Cost of Living in Perth

Summary about cost of living in Perth:

Restaurants [ Edit ] Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 2,478.99 Rs 1,859.24-3,718.48
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 11,837.16 Rs 8,056.71-14,873.92
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 1,459.50 Rs 1,239.49-1,735.29
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 1,239.49 Rs 991.59-1,487.39
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 1,115.54 Rs 991.59-1,611.34
Cappuccino (regular) 574.93 Rs 495.80-642.68
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 368.21 Rs 247.90-495.80
Water (12 oz small bottle) 321.58 Rs 247.90-464.81
Markets [ Edit ]
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 755.58 Rs 469.20-1,032.24
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 316.01 Rs 224.89-393.56
Rice (white), (1 lb) 177.41 Rs 112.45-281.11
Eggs (regular) (12) 506.83 Rs 371.85-619.75
Local Cheese (1 lb) 590.34 Rs 421.67-1,012.01
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1 lb) 629.40 Rs 449.78-843.34
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 877.03 Rs 562.23-1,293.12
Apples (1 lb) 220.67 Rs 157.42-337.34
Banana (1 lb) 192.16 Rs 140.56-224.89
Oranges (1 lb) 197.31 Rs 140.56-309.22
Tomato (1 lb) 224.86 Rs 140.56-337.34
Potato (1 lb) 136.26 Rs 112.45-224.89
Onion (1 lb) 116.44 Rs 56.22-224.89
Lettuce (1 head) 255.07 Rs 185.92-371.85
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 328.96 Rs 123.95-557.77
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 1,859.24 Rs 1,735.29-2,478.99
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 595.99 Rs 309.87-991.59
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 790.62 Rs 396.64-1,115.54
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 3,718.48 Rs 3,098.73-4,710.07
Transportation [ Edit ]
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 557.77 Rs 384.24-619.75
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 16,760.10 Rs 10,659.64-24,789.86
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 619.75 Rs 520.59-867.65
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 343.10 Rs 339.11-418.90
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 6,073.52 Rs 4,957.97-6,197.47
Gasoline (1 gallon) 652.19 Rs 586.50-703.80
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 3,221,442.57 Rs 2,974,783.45-3,855,691.20
Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 3,023,199.95 Rs 2,478,986.21-3,706,084.38
Utilities (Monthly) [ Edit ]
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 25,549.78 Rs 14,873.92-37,184.79
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 66.82 Rs 30.99-123.95
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 8,764.96 Rs 7,436.96-10,907.54
Sports And Leisure [ Edit ]
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 7,894.19 Rs 5,205.87-12,394.93
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 2,396.35 Rs 1,487.39-3,098.73
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 2,231.09 Rs 1,859.24-2,602.94
Childcare [ Edit ]
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child 235,328.09 Rs 123,949.31-297,478.34
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 2,299,110.97 Rs 1,239,493.10-3,752,689.32
Clothing And Shoes [ Edit ]
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 11,577.64 Rs 6,197.47-14,873.92
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 6,102.12 Rs 3,718.48-9,668.05
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 15,428.43 Rs 9,915.94-18,592.40
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 16,376.33 Rs 11,155.44-24,665.91
Rent Per Month [ Edit ]
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 178,358.78 Rs 123,949.31-233,024.70
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 128,708.96 Rs 99,159.45-158,655.12
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 294,331.94 Rs 198,318.90-402,835.26
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 195,950.58 Rs 148,739.17-247,898.62
Buy Apartment Price [ Edit ]
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 71,569.93 Rs 57,575.86-92,121.38
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 52,045.03 Rs 34,545.52-67,168.00
Salaries And Financing [ Edit ]
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 495,902.25 Rs
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 4.34 464.81-644.54

Prices in Perth

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Last update: December 2019
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76 Comments so far

#bc on Oct 27, 2019 :
Grew up in Perth and then moved to the USA.. those saying that Perth is backwards have clearly never lived in the US. Everything is backwards here. Need a new car or loan, maybe you are wanting to rent or buy a home? You better have debt or will not be approved. Need to visit the doctor for a recurring issue? hope you have $600 for unnecessary blood work, on top of the $150 for the 10 minute appointment (prices after insurance applied). Oh and don't forget you are already paying $45+ every paycheck (fortnightly) for health insurance if you are lucky. Never went to college/university because you wanted to break into the workforce and gain some experience? good luck getting anything more than a Barista position. Perth is not perfect, nowhere is. I cannot wait to move back to Perth. Things will be more expensive like food, fuel and travel but there is beauty in Perth and a sense of "freedom" that does not compare to any other place. Thinking of moving to Perth? do not let some of these comments deter you from making the decision. Weigh your options. Make a list of the things you value most. Inexpensive healthcare, public transport, nature? Perth may be for you. Cheap shopping, cheap fuel or easy travel to various places, then maybe Perth (or any Aussie city really) is not for you. I hate hearing/reading what I am about to say but.. If you don't like it then leave. May be a matter of "trial and error" but regardless of how you feel about your decision to move to Perth, it is an experience nonetheless and isn't that what life is all about? No experience is invaluable. Give it a chance. Perth is visually beautiful, but it is also what you make of it.
#EdMahn on Apr 10, 2019 :
Hi Numbeo team , Perth like many other global centre has a huge range of prices. If you shop around you can make great savings. Example - bottled water. If you must have Evian then your will be skinned alive. Many smaller retailers job out 20x 600ml budget brands for $4.00 a slab. This equates to 20 cents a shot. Veggies are also sold thru local markets at well below 50% charged by the majors. The fact is the Majors want their packaged products sold as there are massive mark ups on such items. Making Cola with cordial and a home CO2 device will produce fizzy drinks at less than 5 cents a glass. People can also save huge amounts of money by installing a bore. An average bore will generate 8000 ltrs of water for about 50 cents. People should also reduce their hot water storage unit temps to what they can enjoy without adding cold water when showering. This step will reduce energy bills by 50%. Clothing is also a huge cost factor. I shop online buying goods direct from overseas. 90% cheaper than shopping locally. Lower incomes are not an issue , wastage is the enemy of every wallet.
#TJ on Sep 14, 2018 :
"A single person monthly costs: 1,213.24A$ without rent."
Seriously? i spend that much a month including rent!
#MS on May 20, 2018 :
I am zad. I am planning to move to perth in coming summer but i have no idea where to live and what to do. I am 28. I first need a job thr any job is ok for me. Can anybody guide mehere. Email
#Eric on May 16, 2018 :
I used to live in the U.S.(Detroit Metro area, approx. mid range cost of living for the country)and now I have a real joy to live in Perth. The truth is that dollar-for dollar (without the exchange rate)many prices in Detroit are half- or even one-third of those in Perth. However, the average wages here are significantly higher and the basic wage in Perth is more than twice of that in Michigan (A$18.00 vs.US$8.75 per hour). On the top of that in Perth, I use way less resources I was using over there (e.g.electricity,gas,gasoline,car's depreciation and maintenance costs, clothing, food, e.t.c) because of its mild, Mediterrean climate. Overall, I am here more happy, way more relaxed and better off financially ! Thanks, Australia ! Thanks Perth ! I am your big fan !
#Philbert on Apr 15, 2018 :
According to the latest Domain report, Perth has the cheapest rental market of any capital city at the moment, although it has just gone up in the last quarter. So #Ozbloke36, you might be a little disappointed going back to Brisbane and really disappointed in Melbourne.
#Ozbloke36 on Apr 13, 2018 :
I think people in Perth are seriously delirious. The prices they ask for rentals is beyond a joke. Real estate reports are STILL saying now prices are STILL going backwards, yet rentals (apart from the beginning of the year) have tried to stay up and would rather the house empty rather than actually lower their price to realistic levels. I'm talking another $100 a week. We are not in mining booming days anymore, and we know they have lowered prices, however no where near to the level they should be and it shows as they sit there for months vacant.

