Cost of Living in Prague

Summary about cost of living in Prague, Czech Republic:

Edit Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 150.00 Kč 120.00-250.00
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 800.00 Kč 600.00-1,500.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 150.00 Kč 139.00-170.00
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 40.00 Kč 30.00-50.00
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 50.00 Kč 35.00-75.00
Cappuccino (regular) 56.98 Kč 40.00-79.00
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 34.18 Kč 25.00-45.00
Water (12 oz small bottle) 28.51 Kč 20.00-40.00
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 75.23 Kč 49.21-109.78
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 23.91 Kč 13.61-45.27
Rice (white), (1 lb) 16.77 Kč 9.07-27.17
Eggs (regular) (12) 44.05 Kč 30.00-72.00
Local Cheese (1 lb) 98.59 Kč 68.04-158.76
Chicken Fillets (1 lb) 66.86 Kč 40.82-90.72
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 112.90 Kč 68.04-181.44
Apples (1 lb) 17.70 Kč 11.34-22.68
Banana (1 lb) 14.64 Kč 10.89-27.22
Oranges (1 lb) 18.86 Kč 13.61-31.75
Tomato (1 lb) 23.84 Kč 13.15-38.56
Potato (1 lb) 9.05 Kč 4.54-13.61
Onion (1 lb) 9.06 Kč 6.80-13.61
Lettuce (1 head) 26.77 Kč 18.00-35.00
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 13.90 Kč 9.00-20.00
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 120.00 Kč 100.00-200.00
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 16.67 Kč 12.00-25.00
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 35.75 Kč 20.00-50.00
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 119.00 Kč 105.00-130.00
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 24.00 Kč 24.00-32.00
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 550.00 Kč 304.17-600.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 40.00 Kč 30.00-60.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 45.06 Kč 33.80-57.94
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 360.00 Kč 240.00-420.00
Gasoline (1 gallon) 114.38 Kč 102.21-124.92
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 500,000.00 Kč 450,000.00-550,000.00
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 530,894.44 Kč 500,000.00-570,000.00
Utilities (Monthly)
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 4,996.91 Kč 3,500.00-8,500.00
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 3.29 Kč 2.00-4.00
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 510.52 Kč 400.00-699.00
Sports And Leisure
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 872.72 Kč 500.00-1,400.00
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 305.00 Kč 250.00-400.00
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 200.00 Kč 150.00-250.00
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child 15,209.14 Kč 10,000.00-20,000.00
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 252,220.38 Kč 120,000.00-430,000.00
Clothing And Shoes
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 1,760.43 Kč 900.00-2,600.00
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 836.21 Kč 500.00-1,500.00
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 1,905.16 Kč 1,200.00-2,500.00
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 2,307.93 Kč 1,500.00-3,000.00
Rent Per Month
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 17,832.64 Kč 14,187.77-25,000.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 13,571.18 Kč 10,000.00-18,000.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 31,148.44 Kč 25,000.00-40,000.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 22,232.45 Kč 18,000.00-30,000.00
Buy Apartment Price
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 12,998.27 Kč 10,776.66-18,580.45
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 8,960.18 Kč 7,439.94-11,148.27
Salaries And Financing
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 32,967.22 Kč
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 2.33 1.90-3.00

Prices in Prague

This city had 4930 entries in the past 12 months by 458 different contributors.
Last update: July 2021
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100 Comments so far
Anonymous on Jul 01, 2021:
If you live alone, it could be enough,but try to get at least 1800 eur. If it is it related job you can get even more like 2000 eur. You can find place wi 15k czk suitable for 1-2 persons
Anonymous123 on Jul 01, 2021:
Hello.. I am currently negotiating a salary with an It company.
I was thinking of a salary 1600 euro after taxes Can I find a place in Prague for 15000czk? I was thinking of tje following expenses in euros:700 apartment, 300 food, 100 a pair of shoes or similar and I would be left with 500 euro to spend or save.
Does this sound reasonable?
Anonymous on Jun 28, 2021:
Hi it possible to search job with more than 60k for It manager and how much does it cost for 1bed
Ginny MRIZEK on Jun 12, 2021:
How handicapped accessible is Prague? I use a power wheechair.
Mark on Jun 06, 2021:
@Ash, it could be not enough for you family. Rent will for you family would be around 20-22k. Food around 10k for month. And additionally your kids will need some school and kindergarden spending. So it could tough for you. 60k salary would be better and he can find job with that salary in Prague.
Ash on Jun 03, 2021:
Hi my husband got job in prague,he is an it manager ,they offer 45000 net salary (after tax)..we want to move prague for the time being.we have 2 kids ..elder is school going it ok with this salery.
Sofianets on May 05, 2021:
I forgot - Prague being almost in the middle of Czechia is kinda isolated for road/train trips. You can mostly visit Dresden. Other foreign cities are further away. Plzen is closer to Regensburg, Linz, Munich, Nuremberg. Brno's closer to Vienna/Bratialava and Ostrava to Katowice and Krakow.
Sofianets on May 04, 2021:
Beautiful! After Bratislava and Vienna Prague was fantastic for my eyes. But it's not good for longer-term living. Too many hobos (one slept in our house hallway and I couldn't go to toilet as he begged on the door to be let in). Too many tourists, Russians and gun-carrying Americans. I suppose Brno and Plzen are better, less crowded and just as beautiful, esp. Plzen. Bratislava was more livable but too modern and industrial-looking.
Anonymous on Apr 11, 2021:
Minimum of 50000czk net salary for a family of 3, and this is only if you use public transportation and rent a flat in cheaper areas such as Praha 8 - Bohnice.
Anonymous on Apr 07, 2021:
Hello everyone,

What is the average cost of living for two adults and a child including rent in Euros?
I will be renting on the edges of Prague as the work isnt in the City center?
Whats the average net salary that if you have will be covering all your needs?

