Crime in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Crime rates in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Level of crime
89.80 Very High
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
80.76 Very High
Worries home broken and things stolen
59.40 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed
86.32 Very High
Worries car stolen
78.04 High
Worries things from car stolen
79.83 High
Worries attacked
71.98 High
Worries being insulted
58.02 Moderate
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion
41.08 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs
82.60 Very High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
80.87 Very High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
89.49 Very High
Problem corruption and bribery
93.00 Very High

Safety in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Safety walking alone during daylight
33.19 Low
Safety walking alone during night
12.63 Very Low

Contributors: 306

Last update: December 2017

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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61 Comments so far

#Anonymous on Oct 30, 2017 :
Rio's really unsafe. I got robbed at gunpoint in the middel of Santa Theresa while walking down the street, and almost robbed in Copocabana. If you go to Rio, try not to walk in the streets at night (go by taxi, subway, etc.). Definitely DON'T TRAVEL ALONE.
##Anonymous on Sep 29, 2017 :
I stayed in Rio for a week.
It was a pleasant experience except for the part where I was chased by a bunch of dudes trying to rob me and had to sleep to the sound of gunshots every other day.
The food is nice, people are nice (the ones that don't wanna to kill you).
#Anonymous on Sep 15, 2017 :
I'm Brazilian from Rio I wonder why Americans think is so safe to live there. Maybe cause there day hasn't come yet. I own a house in Rio and one in Miami I rather live in Florida than that shithole of a City
#Bruce on Sep 14, 2017 :
I have been visiting Rio de Janeiro since 2002 and it was much safer and of course cheaper as the value of the U.S. Dollar was 4-1 Brazil RS Real . I visited for my 45th trip this past January 2017 and due to return on next month . I have never been robbed or attacked so I feel very fortunate compared to others . I do plan to return next month and stay in the Copacabana or Ipanema areas . I always keep my eyes open no matter where I travel abroad or in the U.S.A. . Basically the world is just much more dangerous now in many places but their are still safe places to travel . My advice is to just be alert wherever you travel in the world . Don't become parinoid just become and stay aware of your surroundings .
#William Kotcher on Jul 29, 2017 :
Sadly, Rio is a very dangerous city. I lived there for 4 years. I have been going to Rio for work and family since 1996. I was never robbed but once I did almost have my pocket picked. Near the American Consulate in Rio. I know people who have been robbed many times. I have seen a car-jacking in front of my home in Rio. It was my neighbor and his family. My neighbor's daughter was with her boyfriend in his car, in front of his home when two men car-jacked them. We had four car jackings on our 2 block long street in one month. Police have chased and shot at people who were running in stolen cars, on our street. There is so much crime it is impossible to describe. There are many places that you simply can not go, usually it is easy to tell though. Can you go to Brazil and be safe? I think so but I would never suggest to anybody they will not be robbed or the victim of crime. Further, the city or the whole country is at the mercy of the government. Once I was stuck in the airport coming from the USA, stuck in immigrations for 4 hours. All I figured out is the government employees were protesting or trying to get higher wages so they had one person check every single person coming from other countries? That to me tells me that overnight you could be stuck in a city under military rule or even revolution? Although if it was a revolution it would be the poor fighting, for they are the only ones that have a large amount of guns. The poor that live in Favelas and are part of the extensive Drug gangs. Visit or live in Brazil, but make no mistake about it, it is nothing like any city in the USA. Nothing! The crime is extreme in the safest places. There is nowhere that is free of crime. The place is nothing like Chicago. Chicago is a child's playground in comparison to Rio. I would love to go back but at the same time, I know it is not a stable safe place to go.
#Ja Japin on Jun 21, 2017 :
Lovely 4days in Brazil enjoying the weather and meet some lovely locals too. All good people.beautiful smile. On the 5th day My gold anchor necklace has been snatched. It was a preasent from my bestfriend on my 30th. So i was gutted. I cant believe how quick it happened. Before i knew it something sharp is in my neck. It was all a blur. All i know is my necklace is gone. To think i was wearing a jacket since it has been raining for the last 2 days. Definetely the snatcher has a good eyesight.
#Anonymous on Jun 03, 2017 :
Please don't go to Brazil.
Go to Chile Uruguai Argentina.
I Live in Brazil.
But my contry is dangerous tô visita.
#jens on May 05, 2017 :
A German living in Rio for slightly over 3 years, I have not experienced or personally witnessed a single crime committed against me or my family, in Rio or anywhere in Brazil. I do live in a relatively save district though and take a large number of precautions; I rarely use public transport and actively avoid particular areas of the city. I underdress in public, carry no wristwatch, do not show my mobile phone and only carry small amount in cash. At my working place in Manguinhos, I regularly hear gunfire and bullets hit buildings near my office.
#Anonymous on Apr 01, 2017 :
If you're into being robbed, mugged, kidnapped and murdered, then this is the place for you! Have nothing with you? Then expect to get kidnapped and/or killed, no matter what. And if you bring stuff with you, you'd have an EVEN HIGHER chance of getting robbed and mugged.