I'm fortunate to be paying $300 a week for a 3x2x2 and I've looked around and it's at LEAST another $50 - $100 a week for me to get something similar. They are just dreaming and I see them sitting there for months and months at a time. If they did the math they would work out it's more worth to knock another $50 - $60 off per week than leaving it vacant for 2 months. Stupid people cannot do math it seems.

Just greed over here. I miss Brisbane (more population AND cheaper housing AND nicer people).

But Melbourne is the same, cheaper houses than over here in Perth. The only way you get a cheap house in Perth is to move to a place with record crime levels (and Perth already has the 2nd most crime per state per capita just behind NT), so no thanks.
#Anonymous on Mar 13, 2018 :
I come from Scotland and I used to live and work in Perth Western Australia and was heartbroken during to unforeseen circumstances had to leave Perth and return to Scotland. I hate living in Scotland and hopefully I will be able to return to Perth and this time to stay and live permanently.
#Anonymous on Mar 13, 2018 :
You certainly cannot beat Perth for beaches they are absolutely outstanding and exceptionally clean the cleanest I have ever seen in any other country. The scenery is outstanding and the people are absolutely wonderful and friendly. I absolutely love Perth and hopefully I can return and this time to stay permanently. My hearts desire. What a beautiful country to live in.
#Ghryst on Mar 10, 2018 :
"you can't beat Perth for beaches, activities, cycling, mountains and things."
dude, wtf, we dont have ANY mountains, the only mountains australia has at all are over east, and even there they only barely qualify as mountains on the height technicality, theyre certainly more "a ridgeline" and not mountains..
beaches are full of needles, the cyclists need to be run over, and the "things" only come out at night, get drunk, then crawl back into thier $500 a week hovels
#T on Jan 06, 2018 :
Just moved to Perth from California on Nov 28th. The cost of living here is very high. I do live in the CBD and that is a lifestyle choice. I can afford it and I don't want to own a car so it works for me. The lifestyle reminds me of San Diego a bit but the beaches just aren't as close. Plenty of hot chicks for single guys like me. The early week is slow in the CBD but you can still have a good time in Northbridge. Haven't found the cliquey vibe that people keep talking about. I am also an extra extrovert so connecting with people is easy.

For rent, I pay 600AUD /wk for 1400sqft/131sqm apart on St George Terrace with a view of the Swan River. Again this is a lifestyle choice.
I spend out about $50 a week on food. That means food I buy from the grocery store(Woolworths). I like to cook at home.
#Traveler on Jan 04, 2018 :
I grew up in Perth and moved away to work and then found a partner and we decided to move back to Perth. Sure, to live well it could be considered expensive, but in the right suburb and with the right frame of mind then you can't beat Perth for beaches, activities, cycling, mountains and things. Sure, these things are far apart and getting to them can take time, this is where you need to have grown up there to understand - things take time, some places are great and some not so great. Perth has a large variety of people living there and now I am working here it seems everyone is from somewhere other than Perth. All of my school friends still live here and they have great jobs, hobbies and families that keep them busy. Some of these friends, like me, moved away to bigger 'better' cities, but decided the beach and lifestyle that you can chose is better than anything. For example take London and Hong Kong, busy and exciting, but mostly dark and depressing, quite soul sucking to see everyone like ants, desperate to see themselves as different with flashy cars and acting in some cool and hip way... these big cities are FAKE, Perth is honest and the isolation will show you as who you are, it will ask questions of you that no other place will.
#TC on Sep 09, 2017 :
Landed in Perth few years ago, needed a bed to sleep on so went to Salvos (second hand "charity" shop) in Innaloo. The old lady there who I still recall vividly sold me a single bed for $100AU, no mattress. latter found bed legs where missing or broken!! I said to her this cant be used. She said some people don't use legs..... ?!?!
You know, they get the bed free, then they try rip you off and lie through there teeth in the process. Anyhow lady I hope you are reading this cause I still haven't forgotten about you.
#Clarke on Jun 09, 2017 :
Heaps of dodgy Asian tax cheats resulted Newly-elected State Premier dobbed in the financial hardship while running the state administration. some working holiday visa makers and international students offering sexuality service in cash basis that brought attention to authority where the estimation of tax avoidance stood around 15 billion a year and Asisan F&B business was the second suspicious of tax avoidance accounting 25 billion a years.
##Eddie on Mar 05, 2017 :
I guess you could say it gets better in the suburbs. I don't live in Perth, I live in the northern suburbs and it's okay. Nowhere is perfect, I understand that, but when I go to university, I'm moving the hell out. I mean, I am so grateful to live n a country where I get an education, have the right to vote and can go out without being accompanied by a man. I'm free. But it's the attitude, the vibe. I have lived in the same town for my whole life either way too political, or just fuckery. hope there is some place better.
#Onearmman on Jan 17, 2017 :
A charming little city you will fall in love with backed in the '80s. Generations of good professional people seen all over asia and respected by others. Then came the boom time and,like many windfall family , you ended up with generations of spoiled adults flooded with crazy money. A 17yo turned 18th in the mine getting paid 100k will no doubt spent them on crazy stuff. Perth will have to turn the corner because it's luck is running dry...Still a charming little city in 2017 but this time with lots of bad ass.
#Bo Gan on Sep 20, 2016 :
Why do people say housing and rent is expensive in Perth. I have lived rent free for the past 4 years. It's bliss. Just park my trusty Falcon station wagon in a nice neighbourhood at night pull the curtains and I have the best nights sleep in the comfort of my home. If I need to go to the toilet my 4L piss jug is always within easy reach. Best life ever, stop whinging.
##FlourideInTheWater on Sep 20, 2016 :
I know why people here are so aggressive. I have invested in a very good water filter, and i mix all my water with Borax to take out the excessively high levels of Flouride that are in the WA water. High levels of Flouride actually lead to increased aggression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Fatigue. I am also moving to Melbourne shortly. I would suggest investing in a very top end water filter. This is something to be very concerned about
#Anonymous on Sep 19, 2016 :
Perth people are the biggest bunch of provincial boring idiots you will ever meet. They don't ever shut up about buying houses and ironically the housing market and econimy is the worst in Australia. I got rich from living in Perth and selling to these suckers. Now that the boom is well and truly dead I moved to a nicer city in a different country. It feels great.
#Ozzy on Sep 16, 2016 :
Meanwhile, I have just discovered a calling App called RINGOVERSEA that is so cheap to call Nigeria. You also get up to 20 mins free calls. Hope this will help our guys abroad to call home really cheap?
#Anonymous on Sep 15, 2016 :
It's interesting reading all the comments! All the haters seem to be from the eastern states or silly little winging poms. I live in WA but not Perth none the less Perth is WA's capital city and a far cry from the heavily populated cities of Melbourne and Sydney. Both of which have statistically higher rates of crime and homosexuality. The negative comments seem to come from people who were once here trying to cash in on a "mining boom". Guess what you winging little pricks ? You couldn't cut it or you were weeded out when the pickings became slim so you've left with your tale between your legs! Over here in WA we could not give a rats ass how you pesky little brats live in your polluted over crowded crime riddled cities ! This is WA we do it our way..... The less of you pricks here the better!

