Cost of Living in Delhi

Summary about cost of living in Delhi:

Restaurants [ Edit ] Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 300.00 Rs 200.00-500.00
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 1,200.00 Rs 750.00-1,500.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 250.00 Rs 160.00-300.00
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 120.00 Rs 80.00-180.00
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 200.00 Rs 140.00-300.00
Cappuccino (regular) 123.07 Rs 80.00-200.00
Coke/Pepsi (11.2 oz small bottle) 31.23 Rs 20.00-45.00
Water (11.2 oz small bottle) 15.42 Rs 10.00-20.00
Markets [ Edit ]
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 180.80 Rs 151.42-227.12
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 24.38 Rs 18.14-36.29
Rice (white), (1 lb) 27.43 Rs 19.05-36.29
Eggs (regular) (12) 63.14 Rs 50.00-80.00
Local Cheese (1 lb) 134.35 Rs 90.72-226.80
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1 lb) 113.26 Rs 81.65-172.37
Buffalo Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 149.43 Rs 72.57-217.72
Apples (1 lb) 60.63 Rs 40.82-90.72
Banana (1 lb) 25.70 Rs 18.14-36.29
Oranges (1 lb) 30.20 Rs 20.41-45.36
Tomato (1 lb) 19.10 Rs 11.34-31.75
Potato (1 lb) 9.47 Rs 4.54-13.61
Onion (1 lb) 13.32 Rs 8.16-22.68
Lettuce (1 head) 41.13 Rs 20.00-80.00
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 28.27 Rs 20.00-35.00
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 700.00 Rs 500.00-1,100.00
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 98.79 Rs 78.00-150.00
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 185.47 Rs 120.00-275.00
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) 270.00 Rs 200.00-300.00
Transportation [ Edit ]
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 25.00 Rs 15.00-40.00
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 1,000.00 Rs 500.00-1,200.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 50.00 Rs 27.00-60.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 19.31 Rs 12.87-32.19
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 60.00 Rs 50.00-100.00
Gasoline (1 gallon) 265.25 Rs 246.05-283.91
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 790,000.00 Rs 600,000.00-910,000.00
Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 1,558,938.27 Rs 1,200,000.00-1,900,000.00
Utilities (Monthly) [ Edit ]
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 3,713.37 Rs 2,000.00-7,500.00
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.96 Rs 0.50-1.25
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 1,061.90 Rs 600.00-1,500.00
Sports And Leisure [ Edit ]
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 1,878.21 Rs 1,000.00-3,000.00
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 485.37 Rs 200.00-1,000.00
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 300.00 Rs 250.00-400.00
Childcare [ Edit ]
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Private, Monthly for 1 Child 5,148.97 Rs 3,000.00-10,000.00
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 174,266.67 Rs 96,000.00-350,000.00
Clothing And Shoes [ Edit ]
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 2,513.98 Rs 1,500.00-3,500.00
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 2,731.39 Rs 1,500.00-4,000.00
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 3,930.55 Rs 2,500.00-6,000.00
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 3,031.84 Rs 2,000.00-5,000.00
Rent Per Month [ Edit ]
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 15,385.25 Rs 10,000.00-25,000.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 9,032.26 Rs 6,000.00-15,000.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 40,039.68 Rs 25,000.00-60,000.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 22,384.00 Rs 15,000.00-30,000.00
Buy Apartment Price [ Edit ]
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 17,211.11 Rs 9,999.92-23,225.57
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 7,443.71 Rs 3,999.97-9,999.92
Salaries And Financing [ Edit ]
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 43,520.21 Rs
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 9.84 8.50-12.00

Prices in Delhi

These data are based on 8058 entries in the past 12 months from 633 different contributors.
Last update: February 2018
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42 Comments so far

#Anonymous on Feb 07, 2018 :
I think under market, you should have wheat flour (as flat Indian bread or chapati is a staple for a majority of people in North India).
#Nitish on Nov 17, 2017 :
What will be approx. estimate for single person from another state to live in delhi. excluding lodging?
#harshit on Oct 22, 2017 :
Very nice effort made this is nice... good work!
#Vishal on Oct 14, 2017 :
Please don't include sports, clothes,wine and taxi
Normal people don't use all those things.
#Nasir Jalelzai on Dec 20, 2016 :
Hello Dear.iam nasir from afghanistan i would like live in india for half three months and i am a student of architecture i want to studay arch courses there i only want to live .pleas detail me the whole information like cost of room per month ,cost of meal per month and combined cost like both room and meal
#pramod kumar maurya on Oct 16, 2016 :
This is such a great work you have done here. I am sorry could not give information about the prices here in Delhi as I am not very sure about the prices of many things which you have asked here as I do not want you to miscalculate anything here. One thing Which I thing which you could do it here with some technical help is that to PROVIDE A CALCULATOR here.So that if someone choose the specific option, the average price is added added to the cost and at the end of the calculation he could find and idea about an average how much would be the total cost one has to pay for living in the specific location.