Also, police will not help you, even if you're a victim of a crime as they just laugh at your problems.
#Alin on Feb 04, 2017 :
A comment for the mentally deranged #Brazil is Hell:
Dear sir: PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON WE HAVE WARS, HATRED, RACISM if anybody should be exterminated that is you and people like you
#LatinsAmericaDetroid on Nov 11, 2016 :
If you are Brazilian and can afford moving to a better country, then get the hell out for your own sake. No one with money should spend their rest of their lives wondering whether this is the day they get robbed, or the day that a straying bullet will find their way into heads... and in the end my parents feel thankful that none of these atrocities happened to day. It's as if they have become accustomed to live in a land that feels like medieval Europe. It's a shame. I really hope one day I might be able to convince them to retire in safer country and as such live a less stressful.

Yes, there are safer areas in Rio, I live in one of them, my parents too. I do feel safe when I'm in my (rather geographically large) neighborhood, but I also feel trapped. I have been around the world and I envy people who can go to so many different parts of their cities without worry. Here in real it's not safe even to go "Downtown". After all What's the use of living in a safe neighborhood if still you have to go through many ridiculously dangerous areas of the city on a daily basis just to arrive at work?

Luckily I'm still young, I'm financially savvy and I make enough money (the Rio's 1%? lol) to be able to move either the USA, Canada, or a tranquil European city before I'm in my mid 40s or 50s. I just hope I'm still alive by then.
#Anton Council on Oct 30, 2016 :
Hey Guys, I am planning to move to Rio soon, like within 3 years. I could really use your guys's imput. I speak very good portuguese, I am involved in construction, ( painting is my trade) and I will have my ass. Degree in Applied science. I plan on finishing my bachelors there as I will only need a few credits.
#Mak on Oct 28, 2016 :
I am an American who moved to Rio de Janeiro about a decade ago, still living part time in the United States (IL). In that time Rio has become a much safer city, while (Chicago) has become very much less safe. In the past decade, I have not experienced a single crime committed against me or my family in Rio or anywhere in Brazil, although on one occasion I did witness a chain snatching. On the other hand I have been mugged in New York (in the bad old days), Amsterdam, Chicago, Nairobi, and Jakarta. Rio is not crime free, and while it is perhaps not as safe as New York, I think it is quite safe for a big city, and I would put it in the same category as perhaps Los Angeles or Paris, and significantly safer than Chicago or Washington DC. I do think that people traveling to Rio should be mindful of not flashing expensive jewelry or cash, and avoid the bad neighborhoods (where tourists wouldn't ever go anyway) but I don't think that it represents any real danger and certainly should not be a reason not to visit.
#Michael on Oct 05, 2016 :
