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Crime Index: 67.79
Safety Index: 32.21

Crime rates in Manila, Philippines

Level of crime
76.74 High
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
73.03 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
66.95 High
Worries being mugged or robbed
72.38 High
Worries car stolen
68.37 High
Worries things from car stolen
65.18 High
Worries attacked
66.37 High
Worries being insulted
55.29 Moderate
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion
41.18 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs
66.37 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
73.24 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
74.71 High
Problem corruption and bribery
83.63 Very High


Safety in Manila, Philippines

Safety walking alone during daylight
50.84 Moderate
Safety walking alone during night
24.72 Low

Contributors: 90

Last update: March, 2015

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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39 Comments so far

#zendiac on Mar 17, 2015 :
Thegreatdane is obviously an ignorant fuckwit-probably american. Do you really believe that people have much choice of poverty/riches, easy for you to say this about one of the poorest countries on earth. As for tourist money, of course they want your money, what country does not want a tourist dollar. you are a fucking idiot, stay away from Phillipines-Go to africa and catch something
#Jody on Mar 07, 2015 :
#Bob who spoke of child sex trade... You should be very careful in making assumptions about the ages of the females you observed. You are not from any of the Asian countries and have no foundation on which to base your assumption. My 38-yr-old fiancee looks like she's barely 20, and that is NOT uncommon at all.
#kiora on Jan 30, 2015 :
Always intended to go to manila but till now have not.After reading all the comment l might change my mine. BANGKOK,kuala lumpur,jakarta all aresafe even at nite.....
#Bob on Jan 28, 2015 :
In response to Mark's comment questioning those of us who indicated that the Philippines is unsafe, I would like to say that his comment is sheer and utter nonsense. The fact is that many parts of the Philippines are unsafe - and no, people aren't "looking for it". The fact is that Manila is unsafe. My daughter in law, who was born and raised in a village 60 miles north of Manila and has worked there also indicates that it is unsafe. Her father and mother also said it is unsafe and that under no circumstances should my spouse and I ever walk about the city alone. And no, we aren't "flaunting" wealth. We would not wear watches, expensive clothes, etc. However, we are not Philippinos; and that was enough, in our relatives' opinions, to make it unsafe.
#Mark on Jan 16, 2015 :
I get a kick out of the majority of the posters saying that Manila and the surround areas are dangerous. You should all be frank about why you went to the Philippines and then perhaps your statements would have less bearing. I've freely walked / talked, traveled, the Philippines and various places throughout most cities in the PI.

For those referring to seeing sex trade, then more than likely you're looking to see that type of stuff. For those worrying about being assaulted day or night, then more than likely you're in an area looking for something that put you at those risks.

There are thousands of places in the US, Europe that I wouldn't go day or night, and the same goes for the Philippines as any other major metropolis would be like.

Manila and it's surrounding cities has expanded to what most westerners couldn't afford and perhaps that is why there is little talk about those places, but in all, you get what you place yourself into. Do your studying before arriving to Manila as you should before going to any country or city in the PI or elsewhere.

Visit Global city, Makati, Quezon city, Rockwell area and you'll feel either right at home, or out of place because you can't afford to be there.

The old town is has made leaps and bounds but still has petty crime as most big cities have around the globe.