Great work anyway !

Thanks a lot.
#Curious on Oct 14, 2016 :
I am also a high school student doing a report on India and I would very much like to know more about india and how the weather is?
#Mary on Oct 14, 2016 :
I am a high school student in New Mexico, and I am doing a report on India. I would like to know
what are your two most favorite places to shop? ,and which is the best season to visit?
#Anuj on Sep 08, 2016 :
I am from Delhi itself, this city is very versatile, you can find the rooms in 3 thousand also and if you want to stay in a posh area than the price will be high, if you live in the good area of delhi as in South Delhi, Munirka, there the price for one room will be 7000-9500 per month.However the area is good to live, the food you can find in the same price, there you can get food in cheapest also, it all depends on your living of style, In public transport i suggest you to use Bus or delhi metro, you can also negotiate with auto drivers and if not then you can also go for uber, ola or other cabs. About Delhi people i want to say that they all belong to different cities so they are having different mentalities, Crime is there in delhi or near to delhi in NCRS, so if you are late then take a taxi instead of taking lift or private cabs and also note that taxi number in front of the driver and act as you have sent the number to your friends, one of the simplest trick to avoid loot.People of delhi are good however the population is very high so the criminals are also high in numbers,
#Abdul Hadi on May 08, 2016 :
I have been in New Delhi recently, i used to pay 900 Rs per night for my stay aside with 10 Rs for each KW of electricity that i used.4
Daily since weather was warm, i used to pay more for juices and cool water as average of 150/ day.

food was good and affordable, 400-500 per day including breakfast, lunch and dinner. i strongly recommend delhi for those whom want to visit on months of september- feberuary, later than that expense increases. to see the great culture of india it really worths and i'm happy with prices. It's the same like my own country (Afghanistan).
#Harish on Apr 18, 2016 :
Rents can vary enormously depending on the locality. Decent localities - a three room house would be around INR 25,000/- per month max.
#Harish on Apr 18, 2016 :
Prices shown are very accurate I think. The only thing expensive in Delhi is buying a house because of the property bubble. Rents are however low.
#fida mohd on Apr 17, 2016 :
I need a 3 rooms apartment in delhi how much is the rent per mounth
I want to live in india For 2 years
#Divyansh on Feb 20, 2016 :
The rental prices for accommodation is a joke.
prices of groceries are withing the acceptable margin of error.
good quality of clothing AMD footwear is available at cheaper price
#Vijay Kumar Maheshwari on Jan 08, 2016 :
I live in own house and use public transport. My monthly minimum expense , all inclusive, for two people comes to around Rs. 25,000
#Expat on Nov 01, 2015 :
Delhi can be very expensive depending on how you want to live. Rent and utilities can be 1500 to 2000 plus GBP. Dinner out easily 20 to 30 without wine , wine in shops 10 pounds in restaurants much higher. Can be 10 per glass. Many food products much higher prices than given here .
To go out you generally need a car and driver, in the evening this is a necessity for personal security.
#Anonymous on Sep 17, 2015 :
Hi guys,
Do not get tensed ir scarry.Delhi is a good place to live in.
For a middle class as follows as i am staying here from past 2 yrs with below expenses.

Rent-7K- in west delhi
Food expense-200/300 per day
Doctor expense-600/ conslt.
Movie tkt-200/adult
Transpotatn cost-6000/mnth
Affordable-good food/dress materials
#Sion Mwatukange on Sep 07, 2015 :
New Delhi is nice place to live in, clothes, food are cheap if one is working (working class) then is best. Problem might be to afford property there as it might be expensive.
I would like to own a property in New Delhi on day the side of Nehru Place
#Stefan on Aug 23, 2015 :
I am going to Delhi, and I am going to need some assistance, when I am there. I need to go to the hospital and market and in general, I need a person to help me, when I am there. When I were in Nepal many years ago, we paid a local man to walk around the city translating and helping, guide and so on. Does anyone know, what prices to expect per hour for assistance? Anyone have any clue?
#Mr. Santos on Aug 23, 2015 :
I am planning to go to live in the city of Delhi for as long as a year. I just broked up with my girlfriend we were friends before we got a relationship. I have a very wealthy life in SouthAmerica, i'm kind of tired of shalow relationship because overhere they (the girls are professional firts and then girlsfriends, if you know what do I meant).