So if your thinking of coming over here bring your manners and show a little respect and you will do alright. Come over with your melbourne or sydney attitudes you'll go back crying like a little bitch.
#The Far East on Sep 06, 2016 :
What I like about Perth:
1. It's so far away from all those friends and family that give you headaches..
2. It sort of has a "new place" vibe about it
3. A chance to re-invent yourself in a new city

What doesn't appeal about Perth:
1. Housing is so expensive
2. House/car robberies
3. Possible risks of assaults

What doesn't particularly worry me:
1. Food prices because I can cook cheaply at home
2. Cost of having a car because I would try and do without one and use public transport
3. Cost of restaurants, clubs, bars, movies etc.. because I will be at home saving money playing on the internet..
#Steven White on Sep 05, 2016 :
If you are thinking of moving to Perth just do it and if after a few years you find its not for you then you can always go back. Most people who move to Perth love it and never leave. Perth is an easy city to live in, organised, well developed and great for families or retires. People are more friendly in Perth than most developed cities and the cost of living is a lot less than major cities in Asia, Europe or USA. Nothing ventured nothing gained, don't give up on the idea of trying a new place to live and it may just surprise you that this city is the perfect sea change. Good luck
#Anonymous on Sep 01, 2016 :
Hollywood prices for everything in an east LA environment. Unless you have $2m+ to live in the Western Suburbs leafy tree lined street, you take your chances in the badlands. 90 YO grandmother carjacked in "Up Market" area today by a meth head. No Country for old men
#Paul on Aug 27, 2016 :
To me Perth is the best city
Life is what you make it to be and what I see is a beautiful city and people and plenty oppatunity , there is no such thing as perfection so best wishes to all and enjoy your life no matter were you live
Cheers stay happy
#Tom Thumb on Aug 24, 2016 :
Some comments are very entertaining and obviously the authors spent a lot of their time hovered over their keyboards typing away with stories from the depths of their minds..

The question is...

What is Perth really like...
#carol on Aug 20, 2016 :
i have only a few words to describe Perth a back ward shit hole full of meth heads.
#Truth Hurts on Aug 19, 2016 :
Perth is a total SHITHOLE.

People are completely and utterly BRAINDEAD.
They have absolutely NO IDEA what's going on in the world and they don't care about anyone but themselves.

Want to have some fun once in a while and go out with your partner, family or friends? FORGET IT. Sit your ass back down because everything closes at 5!
Don't want your child to grow up as a decent human being with a great childhood? Don't worry, Perth will take your kids childhood completely away. With no places to meet up with friends, watch as your child sits on the sidewalk and plays with ants all day, while all other children are locked away in their prison homes after school hours.
Don't want your child to have a decent education? Don't worry, Perth doesn't provide education. People go to school to get bullied and have their creativity and spirits broken to end up braindead just like their parents!

Thinking of opening up your own business one day? Screw you! Perth is ruled by big, mainstream corporations, and they will do everything in their power to make sure you will never. EVER. succeed :)
Don't want to work or do anything productive with your life? Don't worry! Just have 5 children and live off centrelink like every other female here does!
Don't like internet? This country will not give it to you, even if you pay $360 and wait 6 months for it!

With racists and bigots infesting this soulless and corrupted excuse of a city, prepare to fall into depression on the very first day of your arrival.
#CJ on Aug 12, 2016 :
Perth has to be the most boring place to live in he world. There are no independent shops, it is all run from big business. Every suburb has the same totally shit shops. Architecture is dead and buried. Everything is run by big business. Perth is a nanny state it is just a short step away from Stepford Wives
I have never felt so depressed since I moved here from the UK. It is racist, boringly conformist and as dead as a dodo.
Many of the people who are happy here are deadbeat ignorant bogans. Brainless idiots who think they have "arrived" because they can suddenly afford a 4 bed house. whooh with even an ensuite. i totally regret moving to this hell hole full of ignorant racist twats.
Yeah you may ask why I did it, hmmmmm looking for better weather than the uk, but we could have had that in Europe.
I think Perth is a hell hole, and if any of you are considering trying this place to live, well you have to look at what is important to you. If you want maybe 100" TV's you will be home and arrived. If you value you culture, friends and family. which we did not realise was so important, hey come to Australia. I so regret what we did, France would have been a better bet, but hey we all have to make our own mistakes.....
I hope I have helped some people to see the realism.
#Jeff on Aug 06, 2016 :
Please don't say I didn't warn you - Perth really is as bad as the comments say. For some people, it will be worse. But, if you enjoy the company of selfish, deluded, racist, rednecks, then live in Perth.

