Quality of Life in Dublin, Ireland

Purchasing Power Index 67.48   Moderate
Safety Index 48.94   Moderate
Health Care Index 52.02   Moderate
Climate Index 85.89   Very High
Cost of Living Index 83.29   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 8.61   Moderate
Traffic Commute Time Index 40.44   Moderate
Pollution Index 40.43   Moderate
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 136.79   High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 212

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 632

Last update: July 2021

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9 Comments so far
Tracy Lowe on Jan 10, 2021:
I would really like to move to Sligo Dublin, and get out of Sheffield England. Especially with me, being asthmatic.
Tracy Ann Lowe on Jan 10, 2021:
I would really like to move to Sligo Dublin, for a change of scenery. I really need to get out of Sheffield England.
Anshumali Shukla on Oct 03, 2020:
Dublin is costly city.it is difficult to live in, unless you have a good job,or you are a citizen having own home
Anonymous on Sep 14, 2020:
Dublin is only suitable for the very wealthy, if you have an average income you have 0 chance of finding accommodation unless you are prepared to pay the majority of your wages for a shared room in a slum building. tax is quite high , you get nothing back for it. City center youths beat innocent people all the time with no interference from the guards. often ending in murder, few are charged and most incidents dont make the newspapers. Homelessness a huge issue. roads really bad, sitting in traffic all day. Rents have not come down much despite of covid, there is no supply therefore thousands fighting over what little substandard accomation there is. Anyone thinking of coming here do your research, there are much better cities in Europe.
Anonymous on Jul 20, 2020:
Dublin is sad. You can pay thousands of euro for a bed in a shared room. Low grade accommodation at best, out of reach for most. Standards are just appalling, for such extreme rent, sharing a room. Nobody can defend this city, and pretend this is not happening. Let's just speak the truth, Dublin is an overpriced slum, with homelessness completely out of control. It's so bad, it's hard to believe that we are all putting up with this. It's so horrible, on such an enormous scale, how can anyone defend this city? Rent is about 50 times, what most people can afford. You need to be earning a huge income to live here. As for the low-paid, Dublin a living hell. It's extremely difficult to even find accommodation, of any kind, let alone the cost. Tourist, hotel or b&b, accommodation also difficult to find, and also very expensive. Don't even think of coming here, to be completely honest.
Mr Tuscany on Jun 25, 2020:
Lived in Dublin for 18 years, been a great experience so far, moderate mortgage, relatively low bills and food cost is fine. I make a good living here, can afford for my wife to choose to work less or not to work if she wants to. The city is very safe, walking through at night pose no issue, never been robbed, never had my car robbed, never experienced home burglary or shed, never had my bike stolen, never been shouted at or harassed. Note that there exists homelessness, drug addicts and poor people, but I believe this is parce and parcel living in a larger city.
Giulia on Nov 18, 2019:
Lived in Dublin for 5 months. The housing situation is horrible, landlords charge absurd prices on barely habitable holes, I was attacked twice by a group of kids. The only positive element is that it's pretty easy to find a decent job, if you studied and you have a minimum experience (otherwise forget it, the city's full of young people looking for any job. I once saw a job offer for cleaning rooms which required a 5 years experience minimum, lol). Don't recommend it.
Siobhan on Mar 28, 2019:
Terrible place to live, wages don't provide enough for adequate housing, expect to be forced to live multiple people to a room in very cramped and slum like conditions. Commute times are awful, traffic is out of control and public transport is very slow and expensive. Healthcare is awful, the hospital corridors are lined with people on trolleys or on the floor in agony waiting in horrific conditions for days to see a doctor or nurse. Extremely high taxes with 50% of income after 35k euro and VAT 23%. Crime is very bad, with junkies roaming the streets violently attacking and robbing people with nothing ever done about it.
K on Oct 30, 2018:
Extremely high rent prices, thousands per person for small and barely habitable places, people with decent jobs are forced to live 10 in a house to be able to afford. I have lived in 3 Europian countries before and I have never seen anything even remotely bad as this.