My questions is:Could have a nice way of living in the City of Delhi with 2.500,00 american dollars per month?.
#Nikhil on Aug 06, 2015 :
Living in Delhi is fun .... Left at the age of 18( delhi)
You need to own a house , car ( full size) before getting married
And income appoximstely 2lakh to 5 lakh

I been abroad for last 15 years now I am going to live
Life like a king in Delhi once return
Living in Delhi is the best u can get a meal for Rs 20/
And Rs 2000/
How u take your life but don't compromise guys
All the very best -:)
#Happy Delhite on Aug 04, 2015 :
Well, i m born and raised and "spoilt" in Delhi, (LOL)
i've done by education and currently working for past 10 years in Delhi in a nice BPO, i m earning 60,000 p.m. and enjoying the luxury of a comfortable working environment, i believe work pressure are for those who can't manage their skills and resources to the optimum use, fortunately i m able to meet my ends and enjoy a nice house (3 BHK) which i own and its not a rental, i own a bike (500 CC Ninja) and a hatchback car (i20), i have the necessities like desktop, 4 mobile phones, tv, etc which one needs. Delhi is expensive but if you can plan out - it's not that much,
i have always loved living in delhi and i wish to send my after retirement life in Delhi as well..
cheers to those who are proud to live in Delhi
#Anonymous on May 08, 2015 :
For Ashish who only makes about 600$ a month a 200$ rent is indeed very high but 200$ by western standards is extremely cheap. A single room (shared bath) at the YMCA in Delhi center costs about 10$ a night (30$ in Kuala Lumpur, 100+$ in Singapore, about 100$ in Nyc, to give you an idea). If you eat veg indian food, food is very cheap
#Suzeau on May 08, 2015 :
Always looking for cheap hotels as I am in Delhi yearly for only a month or so. Rents in hotels (
Pahar Gang area) are high for what you get, and watch out for bedbugs! . I am very low maintenance by the way. Food, if you eat in market places (near New Delhi railway station) can be extremely cheap. Transport by subway is very cheap. By rickshaw be prepared to bargain ahead of getting anywhere but affordable. Many great concerts are free. Museums/historic places are much more expensive for foreigners but very cheap by American or European standards. If you go to Delhi with an American or, even better, a European salary you will be wealthy in Delhi
#Ashish on Apr 21, 2015 :
I have been living in Delhi for last 10 years and currently getting the salary of Rs. 40,000/-. I am not able to survive here so planning to move to some other city as living costs has risen much now.

2 Two room set in a poor locality : 12,000/- per month
food charges : 15,000/- per month
Medical Expenses : 3000/- per month
Transportation : 5000/- per month

If i include other expenses there is nothing left...

What is the use of living here and doing a private job while Employers exploit employees to their extent. Especially in IT Sector...There is no life and no future. I would never recommend anyone to opt IT as the profession. There are no salary hikes only work with stress.
#Aylen on Apr 03, 2015 :
@AnIndianNonIndian:Dude,You suck,I'm sure that u are urself from some country where people are very jealous of others.
#anand mohan on Jan 07, 2015 :
Living in Delhi for 15 years.
A 2bhk flat in north Delhi...15minutes by metro ..for 25k.
A meal for one person in average restaurant 100 to 200 rs.
Minimum metro fare: 15 rs.
Minimum bus fair:5 rs.
One combo meal McD 250,rs.
Cottage chess 250 rs.
Vegetables : 20 - 100,rs. Per kg.
Doctor: Minimum 500 rs. Per consultation for a specialist one
School fee: 1000 to 20000,per month average
Its an expensive place if don't have a house of your own; a car of your own; no doctor in your family ; more kids in schools
OK place...if you have a house; you eat at home; do your household work of your own; you are healthy; completed your education and have no kids; travel by metro which is best part of Delhi. Can do basic plumbing; electrician work; carpentry movies on TV ; laptop ; smartphone; do shopping in sales or factory outlet or have no big inclination for brands; tolerate everybody on streets ; cool minded and not so honest. Because you can get original HD print of all Hollywood and Bollywood movies prints for 10 rs. And all softwares for 100-500 rs. To hell with bill gates.
#Rohit on Dec 01, 2014 :
some entries here are accurate but some are not. Surely a 3 course meal for 2 in mid-range restaurant will cost more than 900. Apartment buying rates of 15000/sqft for city centre and 6000/sqft outside city centre are off a bit also. I think it will cost about 20-25% more than the rates quoted here for very average accommodation.