Perth is currently in a very deep economic recession, with the highest unemployment rate in many years, and people are leaving like you wouldn't believe.
#JOE on Jul 30, 2016 :
I believe that having hotels/motels with in- house breakfeast specials would be invaluable for Perth
from a tourism perspective; Since it is truly isolated and more time/expense to fly here, I feel that the public should be getting better deals from shoppping/restaurants/ and the whole business sector. When people go to Asia and North America, deals are constantly pouring in like water so now people are being financially more choosy due to the global recession of 2007; and are choosing these places as they give everything for a great package deal. Perth Airport needs to look at Dallas, Texas. Their train system(Dallas Area Rapid Transit) is awesome. Dallas, Plano,and Fort Worth are remarkable afforable cities with plenty of jobs as people in New York and California are moving to Texas as their state is tax free. I think Perth is pretty for beaches but affordability and job skills recognition are of damn paramount importance if you want to live here successfully.
#Joe on Jul 30, 2016 :
I first came to Perth in 1982. nice city. I went back and visited family/friends in Louisiana. I have to admit that I was surprised that customer service is still strong as ever there. I did not have to tip either if I did not want to. I come from a family of NightClub Managers/Hospitatlity. My belief is that if price deals were made to better attract people at affordable means the public would be more likely to respond. Since the 2007 global recession, people are questioning and being more conservative in everything. I stayed in Dallas, Texas and service was fantastic.I believe skill recognition is very important as it determines how your quality of life here will be able to earn based on that. I picked up a Time Magazine on Texas. My brother lives in Plano,TX(Salary-75,000)healthcare claims administration/training/ Rated one of the top cities to live and work-Affordable. I am ex-military(11yrs) and trying to use skills in civilian life here is very hard in Perth as they don't seem to understand/recognize our value in eliminating waste and yet being productive/proactive in achieving tasks. I believe Perth's customer service desperately needs an overhaul as I was at a shop waiting to be served and after ten to fifteen minutes of being ignored two shop ladies were idly chatting small talk- I left in disgust. Granted some places are better than others. I just think that if you are going to charge alot for basic items then good customer service should always be given. I believe the high house prices should immediately come down as mining in Perth has falling dramatically in iron ore prices have slumped and people are extremely cautious about the economy and job security. I will say that Lakeside Shopping Center in Joondalup is my favourite. service there is tops and I go there for shopping as they offer more than south of the river locations. I firmly believe that with having the right customer service mentality backed up by proactive staff in serving customers, Perth can come out shining as people are being fussy about it now as twenty years or so before; they just accepted it and did not complain. We need to improve our customer service as Asia/North America are giving exceptional customer service and we in Perth are lagging behind. Great service means having secure jobs for everyone and is a good measuring stick for improving business being big or small in the world. Remember the saying-There is more than one white horse?-believe it with the power of the internet!
#Danny on Jul 14, 2016 :
Hi Bogdan,

Studying in Perth won't be a and being ripped off for almost everything is a huge problem for me so I left and will be coming back there again next year and by that time Australia will be in a deep recession heading to enjoy it while it last this year and be out as much as possible because one thing I miss is the weather and those big, blue and clear skies.

Now some history... for many years a lot of people have been complaining about all things bad about Perth but since the end of the boom this website has the attention of media outlets in Perth and recently data collected on this website was presented on the local news! And it is about time...I once gave back a bottle of water to a grumpy Chinese man in the centre of the city who asked $5.50 for it! I paid less in Zurich! It appears that inhabitants of this city are so detached from reality and the rest of the world! Yet, with recession will come adjustment and that will be disastrous for the city and the state but it has to happen to teach avaricious a lesson!

#Tom Tom Turnaround on Jul 10, 2016 :
Yes they do reek of a b-grade Hollywood direct to VHS movie :)

Also, people love to rant and carry-on over the internet.. so you have to take some things with a pinch of salt (or pepper in many cases...)..

Actually, I would probably recommend Melbourne over Perth because there are so many more options from work to leisure .. but that aside, Perth is fine.. pricey for housing (isn't everywhere..) and for eating out .. but there are ways to cut costs .. (sharing house, learning to cook etc..)

Remember, it's up to us as individuals to make our own social lives and circle of friends..
#BOGDAN on Jul 09, 2016 :
I'm going to study in Perth, so could someone tell me how it is there?
The stories that I read here sounds like from Hollywood movie scenarios.
#Tom Tom Turnaround on Jul 09, 2016 :
Some of the stories here are massively exaggerated and veer towards fantasy..

Perth is a modern city and urban environment with many high paying jobs, comfortable and spacious housing and generally quite a safe place to live.

The impression I get from some of the posting is that they're trying to deter others from moving to Perth because quite possibly they want to keep it purely for themselves, and thus painting a bleak picture that distorts the reality.

Compared to loads of other places, Australia is like heaven on earth .. yes it's not perfect .. but it's a damn sight better than so many other places..

Now of course if you're rich then none of this matters because the rich can live in their own paradise behind gated walls anywhere...

Anyway.. all that aside.. I recommend you come to town and give it a shot and learn to be adaptable, entrepreneurial and integrate into the Australian way of life and ideals.
#Annie on Jul 06, 2016 :
Anonymous are full of lies. May be you got Lotto . Please don't give false information to people overseas who are coming to our Perth. Perth is full of Racism and Meth . I would suggest if people need peace life try to go other east. Perth has changed a lot. British people are one to blame. We do have racism problem but thats not our fault we were raised liked them . I recently started to think that we ourselves are immigrant to aboriginal land , then why we became racist. I was never thought about stolen generation when I was a kid. BOTTOM LINE.. TO PERTH BETTER ONLY THREE THINGS SHOULD BE KICKED OUT FROM PERTH..

#Anonymous on Jul 02, 2016 :
I have lived in Perth my entire life, first in the suburbs and now in the city. Perth is a large spread out metropolis and you cannot imagine how big this place is until you get on your walking shoes and try to dash from one place to another, Australia overall is massive, Perth is not built up like Sydney but the city spread can take a few kilometres to get from one end to the other.
Perth has beautiful parks and offers an easy way of life but wait until you get here to see how big this place is and because it is so big you sometimes see nobody.
Perth people are generally reserved but don’t let that fool you as deep down they are ready to help and Perth is one city where youngsters respect elderly and will offer their genuine help if needed. People of Perth can feel somewhat threaten if approached by a random stranger unless we can tell you are not from Perth and are asking directions, I think most people in most countries would be the same, we do tend to conform to the norm so to speak, most people do the same thing, act and behave in the same way, nobody wants to draw attention to themselves or be laughed at and embarrassed so for that reason Perth people may sound reserved or even unfriendly.
Anyone thinking of coming to live in Perth will find that the initial settling in stage is rather easy, Perth has plenty of services and finding a mover, home to rent or buy, enrolling children into school and searching for work is not difficult and if English is not your first language people in Perth do take the time to help as much as possible, overall Perth people are nice people but I must warn you that unless you have a regular income coming in you really need to come to Perth with around $20 to $30 thousand dollars to last you 3 months and to pay for all the settling in cost as Perth like most modern cities is not cheap.
Racism is not a problem in Perth, Perth people say what is on their mind and sometimes without thinking but they can take back as much as they give out, if someone said something racist or prejudice to me I would tell that person off and in most cases the person understands that they did wrong and walk away. In some countries you clearly see how the majority of people are racist, Perth people overall don’t have racism in their culture and so long as you behave well and are friendly that is the same way you will be treated. Perth people also don’t like confrontation and will rarely complain about bad service or argue.
Public transport in Perth is the safest you will find in Australia, very clean and reliable but it can be slow during non-peak periods but, because Perth is so big it is not unusual to travel 20km or more to reach your destination and you can expect to double your travel time using public transport instead of a car. Parking your car is expensive and expect to pay up to $4 per hour, fines are high and running a car could cost around $1000 per month
Perth is a safe city, you can walk anywhere day or night and nobody will bother you, in fact at night you will most likely see nobody as Perth people tend to live a simple life of working Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm, weekends are spent shopping, attending school and sporting events and Sundays people tend to go driving and perhaps have a meal out of the house, weekdays people stay home, watch TV, surf the internet and do hobbies. You can find that living in Perth could be lonely or even a culture shock for many as it is a reserved quiet lifestyle mostly on your own and it can be difficult for some people to make friends as most people like their privacy and prefer to be alone.
Perth medical would have to be one of the best in the world, I highly doubt any other country could match the high level of advanced medicine found in Perth, I highly recommend you pay for private medical insurance as soon as you arrive in Perth as all medical treatment in Perth is very expensive and the average cost of monthly medical insurance for 2 adults and 2 children is $200 per month
Perth also has a lot of rules and this is how we keep such a high standard of living. When you rent a house you would not be able to rent a one bedroom apartment for a family of five, you cannot fill a sedan with 6 people if it only has seating for 5, you must carefully follow all the road rules or risk big fines. Law and order is paramount and breaking the law is not forgiven if you plead ignorance
Advice for coming to live in Perth, have a good savings to fall back on, get a job quickly even if it is a job that is manual labour or not what you would normally be looking for to start, rent a place near schools and a train station preferably within walking distance or even close to the city and once you are settled try to save money to go overseas during your holidays so you can have a break from Perth and you will appreciate Perth and all it has to offer when you return.
#Anthony on Jul 02, 2016 :
Moved from UK with family, grew up year, did all schooling here - a perth pom