Thanks in advance
Camel on Mar 29, 2021:
The city is international for working and living is best spot to stay...LOL
Anonymous on Mar 26, 2021:
You would need minimum 100k to take care of your needs.
Chris on Feb 25, 2021:
Would 65k (net) be enough for a family of 3? The school would be covered. Not looking to live a luxurious life but wondering if we would be comfortable and not struggling?
Anonymous on Jan 23, 2021:
Ahhh great news CZ has totally been locked down infection and death rates up 78%.As a real-estate investor that's good news buying cheaply without living there.
Camel on Jan 17, 2021:
Prague is amazing place to live and to work...LOL
Anonymous on Jan 05, 2021:
Why move to Prague at all? It's just a rotten overpriced pigpen.
Jacob on Jan 03, 2021:
If you work in IT you will find a decent job to cover your monthly expenses but it wont earn you enough to buy a flat or house. House prices are same as Berlin in Germany. I wouldnt recomend to move here if you want to work in tourism or any other industry. Prague has the most expensive real estate in Europe based on average salary if you want to buy a property....
Anonymous on Dec 09, 2020:
Czech citizens need to speak English to accommodate us Brits.
Pasupathi on Dec 02, 2020:
Prague is a lovely place to visit! Every place has its ups & downs. As regards comments on language, everyone must realize citizens of any country would always love talking in their language! It's for foreigners to learn a few words of courtesy & practice which will make the host happy! Prague still remains affordable compared to some neighbouring countries. Of course who doesn't want zero inflation?! Be happy folks & best wishes!
Mark on Sep 26, 2020:
I live in Prague for 1.5 year and just want to share my opinion.
I work in IT and earn 60k czk net salary and live alone, so one person it looks very good. I do not spend much money on restaraunts and cafes, so I can save from here. I pay around 16k czk for a studio with all utilities included.

The very big disadvantage of Prague and Czechia overall is local language. Without it, it will be really tough to live or going outside. Even buying smth. from shops can be problematic, cause shop workers will not understand you and more importantly they will start to treat you as a sh*t. Even Immigration Officers will not speak with you in English, where it is logical that, only foreigners will come to Immigration :(

I have been in post stores, shops, shopping malls, gym, cafes and most of them do not speak English, so it becomes very stressful to communicate with locals. As a advice, I suggest you, for the first period to choose apartment near some hotels. Cause hotels have their own barbershops, gyms, massage salons and etc. and most of personal speak English, so it can help you.

If you know Russian language, so it would also help you, cause here very large number of expats from Russian speaking countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, so you will probably meet them on daily basis.

Overall, if it is your first move to abroad, it can be useful to move here, cause you can travel Europe cheap and fast and see other places. But personally I do not consider Czechia as permanent living place.

Good luck :)
Andrea Oggero on Sep 13, 2020:
I don't know why they keep showing completely fake prices like the price of a coke. Try to find just one restaurant where a coke costs 35 KC, impossible. Or a water for 25 KC, where in Prague? Maybe these where the prices 5 years ago
Anonymous on Jun 15, 2020:
I heared czech republic basic salary is 30000-35000 per month. but how??I saw lot of job postings even big foreginer companies offer 20000-25000 per month.
Melisssa on Apr 25, 2020:
I like Dec 18, 2019 comment. I live in the USA. Im sure we beat you in lack of common sense and rationality. This place is terrible. I just want to get out of here. I know all places have their cons but have you seen our "leader"????? Get. me. out.
Anonymous on Feb 05, 2020:
For all the people here, trying to give numbers about how much of a salary is enough to have a comfortable life in Prague: every person has different needs and different responsibilities in their life, sooo comments like 80k monthly salary is not enough in Prague,or you would need at least 40k net and bla bla bla is absolutely ridiculous. The best thing that someone can do, is check this list of cost of living(which is more or else okay and close to reality) and try to calculate by himself based on his lifestyle if the salary would be enough.
Carmen C on Jan 21, 2020:
Hi everyone,

I will have a phone call interview on Thursday, for a job offer in Prague, for the position of Ecosystem Sourcing Specialist at Accenture. I have no experience in this particular field/job, but an overall experience of 11 years, of which 8 1/2 as assistant manager & marketing in English & French. What would be the right salary to ask (net), so that I can live decently there? PS: I also have a mortgage to pay for my apartment in Romania, which is about 300 € / month, so I should either earn enough to cover that one up, or rent it (which is highly undesirable), because I don't think I'll be able to afford paying a rent/mortgage in 2 places.

Thanks a lot in advance!
3d artist on Jan 20, 2020:
Hi guys, today i ve got an offer in prague to work and live there, they offered me 2000€, is it worthy loving there? I saw all the comment and all the stats above, this offer seems to be decent, like not good but limit ok. I need some advice from you guys. Thanks
Gooddeal on Jan 18, 2020:
Prague is now more expensive than southern Spain without the good weather or the more western quality of service. It is become a poor deal. However even eastern Europe is not a great deal compared to Spain. While services are somewhat cheaper in Prague rents are so expensive at roughly 40 percent more than Zagreb (Croatia has the sea ) and about 400 to 500 percent more than Romania (has the Carpathians). Even Germany is a better deal for costs in relation to the medical care and social benefits.
Anonymous on Dec 18, 2019:
“ Anonymous on Dec 08, 2019 :
Get a flatmate and you can live decently on 1450 Euro net.”

Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? Yes, I know you are probably right, but it is outrageous that Prague transformed itself, in the space of just few years, from a low-cost,
affordable place that it was, to the bloody ripoff place it is today, where the limits of common sense and rationality have been crossed many moons ago.

For those of you looking to come here to the CEE El-Dorado, keep your sanity and save your nerves, go elsewhere!
Anonymous on Dec 05, 2019:
Can a person earning 1450 euro net per month live comfortably in Prague?
Anonymous on Dec 05, 2019:
How much money is ok for one person to move to Prague?
MOTTIFY s.r.o. on Oct 30, 2019:
Thanks for share great information with us. I like your blog.
CZE on Oct 15, 2019:
I moved to Prague one year ago and can break down my salary and living expenses as a single person living in the city.

I earn 55k before tax, which is about 40k after tax. This is quite a bit ABOVE the average.