Rents are where data is totally off, impossible to get a 1 bedroom in delhi centre for 13k or a 3 bhk for 35k (I myself am paying 150k/month for a 3 BHK in S Delhi of about 2500sqft)
#Anonymous on Nov 17, 2014 :
totally corrupt city and the most costliest city donot come here
#Abdul on Nov 07, 2014 :
How much is a square meter and are there any near Kolkotta International Airport.
#griffioen on Nov 06, 2014 :
I'm an expat living in delhi and I can say that most of these prices are okay depending on how you want to live, I myself live for around 25000 a month, though I share my room. The rental prices above are nowhere near close to what you can get 1 bhk easily cost 25.000 and 3bhk cost somewhere around 55-60.000 rupees.
#Maurice on Oct 19, 2014 :
I am going to Delhi in a week and I'm curious to see how accurate these prices are. I will be sure to share my experience with everyone
#ashish on Sep 11, 2014 :
I just want to know why the same water bottle like kinley or aquafina sale @ 40 rs/ liter in malls and in some restaurant while there original price is 18-20 rs/ liter
#AnIndianNon-Indian on Aug 29, 2014 :
Someone pointed out that that these data reflect the poor people not him.

Look at the average salary indicated here people. A sample of people with an average of Rs 36000 per month are not poor.

IMHO people are looking for reflection of their lifestyle in these data. Prices levels indicated are average. It would be unreasonable to expect that average in each category will match actual expenses in each category of your individual expenses.

As Victoria pointed out, expats should not rely on these to reflect what their actual costs will be. I am not sure if it's possible to live by totally western standards in India. Lot of money is spent by Indians in the pretense of "living" up to western standards.

There is someone I know, who was paying more than hundred thousand a month in Gurgaon in a desirable community. At the first glance, the house appeared "western". To an expat, it might look upscale Indian. Most residents appeared to be desirous of maintaining their "western standards" on return to India after a living abroad for a few years. Whilst you had strong hints of living in India as long as you were inside the community parameter, the moment you step out of the community, you were definitely in India with the smell and all. Residents of the community would walk their dogs outside the parameter and let the dog do its business there with no concern for what their responsibility was. What if someone, who lived in "India", walked their dog inside the community?

The measure 85 sq meters has different meanings in different countries. IN some, it's the actual living space while in India, I think, it includes common areas such as common corridors. If you cool or heat your living spaces, it will be expensive as Indian homes have no insulation. Building standards have not kept pace with the life style rapidly being copied by Indians.
#Ashish on Aug 02, 2014 :
Bullshit! Most of these are halved or 1/3rd the actuals, leaving the price for food which is still lower than actual, but not so varying.

You can't get anything anywhere in a decent place for 25000 as far as a 1 BHK is concerned for example.

The people who seem to have fed this data belong to poor families, cause no way utilities for a 85 m2 house are less than 9000-10000 a month, perhaps they did not even know what 85 m2 is.

In city center, houses are at 30000 for a 1 BHK.

And local cheese for example is 300 for a Kilo, perhaps these people who have fed this live in 2005 or are poor people who live and buy from low quality, dicey markets.

A meal at a decent restaurant, 3 course, mid range is 2000-2500. Who are we kidding?
#Avaline on Jul 28, 2014 :
I left Delhi in 2002 at a salary of Rs. 22,000/month which at the time was considered well paid. A loaf of bread cost us Rs. 10. Now, it is double the price. I feel for the people of New Delhi now having to live under such a high cost of living. Especially since (it seems from many of the comments that) the numbers above are underestimates at best. I hope and pray that the economy of India is able to come to a balance so they are able to control the speed at which costs are rising.
#Anuj on Jul 23, 2014 :
This is Crowd sourced ,so you can add in your prices as you go , hopefully many ppl add in so that we can get a mean of all the Values , which pretty much should give a rough idea of what's to come.
#Laura on Jul 19, 2014 :
Please revise your info on house rentals in Delhi, its probably double of what you have put... unless you want to live in a hole
#Dr.Viral on Jul 17, 2014 :
Rentals are way higher. Now way you can get a descent one bedroom house in south delhi for 13000 or a 3 bhk for 32000. Its double of that if you want anything half descnet.
#ABBAS on May 29, 2014 :
Good, i have gotten an information i am looking for. I will enjoy my studies in India.
#KMK on Mar 24, 2014 :
The information I have found on this totally erroneous. It is not clear what kinds of areas have been taken into account. Any area which is even half way safe, clean and livable cannot deliver a 3-bedroom apartment in the Centre of the City at the amount given above. Location, location, location.
The restaurants used in the above survey have to be mediocre. Good food and hygienic food comes at a price. There are certain food items one needs to buy that don't fall under the local category and they make your shopping basket very expensive. Even though there is interesting information on this site, a lot of it is misleading. Wake up guys! Delhi in many areas has become more expensive than New York.
#Kaku Boston on Feb 27, 2014 :
This information is perfectly Valid.. and If you've paid more that shown data.. it's your fault.. Delhi is my home city and I've been living here since I was born.