I am an Australian who came to spend 6 nights at Rio , stayed at Ipanema (meant to be an expensive , touristic area) - got robbed 2:30PM when walking in Cobacapana beach (wasn't showing any fancy or expensive jewellery) , I ran behind the robbers trying to catch them , none of the people in streets showed any help, no police in the area , on the way back to hotel I have met policemen they couldn't help as they couldn't speak English.
You have to spend your holidays very cautious, in panic , not enjoying - I have been to many other big cities round the world , didn't experience these feelings of unsafety at any of them but at Rio
I have been to police of tourism reported the robbery they were nice but what can they do ? they said it is very common at Rio
I will never think of re- visiting Rio
#Harrison on Sep 19, 2016 :
I'm an American and have lived here for 2 months. I was volunteering for the Olympics and loved this city so much I decided to rent an apartment after the games. I don't live the way I do at home, and I take more caution with where I go and what time. Besides this, this place is fabulous. I understand the deep set issues and how frustrating it can be to live here. But Rio does not suck, and it is not hell. It's maravilhosa. But I still could get robbed tomorrow :) Where is that not true? My roommate lives in New York and 2 bombs went off in Manhattan days ago. Is New York hell too?
#Brazil is hell on Sep 06, 2016 :
Brazil is hell. They are just a bad sociological experience made by world elites that try to push their evil agendas down the throats of free people around the world.
In Brazil they got all first: heavy miscegenation, mixed marriages, police killing white people just because they are white, disarming people and arming criminals, "minorities" policies to "protect" blacks, gays, feminists, and poor people from "evil" whites (Brazil is AN AFRICAN country! Pure breed whites are only 10% of population there), laws to "socialize" criminals, open-doors immigration policies for THIRD-WORLD countries (Brazil is a THIRD-WORLD COUNTRY itself, but they opened their doors to other 3rd world hells).
That is why they created that coward scum that is Brazilian people. They will accept any humiliation, be treated like animals, spit on face, spanked, and they will still be smiling with their horrendous toothless mouths and saying "can haz beer, bbq and play soccrah".
And the legend about beautiful Brazilian women? Just a legend, Brazil has the largest TRANSVESTITE population in the world. Pretty much, 90% of Brazilian males are faggots (as in being feminized coward passive gay). So, women to have any male there need to look like men, very muscular and not feminine at all.
If the world escapes from the hell globalists are trying to take us to, Brazilians must be all exterminated or the will contaminate humankind and any hope of a better future without globalist criminal scum will be lost. Brazil is the root of all that evil in the world, and they must pay for have existed. Read Count of Gobineau about Brazil to understand that Brazilians must be destroyed for the sake of our children's future.
#Anonymous on Aug 23, 2016 :
I have been told that "ALL gas stations and businesses in Rio have armed security." Is this accurate? ALL OF THEM? Really?
#phil on Aug 18, 2016 :
To #jc on Aug 14, 2016 :
This is STUPID. You rate how it "feels" walking down the street? Bunch of racists on here.

