I took my daughter to Europe for a quick trip through various countries. Because I had been in Europe years ago, I fondly remembered Barcelona. I am not political, so I was unaware of the intense political battle there for Catalonia. I was robbed immediately as I left the airport doors. I was looking for the shuttle, was in a very open area with NO ONE around. Empty. A cabbie drove up and asked my daughter if she needed help, I turned to see what she was doing and stepped away for a couple of seconds. It was in that time that my purse with EVERYTHING in it was stolen. In the area we were in there was an overpass, concrete walls, with no one around. Someone must have hidden in some crevice or bush because it was empty. We later learned about the diversions, so the cabbie must have been that. I am older, and am very traumatized. I totally regret going to Barcelona and will never return and I now HATE Spain/Catalunya. I lost everything of value: my passport, my driver's license, cash of $1500, my cell phone, my keys, my credit card and my bank card. I was extremely upset and we went to the Policia at the airport. We met others who had just been robbed there, too. (the airport) Police are NOT police. They don't care! Our papers were written in Catalonian, so you know that they did not care. It was extremely traumatic, and the consulate was not open because of the holidays. Once we were able to get to the Consulate, we met many other people who also had horrible stories. On the form I filled out, the first question was: "Were you a victim of one of the following crimes: 1. Tire slashing scam." There was a couple who were 80-years-old who were victims of that. We also ran into a man from Burma who had his tires slashed - he was robbed twice. I had no idea of the amount and kinds of scams there. They usually work in groups of 10-15. They are quite sophisticated and obviously sociopathic. They don't care if people crash and die when they slash their tires. They just want the goods. Ironically, they also have huge graffiti about "GO HOME, TOURISTAS. NO TOURISTAS!" Tourism has been the main way they have survived - there is little of an economy there. I hope they do get their own country because I want to watch them burn and die. No tourists and still have money? I don't think so. They are now bast*rds who deserve to suffer. It is a land of sociopaths. No morals. Then when I came back to the States to get a replacement driver's license, I could not believe my eyes when I saw a video IN the DMV promoting tourism in BARCELONA! I have no idea who is advertising that, but it was extremely disturbing. I know of an American couple who lived in Barcelona for about 25-years, and I was surprised when they moved to the Netherlands. Now, I know why - although they had been there for decades, they could not remain as white foreigners. The police never did anything at all about our report. The Consulate said that the crime was absolutely horrible and so many people have been victimized. Yet, they (or stupid travel agents) put others at harm to advertise to visit "Beautiful Barcelona?" "Beautiful," I don't think so. Graffiti on nearly every wall. Trash all over the place. People from who knows where selling knock-off purses, shoes and whatever else you'd want in the middle of the plaza. We actually saw the numerous crimes that the theft groups were running. A man selling single roses from a bunch of roses - another scam - divert the buyer while they are pick pocketed. Acrobats performing - another front to get people diverted to be robbed. In the past, it was "Spain," and now, it is garbage. In the past, people were kind and warm. I wonder where they went to? They probably moved out of Barcelona. Now they purposely go out of their way to be rude, crass, nasty, and cruel. Not only had I been looking to come back to there, but to be raped of my dignity, all my money, my identity, everything, was more than I could bear. Be aware that this is NOT a tourist center. I don't care how much you want to see Gaudi, it is better not to. Protect yourself first! This is now a city of sociopaths and immigrants. It is not the Spain (it IS still part of Spain) that I knew in the past. Give them their wish: pull the rug out from under them and do NOT be a tourist there. It is NOT worth it. You will undoubtedly hear the numerous stories we heard about others being robbed or attacked there. Catalonians remind me of the sociopaths in jail. They have no moral compass. It will now be an entire country of people like that. The very few people I met who were at least decent were Spanish, not Catalonian. If they become a country I would advise any other country to not do business with them. They want to suck the life out of tourists who are the very ones who give them any sort of economy, and they do not deserve anyone else to do business with them. Let them rot and die.
Owen on Nov 11, 2017:
Anyone on this feed who thinks that crime and pickpocketimg in Barcelona are not major problems is completely dillusional. I have had my phone stolen twice in the space of 6 months and personally know in excess of ten other people that have had wallets, phones, bank cards and passports stolen from their person.
