Quality of Life in Liverpool, United Kingdom

We need more contributors for Liverpool to increase our data quality.

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Purchasing Power Index 97.58   High
Safety Index 52.06   Moderate
Health Care Index 82.65   Very High
Climate Index 90.87   Very High
Cost of Living Index 63.75   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 5.29   Low
Traffic Commute Time Index 32.20   Low
Pollution Index 30.19   Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 180.53   Very High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 24

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 162

Last update: March 2024

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4 Comments so far
Sean Tuaima on Oct 18, 2023:
I would like to ask kindly that you delete all of the comments on here including my own comments as I shouldn't have made the comments on Monday 16th May 2022 and on Friday 24th March 2023 I made previously.
The other person who remains anonymous on Wednesday 08th February 2023 has mentioned my full name which gives me a bad reputation.

Please phone me on my Mobile number:-

07855496446 regarding these posts/ comments as soon as you receive this message.

With regards,

Sean Tuaima
Sean Tuaima on Mar 24, 2023:
The person above me is very naive and judgemental just like most scousers I have met and come across this chip on their shoulder mentality.
Scummy scousers I can't stand them!
Anonymous on Feb 08, 2023:
Wouldn’t listen to Sean Tuaima’s comments. He’s from London! Says all that’s needed to know really.

He mentions Liverpool being the dirtiest place in UK aswell as the most miserable, however a simple google search shows this is a complete LIE. Its actually been voted the most friendly place in the UK. Scousers are caring and treat people with nothing but respect and have the greatest sense of humour! Here at Liverpool it doesn’t matter where you’re from, if you don’t take yourself too seriously like Sean Tuaima we will show you how much heart we have as scousers. We may talk a bit weird and fast, but we’re always willing to help anyone, no matter their background, colour, gender, financial status… it doesn’t matter to us. As long as you treat us and our city with respect.

As for restaurants and nightlife, there’s such a variety of places and hotspots in our city centre and some amazing local businesses serving such great food. It’s pretty much endless the amount of restaurants that can be visited.

The architecture and the docks are beautiful, especially as the sun goes down. This city is one of a kind and has so much history, with near to no help from the government who once tried to demolish us. :)
Sean Tuaima on May 16, 2022:
Liverpool is not a very nice place to live really, people seem to over rate this city.
I am from London and I feel that the city centre is really lacking in much character or excitement, even though there are lots of descents restaurants, shops and bars.
Alot of people in Liverpool seem to not have a very good opinion of England or the UK and it seems that people here have a very small town mentality.
People often talk about Liverpool as though it is the most amazing place in the world which is complete rubbish.
Most areas in Liverpool are really run down and deprived, in general it is only really a visiting and shopping destination city but is most horrible and I really hate the place.
Alot of local scousers are very blindly loyal to Liverpool even though it was recently named as the dirtiest city in the UK as well as one of the most miserable places to live in the UK.
And scousers are always friendly or welcoming they are very sensitive and seem to whine about all most anything really.
I was lucky enough to get the money together to leave this boring city for good!