It wasn't until I started travelling that I realised how the isolation of Perth really makes it an unwordly place.

Racism is acceptable, it really is hard for anyone who isn't white to be accepted, largest hate is towards aboriginals, then asians, and now africans. In other countries, I experienced Racist attitudes however these were always in whispers, in Perth you can get away with being quite vocal, without consequence because everyone agrees.

Cost of Living is extremely difficult, you need to be on about 90k+ to live comfortably, below this you will struggle to have much left over, beer, meals, fast food, electronics, grocerys - you pay more and more - I feel rich when overseas, everything seems like its on sale!

Complete cultural void - Its empty - dry - Freo or Dockers? yes football is the talking point, lack of museums, art scene, etc - A cultural experience is going to IKEA or a newly opened fast food chain, people get excited - - really really excited when Krispy Kreme opened, when seven 11 opened.

Conservative and Backward - Bogans rule - Utes, High Vis - daylight savings is a threat to people, people dont understand why anyone would want to go shopping after 5 - People go home and watch tv - theres no after work culture - like going to the pub or community activities - there arnt any.

Elitism is rampant -

Huge Drug and Drinking Problem - that has lead to crime and violent assaults - the subway in new york, the tube the metro any hour I feel no fear, in Perth I feel scared on a train after 7pm even worse on a bus.
Meth is destroying the city


High rate of Murders for a western city , and gruesome crimes, serial killings - usually related to underground groups and drugs

People can drive - though everyone has a dog eat dog attitude on the road, merging? be careful just let them go in front of you - youl be in accident -

Traffic in Peak Hour is bad for a city of only 2 million -

Long Commutes - Perth is a massive city in terms of Size it stretches all the way down a long coast line, you can expect to live up to an hour or more from your place of emplyment.

You need a car - no one can survive without one. Public transport is non existant and cant be relyed on.
#Greg on Jun 23, 2016 :
So disappointed to read many of the negative comments posted in relation to Perth.
A good broad look at any city or town in Australia should have people feeling a whole lot luckier than many others throughout the rest of world.
Australia is one very pleasant place to be & I could never bring myself to be just another SAD-SACK KNOCKER.
Australia's people have a fair level of choice on where to live & it comes down to a host of influences & choices. So, if one is not happy about any particular issue in any town or city then we are relatively easily able to make a change. No matter what all the knockers say, people happily live in cities like Perth & many other cities & towns throughout. So, putting the boot into Perth or any other place will no doubt offend a fellow Australian.
The only real horrible thing about Australia is it's population of knockers, thankfully they are relatively few.
I've recently moved from Sydney to Perth for work, yes Perth is more expensive in areas of entertainment, restaurants, bars etc, BUT, Perth did provide me employment @ this moment in my life. I've enjoyed being here & i find the city & it's people & all other things to be like all the rest of this beautiful country _ just FANTASTIC.
I may or may not stay but I'm very thankful for all it does for me & my family.
Thank you Perth, thank you Australia!

My message to all the knockers out there of this very beautiful country _ take a look in the mirror & you'll see the real problem for the land of Oz.

Cheer up folks.....Greg (Perth)
#Tony on Jun 17, 2016 :
Lived here all my life and just turned 70 years. Travelled and lived all over the world as a teacher. Art is one of my passions. The 60s and 80s was a great time to be living in Perth. Now Perth has become a cultural void. I am moving down to Albany for a year maybe retire there. For an elderly active person Perth is definitely not the place to live. If you are cashed up go to the Eastern States... anywhere... most of my friends of the same age have moved to Cairns and Sydney. I am most disappointed that my home town has become what has been mentioned by others in this group. Most of it is very true. The state government is in a dreadful mess. Then so is the Australian Federal Political situation. Good save Perth, because Colin Barnett will not, unless there is some kind of devine intervention. Is Perth sustainable is my concern and a lot of others who grew up in this nice town (was) All you living in Perth be happy and be happy if its just for a few moments a day.
#Freddie Phantasy on Jun 16, 2016 :
Look I think so much of the wild stories posted here is just dramatic fiction from the minds of the authors and often written for their own ammusement.. The only element of truth about Perth is that it can be an expensive place for housing and food.

But everywhere you go you get the good and bad of life and the grey area inbetween..
#Clive on Jun 16, 2016 :
Wow.. so many responses in here from people with an obvious chip on their shoulder or some weird hang-up about Perth. I've lived in Perth essentially all my life, and according to these people I should likely have been killed a long time ago. I've never been spat on, never been the subject of road rage or random fights, I find the people laid back and friendly and helpful.

You know, I lived in Sydney for a year, and its the only place I had a car stolen and my life threatened... but I don't hate on Sydney because of that. Judge... book... cover... ?

Personally, i don't mind it when people hang this type of crap on Perth. The less people here the more jobs for us and less traffic on the roads etc etc. So yes, stay away from Perth because we are those horrible people, just like those described in peoples rants on this forum. We're like those Australia depicted in the Simpson's Australia episode... just waiting to get ya!

Oh yeah and by the way... for those that think we are 20 years behind the rest of Australia... I certainly hope we are... you know, just like the good old days hey... LoL.

For those people searching this site for true opinions about Perth, I would suggest you go elsewhere as the negative comments in this forum are just laughable.

