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Consumer Price Index (Excl.Rent): 126.52
Rent Index: 68.69
Groceries Index: 119.84
Restaurants Index: 123.32
Consumer Price Plus Rent Index: 98.53
Local Purchasing Power: 98.26

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Restaurants [Edit] Avg.
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 20.00 A$
Meal for 2, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 100.00 A$
Combo Meal at McDonalds or Similar 9.00 A$
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) 9.00 A$
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 9.00 A$
Cappuccino (regular) 4.29 A$
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) 3.17 A$
Water (0.33 liter bottle) 2.76 A$
Markets [Edit] Avg.
Milk (regular), (1 liter) 1.64 A$
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 3.12 A$
Rice (white), (1kg) 2.81 A$
Eggs (12) 4.74 A$
Local Cheese (1kg) 11.25 A$
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1kg) 12.55 A$
Apples (1kg) 4.37 A$
Oranges (1kg) 3.90 A$
Tomato (1kg) 4.91 A$
Potato (1kg) 2.80 A$
Lettuce (1 head) 2.32 A$
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 2.83 A$
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 17.00 A$
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 5.21 A$
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 4.96 A$
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) 20.00 A$
Transportation [Edit] Avg.
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 4.00 A$
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 140.00 A$
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 4.70 A$
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) 1.90 A$
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 48.10 A$
Gasoline (1 liter) 1.50 A$
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 28,000.00 A$
Utilities (Monthly) [Edit] Avg.
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment 269.98 A$
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.89 A$
Internet (6 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 71.65 A$
Sports And Leisure [Edit] Avg.
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 75.52 A$
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 24.08 A$
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 18.00 A$
Clothing And Shoes [Edit] Avg.
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 109.94 A$
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 74.77 A$
1 Pair of Nike Shoes 159.89 A$
1 Pair of Men Leather Shoes 157.05 A$
Rent Per Month [Edit] Avg.
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 2,083.86 A$
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 1,433.01 A$
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 3,606.43 A$
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 2,213.60 A$
Buy Apartment Price [Edit] Avg.
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre 8,141.73 A$
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 5,639.75 A$
Salaries And Financing [Edit] Avg.
Average Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax) 4,581.44 A$
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly 6.00

These data are based on 3455 entries in the past 18 months from 310 different contributors.

Last update: April, 2014

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56 Comments so far

#Mick on Apr 20, 2014 :
thats the idea behind a public forum, the spelling does not have to be (and is not expected to be) perfect. I do not applaud you for attempting to deviate people's attention towards matters of little to no importance such as misspellings, instead of the obvious problems we are now facing as a society. You and Lisa Scaffidi would get along like a homeless person on fire, i mean like a house on fire. You could both get blind drunk together and discuss your plans to spend more taxpayer funds on inconsequential rubbish like a NY Statue of Liberty in the Swan River. After that, you could both drive home to Subiaco blind drunk and crash into your neighbor's home. But don't worry, you will still have Scaffidi and Barnett's full support and will retain your position in public trust in spite of being charged with 10 separate criminal offences. Then, after all of this, you can both go on a chair sniffing rampage across WA and increase your public trust and public support. Sound Good?
#Mick on Apr 20, 2014 :
#Sambo on Apr 18, 2014 :
I don't live in Perth and here's why.

1. Everything is expensive and over priced
2. House prices and rentals are over the top - more so than Melbourne and Sydney
3. It's just too damn hot in summer
4. It's a small city and it is reported to have a lot of people who are rough, uncultured, rude and tons of bogans roaming the streets
5. It's boring, people just sit around and dream of a better life (mind you, that happens everywhere...)
6. It's had it's time, it used to be relaxed and cheap - now everyone's fighting to keep up with the Jones.

My advise, get your act together and give yourself a better life someplace else (unless you really like it of course...).
#Caro49 on Apr 14, 2014 :
Well, I am about to visit Perth from the UK and I notice that all these negative comments are written by those who are unable to spell properly!!! In fact, they appear to be written by those not having had a proper education. Mark I applaud your positivity and wish you and your family all the very best - you will go far as you sound has though you have a positive, hardworking attitude.
#Steve on Apr 09, 2014 :
I disagree jerry, from your perspective in regards to being sent here yes, they are negative comments which are valid. However, the comments indicate that people are waking up and not just hypnotising themselves into a false sense that everything here is normal. Things here are very far from normal; our state elections are rigged as no person with any sanity would ever vote for the current idiot, unless of coarse the entire state is completely and utterly insane which is probably also true. I'm very sorry for your situation Jerry, possibly request a transfer to Melbourne or Sydney, these places are actually livable financially, the people are not all hostile aggressive yokels, the drinking water isn't riddled with brain destroying carcenagens (probably the source of the problem in Perth) and the Mayor & Premier of these locations are not entirely motivated by self interests. Much healthier places to be in my opinion, both physically and psychologically. Best of luck, and may god be with you on your journey through hell (Perth). ;-)
#Jerry on Apr 09, 2014 :
Wow all the comments are negative!,
Feeling fucked now as we got skilled migration to Perth. Stuck there for 2 yrs.
#Joebloggs on Mar 10, 2014 :
Wow. I feel quite depressed after reading all the negative feedback about my new home. I've been here 4 months with my wife and kids and whilst I agree it is expensive it is also a very pretty city with lots to offer. I earn less than the average wage and we live on a single income due to the high cost of child care meaning it not worth my wife going out to work. Every big city is expensive and has it's share if violence so nothing unique to Perth. Cost of living not great but worth it to live in a beautiful city.
Drivers are dreadful, indigenous people can be idiots but then so are most people on occasions.
Lovely city and happy to call it home! Thank you Perth. Wish I'd made the move from the UK years ago.
And here starts the abuse...
#Michael Solecki on Mar 07, 2014 :
the mayor, Lisa .M. Scaffidi just spent a whole heap of taxpayer money on an investigation into the legitimacy of perth street beggars. Great to see our tax dollars being filtered into inconsequential issues of little to no importance. The woman has the mental capacity of a walnut, and should be dismissed immediately for compromising public trust and the irresponsible/reckless spending of taxpayer money.

