Quality of Life in Singapore, Singapore

Purchasing Power Index 90.19   Moderate
Safety Index 69.95   High
Health Care Index 71.54   High
Climate Index 57.45   Moderate
Cost of Living Index 81.28   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 22.68   Very High
Traffic Commute Time Index 41.29   Moderate
Pollution Index 32.88   Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 145.44   High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 216

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 744

Last update: October 2019

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8 Comments so far

#Argus on Jan 05, 2019 :
Cost of Living and Quality of Life Indices are incorrect. Im thinking a lot of PAP supporters are contributing to the indices. Car and Property prices are extremely high and made more so by endless interfering in market by the incumbent government. Retailers price gouge. There is no correlation between branded goods pricing in SG and elsewhere in the world. Even hawker food which is of relatively poor quality and nutritional value still they are able to clear a 25% margin.Shows what they put into the meals.
Eating out and alcohol are likewise ridiculously overpriced given relatively low wages paid to workers. I question the housing affordability index? Singaporeans are poorly paid even at middle management levels and frankly life here is a struggle. I understand from my Finance Kakis (ie friends working in the finance industry) that 15 - 20% of home loans are in distress - but of course none of this gets reported as the media is tightly controlled by PAP so there is really NO FREEDOM of SPEECH.
#mike fernadez on Sep 21, 2018 :
u need to revise the cost of living index. its unusually high in this place.

the correct index should be - high -very high
#mike fernadez on Sep 21, 2018 :
the place is the most expensive all off the places i have been to and u dont get anything that unique that is not found in other places. basically u are paying about 30%-50% more for the same things found elsewhere.

electricity- one the most expensive in the world
mobile - most expensive in the world
food - most expensive , quality and portion is smaller than most other countries
housing - Expensive and eats up 50% of yr income
Safety- safe but violent crime has been increasing over the last few years. Subjective phenomenon. The only difference between singapore and other countries u dont have any pickpockets or snatch thieves.
climate- Outdoor work is impossible here without falling sick.

other than that the place is still stuck in slow adoption of technology and alternative energy when other asean countries surge forward.

freedom of speech here is curbed. Free market is non existent and monopilies control the prices

overall the freedom of choices regarding life here is very limited ..

u wil encounter rude behaviour of locals, and their english speaking stanard is not good for a first world country.
#a person on Aug 20, 2018 :
I guess it really depends if you are a citizen or not, as a singaporean citizen, salaries are pretty good, there is highly subsidized health care, food is cheap, very safe and dispite the seemingly high prices owning a house is not an issue as singapore's HDB system is great at ensuring that every citizen has a home.

Freedom of speech might seem restricted on paper but people i have met and my friends talk freely about the problems in the government. There have been so many instances when i was in a taxi/Ride sharing car where the driver and i/my friend criticize the government.

Porn is one of those things that are banned but not really. i am able to excess pornhub and stuff without a vpn, maybe it just depends on your internet provider. i use singtel and never used a vpn to excess pornhub so maybe other providers censor it?
#BobbyLaPointe on Apr 30, 2016 :
Cost for owning a property is very high. It's even higher for foreigners as they must pay additional taxes. Owning a car is also extremely expensive and ownership is limited to 10 years renewable once for 5 years.

Food in restaurant ranges from cheap to overpriced. Groceries in supermarket is usually more expensive than bought on the markets and difference of price for a same product can be high depending where it is bought. Meat and vegetables are usually imported. Eggs and some transformed products are produced locally.

Public transportation is relatively cheap, especially compared to the price of owning a car. Bus and train tickets are subsidized.

Branded clothes, household appliance, IT products are in average 50 to 100% more expensive than in Europe. Sometimes more. Seldom cheaper.

Average and median salary (for local employees) is slightly higher than the equivalent in Europe but social protection (health insurance, unemployment, retirement) is scarce: Singaporean and permanent resident (PR) are entitled to basic pension and health protection capped to their own contribution. Non-PR foreigners have to rely to private insurance.