Shut up, moron. How is that racist? Or is any criticism of anyone, anywhere now considered racist?
#Riosucks on Aug 18, 2016 :
my name says it all. I hope our americans get home safe after being taken off the plane for questions. The goverment is mad because they suck! Don't get it twisted rio. Keep our americans to long some of the boys up north will send a team to come get them. And not stop till they do.
#Robert on Aug 16, 2016 :
If you have enough to be in a certain area you should be fine if you're robbed? There is so much wrong with that line if thinking. You are entitled to nothing. If you work hard, you typically earn more. You deserve the payoff. Don't make excuses for other's successes and your lack of effort and failures. Fact check the rise in entitlement benefits given over the past 7 years. There's an obvious, unbiased answer for you. Work for your stuff, don't steal it. It isn't racist to point out the obvious, it's just not politically correct. This way of thinking is destroying our civilized society.
#jc on Aug 14, 2016 :
This is STUPID. You rate how it "feels" walking down the street? Bunch of racists on here.
#Paul on Aug 10, 2016 :
Wow, reading these reviews really doesn't want to make you go to Brazil. I haven't lived there, but I stayed for 2,5 months and also been to multiple Favelas. Obv Rio can be dangerous but don't kid yourself. Chance that you will be robbed is small! And if you do, just give your stuff in general. Don't wear expensive stuff and have something to give like a few dollars if they rob you instead of having nothing which can anger them. People are amazing in Rio and it's easy to spot the ones who are trying to rob you. They are not doing their best to do it all secretly. Really, don't worry so much! One of the best cities in the world for sure. Specially if you have enough money to stay in Le Blond or Ipanema you should be fine! Every big cities in the whole of South-America have enough places that are safe.
#CitySafe on Aug 08, 2016 :
Hey, founder of CitySafe here; we reviewed Rio's danger and crime rating here as well as health hazards (Zika and Yellow fever). Here's the link to the rating page with the map of the city's favelas and most dangerous areas
#My2Cents on Aug 01, 2016 :
I find it incredible that you sheep put up with this madness. You allowed yourselves to be dusarmed, and now I read 1 post where people didn’t just bend over and cough it up.

That is why crime is so bad. Lots of weak, pliant sheeple.

If you had 4 man protection teams with pursuit and protection from overwatch, I bet you could serve bait victims out and simply blow away the offenders. Leave the bodies hanging from a light pole.

To hell with poor, poor them. Exterminate these vermin. Start with the police. You need a string, incorruptible leader who would surround this place with an army, sweep it clean and burn out the pesriferous favelas.

Build new low income housing, a prison camp and a large execution pit. I'm drag thise scummy policemen in, interrogate them using effective methods - water boarding, stress pisitions, and - da Ilyich executions of the uncooperative.

Too harsh? Enjoy anarchy in your gun free socialist paradise.

#Anonymous on Jul 27, 2016 :
Why the blood hell are they holding Olympic Games in one of the world's most unsafe cities?
#JEff on Jul 04, 2016 :
I was in Rio last year and it's not safe at all. Stay away. Olympics are going to be terrible
#Natalia Torres on Jul 02, 2016 :
You who live in safe cities, do not come do Rio. It is really a nightmare, a war.
#Madi on Jun 28, 2016 :
I lived in Rio from 2009-2010. I was a single 21 year old blonde haired green eyed girl and I didn't have many problems- I was mugged once in Lapa on an empty street at dusk. Lapa is so sketchy though. If stay in the tourist areas, stay on busy streets, and avoid skinny children like your life depends on it (it's not the big, muscly well-fed looking people you need to watch out for but the skinny, drugged up children) then you'll probably be fine. Always be watching your surroundings, and be a savvy traveler.
#cLewy on Jun 28, 2016 :
I was recently in Rio for 2 weeks. Didn't see any crime till I and my Brazilian friend were attacked in north zone when returning to car by thugs.

Generally, South zone is fairly safe while daytime but surely not at night. If you decide to go to Rio, you have to be ready to lose all your belongings, therefore travel as light as possible. If you don't care so much about photos, take a cheap phone, your credit card and carry a bit money 10-50 Reais max. Don't depend on police - they're mostly unable to help and you need to speak portuguese with them.

Even though I had a nice time till the incident, I'll never return to this city and I advice you not to! There are safer places in South America and I enjoy my time more if I don't have to be paranoid all the time like walking in a war zone. Here richer people (mid-class+) live behind high walls, have their cars' windows tinted etc which speaks for the safety itself.
Boa sorte!
#adriano on Jun 06, 2016 :
Rio is not a safe city. Things CAN happen randomly (stray bullet, random attack, bus/ metro robbery) but in places where the tourists go they don't happen every single day, every single moment - still you have more of a chance getting hurt in a random car crash than act of violence.

