Quality of Life in Istanbul, Turkey

Purchasing Power Index 24.05   Very Low
Safety Index 52.41   Moderate
Health Care Index 69.31   High
Climate Index 93.02   Very High
Cost of Living Index 31.57   Very Low
Property Price to Income Ratio 25.07   Very High
Traffic Commute Time Index 51.91   High
Pollution Index 69.04   High
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 94.34   Very Low

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 426

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 1071

Last update: August 2022

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3 Comments so far
Rich Capitalist on Aug 03, 2022:
istanbulLiving in İstanbul is priceless when we consider the employment and salary, social life, sightseeings and self-improvement opportunities. However, there is an invisible part of this iceberg. It is not easy to live in İstanbul as you think. Let’s look why living is hard in İstanbul with 10 points.
trafficTraffic is one of the factors that make living in İstanbul hard. The city has always intense traffic, but the traffic sometimes completely stops at certain times of the day. This makes the transportation problematic. You cannot reach the destination you want to go, and people spend hours in the traffic. If your destination is located 20 minutes drive away, due to the traffic jam, you spend one and half hour to reach there.
High living costs
high living costYou can think that you earn well in İstanbul comparing it with other cities of Turkey. However, this city knows how to take this money away from you. Actually, city’s itself doesn’t do that, but its residents do. İstanbul only puts the option in front of us and we shape our lives according to these options and our income. It means that there is no difference to earn 5,000 TL or 20,000 TL in İstanbul. Neither salary is enough!
Squeezing in the city
Traffic affects intercity travels, as well. Although your destination city is located one hour drive away from İstanbul, The traffic jam of this big city can steal 2 more hours from you. So, you have to add intracity travel time to intercity travel times, too.
A city got paralyzed during social activities
It is possible that you are outside after end of a local derby, or you come across with road work. If your route is in these locations, you should definitely change it. Otherwise, you can end up on a public bus filled with people.
Insufficient parking spaces
If you want to live in İstanbul, you should be ready to search empty parking space. Or, you should get used to giving up the idea of meeting with your friends...
Jamming of the whole city during weather events
There is a light rain or the wind is getting stronger? If this happens before the work hour, you should have to work earlier, or if it happens during work hours, you should get off work earlier. Those who work in İstanbul knows this well. Many companies allow their workers to get off work before the end of the shift in these days, as this is a normal condition for İstanbulites. The life stops during this kind of weather events.
Crowded public transportation
Another difficulty of İstanbul is its population number. If you think that everybody has a car and public transportation is spacious, you are wrong. The public transportation and bus stops are the most crowded places in the city.
Dominic on Oct 26, 2020:
You have purchasing 'power' as low. You mean high. The amount you can buy is higher.
Mehdi on Jun 19, 2020:
As most of us do not live in NYC, it would be far more relevant to have variable BASE line. Since i live in Cebu I cannot imagine NYC's environment let alone relate to it.
I'm delighted and applaud you on having created this site.