Meanwhile, mental health problems and actual homelessness are out of control, families are living out of their cars due to not being able to afford rent. All while these idiots in power are throwing OUR MONEY into inconsequential matters such as the above mentioned, giant green plastic cactuses, a financially unviable shark culling project thought up by that other peanut in spite of the fact that there is a 99.2% less expensive and HUMANE way of producing an even more effective result (electronic wave shark repellents are available for large areas such as beaches, and they are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN as being 100% effective).

Its time for the people of Perth to demand that these whack jobs in power who have truly lost all touch with reality step down from their positions for breach of public trust.
#David Cambel on Mar 07, 2014 :
Yes it's so nice to see our ignorant criminally insane government and lord mayer *invest* millions of taxpayer dollars into a giant green deformed penis/cactus thingy in place of matters of actual importance. I didn't vote for that sociopath so don't blame me for the state of this god forsaken city.
#Elizabeth on Mar 07, 2014 :
Lmfao mr grumble :-D you such a troll hahaha but so very tru about freakin uni, just a trap to financially enslave people to a student loan only to be brainwashed with some 200 year old idealism. Individual creative expressionism or the acknowledgment of infinite possibility is never encouraged or allowed at uni, yet this is the true measure if ones intelligence. Someone announces a uni degree I think to myself 'great another walking human archive of 200 year old idealism'. What a backward society we live in, Unfortunately Perth is at the extreme end of that backward scale. Little people, with little minds, living in a little world, who go no further than Channel 7 to seek truth. And yes, what the hell is that disgusting green thing in Forrest Chase? It does actually look like a giant mutated penis you're right lmfao. Although I think it's supposed to be a cactus, Perth people consider this monstrosity a work of art, it's not hard to see the level of lack regarding the cognitive factor of Perth people. I'm one of the lucky ones, I'm not here permanently, only working here temporarily thank god, what a hole this place is
#Mr. Grumble on Mar 07, 2014 :
No Mark, you're wrong. Your 'hard sience degree' has proven what? That you have the ability to be a sheep. University degrees prove that a person has the ability to regurgitate propaganda, and if you regurgitate enough of that propaganda then you get given a piece of paper to prove that you can regurgitate propaganda well (aka: a degree). Perth people are sheep, they follow the pack, never admitting that there may be a major problem in 'their' city; they relly on mainstream media to give them their dose of worldly information aka: their little bubble. Mark= typical Narcissistic Perthian Sheep; has to announce his 'hard degree' so we can worship his 'intelligence' (brainwashed zombiness) without allowing it to be too obvious, after all he is just a 'simple ol country boy' god bless him. You're wrong Mark, Wrong wrong wrong. I am right. Everyone knows I am right. You are bad Mark, very bad. Because you are wrong; you are bad. Bad bad bad. And i dont mean like 'Michael Jackson Bad' either, I mean like 'that big green bio mutated plastic penis in Forrest Chase that is supposed to be a multi million dollar work of art' Bad. Bad Bad Bad Mark. Wrong. Wrong. Plastic green bio mutated penis.
#Mark on Mar 06, 2014 :
Hi everyone, I'm Mark. I have a problem. I like living in Perth and think it's a pretty good place.

I've lived in Perth since I came here from the country to go to university to get a hard degree in pure science. I come from a working class background, my father drove trucks. The only leg up I remember getting was when I learn't to ride a horse at the state school I attended.

I've lived here for some time. I've raised two kids here, both of whom are now on the cusp of making their own way in the world. I've worked in a variety of jobs, including a stint in London. I like to travel and see how the rest of the world lives. Nevertheless, I still like the rock I live under.

Am I wearing the proverbial rose coloured glasses? I think not. My original post pointed out that Perth is not without it's problems. It would be silly to suggest otherwise. However, contrary to what seems to be suggested in this less and less interesting forum, the overwhelming majority of people I know go about their daily lives in Perth without the gut wrenching angst and disaffection that seems popular amongst other posters.

I've never been spat on. Last time I looked I was still living in the real world.
#Tremil on Mar 06, 2014 :

Nope, I left Perth 12 months ago and went back to NSW for all of the reasons mentioned by others on this thread.
And I can assure you that I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO PERTH!!! Unless forced to at gunpoint.
I am now living amongst sain people and enjoying my life NSW.

No more having to see big brawls in the streets, no more being spat on by indigenous folk, and no more being robbed by crack addicts and alcoholics.
I'm much happier here in NSW thanks.
#Mate on Mar 06, 2014 :
My family has lived in Perth for 25 years and have witnessed many changes , house prices cost of living social problems etc etc
Things don't seem to be as good in Perth as they were , but isn't that the same where ever you live . The main thing is your health and keeping a positive attitude .at the end of the day nobody gets anything handed to them , you have to get up and work for it no matter what colour or race.
If you have come here from another state or over seas and not happy then it is easy to return , but before you do ask yoursel why you came here in the first place
Then go back for a holiday and I can assure you it won't be long before your back in Perth .
#Leah on Mar 06, 2014 :
There are pockets of nice houses but move 1 street over and all of a sudden it turns into a living hell.

Its pure luck that you don't get a house with public housing next door. The best way to avoid it is to take a drive to the house you want to rent/buy.

From the comments a vast majority agree that Perth is not a nice place to move to or live in. Its great for work if you can find it. Sorry to say the index, the comments, type Perth housing... into google and look what auto fill shows you bubble, crash and affordability. Its not looking good especially when all you have to rebut is 'You're wrong' but how much can you really expect from someone from Perth.

Have you walked around Perth on a Friday night? It looks like a scene from a 3rd world country... Try walking around on a Tuesday at 7pm. Ghost town with hobos

Have you walked around Freo? been into the old Myer building lately... obviously not. I've been robbed there twice, myself and my car in the last year.

Have you seen the average wage vs the average house?

I'm guessing you're a 30 something plus white male who was born in Perth. 2nd or 3rd generation. High school level education. Maybe a soft University degree in accounting or arts? Privileged but unable to generate real wealth from your job. Most likely given a hand up in getting established and believes a asbestos 3 bed in east vic park from 1950 is worth 800k

You know the term 'You've been living under a rock' I've heard people say 'You've been living in Perth'

There are even meme groups dedicated to Perth with commentary about just how bad it is.