I spend 15k on a 53 sm2 apartment, with bills (3k) and Internet (529), so 18,529 CZK a month.
I spend roughly 1 to 1,2k crowns a week on groceries, so 4 to 4,8k a month.
I have a cleaning person, I pay her 200 CZK an hour, so it is 2,4k CZK monthly.
My phone bill is the cheapest tariff I could find, 350 CZK a month.
The public transport card for 1 year is 3650 CZK, but if you divide it monthly it is 304 CZK.

I like to go to the cinema (roughly 140 CZK at the art cinemas), have drinks out (beer and wine are insanely cheap here at mostly places, take full advantage when you come here), go to a restaurant once/twice a week (lunch can be 150-220 CZK, dinner per person is about 250-300k).

After my main expenses I have something like 14 or 15k left over every salary, and I usually finish the month anywhere between 6k to 9k CZK to go to savings.

Overall, I think I have a very good, privileged life in Prague compared to many. My flat is rather good quality and cheaper than many other ones in comparison to current market prices, and is also pretty close to the city center by tram.

I would not move to Prague earning less than 40k CZK before tax, but I like to live alone. If you don't mind sharing an apartment with one or more people you will of course spend much less.
visky on Sep 23, 2019:
How much would be an ideal pay scale for a Solution Architect with 14+ year of IT experience in CZ-Prague?
What are the tax slabs.

Any inputs are highly Appreciated.
ivysh on Aug 28, 2019:

How much would be an ideal salary be, not a lot, but with enough savings, to live in Prague with my wife and 2 years old kid? I have 7 years of experience in IT and what is the market standard salary that an IT engineer of my experience gets offered in Prague?
Anonymous on Aug 23, 2019:
Hi! Plan to move in Prague with my family (wife and 2 kids (1 Yr old and 2 Yr old) what supposed to be the salary income to survive? Will 2k euro net is enough?
Anonymous on Aug 23, 2019:
Hi! Plan to move in Prague with my family (wife and 2 kids (1 Yr old and 2 Yr old) what supposed to be the salary income to survive? Will 2k euro net is enough?
Anonymous on Aug 23, 2019:
Hi! I have an offer of 2000 Euro net. Plan to rent an apartment on Prague 6 or Prague 8. Will I survive on 2k Euro?
bad lieutenant on Aug 14, 2019:
Hi all,
I live in Vienna (Austria) but I am considering to move to Prague with my girlfriend.

I should have a salary of 2.400 euro net per month (14 months) but I am not sure that it is enough considering:
- social system
- health system
- rent

At the moment I am not working but the social system in Vienna it is really advanced, therefore I would have time to learn german and maybe find a job.

I do not really know if I have to accept the job offer.

Do you any experience like this?
There should be anything else I have to consider?
Daniel on Aug 12, 2019:
@ Anonymous on Aug 02, 2019 :

Now I understand better. As you said it though, moving from DE to CZ, no matter how you look at it, is a step backwards in many ways, regardless of earnings. Germany has a much more advanced social system, health system, infrastructure, quality of education etc. And as you mentioned it, prices in Czech Rep. are heating up A LOT in all areas, much more so than in neighboring Poland for example that also is seeing a good growth period but without the big inflationary aspects seen here.

Especially if you have a family or considering starting one soon, Germany would be more adequate IMO, and if you really want a change of scenery rather consider places like Switzerland, Netherlands or the Scandies.
Peter Griffin on Aug 11, 2019:
hi .does anyone can tell how much average barber can earn in Prague?
thanks in advance...
Tarq on Aug 10, 2019:
Compared to the rest of Czech Republic, Prague is very expensive. Basically it is a tourist trap, accommodation entails outrageous prices, whether rental or buying! I moved to Czech Republic from Australia (simply because Australia is a dump). I have lived in many countries including, UK, South America, USA etc.
Czech Republic is not a bad option to live within so long as one does a bit of homework. To make matters simple, I purchased a house a few kilometers from Tabor, South Bohemia, price 3M Kc, a similar house within the environs of Prague sells for 15-16M Kc...
Petr on Aug 09, 2019:
Hello! My Name is Petr, im from Ukraine,Kiev. Im a nuclear engineer, live in my own flat with like 1K$ netto per month.
Now, I have a proposal to go to Prague with 35000 brutto, with the following increase during the year to 40000-45000. I think to rent a one-room studio for 10 thousands, live on the rest (26,000 will be net, I think).
Help me please to decide, ist it okay? In general, aftrer 5-8 years, they proposing for me 50000-55000 brutto.
I would like to travel minimally, go to the gym.
What do you think about that?
Anonymous on Aug 07, 2019:
Can any one tell me for 13 years experienced business analyst in banking domain what will be the Net salary that we can expect in prague?
Anonymous on Aug 07, 2019:
Hi Anonymous on Aug 05, 2019!

It is approx 1455 eur after taxes. You can use:
Anonymous on Aug 05, 2019:
Hi!how much is the 2000 euro after tax in Prague?
N/A on Aug 03, 2019:
Hi everyone! Its interesting to ready everyone's experience. I hope everyone has settled well and enjoyed staying in Czech Republic. I will be moving to Prague end of this year with family ( 2 adults + 2 very young kidds). NET INCOME OF 4k USD per month is it enough to have a normal life? I plan to rent apartment 2+1 in district 5,6 or 7. Thank you in advance for an advice.
Anonymous on Aug 02, 2019:
Hello Daniel,

fall back plan is that I make now without bonus the 2650 euros in Germany net so 2700 net in Prague plus bonus 3000 net would have been more

however rent is a more in Prague for what I get now with 750 euros all is 65 SQM in prague would get me 50 sqm

Also consumer goods are way more expensive in Prague clothes, electronics, branded products cost way more then in Germany.

social live still a bit cheaper but not by much like meals out etc

Also the job in Prague would have been way harder, more stressful longer hours etc

but I would have gain in better social life

where I am the Retirement pension is way better then Prague also Social Security in case one loses a job etc

Again you right I said no already but still considering move back to Prague

so thanks for your comments
Daniel on Aug 01, 2019:
@ Anonymous ”I said no did I made a mistake ?”

