Traffic in Dublin, Ireland

In this city, we estimate that each passenger produces approximately 1,000.64kg of CO2 annually as a result of commuting to work or school. To counterbalance this carbon emission, it would require approximately 45.96 trees per passenger to produce enough oxygen. The following formulas are used to make these estimations.

Main Means of Transportation to Work or School

Working from Home 3.14%
Walking 23.92%
Car 29.80%
Bike 11.37%
Motorbike 2.35%
Bus/Trolleybus 19.22%
Tram/Streetcar 3.92%
Train/Metro 6.27%

Average when primarily using Walking

Distance 3.25 km
Walking 22.82 min
Waiting 1.26 min
Driving Car 0.23 min
Bike 0.61 min
Bus/Trolleybus Ride 1.48 min
Tram/Streetcat Ride 0.21 min
Train/Metro Ride 2.33 min
Overall 29.38 min

Average when primarily using Car

Distance 21.73 km
Walking 1.34 min
Driving Car 43.87 min
Overall 45.21 min

Average when primarily using Bike

Distance 5.62 km
Walking 0.59 min
Bike 20.03 min
Overall 20.62 min

Average when primarily using Motorbike

Distance 13.38 km
Walking 0.67 min
Motor Bike 29.17 min
Overall 29.83 min

Average when primarily using Bus/Trolleybus

Distance 11.46 km
Walking 8.01 min
Waiting 6.49 min
Bus/Trolleybus Ride 40.55 min
Train/Metro Ride 0.92 min
Overall 56.17 min

Average when primarily using Tram/Streetcar

Distance 11.80 km
Walking 10.60 min
Waiting 4.20 min
Bus/Trolleybus Ride 3.20 min
Tram/Streetcat Ride 40.70 min
Overall 58.70 min

Average when primarily using Train/Metro

Distance 17.30 km
Walking 11.06 min
Waiting 4.00 min
Bike 0.62 min
Bus/Trolleybus Ride 0.62 min
Train/Metro Ride 29.44 min
Overall 45.75 min

Overall Average Travel Time and Distance to Work (School)

Distance 12.35 km
Overall 40.80 min

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Last update: May 2024

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 5 years.

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2 Comments so far
Mael on Jul 31, 2023:
I’ve lived in Dublin since 2004. Here’s a lot of things you should know. There isn’t a metro system here. Traffic happens a lot as well especially on motorways. And it gets seriously bad. Even in areas outside the city there’s lot of traffic since there’s people living close to Dublin but their workplace is located in Dublin. Public transport isn’t great here either. Just recently in June 2023 Dublin was voted as the capital city with the worst public transport in Europe. The buses are often unreliable. I’ve taken the bus many times. Half of the time it arrives on time but the other half it’s usually late. Sometimes it can be really late. One time I was taking a bus that was meant to arrive at 10:20 but instead it arrived at 10:40 (20 minutes late!). There is a train system and a tram system here as well which are relatively better than the bus system. Keep in mind though that if you ever come here and want to talk about the tram don’t use the word tram because here it’s called the “Luas”. Here’s my advice: You can still safely drive to work/school even if there’s traffic but it can only be safe if your workplace is within 5km from your house. If it is beyond 5km then you’re better off taking public transport to avoid traffic congestion. But of course try taking the train or the Luas instead of the bus. Taxis could work too but again they also contribute to traffic congestions.
Anonymous on May 24, 2022:
There is no metro in Dublin and the main public transport is made up of slow clunky buses. There two tram lines and the red line luas is horrible slow with and almost erratic acceleration in the city centre.
The road network with the m50 motorway ring is poorly designed and chaotic. You will find yourself on a short section of two lane road which will suddenly turn into a single lane without warning.
There seems to be be no concept for the area inside the m50.