You also seem to hate the Liberal party. I'm guessing you also believe that you're vote to the 'Greens' counts but failed realise the Greens are an offshoot of the Labor party who needed fringe votes to pass union rules back in 1992 which evidently cost all of Australia its manufacturing competitiveness, lost us our whitegoods, cars and beer. Again I don't expect anyone from Perth to actually understand politics or economics. Only what they see on TV. 'Liberal bad. Vote labor/greens if you hate terrorists and support gay marriage!' I suppose you believe in global warming, peak population, peak food, peak oil and all the other garbage because you haven't learnt how to block out advertising. Its not your fault you don't have that skill set. Even the founders of Greenpeace have let the UN know that its just a feel good exercise with no evidence.

Don't take this post the wrong way. I hope to enlighten you to think outside the box. Turn off the TV and put down the Newspaper where 'the great Australian land shortage' is in full swing but luckily on the next page Joe Blog developer has a house and land you can buy buy only if you're quick. Go meet a liberal party member see their mechanical method of thinking and application of law for the consensus not the minority like Labour blocking trading hours for years and years to protect IGA which is actually a multibillion dollar corporation owned by metcash and caused underdevelopment of an entire state during its most prosperous years in order to funnel as much wealth into as few a pockets as it could. Have a look at who the blocks came from, it was entirely Labour and the greens who squandered the mining boom and were getting kickbacks from IGA with 'campaign contributions' and advertising for votes in all their shops. Try to give a hobo a sandwich in Perth you wont have to look far to find one. Go view the finances and home of a 20yr old and see them try to spend $30 a week on food for his family while renting in Midland. Perth isn't what you are attempting to portray it to be and I hope people realise this and don't dive in thinking just because someone from some newspaper in the US rank it as 'clean and desirable' doesn't mean it actually is.

Perth is the Wild Wild west where its every man for themselves. You can make it big or small but don't expect to exist anywhere in between. There is only Black and White here.

You aren't living in the real world if you live in Perth and haven't been spat on, insulted about your race, gender or sexual orientation, been in several car accidents, robbed by the locals and had to pick up baby formula at 6pm on a Saturday only to realise everything is shut and the servo is charging a days wage for 1 tin.
#Never-again on Mar 06, 2014 :
The methed up hoon was tailgating me IN THE MIDDLE LANE, flashing his lights and beeping his horn. I merged over to the right lane to let him past. He then also merged right in an attempt to veere me into the train barrier. Luckily, I'm a Sydney driver and I pre-empted his next move, I applied my break slightly and managed to avoid this out of control maniac. Would you like to know what brand of jocks Im wearing also inspector gadget? :-b
#Mark on Mar 05, 2014 :
No Leah, the majority of them are wrong, manifestly wrong (except for the one's regarding poor old Col being asleep at the wheel). Same old cliche's trotted out time after boring time. You obviously live in a different Perth to one I live in.

But hey, you believe what you want to believe. I'd prefer to stick with reality. That's me out - I can only conclude that Perth is not a happy place for sad, self-indulgent, whining malcontents. For the rest of us, it's fantastic!
#Leah on Mar 05, 2014 :
Hi Mark, You seem to ignore that other comments from dozens of posts and cherry picked one to justify how all comments are wrong about Perth. However the majority of them are right.

He's right about Fremantle and most of Perth being overpriced slums. I took a trip to Freo very very recently. Its just a bunch of poor homeless hippes buying and selling drugs so they can live in their inherited houses. Lots of aboriginals who say 'you got any money' because they learned if they ask if you have any technically they aren't robbing you at least until they throw a punch. You want to live in this lovely suburb? Ok, 10x the average wage thanks. Its MENTAL.

As for his other points there are always bogan fights across the city in every pub. You cant go out to a pub without at least witnessing one fight at a pub. You know its true don't try to deny it.

Aboriginal people DO spit at you. Its disgusting. We always cross the street if we see any and we walk away from them if were in the city. The men are constantly throwing plastic chairs or milk crates at the women who are usually screaming at them and crying. This in particular happens in Perth, Fremantle and North Bridge. The East side of the malls on Murray and Hay street malls.

Drivers in Perth are very very aggressive. I've never experienced such aggressive driving maybe perhaps Sydney. If you don't instantly merge when trying to change lanes 9/10 driver wont let you in you get horned and yelled at. So you have to be quick. Both sides of the river are bad for this. I was on Stock road yesterday and a 4wd couldnt make the left turning lane. His solution, tear up the grass and sidewalk at 60km/h fling rocks at the cars and damage them with his window down, sunnies on screaming something like 'fk you move up' to EVERY car. Literally non stop watched him come up behind and thought he was going to hit me. Then at the last second he swerved up into the grass and bush screaming at everyone its crazy.

For some reason for a small city Perth has TERRIBLE traffic. There are roadworks going on 24/7 and when one sections done another sections starts and the area they 'fix' is just as bad as before they fixed it! The city planners got that one wrong by only allowing 1 corridor for all traffic. There are no major bypasses you just have to grit your teeth and deal with it. 2-3 hours driving a day if you want to buy a nice new house or feel like you just got swindled by buying a 50 year old unit for 500k when you get paid 50k. At least you bought close to work. Its really a preference. Put up with bad drivers and horrible traffic. Or get robbed of 50-70% of your pay.

His comment on pints. The CPI index on here at 122% its quite expensive. So that's right. A pint here will easily set you back $10-12 sometimes $15. Small minded people from Perth have no idea that people around the world pay $3-5 a pint normally. The exchange rate needs to fall to 50-60 USD to correct this but with currency wars going on between nations that wont happen.

Anyhow anyone looking for real feedback on Perth should be able to see the dozens and dozens of comments people have made over the years with all the same problems including the need to be on 120k+ to live comfortable as a single and 150k+ for a family. This is comfortable, a 4x2 with money to go out. Not sure where you would go out but its there. Most people just fly to Bali. You could get away with less than half that for something nicer in the states with better people and nicer houses and more variety.