Rule of thumb is don't flaunt it and you'll more than likely be able to keep it. :)
#H. Rowe on Jan 04, 2015 :
I agree that Makati is a relatively safe place to be both day & night, but don't do obvious things out in the open ,like outside ATM or pull out a wad of money in Jolibee/McDos etc.
Just take enough money with you to pay fares & food then if robbed you don't loose much.
Beware the nice looking girls who will freely give you their mobile number then on their third text to you may say that their mother is in hospital & can you help them with the costs, haha so many times this has happened to foreigners. I was robbed of 3 credit cards & 200 pesos in my wallet on the LRT from Guadaloupe to Boni so put your wallet in your socks or an inside zipped pocket. Any trouble with taxi-drivers just scream at them to stop & when you exit the taxi leave te back door open & may teach them a lesson, happened twice in two year period. Beware the rental deposit (2 Mths) as you may not get any back as they make you wait 2 mths & then you are back home & can do nothing. Otherwise Filipinas are nice people & beautiful in their teens & twenties, I know I marred one 3 yrs ago & yet to meet her family in the Provinces.
#Bob on Dec 18, 2014 :
My spouse and I came to Manila this past October as our son was marrying a Philippine lady from the province of Pampanga. We stayed one night at a five star hotel near the airport before we were picked up by the family. We wanted to walk to a mall, which was about 6 minutes from the hotel. We were advised by hotel staff that for our personal safety we should be driven there and back by a hotel shuttle. We took a private tour of Manila the next morning and were shocked at the level of poverty and homelessness in a number of places. We also observed child sex tourism activities carried out very openly at the five star hotel - fourteen-ish looking girls with white, oriental and black men in their fifties and sixties. Our daughter-in-law, who works in Manila said that it was generally an unsafe city and that if she did not have to work in Manila, she would not do so. She also said that my spouse and I would not be safe walking around Manila, except in several smaller upscale areas. Her father, who is an auxiliary police man, escorted my spouse and I to bank machines so as to make sure we were not robbed. We spent three days at Boracay at a great resort on the beach and it was terrific; and as much as the population surrounding the resort is poor, we did not feel unsafe at any location. We also spend time in the Province of Pampanga and in the larger, more commercial areas, like malls, we were safe. However, in the more remote rural areas people stared at us - and not always in a welcoming way. We have been to more than 35 different countries, including Columbia, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Mexico and Thailand - and in my opinion, we felt unsafe in the Philippines more than any of these other countries.
#timjoc on Dec 16, 2014 :
I'm 20 and my boyfriend 17.(both boys) We're going to phillipines within two months. Is it a good or bad idéa to visit Manila? We want to look around and go party. The plan is to stay like 3 days, and then go to Boracay. But as far as I know the change to get robbed seems to be more likely than not be.... I've read many stories of people who had to bribe the cops for doing nothing.

(for example someone random outside the disco/club/gogo begin to talk to you, seems nice, and then tell you to follow to a better party.... You walk like one minute, and then they are: cops who say you've sold drugs or had sex with a minor or anything like that...) And that my friends, is the most fear I have to going to Manila...

So if that or something near that would happen, what should I do? Bribe them with $100? Or it there something smart I could say? Like a name, a thing I will do if they don't let me go, or anything?

And which parts of the city is most safe, and which should I not visit at night?

## norwen on Dec 04, 2014 :
i everyone. I'm a cop from the Philippines . I can say that all through out my stay in the Philippines; most of the people here are nice, and they're not looking for your money. They ain't going to take your money unless criminals. I think everywhere in worlds has criminal so don't generalized Filipinos.
Truthfully, many of the Filipinos are God fearing person, maybe it just happened that one of you were scammed in the Phil. but not all of the people here are thieves.
Though i accept the fact that the crime is continuously increasing, the government and the Police are still with its continuing effort to give the citizen and tourist a safer place to enjoy.
Wish you come to Phil it is still a better place.. :)
#jpete on Nov 27, 2014 :
To all these people who are generalizing the Filipinos, you seriously need to check your hateful and ignorant attitudes. This is absolutely ridiculous. User TheGreatDane tells all Filipinos to "wake the fuck up" and have some self respect. Well to that pitiful ignoramus, you need to learn some self respect yourself as you are obviously depraving yourself. Having spent years and years in the Philippines, I can say that these are some of the most good natured and caring people on the planet. Yes, there are many people who commit awful crimes but to categorize all Filipinos in this way is completely ridiculous. And quite offensive. People here have the audacity to say that they hate everything about the Philippines. How can anyone say that? Have they visited the entire place? Have they seen it's beauty? There are thousands of islands, have they been to them? Have they even talked to anybody at all? Because it truly sounds like they haven't done anything, period.
#Western Sage on Nov 12, 2014 :
Remarkable how few of those who know the perils of the place hang on in there for months and years.
#Eric on Sep 05, 2014 :
Who can live in a country where you have to be afraid to be assaulted at any time, especially as a foreigner or visitor. I met many pinays and I am sad to say that the majority of them were liars, scammers, cheaters or even criminal. Some of them even used to be between 18 to 20 years of age or younger. Many pinays are selfish, money-minded and only care about their own families and themselves. In certain parts of the city there is a serious risk of being assaulted or robbed at any time of the day.
#Mike on Jul 05, 2014 :
Hello everybody. I'm Mike from Russia.

