Crime in Moscow, Russia

Crime rates in Moscow, Russia

Level of crime
37.68 Low
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
41.57 Moderate
Worries home broken and things stolen
28.90 Low
Worries being mugged or robbed
32.68 Low
Worries car stolen
34.38 Low
Worries things from car stolen
41.05 Moderate
Worries attacked
38.56 Low
Worries being insulted
38.98 Low
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
30.50 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
38.65 Low
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
44.62 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
31.46 Low
Problem corruption and bribery
73.99 High

Safety in Moscow, Russia

Safety walking alone during daylight
80.77 Very High
Safety walking alone during night
53.20 Moderate

Contributors: 909

Last update: June 2021

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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22 Comments so far
Victor Muraviev on Feb 12, 2021:
Wonderful place. If it were to be less corrupt it would be absolutely flawless.
Anonymous on Jan 05, 2021:
So many Russophobic comments here. Most cities are quite safe. Just use common sense, and don’t walk in dark or dangerous looking places.
Anonymous on Jan 02, 2021:
We have always been deceived by the media and we used to see Russia as the country of a thousand and one nights, but this is completely wrong. Russia is a country that is not suitable for a visit, and the Russian people have a very strange character. The Russians are thirsty for violence and bloodshed, selfish and misunderstand people.
The bottom line is that visiting Russia or interacting with the Russians is not recommended and is not recommended.
Max on Mar 29, 2020:
Idk, i was born and raised in moscow and lived in many parts of the world throughout my life (usa, england, azerbaijan, ect) and i always seem to come back to moscow in my free time. In general, the city only sees improvement, and though corruption levels are high and the police love stopping expensive cars in search of drugs to hopefully get bribes in return, i see moscow as a very safe city with low crime, however for foreigners i would advise against going to the sketchier neighborhoods such as Birulyevo or any other neighborhood in the south side at all. personally i lived in the very center and in the western rublyovka suburbs and though i agree that i might have a bias regarding the safety of moscow considering the affluent neighborhoods i grew up, i am still, after all, russian, ive been everywhere, ive seen everything, and i know everyone. In regards to foreign students from africa and india who i see a lot in the city center and personally know a few - none recounted any outright racist behavior towards them, strange looks from grandmas at most. but who knows maybe every student is fooling me.
Andy on Feb 20, 2020:
Who said moscow is save??? I'm already lives here for 3 years and lot of racism here, and remember Russian people only be friendly with russian people or white people, but if you are black it will be difficult for you, don't walking in the night because to dangerous, especially if you meet with people from ex SSSR be careful because I have lots of experience with those people, if they want to talk to you please ignored!!! If some body try to follow you I metro or in the street, you should find out where the police, be careful because today lot of immigrants here, dont try speak in local language (Russian language) if you haven't knowledge, better you speaking in English and people more respect to you, try not to be close with people looks like middle asia and arab because you never know what will happen, in the day is safe but in the night totally not!!!Russian people they are not smiling but they are good people if you can identify who is Russian and who is immigrants, again be careful with immigrants if they need help or something just said no!!! And be careful with your bag and things, don't look like rich person or someone will follow you and rob you.
Anonymous on Jan 24, 2020:
In additional to my previous post: Moscow CAN be dangerous for some categories of people. Locals can be aggressive to gays, transgenders, people with other skin color etc. Unfortunately the local society is still narrow-minded and xenophobic sometimes. It rarely leads to an open confrontation though.
Alexander Fortuna on Jan 24, 2020:
I'm from Moscow originally, and I lived there almost all my life. Well, I don't like it due to my own reasons, but even I have to admit that Moscow is safe. Actually only huge cities in Russia are safe, provinces and towns are kind of dangerous, especially for foreigners... But Moscow isn't dangerous.