Perth is an anomaly. A town of housing speculation, racism, bogans and boredom. If you don't expect anything more than this then you are in for a treat!
#Mark on Mar 05, 2014 :
Just a quick note to demonstrate that the "Never Agains" have never even been to Perth. The train line on the freeway runs down the center and so it is always on your right. It is impossible to "pushed" into it from the left hand lane, even disregarding the fact both vehicles would need to cross 2 or 3 lanes of traffic to accomplish such a feat.

Haven't you kids got somewhere else to play? There are real people on here looking for genuine feedback and I think it's grossly unfair and not a even a little bit funny to post rubbish like this. But hey, why not spoil might might have been a useful resource, it's a free country!
#never-again on Mar 04, 2014 :
#perth boy- you've hit the nail on the head. I went to perth in january this year with my work, they put me up in an apartment in subiaco.

day 1) day i arrived in perth i went to the shop to buy milk, i was verbally abused by a drunk aboriginal woman who then threw a glass bottle at me which luckily just missed my head and smashed on the ground behind me.

day 2) i went out for lunch at the pub in cottesloe, i left before i got my food because a big fight broke out between a big bunch of drunk bogans and i was afraid of getting hurt, as i was driving off i saw 2 ambulances arrive and one guy walking around on the footpath covered in blood

day 3) i was in the city and went to use the atm- there was 2 drunk aboriginals leaning on the atm drinking alcohol, i said "excuse me, can i please get through to use the atm?" after which one of them spat on me and called me all these racist names. I then went to a different atm and withdrew my cash. As I was going back to the carpark where my car was parked, the same aboriginal who spat on me approached me and asked me if he could 'borrow' $50

day 4) went to the pub with 2 work mates, had to sell one of my organs on the black market to pay for 1 pint

day 5)i had some methed-up tradie in a ute almost run me off the freeway into the train line barrier because I was sticking to the speed limit in the left hand lane. Apparently here in WA, you have no right to follow the law and drive in the left hand lane, you're supposed to drive either 40kms above or 40kms below the speed limit at all times whilst in the right lane; sticking to the actual speed limit and staying in the left hand lane is a revolutionary act here in WA

Day 6) made the serious mistake of catching the train to Fremantle. A few shops, a few markets and a dirty old lifeless port. I still can't quite see what all the rage is about fremantle other than the easy availability of drugs. I was approached by 2 people within 30 mins trying to sell me drugs

If people are actually 'paying money' to live here 'by choice' then people have truly lost their freakin' minds.
#Mark on Mar 03, 2014 :
For Pia and others asking for genuine feedback, please ignore the haters. My strong suspicion is that they have never even visited Perth, let alone lived here. Much of the vitriol looks like a bizarre mish-mash of abject negativity gleaned from like minded malcontents and sensationalist newspaper articles. Trust me, no one EVER paid $1M for a 2 x 1 asbestos house 30 min from the city unless it was on 2 acre block with sub-division approval for 10 town houses.

As for jobs, WA still has the lowest unemployment rate of any state. Cost of living is up there but allow me to quote from the NATSEM (National Center for Social & Economic Modelling) September 2013 review - " Sydney is the most expensive capital city with the typical basket of goods costing $68,023 per annum.
Adelaide has the lowest cost of living, cheaper by $4,476 per year compared to Sydney. Darwin
and Canberra are similar to Sydney with respect to their cost of living. Melbourne has a $2,139
discount compared to Sydney. Hobart is the second cheapest capital city, only marginally more
expensive than Adelaide. Perth and Brisbane sit in the middle of the capital city cost of living

Perth offers a great lifestyle that generally revolves around being outdoors. Lots of beaches and lots of open space. The climate is very good, although I do agree it can get a tad too hot at times in summer. There is a burgeoning cafe and small bar scene but we still lag behind Melbourne and Sydney. Likewise, the arts scene continues to go from strength to strength but we aren't London or New York, nor pretend to be.

Perthites are certainly parochial and still suffer (albeit to a lesser extent these days) from the old us and them thing with the Eastern States. But hey, cut us some slack, we are a long way away. Unfriendly we are certainly not, in fact visitors often remark that Perth still has a touch of the big country town about it.

All that is not to say Perth doesn't have it's problems like any city of 1.8M has. Crime, poverty, racial tension, traffic jams all live here as well. But to dwell on these negatives and let them cloud your judgement brings me back to my initial premise. I'm convinced a lot of the posts here are written by 14 YO internet warriors who delight in yanking the proverbial chain. Some of the spelling and grammar might give you a clue.
#Perthy Boy on Mar 02, 2014 :
2 x Choices: PERTH or SUICIDE, both = the same result ;-)

The place is infested with racist Aboriginals who roam the streets like the walking dead, screaming obscene- racially vilified profanity at anyone and everyone; and quite often at no-one.

Born and bred Perth residence have the intellectual capacity of a peanut, they live inside a small- insular bubble and they can't quite comprehend the fact that other places other than Western Australia and Bali actually exist. Perth people go to Bali... and... that's it.

The WA premier 'Colin Barnett' is walking-living evidence that Perth residence have absolutely NO ability whatsoever to distinguish between 'Normal' and 'Abnormal', as they continuously elect this sociopath as their premier (Like I said, 'the intellectual ability of a peanut'.

The people here are VERY aggressive, arrogant, dismissive, narcissistic and backward.

Perth people are always saying that they want Perth to be made into a separate country to the rest of Australia, however what they don't realise is that the rest of Australia would be perfectly ok with this as the rest of Australia considers Perth to be an embarrassment, full of backward, moronic deadbeats who think they're better than they're not.

Basically it all started when the mining industry was booming, many idiots with no hope or future and no education went to work in the mines. They were paid ridiculously huge amounts of money for that work. Now that most of the mining has ceased, the end result is what you see around you today: A state full of cashed up bogans (moronic idiots) who own real-estate and businesses, paying crappy wages to the 'normal' people who actually have a conscience and more than a pea for a brain. There is a huge danger in allowing brainless morons to receive large amounts money, as once they are granted even the slightest bit social status or power- they abuse it, corrupt it and obliterate everything that is good and true. Thats why they are morons, thats what they do. it's a vicious cycle.