Remembering that most likely nothing random will happen, you still do need to be vigilant 100% of the time, not paranoid.

Keep an eye out for people (especially children!!!) that look like they are out to cause trouble, because 50/50 they are. Don't be an idiot an walk around with a camera, even in crowded places during the day like Copacabana or Ipanema... I have seen MANY get snatched in grab and run style operations. Likewise for phones. Keep some robbery money every time you go out (as if you have nothing it is not unheard of the robbers will be angry and act violently) and perhaps think of using a cheap/ old cell phone (For your photos, upload them regularly to a cloud... a little less traumatic to loose a phone and not your vacation memories!) If you are a tourist take an Uber or a taxi, especially at night. Walk in groups and not alone. Don't walk around on the street yelling and talking loudly in English/ foreign languages or acting like a clueless foreigner who is oh so enchanted with how different and beautiful everything is or someone with bad intentions will probably notice you and target you. Finally, enjoy, it is possible to have an amazing time if you go with the right attitude and use common sense - just remember things can happen, but more chances than not that they will not happen. Every place has its threats and dangers, Brazil is certainly no exception but it is not a war zone.
#patria o muerte on Jun 05, 2016 :
march 2016 i was in rio with my friend. i am. on copacabana i was attacked by two thugs, from behind they slammed me to the ground. one had knife and he did pretending to cut my face. took my iphone and few money. i am glad i am alive. many people around but no help. went to police but no english, epic fail no help from them. after rio i see it as city with no control. favela guys are tied to police and via versa. i have been around the world but i was shocked with what i saw. as i am from slovakia which is a very safe country-i consider this place as a nightmare.
#Lina on Jun 04, 2016 :
We have arrived in Rio just for a week and settled in Ipanema. The shot we have heard on the third night of our stay. It was good that we were on the 7th floor. When I looked through the window, I saw the cops, walking in the yard with automatic weapons and and looking for somebody. They walked around more than half an hour.
Two days later, we have seen how a mobile phone was snatched from a woman's hands in the middle of the day on Copacobana promenade.
The landscape in Rio is wonderful, but we will never return.
#David on May 17, 2016 :
Brazil has a temporary president also suspected of corruption, no security, no hospitals or schools, closing due to lack of funds,government workers haven't received payments in months. I live in the north of Rio de Janeiro where tourists shouldn't go, I'm married to a Brazilian and I've taken her to my home country, Scotland. She couldn't believe the difference, even walking in the streets where she felt safe.. I've seen shoot outs between the police and the bandits and the bodys.. Every night I hear gun fire.. In a few months we are moving to Scotland where the scariest thing you will see is a haggis.. Take care and stay safe..
#David on May 17, 2016 :
After 10 years living in Rio de Janeiro i AM leaving.. The city is no longer the city of God but the city of the devil.. Shootings, stabbings, robbery, assaults mean every day is a stressful thing just going outside your front door.. For those defending Rio and saying it's the same as other large city's, that's a pathetic thing to say.. The Brazilians use that excuse and unless you lived in a war zone it's not true.. Brazil is at war with itself.. Don't go, there's far better places to go where your life is valued and the sun shines..
#carol Dunster on May 17, 2016 :
I was planning on coming to rio to Volunteer for the Olympics. But I fear for my safety. As Crime seems to be so bad. I would had travel alone and I am blond lady. So it doesn't look like I will come. As I dont want to worry my family and friens.
#Anonymous on Apr 04, 2016 :
i´m brazilian and live in rio,it´s sad to say, that rio is a dangerous city, but not as i saw in many comments. I never saw one person with gun on the street this is not common. I don´t walk with my cellphone in hand anywhere, because if i do i´ll probably be robbed. There is some places more safety like zona sul (ipanema, copacabana and lagoa) and more dangerous like downtown and maracana. Copacabana beach isn´t safe, sometimes there is robberies around, i recomend Barra beach is much more safe. Before travelling to rio be aware about the places you´re going to visit. you can have this information in every hotels.
#J on Mar 01, 2016 :
Rio sounds like a dangerous, cretinous moral cesspool. I'm not sure why anyone would want to visit this horrid place.
#Pablo S. on Mar 01, 2016 :
Luis E. If you are lucky enough to lived there for 40 years and nothing ever happened to you then you are a happy man. I'm not influenced by the media. A man was shot less than 500 meters from where i used to live. Two more were killed less than 5 km away within the same semester. Both cases i witnessed myself. Most people i know either have been robbed or know someone that has been. I was robbed twice at gun point, on of which the criminal robbed everyone in the bus.