People there can be rude and unfriendly sometimes, the city isn't friendly to disabled persons, most of locals don't speak english... But I lived there for decades, I never got robbed, and I don't know anyone who was. Some negative stuff happens anywhere, for sure.. But most areas of Moscow are safe even at night. Probably because of tons of policemen & CCTV everywhere.
Lois Ford on Oct 05, 2019:
To #Emir So not true! I am an American living in Moscow for the past 10 years. We have always been treated very well and we are poor teachers living in a 50sqm flat on the south side, so no one is out to impress us. Moscovites are very friendly and are smiling more and more with each passing year. The city is extremely safe, very beautiful and well taken care of. Beautiful parks and many outdoor events for the whole family that are virtually free. Side walks are very well lit and my husband and I have been in the city at all hours. The Moscow transportation system is by far the best in the world, they are working to make the city more handicapped accessible, and we have seen the decline of racism with each passing year. We have had friends from all over the world visit and they have all found Muscovites friendly and very accommodating. People are NOT dying in the streets. Moscow is a 1/3 larger in population of New York City (12 mil to 8.6 mil) and more than half of the number of murders (130 to 300). I would and have recommended Moscow as a wonderful place to visit and to live.
Emir on Sep 02, 2019:
I have lived in the centre of Moscow since my birth and as of now I have a few points to make about this abomination of a city.
If you're a tourist DO NOT visit Moscow unless you love being intimidated on you vacation.
At first glance, it may seem to you that Moscow is quite a developed and economically prospering city, with beautiful historic architecture, friendly (but gloomy) people etc. However, Moscow is all about the image, superficial beauty, deceit, which are maintained by sucking billions from the federal budget of the Russian Federation.
Danger and crime ooze from every single corner of this city.
Nobody here cares about building safe and stable, friendly for the disabled, constructions. Every month or so someone gets killed or injured by a fallen signpost, bridge, railing, reckless rich drug-heads, which always go unpunished because of the EXTREME levels of corruption and nepotism, and so on.
Countless illegal immigrants, Russians who come from smaller towns, especially from the southern part of the country, overflow the city. The rates of rape, mugging, scam, pick-pocketing, alcoholism (and recently popularized drug abuse) are staggering.
This all is accompanied by racism, sexism, intolerance, ignorance and impoliteness of the majority of the population of Moscow.
Anyway, most of the previous comments sum up the severity of crime in Moscow quite accurately. And I'm pretty surprised to see that Moscow has a better safety rating than Dublin or Stockholm.
jon on Jun 05, 2019:
Attn: Nancy Grace. CBS’s Otis Livingston called Nancy Grace fat woman and racist!
LDR on Oct 01, 2018:
Often visited Moscow, the city is quite clean, people smile. In public transport, it is comfortable to be, quite a good city.
Sergei Goncharov on Aug 05, 2018:
The city centre is generally safe including all of the tourist areas. However, I would not recommend anyone to walk around after midnight. Junkies, prostitutes, drunk and homeless people literally occupy the streets of Moscow every night, no one knows what to expect from them (what they are up to) and what they have got (weapons etc)... you do not need to go to residential districts and other zones outside the city centre— there is nothing to see there anyway, furthermore, some districts are occupied by illegal immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America who are up to no good. All the weirdos are there as well. During the daytime it’s safer, but you should be careful — watch your bags and gadgets, otherwise they might be stolen instantly. Avoid all the people who seem at least a little bit strange or extraordinary because there are some mentally ill people walking around freely, they can be aggressive sometimes. In general, Moscow is definitely worth visiting, if you are careful, nothing will happen to you.
Al Russian on Apr 02, 2018:
Try not to communicate with bad-looking ex-USSR Asians, they can be dangerous. It's not racism, it's safety. - a foolish thing to say.I don't know what bad looking means here, but even when they are poorly dressed they are all polite and pose no danger at all (except criminals of course). And by the way they normally smile as Asians should. We Russians are kind of tense and traditionally do not smile, that's true. But no smiling does not mean hostility. It's just a norm which may seem strange to a stranger )))