My advice, avoid Perth at all costs. Anyone who endorses this place are one of these brainless morons that i'm talking about- who have lived in Perth their whole lives, worked in mining, bought some real estate when the housing price was $3 for a 4 x 2 house and blah blah blah you know the story -its in their best interests to get more people here so they can exploit them financially, physically and emotionally so of course they're going to say its great. They will never admit to you that they've never been outside of their little box, Perth people will tell you that they've been everywhere and know all about worldly culture; however most normal people do not consider trips to Bali a comprehensive coverage of world culture.

Perth is the cesspit of brainless, mindless, heartless, sociopathic zombies. It has a HUGE problem with binge drinking, a major methamphetamine and alcohol issue which is out of control and the homeless and mentally ill are left to the mercy of the streets with nowhere else to go, hundreds of them roam the streets completely forgotten about by the masses. PERTH = HELL ON EARTH. Literally.
#Billie on Mar 01, 2014 :
This place is the pits. We moved here 6 months ago. Wife's in HR I'm an engineer. I couldn't secure permenant work becuase of job cuts. I had two jobs but got let go after both head offices cut staff by 50%

On top of that we rented in Kelmscott. What a mistake. There's constant locals dragging around the streets. Cops and break in. We moved rentals to subiaco and now we have about $300 a week to live off. Which is enough for food and bills. Were basically slaves to the people who were here and bought all the land before us.

This place is a nightmare I don't know how people do it.

1million for a 2x1 30 minutes from the city. Made out of asbestos. They are insane why are people paying these prices for garbage. It reminds me of back home when our house prices crashed.

Thankfully we both have jobs now. 130k a year combined but it's still a struggle we can't have kids and won't have enough saved for a house for at least 4-5 years. But were considering judt saving and flying home and buying a big house outright for what people pay here.

Plus there's no culture.
#Jaja on Feb 24, 2014 :
It's hard enough for the Perth residents to find a job, how do you expect to come from another country and just get a job? The prices for everything are exorbitant for the average salary/wage. Our young people have at least 20% unemployment. Nice place, but we can't afford to enjoy it, and live from pay to pay. It was once better.
#Pia on Feb 21, 2014 :
We are actually considering of moving to Perth soon and we're trying to find if this is the best place for us, that will probably be decided once we get there. As of the moment, we are currently looking for information that can help us decide. I don't know what to think of all the comments that I have read so far. They are in general, all alarming. We have a daughter who is in Year 7, so schools around the area is very important. We are planning to stay if not in Byford, settle in Meadow Springs. So, if anyone, can describe us a picture and how life is in those places, it will be greatly appreciated. Though one fact is correct, it is expensive out there. We have checked out rentals, but we can say that it is still cheaper than Sydney. You cannot rent a house here for $500/week!

Hoping to hear from you guys!

#Sam on Feb 19, 2014 :
All of you have either came here with unrealistic expectations of securing employment, found out getting into the mines is harder than it is and gave up or just thinking you can purchase a property 20 minutes from the CBD for under $500,000. Show me where in Australia you can get a house that close to the city for that price.

You need to put things into perspective, Perth is NOT as expensive as people make it out to be. $11 for a pint? Last pint I had was $8, head out on Chapel St in Melbourne and see how much they are there. I paid $18 for a Carlton stubie in Federation square last time i was in Melbourne.

Perth is a quite place, it's not infested with gambling like all the other sates in Australia. The people are friendly but can't really drive. You can buy a 2BR flat 10 minutes from the city for about 300k. If you want a house WA offer plenty of government assistance in buying a house, more than any other state in Australia.

People need to compare location and distance from the CBD to get a better realistic comparison on property price to other capital cities.
#Gary on Feb 16, 2014 :
I've been living in Perth for almost 6 years now, and here's some of the pros and cons from my own experience.
- clean and no pollutions
- feel being close to nature
- great place for beach goers
- great place for RICH people who want to settle down and enjoy high quality of life
- somewhat isolated
- usually a bit quiet and less entertaining
- public transport SUCKS
- very HOT in summer and high UV exposure
There's many other aspects that I haven't covered in the list, but those are just the ones that I think worth most pointing out.
#Ninja on Feb 15, 2014 :
All I can say is that for everyone here who's whinged, bitched and moaned about leaving or wanting to leave, please just go. It will create space and jobs for people who actually WANT to be here. Goodbye.
#HexXx on Feb 12, 2014 :
Currently here for work & was excited to move here but unfortunately I have to say that I'm glad I'm leaving in 6 months. Be aware that this city is highly unfriendly and very racist and sexist and apathetic in general. There are some arts festivals on once a year which are pretty good, but generally the bar scene is quite bland. I think as someone from over East who is pretty well-traveled it's true that a lot of young people do leave if they aren't in the mining or construction industries. While I don't expect Perth to be Paris or Manhattan, you would think that it would have something more lifestyle-wise to offer given that it's actually more expensive than either of those cities.(and boy is it ever pricey - $4 for an avocado, $12 for a pint of beer are you kidding me!!) But unfortunately if you're not someone who enjoys binge-drinking culture and going to awful music festivals full of steroided up jocks then you will probably find yourself quite bored. Also the situation with indigenous and mentally ill homeless people is truly shameful in a city which purports to hold so much wealth. It would be nice to see some of that money trickle down to the needy for once, rather than pad the bank accounts of resources tycoons.
#Susan on Jan 17, 2014 :
I should mention the 'slut culture' here in Perth.

If you're a girl you've GOTTA dress like a slut or else you miss out on the latest Perth fashion trends.
#Charis on Jan 17, 2014 :
Perth IS expensive. Oh yeah. without a doubt.

Face it, you can't afford your own house unless you have double income (a partner) or if you are paid $90,000 and above a year or if you settle for less and buy a 1 bedroom dingy little flat in some outskirt suburb and have to fear for your safety at night.

Average mortgage is $500 a week.

Average cost of a house is $500,000 to $600,000.