What's the point of asking now after you already said no? Have no idea what you said no, what your fallback plan is, what your expenses are, whether you are single or with family, etc. etc. , but independently of that, 3000 EUR to have as a net income is not shabby at all, nor would it put you up there with those living in the lap of luxury, for that you would need I would say at least 5-6k EUR net per month, and of course upwards of that the sky is the limit. Same as in London you probably need 20k/month for a glimpse of luxury living.
Anonymous on Aug 01, 2019:

I got an offer paying 90K brutto plus early Bonus of 17% plus 11K drive allowance

so 101K a month net is 70K plsu the Yealy bonus would make 3K euro net

I said no did I made a mistake ?
Daniel on Jul 30, 2019:
Hi Joseph

If you are coming here to retire, you would of course not be tied to live within Prague or surroundings for that matter. There's plenty of places within 45min-1hr of a train ride from Prague, where you can live in a house on that money, including the rent, however it would be a frugal life at best, no luxuries. If you would buy a house up front, which would be pretty cheap outside of Prague, in a rural area (something between around 40-50 000 EUR 1-1.25mil CZK would buy you a fixer upper with a plot), but within Prague...forget about it. Even if you had to buy a flat outright, assuming you can afford to spend around 250 000 USD for a 70-80 sqm. flat, which is at the low-end so it would not be a new property but an older flat, that 800 USD to live on, assuming you would have to pay health insurance and many other things as a non-Czech, and probably non-EU citizen too?, you would have very little left to "live" one out of that $800. Sadly, we met multiple US retirees here at expat get-togethers who were in the process of sorting out their Czech "exit" and either return to the US of move to some other country, because their dream retirement place has in the meantime seriously deteriorated and the small pension or savings that they came with here, to boost their quality of life considerably at the time, nowadays barely affords them a decent life. One notable exception was an elderly lady we met who, along with her now gone husband had the brilliant idea in 2001 when they moved here to scoop up multiple flats with the proceeds of the house they sold back in the US when they relocated, and now those 3 flats she has, plus the one she lives in, all within "old" Prague, Petrská čtvrť area, I'm sure altogether it's worth at least 1.5mio $, maybe more, not shabby at all and probably 7-800% return as they bought each in a bad state and renovated it.

The, Prague is far from being a cheap retirement location..think Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia, over there you bucks will go the furthest and probably quality of life is better than here.
Joseph A Khan on Jul 27, 2019:
How about living 2 old retired people in place like this?
Rent transportation
is easy to survive with $800 month for month?
Daniel on Jul 12, 2019:
Hello Saad

To be honest, 90000 CZK (equivalent of 4000 USD) would be very less if gross, and if net, it would be barely manageable for 6 people to live on, as in you would be in a real struggle.

Things to consider in your budget:
- minimum 30 000 CZK would go on rent, and I would say this is a happy case if you find a 3 or 4 bedroom apt, which I would assume is quite small still for a family with 3 kids + a grandmother to live in. Forget about any houses with garden or anything like that, for a house you would have to pay that entire salary
- the other expenses, what they call poplatky here (water, heating, refuse, etc.), plus electricity, internet, mobile phones will run you at least another 10 000 I would thing for a family of 6.
- transport, basic food shopping, without any going out, I would say maybe 15-20 000 for 6 at a rather frugal level with cooking at home, taking home-cooked food to work/school, etc.
- health insurance costs, don't know what your employer might cover, but I'm quite certain they will not cover all 6 of you, so factor in probably at least another 7-8000/month, which by the way is mandatory in some cases (as in the visa of your family members will depend on health insurance contributions)

So as you can see, without adding and casual or luxury expenses. I assume if coming from UAE hopefully the time spent there and the better pay has afforded you the possibility to accumulate some savings, so if you just want to spend 1-2 years in Prague and see how you'll get along it might be a good experience, but definitely consider doing some hard negotiating to try to increase your pay. If your spouse has an in-demand degree/occupation, then of course things could be a lot easier, if she can get at least a part-time, well paying job, although I don't know if she would be willing to do so with 3 children.

If you have a chance to consider offers from other locations, such as Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Scandinavia, definitely look at other options too, as Prague is very quickly becoming very expensive for local pay, and even locals are starting to leave in droves due to the big cut in quality of life with all these hikes, mainly in property prices/rents, but of course many other services followed suit, and there doesn't seem to be any sign of relief anytime soon.

Good luck with whatever you choose.
Saad on Jul 06, 2019:
Hello Everyone!

I have got an offer from Prague from one of the reputable IT firm.

They are offering me 4000 US$ /month which I don't know how much in the local currency?

I have wife, 3 kids and my old mother with me. Can anyone please share the details about living expense, schooling, medical felicities etc etc?

Is this package is sufficient to settle there? Currently I am working in UAE with much more high package however, you cannot trust/rely on the current job situation here as well.

Thanks & BR.
Anonymous on Jul 01, 2019:
I make 53k/month net. Rent and util are around 22500/month. I have to pay around 11000/month bank loan in my homr country. So i am left with 19.500/month. I dont who said that Prague is cheap when it comes to going out for a simple coffee let's say. They charge for the milk if you ask for it. It's like my home country in the 2000 wtf. Anyway i started this journey because i wanted to see how it is to work in another country so i am stuck for 2 years but i am not sorry. Advice for new people thinking about moving to Prague, get ready for the language barier, few people speak english, which was a surprise for me. If you go to Romania, that some people call it the sh**** country in Europe, even in the supermarket the cashier speaks some enghlish and on the streer people dont treat like a piece of sh*** just because you are a foreigner.
For a city break Prague is beautiful but thats it. If you expect people to respect you as a foreigner dont even bother.
Anonymous on Jun 20, 2019:
"#Anonymous on Jun 17, 2019 :
I have a fully furnished 2+kk 60m2 flat in a very nice gated community for 22000czk, all services included."