I read the latest review of the Philippines and the Filipinos. I don't understand how to hate people of other nationalities and to think that only in Europe and the US have real people, and all the rest is just a waste.
My wife Philips and I know the people firsthand. The real truth is that the Philippines is a wonderful, good-natured, open and cheerful people. Yeah they do not live richly. This is the USA made them so, that the United States has always humiliates them, as with many other Nations on earth. The US is the real evil on earth.

I sincerely love my wife Filipina, I love Filipinos, I love Manila. I love the Philippines.

I love them all! Yes God bless them!
#TheGreatDane on Jul 01, 2014 :
To be honest I kinda hate the Philippines - especially Manila.
What a fucking shithole. Dirty everywhere. Foreigners are NOT respected they are normally just seen as "cash cows".
Sorry - but that is a fact.
I hate the poverty, I hate how every fucking Filipino thinks that all foreigners are loaded with money, I hate the scamming, stealing, snatching.....yeah I almost hate everything there.

My girlfriend lives there...I want to get her out of there, but not very easy coz she has some kids.

When I was there about 1 year ago, I talked to an older guy, who used to work quite close to F. Marcos - meaning in his staff. I know that Marcos was not gods gift to mankind, but the old guy told me that actually many Filipinos were better off back then under Ferdinand Marcos. Poverty has risen, and people are struggling more nowadays to survive in the Philippines than maybe 25-30 years ago.

I know there are many nice people in the Philippines of them is my GF. I know people in general are nice. But many Filipinos are so poor they will kill or steal to have food on the table.

I think the Filipinos should try to get some self respect. They should start respecting foreigners and to a higher extent they should allow foreign investments.

The Philippines have all the natural ressources. There is no nature law that says that The Philippines has to be a poor country.

But if the Philippines want to experience more wealth among the "normal" population they should start by not getting so many kids. They should fight corruption with every fucking possible method.

I just fear that corruption will still be a BIG issue in the Philippines in 100 years, because no one really wants to fight it.