#Anonymous on Jun 10, 2016 :
It would truly be insane moving to Perth from anywhere else in Australia. I certainly wouldn't live here. I'm from Sydney and I'm here in Perth on holidays at the moment (big mistake) and this place is the absolute pits. What is wrong with all the people in this city? I've never seen so many disenfranchised, deluded individuals in my entire life. No rhyme or reason behind any of the exuberant and totally unrealistic prices of things here. There's no consistency with anything here, including the people of Perth and their attrocious attitudes, Perth drivers (very bad). It's a city filled with greedy, selfish, self ritious a/holes. There's absolutely no community spirit whatsoever, no sense of any type of community whatsoever really. No one wants to help anyone else but themselves, and they'll do this by whatever means necessary, be it robbing you, defrauding you, verbally abusing you or physically assaulting you. Perth is the very definition of a rude, arrogant, unwelcoming and totally un-australian city.
Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.
#Yaron on Jun 09, 2016 :
All of the hate reviews on this page are indeed regretfully spot on. Nasty people in Perth and very shallow, it's like the epidemic of the walking manakins but in real life. My hypothesis is that there is either something tainted in the water supply which turns people into mindless subservient self policing minions of the state; or there is an epidemic of some type of mild to moderate autism. There is definitely something going on with the Perth population.

Oh, and in response to all of the sharp and witty "if you don't like it leave" remarks; I already have left and I still hate the place :-D
#Mike on Jun 04, 2016 :
Perth is horrible, absolutely horrible. Unfortunately the negative comments on here are accurate i'm sorry to say.
#Lee on May 29, 2016 :
Australia is a beautiful place especially Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I have notice one thing while my 20 years in Perth. Australians are lovely people however recent migrants from England have spoiled the image of Australia. They brought there racism from England to Perth. If you visit outskirts of Perth. Those farmers are very nice people. However, if you talk about Perth especially if you are working in Perth. Its just horrible. British has taken all the jobs from Australians. Once a company hire them on 457 visa, they keep on bringing only there mates from England with 457.
#Ryan on May 26, 2016 :
Hey Benton... i guess u missed the most hilarious one from Rick

''People love to hang out in Bunnings, Coles and Woolworths''.
#Benton on May 26, 2016 :
15) Perth people shows they travel a lot but there destination is only Bali.

Rickysss comments are the best . .hahahha lol hahhahahahha . Damm can't stop laughing. You are the best Ricky
#Bam Boo on May 18, 2016 :
I think many of these comments are fiction and are really entertainment for the authors.. I wouldn't pay too much attention to them.. let it be luck water off a ducks back .. or write a humorous review yourself.. at least make it entertaining... :)
#Danny on May 17, 2016 :
Hahahahaha...I have been coming on this website month after month...wait for it...not to compare the cost of living laugh so much after reading comments about need for stand-up comedy at exorbitant prices or funny youtube videos...just visit this website...recently even a local Perth newspaper wrote an article about comments on this website...FANTASTIC! Keep writing more pleaseeee...Over and out...
#Lisa on May 11, 2016 :
Haha oh dear, so much anger!
I think you find what you look for. Perhaps some of the more angry commenters above are simply encountering their own reflections as they walk around Perth complaining about everything.
As for being a boring place; only boring people get bored. There's plenty to do and it's varied. Nature is close, parks are everywhere, the river is surrounded by cycle paths and green grass, the hills are peppered with amazing hiking trails, there are islands nearby that you can reach in a kayak, farmers markets all over the city every weekend, plus the usual plays, galleries, concerts, outdoor cinema etc; it's an amazing place for anyone with a decent attitude to life and more varied interests than just "nightlife". I love it here.
#Jim Porter on May 10, 2016 :
Following on from Ricky's comment bellow, I'm from Nassau County in New York, I was conned into moving to Perth by the computer tech company I worked for at the time who told me it was a great place to live, and that my career in the company would boom here. Well, putting my personal feelings for my previous employer aside, I can honestly say that Perth is a horrible little backward town/city. The place is filled with right wing red-neck bogans who call themselves *conservatives* but they're really just brain dead morons. Here are some of the things I've experienced in Perth over the past 5 years of living here:
1) Racism is rampant, but no-one wants to confront the reality.
2) Denial and delusion is rampant amongst most people who are zombies
3) If you try and be polite by saying hello to someone or acknowledging their presence, they'll either ignore you or glare at you with a blank vacant expression on their face like you're a freak
4) You will only ever receive a pay rise or a promotion if you're a female, size 6-8, with large silicone breasts, and have sex with the boss
5) You can not survive on a single wage, $90,000 per year will rent you a 1 bedroom bedsitter that's 550 years old with no running water and a shared toilet that doesn't flush. Or you can rent a tiny bedroom in some crack dealer's house for $500 per week
6) The entire WA state government is rife with corruption, the mayor of Perth Lisa Scaffidi and the WA Premier Colin Barnett spend massive amounts of tax payer money on gloating in their own lavish lifestyles yet no-one seems to care that their own state government are criminals and no-one wants to confront the issue.
7) People here have no empathy, and care for no-one but themselves
8) Never go out at night after 9pm or you'll get bashed
9) Perth people view you as 'scum' unless you work in mining or you're a footballer, ironically these same people are brainless bogans themselves
10) Conversations are limited to mining, football, and bunnings.
11) Perth people only ever do 4 things: drink alcohol, hang out at bunnings, hang out at woolworths or hang out at coles
12) Housing prices do not reflect reality, both the greedy home owners asking for unrealistic amounts of money for a dump and the overseas investors buying up the whole country have destroyed it all for everybody, this is similar to what happened in the US when we had the crash a few years back, it's coming here soon, I can see all the warning signs.
#Ricky on May 09, 2016 :
I am from Ireland but live in Oklahoma , USA for all my life. I moved to Perth in 2011 when mining boom was on its peak. Just to let you know that Oklahoma is the poorest and redneck state but Perth is 10 times backwards than Oklahoma . I would like to provide review for all my friends, brothers and sisters in bullet points , so they know the truth..

1) Boring
2) Racism on its peak since i arrived in 2012 . I can imagine those poor asian and blacks who came in 80s and 90s.
3) Can't go out after 10 in CBD. i mean you can but never know any time that coward punch shit happens to you
4) Customer service is the worse.
5) At work, be prepared not to get promotions. Your junior blonde will end up become your senior if you stay more than 5 years at work.
6) 5 years 5 different prime minister . YOU can imagine whats gonna happen at your level at work.
7) Road rage is common part of people's life .
8) Trains are full. You will only find seats next to Asian, indians and blacks. I am white but its heart breaking to see such racism.
9) Beaches are awesome
10) Rents are damm expensive
11) Burglaries are quite common
12) Philip Huges died...i kept my bat outside for tribute . some bogan stole it
13) Everything closes at 5 except on thursday
14) You make lot of money but cost of living is so high that you will always be hand to mouth.
15) Perth people shows they travel a lot but there destination is only Bali.
16) Flight from perth to eastern state will cost you around 400 return
17) Neighbours are friendly only if you live in excellent suburbs
18) People love to hang out in Bunnings, Coles and Woolworths.

