Quality of Life in Manchester, United Kingdom

Purchasing Power Index 100.49   High
Safety Index 44.73   Moderate
Health Care Index 74.41   High
Climate Index 86.95   Very High
Cost of Living Index 66.34   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 7.41   Low
Traffic Commute Time Index 39.03   Moderate
Pollution Index 53.30   Moderate
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 152.21   High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 51

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 255

Last update: June 2024

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9 Comments so far
Aisha on Mar 07, 2024:
I have lived here for 4 years now and I have to agree with the rest of the comments - Mancunians are xenophobic, rude and unintelligent which you can see in everything from conversations to how the city planning is done, layouts of apartments and houses (I'm trying to buy my first property here). These are at the top of the things I don't like here, along with run-down neighborhoods and streets full of trash and junkies.
Then the rain really sucks the life out of you.. Constant greyness is not pleasant nor is it healthy...
Things I like - you can still meet nice people (other foreigners) and do indoor activities with them.
Good choice of restaurants.
Good flight connections.
Not too far from the Peak District or other areas with nature.
Anonymous on Feb 08, 2023:
I come across this website as I was looking at places to visit on a short holiday. I’m from Liverpool. Out of curiosity I searched my home town to see what people had to say. There was a comment absolutely ripping into scousers and Liverpool with utter made up nonsense about us being a miserable city.

Again out of curiosity, I checked Manchester. Same again, often people from down south leaving some harsh comments about mancs being “uneducated” “anti intellectual” “childlike naivety”. It’s important to understand that for years people from north of the UK and the south of UK do NOT get on or tend to like each other, because they are completely different. We have lived around different people, lived different lives, speak differently, go about life differently. People from the north have not grew up around money. We’ve had to build our own lives without the help from the Tory government that prioritises London, a place where most of the people around these comment sections are so quick to move away from, by the way!! It speaks volumes.

The reason these privileged individuals have a hard time living up north is because they most likely show no respect for life in an unprivileged city. Southerners tend to stay stuck in their ways. The reason our cities look the way they are is because of the lack of funding from your beloved conservative government.

Most mancs I know are hard working, similar to us scousers. Graft to get by. Don't have a lot of money. Don’t live in the greatest conditions, but overall have a great city with cool hotspots. Show respect to anyone of any background, as were multi cultural cities. Have a bit of rivalry with our football teams but apart from that we’re the same.

Don’t let these people cloud your judgement or put you off moving to this city, because it’s all subjective. It depends what type of person you are.
Good on Sep 12, 2022:
I’m finally free after 3 years in this dump. Manchester is truly the city of lazy losers. You don’t realise how much you had until you’re forced to live in Manchester.

My condolences to everyone that still lives there, and to the people that say they enjoy it…

It’s not healthy to lie to yourself.
Signs 24-7 on Aug 08, 2022:
Thank you so much for sharing this great blog. Very inspiring and helpful too.
Goose on Jun 07, 2022:
Manchester as a city is a fraud. It’s like a multi level marketing scam. Promises so much but life there is miserable.

Everything you’ve learnt about life goes out the window. The culture here is extremely anti-intellectual. If you value health, learning, or wellness they’ll accuse you of being posh and resent you.

The people are incredibly backwards and xenophobic. They despise anyone not Mancunian and will deny them jobs and treat them differently. They don’t like people who’re “too different.”

They have 0 self awareness or boundaries. They don’t seem to know anything either. You’ll often see them slowly walking across the street like a zombie, aimlessly going nowhere.

The city is depressing and soulless. Most who have moved there live in regret as they have just brought a house in a place that’s essentially hell.

The people are boring and so are most events they hold. If you’re not a belligerent drunk or druggy it’s no fun. This is why students love it.

Work life is miserable as the people have no respect for others. It’s all me, me, me. The service is extremely poor too. You’ll work for companies that have been around for 20 years that have no structure because no one knows what they’re doing or has thought to learn.

No one can drive. It’s actually scary to get in your car every day.

There is a poor choice of gyms and anything health related as no one there values those things.

The only good think about it is the access you have to better towns and cities.

Don’t live here.
Nony on Mar 12, 2022:
The main issue with the city is that it’s not as advertised. Manchester is trendy at the moment so people will claim it’s amazing because they hope it will make them seem cool.

It’s ok but nothing to write home about. It’s not London of the north or a powerhouse. It has a small town mentality.

The people are backwards and surprisingly xenophobic. Not just to southerners but to everyone. It’s why the place is so segregated. A true anti-intellectual community.

There’s a strong community vibe here which is why people just take other peoples property without asking.

The areas described as nice generally aren’t. It’s just that the surrounding areas are so bad they seem nice.

I’m not a fan of gentrification but I really think Manchester needs it. It currently has no charm or personality.

I can’t wait to finally leave for good.
Joe on Oct 08, 2021:
Living in Manchester for about 3 years now, and in my opinion, it's a great city. However, I am young...a Uni student, as people have previously mentioned below, it is a great city for young people. The investment is sky-high at the moment, mostly coming from China. The influence UoM has on the city is insane. Most of the skyrise buildings are occupied by international students, who are paying more per year in tuition fees than the average UK wage (around £27,000). The biggest disappointment with the city, in my opinion, is the locals. The Mancunians themselves (though in my experience, they're hard to even find) do seem to be collectively uneducated. Crime is pretty high and it comes from the locals. They are often resistant to the new infrastructure projects in the city, which are an absolute blessing. There is no wonder that Manchester is one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, it is just a shame the locals do not share the same levels of enthusiasm. With 20-30,000 students joining the city each year, I am hopeful that the outside energy will reform the city even further. The few actual locals you do meet are proud of where they are from, and often boast about how friendly they are as a population - just don't tell them you're from the south or you'll first have experience xenophobic abuse.
Omar on Jul 27, 2021:
It’s a visiting city and not a living city. It’s good if you’re young but not a good place to have a family and raise kids. A lot of Greater Manchester looks like it’s been hit with a nuclear bomb which must have only targeted schools because people up here don’t seem all too bright. That’s educated and non educated, they have a childlike naivety and a lack of knowledge of the wider world around them.

There’s nowhere to live as most places are ok at best and the richer people tend to choose Cheshire. The people are nice they have a poor sense of humour as they get confused easily and are pretty boring. A lot of people wnd up leaving and going to places like Leeds.
Pineapple on Sep 06, 2020:
I've been living in Manchester for a year now, and the feelings are totally mixed. For sure, you can find nice nightlife, lots of pubs, cafes. Also, the rents are fairly cheaper than London and other major cities. However, the rain is a big issue here. It rains or is cloudy, without exaggeration, 26-27 days of the month. Also, drugs is a very serious problem. It's a shame that Piccadilly Gardens, maybe the most crowded place in the city centre, is overloaded with drugs and homeless people. Not a very nice scenery...Finally, and that's from personal experience and to my surprise, there is a high number of people who are very rude and seem totally uneducated. Sadly, I 've come to the conclusion that this is the average Mancunian (even though I don't want to believe it). Regarding the job opportunities, I am kind of pessimistic as I haven't seen much going on, but maybe I am wrong. All in all, I believe Manchester is a nice area to live for 3-7 years, especially if you are a young guy, at the beginning of your career.