2kk is 1 bedroom. How much is a 3 bedroom, in the same gated community you're talking about, that is if they have such type of flats. I'm guessing probably around 35-40k or more including services. Much-much too much for local salaries.
Anonymous on Jun 15, 2019:
3 bedrooms apt. for 22k CZK? Good luck with finding one, even completely empty (unfurnished)
Anonymous on May 30, 2019:
Like I mentioned before don't move to CZ high prices on everything.I left CZ 8 months ago.
Anonymous on May 28, 2019:
Why are utilities so shockingly expensive in Prague? I've just moved here and while the rent is quite high, I was more surprised to see the costs of the utilities, because it's basically more than what I was paying in London and checking comparisons here on Numbeo with other cities, it seems its even higher than Zurich!

I'm renting a not-very-big 2+1 flat as they call it here, its less than 70m2 altogether including a decent sized balcony, in a newer building, and I'm paying 4150 expenses per month, which they told me is prepayments and that it should be lowered a bit maybe after 1 year, as I'm just one person and previously the flat was occupied by a couple. But still, 4150 CZK is close to 150 quid or about 165 EUR, which seems excessively much - mind you the flat has no gym, pool or any of those amenities. And of course I'm paying for electricity and internet separately. The amounts for these expenses seem to vary quite widely, but overall I haven't seen much lower amounts then 2.5-3000 CZK/month. So my question to somebody that lives here longer is: who pockets all this money? Are the developers somehow clawing back some more money via some nonsense charges, or how exactly can such amounts be justified? Being very well insulated as I can see so far, I don't think there's too much heating needed that could explain this huge amount for "poplatky".
Anonymous on May 24, 2019:
Best advice don't move to CZECH Christo and Anonymous post May 24 you obviously don't live in Prague cut the B S. POSER
Christo on May 24, 2019:
Hi guys, I'm 22 years old with only HS diploma and I'm looking for work. I know English, Bulgarian and a bit of Czech. So far I have found only customer service jobs and they pay around 33000 CZK gross, which I wonder whether it'll be enough, adding that I'll have to pay rent (10-15k per month?). Can you advice me? Should I maybe consider Brno? I work in a factory now and I'd like to get out of here ASAP. Thanks!
Anonymous on May 22, 2019:
To George# You're right about money grabbing property agents ripping people off.But as we know saleries fluctuate wildly.I've owned my house in Prague for over 13 years.If It wasn't for that I would've moved long ago.I must admit though like many I'm tired of the ongoing lies the government spewes out regularly, promising everything and delivering nothing.I may sell my house this year, haven't decided yet.But if I do sell it I'll move to South America where my utilities and food are a 3rd of the cost compared to Prague.
Leo on May 22, 2019:
@ George, Thanks for the nice explanation. It seems housing-origin problems are major. When I look at internet for flat adverts, I can find some good ones with affordable prices but mostly is a little high than I expected. But as you said, lots of Europe big cities have same problems. My company arranged 5 months flat for me but then I hope that I will find a good one.

I forgot to mention that I am married and my friends' 50K+ comments was for 2 person. (Max 25K rent with utilities, public transportation and reasonable going out days / entertainment options.) I hope this will help people who are looking for salary/expense information.
George on May 22, 2019:
To Annonymous
The main difference is that here in Prague, the situation of housing is in dire straits. They are hardly building anything at all (evident when you come here) as well as there is a good mix of sleazy, money grabbing property agents who will do anything and everything to squeeze as much $$$ from you as they can. Of course, not much different to many other places (hence the newly passed laws in the UK limiting the staggering fees that agents can extract from renters) but the main issue remains of there not being enough housing, so in affordability terms, you need a really good and stable job here just to afford a basic flat, unless you are willing to live in shared accommodation well into your 30s as many people here do.
Anonymous on May 22, 2019:
Recently I got job offer from Prague and after little research accepted. I have 2 friends there, already living for 3-4 years. Both of them said that 50K+ net is enough for decent life in Prague. We will see in 3-4 months, and hopefully survive there.

I want to ask to negative commentators about what is the reason of fluctuations and also can't people see decent future? What is the difference from global slowdown all over the world? Please feel free to share news, articles etc. when you have time. So I and also people like John can understand situation clearly.
John on May 21, 2019:
I think lots of different comments makes people confused. Could you please share you opinion about salary levels for nice (not bad, not perfect, not living at the center of city or bad aresa, also without savings) life in Prague? 1 person: 45K, 2 person: 70K etc. That would be good for estimating.
Anonymous on May 19, 2019:
It's unfortunate all of Europe is taking a huge financial nose dive.Being positive is better but it'll only get much worse.This is only the beginning of collapse throughout Europe.The U S won't bail out Europe either, sure of that.
Anonymous on May 19, 2019:
The problem is IT and finance are paid in CZK basically the same as Euro so it's a no win situation for anyone, truth be known.
Daniel on May 14, 2019:
"The company pays 25,800 CZK per month utilities not included.Prague is a nice city but I really don't know how people can afford it."

No magic involved, they just struggle a lot, get multiple job, enlist the help of parents (locals), some were lucky to inherit some flat or house, but for many, it is a daily struggle indeed and that is why while there is a strong influx of expats here, while many local people, as well as expats from 1st wave, those "locked out" of being able to have an affordable life are leaving Prague to greener pastures.
Anonymous on May 14, 2019:
I work for an engineering company from Zurich.The company pays for all expenses.My work in Prague will be finished end of May and I'll return to Zurich.The company got me a studio apartment downtown Prague.Its small and fairly outdated.The company pays 25,800 CZK per month utilities not included.Prague is a nice city but I really don't know how people can afford it.
Daniel on May 12, 2019:
Hi Costin

I'll just leave a few thoughts and answer some of your questions:
- regarding the salary, I'm afraid that your salary offer in Prague looks to me like a downgrade of your current buying power in current city, at least according to Numbeo, the main reason of course being the huge dent that the rent would put in your monthly earnings here in Prague; including allowance for the 1 child, your net will still be a rather low 34164 CZK, this is about about 1330 euros expressed in Euros, which might seem more than double what you have now, however the fact that you own or can use a flat there for free, makes a huge difference.
- a 1 bedroom apt. (what they call here 2+KK or 2+1) which I guess is the bare minimum a couple with a small child needs, will cost you at the very least 14-15000 CZK/month in rent only, and this is for something rather basic and quite far from the center, and probably some 4-5000 CZK on top of that for all the other utilities. So its unlikely that you can find anything for less than 20000 CZK per month in housing costs, which translates to almost 800 euros
- if you simply deduct 800 from you net salary estimate of 1330 euros, you can see you are left with 500-550 EUR, so back to square one, wouldn't seem to me like an increase in standard of living compared to Oradea, Romania