If i were to say whats on the news, i'd mention the 200+ stabbing that have occurred since 2015. Maybe they are all fabrications... but i invite anyone reading this to search crimes in rio on youtube. Maybe those are all fabrications of my military influence.
#Ed on Feb 19, 2016 :
My partner and I just returned from Rio last week. We were walking to the metro station in Lapa, near the cathedral in broad daylight, many people around. We were in shorts n vests with no jewellery, no watches, nothing valuable on show, just a black backpack. We were surrounded by a gang of 8 who robbed and beat us. Luckily we weren't seriously injured. It offends me when people make out that common sense will keep you safe, this happened after 4 months trouble free travelling around South America. This trip put my country tally to over 50. I am street smart, I always use common sense. In Rio this is not enough. The city IS dangerous. If you go there go with physical and mental preparation that you will be mugged. Having said that, Rio has many, many positives too.
#Lone on Feb 11, 2016 :
Hello. My Boyfriend and i are going to rio on 14th march, we Are from Denmark so scandinavian looking, blue eyes light skin and light hair. We Are going to live in botafogo on our stay there. But I think are we more in the risk zone for crime when we look like we do?
#JJJ on Jan 31, 2016 :
For americans travelling to rio there are problems here robbings are a major problem (if you do get robbed just give them your money and whatever else they want), but getting murdered or raped probably not ! use common sense like you would in american cities like chicago,new york, atlanta and Philly. becareful at night you can walk around i do it all the time, but use caution. especially in the lapa area or maracana at night. people are fairly nice here and helpful and usually the robbers do not want to kill anyone and are usually just desprate street kids.but thing do happen and go wrong. Lived here for 5 years in a couple of different areas zona sul and zona osete. but Zona norte after maracana is area tourists should not visit nothing really even to see there. but all in all its a great place for tourism and a pretty nice place to live. Brazilians have a very fairy tale notion of the united states and many dont know that both countries greatly suffer from the same problems police violence, corruption, gun violence, racism are very big problems in both countries. you can sit and argue statistics all day,but hey rio isnt for everyone. O and if your afriad of poor black people and homeless probably not the place for you. I only saw a gun once here that wasnt a cops gun opposed to the many ive seen in brookyln and New york. if your an american from a lower middle class or lower class dem, you probably wont mind it so much. Rich white, indian or asian americans beware you might shit your pants.
#Gunnar on Dec 23, 2015 :
Impossible to enjoy anything in this city, the feeling of imminent danger ruins it all. You don't feel safe for a single minute, doesnt matter where. I will never return to this horrible place for the time of my life. Leaving Brazil for good in January and no plans of coming back - ever. This country is in the toilet.
#Aldinha on Aug 04, 2015 :
Well I just returned from two weeks in Rio. It was my third time and without any incident whatsoever. Just wear simple cloths, no watches, don't show your fancy phone in the street and just carry some cash (or a card) just in case; stay in the busy areas and don't walk streets at night alone and then it is not very likely that you will have a problem but it can happen of course, like anywhere else. At night, use a taxi. They are cheap and safe. In all honesty, I find safety in Rio -although a grave concern- not the most pressing issue the city has to deal with right now because with a little common sense you can avoid the risks. For me the sewage stench in many areas is far more annoying. Nothing you can do about that. It's there and it is nasty.
#Anonymous on Jul 02, 2015 :

do you live on earth? You obviously haven't heard. Murders have ballooned back up in Rio in the last two years.