So to all Filippinos: Wake the fuck up - respect foreigners, and dont forget they are not all loaded with money. And most important: Fight corruption with all the power you got.
#gery on Jun 26, 2014 :
I have been working in tondo manila for a few month and living in quezon city and manila and I felt good everywhere. Well I was never going to tondo by night of course but still ppl were really nice. I found of course a lot of scammer on my road (taximen more than tricycle drivers who are most of the time very nice, beggars, young scammers and one time in Cebu I caught a guy trying to steal my phone in a jeepney) but they are very obvious. Like anywhere else be careful and try to know a bit about the culture. Filipinos are so nice and smiling people. They love to sing and it always bring joy. Love so much this country where I travelled all over. You ve to go there!!!
#Jac Meoff on Jun 16, 2014 :
Like any other countries which were occupied by the Spaniards during Colonial times, The Philippines is just as corrupt forever! The Govt or any politicians whoever they vote in the next Thousand years would still be the same!They don't wanna be colonize by the Yankees because the filthy rich who bribe the govt will be out of business. Same Shit different day as you know!The country is almost 80 percent Catholics or Christians but everybody is the same. No discipline and even the Catholic Church think they are still the Spanish rulers coz they have the power to tell the Govt what to do. Lastly, you have to pay everybody if you want good service even your best friend! if you have the mullah you can get anything even the illegal merchandise. Politician Family rule the land like the Ming Dynasty!
#Anonymous on May 20, 2014 :
i live in Manila for almost 10 years now and had no misfortune experience, thank God. I almost got a victim of the dura gang (spit gang) on a jeepney ride near buendia but since i was alert it helped me save myself. You just have to be alert, you have to know the place, stay in well lighted areas or streets, always have a companion and another secret is not to dress too much that you'll look like you've got something for those robbers. it's safer in makati, the fort bgc even in the middle of the night. BUt if you can avoid staying late outside, it's the best weapon.feel your gut, follow your instincts. :)
#Juan on Feb 21, 2014 :
Just being white is dangerous in the Philippines, as many Filipinos think all white men are wealthy. Although the nicest people in the world come from the Philippines, there is a high percentage of the population that have a very low mentality, plus they are starving for anything they can get. The population of the Philippines is also insane, the government should be doing more about birth control and get the Catholic church out of government affairs.
#Skychurch on Jan 16, 2014 :
Philippines now is a mess. Robbers everywhere, Police nowhere. These robbers thinks that police don't have any offensive strategy to neutralize them that is why they are free to roam anywhere in metro manila to rob, steal, carjack, rape and other evil deeds.
#cp on Jan 09, 2014 :
I was in Manila with my Fiance who is Filipino and had no problems. We even went locally, but never at night
#Anonymous on Jan 02, 2014 :
We've lost around 400k in the previous year of 2008 and another 400k in this year of 2013.. their organized crimes here and private army, which is not petty crimes. and since the president was elected there are more crimes now than before.
#Anonymous on Jan 02, 2014 :
and for those who thinks they have never been robbed before here, in the future you will be, we have never been robbed before till this christmas , which they are desperate enuff to robb on christmas seasons, (that means you will be robbed in any future), i came here because i havent been robbed before trusting that im living in philippines is safe but i experienced it finally, so eventually you will be robbed just not now by staying in the philippines.
#Dickson Dane Li on Jan 02, 2014 :
It's now time for us to buy guns like in texas, you have the right to protect yourself. freakin shotgun to disassemble those crooks face, or a gloc-9 thru their head, they dont have right to own you.
#Dickson Dane Li on Jan 02, 2014 :
Philippines is a theft country almost anywhere you go, we got broken in our shop and our home tied us up, and also stole cctv's cameras, and stole our cars side mirrors left and right, also they somewhat like tresspassin on anyones lot, its not time to buy a gun here, and protect yourself if anyone tresspasses will be shot on sight, and put a sign if someone tresspasses you will be shot on sight.
##Virus on Dec 26, 2013 :
I myself came from Philippines and not because I want to turn my country down, but honestly crime rate are too high to manage. Recently, my mother was been robbed and killed inside our ancestral house and the police are all over but in order for them to investigate you need to give some money for the police vehicle fuel. Its really funny and I think the government has to do something to prevent corruption. My suggestion is to implement the law more and perhaps the benefits of the police need to take a look by the government. Until now the case of my mother is still with the prosecutors office, and we are still waiting. Ironically, if you are going to compare laws between the Philippines and in example UAE. In the Philippines people are afraid of the police because they have guns but in UAE look at the police they only bring a stick but people don't commit crime its because they are afraid of the law and these things should be considered by Philippine government. Have a nice day everyone
#jake on Aug 24, 2013 :
If you are not a good person all manileño can kill you
But if you are a good guy 100% you are safe here in manila.
#Anonymous on Aug 12, 2013 :
If you have street smarts you'll do fine. Avoid being in crowded areas like Divisoria as they're prone to pickpocketing. Scams are pretty obvious. Don't go alone in the dark especially if the area is scattered with shady guys and drunkards. Not all beggars are beggars, some have accomplices waiting around. Bribing for traffic crimes are common. Take note of the Taxi meter. Source: I'm a Filipino and that's what I observed. But really it's safe if you know how to avoid.
#alex on Aug 02, 2013 :
its true there is crime in the philippines like any other country, but i myself have been to the philippines 12 times from manila to cebu to davao and on and on , and i can honestly say that ive never had any real bother about the obvious little cons from people who like to do you out of a few pesos , these people think there clever but there not even good thieves you know its happening, however for the sake of a few pence its not a big issue, i still got to the philippines twice a yeasr so dont let anybody put you off from travelling there its safer than most cities in uk.
#chababs on Jul 06, 2013 :
ohhhh manila is where i live and i have never been robbed
#John on Jun 04, 2013 :
I've lived here in Manila for 8 years now. I have personally never been robbed. I don't hang out in Ermita, which is a noted high crime area. A money changing place tried the "money counting, pull bills back trick" scam on us early on.