I also know of another incident where two guys on a motorcycle kicked the tire of my friends vehicle with a bladed shoe and then followed alongside as the tire become flat. They waved my friends down pointing to the tire and acting as 'Good Samaritans'. As soon as they were distracted with changing the wheel the bandits opened the car door and made off with two handbags

Crime does not usually come in the form of a physical or menacing nature so you will almost always feel safe. The crime myself and my friends have encountered is instead devious and shifty. Anyone can lay the blame at immigrants as it is always easy to point out a scapegoat but irrespective of where these criminals are originally from, the problem belongs with Barcelona.
Great restaurants, bars, architecture, monuments, markets, festivals, the list goes on...... but if you have to be hyper vigilante protecting your personal belongings is it truly possible to relax and have a good time??
I must continue to reside here in order for work and after being pick pocketed twice I will start carrying my phone in a travel wallet under my shirt. I will respond in in my own way to problem that permeates this city but it's time that police and government officials responded to. Sort your shit out Barcelona and don't let a good city rot from the inside out!!
Mirriam on Aug 13, 2017:
One of the most dodgy cities and we stayed in a nicer area in Catalunya. My parents and aunt were robbed by men dressed as policemen with a Walkman, who pretended to want to see ID/passport and as if they were giving passport numbers to someone, then robbed them of their cash (Euros only). They were distracted by a man pretending to be a lost tourist whilst the police intervened and robbed them. The hotel receptionist said that it wasn't Spanish men and the Italians cause a lot of havoc in the city.
This was just 1 of many incidences I have heard off . We have travelled to over 30 cities and have never been robbed before especially not in Muslim countries!
Mirriam on Aug 13, 2017:
One of the most dodgy cities and we stayed in a nicer area in Catalunya. My parents and aunt were robbed by men dressed as policemen with a Walkman, who pretended to want to see ID/passport and as if they were giving passport numbers to someone, then robbed them of their cash (Euros only). They were distracted by a man pretending to be a lost tourist whilst the police intervened and robbed them. The hotel receptionist said that it wasn't Spanish men and the Italians cause a lot of havoc in the city.
This was just 1 of many incidences I have heard off . We have travelled to over 30 cities and have never been robbed before especially not in Muslim countries!
Anderson on Aug 07, 2017:
This happened on Marina Avenue, my rented car tire was slashed with a nail while driving through an intersection really close to the centre. Furthermore while fixing the tire I was robbed. No criminality you say? This is the worst city in Europe as far as I'm concerned regarding safety.

And of course why not, the rental company then charges you for the tire.
Henderson on Jul 31, 2017:
It's big and one of the most active cities in the world, so statistically speaking it's bound to have some crime. But for the most part no violent crime or real danger, it's mostly pickpocketing and very localized and easy to avoid.
I'm from Barcelona and have lived there for 25 years (though not anymore, at least for now), and I've never had a single problem, or been robbed or anything. And I didn't even live in the "nice" part of town (not the worst either, though), but appart from paying attention to your belongings and trying to avoid conflictive areas (which there aren't that many and, anyway, why would you even go there?), no one should have a problem visiting Barcelona. Maybe it is because it's my hometown, but I've always felt safer there than anywhere else.
Anonymous on Jul 25, 2017:
For those of you that have had things stolen, I would advise maybe looking after your belongings a little better. It's quite obvious that in any city you should take more care with your possessions. Barcelona is a safe city, I walked there there day and night and in numerous locations and apart from the odd junkie or drunk person, there isn't much different in what you'd find anywhere else. Obviously you dont want to go walking around more 'notorious' areas at night because then you're just increasing your own risk (you wouldn't walk through Tottenham at 2am)
I'm from the UK and I'd say that cities here are far worse than barcelona for crime. Pickpocketing is probably the only major crime that happens there (which isn't that major) but again, be vigilant and you'll be fine. I walked a lot with my girlfriend through most parts of Barcelona, most of the people were friendly and generally the atmosphere was laid back and relaxed.