So my friends , I would suggest you to move to East instead of west. If you don't mind depression than Perth is the best place for you
#Wig Wam Bam on May 04, 2016 :
Crikey it's a real roller-coaster with positives vs negatives reviews of this here town..

I tend to take a lot of the comments with a pinch of salt.. Sometimes it's a ploy to try and put off immigration into the town by painting a warped and horrid picture of the place, when the reality is quite the reverse.

Anywhere if you're broke isn't going to be a bundle of laughs.. but for people with well paid jobs or plenty of cash in the bank (or both).. then Perth can offer pretty well everything that any developed city can offer.. maybe on a slightly smaller scale..

Actually, if you are a penniless pauper then some cities are better than others in that they offer more support services such as free food, shelter, mobile shower trucks and clothes washing/drying trucks that come around to where outdoor sleepers habitat and provide these free services.

I've read recently that Melbourne is the best city for homeless and broke people because it offers all of these things..

Interestingly, I have also read that a lot of the outdoor sleepers prefer this to sleeping in charity shelters because the shelters can be rough and ugly and potentially dangerous too..

But all that nonsense aside... here's my made up on the spot top 8 list..

Best cities to live, work and play in Australia

1. Melbourne
2. Brisbane
3. Sydney
4. The Gold Coast
5. Perth
6. Canberra/Adelaide/Darwin
7. Hobart
8. Launceston

I didn't include country towns as I don't know enough about them..
#Anonymous on Apr 23, 2016 :
Just in case anyone has concerns about racism in the west, following is a facebook racist attack that shows a typical Bogan and the way they behave:
Sent by

Paul Moony OMG Habib Really! I step out of the room for a minute and Booom out it comes. Why didn't you tell me that you are a camel fucker or dune coon mate. I take it that your very embarrassed about it cause no one likes or trust filthy Lebo's either. This explains why Melbourne appeals to you cause coming from over there anyplace would be a huge improvement. And then considering Melbournes overrun by this shit , you seem to fit in perfectly.
Habib, I can just picture you driving around Carlton in your yellow turbocharged VL commodore with all ya mates and eating kebabs and yelling out
Fully sik bro while wearing a white singlet and black tracksuit pants. Yep a real Aussie

As you can see from this racisism is alive and well in the west
#Anon429 on Apr 15, 2016 :
Response to the comment made by Anonymous, June 20 2014:

"The crazy real estate prices and the high cost of eating out is a fairly new phenomenon that didn't exist
15 years ago ..

A lot of wealthy people with truck loads of cash (how they got it is speculative and a mystery)
and have no problem buying up loads of real estate and businesses at the drop of a hat and that's causing
real concerns for everyday working people who make their living in normal jobs...

Something crooked is happening and it's ruining this country and causing a massive wealth divide.

This divide never used to exist in the 70s and 80s and maybe not even in the 90s

Still, London is crazy with the super wealthy taking over it's city and same with New York"

People should NOT be allowed to use their investment properties as a tax write off, this is nothing more than a ponzie scheme that is indeed destroying not only Perth but our entire country. Economically it is totally unsustainable.
#Anonymous on Apr 12, 2016 :
#Jil on Apr 12, 2016 :
Oh boy! I've never had such a good laugh in a long time. Very funny comments from people so hot under the collar about Perth.

I was born in country WA and have lived in Perth for nearly 40 years. No plans to move any where else. I've travelled extensively around the world and made several trips to Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Each city and state showing its own charm and unique soul.

But I'm glad I live in Perth. Clean air, beautiful weather, flora and fauna in the suburbs, wide streets, continual improvements in public transport system, and maybe a surprise to some of you, I get good service in the shops and restaurants...effective communication helps.

Plenty of arts and cultural activities happening all the time. Fremantle packed with it.
#Drew on Mar 17, 2016 :
The negative comments on Perth seem to be coming form people who have come over here and can't cut it, most likely because they aren't sufficiently educated to get a good job.
Some came over in the mining boom and didn't find enough support.
I get people coming over all the time form the US or Asia for a look and I'm proud to show them around. Sorry if it didn't work out for you. Don't expect to come here and drive a taxi or haul truck and be a winner. There's any number of people who run small food stores, mainly form Asia, who put in the hours and not only get ahead but get their family ahead. So if you're prepared to work had we want you if not you can go back and call sour grapes (you can use all the filthy or rude language you want but it just proves my point).
#Trisha on Mar 16, 2016 :
There sure are some bitter, hateful comments about Perth in this thread. Funny how people talk about how it's boring, racist, etc., but that is far from my experience in the places I choose to spend my time. Most people I know are welcoming, liberal (in the proper sense of the word, not the Australian sense of the word), compassionate people, and would love to see all the racist bigots leave this city.

Funny how the riots by young, racist idiot gangs I've seen on the news lately haven't happened in Perth, but in Sydney and Melbourne, those oh-so-enlightened cities that are so much better than Perth.

All that said, I have no respect for our government, and can't wait for a change - though sadly it seems all the change I could have to look forward to is a change to a Labor govt, which would be pretty much as bad as the current govt is. I do wish that all the people who have ever voted for a Liberal government would wake up to themselves and take a look in the mirror. Evidently it isn't just Perth people who vote that way, though, since we have a Liberal federal govt too.

One last point to address from comments before mine - those people who booed Adam Goodes were Eagles supporters. You can't expect much more from that lot.
#East West Coaster on Mar 15, 2016 :
I kind of sit on both sides of the fence here. I moved to WA in 2007 as an 18 year old and still reside here. Albeit, In 2010 I decided that Perth was not for me (boredom being no. 1 reason) and returned to NSW. I lasted about 8 or so months and returned to Perth. Why? I guess I missed the lifestyle that I had over here- I think I took it for granted. I hung out with people that had a similar mindset to some of those on this forum. When I actually focused on the good it has to offer I found I really liked it. I think there are some great facilities, shops, entertainment, beaches, weather. Google events and entertainment in Perth- you'll find there is a bit on at any one time.

In terms of the 'Perth People', I have to agree to an extent. That has (and continues to be) the hardest thing about Perth. People here just don't have a welcoming nature. It is hard to meet people naturally; you really have to put a concentrated effort into it and even then.... Having said that, of all of my friends in Perth, 2 of them are from WA- the rest are from East Coast or overseas.

As for cost of living, I don't see what the big deal is. Now that the 'mining boom' has dwindled- more so. I am a single female in my 20's, earn 60-65k per year and have just bought my first home (a 2x1 villa) in an affluent, riverside suburb without any assistance. Prices are good for buying AND renting property at the moment. Opportune time. It all comes down to being smart with your money and budgeting. That goes for anyone, anywhere in the world- live within your means.

