Crime in Brisbane, Australia

Crime rates in Brisbane, Australia

Level of crime
36.42 Low
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
61.09 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
35.52 Low
Worries being mugged or robbed
29.20 Low
Worries car stolen
28.45 Low
Worries things from car stolen
35.02 Low
Worries attacked
32.94 Low
Worries being insulted
36.68 Low
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
25.50 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
49.50 Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
45.04 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
35.44 Low
Problem corruption and bribery
31.39 Low

Safety in Brisbane, Australia

Safety walking alone during daylight
78.73 High
Safety walking alone during night
49.77 Moderate

Contributors: 574

Last update: April 2024

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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23 Comments so far
will on Apr 03, 2024:
moved from toronto canada to brisbane. this place is way more laid back and i feel way safer here. of course it's a city and a city can only get so safe but never in my life have i been so at ease walking home alone from a night out. im pretty sure all of these people complaining in the comments either watch too much news or have never lived anywhere but brisbane. its a big city of course there is going to be murderers and rapist. you go to literally any city in the whole world even close to this size and its the same. but this place is certainly safer than most city with a population of this size.
tom on Jan 08, 2024:
you could walk around at 3am in the city here and not a single person would bother you
Gina on Jun 19, 2023:
Exhibit A

What is up with Brisbane and violence against women and children?
Gail on Jun 18, 2023:
Nope, Brisbane is far more unsafe than any city in Queensland. Especially for women. Don’t like Brisbane at all.
Bruce Wayne on Jun 08, 2023:
I recently moved here from over in the states and since than I have noticed a decrease in crime... How strange ;)
BrisBIN on May 07, 2023:
Constantly draining and inhumane hot and humidity weather for 11 months of year makes it almost a place you can't live after 10 am or before 6 pm. 90% humidness even after 1:00 am in morning and all night, makes 30 degree C seem like 50 degree C. People will drink, imbibe narkotiks and gannble all day in the constant hot weather making it very dangerous and degenerate. Constant emphasis upon gehy stuff everywhere by meedia and corps, and people are now complaining about Brisbane's "bully" cultures in the work places. Complete car culture and no thought about planning city for walking. But lots of thought for team sports 24/7 on the TV and media. Constant big floods from swampnuuttzs river makes city flood and full of snakes and dirdee mucky swampnuuttzs water, entire neighborhoods because Brisbane people so smart they build entire Penal Colony of Brisbane on giant flood zone swamp. Brisbane is the New World City but the locals were never asked if world meant they would become world's biggest Hong Kong refugee camp full of un deesirables.
BrisBIN on May 07, 2023:
I'm sorry but Brisbane is NOT safe. Lots of random attacks at pubs, clubs and discos, hair brained low IQ and violent proud and uppity powderkeg minorities from chithole places like Hong Kong and other cities in South East Asia who successfully get Australian passports and think they are better than any local person, taking advantage of people who welcomed them while they scheme and do their chithole country things in their new host nation while the media cheers them on as being 'model minorities'. Really dangerous drivers and aggression on the roads and bikeways, sidewalks and everywhere from fitness freaks, aggressive minorities and people who think that by wearing a suit they are boss. There was a cyclist who accidentally touched a pedestrian on a city sidewalk and his immediately reaction was to brutally run after and attack the cyclist.
Chang on Apr 01, 2023:
Brisbane is the perfect place for any family from Hong Kong to wash and launder of money of whole family. Brisbane welcome people us like no other, and not understand us. This mean we say 50% of time make fun of them and 50% of time work out how to get good welfare off them. Aussie welfare much better than Hong Kong. Brisbane people you can brush aside and call bogans. If they make comment. You brush aside them. Brisbane perfect for owning store and never paying anything to state because you just never give anyone receipt for purchase. Lots of professional people in CBD help advise with launder money and new casino will be perfect for this. If you have nice hair cut and suit, and pretend to be wealth, Brisbane people justs brush them aside and you can do good work here. But lots of crime because they don't care about things, always drunk. We have same values, as Aussie men from Brisbane, because they like to abuse wives behind clothed door to! Just like us! So don't believe that we have different values. Look up Gerard Baden Clay real estate who killed wife, Sophie Collombet murdered near Brisbane CBD, Eunji Park murdered in Brisbane CBD, Dominik Schulze murdered near Brisbane CBD, Rowan Baxter who killed whole family, lots of murders and bodies all around Brisbane. Brisbane is paradise compared to Hong Kong, because you can breathe air and drink water, and treat locals like pretend you don't understand. All Hong Kong should move to Brisbane. Already we have our own mini Hong Kong in Brisbane called Sunnybank. Thank you for being welcome so Brisbane, you will not regret us movinghere!
