Quality of Life in Karachi, Pakistan

Purchasing Power Index 23.08   Very Low
Safety Index 45.87   Moderate
Health Care Index 57.18   Moderate
Climate Index 71.32   High
Cost of Living Index 19.58   Very Low
Property Price to Income Ratio 17.69   Very High
Traffic Commute Time Index 41.85   High
Pollution Index 89.76   Very High
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 78.40   Very Low

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 104

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 633

Last update: August 2022

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3 Comments so far
Faz on Mar 29, 2021:
I grew up in Karachi. I left Karachi in the early '90s. It used to be an intriguing city with very bright lights at night and a busting place in the day. I visited Karachi in 2019 after 25 long years. I was stunned and disappointed. The only change I saw was too many people, too much filth on the street, and too many houses, buildings. The resources are incredibly low. There is no reliable govt transportation and there are no entertainment centers for the people. The city is decaying with politician negligence. The people are suffering from no one to turn to. Overall, Karachi is in ICU and desperately needed CPR.
Alex on Feb 13, 2019:
Karachi is very congested, polluted, noisy with very bad traffic. It's a huge city without decent infrastructure. Most roads are full of pot holes, no parking spots to be found, motorcycles running around like crazy everywhere. So quite unlivable for the most part. The electric, internet and other utilities do work but there are always power outages and slow service. Healthcare is way blow average. You should not trust any doctor or hospital as most are only good for basic care. Food is good but again you can not trust the hygiene. Overall it's not a bad place if you visit for few days and have couple of thousands dollars. As it's not really expensive. But longer stays and moving is not recommended for some one who is not Pakistani. As for entertainment and fun, don't bother. There is not much to see, a few restaurants and very crowded beaches, few malls and you are done. It's also very religious so drinking and dancing are not allowed. Drugs are easily available.
Now the good part, it's still a cheap place to live. People are nice. Women are respected. Food is quite good. The weather is always bright and sunny. Clothing is very cheap. Pakistan has a true feeling of freedom as hardly anyone follow any rules. No cops around, no tickets etc. Time is not valued and socializing is an everyday thing.
I was born and raised here and still travel to Karachi a few times every year. I know it very well.
Aaliya on Jul 06, 2018:
Great resilient, bustling city ! Born and bred here :) Recipient of incredibly bad, bad domestic and foreign media-bashing to create sensational news that sells. Gateway to the Arabian Sea, fantastic beaches, up North Swat and Kaghan Valleys - Longest walled fort in the world Ranikot Sindh which is spectacular !! Fantastic food and last of all the infamous Pakistani hospitality, kept alive through the centuries !