Quality of Life in Barcelona, Spain

Purchasing Power Index 70.48   Moderate
Safety Index 49.51   Moderate
Health Care Index 77.47   High
Climate Index 95.73   Very High
Cost of Living Index 59.31   Low
Property Price to Income Ratio 11.54   Moderate
Traffic Commute Time Index 29.62   Low
Pollution Index 65.35   High
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 139.99   Moderate

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 144

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 638

Last update: March 2023

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4 Comments so far
Lydia on Sep 04, 2022:
I see some jealous people here comment negatively about Barcelona. I have lived 10 years in Sweden and 35 in Barcelona and my experience is that Barcelona is a friendly city, with a lot of entertainment, beauty (both in the city and the people), very modern and acceptable life quality. The salaries may be a bit low but people can still afford to go out and enjoy life more than people do in Sweden since most of people struggle with loans. Many swedish people is very overweight and very unfashionable. People is no friendly, no humble and prepotent. Restaurants and cafes are ridiculous expensive and have no clue about what service is and no clue to make a decent capuccino, Irish coffee or Margarita.
Alex on Apr 01, 2021:
Low incomes with very high rent and unbelievably bad housing, terrible food, bad service everywhere, loud and total lack of elegance in both people and atmosphere. Worse bureaucracy only in Italy and North Africa. Maybe good for a weekend or if you are an adventurer in your early twenties, willing to experiment with drugs (widely available).
Jorge on Oct 25, 2019:
Quite noisy and smelly in some places. Low income. Better living outside but metro often too crowded. Ideal for beach lovers and younger people
Daniel on Aug 06, 2019:
I´m into IT. More than 10 years here and having a family now. The feeling is the city gets worse and worse. For a population not much higher than Zurich, pollution and traffic are really and issue in many areas. The entire city loves/moves on scooters and it feels like some city in southwest asia at times.. Also it´s the noisiest city in EU according to charts... Expensive property prices... moderate/low salaries... safety getting pretty worse every year as tourism increase, poor public services like lack of decent schools or public kindergardens.. very few green areas...ore even places to go with your kids int he entire city center. Those and others makes it just suitable for young people, studients/erasmus who enjoy nightlife and cheap alcohol, or expats with a fixed good income than want to live in the coast near an airport... If you plan to raise a family and have a good life... absolutely not the place, you´ll end up leaving outside the city or paying a lot to live in the higher areas of the city, more family friendly and expensive. Looking to move and leave it for some time now