Quality of Life in San Jose, CA, United States

Purchasing Power Index 135.39   Very High
Safety Index 50.03   Moderate
Health Care Index 61.06   High
Climate Index 95.53   Very High
Cost of Living Index 88.72   High
Property Price to Income Ratio 8.62   Moderate
Traffic Commute Time Index 43.09   High
Pollution Index 54.12   Moderate
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 160.32   Very High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 44

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 127

Last update: February 2024

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2 Comments so far
q on Aug 14, 2022:
Property price to income ratio is LOW???? Do you mean income to property price ratio? Makes me doubt the accuracy of the data on this site. You cannot find any SFH for under $500k unless you can live in a senior 55+ plus community. More like $700-800k and up, often $1M or higher, especially in good school districts.
Valerie on May 16, 2020:
As you settle into your new surroundings, You may feel a slight uneasy feeling here in San Jose. And you can't quite identify it, but you will sense it. You sense it but can't put your finger on it. A slight disconnect, or perhaps a melancholy of some sort. You will probably dismiss it at first and go about your day only to feel it again and again.... its not you. We welcome you to our town. We really do. It is coming from the Locals. Collectively, we have not regained our spirit from what us San Joseins went through during the Recession a few years back. Most of us ultimately lost faith in our leaders as we witnessed a battle between the Mayors office, the Unions, and the Police Department that cut us deeply. Some of us were left with scars that are still healing. It was not only a tragic time for our jobs, our homes, our families, and our overall stability, but most of us residents were completely left to fend for ourselves without a police force. Then, the police started taking it out on the towns citizens as if they didn't know us, as if WE were strangers. I was offended, as most of us were in shock. We were mistreated. It tears me up to even write this. So, as we try to rebuild our spirits and start to trust again, in hope of standing tall again, do not believe it is about you. We welcome you to our City and we are happy you are here.