Michelle Gilbert on Mar 05, 2018: Putin needs to be arrested he keeps setting off missiles and he is pissing me off, I've been busy watching for Missiles that's why, I'm not saying much in the media through Twitter. These people are very dangerous. Human rights needs to do a complaint through the Federal immigrant agency to arrest Trump is the only way. Please see what you can do to help make this happen. Thank you for helping the US.
Moscow citizen on Jan 13, 2018:
The main thing that most Western people do not understand - why Russians do not smile. Remember - it is NOT a common sense to smile in Russia. It is a part of our mentality. We smile to friends, relatives, etc. - to people that we sympathise. If you get a smile from Russian - be sure, he likes you. Or is trying to fraud you. But it is a completely another story. By the way, it is the reason why many Russians think that Western smiles are fake. You cannot like everyone, do you? I think this is the root of misunderstanding. You think we are gloomy and morose, we think that you are 'fake'. Like, your behaviour doesn't correlate with the way you really treat somebody.
So, be smart. If you ask the way and don't get a smile - that doesn't mean he doesn't want to help you. He does. But you are a stranger to him.
In fact, nobody cares about your skin colour. Nobody cares about you at all. Unless you look like ex-USSR Asian. But if you have problems, show that you are not from there - show that you speak English or another European language. Speaking about blacks - they may look at you, because you are not typical for Russia. But they still don't care. Russians are tolerant, they WON'T treat you bad because of your color. There are exceptions, of course. And, feel safe in Moscow and St. Petersburg. There are cities in Russia, where people saw blacks only in films. There you may feel uncomfortable.
Don't show you as gay. We still don't care, but some elderly and low-income uneducated people may see a provocation in it. A provocation to beat you. Be careful.
Try not to communicate with bad-looking ex-USSR Asians, they can be dangerous. It's not racism, it's safety.
By the way, people from US, try not to speak so loud. It may disturb people around you. It's like, 'Look! We're Americans!' for us. In addition, it's common sense not to speak loudly in public transport.
Young people speak English MORE often, than the elderly ones.
And, do not judge by behaviour of people on the street. You'll be surprised, how Russians change in close communication :)
And yes, if you act like you are from a higher class society, you WILL get hostile treatment. Think about it - how can you speak about racism when you can't even treat equally white Russians? :)
John on Jan 02, 2018:
My gosh, I leaved in Moscow for few years and never ever had any problem listed below, stats says homicide rates in Moscow particular are twice lower than average in US, you should be pretty much a complete idiot to get into a trouble if you applying just day to day common sense as an expat...what I noticed many expats here are getting frustrated by problems with language and navigation, but guys, like in China, Russians does not give much fuck about your English language, it is not an English speaking country, that's it. Secondly a lot of people from Western Europe are acting in a very arrogant manner like they are higher class society and that is not accepted well by Russians - thus you get a hostile response, I heard feedback like that from my friends there. But for sure this is much more safer than most of Eastern Europe shithole capitals.
GiulianoM on Oct 30, 2017:
I used to live in Moscow due my job for almost two years. The most horrible years in my life. Mostly because of people. When I was there my English wasn't very good. Something like Pre Intermediate level, but majority couldn't say anything except hello and some swearing words. So I was able to speak only with colleagues and some nice people who was using google translate. There are six little tips and observations. 1. People are very rude and hate everybody who is different and even hate each other. 2.Moscow have really hight level of crime, but anyway situation there is much better than in others cities. 3.Traffic is horrible. 4.A lot of adds and flavouring in food, so it's could be tastier but not healthier. Check very carefully date of expiry on food, it's could be already expired products in supermarkets. 5.Try to avoid speaking about politics, level of propaganda is extremely high. President is tsar and God for them. Pretty funny but simultaneously they may hate petty officials. 6. Half people believe that in a west countries people of dying from hunger and lack of money. And the other half dreaming to leave Russia as quickly as possible.
George on Sep 25, 2017:
I was in Moscow recently as a tourist and I can tell that is is generally safe and people, if not nice, are not complete hostile.