Add to that the fact that many things are quite a bit more expensive here, again taking mainly numbeo as reference. Your net salary in Romania seems to be +50% above the average net salaries in that city, whereas here, your average net salary would only be some 15% above average

My advice - if you really want to move, especially with a small child and put roots somewhere, Prague is NOT the place for you, not in this context where property prices are gone through the roof, and not unless you have a very well paying job, I mean at least double or more what they offered you. Look instead to Scandinavia, Netherlands, Germany, the UK even while you still can, as the quality of life is still above here IMHO, as well as you have to consider the future of your child. He/she will be much better off with an English or German or Scandinavian education than with Czech - I don't have kids and Czech schools might be good indeed, however they don't particularly emphasize from what I've heard towards a "global" education that would put the kids in a very favorable position for a future career, as for the opportunities here in Czech Republic, they are not bad, but far from being considered 1st class.

Good luck with everything, hope it works out well for you!
Costin on May 12, 2019:
I got offer for job, 44750 CZK is gross salary and they offer me automatic increase of 7% written in contract, if I stay for full 1 year. Is this enough for me with wife and small baby? Wife cannot work for at least another 2-3 years.
We are not expecting any luxury as I know Prague is quite expensive and we do have a bit of savings plus we are going to sell car before moving, so should have some 9-10 000 euro as backup. I am from Romania, (Oradea) earning about the equivalent of 650 euros here (net), which we get on fine but that's also because my wife has a flat inherit from parents so we don't pay the rent here. We are moving for better/more civilized life, as well as hopefully better opportunities for a career in Prague, for both me an my wife in long run, as well as I hear public schooling is quite good, whereas in Romania it's horrible.

What do you think?
Anonymous on May 11, 2019:
# Daniel I'm not trying to create a scene or disable your input.Understand any site that gives net saleries or anything remotely close to financial advice isn't really stating true numbers.Yes all governments are corrupt that's a given unfortunately.My sister has worked for the Czech government for about 18 years now as I mentioned priorly.That doesn't mean she agrees with the governments methods to defraud people needlessly.But as a government employee she must follow their orders or be dismissed, even worse retaliation from the government directly.Understand that government and employers work together to create net salaries complimenting each other's financial portfolios,it happens more often than people realise.Many employees are too afraid to mention anything about their net wages for fear of retaliation by their employers.Jobs aren't plentiful in Prague or throughout Czech for that matter.24,600 CZK per month is the actual net minimum wage in all of Czech.Its easy to generate information as to minimum wage but not accurate.Numbeo isn't at fault for inaccurate costs because Numbeo depends upon others for accurate data.Government officials line their pockets with the Czech people's money.You could drive by any government officials house and see an elaborate home and wonder how they can afford that? Corruption is how it's done on their parts.However government employees such as my sister don't have the same living quarters by any means.
Daniel on May 10, 2019:
Well, I have no clue about minimum wages, although those numbers, according to what is available on the internet, are much lower than your quoted 1075 USD, which would work out to 24600 CZK/month.

I was talking about average NET salaries. But I completely agree with you that in general the numbers from any government office shouldn't be trusted, as they don't tend too efficient.
Daniel on May 09, 2019:
For clarification purposes regarding salaries, for the end of 2018, these were the numbers, for a single person/no dependents:
Czech Rep. as a whole = 33840 CZK gross, which works out to about 25377 NET
Prague = 41851 CZK gross, which means 30901 CZK NET. This translates to almost exactly 1200 EUR/month or 1347 USD/month. So no, the average net salary in Prague is not 1075 USD, its quite a bit higher than that.

As for the number here on Numbeo which I see is now showing 28788, this is not far from the official statistical info, so I guess could be taken as truthful enough. This being a website that relies on user-input, its normal that there will be slight differences from official statistics.

There are many net wage calculators online, I used for the above

Anyway you put it, cost of housing, be it rent/mortgage is WAAAAAAY too high in Prague compared to what people earn on average. I went thru the experience of having to find a new flat myself recently as my previous one was being put on the market for sale, and finding the new flat too rent felt MUCH more difficult now that the last time I went through having to find a flat, which was in early 2017.

By much more difficult I mean the prices went up significantly (I had increased my budget by 15-20% compared to what I was paying in current flat which itself was increased after 1 year in 2018), and despite that the number of results I was getting in my searches were like less than 1/2 compared to roughly 2 years ago, as well as I notice landlord are getting a lot more picky, a lot more demanding, as they obviously can sense the great position of bargaining they find themselves in - its not uncommon to see some people advertising a flat at one price and then few days later the ad is updated with a new higher price. Plus many will insist to add a clause of inflation-linked automatic rent increase once or twice per year.

I've had someone tell me that his landlord, for an average sized studio flat (1+1) in Vinohrady , had wanted to increase the rent from 17000 CZK that he was paying for the last 3 years, straight to 24000 CZK, saying that this is the "fair price" according to the market. To make things worse, the way it works here all the fees of a real-estate transaction are payed by the buying/renting side, meaning that agents are also quite aggressive with their tactics, often encouraging the owner to put a higher rent than what he had in mind, because for them its a direct benefit (higher rent = higher fee).

