Quality of Life in Valencia, Spain

Purchasing Power Index 97.54   High
Safety Index 70.81   High
Health Care Index 79.92   High
Climate Index 93.84   Very High
Cost of Living Index 46.12   Low
Property Price to Income Ratio 4.38   Very Low
Traffic Commute Time Index 23.65   Very Low
Pollution Index 24.55   Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 200.48   Very High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 50

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 288

Last update: February 2024

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7 Comments so far
Barbara on Sep 28, 2023:
Wonderful, just great to live here now. Should have left the USA much earlier.
Fernandez on Jul 01, 2023:
There was a lot of road works beginning of this year. New sewerage everywere and no more funny smells.

I love how they revamped the beaches, looks much better this way.
Roderico on May 17, 2023:
Valencia is a very nice town, come over and see for yourself why it is the expat's favorite for 2023.

The new build appartments are build to very high standards. The city center had a bick revamp and is much safer to drive now, new roundabouts and everything looks more clean too.

It looks like some people prefer keeping all in original state without renovation and maintenance.

That's not how it works if you want a safe and clean city. It is much better now.
Knarr on May 11, 2023:
Real estate speculators have ruined this city through massive construction of vast housing complexes around the center. At the same time the city center is falling to pieces.
The funny Calatrava project is not enough to compensate for this lack of integration.
I found Valencia really ugly.
Lily on Oct 21, 2022:
Valencia is such a great city, overall I would just call it a happy city. Yes, the economy is not the best in the world obviously but I have lived to so many cities in the UK and NONE compare even slightly, they are all just so sad compared to sunny, cheerful valencia
fodle aix on Sep 07, 2022:
Valencia is a nice city for visiting a few days but not for
living... Ce city is not small and metro not good (slow) .. the beach close of the city are ugly ... people quite unfriendly sometimes agressive specially in some bars, bank or administrations... The cost of life is very expensive for the quality of service, rent o transportation.. I do not recommend at all
Daniel Cristian on Oct 14, 2020:
I don't know why the health care index is so high, because on private system they have young and unexperienced doctors, but on the other hand they have good doctors on public system but in order to get an appointment you have to wait almost one year (no joking), I guess the public system works fine if you had a serious accident or your health is in critical condition. The pollution is quite high and the city is not clean. During the summer, the center of Valencia is smelling horrible. Weather is the best thing here and indeed the city is safe, but not when you are in traffic :D, the people are either very slow or aggressive and they do a lot of accidents. Purchasing power index is wrong, the salaries are very low and cost of living increased a lot in the last 2-3 years.