How ever I have found Moscow and St Petersburg the most racist cities I have ever visited (and I have visited places all over the world, and lived in Mexico, England ans Spain). If you are not white you will feel like you are being watched all time. You don´t feel like in USA or western Europe where yoy are normally not noticed.

How ever Moscow is an exciting city and its racism should not refrain you from visiting it.
Den on Sep 12, 2017:
From the comments below it may seem that Moscow is a totalitarian cloak where people are oppressed both by the gangs and the police. I live in Moscow since birth and somehow I've survived, and now when I've read the comments I can see that it's definitely a great achievement. Nope. Moscow is a nice place, but you've got to follow some rules to avoid problems:

- Never ever look as gay. It's not the part of the Russian culture. Not that Russian people are not tolerant (actually, they are TOO tolerant), but this look is considered as a provocation.

- If you know Russian a bit - don't try to speak it. Don't try to use the words "zdravstvuyte" or "do svidaniya", you will get no respect from the people you are talking to. Don't really know why - maybe because this makes you look like ex-USSR migrant. If you considering between other Slavic language and English - speak English.

- Parks are really safe. The places you should really avoid are industrial and GARAGE areas.

- Don't respond to people in the streets. If you start a communication yourself you will be surprised to find that anyone is friendly and helpful, but if someone tries to talk to you in 50% cases it's a fraud. Other 50% are just asking time or directions.
Kristijan on Aug 31, 2017:
I don't get it, what's the point with the comments below.There isn't a city or a country in the world that is totally ''CRIME FREE''.But its actually the fact that people don't actually get the point of what ''Safe'' and "Danger'' means.If you have a normal life, and not 'BUG" around dark places,gangs,drugs then you are 100% OK in Moscow.There are thief's all over the world,and don't be just like OH Hey i got robbed in Moscow that means that Moscow is a shitty city and by that it means that the people are garbage and what not, its your own fault on how you keep your stuff,its your own fault for not keeping an eye on where you put your stuff (I'm saying this in reply to Moscow citizen's comment below).I stayed for 2 weeks in Moscow and i gotta admit it was the best experience i ever had, everyone was soo polite,respectful.Police men were also really nice, i asked for a picture with one of the police men just for shits and giggles, and we laughed and joked afterwards.I made lots and lots of friends in Moscow, people were really really polite, helping around if you need directions,helping out with the Metro map etc...And no i wasn't '' acting'' like a local, i spoke a little bit of Russian and it was all fine, the best part was visiting Saint Vassily on the red square.It was 5 minutes until closing time, and i asked the lady if i can enter Saint Vassily and she said no, after a minute she was like Aah ok but be quick.I never got robbed,attacked,harassed by any means (sexually,verbally).The only actual people that came up to me were either old women asking for money or people giving out Ad's and giving out High-Fives (Yes high fives).Police activity was ultra high, there were literally policemen armed with Ak's everywhere, around every block, either it was day or night even there were cops hanging around in Mcdonald's.I walked for hours in midnight times and i was safer than walking around at night in Paris.The ''Classic'' thing about Russia is the Vodka and the amount of drunk people you will see on the streets, but there are always cops around so they won't do anything to you as long as you don't laugh or record them with your phone or anything.NOW here comes the strange part or the ''Racist part'' .What i mean by Racist Part?, well the name itself says it all...Russian's (Policemen,casual citizens) don't tolerate any Gay's,Mongolians,Arabs.I see that some comments below say that Russians mock you for being ex USSR or polish or whatever.Well i'm coming from Yugoslavia, and that was the only country in Europe that had the balls to give Stalin the middle finger.So i never got mocked of where i'm from or what not.I will totally recommend going to Moscow for tourism as it is a very beautiful place. (A QUICK TIP FROM ME FOR PEOPLE PLANNING ON VISITING MOSCOW-If you know how to speak any Slavic language (besides Russian) i recommend using that one to communicate with people as they will partly understand what are you trying to say because they either don't speak English or they lack it)
aylin on Jul 17, 2017:
I stayed in Moscow for a few months but never felt safe. Too many weirdos hanging around, watching you, even during the day. I always walked very fast so noone would approach me. The locals don't smile and dont like to help, so if some random stranger is friendly to you, you should be very worried...This is the least safe city in my experience and I have travelled many countries in europe and asia.
Moscow citizen on Jun 21, 2017:
The "Moscow experience" is VERY different depending on your looks


Middle-asian(mongoloid) or mid-eastern(arab) types get harrased by the police. You are expected to pay a bribe if you come from EX-USSR muslim regions.
Their type be living in every basement of every flat block, doing slave-labour and cleaning the streets. SO they are treated like slaves.

If you are black as the night itself, do not worry that much. Well unless you travel to St.-Petersburg. Moscow is much more safe.

Now the gay people. Do NOT look gay, this will cause you A LOT of problems. Maybe you follow the news - everything you've heard is true and even worse. Hide your inner (and outter) f aggot while visiting Moscow. Cover your coloured hair with a hat or something. I am being serious just do it.

You most likely get fucked by the authorities if you are from ex-USSR including Russia itself. Other foreingers are somewhat treated with respect. The police may laugh at you but won't hurt you.

The financial crisis, war and economic sanctions are taking its toll. In a times like these criminals are more desperate. There are increasing reports on stealing ATMs in broad daylight.
In subway, hold on to your electronic devices when the doors are closing. My sister got her IPAD stolen this way. A middle-asian looking kid just grabbed it and jumped the train.

One guy I know got his phone pickpocketed from his shirt's front pocket ( how is that even possible ).
It is absolutely useless to go to the police if you get robbed. They will file a paper and throw it in the trash later when you leave. This applies to citizens and non-citizens both.

Recently someone tried to grab my arm near subway station which did not happen IN YEARS. I did not stop even for a second, but still... This is what you should do by the way. Never slow down. They will never pirsuit you, rather be looking for a fool tourist who stops when grabbed by a sleeve.
Unless you are a scary looking slav-face 1.9m tall, walking at night is unsafe. Depending on the part of the Moscow - south, east and southeastert parts are the worst fucking shit.

*** now this part may be hard to comprehend, just trust me on this ******************
Act like everyone around. Do not smile and blend in. Do not stand where everyone is walking. DO NOT RESPOND TO ANYONE NEAR THE RAILWAY STATIONS - here you will get scammed and/or pickpocketed. Railway stations and suburb trains are the worst. Subway hubs are more safe but same rules apply. Always pretend that you are in hurry for somewhere, its better to make a circle twice that suspiciously stand out.
If someone stands in your way turn 90 degreen and walk around him like he is a pole or something. If he keeps doing that keep walking. I will repeat it again: NEVER STOP is the golden rule.
Fear people who smile at you.

But this comment sums it better than everything
"The whole country is a scam with a gangster like police"

Oh yeah, this is so true. But at least this is not south africa or Manchester (yet) (haha).

This is a very very politically incorrect country, like Poland on steroids.

General rules apply: stay away from parks, keep your eyes open, use common sense.

There is so much shit in the comments, oh my god.

I hope this helps.