Traffic in Jakarta, Indonesia

We estimate that in this city, due to travelling to work/school, per passenger is produced yearly 2,125.66kg of CO2. It is needed 97.64 trees for each passenger to produce enough oxygen to cover that. Formulas used for this estimation

Main Means of Transportation to Work or School

Working from Home 2.47%
Walking 14.81%
Car 39.51%
Bike 4.94%
Motorbike 22.22%
Bus/Trolleybus 12.35%
Tram/Streetcar 0.00%
Train/Metro 3.70%

Average when primary using Walking

Distance 7.78 km
Walking 38.17 min
Waiting 2.08 min
Driving Car 3.25 min
Motor Bike 7.42 min
Bus/Trolleybus Ride 5.83 min
Overall 56.75 min

Average when primary using Car

Distance 20.27 km
Walking 1.16 min
Driving Car 57.31 min
Overall 58.47 min

Average when primary using Bike

Distance 10.75 km
Walking 1.25 min
Bike 37.50 min
Overall 38.75 min

Average when primary using Motorbike

Distance 19.56 km
Walking 2.00 min
Motor Bike 57.11 min
Overall 59.11 min

Average when primary using Bus/Trolleybus

Distance 11.83 km
Walking 6.70 min
Waiting 8.40 min
Bus/Trolleybus Ride 37.80 min
Train/Metro Ride 3.20 min
Overall 58.10 min

Average when primary using Train/Metro

Distance 27.67 km
Walking 6.67 min
Waiting 5.00 min
Train/Metro Ride 60.00 min
Overall 75.00 min

Overall Average Travel Time and Distance to Work (School)

Distance 16.94 km
Overall 57.94 min

Contributors: 81

Last update: July 2018

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

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6 Comments so far

#Colin Anderson on Jun 08, 2018 :
Jakarta probably has the worst traffic on a global basis. The average traffic speed is 6 km/hr. This is mainly due to the sheer volume of traffic on the road, total lack of spatial planning, a complete disregard of traffic regulations and a total lack of law enforcement. There is no proper driver training and driving licenses are purchased, without a test. The inhabitants know how to operate vehicles but do not know how to drive.
# prarasyini on Jun 15, 2016 :
What you need when You driving in Jakarta? Tricky driving skill..
#IndonesianCitizen on Jun 03, 2015 :
If you have to work in Jakarta, I advise you to live near your office by any means necessary. Either renting an apartment/room or mortgage an apartment as houses in central Jakarta is exorbitantly high in price.

It is just not worth to travel long distances and hours, thus spending quite a lot of your life to commute. It is mentally and physically exhausting and literally kills you slowly due to heavy stress (I'm not exaggerating).
#GJ on May 27, 2015 :
I am leaving Jakarta because of the horrible traffic here. As it is an overcrowded city with not much urban planning (according to an online article: 10 Worst designed cities in the world) Traffic is chaotic every day except maybe Sunday mornings. Drivers seem pushy and rude, I have experienced deadlocks at intersections, when people simply do not respect the traffic light and they simply block the street in every direction. Motorbikes go against the traffic flow on a daily basis. Many people disrespect the traffic law and they DO go through red lights without blinking an eye! There are no sidewalks. You WILL BE stuck in traffic on many days for many hours. Many streets are in bad shape, really noisy, crowded and quite dirty. And yes, I agree with #PKI, you can see it in the news that rich people do get away with murder.
##curiouscitizen on Feb 04, 2015 :
hello, I'm just wondering if BRT or Transjakarta has a great impact in reducing the traffic situation in your city. I heard about Transjakarta and it helps to move people in an organized way. But today Feb 2, 2015 I read/see on the news that Jakarta is the no. 1 worst traffic in the world. PLease enlighten me about this matter?
#Anonymous on Sep 10, 2014 :
I checked a few top 10 cities with worst traffic articles and none of them listed jakarta. So funny as hell even they said moscow is the worst nah I bet jakarta congestion is 10× sucker.