Quality of Life in Singapore, Singapore

Purchasing Power Index 83.74   Moderate
Safety Index 76.87   High
Health Care Index 70.89   High
Climate Index 57.45   Moderate
Cost of Living Index 89.04   High
Property Price to Income Ratio 15.62   High
Traffic Commute Time Index 41.49   High
Pollution Index 33.17   Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 152.06   High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 264

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 1014

Last update: June 2023

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3 Comments so far
Anonymous on May 28, 2023:
Singapore is known for having extremely low crime rates. The fact that people are claiming otherwise only proves that you cannot trust this site.
Anonymous on Apr 10, 2022:
It is only for for people who don’t live within their means
Anonymous on Oct 26, 2021:
People need to simply understand that housing prices are high because Singapore is a city state and does not have land to build low density suburbia. Anyways, the city is similar to European cities and that you don't need a car to get around. Public transport is WAY cheaper here compared to other cities. Eating at restaurants is said to be expensive, but it is cheaper than in London or Paris.

The PAP may be the ruling party but looking at the 2020 General Elections, they lost the youth vote and their strategies of carving out new districts to help them haaad backfired. There is also a major power struggle between who will succeed Lee Hsien Loong. This shows that the PAP are shooting themselves in the foot and allowing the opposition to catch up to them.

Basically to summarise, Singapore's expensiveness lies in breaking the middle class barrierto become upper class. The poorest of the poor here still have roofs over their heads, good healthcare and still eat 3 meals a day thanks to government subsidies for the poor. The ruling party is also starting to fall apart and in 20 years' we might be able to see an opposition majority if the PAP do not rebuild themselves