Public education system is very good and sets very high standards. Public education is virtually free for Singaporeans but can be expensive for foreigners. University, however, is not free.

The health system is very developed with a high number of hospitals and clinics scattered around the city. Skills of staff and equipment is among the best in the world although medical examination is sometimes not thorough. Singapore is however one the country where some people may have to think twice about their finance before they may undergo some medical procedures.

Pollution levels are very acceptable. Except for the seasonal haze episodes coming from Indonesia that can sometimes be harmful, overall air and water pollution is low. Noise pollution can be a bit high in some areas located near the main roads and highways though. Cleanliness is decent but the city is not overly clean as often misconceived. Public transportation and central areas are usually very clean as well as open spaces and industrial estates. But some residential estates can sometimes be dirty. More due to the lack of respect of some inhabitants than the lack of facilities or maintenance.

The city is very green. With several parks all across the city and trees, plants, grass and other greens virtually everywhere it can fit (including sidewalks, on bridges and even buildings). It's sometimes hard to believe one stand in a city when lost in the middle of the trees even in the central area. For me it plays a lot in contributing to a very high quality of living.

Commuting time is decent enough. Some people may need more than 1 hours to reach their workplace though. Public transportation is relatively inexpensive for a developed country. Taxi is also relatively cheap although prices increased a couple of years ago and peak hours surcharges has been extended to some odd timing (11 PM on a Sunday, hello?). There are lots of bus lines and the number of train lines increases slowly. The network is however not extremely dense. It may be explained because the city is not very densely populated (very high density for a country, average density for a city). There could be a higher offer regarding express bus lines. Some areas geographically close can sometimes take a lot of times to be joined by public transportation. But overall, the service is correct and reliable.
#matt on Apr 02, 2016 :
Note: this comment is written by a gringo. It won't apply as much to Asians.

I have lived there 2 years. For expats it is expensive, especially for imported foods, accommodation and medical care. It is also very crowded. Dense condo complexes offer little personal privacy. If you accept a job in singapore as a foreigner, beware that you can't easily change job, as your work permit is tied to your employer. When a contract ends, you will be given 2 weeks to leave the country.

Health care costs are extremely high in sg. I paid 14000 dollars for one night in hospital and a tibia screw operation. Each subsequent x-ray visit cost 200 SGD. Contracts in singapore for foreigners typically have no pension and medical insurance is very limited. Need to consider when negotiating a salary. Working hours tend to be quite long.

Changi airport is convenient for visiting nearby countries. Good selection of sea food. Night life is vibrant, but it will cost you a small fortune. Taxis are reasonable in price, but increase at peak times.

You will likely never be able to afford a car in singapore, unless you are extremely rich.

Nearly all food in singapore is imported. Milk from Australia, potatoes from the USA, water from Europe etc. This makes the food quite expensive (asian food is cheap). This means, not many vegetables and fruits are fresh.

The tap water in singapore is recycled NEWATER. where I stayed it had a brown tinge to it. I suspect it depends where u live.

Aircon and electric bills can be expensive, especially if your home does not have a good breeze.

Singapore is flat. There are no hills. The climate is hot and humid all year round. At first it's nice, but eventually you get sick of it. Every day and every night are 12 hours.
#Al on Feb 27, 2016 :
Well, it is pretty good except that it has crazy property prices, no freedom of speech, press and no porn.... And gum and electric cigarettes. Cars are the most expensive in the world too. If you don't need cars, like to rent instead of owning, don't eat gum, don't like porn and like hot and humid weather, I Guess Singapore is great
#Bryan Chua on Feb 22, 2016 :
First of all, being a Singaporean, I would like to clarify that Singapore has a much better quality of life than this.
And just because we are located on the equator, we have a negative point on climate. Great.
Singaporeans enjoy excellent heatchcare, schooling, and is a very safe city-state. 100% of the population live in urban areas and there is virtually NO proverty in the country.
I am proud to be a Singaporean.