At the end of the day, besides the obvious problem of lack of enough newly built places, there's also a huge lack of regulation here to dissuade this kind of blatant profiteering, hence why nowadays you see everyone and their mother becoming real estate agents over night, some without any kind of license, simply doing it as a side job to get some extra earnings, probably so they can afford their own ever increasing rent :)
Anonymous on May 09, 2019:
To # Salary The statistical office of the Czech will print anything to apease citizens or to lure others thinking about relocating to Prague or the Czech republic.What the real numbers are much lower than the statistical office claims as mentioned.Bear in mind the devaluation of the euro affects all currencies throughout Europe.$1,075 USD monthly and apartment prices as anonymous mentioned are correct.
Salary on May 08, 2019:
Monthly net salary is $1288 according to Czech Statistical Office. And its the lowest possible salary for single person without kids and other tax discounts.
Anonymous on May 08, 2019:
Monthly net saleries aren't $1,259 as stated here but instead $1,075 USD monthly.A one bedroom apartment in city center $797 USD is too low.Currently the apartment is $930 monthly throughout city center in Prague as of May 2019.
Anonymous on May 02, 2019:
#Hugh Europe might as well join Russia and be one big happy broke family.Sounds harsh but reality is reality.
Hugh on May 01, 2019:
Here's a nice article that applies every bit as much, if not more, to Prague, CZ, as it does to major cities in Britain:

Its all about the relentless greed and the refusal of the government(s) to do anything about it. Decent housing, having a roof over your head without the worry that you might lose it tomorrow should not be reserved for the elites but for every hardworking individual, no matter what job he does. Its unfortunate that this is the reality we live in right now, but there doesn't seem to be any relief anytime soon, neither in Prague nor in Britain or many other places.
Daniel on May 01, 2019:

57k Net is OK for a single person, definitely. Budget about 20k for rent+fees (1bdr flat or studio) if you're not picky about being in a central area. If you want to be in a central area, add at least 5k more and probably you'll be in a smaller space.

Unfortunately cost of living in Prague is increasing by the minute, anything from rent to other costs, so maybe try to also negotiate a higher salary.
Someone on Apr 30, 2019:
Hey guys, I got an offer to work as an employee in Prague, my gross salary is gonna be 80k CZK, so I think I'll get about 57k CZK net.
Is it okay for a single unmarried/without kids person?
I think I can also negotiate to work in Brno.

What do you guys think?
Andriy on Apr 14, 2019:
Yes, I understand what you say, the situation is not good in most places in Europe. What I try to say is that here, in Prague, CZ, is one of the worst situation about housing/real estate.
Andriy on Apr 13, 2019:
#Anonymous - I look at numbers only, from Numbeo and other source:

Prague - Average Net salary 34920 CZK/month , Average Rent + Utilities for 3 bedroom is minimum 30-32000 CZK/month, and easily 40000 (I don't talk about house/dum, only flat/byt). So between 90% to 115% is the rent in a salary

Now let us to look other cities, same numbers:
Berlin - 68% of salary is rent (I think this is a bit exaggerate, but still, 68% is <100%)
Stockholm - 56%
Amsterdam - 77% (high, but still better than Prague)

Only crazy London I can find in West Europe which come to 105-140% of same numbers above BUT, if you compare, in London there is huge network of suburbs, with excellent connections, so can easily find decent just out of London but for much cheaper price. So overall, I say situation in Prague, by looking just at rental/property price situation, is still more worse than even London, because trend there is to go down for some time now, but in Prague the trend is like escalator to the skies :)
Anonymous on Apr 10, 2019:
# Andriy Several friends have relocated to Bulgaria,Latvia, Macedonia,and other areas in Eastern Europe.Sure rents and purchasing a house are more reasonable compared to Prague.But once again salaries don't offset the real cost of living, once again no financial gain.
Anonymous on Apr 10, 2019:
# Andriy I agree with government intervention but you obviously haven't clearly thought out the most important things.Ofcourse people will make more money living in other areas of Europe as you stated, however the extra money people make will be eaten up with rent or purchasing a house, utilities, transportation,food,and taxes etc.Bottom line nothing gained financially.
Andriy on Apr 10, 2019:
# Anonymous
But if you look at percentaje of salary which is spent on place to live, is very few other civilised places in Europe which can be close to Prague.
1 Salary = 1 Rent (nothing luxury)

Must compare to Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, etc. If in those countryes the rent will be eqal to salary, which is not, they will do somethin about it. Here, government don’t care, government/politics get paid by property industry in one way or other to continue in this way which is devastate for the normal citizen
Anonymous on Apr 09, 2019:
# Andriy The places you mentioned are no better than Prague.Its a mixed bag throughout Europe.Prices are even higher plus civil unrest abounds.
Andriy on Apr 07, 2019:
Is right what they say about crazy price of apartments. 9-12 milion Czechs Korunas for a modest new apartment...this is not right in a place where average net selary is <35,000 Korunas/month. So if couple both have OK job, one full selary must to go to rental/mortgage. How can live like that? What if want to have kid? Maternity money very less...that mean yuo can end up on street very quick. Property markets in Prague is like a giant castel of cards. Building up higher, and higher, but all fake, because shud never be so high if consider how much people earning selary.
Slowly becoming very depressing and stressful live in Prague. Whoever consider come here, should go instead Germany, Netharlands, Sweden, Finland. Those realy are good places, Prague was also good just little years ago, but now change so much only to the worst. Pity, but this is reality.
Anonymous on Apr 03, 2019:
# Daniel good overview of costs in general for Prague.The way I see it is the market will be flooded with so many vacant houses for sale that sooner or later some income will be needed to offset the cost of so many properties being vacant.Its true many expats make 55k 65k and more mine being twice the amount you mentioned. Regardless of the amount most expats make in general the majority are careless with their surplus of money.The majority of expats are retired Americans, Aussies Brits,etc.Any retired expat that'd even consider buying an apartment or house that late in life doesn't make sense but many do just the same.I lived in Prague for five years and although it was nice I got tired of living in the freezer lol but I knew that before I moved there.
Daniel on Mar 30, 2019:
@ Anonymous (latest comment, Mar. 27)

Depends what you call average salary. Average salary overall? For locals? For expats? I would think most people checking Numbeo are of course expats, and the average salary of an expat that came here to work as a professional is far above the general average. I would think 55-60 CZK net is the average an expat earns, or possibly higher, although of course the median might be lower due to the outliers that earn multiples of the normal salaries.