Employment is perth is not that simple - you don't just apply and wait for a response. You wait. and wait. and often there is nothing, or there is a rejection email 1 month later. You've applied for more than 50 jobs and you still haven't got a job.

I know of someone who is unemployed for over a year now. And he is an experienced construction worker.

Unless you can get a job in the mines and earn over $100,000 year, don't even consider coming to Perth.

I've heard and witnessed too many horror stories of immigrants not making it but also being treated like second-class citizens.

Oh and if you don't want any friends, Perth is the perfect place for you.
#Charis on Jan 17, 2014 :
What better place to raise your kids? Seriously? Think again!

Ive been living in Perth for the past 10 years and I honestly can't figure out what's wrong with the kids here. Are they all just mentally retarded?
Every year during summer - when temperatures soar to the 40s and there is a fireban for the whole of metropolitan Perth, there are multiple reports on the news about teenagers aged 13 and up delibrately lighting fires and causing grave danger for the residents living around the area! Is this meant to be funny? Some sort of high school -too cool for school stunt?-
Bushfires is a real problem here in perth and very recently due to a power pole failure it led to a fire in the Perth hills that destroyed 55 homes.
Fire is not to be treated like a toy and arson cannot be tolerated by those who find it satisfying or amusing.
I work with children and I can say some of the most destructive and uneducation children are here in Perth. Bring your children here and they'll turn out just like them. I've seen it with my own eyes.
#Ben on Jan 15, 2014 :
Your peoples comments are CRAZY! be resourceful! shop at the spud shed or a place cheaper like that? $2 for 2l milk? 1$ for lettuce? Cheap meats ect? Use the train? theres a station in most suburbs? and if its "packed" then try riding a train in asia somewhere.. much worse! The cost of living is Generally high but so are the wages !!! you can $20 and hour cleaning dishes in a pub! And yes the rent is high if your 1 person wanting a whole house to yourself! i live in 4 bed house with 4 people because it makes sense not to rent an empty bedroom for 100$ a week CLOSE to the city. And the people who say the city is dead need to go out more! was out til 11-12 last night (tuesday) in mt lawley and it certainly wasnt DEAD. Embrace people, Theres still construction on gas plants up north so i cant agree with those saying the boom is slowing.... and also the new riverside project is starting soon which is going to bring even more to the city! I moved here 3 years ago from Melbourne and LOVE it! peace out! spread the love!
#Perthologist on Jan 14, 2014 :
I have lived in Perth for around 30 years and currently work as an Engineer in a non-mining area.

Perth used to be quite a cheap place to live and up until around 2003 when house prices started to take-off it wasn't too bad. Now in 2014 and at the end of a mining boom with house prices still to the moon it is getting pretty ridiculous and is becoming quite an unattractive place to live. The company I work for has let a lot of staff go recently so be careful if you are coming hoping for a job, they seem to be disappearing now.

I suspect when the mining boom really ends (i.e. the iron ore price falls more) and projects start to dry up Perth is really going to turn into a very unattractive place to live. Things are changing now and projects are drying up so anyone thinking of coming here better have a secure job lined up.

If you earn $80,000 in Australia you will be paying around $18,000 tax which leaves $62,000 ($1,192/week). Out of that, you will be lucky to get a half decent rental under $500/week close to the city and food/living costs would set you back at least $200/week so you will be left with $492 at the most to save for a $550,000 house in the most isolated city in the world. Oh, and renting in Australia REALLY sucks, they make you feel like a refugee in your own country. Trust me, I know as we rent here! Buying a house will set you back around 3% government stamp duty and selling it is around 3% agent costs.

I hope that information helps with your decision. If you are thinking of coming here it is starting to look like you may have missed the boat. 2014 and beyond is not looking very good.
#sick of it on Jan 12, 2014 :
Big sean I was saddened to read your comment but totally understand and believe your frustration! ... being a perth person since 7 years of age it WAS a great state, beautiful beaches quiet, and affordable ....One of the biggest bonus's was that everyone knew everyone!! ... this in turn made it a close knit community where people would welcome people like yourselves from other places and 'lend a hand' to help you settle in, making life long friends .... well the times unfortunately have changed and with the almighty dollar being the biggest priority for those running our state and for those trying to survive in it!! has created a ME ME ME fear driven, and power hungry state of dog eat dog and as long as I am looked after mentality!! We as West Aussies need to stand up against this inflation and destruction of our once beautiful state and protest, because in the next few years it WILL be a place filled with homeless and desperate people trying to survive! ... education cuts, crime increases, and totally unfordable living standards for families!! Shame on you you meat heads running our state and sucked in Colin Barnett for the broken windows!! ... How do you expect us all to feel!!! ... I would not recommend all the overseas travelers I meet to come here.. I tell them all to head for Queensland!!! ... much better economy for family's to live in ... and much warmer people!
#nee on Jan 04, 2014 :
Hi we are planning to move to Perth next year because of my husband job. at the moment we are worries about the cost of living because everyone said it's expensive.if we move when we first get there we will have to live on my husband wage till I got a job. at the moment we are living in the UK everything so expensive and the country finance is going down hill. so many unemployment. we want to move to Perth for a better lief.I also worries about racism because I'm Asian but my husband is English don't get me wrong I do get a lot of problem in the UK as well just because Where I come from. I also want to know how easy to get a part time job in Perth? We have to decide soon please give us some advice.thank you so much.
#Nic on Jan 02, 2014 :
Perth is a beautiful city but it has also rapidly changed over the last ten years or so.

Make no mistake, $550,000.00 is the average price for a house here now, yes the beers are on average $11.00 a pint and you can easily spend $100.00 per week on food shopping for one person. However, just as the cost of living has gone up, so too has the variety of entertainment options for those who can afford them.

Perth has NEVER been a cheap place to eat or drink in, its main economic relief previosuly came in the cost of buying a house, but those days have now long gone.

As with most growing cities the world over people need to make judicious choices about what they can afford and what is important to them. There are plenty of suburbs in Perth you can still pick up a place for just over $300,000.00 but if you want 4bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 15 minute commute into the CBD and you will either need to find another $300,000+ or reevaluate your priorities.