pogglywoggly BRISBANE on Mar 22, 2023:
Brisbane used to be good. Then 1995 happened and it changed. Lots of local bogans started to think that their suburb actually mattered even though they are full of derelict houses and spiders, snakes, cockroaches, ants which are in all Brisbane houses. Brisbane is full of deros (Aussie word for losers) who drink their welfare and disability checks. Brisbane is full of welfare people. Maybe 70% are in jobs welfare programs or taking welfare. Alcoholism is out of control. The public transit is the worst in Australia, because of the geography of the Brisbane downtown area which is cut off by a river on three sides and by steep hills on the fourth side. Brisbane people travel to NYC and remark on how NY feels far safer than anywhere in Brisbane. Brisbane people love to hate other cities in the region, like Ipswich, Gold Coast and Redcliffe, because deep down they are insecure about their own poorly planned and unlivable city. Brisbane is unlivable and in fact, the only people who think it is livable are people who could never get a job anywhere else because Brisbane education is designed to keep people there. UQ is their university, and is famous for bullying an outspoken student and for having riots between different factions from HK and other parts of China. Brisbane is a shithole. In fact, it's a dangerous shithole. You are at high risk of being insulted or attacked for 1. wrong opinions 2. saying anything about Brisbane 3. not coming from the same high school 4. for no reason, because a lot of Brisbane people have problems with drink. Brisbane is also like being in some weird mix of third world people. They come from HK and China, SEA, Samoa, Fiji and India. It's probably less than 50% white these days, and full of about 100x too many asian and other ethnic restaurants. Brisbane is a city chock full of minorities and feels very unsafe, day or night. If you accidentally look at someone the wrong way, or brush someone's shirt, you might be attacked. Then there's the floods. Brisbane is full of ugly, stinky floodwaters because they built the entire city on a giant flood plain. Brisbane was a rough penal colony for the worst of the worst, and this is reflected today. The sun is extremely harsh and the women are extremely fat and very uncomely.
will lilly pip on Mar 19, 2023:
i stabed a guy not to long ago and wanted to see if this site actually works. it does
Seth on Nov 25, 2022:
Brisbane is a very dangerous city. Lots of murders every year and rapes. Domestic Violence is common and you only need to look at cases like Alison Baden Clay and Hannah Clarke and countless others and what 2 things do they have in common? Violence against women and Brisbane. Brisbane people like to deflect and try and elevate petty crime in regional cities above its disgusting levels of violent crime.
FrightenedLocal on Oct 11, 2022:
The drug problem is getting out of hand. So many times you will be walking down any high street and there is someone completely cooked out of their brains flailing their arms around, yelling in tongues, they will gawk at you as you walk past.
Quandale Dingle on Jun 21, 2022:
No idea what any of these commnents are talking about, I have lived here for 18 years and never seen any form of crime ever. The worst thing that's happened to me is my house being egged on halloween a couple years ago. Literally feel safe going anywhere in Brisbane, yeah there is a bit of youth crime but that's just anywhere. Nothing to worry about if you're thinking of moving here, never ever felt unsafe anywhere in Brisbane.
John on Jan 26, 2022:
All major cities in Australia have become dangerous crime ridden drug ridden shitholes. Brisbane is one of the worst cities in Australia for crime and drugs.
MermaidQueen62 on Oct 05, 2021:
I will admit though on the news there has been a rising number of cases of rape in the city.
MermaidQueen62 on Oct 05, 2021:
Forest Lake and Ripley are just suburbs on the outside of the city, they have plenty of space and almost everyone lives in houses. There is a problem at least in Forest Lake with robberies and break-ins, but that doesn’t make it a slum.
MermaidQueen62 on Oct 05, 2021:
Zachary McKean’s comment on Forest lake and Riply being slums are definitely not true. I live in Forest Lake, and can safely say that we have a happy community, beautiful wildlife and no one under the poverty line.
Zachary McKean on Mar 31, 2021:
Horrible city, so many slums like Ripley and Forest Lake. YUCK but hey don't let that stop people moving there because they are so gullible they will believe anything a glossy brochure says, they then regret it and are too cowardly to admit their mistake.
Michelle on Mar 05, 2021:
What is the formulate of the city crime rate?
ella on Mar 03, 2021:
im doing i a school project thanks for the info
Anonymous on Feb 24, 2021:
pedos and rapists everywhere always some new case of assault or murder, im only a kid and living here is a nightmare
Karla Svenson on Dec 03, 2020:
Brisbane has rapes and murders quite a lot.. just google it. Definitely a no go city.
Dennis on Jun 04, 2020:
Felt very unsafe in Brisbane, would not live here.