When seen in that context, it is not really 20 x years of net annual salaries needed to buy a new flat for an expat, but more like 12-13 yrs if we take the price of a new flat to be around 8mio CZK + 30y interest, so you get about 30-33k/month of mortgage. Yes, that is high, especially at this moment in time, but honestly, the more I live here the more I start to realize that when people kept telling me a few years back when I moved here that the prices (of property) can't really go lower, they were right, as the constant stream of newly created jobs and the new arrivals to take those jobs, simply have no available new housing to move into, and the government is doing sod-all about it, thus things cannot change into the next years, its simple math. I for one will continue to rent, as for me, right now renting makes much more sense, albeit its getting increasingly difficult to find a decent flat to rent, but unlike 3-4 yrs when I moved here when monthly mortgage was just about the same or even a bit lower than renting, right now mortgage would be at least 30-40% per month, at least for me, so its out of the question. I guess one thing is for sure, nobody will buy flats in Prague at these price levels for the rental yield, as this is slowly heading lower and lower.
Anonymous on Mar 27, 2019:
The main, no. 1 problem in Prague is the cost of real estate (buying, renting). For the average salary taker, it woudl “cost” you more than 20 years of your working life to payoff a modest new flat. You can draw your own conclusions from that.
Anonymous on Mar 26, 2019:
The cost of living is ridiculous in Prague. Rent for a good 1 bedroom apartment is 20000 CZK per month. If you earn 30000 CZK per month, it is not enough because you have to pay something like 30% tax and food costs 4000 CZK per month at least. So there is no way you can survive on the average wage. I think you need at least 40000 CZK per month to survive.
Anonymous on Mar 20, 2019:
If you want an accurate answer to any salary in Prague or throughout the Chezk republic look at current currency values after all that's truely what determines saleries.Heres an excellent answer to current currency fluctuations updated every 24 hours. Google whatever your currency is to CZK the money converter.Scroll down and highlite the heading.The Hays website is fine for general information but goggleing the above info I provided will give up to the minute accuracy.Currency valuations dictate ecomonys regardless of which country, always will.Hopefully this will help you.
Anonymous on Feb 18, 2019:
The price of real estate quoted are quite off from the current prices. You cannot find any 3 bedrooms (4kk)in prague 1 for 31K, the real rent would be more from 45K minimum going upwards. The same for a 1 bedroom (2kk), a decent place would be impossible to find for less than 25K minimum in Prague 1.
Adam on Feb 14, 2019:
I read all recent comments, so can we say that typical needings for 2 person are:

Mandatory: 25K for rent (2+1 or 2+kk) with utilities. 9K for food and other needings like transportation, mobile phone etc.
Other: 7K for going out, sports etc. 3K for shopping.

Waiting your comments, thanks :)
Anonymous on Feb 07, 2019:
I can confirm the cost here, for a single person for my experience in CZ for almost 2.5 years, it is around 14442 CZK, plus rent and bills... So, add other 14442 and you reach 28864 CZK = 1123 EUR, all this counting every monthly cost but WITHOUT THE CAR, that is a scandal considering a life of a foreigner, always trapped in the city centre because outside you find a lot of discrimination, it's impossible to go to live outside alone, forget it, with the consequence of high prices...
Furthermore, my price indicated for rent and bills is really hard to find, you will spend even more, let's say 12000 rent + 3000 bills to live alone in a 1+kk max 35 m2 in a decent zone.
Daniel on Jan 24, 2019:
@ Rocky
60k CZK net per month is almost double the average earnings here in Prague, so it is a good salary, you should be able to easily save a bit every month off that salary.

@ Rose
Highly depends on your personal preferences, whether you can manage sharing accommodation, how far from the center you can accept to travel etc. If you will want to live on your own, close from public transport and not more than 25-30min from the center, this budget will be rather tight. You have to factor in that at least 55-60% of that net salary will go on accomodation& related expenses if you're not going to share a flat, as its hard to find anything below 12-13k per month, to that you have to add 2, maybe 3k common expenses and another 1k or so for electricity/internet which usually isn't included.

Good luck with your move and if you haven't signed the contract yet, try to negotiate a bit higher salary, based on the skyrocketing cost of living here, especially cost of accommodation in the last couple of years, hopefully they will agree to increase it a bit, as it will make a world of difference to have some extra money to spend on yourself.
#Rose on Jan 22, 2019:
Is 36K CZK per month net salary is low for a single person in Prague?
Rocky on Jan 22, 2019:

60K CZK per month net salary is good for single person in Prague? Or is it too high?
Daniel on Jan 19, 2019:
Hello "NotDaniel" :)

Long time since I checked this page. I think you've misunderstood what I said. I haven't said that 40k Kc is for rent only, but rather for rent+utilities+food. People have to eat as well you know, as well as travel to work etc.

As for your comment that "Absolute majority of people don't make that much money and get by just fine.", I don't know what is your definition of just fine, but I can see a helluva lot of young people sharing rooms in flats here, even cases with 2 families living in the same flat because they can't afford their own, which is a sad state of affairs. The worst part, in my humble opinion is just how fast things have precipitated towards the worse, meaning that the real-estate market has really gotten out of hands when prices are concerned, its very easy to observe if you keep an eye on the changes on simple search websites such as bezrealitky, but its also reflected in the official statistics. In my case, as I work for a company that kept expanding its base here, and hiring more people, I've helped many of the newcomers with the chore of settling in here, hence why I kept a keen eye on the rental prices for the last 2-3 years, and it is rather shocking to see that a flat which you could EASILY find for 15k Kc back in 2016, now commands more like 23-25k, as well as the numbers seem to be narrowing down, as I've had saved searches on multiple sites and I can see the number of results dwindling. Its even worse it seems for purchase prices, but at the same time that also reduced the rental yield on properties here to rather small figures, which should at least hopefully discourage some from investing in property here for the sake of renting it out.

I for one firmly believe that the property situation in Prague is a classic example of a bubble, even though 99.99% of the Czechs I've spoken say the property prices will keep going up, partly because it has definitely reached withering heights versus earnings, and also because any kind of upset that might be coming along (i.e. a crisis or major increase in interest rates) will probably find a lot of vulnerable people among those that have bought in the last couple of years at these "atmospheric" prices.