The mining boom has helped to create the bubble the city finds itself in but be under no illusions, less than 10% of the population is employed in jobs directly linked to mining or construction so the majority of the population is having to deal with the rising cost of living. Perth's real estate bubble is likely to deflate somewhat over the coming 18-24 months but it is time people start to realise Perth ain't what she used to be and she won't be going back there anytime soon.

Like all maturing cities the world over, larger populations place increased pressure on housing prices and existing infrastructure, they also open up the variety of social activities available for our enjoyment; but in doing so they create a larger group of people who are not earning enough to both meet the increasing costs of living and enjoy the entertainment on offer.

There appears to be a lot of people that start out with utopian views of Perth only to then become extremely negative about the place but maybe these people should focus less upon chasing the well paying jobs that are so readily touted by friends, family and the media because the fact is, unless you have superior skills and/or know someone in the right place, easy to get jobs paying the big $$$ disappeared long before they ever became the subject of ongoing media and social commentary.

My parents moved out here with us kids from the UK in '89 and it was the best move they ever made. They worked hard and put us through good schools in exchange for living in a place nicknamed "dullsville". We would never have had the opportunities in the UK that we have had here. My parents, nor my brother or I work in the mining industry and my brother and I have found it challenging buying our first homes. My brother has a large house 40kms north of the city while I have a 1 bedroom apartment 5km from the city - it was the best either of us could afford given the things we value.

Maybe people thinking of emmigrating to Perth for a better life may need to start looking at other more affordable options, afterall there were very good economic reasons why my parents chose Perth over Sydney and Melbourne when they moved.

Please be realistic about any move you consider making to this city, it has just as many positives and negatives to it than any other place in the world.
#AliBee on Dec 25, 2013 :
There are some extreme, narrow, paroachial and weird comments below and its hard to get a sensible view. As a eurasian migrant in perth for 40 odd years its not too bad being settled here. For new residents yes I agree cost of living and accommodation is not easy, but after time I see many staying. Top good things based on Australian issues are jobs overall nearly the best in the country in terms of availability and salary; safety and security; housing has been reasonable in the past 10 years but now too expensive, once settled and living here is quite relaxed and people good overall. For those coming here and complaining about their failures well thats life, but don't blame the locals, its your decision to take the risk of not making it or taking time to fit in. Don't forget this is a very young post colonial city to have achieved in short time and isolation, it may decline in years to come as your places you have left. The State private economy is still the best in australia and touted as the 1/3 engine room of the country from the resources sector and attracting many people from the eastern states and overseas. Socially people are friendly enough, relaxed and not as competitive as the east side of Australia, its much easier to commute generally except for the trains at peak hour and less crowded in cities.
On the down side yes the locals are proudly parochial, politics mostly leaning Liberal conservative voters, racism occasionally needs to be checked but is generally not deep seated and improving, despite this however much intermarriage occurring. Housing prices are now too much and rent too expensive and not available, consumer prices too high, city isolation with no other major cities close by to relate to, no real mountains and significant geographic diversity (no snow etc). However as a western country we are close to Asia if that interests you, and from being there myself its nice to enjoy western lifestyle and also close to my roots to enjoy both worlds. If you like clear blue Indian ocean beaches with sunsets it is great and wilderness in the south west forests, coastland and arid deserts are special in places. Eastern Australian cities generally don't have sunsets so they just have to sulk on that. Sharks well a little more than average but manageable with good health care to patch the bodies up and its mostly only white people pretending they are immune to UV radiation in a land they are not well adapted to. Weather is good most of the time except summers too hot for several weeks only, otherwise a mediterranean climate which people like.
#Sonia on Dec 19, 2013 :
I have lived in Perth now for 22 years and Yes, it has become too expensive. You need to earn high $$ to be able to afford a decent lifestyle. Friends and family visiting from UK up to about 5 years ago, use to marvel at how cheap everything was. Now, the first thing they notice when they visit is "everything is soooo expensive"
#Eddie on Dec 15, 2013 :
Well i studied in australia first in sydney then perth.i have to say perth is way boring less entertainment with burswood being the little show for the weeknd.the city centre has few streets when i finished my studies i packed and left in 2011 . Im now older 30 so boring life is fine now will return in jan. The jobs are fair really just depends with your profession.although dont expect to have 10 friends in perth everyone is friend lived in fremantle i stayed in carlisle victoria park area thats an hour apart .lol but she stayed i left . If u can work go home drink beer and sleep do it over again and take a holiday twice a year you will be fine . And yep you can save and die doing the same routine.syndey was fun but too many people meant few hours on jobs and plenty clubs so spend a lot partying saved nothing . Now it adult stuff .no better place to raise kids than perth
#BigSean on Dec 10, 2013 :
Going to have to agree with the negative reviews of this city. We moved here from Ireland a couple of years ago.

There are plenty of low paying jobs.

We brought our son and are having another kid soon.

We saved 20k and moved here thinking we'd get jobs and a house. Spent it all in a month.

We were so wrong...

The banks won't lend us enough for a house becuase we don't have 20% which means we've been forced to rent in clarkson.

We spend about 4 hours a day trying to get to work.

The pay we do get is taxed to oblivion.

We both work average jobs accountant and cleaner but we can only save around a couple hundred a week. It will takes us about 8 years to save a deposit...

On top of a 30 year loan.

We feel so isolated.

We tried making friends but everyone is really mean and always want things 'can you look after my kids' 'can you drive me to the shops' it's like the whole city is full of bums.

We will never own in a nice area everyone has those prices locked down at 10x what they are worth.

We are moving back to ireland next year. Sick of the boredom, constantly getting shafted, high costs. ($15 for a jack and coke is MENTAL) jam packed trains. $40 for a $3 steak in a restaraunt. This place is the worst.

The positive reviews appear to be from people who are established or are 'well off'.

For the working majority of us paying bills and rent and fuel doing 12 hour shifts Perth is horrible.

Oh and electricity! $300-500 a bill. What the hell! Our bill was half that back home.

If we knew Perth was the way it was we never would have moved.
#Hannah on Nov 28, 2013 :
Living in Perth at the moment and I have to say....

This place is insane.