There were 4,500 intentional homicides in Rio during 2014, a rate of 35 per 100,000. It isn't 20 per 100,000 [which is what the media will say], it's 35. Just be careful of what you read in the newspapers and online, they don't research things like this very thoroughly. Even the more reputable outlets.

@Luiz E.,

Rio is a city of 13 million.
#Radim on Jun 23, 2015 :
I was in Rio for a week and my iPhone was stolen from my pocket. Just pickpocketing nothing violent. Also some guy tried to sell me cocaine in the bar on the beach. When I replied I have no cash he said I can pay with a credit card. Then he took out a wireless terminal, for reading credit cards, out of his bag. Also they tried to cheat me straight in the hotel reception. When I complained to the hotel manager he refused to speak english. The hotel was Oceano Hotel Copacabana so my advice is never go to that one. I went to favela with a guide and it was far less safe than Copacabana but we stayed just for 15 minutes and then left.

In general I felt relatively safe between 7AM and 10PM. Any time outside those hours is just way too risky. And don't ever walk on a beach at night and even during daylight don't have anything expensive with you. My friend got robbed on the beach during the day. The guy came with a big knife and asked my friend to give him his wrist watch. So you have to be very careful in Rio. You also have to be careful with taxi drivers who will drive you around. Aways lock door and close windows. Don't go out much at night and don't let strangers to get close to you and you'll be fine.
#Luiz E. on Jun 20, 2015 :
Pablo's concerns about getting killed by a stray bullet are maybe the product of watching TV news on a daily basis or being indoctrinated by a militaristic lifestyle to believe there is an enemy around every corner.

Rio had 62 cases of people killed by stray bullets between 2008 and 2013. In a city with 6.3 million people, it is hardly a case for personal concern.

On a personal note, I have never seen anyone getting shot in more than 40 years living in Rio.
#Pablo Sampaio on Jun 12, 2015 :
I see peopel comparing Rio to other cities, and some locals getting upset at the rates...
I'm from Rio, born and raised.
I've seen people getting robbed, people getting stabbed, people getting shot, and i've never been inside a favela.
I've been robbed at gun point, once in copa and another time inside a bus.
Wednesday, june 10th, 2015, two days ago, in the train compartment i was there were two guys, one with a knife, they where taking people's cellphones and money.
I have martial-arts training and military training, i refused to give in my money/cellphone to a crackhead. He wasn't expecting someone to standup to him. They ran off as soon as the train stopped.
I see kids running away with stolen purses in broad daylight.
Every day many people get killed.
It is a beautiful city, but as i have said before, anyone coming here has to be extremely careful. It's preferable that you come with someone that knows the city well.
Don't rely on police protection because they are very limited.
Brazilians are very friendly and willing to help but, we do have a high number of criminals here. Please, do not take this warnings lightly. I am a 28 yearold man, strong and able, i can fight and i can shoot. I am leaving this city because every day i am afraid i might not make it back home. Either because of a (bala perdida) gun shot not even intended for me, or a knife attack (they stab you first then take your things without warning) Just do your research online, you will lots of recent videos of knife attacks. Good luck and God bless!
#Jill lee on Jun 07, 2015 :
I went to Rio with a male Brazilian friend. We stayed with a woman friend of his. His friend lived in a middle class block of flats. There were armed guards, always two men, at the reception. They sat behind bullet proof glass and the doors were locked. Even to get to the door was a barbed wired metal fence about 12 feet high. You had to ring the bell for guard to open the gate. Cause of all this was chronic inequality.
#TheProblem on Jun 04, 2015 :
The problem with this is that it's asking people their opinions rather than actually looking at data. Some research would show you that crime rates are dropping, but in Brasil they have very popular programs showing murders 24/7 so people have warped perceptions of crimes...
#Pablo Sampaio on May 28, 2015 :
Rio is a beautiful city, i was born and mostly raised here. Unfortunately it has become incredibly dangerous... Stabbings have become a everyday thing... since january 2015 there have bem over 160 cases of stabbings. Yes, people come out of nowhere stab someone and leave with their things (cellphones, purse, bike, etc...) i am deeply shamed to be from here. I am saving up to move to Europe in august, already have my tickets. TO ANYONE COMING HERE, BEWARE!
#Mark DuPriest on Apr 27, 2015 :
Excuse me, a typo, should read: To the best of my knowledge he was NOT involved with any type of criminality.
#Mark DuPriest on Apr 27, 2015 :
My American\Brazilian son was beaten to death by the Rio police 22.4.15.
To the best of my knowledge he was was involved with any type of criminality. He was employed and had just started a micro business. I have no information why the police picked him up yet. He was walking his girlfriend home at 10pm in Realango, a favela.