I have been driving for 7 years now. I, too, have taxi horror stories. If you insist on calling the police, the taxi driver will back off. The police will take hours of the taxi drivers time (and yours also). They are also bigger thieves than the taxi drivers. You can insist on going through the local Barangay system over a civil dispute. You will have 3 meetings over a month period. You, of course, will be long gone before the third meeting. (You are required to go only to the last meeting, if you want to settle). Then the problem will go to court for 5 to 20 years.

Ironically, my wife and I were obvious tourists in Cebu recently. Not once did a taxi driver try to cheat us there.

BTY, the police in Ermita get payoffs from the criminals, so you can find your stolen property at the police station, if you hurry. One woman caught the Ermita police and criminals dividing her stolen property.

When you get in a taxi, take a picture of the information and (on the sly) the taxi driver. That is good protection. A taxi driver can get his driver's license suspended for two months for refusing to take you (and on the meter) somewhere.

#Bryan on Apr 30, 2013 :
I feel safer walking in the central entertainment areas of Manila (Makati, Bonifacio Global City) than I do in ANY western capital. No binge-drinking local thugs, plenty of lighting, great service in restaurants etc. Don't believe the negative comments till you've visited there. And don't be stupid and go to the poor, high-crime areas.
#muz on Apr 21, 2013 :
the ppl in manila are stupid and useless rude and total scammers, i would never tell anyone to go to philippines, i would not even tell an enemy to go there. All they want is your money and they dont even try to beg with a smile. I have been all over philippines and its the same everywhere there. Dont believe ppl who says its awesome there coz they just say that coz they feel brainwashed to say that, they are to shy to let everyone know they were treated like crap.
#Samcoul on Mar 23, 2013 :
Quite a large amount of gang crimes around that way think a few people were killed there a few years ago, I know the police are well trained though, but still would not class this as safe.
#Jake on Mar 13, 2013 :
I am from Auckland NZ.I feel safer in Manila at night then what I do I Auckland. Being a pacific Islander I tower above them so I think they are afraid of me. but use caution just like every country
#Anonymous on Mar 12, 2013 :
beware of fake notes. cabs and convenience stores. check what you use to pay and check any any recieved in change. if you remember a few digits of the serial number you can protect yourself against switches by cashier.
#John! on Nov 28, 2012 on Jan 06, 2013 :
Beware of CAB drivers in Manila. Make sure they use the meter and not quote you a flat rate. You will almost always save, half or more of the fare, if the meter is used. Cab drivers also will tell you that they don't have change, which I found to often times be a lie. So have change also.
#max taylor on Jan 05, 2013 :
Watch out for street kids! They will approach you for money, some as young as 3-4 years old. Often the mother will be nearby and it has been reported that, at times, they will attempt to bribe tourists, especially single white male travellers, by saying they have physically/sexually assaulted them.
I tend to raise my hands so they cant say such things but then you have to watch your pockets! Dont give in. As heart wrenching as it if you give to one, a whole bunch of kids will come and they will approach you every time they see you. If you dont, they will leave you alone...eventually.
#Archipelago on Jun 19, 2012 :
Some areas (such as Makati) are fairly safe. Many areas are very dangerous at night, especially if you are alone. Just be in your home or hotel before dark and Manila can be enjoyable. After dark travel (walking or taxi) with companions.
#jerryf01 on Mar 09, 2012 :
Avoid the masa , you do that and you have no problems. The masa idea of a good life is sit in front of sari-sari store drinking run or brandy on someone else's dime, picking up loose change anyway possible, Yeah, including what ever.

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