The traffic is a nightmare

The expensive 'nice' suburbs have streets that are falling apart and shops that look like they were built in the 40's.

Take a drive down Stirling Highway to see what I mean.

Everyone here is super unfriendly and won't talk to you unless you look like you might have money.

There's nothing to do. All the people ever do is work.

I wouldn't move here unless you like not having friends.

The hipsters and greenies here are all fakers. They spend their days in offbeat cafés drinking $8 cokes talking about saving the rainforest in the Congo but the've never left the city.

This town was depressing to visit and reminds me a lot of a mini Japan. Everyone's a robot. There's no 'grand plans' there's no 'great works of art'

The recent art gallery exhibition with Picasso and Van Gogh was supposed to run for years with 6 instalments with New York. They barely made it half way before they had to stop because zero people were attending.

Sad sad little city with no class or reality.

Great if you live and own here already.

Nightmare central if you're an immigrant and try to move in.

I'm white but the amount of racism is I see against blacks, Asians, and Muslims, and Indians is extreme. Half the jokes at pubs revolve around discrimination. Its bad. Really bad.

It's a mining town with drifters through and through.

AVOID. Don't walk around after 6.
#Perth Local on Nov 22, 2013 :
I was born and bred in Perth, have travelled, lived and worked in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

Yes, Perth is expensive but no more so than the majority of other western cities (excluding the US...but hey you can't compare quality of life!

The standard of living is high, the cost of living includes disposable income which we in Perth take as a given now and not as the luxury it really is, unemployment is negligible, education, welfare, health, etc are first rate and yes entertainment isn't what you see in Melbourne, New York or Paris but what do you expect in a city of 1.5 million spread over an area of 5,500sqkm?

Would i live anywhere else...when i was young and single yes, Perth is a little i have a family, no, you cannot beat Perth for quality of life and there is no better environment to bring up children.
#Ricky on Nov 12, 2013 :
Lived in Perth 8 years ago and I've now returned for a 3 week holiday , just eating out here you'll need a small fortune .... 11 dollars a pint???????? , in one place 38 dollars for fish and chips , the place has gone mad . What was once a reasonable place to holiday has now turned into the impossible for most families . Although the weather is beautiful along with the people ... 4 dollars for a bottle of water is ridiculous , I really think people will think twice about coming here again after paying a fortune for simple things . Surely Perth has got to be up there with the most expensive cities to live . Oh and 4dollars 20 for a sausage roll ........ Unbelievable.
#Anonymous on Oct 25, 2013 :
Average cost for housing in Perth? Been offer a job at the local hospital. From Chicago IL.
#Stephen on Oct 20, 2013 :
Perth, was a great place to live until the mining boom. Now you have to be rich to live here. Rent has gone up, electricity, water, food have all jumped through the roof - I'm talking just the basics, not luxuries like entertainment, etc. Those too, but I can't afford them any more.
Long distances between places means you have to catch public transport or pay high prices for petrol. You can only afford to live here if you have a good job, if you are a pensioner, traveller, or low paid you will really struggle. The weather is great, and people friendly,very little pollution and mostly safe but tooooo expensive.
#jedi on Oct 19, 2013 :
I just left Perth due to the insane prices for a town in the middle of nowhere. 11$ for a pint of beer!
Things are slowing there now, it will be interesting to see what happens to the economy here when the mining boom ends.....
#Seth Burrows on Oct 03, 2013 :
Perth is a great city located in a fantastic state within a great country. While there is a lot to love about it, Perth is becoming a place so focussed on a wealthy mining industry that we appear to be missing the point when it comes to other key areas; education, health, public transport, roads & services. Perth is rapidly becoming a two class system, loved by the wealthy and loathed by a struggling middle-lower class who keep struggling with inflated housing, utilities, groceries etc. that our employers are driving up. Also, there is absolutely no forward planning /thought in WA. Things are not done, decisions not made, until something is at breaking point. We have an arrogant backward government more worried about the aesthetics of the city than the living standards of the people within.
#emily on Oct 03, 2013 :
I live in Perth, it's the living best.
#Richard Boudville on Oct 03, 2013 :
We are on age pension. This is what it costs us 2012/2013 for whole year budget.
TOTAL $13,789 ÷ 52 = $265 per week (does not include food shopping). Food and incidentals cost $600 per week. Perth is expensive.
#Luke on Sep 10, 2013 :
Watch out moving to Perth. Super inflation 10% a year which employers will only give you 2-3% to make ends meet.

80k in Sydney requires an equivalent of 110k in Perth.
Don't move unless you
a) Don't have a job at all.
b) get a wage rise of at least 20-30%
c) really really enjoy the quite life

As so many people have said, every Mom, dad and his dog have their money invested in Property. Unless you are born in Perth and have parents who give you a deposit for an 800k house you can dream on about owning or settling in this backwater city. There are only a handful of suburbs where you wont be surrounded by public housing or broken into twice a year.

There is ZERO entertainment. The city dies after 5 and turns into a ghost town. Most people who defend Perth have never been to other cities. Perites fail to embrace change. Be prepared to use half your wage on rent after trying to rent in the 'cheaper' areas only to realise what a huge mistake you have made.

Frigid laws protecting old wealth and all the eggs in one basket make Perth my financial/lifestyle suicide CITY OF THE YEAR.
#Anna on Sep 02, 2013 :
For jobs check out
For accommodation I would suggest Victoria Park suburb. Check it out at real or
#Asif Khan on Aug 20, 2013 :
Can anyone have information about jobs opportunities in Perth?
#pal on Jul 18, 2013 :
Hi. planning to move to perth in september. should enrol with TAFE for a training course. does anyone have suggestions about accomodation? thanks
#geo on Jun 24, 2013 :
When the bussiness scam raising their proffits from million to billions i,000 million jump and left us to pay it they became the criminals and the ecconomic hit men buying up and taking over with the proffits the biggest crime in history it makes the robber barons a joke
#Kurt on May 23, 2013 :
Perth, a sleeping beauty waiting for the prince in a shining armor to weak her up.... the government is sleeping, doing nothing to stop inflation and there is of course no prince around who wants to kiss the old useless guys...

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