I say give it a go. I realise it's not for everyone but it might be for you!
#Miss Pissed-off on Mar 14, 2016 :
Goodness you guys are ungreatfull. Being negative doest'n make things better. Its your attitutes that stinks. Go to Africa and then you can see how great it is to be even living in Perth. Those things that you are complaining about is a joke. Thanks for a outrageous laught. BE GOOD!!!!
#Mr Truth on Mar 08, 2016 :
Frankly Perth is back ward, and boring, and down right unfriendly. Hostile faces every where, glum and rude people. Danger on public transport, danger in the streets, danger every where.
Not a safe city at all. One can not even speak on public transport for fear of threat and verbal abuse.
If it was at all safe , then security guards would not be needed, just to go shopping or go to the Pharmacy etc., A terrible atmosphere every where, one feels it is not a place to feel a welcome at all.
Sky high prices, very poor selection of goods when shopping, no variety at all.
I am glad I don't live there. No thanks!
One easily sees there is a sense of hostility all round.
Not for me .
I have seen far better. A terrible place.
## Mr.Realistic on Feb 06, 2016 :
Perth is a gorgeous looking City first of all, having spend most of my life in Northern Europe, I'll find it a relieve to come here. Yes, everything is expensive and nothing is perfect but it's far better then staying on a sinking boat called Europe. Watch where you're going, remember where you've been, that's the way I see it, I'm a simple man.Let's all take care of this great place and country, that would be a good start.
#Andre on Feb 04, 2016 :
"I've lived in Perth for 6,435 years" bla bla bla. look, the place sux. It's a hole. Its a backward cow paddy in the middle of nowhere. Argument over. Now STFU already. Nobody cares about where you've lived, have been to or want to go to. Stop writing your whole life story on here ok,, it's annoying and rude, Like Perth.
#Steve on Jan 26, 2016 :
I have lived in Perth for most of my life. It tends to be parochial, smug and politically conservative.

Many of its people are good (as they are everywhere), but there is too much emphasis on making money.
The quality of rental housing seems quite low and over-priced.
#yusmina on Jan 22, 2016 :
I was looking at moving to Perth but have my doubts after reading comments.

Australia is just expensive to live period! Well, people think Perth has issues well so does Sydney. I came from South east QLD to Sydney and I was in culture shock every nation on the planet seems to live here. I went into a Gloria Jeans in Western Sydney and I was the only anglo-saxon person in the place, I was at a train station were there was 80% Chinese. I'm not racist but wasn't prepared coming from QLD to the multicultural city of Sydney. Also they have no idea how to drive on the highways which are a joke in Sydney!
I've lived in country NSW, and Darwin- but wasn't phased by the aboriginals or culture up there. Lived in England, been to Asia and never experienced what I have in Sydney- I even questioned " what is it to be Australian and this wasn't the Australia I grew up in" There is nothing great about Sydney and can't wait to leave it. Minus the weather I think QLD is one of the better states to live in.
So now I'm left pondering about going to WA?

But I think it is also a reflection of the country, I think similar issues are all over Australia. Being a young country with a short history in the 18th and 19th centuries than thrown into the modern era of the 20th century I think Australia got a little "lost" and left "children" to run the country!

I think the 1990's saw a transition in the wealth and rich and the divide is obvious where ever you go to major towns and cities in Australia. But life was great in Australia in the 1970-1990's never to be repeated I think!
#Delilah on Jan 22, 2016 :
Woah, people really hate Perth, eh?
I've lived here 23 years and I really don't think it's that bad.
For context, I've also lived in Newcastle (UK) and Melbourne (AUS).
There's shitty people everywhere, just got to make sure you're not one of them.
#Malarno on Jan 21, 2016 :
Perth sux. Nothing more to say.
My company sent me here to work for 12 months, it's like living in a backward hillbilly police state. Im counting down the days to go back to Sydney. Its such a depressing place. No substance, very sanitized, artificial everything including the people who are extremely rude, arrogant and intellectually challenged. I'm not sure what exactly whent wrong with this bogan holiday resort but I'd advise everyone to avoid this place at all costs. Stay in Sydney or Melbourne, real people, plenty of substance and real culture, and the people are friendly.
#Harry on Jan 20, 2016 :
I've lived in Perth all my 53yrs and I have to admit Perth has changed for the worse. All the Govt talk about is business (trading hours, building useless quays, House and food prices etc.) There seems no community like it was 20yrs ago.There is no social issues getting raised at all.

Having said that all the people who say Perth is boring need to get a life. Do you need to be spoon fed life?

And I'm after the overhyped mining boom things will settle down and prices will fall back.
#Lay on Jan 17, 2016 :
Perth people have huge egos, self centred, narcissistic, highly aggressive, mega paranoid, money hungry, extremely shallow, superficial and materialistic, self indulgent and common. Very sad and sorry city.
#Wardas on Jan 17, 2016 :
Perth is horrible place. I move back to Sydney because the place is filled with brainless moron. Good luck.
#Dan on Jan 14, 2016 :
Have lived here in Perth over 30 years, having travelled most of Aus and lived in different countries I would have to agree with most, if not all of the negative comments about this place. A so called city of progress, couldn't be more backward if it tried and it's pricey no doubt about it. In order for me to earn money, I depend on people to build new homes which just isn't happening these days unfortunately. Building and construction is in a slump and the mining sectors bubble has burst, all in all it doesn't look good. Nobody can say with certainty if or when it'll get better.
#Sam on Jan 14, 2016 :
Staff from the City of Perth public relations dept. obviously get on here in an attempt to bump up the moral. However, all the negative reviews are 100% true unfortunately. The old "if you don't like it leave" comments are another perfect example of the articulate folk we have here (not). Part of the reason Perth folk have limited cognitive ability, is that the education curriculum is different here in Western Australia; it's the only state in Australia where schools do not have poetry and English literature in the curriculum. When kids do these subjects, the creative articulate parts of the brain become developed. When these parts of the brain are not developed (I.e. as in the Perth education system), you end up with a mediocre cognitive disposition. When you have an entire society with zero ability for cognitive articulation, you have Perth. Very sad, unfortunate, insular little place.
#Thefinalrace on Jan 05, 2016 :
Perth... What can I say. It's pretty BS. There is nothing to do. Catch up with people and all they talk about is watching TV or money. It's just... God... I'm never going back. I spent 20 years there. Left. Realised that it looks good on a postcard and that's about all. Worked. Came back for a couple of years and left again. No thanks. I don't want to spend my life sunburnt and isolated from humanity. It's surprising just how many people in Perth who work at the post office or catering and somehow they have an opinion on resource taxation and negative gearing. They are lost in their own world happy to breed amongst themselves as long as no one tells them the truth.

That said I was back there over Christmas visiting family and Jesus Christ... Even high school students talk about buying property or trying to get jobs on the mines. Didn't meet a single person who didn't want to drink or talk about working. They are thick as sh!t and I'm so glad I got out. Never again.

Fantastic place to go and retire if you're rich. Terrible place to try to start a new life or live if you're in your younger Years.