I lived in Brazil for 10 years. Undereducated Brazilian men are relatively aggressive and many prone to violence using weapons. Be careful what you say, placate, flatter and keep any negative opinions to yourself Gringo.
#Rochelle on Mar 14, 2015 :
Rio is very dangerous and I was robbed many times in 5 years.
From kids with knifes to tall armed guys.
even in the touristic areas it can happen anytime
specially now that Brazil is going through another huge economic crisis and inflation.
prices getting higher for everything and violence increasing.
watch your back in Rio!
#Jarek on Dec 11, 2014 :
Just came back from Rio and been there for over a week.
I'm just going to say, common sense !! That's it.
Rio is amazing, one of the best cities I've visited. And regarding crime, right you have favelas and you have dodgy places but surely you will find out where not to go before the trip.
The place is no different then other MEGA Cities like Paris, London or NY if you shouldn't be going to particular neighbourhood, don't go. Using public transport is very safe both metro and Buses( if you show the drive were you're going he will let you know when to leave the bus.
I will defo be going back to Rio and if you're thinking about safety in this place, don't.. you will be perfectly fine !!
#Leo on Nov 06, 2014 :
If you look at statistics you will be worried. My wife and I travel to Rio once a year for the past 7 years and we love it there, we walk or take the public transit everywhere and have never experienced any type of violence and crime. In fact we fell very safe, which is a problem for me as my wife keeps talking about moving there.
#Maurice on Sep 26, 2014 :
@mr koz, you would say Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur are more dangerous than Rio, especially for westerners?

Are you on something?
#Jacky on Jun 29, 2014 :
Read the story real story of man (hitman)who killed around 500 people a award winning book ..
#Jacky on Jun 29, 2014 :
I live in brazil for 10 years.i have seen beauty as well as scaring things there.make no mistake,many problems are solved there with bullet.homoside is very comman to sattle scores there by criminamls & police also.Even small discussion in city transit has result in should know how to live in these award winning book ...,118121/livro-o-nome-da-morte-descreve-biografia-do-homem-que-matou-492-pessoas.shtml
#mr koz on Jun 29, 2014 :
I've been in Rio for the past 3 weeks enjoying
Brasilian hospitality and the world cup. Im with my wife and we are being sensible and we feel reasonably safe. We came from 2 month's in kuala lumpa and bangkok. These places I would classify as more dangerous especially to westerners.
#Reality Check on Mar 26, 2014 :
"#Anonymous on Sep 20, 2013 :
and the murder rate is 23 per 100,000 inhabitants. For comparison, in Philadelphia, USA, it's 27 murders per 100,000"

Philadelphia's rate for 2012 is 8 per 100,000 which is nowhere near Rio. Rio's murder rate is probably 25-30.
#João on Mar 26, 2014 :
Travel to Brasil? It isn't worth it...... if you live closer to the DR or Mexico